The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1930
Page 7
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EIGHT H1ATHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Turkey Day Game Here Is 1 Possible The question of a Thanksgiving Day game here has been re-opened and Is still very much "up In the air." • A game will be played on tlie holiday between the lilytlieville Chickasaws, who have only lov Fans Want Battle Here ThanksgivTfig BlythivillG football fnns arr anxious to see the Chicks in action here Thanksgiving Day. A petition signed by about 12i fans was presented to the spoil edilor of the Courier News ihl; 1 morning in protest to any arrangement which would prevent :he Chicks from playing at Ha;y Field on thc holiday. The protest petition follows: To the Sports Editor of the Courier News: Blythevillo, Ark., Dear Sir: Every season for n number ol years we have had a football game here on Thanksgiving day. The paper stated on Nov. 18 that Blylhcville would play a' Cotton Plant that (lay. For th^ benefit of the ixoplc that work and. who cannot, sec other game* we think we ought to see llio Chk'kasuws In action lies 1 ? Thanksgiving. Signed by boosters of the high school learn and members o[ the alumni. Planning Army-Navy Game For Jobless Fund 1*1931 Will Play Luxoran.s nij'hevlllc high's "1031 team" will play Luxora high at Haley Field tomorrow afternoon at 3 (.'clock. Coach Henry Hudson announced at noon today. After sev- '•rsl unsuccessful altempls to clK'dule n ganw to replace the cancelled Carulhcrsvlllc - Blytlie- gaine, the Chick mentor an- ivunccd Iho Luxora-"neNl year's team" contest-. The nation's unemployed will profit largely from (he mct'lini; pictured lien-. Major Phillip. B. Flcni- Ing, left, ura-luatc innimger of athletics al West Point; Captain Henry D. Cnuk, center, director of alli'i'dcs at Annapolis and Commander Fred U, Ucinicke, grndnalo manager of nthlctics nt Hie Naval Academy, arc shonii In conference at Washinglon as tlicy discussed Dual details of the Arniy- Nuvy football tnmi! lo be played In New York lo aid the ' jobliss. Uoth national academics ,signified their wllliiicncs.- to nvcrlouk their (inferences un eligibility raiuircincnls which led to the breaking of athletic rcliilinns l>ctwccn llicin In 1927. two games in Uvo years, and the Cotton Plant Scrappers, who have only lost one in two yenrs. But whether It will be plnycd at Blv- 1 thevllle or Cotton Plant is the question. Officials of the local school announced several days ago thnt Catton Plnnt hnd outbid thc local school tor the game and that II would be staged at Cotlon Plant. Yesterday a number of local citizens called on Superintendent ot Schools Crawford Greene In an effort to have a Thanksgiving game here as originally slated. The committee agreed to help school officials by raising a guarantee lo prevent the local school from losing money. With this re-irilorccmcnt. negotiations were re-opcncd wlUi Cot- ton Plant ami thc questions is to be definitely settled tomorrow. Supl. Greene slated that every possible clfort would be made to have Cotton Plant consent to come here. The Ccilon Plant name was scheduled after (he scheduled gnnie l>et\vee:i the -slate champion Fordyce Red Un?s and Ihe Chicks had been cancelled ut Ihe request of Blythcvlltc school olllcinls \vho believed the game Involved too much of a financial risk, Mistakes Disguised Wiie For Bold Bandit DETROIT, <U1'> — Mrs. l.HCille Colt. UO. anil Jealous, set out lo follow her lurband and protect hin: from the wiles of dlhor women. Fur Hie purpose she dressed In mainline clothes. Her husband. Lnrn,?y, 20, ills- covered the stranger slmlowttn, ! him, wnylniil "him" at a dark cor- I Her. at:d laid "him" low with n \vcl I diifcled kick. Mis. Colt Is In receiving hospital Police nrc 1'ioking for her husb Read Courier News Want Ads. each playing under their" respect-' scfic'ol Thanksgiving Day \v'llh"s2 Ive rules. r . e:i victories, r.nd only one defeat. "Even with their association en- : ' dorslng the game thc Carulhers- vlllc authorities refused lo play if Pete Craig participated In the | game, he being the llro year man. , This came in face of the fact that ; against, ffM „( T-_ R r U:.