The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1934
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Served by the United Press FTHEVIL .\XX-NO. »H i; : ,ily News'" lilythevillo Cru7le"r MteUsl,n. u .., (U . r Hdi HERE Fflfi m Government Loan Money Available Only to Signers of New Contracts. Farmers w!io lo"'i advmHfi'jf ol lhc government's 4-ccni loan on |. low-up option cotton may gci iheir inciioy at o\i"c if ih?y h-iv:- :'pned acreage reduction lon'racts foi 1934 and 1935, J. E. Cijlz, ''••unly agricultural ogenl, amiounr/.' i r> this morning. Mr. Grit* has the checks, lie tnid, but Is authorized to Issue Ihem only lo tho-.:-. acceiitiii!! il-.e acreage rediiclion plan for this ;<ar and next. Government loans i'!i the option ci.tlon are nol available to those refusing to «i-n ILc reduction agmmcm. While neiual .<,:.,niii» of the r.creage reduction contracU con- 111 lira slow. Mr. nit?. s;iid loilay that he noted considerable p r o\ement in th» situation, --'•ssed llio opimnn n, at ei.u^:. cotton growers of the Chicks - ••'•02. district Intruded to siv;n ll.e ngrcemenls to fuinil the quota J'ir this part of the county, bin vas doubtful whether actual sigi:- H'.g and approval v l tin.- coiilvnctr :'m!d be completed before Febru- "iv l, when Hi campaign is !.cherliilcd to u!os:r Delay is resulting, lie .said ihrouyh difTieulty of famic's in it-aching agreements with laud owners, who in n.nny instances err non-residents, and through fiifTfculty in arrivln-: at' 5-year production averages. He said thai local and county committees weic B it necessary to resist a tendency on the part of some growers to . nlac» their 5-vear'- r.vcrages unduly h:eh p ' I im- He AOB_ pAfMUNMi asks in Florida , rynrpT DD[mi[D •"====- hn, ~ ~ ———~» (FVli_i L L KSl owrv^ WP1 Tisi EXPECT Bttfl Will BE- FREED I Representative Goes to • Meet Kidnapers Will. $200,000 Ransom Cash ST. PAUL, Jmi: 23 (UP)-RC- le.ise of Edward O. Bremcr, 36 kidnaped banker, was exacted v.-ithln 24 hours loday following n serlirs of rapid fire infills. nenrewmnilves of Adolph Brem- M, tin. victim's ratlu-r. a personal Irlend of I'res'um Roosevelj, '.vert- reported to have renewed i >;ntact with the victim's captors tiid have dispatrind a negotiator v.Slh S20U,OK) 1-III1-..-.1H to a dcsig- i.aled pay-elf ri'iii.'t-zrous. Ainu-."irstnLs fo" the delivery cf (he ransom money were said '" have been conlained in two I'rU-s thrown tbnp.-sjh w [j r ow " one. The life of an oi! magnate's daughter seems lo be an i-j judging by this picture of Virginia Sinclair, dau-jiter ol Harry --moan-, basking In the tropical sunshine. She is a ponuiar mem- t-ei 01 the j-nunecr tociely at at Coral Gables, F:,,.. whwc she was photographed. OSCEOLA: Ark.. Jan. 2.i'-si<>n- ed contracU covering 18,000 acres of the estimated 50.000 acre quota which south Mississippi Countv farmers will rent to tlie govern-" ment In the 1934 cotton reduction i campaign are in ,hc hands of the' local conunitteemen. and the com-! riitteeuien, every one of whom at-1 (ended a meeting here Inst night.j raid thnt farmers in their respec-' live communities, almost without execution, were compiling figures * *l(-il Narinml ndc 'Onai Ward and B. A. | Mendenall Children, Ad- City at minislrator Gel Judgment d. Blvlhov'rL' 0 S ? W ? lipprovn1 ° E: J 1 ""' Inr6cst Wiinent so far oi liiJtheMlles anphcadon for a PWA. tlie- current circuit court term was execution, were compiling figures [ ilytllcv . ill <''s implication for a PWA' on their five year records pn-pnr.