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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 1

Phoenix, Arizona
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Monday, December 25, 1944
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1344 P ARE WWM 'U I INDEPENDENT N 55th Year, No. 221, Phoenix, Arizona 112 N. Central Ave. Telephone 3-1111 Monday Morning, December 25, 1944 5c Copy; 10c Out of State. 16 Pages HJBMC K I : ' ' JL t - $ I ! : f L" ? n y if King Born Again In Old Rite By RELMAN MORIN BETHLEHEM, Dec. 24 (AP) The miracle of the ages was re-enacted in Bethlehem tonight and symbolically a babe was born again in the very grotto where nearly 2,000 years ago Christ was born. Just as then, men knelt in adoration, with their heads turned toward the spot where the manger once was. The stamp of war lay heavily on Bethlehem tonight. Manger Square was packed tight with men in uniform some flown here from the battlefields of France and Italy only vesterdav. For miles the road from Jerusalem vas lined with military cars and trucks, and at. first glance it was like passing a convoy moving up to battle. Once within Bethlehem the grim illusion vanished, for Bethlehem glowed with a soft light like a golden crown on the dark hills of Judea. Overhead the sky was heafc'y with clouds, but for a time trfey broke and clear starlight shone through Allied Air S tails Might Drastic Rationing Increase Is Made WASHINGTON, Dec. 24 (AP) A greatly expanded food rationing -program, again including canned vegetables, will become effective Tuesday. Chester Bowles, price administrator, announced this tonight, saying the tighter controls are necessary to assure fairer distribution of "small supplies." The changes beginning at 12:01 a. m. Tuesday include a rise in the red point value of butter from 20 to 24 points a pound; cancellation of all red and blue stamps which j became good before the first of December, and cancellation j tui Ail dUKdi alexin.'. aim limine i an Voted Bandsman Germans American Varied Costumes ! F I X M Here and there among the khaki-L,lSiea IVllSSinS w' .:- 'in uHjp Unprs Anb 3Frars (H)f All iJljr Ijrara Arr fUrl 3n Giirr etomrjJjt." Planes Hit Iwo Jima Is Blasted i Manila; Jap By American Planes ,jr J T ! WASHINGTON. Dec. 24 ' AP) A force of perhaps half a hun- aj iVI " yiQ)f i dred Superfortresses set off "heavy explosions in military installa-JL 1UU A CCLi Vljtions" in the latest strike at IJvo Jima. enemy island midway between 'Japan and Saipan, the 20th Air Force announced today. By SPENCER DAMS A11 oJ the b29s returned to their base in the Marianas after GENERAL MAC ARTHUR'S; pncntermg only light and inaccurate antiaircraft fire and no fighter HEADQUARTERS. P.ulip pi nes.: p)ane opp0si ion," a communique said. This latter reference suggested ftor lers smashed aV Manilas! that more than two weeks of air attack on the island is reducing Grace Park Airfield on Luzon. its defenses to the point where no serious opposition can he turned while the American 77th Division'; on army and navy planes visiting Iwo Jima. moved rapidly in on Palompon, last; This latest attack carried well Japanese strongpoint on Leyte f- into the third week a continuing land, a headquarters communique; bombardment, of the vitally $tra-reported today. tegio position hv armv and navy And in strange rontiast to thfnombers and surface ships. Moody battle, transport olanes on a ; Pounded Steadily peaceful mission dropped Christmas; Armv Liberators and navy planes greetings on liberated Filipinos. jhave pounded steadily on the en-uho waved in holiday spirit to the: emy island since early in the American airmen. month. American airmen gave an ex-: The apparent objective is to neu-plosive holiday greeting to ihe en-',raljze tRP Japanese base in the emy on Northern Halmahera. in vvirni,. Tdanri frnm which hnmh- the Moluccas, where 280 tons of inrr attacks on B-29 fields have been pnf1 were reported yesterday. comDS were aroppea on airnromes, aunrh0fj t Dorothv McDuffce. 