|, U; 0 U » e8 OI len orttttH High Judges Total 700 Years " _ LONDON, njp)_The ages of ten THUI!SDAY, N'0_VEafBERj!». J93B was booked oh a charge of nbnn onmcnt and non-nipport of family. and refused lo leave him out of £ r 1" I Crals a(!e ot thc school, whose game for Friday *u i^Hewart was appointed at 52. (he liiu-iip against the Luxorans, v.-ho are making Iheir first venture football circles this year. Thc "l'j:il team" wll! probakly line ut wllh J. T. Craig at ([iiarler. Short and McAfee at thc halves and Pi.sher at fullback, 13'nu and wig^ins at lli/j wing posts, Usre,y and Pi'ldi- at tackles. Alexander and Tiptcn nt gunrds and, Pin tic at center. Little is known of the Luxora learn except Hint it was defeated by Cscuoli!, 20 to 0. The Seminolcs were trimmed bv Blythevlllu 34 lo 0 Uir.-*s effort; lo have the Cott'n Plunt-lilythcvllle game "for Thanks- •iivini! transferred here are successful, thc games tomorrow will be thc last of the ;«ison here. The ccnlcst Is i laird to begin at 3 o'clcck. Greene Explains Cancellation of Came With C'ville Crawford Greene, superintendent of Blythevillo schools, explains the cancellation of the Caruthersvllle- Bhihevillc football game scheduled for Haley Field, in a letter to the Courier .sport. 1 ; editor. "About two weeks n^o Supt. Pierce of Cnruthersville wrote us suggesting that the Alissouri Athk'tii; association did not permit the play- Ing of five year men. I replied that uur association permitted a few jilayers to participate in their fifth year, these players coming under a rule that was passed several years OKVII.M-: MOKliRIt Quarterback, Houtbcru CfiWur WKS1.UY KKSlKll Knd. Ohio Stntt, C/ LAURA LOt BROOKMAN AUTHOP QP "RAQU POMANCE." 1Q3O MEA INC. Margaret ..CHAKTBII f.X A MAN' in trill lint nnd di "., clothes Jostled n gal list Jiarney see her." r.:-.ij!;!5 nnii hedged his - parden. Shields imitt'cred n reply and strode on. He looked neither to It'll nor rlglit but shouldered through tlie crowd. Someoue knocked tils liat. Shields" caught It just in time to *.cep It from falling. Thc sickening realization Hint Celia v:as lost to him—lost utterly —hliiuicd tlie yo'.ms man. He di:l not know where lie was going. He did not cure. Then he became aware that someone was shouting. It \\;is his iiinie ll:=v wore calllt-!;: "Mr. SU Oh. Mr. Shields!" Harncy turned. A snip.ll man, looking very excited, wns running away—! 'toward him calling his name. The man dodged about n group and re appeared. It was Kdward, the biillrr. Too disturbed to find tills per formancc strange. Shields waited Edward was out of brw-Sh. "fihe's —she's over there!" ho ca "She wants to see you." "She? Who do you mean?" The electric spark of hnp kindled and died Instantly. Ed ward was gesticulating toward figure half way down the dec] Shields was not sure lhat he sai the person Edward was poimin out but certainly It was not Cclia ?olia was nnwbtTC in sight. ••Who ia it? What docs she want mb lor?" The butler was struggling to regain his lost brenlh and seemed Incapable of replying bul he urged Shields In the direction from »hich he had come. Kcr. an In- srtunt thc young rain hesitated. Then he followed. They