Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on October 22, 1948 · Page 2
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 2

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, October 22, 1948
Page 2
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I? p p I J fl 1 1 Bl? i Paffe 2. .The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Arizona. .Friday, October 22, 1948 Violins Sing Sad Valediction For Romany Fiddlers9 King BRADDOCK, Pa., Oct. 21 (AP) Gypsy violins sang a sad farewell Thursday to Andrew Margitza, a king of the gypsy fiddlers. It was fulfillment of his dying wishes. On his deathbed, Margitza asked that "the old musicians, the young and the very young" play for him as his sasket was lowered into the ground. The unwritten music sobbing from the violins was: "I am going to leave you forever." That haunting melody was passed down through generations of gypsies. The old violin maestra bequeathed it to his sons while his fingers still were agile to the bow. The 60-year-old Margitza died Sunday. His sons, Julius of Detroit, and Louis of Chicago, led 30 violinists in the bitter-sweet requiem. The violinists were "the old musicians, the young and the very young " Some were aged fellow countrymen. Some were grandchildren. It was a colorful Romany tradition. More fhan 1,000 friends watched and listened. The musical procession wended from the Margitza home to St. U.S. Chamber Told Arizona Water Stand (Continued From Page One) Ject Association, told the national chamber officials, 'The national chamber did not know it was passing a loaded resolution it sounds harmless enough but actually it puts the national chamber in the position of supporting California's . . !qi tyi i rt Vi r pAlnraA ri'Cr n' o tor dispute." Allen and Hammond, who ap peared sympathetic with Arizona's position, urged the score of Arizona agricultural men and stockmen to make a greater effort to present Arizona's side of the controversy. Hammond said the resolution was passed "because Ari zona did not try to sell its side of the story." WHEX ALLEN said he expected the Arizonians to be "more aggressive in criticizing the resolution, Moeur answered that "Arizona is trying to make a friend of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, not an enemy." The problem of federal controlled lands in Arizona and the mining situation also were told the visiting officials at the meeting in the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce offices. Elmer C. Coker, special counsel on land matters for Arizona, asserted, "The state of Arizona is owned by the government. It grabbed the best lands before the state ever was admitted to statehood and now the state controls only about 27 per cent of the (Continued From Page One) loidi area wumn me Dounaanes j apparently, the commitments of members of the (health) board are not binding on the action of the (health) department," Father Em-mett wrote Dr. Ward. He said that "the most common objection" of state legislators asked to enact the hospital fund enabling law was that "the bulk of the money would undoubtedly be spent in Maricopa and Pima counties." Lawmakers were assured this would not happen, he said. Father Emmett disclaimed "any responsibility for the action of the (health) department in this matter" after citing opinions of medical experts holding that "no greater mistake could be made in Phoenix than the building of a general hospital by the county." AS' FAR AS the allotment to the Maricopa County Hospital is concerned, certainly it does not seem proper that the health de- ; partment should act contrary to j the reasoned judgment of the most experienced