The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO COURIER COURIER JJJAVS OMH-IMl^TARV TICKET Tju> Ticket WJU Admit . jn^l Mrs. J. p. — lo lh« — KITZ THEATER Social J^rs Far,ns«prth Blacfc' haunts (he \^dpes,(Jay pr'ljipc c|u{i Wednesday ' Contract cjub mcet- lf|g''Vatli tylss ij A Tayloi Ladles' Bible study of Church qf Christ, ine'etrjig jvllh Mrs llqv,ard <3UJ ol 2 3D p'clock Sn<|bury Parent Tpafhei association meeting at 3 00 o'clock at the school, preceded by L a)i executive jxwrd meetijfg at 2:30 p. in. THURSDAYp EVENTS Mrs. >H (i JJqiichins e.nterlaln- illg Mjcj-Week Bi|d8e club iTJijirsday ponlract club meeting n.;ittr;Mv3 J E Hasam i " Sfr^ Evjjipti ^. Gee having (Thursday Luncheon cls;b Thjjrijday 'Afl«rn<xm club Ipcet- jng nifii ftlij} Ix)iji5 Applebnutu. ^Jr and lytrs. c A Cunningham epte.rtolnui6 .thp Tuesday Nigh'. Supper clpb. jpplsli Lacjiqs' Aid pipeting at home qf (VTr§ Was B[»ro«iliy in Maplla at 8.00 o'clock .AHa.r Society ol ; th,e Church pi the Itpitiacqlato Conception sponsoring bingo party nt the Cut ho] it Hnjl--nt 8.QO p. in. : •FRIDAY'S EVKNTS ! Woman's club having luncheon' ,al l;f>D o'clock"-at ilhc" club house. 'Ladles' 'Bftile' Class" of thc Ffrat Methodist church meeting at home 61 : Sirs' = V. -'M. -Btlstci-' at 7:30 o'clock. t' SATURDAY'S EVENTS Childicn ,of thc Confcdeincy meeting at 3,00 p in at home pf Doris and 'Mildred Mulr •["FLAPPER FANNY .By s y ivia • — — r- -- — COPB imtiHuftmiti.ivc. i u.. - COPB imtiHuftmiti.ivc. i u.r.K u.s Will llaxc Bmgd iPariy Mrs C c Wood .and Mis Jack 'Da\ls will bD hostesses al n Wngo party Thursda\ night at 8:IM : nt >t!ie I'Catliollc hall •'!Q)i. Fanny, dqn't crvll it 'iicckin'.' Thai dales H girl." "Maybe it dales you. But I never 'had to neck to Ije popitjiu'." at llie l)us,lness session which wns'nnd Jill" iu)rt Ihc Brownies jn .the attenUed by 19 members and two Blue Jny .conic,! 1 Del-formed in ;v visitors, Mrs. A<!plma Adams ami rtrnmfitfepU version qf "Little Alts-; Mrs. Mildred Tucker. . »«i.rr.n- 'The'.group' will 'meet Monday nt .lie bojiip pf Mrs, F. -M. Svvecl for s social and silver ten. Mrs. \V. L. Green dismissed the group wilh prayer. BJts of Mpstiy Pev»pnal Garuthepsville Society — Personal Gives Piiuicr Parly A bciiiiljftil red, while and blue color Iliemc" was artistically ejii- r.loycd 'Saiurday evening by Mrs. F. S, 1'ctty when she entertained with a lovely dinnci 1 party at the •Iai|illy home on Cotton Avenue com|)!i)nciH|i)g her daughter, Mlsi Eorc'.hy Pct'ty. 'Ihc adalr was a February party and invitations sent ' -,- -Mr. :md Mrs. Clifford Cavltt and mi1 ral ' llcr »' lllc week, were on baby, who liavc been living In De- ml ^^ decorated ' Will Hold • Lenten Service n) Lutheran Church ,Jf, tlijs city vj-lll hold midweek Lenten services each Wednesday The 1:30 p. Lutheran . . ..lunch," according ,to the local >aUor, "inwunlly ' sets aside tlio period as a time lo review Cly (|) C - earthly clliniix of Savlpr's redeeming wpq in observance or the $f prayer for home missions, was in charuL- of Mrs. W, A. Williams, widi Mrs. V, G. Mann, Mrs. p. D. Seger, Mrs. B. IVIanti, Mrs. Frank Carter, Mrs. Roush, Mrs. ./. B. Clayton ' " , . .. . cml.Mi's. w. V. Wilson taking" part. I'lans \v«re made and disclosed to re-decpratc the iittcrio.