24-vear-old supply and communications facili-; Th( imt,ai announcement of the Tucson mother, was killed aimost ties and defense positions. . latest attack said: linstantly seven miles west of Casa F""e Flares j "B-29s of Brig. Gen. H. S. Han- Grande yesterday afternoon when Fuel dumps, gun emplacements. ;se1.s 21st Bomber Command basedja car driven by hr husband over- wmtuuustb aii'l iiiuiui vena ics c,;nn in tho VTarianas on F)p- turnefl tnree times. clad soldiers were the white bur nooses and red tarbooshes of Moslems and the brocaded costumes of Palestinian women. The pilgrims waited patiently in the square fronting the Church of the Nativity. Rain fell during the late afternoon but. still they waited. Most of them had been there since 2 p. m.. when his beatitude, the Latin patriarch, came from Jerusalem. His procession passed through the historic Jaffa sate and along the Roman road past the Hill of Tan-tur and the remains of Herod's palace and the Tomb of Rachel. At Rachel's tomb the procession halted and the mayor of Bethlehem pxtended the ancient greeting to the Latin patriarch. Then it continued to Manser Square. The enclosure was lined with hundreds nf priests and acolytes in white .stoles. The strains of a Latin hymn rose toward the sky and his beatitude, wearine the beautiful purple robe of his office, entered the Latin i Church of St. Catherine which ad-i joins the Church of the Nativity.) and the ceremony of celebrating) the Christ Child's birth had begun.; Hi eh Mass : It continued throughout the afternoon and early evening in successive rituals. The high pontificial mass began at 10 o'clock, leading gradually toward its climax at midnisht. Sacred music flowed through the candle-filled church with the altar ablaze PARIS, Dec. 24 (AP) Maj Glenn Miller, director ol the l'..S. Army Air Forces Band and a former orchestra leader, is missing on a flight from Kngland to Paris, it was announced today. Miller, one of the outstanding orchestra leaders of the I'nited ning certificates except No. 34 About 85 per cent of all meats will be placed under rationing beginning December 31. ! Vegetables Listed The canned vegetables which will require points are peas, corn, green and wax beans, asparagus ,and spinach, in addition to toma- Itoes which already are on the list. j "Civilian supplies of sugar, but ter and commercially canned Units Hit Tellingly T OXDOX. Der. 34 ( AP) Memo for "A" card holder: The American Fortresses and Liberators which hit the Germans today used 4,250,000 gallons of gasoline. By JAMES M. LONG PARIS, Dec. 24 (AP) The German offensive had ; been held virtually to a stand-i still for 48 hours, up to late ; Saturday, Allied supreme ! headquarters disclosed tonight, and jAmerican counterattacks against. ! the enemy's southern flank gained ground in four sectors. A front dispatch covering fight-ling up to late Saturday morning TAKEN BY DEATH: Roy N. ;ec ared American forces storming n.. inn M.iv knUn fn,nr : Field Marshal Karl von Rundstedt s States, left England December 15 tfruits and vegetables are at the1 sjar( and federal official and a i southern flank had gouged out as a passenger aboard a plane. No lowest point since 4he war began' jeader of the Republican partv 'Fains along a 20-mile front in trace of the plane has been found and meat supplies are declining," : ArWnnn iirt vptorriv in hit 'Northern Luxembourg, lifting the Bowles said. ; home at 522 West Lvnwood ; menace to that tiny aucny s cap- I It originallv