had gone 10 yards when Shields uttered a sharp exclamation. He brushed past on intervening group, broke into a run and Hcd?" "I'll tnko you up if you ivant to "Oil, Dnrney, It cnu't lie! Not Celia, niy baby. Take mo to her. Hurry, linrncyl" Gay farewell crowds were trooping back over the gangplank. I'nss- ngcwaj-3 were less congealed. Mrs. lingers and Shields emerged on the second deck. The first person they id was Jolm Mitchell. "Margaret!" Hie man choked out. nodded. Colin clung to her mother's arm and tlie lliroo men followed down the length of tlio pier. They found Mitchell's limousine and got inside. "Where Is she, John? Cclia?" Where's Mitchell made n ierkliif motion vlth hU lirad. "Over there. And lial scoumlicl's with her! Clod's suke. MuriTaret. try to nt icr! She's thruwliig lier life iiid r.rt \\M to listen. She hurried In iho tlou Mitchell li.'.d titdlfiu;- Colin's pale f.'.rc bin :\ ;. mist which d-mo'd I: '•> mother's cjcs. With n I., • untnry cry Mar^.ire: i;n i "Cclia!" flic callul. • I: oil. I've found ymil" The girl whirled al. llic . invol r-rv,.inl TAUCIAIIIOT salherou I tcr into tier aniiB r.m ltlio 1o l>'ii"w," Mitchell said after they had ridden for n time In silence, "ia how you got here, Margaret?" "It's hardly clear in my own nilnd," tlio "woman answered. "I arrived In Baltimore this afternoon ami went to the apartment. Mrs. SclmlU said you'd been trying lo find mo. I can't understand it John! I wrote you n letter before Didn't then fear, crn&snl lior V;n'i l . t):ie wild, appealing Klaurn and she (lung herself forward into her mother's arms. "Oil!" she cried. "M itlier! Mother! I lluni^ht ^ni'd i:nno!" The c'rl clniiR to tlio nlilr-r wunian. Her shoulders rose i\iul fell with great sobs. Tou Jonian Interrupted the reunion. "It's titno for everyone except passciiEcrs lo leave the siilii," lie brnstiiu'ly. "You'd holier say goodby now. Colin. They'll he pulling up thc in n minute or two." Celia turned. "r',,it. To:'- ti'smy mother!" ' Jordan bowed sli.ilv. "!l.j\v di you do! As I was sayius liieic'a barely time to KOI on F!:<IVO ,lio cer now, sir," ho asked Milch- "But, my darling, you don'l u'rir 'II Just nn though there wore In the ly love tli!.-i man?" - - . - - jrainercy Park drawing room. Mitchell nodded. Colin flill ( itr ml la-Id l.or Kilt. ."Then you must never, never iluk of marrying him!" she ilo- areil. "Oh. Celia,' BUPPOKC I'd oeii too late! LKleu, dnrlim 1 and 'member what I'm going to toll on—" Margaret paused and then In n IISG volco eho began: "I married our father .Iwenusc. 1 loved him was a school girl, an orphan, ami irce weeks after tlio day we-|iist let we were married. I Ms inotrer Isapprovcd nnd John quarreled •llh her. The first two ycurt ot ur married life were the hai.'niest lisvo ever known. You were >orn and wo got out of the >f going about together. John vorkcd hard, spending more ami uoro thuo at the office. There were—trivial things, oh. 1 don't (now!—that caused quarrels. L -'It neglected mid mistreated, hlnga grow worse until finally" — lero Margaret's voice suddenly broke—"I did tlio most foolish nnd reckless thing a young wife could lo. I led him! Cclia wns watchlns her mother wide eyed. "I went awny." Mariiaret con tinned, "and ho IC-t me divorce him. There wts no cause—only my foolish nilsjudsment! Love can't h« toyed with. Celia. If yon cnn n aside it Iwcomes « kuifo turning, over turning, in yc:ir heart. Time passed «n4 I wns lonely. I ninn-lcd Bob Rog,-M« hit the hnlte blade remained. 