- of Ihc in a,c noaf lutin-c. ' TUESDAY, MARCH 1,: 1938 Loreco Service Station Opens On South Division Newly redecorated and equipped, (he txJrecb Service Station, located on South Division street near (lie Cotton Belt'railroad, has fcecn opened for business by H, Tf.e pastor's message's wlijch will " ' ' on "Thc Seven Words' day ?rpm .the Cross." will begin lojnor. •W night when he speaks on "The 'ivlne Intercessor." A cordial in- .'. A.' .Hatlop tp Ihc public tp attend 1pm ciely ho|d Us regular weskl'v meet mg iii 'Hi ' - with blue '!*?"'services wns extended today .'lak'ng part WIMI IJIUU (jy ( |> p . - n - na u y- O,'^..^/!..... I r rt i ,V-V. , lei with *M rs I p Cl Mrs'. W. E "paulkncr C. McDougal of Sea rcy. 1 Tlie 'sta- lipn will offer .1)1 types "of servic/; or mqtprisls ami will li^ndlo iroducls pi the Cities Service com- ifiny. Mr. McDoujjal has had con- iderable experience In the service ..g.v...^^*, ...,d will be in M». personal charge of the station. flowers were used In Ihc decorations , ..C.reenc and riauBii- Ajjibui-guy, Setl vfilyii 'aiid"*H2ut,|tj, W n 'r)!!P. Mf>r'y L . ' l '' '' ' 1 , ui:.-) wna uMfiinpa loany . I»K iig part (he Hpv. H. J. klc'lHd'djnst, We KRV. D. D Speer will like of the church, located «t 1'1/t lu the'" copnty-wide Sunrtny . /-'linic, the first of its kind A3ISSlS.Si[H7i rnimiu linui...^,^ h Si j ct !) .ty>'(t >yhtm)t streets. A vv'SJ? 1 , H' 11 *" 'WliWwii- —,, H1 ,, cuumy, uegmnint I ca' 1 '" 6 'T orr ° Wl "°"* y "^ ™«'thiiiu B Ihroupl o'clouk. The gen- Iflrs, 'Kent, CniUrell, Ma'! 1C hostess '.mid Miss Esti_, qf the Bible. 1 ' 'iPlectiptis will uc- Blylhe, find E. '.ft? Mrie vitsu [p ' . Mci))ph|s tlijs'-mpriijiig to be 'with A ' W 'P !-Wle Schumakpr of Haytl; ' '' " " .Wlls Envls, wlip'' Ys "|n ,. , cpiiflitiqn at the "Mcliiodlst pltnl. ' '' " 'serious "I'? Mc ^ s . • ':•'.-•• Bates. .Ifcfcl .Sli)(pi(' jttce(ii|B. At ()ic stBteti . i))eelhig At thc statcti mpfiiiip nf HIP • ": ul . f ! | ™ n . lusmiinis qi Order of the? nSmeru \ nr i-i, iv E(ow< " 1 <-'°P> ''»»ity, hnnouncc S5S '?. H,S?W ' s . t «! ,|M» W. mnrrliiKc of their di.'unVite'r fl /light i!|| lnyltfltlqji' K as ejfleuriod l)j'n painbp'w Q|fls qf Qsceo'la 'to i'isit the' chaptgr .here the Fc'cpnd .|[i March! crt Tnis party is sponsored by tlii Altar Society of the Church qf tha Immaculate -Conception, nnd the proceeds will go tq pay foi .(he new organ In thc^church To Ha\c Plaj' ~ •"'. As the concluding feature of (hi 1 week of prayer and home missions a Ifome Mission Play .will bo glv'eri at the First 'Baptist church Wednesday night at 7:30 o'clock : j- Mai0n , c i There will be ill characterb jn ,^^i., '„.. •this play presented Missionary Union, ana special sic will ' be used In carrying out I the program > - An invitation >AS extended to! thc public today by members oft the Woman's Tuissionary Union 1 ; V 4 ^ ,1 Club To Present - Vrograip At Wilson Tlie- Blythenille Woni.ini club has accepted (lie invitation of tijc Wilson Community 'club lo present a program at Its picetuig Thursday afternoon. Mrs E F Blomevei \\ill ofler the opening pravei which will be followed by following which Mrs. H J Kleinuienst v.ill sing "II Baclo", by L Ardltl and 'Estrel- • . . 