-i- i• " w ' tn vvllich to tHirohasp and '' lorv to executing contracts that : lm " rore tll(1 local water and i will meet the requirements j "; ll ' m - L - L. Ward, prominent lo- : "We anlicimte absnlpptnU- ,J ™'J/" 5mc ". "!;">• ™<1 U. A. Lynch | , ^-.^...^ '(UiSUIULLlJ IiU double in putting tlie program ncros.s in the south half of the county," the commitleemen said ipfiitm? - —.. .v.. ., i »fi — -••......& t.ivuii LULPP t icrm was to tmrehase and ! rendered by a jury today in favor ..... .. ., of the chiK|u . n On1 fKJmi,,,^,..,^ ot the estate of Joe Mt-ndi-iKill. „, .. • i + "• •"- UJILUII - luiniuan fnrnipr. n>:cl noninsr th" mcpirtent of th( , Farme] . 6 B . ink & . -. Tli]lilyrorm c-,,,:,,,,^,,'"^ uiy. The jury awarded the In Ihe home of D-. n T. Njppert the Hieme'r family physician. : Steel» Men to Protest Electric Light Charges STEEI.E, Mo.-AUy. Roy Harper and Harry Mat lock are in Jeffer- Eon city (o represent the city of Stcele at a hearing Wednesday before the state public service commission in regard to electric light rates and the possibility of c ' ih ! J1 " 1!idpal ligllt P ln »t for this Although a reduction in rales was announced two months a 5 o u> the Aiteiisas-Missomi Power company, citizens say they can notice no reduction in their monthly bills . At a mcclln ^^ t'le Lifters club last week »25 was voted to help pay the expenses of r-prescntaltves at the Jefferson Observations ,.l Pi'.'.'!"' 1 !!, '''""'IK- cliuiiiiinii of tin- .'•'>-tifvllle commute,, .which- will •JHIrtlllLiy Ufill- III honor ""•lllorlilm" 1 ,,"^ 1 ^ '^^ •".•'•> Hmt patroniiKc of the fiff.Ur I 1 I '"' siK'h as 1,, p,,-,,,,! i, lp ,,| S . ..i ci ui ,i check fur S50S ns tills "Vs c'cnirilnitlon to Ihe i-mlow- 11 "I """I thin Is Ix-hx ratal as ' iiii-inrivliil lo the president for all'n, 01 " 81 " Wiln " a l" l "B- s Poiiiul- lllyihcvill,. would homir llself WASHJNGTOW, Jan 23. (UPi-i •- '"»<-'h as the president In male-!'"'<-• si-nun- banking ami currency j W-,,n Q i 1 c "' arilj " llo ». for Uic "'"'"il'li'e tcduy voted u hivorablc "" 11 Sl>r " " -•-- ' - «l--»n on. the lioosevelt K old pro- 1 yiiini but npi>rovcd !tTncu:lnu.'nt.s| 'li'ilsiii-d t« limit lhc bread powers I »! Ihe bill and to place It on mi I emergency rnthcr than gn a per-1 Jinniiltcc, U o \v e v c r, Would Grmit l j ovver for Only Two Years. Wiirm Springs Foiiiidiii'iun'ifs iVo- '.";'•' wnrl! tlmt Kl '° command i-iunc Mippoit uniler nny clicum- iciirse Hint Is Ihe institution that was i» t large ineiuiiirc res|»nsible for "'" 'IK Mr. Itoowvelt lor his pn-s- swvlce to the nation Is of «• an excellent reason for . iX' It. Another anil even bet«T learon is that every dollar that Is «'oritrlbii|pd will Increase Its nwiily to save others who, unliku " iiresideiil. might otherwise be they need. to oblnln innni-iit bn.sls. 'I'lic coniinlttce's action wtis ink- \ en after a prolonged m-ulan li w.-.ich iliose advocating die changes !» the bill as It passed the himsi were successful In. two out oj lure; clforis. One amendment adopted by the committee would place a two ycm Tickets to ti, c "Blrllnlny Bull- cost only $1. Expenses niv ueliiR *W at a minimum so (hat as inucli us possible of the receipts may be sent to the Foimdntlon. Wlictlicr or not you dance, a ticket to the ball is a good Investment. — ~- -- .