was planned to an- street after a long illness. ;nounce the changes on Wednes-1 dav. December 27. The Office of Price Administration said the effective time of the action was advanced 24 hours "to protect exist ing supplies on store shelves from buying runs. I No Food Crisis ! OPA asserted its action did not mean a civilian food crisis and em-1 phasized "there is ample food for . all. I he step is to insure every one a fair share of scarce items, it said. since, His air forces hand had been playing in Paris. No members of the. band were with him on the plane. Miller's home is at Tenaflj, N. .1., where his wife lives. Miller last led his band in a broadcast December 12. His band, scheduled for a broadcast over the British Broadcasting Corporation network at 7 p. m. tomorrow (11 a. m. Phoenix time) in the "AEF Christmas Show,' will he conducted by Sgt. Jerry Gray, deputy leader. Prisoners Of War Are At Large State Party Leader Dies At Age 65 ROY N. DAVIDSON, state Re- nnnliran IcaHer anH frrivii- ctatts' A cut in use of suear by restau- foHm-ai ri,-;ai rfioH uriv voc.i rants, hotels, borading houses and terday in his honie at 522 West! juggernaut, a staggering loss of ital. The second crisp clear flying day in a row loosed the vengeful fury of Allied air might and more than 7,000 warplanes the greatest battle force ever sent aloft lashed the enemy's front and traffic-jammed rear zones with a hurricane of destruction. Two thousand American Fortresses and Liberators, the biggest single force ever sent on a single mission, led the array, backed by close to 500 big British Hall-faxes and Lancasters. The German air force lost 116 planes trying to stop this aerial institutions, effective January l, r ,vriw:ooH street, after a lone ill- was announced. The reduction nes5: Ile was 65 vears old. ! will be 10 per cent for users who; Hp was a member of the 24th i do their own baking and la per territorial legislature, having been! cent for those who do not. A re- elected from Yavapai county in! riuced allowance for industrial 1907 and fr0m 1922 to 1924 was1 users was announced earlier. isecretarv of the Republican state' Sucar Reduced icommittee after a year as secre- and Luxembourg aDoeared to be The sugar allowance will be re-,tary of the state senate. contained, at least for the moment, with licrht juuct'u nv mi t-n mux tut- nvr-pjunu nt: ndu an evi o awioimu 'ui -.wnii ine uermans eaieray aa- 294 planes in two days. Since the primary objectives were German ground forces and feed lines, some planes even dodged combat in order to reach their front-line targets. The German wedges in Belgium Holiday Auto Mishaps Kill Two Motorists ; oires 01 ine Eieai oens 01 neimf-. r.ncrc nf war annearen at Tnree ...:i'i :: n -w i ri.:i t- in ;n hem rang out. This was the mo-. vailev cations Tart night and re- lh PAnuarv to 1 ' A J" dispatch reported that, mcnt all Christendom awaited qUesfs to authorities for their r-vel iV worth a total of: Funeral Tomorrow :P to latP(t yesterday morning. On the altar a babe lay Revealed rst brought the revelation that 23 50Mt ' Villie valNl Funeral se c T will be conduct- Ae"-"na"8, Lm?iui"m. "f.lh?rt prisoners had escaped yesterday tn .fanuarv. compared with ed at 4 p. m. tomorrow by 1he?J"ll? G?$3L i1?? iJif iiiiicinH d itf-ciidLiru. from thP FaDaeO far Camp. .,n t a. :VflW Pov VHu- n T.nno n Tr n- ax.iM i.u wi'iri, a imica "vnn- r t. : a. ii.. i ( - - -- ill . ;c t' I r , J I null'.:, ',,,. m. a nSv VTlHuiah11 w.vesore Federal bureau of' Invtiga-: - thriU n- musirJhrok" aeainT i? ti3n re" confirmed the arrests but ply wi inniiin,, music nioe aeainsi n- .. , . . nlhor nfnrma on oV.,,t -"glory be to God THE FIRST aulo acc.dent deaths of 1944's Christmas holidav week- r r t . t .. R. Duffey. agent in charge of , nG OPA said, because about 85. Hy Cr.thedral. Cremation will fol-.