0!i. i:iy darling, I'm tolling roil all thi:; :o you won't mak« » hideous niUtalio! I went to the sanitarium. you get it?" "Sanitarium? What loiter?" "I sent you a nole In n Icltcr to Colin. I rcmemlioi'—it was before her liii'llidny." "I never got ttiat letter.' (N'olllicr Mitchell nor Cclia re called tlio evQiiliig Kvclyu Pnrsou: IV ij-'l-f ' 1:1 '^ been left alone in tho drnwlnr room wllli Margaret's mrssage. 'What did you eay about n saul ;ariuni?" 'I've been there. The doelor tok me I had to go anil I'm feeling much better! He-ally, it's wonder fill—!" Ccli.i looked up. "I know sonr thing was Iho matter!" s.hc sail I knew you wouldn't so away un less you wore sick!" caugl The girl rntecil!«?il lialled before a woman In* blnck. „ "Mrs. Rogers!" ho cried. "How i first lo Jordan nml thru 6id you gel here?" He caught llic I gnrel. She stnr;od to womac io lils arms, starins down at her. Margaret Tlogers' brown eyes were wide and terrified. "Oil. liar- ney. I was so afraid lie couluVt Hnd you! I came as quickly KS 1 could. WSat has happened? Where's Cella? Oh, I must know—!" Barney's arms fell. "You came for Celia?" lie asked. "Of course. Where is she? All I know Is that son-ant s.ilil scir.c thing dreadful had happened and you and her taltier had come to tils boat. Where Is she?" Thc young man's lips were set ' "I'm afraid H's loo late c\vn to you to do anything now." "Barney--?" The mother's vo'.c w«8 cyslerlcal. • tt^\H, she's here nil rlglit. She' " up on the ncit deck with ih Etod-for-nolhlng she's married Her father tried to stop lit-- but li TUrrWri <Wl»'« , Mi-ma cyo.-. Mar- I; but youiv; is. Ilocers was fp!k'*:cr "Come!" she Falil. "Tlio man Is right. \Vo limit go Im- mcdlatoly." Jordan r.iui;lit Crfia'K aim. You're not solus!" ho f.iiil angrily. You're going to stay hero!" Margaret Rogers' eyes flashed tire. "Younq man. niy daughter In coming with rno!" "But she's not!" Suddenly Celia Jung her head ip. "I will not slay!" she cried. 'And you can't tnlk to mo that way! Let me go—!" She pulled her arm free and ran toward the stairs. In the doorway she met Mitchell and SlileM*. "Oh. licr mother's hand nnd hold It! "But I'm not filek nny more, da ling.' I'm'well! As soon ns Inlkcd to Mrs. Schultz I took th train. And when 1 ronchoil tl house the butler Insisted 1 ehou go to tlmt boat." The curious suspended feelii which Is tho aftermath ol emotion and excitement rested over thc I four as they stepped out of tlio ear. ' Kdward hold open the door and the Iotncrs entered Hie house. Then Mnrgarel look charge of lie situation. "Cclia nnd I would Ilka to be but which was non-retroact- "The matter was taken up with the Missouri associalion authorities who investigaled the status of our player with the Arkansas association and found that he wns eligible to participate. On Monday, Carl Bums, secretary of the Missouri association wired us thnt any Arkansas school which was a member of the association would • play any Missouri association member, Papooses Defeated 33 to 0 JONESDORO, Ark.—The Joncs- boro Junior high school Whirlwinds won their second game in as many days here yesterday, defeating the Blythcvllle Papooses, 33 to 0. ; The Whirlwinds, fresh from their victory over ihc Bellevne .Junior high team of Memphis, had little trouble In subduing their Mississippi county foes, scoring two touchdowns In the opening Quarter, one in the third and two In thc fourth. ' . • Pickle and Young with 40 and 45 yard rims each were tli'e stars of the Whirlwind lineup, while Secoy did well for Blytheville's juniors. Pafagould Works For Wilson Game Friday PARAGOULD, Ark.