-m. UUIIPU mace a two trealment limitation C n operations ot the $•' • cno.OCfj.MO stabilization nmd whlci ll'e Ijlll would crests. t-7S«rta rept' the city at a special mcct"g raSecl by I M«W Brooks, ag^d to pnv the! . balance of the cost of the trip , y ° Local Company Defendant in Suit Brought by Chicago People. Trial of the "biggest" lawsuit, at least 115 far as damages^sought are L of the. current.'circuit l opened h'e're toda~J with of a hard fought legal Jikely to occupy the court 'mrsday. The Coca Cola compnny O f Blylhevllle Is Ear] Parker Awarded Medal by Legislature -Enrl Parker, local barber, proudly displaying a medal sent him by Kemp Toney,' speaker of the Arkansas House. It bears this In-' sciipilon "Medal For Lying." A nole accompanying the medal rentes the contents of "House Concurrent Resolution No. 137," signifying lhal Parker has. been found o be a champion "liar" in conniL- Wion with Ed Walker, Harry Taylor, Charley Elfrank and other lo- cnl men. The "resolution 1 : carried unanimously on motion of c J i,-'i|Jltlc. MLwLsslppl county .representative, It is stated f^ I b i-w,i.|/.. l i i ui UPYPJPL-V1IJL JS tO- eader of 'PriSnn , ^fondant in four suits, being tried _«cr oj rrison i jointly, brought by residents of Chiers Show Down' ra|!0 ror |» 1 J llrIes allespdly suslain- fd when t^.eir car collided will], or PAOIXD. Kaus Jan Bob Brady, co-leader of seven «es tte'S, 5 W|M 1 ™ nped ™** ^ he Kansas state prison at Lansing. 3 '"„"„ " lor f" c " cr * »«i=>y. his wrecked while the driver alteinp'ted seven ,t f * I'° " V ° id strlki "8- a uoltllng 'com- 'rirl»u frn . p:i "l r trllck al -Jo'"!* in April. 1933. «ri«u frnn, Thc plni| , tiffs wck a to[al Qf S90.000. Mrs. Helena A. Doud seeks SoD.OOO for injuries she sustained. Trip.n Washington. left yes.terdav fori; ! flnlntiffs ' * "•• ii - i "-"> • ^ixju. boillff [HviflBfl - newspaper rele-ises fro-Vi . 'T/ 115 ' rf "»' ci! vntert recentlv S3.COO lo tl-.p .-hiV-en *,ui si^o Blytheville SaUnday to the effect" ''^^ eXW ! 1SCS of "» '""»-•<" "» ndminisiralor *'* **"* [lift county would probably not:(o th" „„ j "'-" ru ™ k ? c°"ii«'ttce' Mendennil «as fata |)iodu the r -ass 5 -arss-a ]> m-»i«j ____ , .i._. r... .. n ii.. n _____ , . . explained that ,„„,, while only a short time remained 111! all contracts would have to be In the percentage already slimed could not be taken as any indic.i- 1:011 of the number thai would be -iijned because many farmers were "push". x;hon l-.c was ' ss . H. injure;! (ruck - — . ,, . l active , wit in early negotia- ' _ ' lions. Thc city lins an 'option for "urennrc of Ilic nlant at $150000 from tlie federal receiver for As- r s- scciated Utilities. The balance be- Iviri • p IP ut:ie toaay, way riddled with tioHce bnllpJ-: -p '. " ."" ••••' — •^ at "- ^uji^i.n.u, Po»r or |,i s con \:? ctCCCO ™ ets . >cr husb.ind asks S10.000 for of ere back at Lawhi T'*I"M "I L*L _ co !?" a .'V. m!l1 "P "»" «"''«"- ireclit, a miner, asks urles and her father t-wo. the | Meks oung Ihe same cause, joans were enroiitc from New Orleans when were captured Will Seek Release of Dr.