-ri'h ,!.parprt 'Lif nf ivAp bn.P cent of the civilian meat sup- low at ureenw oon .Mcmoi lai i . ai k ,;, ,,),'( nf the ranital ill he rationed compared to r rienos may cai a ine ura me h:".",", t''',h. Vit. i ner cent now Koom Chapel ot A. 1. Moore ann "'"." "". v1"'" V. u-;. n,..snns Mnrtuarv netween ine nours The patriarch look the symbol iaie iasi mgni i riant 'c'' neremher "?l No npw iirar st amn Mr. Davidson was born in Mo- brouch, five miles east of M.artel- wHralidted0 5 FettT. .. 111.. January 7, 1879. . He ange. ',,M",c,f l J" x,u,,,"-1'.-" Af on men sTill at lai-se ; The five red stamps to be ali- received grammar and mgn scnooi sixteen miles due north of the - - j0f ,, ;n t. i,r,rrv, v.1 Ti,n pflucation in i.namnai:n. in., ana f i ,,i r,,h,,,-r, Amorix i nnc heavv columns in the highest sid he had no other information about 37 per cent now. on the escapes. it Majestic Trocession John Chennault. desk sergeant blue stamps wUl be C-2 then continued study in t he Uni- Tnp maiestic procession wound; at the sheriffs office, said no noti-ti,,, .o -J.,nc n kk ce versitv of Illinois Law School. ww rtf r,wKor TMe fnw through the church with the flames .fication of the escape had been .,.: rmain at in ;,, Mrh. : He ramp to Arizona in 10(11 and a r,0.eihie nine-mile ari- militarv installations on the Japa- 25. El Camno. Tex., died Saturdav nese-held island of Iwo Jima. 750. night in the Williams Field hopi;al miles to the northwest or feaipan. Gen. H. H. Arnold, commanding : general of the 20th Air Force, announced at. the war department. "Further details will be announced when the information becomes of injuries suffered Decemher 16 in an accident between Tempe and Scottsdale. They were Ihe 200th and 201st fatalities resulting from motor ve- 1944 This Date 1943 201 T 177 in Aiizona since J2 ieiir0.anf "Vnr'rnber 24 (Japanese time bombed: Second Lt. Eugene N. Matzk fet upward, returning airmen re- Jiorted. One American plane was ost in the operation. It was the second successive daylight strike by heaw bomhers on Manila, and the enemy offered no interception. Sunday's communi- hit Clark Field, big Manila air-.'lable. ., r , drome, leaving it in partial ruins.! his is th e s wond ttark hv Saturday night navy Hellcat fight-;B-29s. the first, having occutred ers Hasted Bulan Airdrome below on December 8. Manila in a daring singif. at tack. i Levte's erntind fichtinor anneared! PEART, HARROR. Dec. 24 (AP) fast reachine a conclusion, as Jap-; Liberators based in the Marianas: hicle accidents anese resistance steadi.v weakened bombed Iwo Jima on Friday (Sat-! January 1. in the face of aggressive attacks byjurday, Japanese time,) for the 16th! B. C. Cratzberg. state patrolman th 77th Division. straight day in the campaign to of Casa Grande, said the McDuffee More than 13,000 enemy dead neutralize the Nipponese base near- car overturned after drivinc into have been counted on Leyte in the est the Saipan take-off point forja dip at high speed. H. .. McDuffee. last, eight, days. Gen. Douglas Mac-ithe Tokvo-bombing Superfortresses.! the driver, and his daughter. Carol. Arthur said. Much material hasj Two Jananese interceptors came! five, received minor injury and been captured, including hundreds! up but offered only slight resist-jwere ireated in Lincoln Hospital of trucks, quantities ot tanks and'ance 10 the Liberators, Adm. Ches-:in Casa Grande, heavy artillery weapons. Iter YV. Nimitz announced in a com-j The soldier died of internal in.ju- War Goes On imunique: iries and a fractured pelvis. Two Although the war's tempo didn't, other Liberators from Lt. Gen. other young army officers suffered low for Christmas