members of the I medical profession, as well as the j judgment of recognized national authorities in the hospital field. "For the past several years the trend throughout the country has been against the construction of Michael's Roman Catholic Church, thence to the cemetery. There, atop a windy hill, Mar-gitza's casket was re-opened. His sons moved forward with their violins. Tears streamed down their faces as they raised their bows. "I am" going away forever. I am going to leave you," the violins wailed. "He was a good gypsy." said another son, William, in final farewell. "The gypsy traditions the music and the gaiety will be carried on for years and years. We promise you that, father." The casket was closed. The sobbing subsided and the gentle notes of violins were picked up by the sighing winds and carried away. Meetings Today Royal Assembly, Order of Rainbow, will conduct a business meet- I ing at 7 p. m. in Masonic Temple. Treasury Chief Visits Here; Sees Truman Win Negro Is Graduated From Naval School JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Oct. 21 (AP) Jesse LeRoy Brown of Hat-tiesburg. Miss.. Thursday became the first Negro to be graduated under the naval aviation cadet program. He became a midshipman when he received his wings in graduation exercises. After a year's duty with the fleet he will become an ensign. John W. Snyder, secretary of the treasury, was in Phoenix Thursday for a conference with local treasury department officials. Snyder arrived unannounced shortly after midnight from El Paso, Tex., and left for Los Angeles, Calif., about noon. While in Phoenix he praised the record made by the treasury intelligence unit, headed by Virgil Crabtree, and said the $2,700,000 in income tax fraud cases collected last year was greater than from similar cases in other western districts. The secretary is conducting conferences with department officials across the country. He said a work simplification program has resulted in the saving of 600,000 man-hours in the U. S. Department of Internal Revenue for last year. He was amazed at the amount of construction progressing in Phoenix and at the amount of mail traffic handled here by the post office department. His prediction on the coming election? "It will be Truman on top without a doubt," he said, The secretary also foresees a good possibility of continued prosperity in the United States if we don't allow inflation to get out of hand. Marilyn Cooper, Sabu Married Flying Cross, the air medal with four clusters, and a Presidential citation. HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 21 (AP) Sabu, "Elephant Boy" of the movies, was married Thursday to Marilyn Cooper, actress, who plays a role in his latest picture. The announcement was made by Shaik Dastagir, brother of Sabu. Goldwyn studios, which employs the Indian actor, said he and Miss Cooper took out a wedding license Wednesday in Pomona. A studio spokesman said Miss Cooper, 2 21-year-old Los Angeles girl, plays a part in Sabu's unreleased Sftng of India. He said the two first met on the set of the picture. It is the first marriage for both. Sabu, 24 years old, served as a U.S. Army aerial gunner in the South Pacific during the recent war. He received the Distinguished Belgium during the occupation. Belgian Senate Rejects Leopold BRUSSELS, Oct. 21 (AP) The Belgian senate Wednesday rejected a bill proposing that all Belgians be consulted as to whether King Leopold II be recalled to the throne. The vote was 83-83. By Belgian law, a tie always is considered a vote against a bill. Leopold is in Switzerland. He has been barred from his throne since the war because