'Hiu Masons nre jiltp i|ivltcd io attend. p|irt"t|i6' ins'iuiicrs" pt 'the orsi]riizi>tlqi)- .v.cre lirpcd ,'tq be prtjsc.j)t',nl'.thjs mpet|ny. ' ifrs: B|||ie parneV" n»cl M|ss Vcl- hi, cf HiiiiDinn, Mrs. incx lV, Mi-s. \v. p. 1 flojlpy, iind ' , . . . , :lliC'-Rev. and Mrs, .Qeqr'gc . Pnttprspii \\'erq vj.sltoi.s al'thc ilat- l' -' ' : - '''•'' , ;trJBu(j:"_tq the .lal* ,\V. ,w; .Holll- pEterl who was 'a member" of the Scpiit Ne>v§ Boys — Girls Scpuls frpin Mr. nipknvd's troo;) in Osceola «:ere t|is guests of Iroop 38 at fc .inepting r.lontlay night ;il t';:'e Cniistjap cjiurcli juill. A .Rroeiimi c]nircli jiiill. on tiiirereul phases ct scouting was presented by members of trpqp 38. Thn entire grain) —.- , «j u ,,,uu. uuj nonci- SRve a first aid fiemqusiratiou fql- lita" by Ponce She ^111 be acconi- lowln g which Jack McCuislpn il- pa'nied *y Mrs Jsss Homer. Tlie I lustra t« rt tlle building of a lire wilh book, "The Citadel" will be rcrtew-'f . ls '° ^'' clis - A nnliirc. Inlk wns miide ed by Mrs L J, Hubener, and the" trio composed ol Mrs Paul L 1 Ip- •tpn, Mrs. Russell Fair, and Mrs. George -M. I^e 'will sing Study -Home Missions Mrs.. Matt Monaghan was leader of the -program, "Home Missions in the SpHtJiiand,'; presented as.tlie flrsi, in fi senes of home missions programs..;)! a inceting of the Wo- rnah's ':Missionary . Union of the First Baptist church \esleiday •afternoon. flic proeram P >egan with a song by the group which was followed bj n unison delivers of tile Lord's Prascr J-trs W E Buchansn Jed •the devotional -fpr the afternoon. and Mr*, Harrv Biooko orTcred •prayer. Scriptures were read al the conclusion qf a talk on ' pefmltion qf Home Missions py Mrs Ray Small and "Recreating Hjimanity : by JVI r s Theodore Logan At this point, meditation music was played by Jvfrs Murray Smar) aiirl followed by silert prajer talks on t|io program were New Views to CM Problems' n> Mrs. Alvin Huffman and 'Cuba Manama upd Others ,bj Mrs Ro> Head. Prayers veere pHered by Mrs Jesse Recto. Mrs \Valter Bishop Mrs.-' ,Tom Jackson, and Mr-; E B Wopdsoti. Folloivmg the program the executive board had H ihort meeting. * * * Blbfe ( I*.K Mfls Ulic I«dl)»' Bipjc CiaM of .(lie Hrsl MQUio^lst Ciinrch will mpet Friday e^enmg at 7 SO o'clock at the home o/ Mrs V M arbiter at 1500 West Main street with Dan Duijlfln as co.-hosltbs.- - ' Mrs. . -Propiiefe of ja-ucl" is Hie new Sll^ ttiWy boci fiojn .which M"* O 4 Rogers presented thii flrsL iessoji -at the meeting of (he Woman* Misilpnjf> Bpcleijt pr the tctiuicli Mon pfjurch by Bjll Chamblin. This was followed with a demonstration by Ilubliard and William ...... Sl'^iBnaling in Ihc scmn- pl)pre code. The nnal number pn t" ~ 'r.c .program wns a/ .short panto- mine in which Ihc following boys epppfirrrt: missel) Farr. Raymond Crawford, Hunter Simms. jr., Bill Gliamijjin, Bryant Stewart.' and Oimmle Parks. iirseo- rhymes were dramatized thc ineetiiig of the Hrownla Pack ol the Girl Scouts Saturday nftcrnoon nl thc.Fii-sl Prcsbvtcr- ian Church. "Old King pole" was thc rhyni" chosen by jhe Red Dird gio llp ' for' drarnaliKUtoM. and ".Sing A Komj of Sixpence" was used by members ol the Squirrel corner. The Bunny Rabbit group made u play of "-Met: Mil (felt. Weds Cvirtis Stotts LKI'ANTO. Ark.