-Alice Wynekoop CHICAGO, Jan. 23. (UP)-Atior- "eys for Dr. Alice Lindsay Wynekoop. suspected slayer of her daughter-in-law, Ithela. annoimred to- duy they would seek lier release on A trial or murder charges nralnst the woman physician wu sdeclarcd a mistrial yesterday. New York Cotton NEW YORK, JPII. 23 (UP) — Cotton closed very steady. Jan March May July county emcers ;>ai-lwho has been In Memphfa UHU-I-- laini going treatment, was brought to a - s - liccal hospital today an<i w. ls ( O be ; urought into the courtroom on a jstrelcher to lestify. Luther Graves of Memphis and Watch New York Citv M. WAR. V>lLy | UHHICl (Jl j Approaches for Floyd I """ isr i li a " liltl nncl Taylar - To Remove SheJ ^"^^ ifiroat of Baby M ' l - r Avenues of" ' York city 'present .. t t ,,, Cecil Shane of Blytheville an:l o|>en 1100 1106 1121 1137 IMS 116! high low 1105 10!W 1115 1097 '130 1113 mi 1125 KEO 1144 1171 1157 )VASIIIN(iT«.v",i«r23'" 1 'lil') - l(i-|ii «p-nlalfv<- M .pun.,, i, i.,; iDiin.. Uliiui.) ( t ,j. ly ||, ln ,,| u| ,. u I" NH- licjpjio » ralicuui ,,m a . n»-iioi, bin. i, |t ,,, v , drd for t * e "'•i-ily illl/rns O f ,|, r u,,|| M •'l^li-s un-r 5f, ,i, T!: ,. r . Jfe I'. -S. HKCOC.N1/KS CUBA U'ASINNXj'lON, Jq,,. -u tVf) -'flu- IJllIlKl sinles (uday «- '"<lfd fuinuil uvpjnitin,, ( 0 ( |, e ciitrinmrnf of I'rf.sMrnl Cnrloi I'lcslUurt Itofl.scvi'Jt Iliitrurttd Hie >(Lite ilt|;ar(nnriil (o e»bl« Ihe (.'uhan novcrnnirnt Uial"'/!^ imitfd S(:ilcs {oviri-ncut wut ..irr.iiiiii* Immcdliiti! ircuj-nlllon. NAVY HIM, APPROVED WASIHN'Cl'I'ON, .l»n. j:, lWl mill 10 " lc navjl iPir.iir-i coni- mntce (uday votni unanlmcuslv '" rtiiuil favctalily tin- viivor 1|IH which wouli, iiuii,)' ||,, •S. Iliel up (.j (r ...i tj . | |ml|5 _ rile rummiltee'... atllon cam* ••''Itr Admiral Slnudltj, i.],i c f 01 '""" i «'«"•< « declared Says Disaster Will Follow" i Refusal to Enact Road Debt Law. LITIl.E HOCK. Jan. 23 (UP) — The house this afternoon had ^copied eight ninmdments to the ate refunding hill, ighteen nod b'-pn offered at 2:4f. P. M. v , Allure („ buiw lhc (|tc| , '''";»»' tnihmircrrd thr <•' tlir natk-n. The lidl, SUnlley n(,| moLl Important jpltcc of l*Bhl.H1»n which ),»» b« by rnn^ress s t nc «„... thc ld war. 11 conlfnijhtes Hie truclion of ir>j v< . S (if $380,000,000. New Orleans Election Today Will Test Power of "Kingfish." NEW ORLEANS. Jan -Cnr ry i, lg w|th 23 (UP) ^ f three weeks of political bedlam ds cf New Orleans voters to the polls In today's mu- primary election, which was i of senator Huey ' steady. closed at :150. iinclungcd * l °f. egarded us a 1115 I P> J Lo "»' s piog I The din of v nv/, r TOtcrs laa;l y 1159 1171 strength. Orleans Cotton • •.. ^^>..i oiniiu ui ujyineviue an:l I NE -W ORLEANS. Jan. 23 IIJP) — 'rucc Ivy of Osccoh arc counsel j " u " dosed very steady. until Settlement was reached out of New | court this morning in (lie suit .. . . „ - - -•> -'f-ycrs Brothers against their U. C. Rose bv which the defendant Jan March Mav July Ccl' open high low 110^ 110.1 1103 1104 nn jogs 1115 1129 1112 1129 ll« 1121 1143 1|R7 1143 close 1103 oratory chose among M. : , '-"-v njusi- among hree tickels entered In the mu- ffi by 1cnaZ C ^ whose"' 11 ! jltical methods drew a stinging rebuke from iwo congressional committees in recent weeks. Election commissioners reported •eavy voting during ,he first four ™[ s , aftcr .. " 1C l""' s 0 »"«J and LlTn.B ROCK, Jan, 23, <U'.')