of disfavor over his abrupt surrender to Ger many and his decision to remain in Priest Blasts Health Unit's Hospital Plan of Arizona.' CECIL MILLER, Tolleson cattleman, also rapped federal control of Arizona lands, claiming "it is the first step toward communism in Arizona." He urged control of lands by the state and eventually private ownership "so that free enterprise may be preserved." Allen said he expected favorable recommendations on the land problem, common throughout the West, when the Hoover committee on government reorganization reports to the next congress. Charles F. Willis, secretary of the Arizona Small Mine Operators Association, told of the condition of the mining industry, describing it "as having been sick and getting sicker," because of government restrictions and the lack of government aid in developing new sources of minerals. WILLIS SAID the U. S. is subsidizing mining development in foreign countries but "is not spending one dime for domestic exploration." He claimed also the "Ickes administration made it impossible for mining companies to acquire ownership of public lands." ecu fedS foruss SELL FOR LSS . SELL ppj for itss fill 1 VL& A IITTII WHITt KINtt IS LOT OF SOAM " W ...72c m Package Giant Fkg. "Whin Complexion Aro , There's Always Pin" 2Barsl8 1 A FINE TO HIT SOAP MILO-SIKTLI 3 Bars 2' tftSTAtfT SVSS! IYIN M HARDEST WATI1 SC0UX WtMSItBS! CONTAINS SO A PkRS. ff FOR THS FAMILY WASH OCu$ ECONOMICAL! ffllP 31c 62c "We are taking minerals out of distinct county or municipal hos-j the land faster than we are de- Ipital facilities," he said, veloping new fields," he declared.' Father Emmett wrote that this! "It is an alarming situation when;Pmion was borne out by the Na- the nation's security is considered irancis J. Ryley, Phoenix attorney and chairman of the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce public affairs committee, presided at the meeting. Ickes Sarcastic j In Flaying Dewey GREAT FALLS, Mont., Oct. 22 (AP) Harold L. Ickes said Thursday night that Thomas E. Dewey is "a political sleight-of-hand artist" and playing both sides of the fence to capture votes. ' In a speech loaded with sarcastic reference to the Republican presidential nominee, Ickes declared Dewey claims to be for the Marshall plan and aid to Europe, but "has on his team every isolationist, every reactionary, that he can find on the Republican side of the SOth congress." ICKES, former secretary of the interior under Roosevelt and Truman, said Dewey has been making preity speeches," teratmg cries of unity, unity, unity," "love, love, loce," and "team, team, team." All this, he said, sounds like "the Rover boys at Pale." But "it doesn't give me one jot, one iota of information as to what Mr. Dewey plsns to do to my country if he gets the chance," Ickes continued. Jckes said that Dewey "has refused to say whether he is for, or against, publicly owned transms-sion lines without which there cannot be cheap power." REFERRING to the recent inci dent in which Dewey called the engineer of his campaign train a lunatic foi backing into a town, Ickes said gleefully: "That engineer had been listening to so many of Dewey's speeches that he though the elusive one really meant them. Every speech he listened to sounded as though Dew was going to turn the clock back in this country to the days of Harding, Coolidge and Hoover. "The engineer was trying to be helpful. He honestly thought that Dewey wanted the trains to run backwards, too." tional Commission on Hospital Care after an exhaustive study throughout the United States. Earlier, the priest had said any funds allotted to Maricopa county should be devoted