—JV)r. and Mis. 1 \yovkiimn, 1'eside.nls' qf Hie .mnrrliigc of their diiugiit'e'r" Aljilm lo Ciiiils Stotts of'Lepanto. The marriage «'as performed at (he home ol Mr. and 'Mrs. J. E. Wrisht, Fetirn'flry ?!!, witli L. II. Fklrtcr. Cliurcir of Christ mlnis- lc,r, .oilicinting. Ttw .btftlc 1 was al- tcndctl by her twin shier, Alvah •Workman, niirt the .grpom : |)y Jny Mny, city marshal pf 'tcpantp. frhe'i is a .graduate of iiqi- spr .high so|)cpl. Tlie 'brjdefroom ntlciKlBfl the ^enapto liigh school and is thi! sqn'qf "Jfr:-,n'ntl Mrs! .Slolw cf ;I.e)iniito. He Is liropriptpi- uf .|\ s(u!fc here where rcslrte. Doyne Michie. jell' „ i uavt.i. y.^Tjitr Sterhan, Bobbie '"• ! Rhodes, BIU Ross, aiid Alfred Til- Mrs. C. A. Hp.vpy, \v|io recently'" 1 "' 1 ;>r '^' s qlty an ^ c '' abp ' ian S- Ijifiei-wcpt an 'opffrntloii ht 'a Hoi vw<l 'Long and Qpuc .Lewis of| Memphis hps|)Uai'''is' 'cyppctcfj to B1 'i>|S!idccio. ^ • ' Mrs. Jack Rogers w;io recently' ^ ls ' J ? lin Onddy was hostess to undtrwcnl' a tpSilCTtpmy. k how tllc nismliprs'pf tlic Ladies Aid of A'.e to bp' l)itdk"' af wptit "' ' " )c ^'1!''?'1' Churcii at. her home on ' Mr. .iuid' Mrs:" -Max "MWCI-K re P 1 '"!'*'Av'cmie "lhiir«lny atlcriioMi., tHfiicd Suiuliiv :from"st -T^L': 1 ""? 1 '?^" 511 S° 0(i nuuilicr qf mem- H' tlicj- vg'pks. .-Mi's, pcilpvn'^'.cnd ,|n c'i,|,<.-,M t r B( u, whqrc fjhc visilcd fripiJds. -Mrs- R. N. iill) Hijrf'.'jfpfl, ;R. : N. jr., ,(vlrs. R. ,E. Bjayjpcj!, 'MM -Tioi-- itnrd .Qooch and.Mrs". .C." Mrs. ;L. D. ' Chnj))blii| fjiif) 'son, .Dpp, Mrs, Mai-gni-et :F|Rnn)g'aii and ,M|SS Mary .fiutlaw dvpvp'.lp''|ieofor ^ui)duy .lo jspejjd "Irtp B•"'---'• •with Miss Outlaw^ .niqihqi- w. ' ; " At ;the 'Hospitals . ..."'" C. Canada, of Manila, . , lt ' c D 'V lllcvU l c hos- CMHrch, ' Blylhei'jlle. * '* * Miss -Ruby Crain, student--at Qiilf . Pai'Jc College, ,Gu : f ' Part Mlsi., arrived Suiulay morniiu foV a short visit with h'cr pareii's Mr niKl Mrs. J. !I. crain. She will re-' turn Wednesday nlghl. Mrs. J. w, A'dams, 'Mr. and Mrs. ;': w :, Allalns J''. "'id son of Dly- tlicvillc, were guesls of Mrs J J Orecr Sunday. LHlle <viycc Carplyp QUs, John ' W. Robbiiis. of Stecle, is a at the Memphis Methodist Cecil Winfieid. of Steele, . i to .business .ji) pjn i|t||ei-s'vjjje \lci- . iliss - Mpi)pna ;Massey, ,.v,'hp teen ill In a Memphis hospital, -was rcli|Lncd Sunday ,M. \Valis, Mrs'. .\V ' , . . D M. cj'. Pfjrilow, Mia. Mrs. L. D. Cham- 'Ihc grade school. Jvjrs. Uoscof! M. :Rlqi'Cp;jert an inlcreslii)" Bible sti the Mi)n of"Peace".'tnkcn frqin .Qe'ncsjs. ' . * * « ty 1 '- .fll'd Mrs. J. D. Long and flarcts Sl'relch <jf III., .spent ; Sl|nday here .as gijests of Miss Mnvic Stnpek .at the \v. J. Jijck jhoirie. rriie party Icfl early ^1fl!