- Gcvcrncr Pulrell. in a dramallc ' message to the house today, threw ; his full supporl behind the senate ; refunding bill. He told the house i the bill "win refund," and that "tne i ci editors bf the state wh6 reraw j our offer of a fair settlement will • nol'dare to enforce their "unjust ' claims nsjalnst the state. Don't worry. ThSy'll refund." Tlie governor said directly for the first time during the spsclal session thnt any law that dees' not conform lo thfe agreement between bondholders and the state will be a failure. Governor Putrell was invited to address tr.o house on passage of a motion by Representative Thorn of Polnselt. Governor Futrell said he had telegrams from bondholders that the Nance amendment made tlie house bill unacceptable. Can Ntvtr Explain Failure "You have lile power in the hol- JW of your hand lo grant our un- fortunaU! people a 15-year stay against the loss of their homes" he declared, "and if you do nol do so you cannot explain it awav to a man who has lost his home. Dls- asler will follow and a.stigma, on tlie name oi Arltansis which-»he ; may never .erase. .'• ; ••'if, -\-t^-.'- .."On., the .other hand*' ij>"'iS^a of. .- . - wcen the nroposed purchase price mid MIC total of the $180.000'loan Jan. 23 (UP)_phy- roiight would be used for irnnrovc- at Baptist hospilnl toclai malcly $1.100 16 liuv r » f . . r 1'" 6 "cu loaficd in the child's lakes Lives Ot rOUr "woat <t»ring the Chiistmas fioli- days. She was brought here (or Seven persons were arrested during the morning when thev were ° ring aroun<l the . • ' ——«••"$ • l^Jl1 —lUITV-XYg^Ul "ifktjf" i' kimsas' good harne'and createVa : , force of. public opinion that will make it virtually impossible for the ' stale's creditors to foreclose' .; "\Vliy repeat (he 'failures' of' 1932 ' ' and 1933? We should know by now • j that we can't dictate the firms'of ! .settlement." .' • '• . • •'! Governor Futrell said he''had "< looked at the senate, bill carefully i and could flrid nothing wrong.with i II. He suggested, however, that it i be amended for the following pur- i pose: ' • .! "So that if It Is not accepted by I :he committees representing bond- ! liclders ajid thb suit withdrawn : line suit tying up 'highway rew- i lues) It will not go'into effect. ', '• "If tlwy don't come down here* and refund and dismiss that suit i under which the permanent- in-"/ June-lion was granted restraining ! he stale treasurer from paying out '• nny highway funds, the bill will bo ' ; •etoed." - . ; Cheers greeted thb statement. Districts Cotilfl Pay B»lan« The governor sold, of relief to •' road Improvement districts that ' even If the districts nnd It neces-' ' pay the full 5 per cent In- • tcrcst on their bonds, "it the stale' takes over 100 per cent of the prin- • cipal and 3 per cent of the inter- ; , , l» s ', - -- - '~ ........... c '"«'false registration blanks on ost ' u '°' u thc remaining 2 per cent ! Interest be only a dro» In tVw 1 MI ', U ""' rCti dcpmlze <i citizens ssisted the New Orleans police department in maintaining order. "These contracts will unquestionably be executed." the com- miltcemen said, "because (he majority of the farmers realize the 193-! plin is a good business proposition in the way of rentals and parity payment.'; and In the pro- J-pcct it offers of a stabilized price for colton, and besides, thev are not willing to lake a chance mi 1- "ine |jenali7ed by having a tax Placed on 40 per cent of their ISM production, which it has been indicated would bf the proceeihiro nralnst growers who