—Having already established .one. of .the.test records In recent history of Paragould high school football, with ;.'x victories and one defeat against, them, the Bulldogs of Paragould are working, hard in preparation for their game Friday at Wiis-n. On dond records the Wilron' var- '.:ly of Bulldogs'rale a slight'fav- orite to win: The'Wilson-team was defeated by the Blytheville. "Chickasaws, 2fl to 0, while the same aggregation took ttve P.irajjTuld can- iit.?s • tnto cainp, 46 to 0. However > .has been pointed out that the Paragould boys played Blytheville nt Blyilvjvillc while Wilson entertained, '(lie Chicks, who w:re playing their third game within a week at their r«n park. The local Bulldogs are anximi: for n. victory as it will' be possible for them to go against the Golden Hurricanes of Jonesbvo' higl Gillen's HOME THEATRE Last Time Today *» c high aver° ., NAME MEANT NOTHING SEATTLE, (UP)— "What's in a ame?" asked one policeman rf nother when Prank. Hubby, 25, RITZ THEATER Thursday and Friday with Gilbert lloliiml TALKIHC PICTURE SFASI AND 1(4 SI with Frank Morgan Matinee—2 o'clock 10 and 30c. Night—6:45 and 8:30 10 and 35f. Comedy and Review Jlatincc and Xiglit— 10 and 25c. Coining—Friday and Saturday—Buffalo Bill in "BAR L RANCH". Coming-—Sunday and Monday —Butty Compson and Jack Onkic in "STREET GIRL". Fur Trimmed father!" Ccli.i sobbed. home!" 'Xct's go They descended qukWy. As they reached thc deck lwlo>v Iho erv rang out once more: "All ashore who's going ashore!" Edward, a frightened and pallid Ic figure, waited on (he vler. Ho l.rlghter.ed us he saw the four com Ing toward him. ">'JU v cw wnn , Yon must never marry wlthcr.u love. Cclia, and you must ne~. or marry for anything clie!" "lint mother—if you still live father so—?" "Uushl You arc nrver to 1:1™ tlon & word 1 have said." There was a footstep In tho ilone for a while," she said. "Will i room. Two pair of slnri,-i •on leave us, please?" Glanced iip Into John Ml;; lull's Mitchell and Shields departed in 'ace. .lie direction ot the study. Mar- ".Miujr.ret," Ihe man ?a!ii 'inter ^arct Bat down on the daveupnrt ; talnly, "why didn't you lo; iue ind drew tha Blrl bcsl'lo ln:r. | knnw?" There was plc^llnr n\;:\ "\S'lmt is it that lias happened?" | adoration In the voice. she asked tenderly. "Tel! mollic-r."| Mnrg.-ircl Hogcis arnse. "Yo-.i It was somo time before Celln ] hcarrt?" she began. could speak coherently. Then she "Everything. Oh, my dearest— :" ' Mitchell's arms closed launched Into n recital ot loneliness and desperation. Her mother hart gone. Her father she hcllevcd had i slant she clung there. !. turned against her. Barney Snlclils i licr heart. Tliolr lips r.-.o; .-,•. no-longer loved licr. When Ted I sight of the Joyous r.idl.m,, Jordan declared he would make her I those two faces L'clla linppy tlicro seemed nolliing else j the room, to do but marry Mm. "But—" Margaret began, gripped In frozen fcnr. "\Ve were going lo be married In Havana," Celia confided. "Tod wanted to go to n justice of peace this afternoon hut I wouldn't iln that. I s.i!d it bad to bo a real wcddlug In a cuu.vhl" MarKarc-t'3 shoulders. Siie wonl out Inlo Iho r ci:i in- hallway. A gleam Irom iho library. ward on ttp-toe. of shrmideis cair.e In vl.-w. The girl paiisrj In tho d "fih. llarney!" the called I)." noy came. 1'iiK KXD. . ..' light h.okonerl Colin m.v\,. i f,. r . A fiiiiiib.u p^lr irway. HALF PRICE SALE On Furniture And Ranges Allen's COAT Buy in advance c: your need anr save vSubstantb.'ly. to $39.75 S O nincn smnrtnc^t irul s: careful styling luvc pone i these coits that they rc.illy jrc ccptionil values. Kvcry iinp-ir: fashion is included , . . rcver lars edged .with fur, off-thc- collars, elbow cuft and cio sleeves.,, , . all-2roiiii<J bolts princess warning . . , ,(«„ sports types ._. . in sizes (or wun misso and juniors. col- 1:; j C. PENNEY CO., Inc. lilythcvillc, Ark. ^

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