>?}»y 'rflPiijiiig fqr" their home.' iljss' 'Da,isy 'Kcrslncr ami Mrs. •Ulljc .Zi|^er'and spns.'-jiimnic and hospital. JSIl's. Guy Driver, of Osccola. is a patjent at (lie Memphis Baptist hospital. Miss petty Jqan. Pulley, of Brag- gadpcip, jap., is a patient at the Memphis Baptist hospital. Wpp:ls, Mrs Kn'ox Webb, •blhi spent yeslerduy in Memphis. Mr. and -Mis. .c. H. -Estes of'"' \yi,|to :SJa)i|ioj> Jjpnugs, Wfl»!Ung- tan. were guests of Mr. .a)id .Mrs, George W. Barhani s'lind'ny. Tliej 1 ' ,cn n ijouthpin-tp'u.r arid "will :i hoinc jjy way of iC^lt^qrnjt. -—. Esfes : had .not seep his cousin Mr. Barjiaiu, .in 4n years." ' . :P- : V. Maloch, p;'s.''i_.., ,.. 'will go to'.lonesboro toniorrow fp a" district meeting of county agricultural agents 'nt \ylilch ,lhe new fai-tn .prograin "will be discussed". ?<iss .C'f.ra .Ruble. 'Mrs. .Mo.., Mcllwain, James Htll. Clinrles Ra ; ' L. S. Rf :P,on!ai- fltl) !f . Hip., spent . .,., ,»y 111 .(his city wilh" Miss Jo Jtida. ' .'•••• Mr. and .-Mrs, .Chris Alehrle utid flaiigljtQi-. ., Miss .Mary, who have "'lent the past 'Hirec weeks jn Hot ih'lugs, Ark., .tirrived honic Sun- ij 1 . •-.. . Misses Inez Luten and -ElizaVieth Brent, who arc teaching''nl P.iscoh, Mo., spsnt the week eiul in this clly >yjt|i. ll]giy l)arp(i|3. Dr. nntl Mrjs. J,. p. Lulcn'aml Mr. -iiml Mi's. M. -prptit ' St. ILpuis Hptpl Group :Entertajns -Nobles , N0 "d' Jfy.' „ ! r °-'' St. Ix/uis "to ntlend a mceliiii Mr. and Mrs.'Crawford M. Nqb!= pf of jhp _Mic)dle West Sprvicp Co and Joncsboro. who'arc visithig various Asscplalcd Co. they' plan to rctui-i chapters of the Iiitcriintlo'nnl Hotel "'--'-^-•- '" " ' Grceters association throughout the country, were entertained by the St. Louis clwptcr Siit'iirday ai)d fundny. cnroiitcjfroin the west const to Chicago' where lliey 'will attend the niilionnl hotel shb«- this week. ' . Since leaving Joncsboro clirist- mns they have traveled more than 50,000 |i)i|D5, -visiting' chnplers of thc crgqnizallpn in'the west. They plod to go .fioiu Chicngb lo the east, smi tliclr tour will include pchits along :thc Allanlic coast lo Florida. Jjr. -Nob.|c Ls iirpsidcnt of (he arganizntipii .«|id Mrs. Noble is prpslsflent pf the auxiliary. ' Jc.wcc Slitt, |i)o^)(gei' of (lie locil- liotel. reUirncd ,itp.nip tprtay from SI. Lcijis wlicrc l]c contcrred with Mr. Noble, lie was accprnpaiiied : by Leioy Jcncs. innnnspr of the Jone.s- baro hotel. Albert Jiirkliead. auditor. uiK-t Miss .Elizabeth'Anderson, secretary. la lfl3i>, Canadian mills wci-c thc source of 70 per cent ol the Norlh American JM'illl. BEAUTY SHOP 313 N. ami — l^honc 78S Tfefs Proved Way nave protcd'-lt by Use in their own ~ homes, it was tnr- . liter prnucrf in tlie world's largKt co!ds- cljriic. No "dosin^"-- 1 , j | \ ] j 8 juSvniflsStigeViipQHuh 11 r---t I oil throat ctwst nil* oacrc at bedtime. Almost at once, Its pouUlcc T and-vi)por aclion starts tion and coughlng'.ihelp break local congestion, qf- A ten. by morning the worst of the cold is over. NEW^PRING" AND FASHIONS .By-.BC.rjl!