failed to cooperate." ice Station Men Will Meet at Osceola A meeting of all service station operators, employes and all other persons connected with (he petroleum Industry in Mississippi county will be held tonight at 7'30 o'clock at the Driver Chevrolet Co.. building In Osceola ii was .irmoimccd by W. J. Wiinderlirh vice-president of (his district The meeting is for (he purpose of fam- n» agents, station operators and other employes wl!h the national petroleum code. Mr. w "iiderlich will rear! n copy of. II CANTON, c.a.. Jan. Zl. (OP1 — hcuse took the lives of n inoth-r and three children and Ihe father MS near death today. TSc dead were Airs. Uufns Corh-' ran and Ilie thrro children. Milion i Julia and Elizabeth. v ' x " ra vs taken-lni! night were bc- uig stuilicd by spooiallsl.s today. J. MvHk DlCS The father was badly burned in 1 tearing thc> clothes orr'tl-e vicliirs '.n an allemm lo save f.:em from T? wns "iven littl,-- dunce death. to recover. Services Held SaturJj., lr .. ( A «T /it crs - ^^ rs ?or A. W. braham, Steele cniri Jrlt 7 : Tnm Frl ' i n , , ! a ' laughters Home Tom J. Myrik. 15. died late yes- r-rdnv a( the hoii-.e of his daugh- . fr. Mis. Annie Bralchcr. 217 East ! nmiean slroel. Death followed a fr "ir days illnera from pneumonia. Hc is survivrci by [ crs j rr; , Mrs. FTEKT.E. !am i Tom. Ed and Will ^fyrlk. jess. tomorrow The Rev. Mr'."'Thurinond nffiri ; Grovo cemetery. •- J -• " ""rnioiid ollici- Mnfs undertaking company t, m ntcd at lhc services, whiel hold at Ihe Church of ciiri- Uurialwas at Mt. Zion cemcterv ,.'.'l r ;.. Gra ^ m l ™^ his wife/ p, ora charge of arraiiEoineuts. Hitdrr rlivrrr Fired EL PAKC. TfVH<! i UP) — . on al the meeting and answer and two ° Slccle Ben nf i m' Joe John of Mi,« ,» S ™ tlon, concerning Us applica- , tcrs ' Mrs i C , Ir !J' k ° r Steele and .Mrs Kell Hi-ewer of Ts-nrhville. --...- •- •• -• ...... . •. in a sani- and tnrv census here 'lave been dii- Ark.. charged by the Civil Works .\d- laude. rn!ni?[raiiou for phylng bridge tliev were supposed ti calls. s 4 and 5. Pursue represented Meyers Brothers Harrison. Smith ,,ud Tnyio- wc>r t counsel fcr Rose. May July 89 5-8 DO 1-: '"'' 1-2 88 7-P 8S 87 3-8 50 3-8 88 3-4 Thief and^Recover Axe Two Fined for Parking Brownlnr" "Sfrf to 6 ' a " d °" y ^ *'"* Hy(JrantS Chicago Corn V they proved their or that profession. »^"^!"ZSl the -—. 1700 ,, him to give it broke infn 0 wcrs and Darrell Mc- nan were fined one; dollar for traffic violations. In mil- court yesterday. They were for parking too close to -May OJKIl 51 3-4 53 5-8 hign low close 53 51 5-8 52 7-8 M 1-2 53 1-2 54 1-2 Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Jm. 23 lUPl - c nd They - ch ased him to 'oSlckwita cowe f'to appear , o appear where, exhausted from the! 10 i?swer to n charge of net It n ° , exausted from the ?swer o n ten, run. the man threw Te nse '"ceny and his lo the ground and sped away. \ f " r f p ilcrt the ' the closc fo " r «*>«* un and sped away. \ " rp crt. boys were satisfied — thev' T llrcc cash dciwslls by clpfoiul- overed the stolen loot <o !!U1 " i ncc>1!: cd of public dnmken- turned home with the axe"";-" wcrc forfeited when tlipv fail- r ' ' cd to a The boys had reco 1 on their shoulders. Guy is Ihe son of Mr. and j Herbert Browning. led to appear. WEATHER Revival at Number 8 Tl,. n« A~" jtifsday partly cloudy, warmer. lie Rev. Aubrey