to enlarging the state hospital for the insane and the tuberculosis sanatorium near Tempe. I.lbhy's Prepared MUSTARD 9-oz. Glass WIZARD . aim mna MAKES CLASS SPARKLE SILVER METAL PORCELAIN PINT 39c More than 100,000 Americans have visited France this year. PCT FFN IN VOTJK SHOPPING AT , Near Ind. 8eh. Kd. 3826 N. Central, Shop and eat in Arizona's most colorful . . . and unique shopping center Frolic with the square dancers every Saturday night at 8 IT'S Ft JJ AND IT'S FREE WEEK DAYS FROM 11 A. M. SUNDAYS FROM S P. M. Lock the door to the crying room, Jackson! Today we consider the brighter side. We think we've got problems? Look at poor old Los Angeles already she's got smog, television and Hollywood on her hands, and now she's thinking about taking on parking meters. Parking is one of our worst headaches, too, and we already have the curbside nickel-grabbers. Should we pass the word along, or just let her find out the hard way? Back in New York the Society of Planning Officials had its wrist slapped for not including nooks for courting couples when city parks are mapped out. Think of that, Jackson, the teeming millions of our eastern cities have only the movies and the subways for hand holding, while here we have the largest municipal park in the world, and it's simply bustin' out all over with privacy! There are over 23 square miles of mountains and great American desert in South Mountain Park, Jackson, and no planning official could ever equal the bang up job of hidden nooks and cozy lovers' lairs designed by Old Lady Nature when she tossed those mountains around. And the props she threw in for boot! If one of those New York planning boards could see a skyful of Arizona stars, or that big, fat moon sailing over the mountains' rim, the whole crew would just jump in Central Park fish pond! South Mountain Park used to seem a bit superfluous when a five minute ride on a bicycle in any direction took you to the desert, but have you noticed lately, Jackson, that the desert keeps getting further away every year? In another ten years that park will be our greatest civic asset. If somebody doesn't try to subdivide it in the meantime. BABY FOOD J r or ltjT Strained DAVIS AXg? FISH FLAKED -or. Tin 24c I waft j COFFEE Drip or Regular i;'. 55c 2-lb. Tin, 1.05 Early Garden PEAS Del Monte Fancy No. 2 Can 20c BLUE WHITE CHIPS Package FAMILY KITCHEN PIE CRUST 2 pkgs. 38c CDCC SIIAAHMK I Iltt BRACELET WITH EACH 2 PACKAGES SYRUP VERMONT MAID 12-oz. fl Glass fiiW 21-oz. Gl 51c C ifr Tills Coupon Vorth IS jMS i lit irn. n Tin ft nil I nil ii,Wi'ii I M o VtOnrt.aa ar. wb0m ....... atam. or emi, M 'XJ I f f m., wrtH m Omul fo """" . " I t V Miff -riS- 54c 17el "YOU'LL FIND NO FINER Produce in any Store in Arizona and the FRESHNESS of our GREENS, our VEGETABLES and our FRUITS well known to many hundreds of Customers who Buy at Basha's because of this fact." BASHA'S for PUMPKIN Drl Monte Fanry..No. 2V4 fan SLICED PINEAPPLE 0 1c I.lbby's No. 2 can B SUGAR PEAS 1 2c Happyvale No. 2 fan GOLDEN CORN 17c Del Monte Cream Style. , No. 30.1 ran SAUER KRAUT Meetern Fancy No. t fan SPAGHETTI Franco American, No. 1 tall can CUT BEANS 14c 16 16c BEANEE WEENEE ?4C Van Camp's 12-01. glass mmTm c Mile Hich, Tender lircen Beani .No. 2 can Libby's Sliced or Crushed No. 1 Flat Can WHOLE BEANS Del Monte Fancy .reen Beans. .No. 2 can WHOLE BEETS Del Monte No. 2 can HOMINY Van Camp' New Improved No. 2 can PEACHES Del Monte Sliced or Halves in Heavy ynip No. 2V2 can Pure Cane 5-lb. Bag 27 19 12e 29s BARTLETT PEARS 33c Mlverdale No. 2'i can PRESERVES 25c Del Monte, Apricots, Peaches, mm0 Apricot and rim-apple. 