}t. FREE LNSTRUOTIONS Mrs. Les ' KEMP .your 'I' slwpe lhaii it docs lo repair il after il 1ms hrokcn down, [n- iTease the v.'jUip of your car and LET'TJS KF,!il' It IN'A-1 (JOND1TIOX. COMPLETELY New and Modern Auto Repair Shop We CaivMeet Your Every Autpnipbile Nees! AH Y^orjt Guaranteed MOTOR SALES, Inc. Will iHops of Doiilphan. Mo., S|)erit 3_i|n(|ay il) : ll(is ,oity as ilia his son, E. fl. Hope and Mr. Hope Is a 'friend ol u. K. Fosler and also vis- Ihc Rev. ited with him while here. .Jyjrs. Jphn Qaflily, Mis'. Pauline Hayclen ai)d Mrs." \V»i. Hoyden spent iFriclay in -Msiyipliis' \vhcvc Ihey shopped. .Read Courier News Want Ads. Wilson ' Socje.t)'~Persp!ial The Baptist W. M. a. held an covered dish luncheon Monday at thc'liqinc pf Mrs. ^v. p. \vilson, tourteen v . .r ( h)l|ins ami' Miss '' to . Miss Louis Eafrih Lewis' Rrceije :|c["r Friday )>!S|it tp sjie|id' the week-end 'in Nashvijlc. Whi|e qipj-e they altend- crt die Nelson Eddy concert held there Friday njghl. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hale spent the wcekrfiiiii |p Memphis, with her parents, Mi-. !,„«' ^ Mc . :ml;pfs present, 'flip program niorfpy back. Fine for Kidneys Keeps Them Clean and Free •From Poisonous Acids When backache and blaflder irritation gets you lip'two'ur'llirec times every plight'hotter pay attention to Kidneys." Don't start flushing them with harsh makeshifts, they are ioo frail"amj delicately constniclec| to "treat them rough. ' '. ' •If you'even susjiect. Kidney trouble, don't, dejay; get a'package of good old Ramon's Brownie" Pills for thc -Kidneys—they are nqt'^x- pensive, only 35 cents-and so good that satisfaction is guaranteed 01 Throat Raw? Catching Cold? 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Luxurious, but nol one bit cosily! 79c $1 Vitality'gives you the spriiig fashion news •in shoes so varied in their style and materials that yp.u itrp surp to fincl "just: your type"- and you'll find it j n the correct color accent fpr ypur costume. VITALITY GROW* GRACEFULLY This is exactly what happe/n to the wprnjin \sfi.o.wpqis a Chaiii-designed loundolipn. These unique gaimehls ate (he lesMll.of scjsi>lific slody of the f^mjnine fjguie. Thfy oie odJDSlablc lo the special needs of different figure types. They piovide cpirecl support. They reacqle |he lovely contouis pi yctiijll. If your figuie ncadi p change for the bcllet— change lo Chans. MBS. .C. F. MICHAEL 1405 :W. Ash Street' Blytlieville'. ",exe|usiye Distributor , for Mississippi Counly" Everything for your etiter- taiijfneht .aijd comfort. Admission l\Ia(itiec 10c" & 'ago Admission Night ICc i 36c^ A fpiUM»|A flCTURE It's a ,widc-sp!iltinf. slirick-a-scc- romance 1 . Njghl '. fflc & 26p ' vvith KREppIC M A K,L H' Frnn«ska Gaal .and Akim TamirorT. ' Aku Tar.(inou|il News & Coinciij Admission Maljncc Iftc A- 2Cc Admission Night Ib'n & 36c Sooi|: ' urid s Twi|| u ik al Oxford Kadlo Oily Revels ROXY 4rfmissiiii, always % & 26c. " »>»lmcps Saturrt.iv A.Sund*)-' Only Iue.- Wed. -Thur, PAL NIGHTS! Z Adaits Admitted for Price of-. 1 IM"THT|PflI»6HT I '•^LOV-P A*; sHiiim"s *,V T *^ *- .' O O/ !>l|tirls. *<W " •misrt& * .***

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