Hcod U con- Memphis nnd vicinltv-Falr to- nucting a revival at t^c Number 8 • n| Sbt, tomorrow cloudy "and warm- school. which opened Sunday !fe :er s being assisted by the Rev and 1 -m, • Mrs. Leo Ball, of Cooler Ma ' i maximum temperature here' Services are &\ n . Veld' M p.i Sk?" 1 ' W ^ 61> mln1 '" 11 '" «• at 7:15 o'cl«k = " [ No r ' Tf^'" 5 , ( ,° Sn '"" Cl F ' inurns, official weather observer. than <\- T. and T. .. Anaconda Copper Bethlehem steel Chrysler Cities Sen Ice Coca Cob General American Tank General Electric General Motors International Harn-'sVer" Montgomery Wa r c' Nsw York Centrr.) . Packard Phillips Petroleum". Radio Corp Simmons Beds St. Louis-San F;.inckco Slandard of N. ] 118 7-8 10 3-4 45 5-8 39 1-8 22 3-8 38 1-4 Mrs. Lula Overton of Dogwood Is Dead Mrs. Uila Overlon. 53. wife of Ben Overtoil, died nt the family home In tl'c DDgwood community yesterday, she had been weeks from pneumonia. two This Is the fifth death In the 4 3-8 "• *"• J. II 1-1 Texas Co 2 7 5-C U. S. Steel ..;..., s« 3-8 Services were held at the home Ihls afternoon with Ihe Rev T H Vanblbbcr officiating and bu'riai «'ns made at Sawyer cemetery Thc deceased is survived by her husband. Ihree daughters Mrs Alma Sanders. Mrs. Odell Presly. and Mrs. Ida May Youugblood. and two sons. Carl Watson and Willie Le e Watson. Moss Undertaking company was In charge of arrangements. in Hospital After Fall Down Stairway -,c Randolph. H - year - old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O Ran- a °H-- was brought to the Blytheville hospital late yesterday after '""'"- on the stairway of ll.e Ran- be only a drop In . the bucket for them to pay?" He suggested that the wording of the bill be changed to Insure elimination of "Justin Matthews bonds" (bonds on a subdivision In Pulaskl county known as Park Hill.) Answering the general uncertainty over how tlie bondholders felt about the refunding bill. Governor Futrell said all communications from them were open to In- specllon. "We have the acceptance of all the leading bond holders," he said. He named two groups, however, who have refused lo refund. This brought his declaration they could not enforce their claims if the senate bill is passed. He will approve, ttrs governor said, any reasonable method ot raising revenue. "II is not a question of tr.e 1s?- Islalure agreeing on thss; smaller questions but of subordinating them lo the best interest of (he stae." The governors address came unexpectedly during a morning s es- Ision of wrangling during which Speaker H. K. Tpney fought to keep order while house members continued tearing up the house refunding bill. The house passed a bill by Rep- rasmnllve Huie laxtng motor lubricants 10 cents per gallon the revenue lo go to relief of municipal home at McDoarman. west of Blytheville. It was at first feared that the Bin might have suffered a concussion but a report from the hospital this afternoon staled that she was shocked and bruised but apparently not otherwise Inlured. road Improvement districts. T*f senate passed today and sent to the governor the house bill appropriating an additional $12000 for expenses of the third extraordinary session. The tola!. sxpense appropriation now is 136,000. Senator Ablngton of white county again declined his salary and dl- |rect«d the clcrV W bay It H-

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