16-ot. glass FRANKFURTERS 4Qc Armours Star :-m. glass w LOGANBERRY JAM 33c Seerllcss. Del Monte, 16-oz. glass Brr 10-lb. Bag r ML VEAL -PORK LOAF Clc Armaurs Star. .12-or. tin OLEOMARGARINE 49c Durkees In '4-lh. Yellow Cubes lb. VIENNA SAUSAGE 10c Libby's Vi ' KRAFT DINNER 1 4c rackae CORKED BEEF 495 Swift No. 1 can COTTAGE CHEESE Country Style 16-oz. rkg. mmm Tcmato Sauce 3 1 gc Hunt. Snanlsh for If c I M c Style H-or. tin. BEEF GRAVY Campbells No. t can Grade "A" Large Dozen CORN 1 rea m style 303 can WAX BEANS 24c Kuner No. t fan mm GRAPE JUICE 47c Welch .marts SEEDLESS RAISINS 1 EC Del Monte Fancy. -. 15-oz. Pkg. " Grapefruit Juice "7c Arlz-Swerl X- 2 can Grapefruit Juice yjz Ariz-Sweet 46-oz. can Turkey and Noodles 29c I.yndens l oz. glass ' BLACKBERRIES 97c Gold Medal Dew Klst 5-lb. Bag 303 can 10-lb. Bag . .30-oz. glass TOMATO JUICE 31c Campbells 46-oz. can 34 44c HI-H0 CRACKERS 29 Finer Flavor 1-lh. pkg. APPLPIE Musselmans TUNA Breast-O-Chicken KAR0 SYRUP Red label l'i glass KARO SYRUP Blue Ibel.; l'i glass PICKLES Dill or Sour Mile Hich quarts RIPE OLIVES lobby's Extra Large, No. 1 can Kraft 16-oz. Glass. C PICKLES Frpsh Ciiriimbpr Pel Monte 12-ot. 1as CHILI SAUCE V-8 12-oz. bottle DUFFS GINGER Bread Mix 14-or. pkg. APPLE BUTTER Musselmans 28-oz. jar 24 23 V4 20e 29c u 28c mi y RipeTib TOKAY GRAPES K57cSi. ...h. 9c SWEET POTATOES Golden Yams. .. . . .lb. 9c FRESH CUCUMBERS Green Crisp. ... .Ib. 9c CAULIFLOWER Snow Ball Ib. 10c CELERY Crisp Green.. lb. 8c POTATOES Fanr No. I Russets I 0 Iks. 49c BROWN ONIONS Clean Dry 3 tbs. I4c BUNCH VEGETABLES 3 nan 14c (reen Onions, Turnips, Beets ORANGES Sweet Valencia 5 lbs. 49c ) HEAD LETTUCE Clean Crisp lb. 8c CRANBERRIES Fancy Eat More Ib. 25c BARTLETT PEArtS Fancy Ripe lb. I7c ) SQUASH Summer 6c Fancy Golden oc Washington 111' Grown Ib. I f Fippin Fine for M Cooking lb.- VaV i J iJX&& MfFJSf WiFW r :'f I 1 1 " "PI Lean Mc. f H M itilllWlD ? lfCl PftUCT V. S. Good Tender CCa I kMla nUHd I Shoulder Cuts lb. 99W VEAL STEAK K,bScur.d ,h. 69c GROUND BEEF K 2 ,b. 59c BEEF SHORT RIBS L,L ,b 42c BEEF POT ROAST WJ.fT 63c rib steak r.::. 79c WlUnCri All Meat Ib. 00C PORK STEAK Shouldei Cut .lb. 58c PURE PORK SAUSAGE ?r.?..,b. 52c SLICED BACON Gold Coin lb. 59c SPICED LUNCHEON MEAT !.::d,, 59c L0NGH0RN CHEESE Full Cream.... lb. 55c LARGE BOLOGNA Sliced lb. 39c COUNTRY SAUSAGE ,. 65c AMERICAN CHEESE Sliced lb. 49c BROOK FIELD QyfJgQ lb. c mm JUNKETS FREEZING MIX 4 tig All Flavors Pkg. XU TABLETS Phg- 12c DANISH DESSERT Pkg. RENNET POWDER Pkg. 10c QUICK 2ftf FUDGE MIX Pkg. 3W essn Wesson Oil For Salads or Frying Pint 45 Quart 89c PORK and BEANS VAN CAMPS ro. auu MMQ Tin JLff No. 2 Can No. 2 Can ... 18c 2Sc 32 Snowdrift stft SHORTENING POUND 43e PEANUT BUTTER Peter Pan Cream or Chunk Glass 3 for 33c VINEGAR IQc 17c Red Apple.. Tls. Ots. Roast Beef Hash tfc Cudahys 16-oz. can 1 SARDINES ( lottage. i Oil can Ijf CAKE FLOUR OOc A Real "FIRE-KING JADE-ITE BOWL! with each package of Albers Oats t-oftasilk. tea Libby's CATSUP 14-oz. Bottle 21c 44-or. pkg. 328 East Jefferson Phoenix 4502 South Central Phoenix Main Street Coolidge 100 East Boston Chandler ALBERS Corn Meal A White g 20-oz. Pkg. 40-oz. Pkg. 31C No. 1 Can READY M7 MINUTES 17c mMMmmm ? lam , 12-ii. Can 49: 7th Ave. & Camelback Rd. Phoenix 144 West Slain Mesa East Glendale Avenue Glendale Main Highway Eloy CARNATION Pet or Borden's MILK 2 Tall Cans 100 East Boston Handler f I J a A - iviHtKi Ocean Spray Cranberry SAUCE 16-oz. Can 20 POP itss ARIZONA'S LARGEST CAR DEALER:" Second Avenue aad Weit Van Burro SCLh rof tsss , SILL. ro tess . 1 FOR ICS SUL for Ltss 'iSM FOR US 9 StLU 'ORUSS

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