Eve, Filipino' Millard F. Harmon's strategic air lss serious in.iurv in t mo accident, youngsters gathered in front of force bombed Woleai in the West- The car overturned. general MacArtnurs neanquarreis pl n Carolines in a "check nz UD '!r -wr sortie to make sure the Japanese l GYlje&lCLT ImiT n flv in rein- - 1 forcements. I Marine Corsairs based on Peleliu strafed Babeithuap in the ir'aiaus, LONDON, Dec. 24 (AP) -King sinking three enemy barges and Haakon of Norwav in a broadcast damaging three others. to his people tonight held out the Marine fighters and dive bomn- hope of earlv victory and libera tion before another Christmas. The tall, poker-straight. 72-year- estimotni o; . i. riut ijaieni was tapiuini iircuiy n jem oin sovereign, in a message mien 'rs strafed two Luzon lieids with-as-cut opposition. ! A . In the earlier blow at Clark SUOnOmU Field, Gen. MacArthur said that: , tt most of 100 grounded aircraft were' A P.jr H nhhl I Wrecked or damaged. Huso fires lOpUlClr nODDy Ji'ere kindled among the installa-. ASTRONOMY is America's T0ns. ! A . , ,. ;r; IllUiL f ii i u j n oi iciuuiv of the candles glinting and shim-ieiven when George Jacksion. on mering on the robes of the pre-jduty at the Water Users Joint Head stance a i.;.t.rf "ngaced in mining activities in Tn rnnrelincr red and blue stamns Frescntt anrl trown ning. AIIC1 vance, since the day before the Americans had been operating in lates. The acolytes and choirboys -pumping station, called for an ol fi;:the 6 PA left as valid red "stamps service in the territorial legisla- he arca o Merscht even iles irtinf him, maun inii is-;cer io iase a piisunei niiu iusiuuj. n.5 j,n( g.5 which became iure, nf uiifu iui iiif- iw- south of Grobous) Other Gains Other gains were announced in nitaries of the church and ia5t the! ki,.ii.. r-A .'a n0n,hr ? onH . Kino-News Service, then returned patriarch himself, carrying ihe rep-! . . .... . cftmc v.- v- a. 9 r. the minin2 nusiness, working to as resentation of the Son of God. i JacKson saia ine man niipt, tin' u - - , ;,v- . ',rM(.r Herk nf the steam shovel stamps are A-R depa: U5 throuch P-o Copp been and upon!im"en ne wes an r of which 1921. an area five miles west and north- rr., J... l J- IhorD fl 5 k" 1 fl C fOT whp Pf 311(1 1 OOfl . ' "Ollir- ClUM CT mwr, -', A i L T : -J 'A iney wen. oown a 1 sno. r. uignc h"at" efation he readilv The canceled red stamps are A-S nepannien. m .nv i. .. .t- r , ..r nf DicK-irch, or about 18 to -ne stens towards the srotto ?ntl mai. in iuiiciiuuii nr 1 an. ,,,,, r,- Conner Company from l.Ho to , ... -' T 10 miles north of Luxembourg. Yet. another force hammered on stone where Marv had r :j: . ' nri ennpr 11 ' . 1 . . 11.1.1 ... Tc 4 wnicn me ngni 01 ine guiuinK nar.i- had heen outstanding since early ,T eat of Diekirch apparently around ha2 faJ,,0n-rr . ,0 f I Checking Papa go Pf'k. Chen-,his yeat, : Mr. David to . 4 Candles flickered there just assault said he Z 2 Canceled blue stamps are A-S Mtions as aessoi m Gila embourg and less ihan a mile and uif-v mifciM nrtt-iiuiic mi uiai iiii 1. jjiisiMK-i nn.i r3la.ti .mw., tnrougn a.nn a-. imougn w -o , -j nT a half from the German border Book 4. Escapees In 1019. he married Minme M. Lambert, who survives him. when she was head nurse of the United Verde hospital. Mr. Davidson moved to Phoenix A Y m m in Altnougn a siaunrn j.r-. A " I lei-AI publican, he was popular in Demo-. t5 J ilOLCCl cratii- circles. He was a member. of Siema Chi fraternity and a :i-a? Krrtiiolit 1n 1 ho rnnntv inil. TTInir 4CT 1he nH Horman -ar ,u.. f 4 un A,.ivr.n llnK m.a - . 1 wt, , 1 u ... ..... . . - . 1 L.i . ... . . . . 1 . w - iiitiiinti 'i . 1 " m iwufi x.., u . " H.. 13 U..ntA. 4,. rrtSflinfT . .. : - - . - " v. . . . Dnnrtn' . .1.. 1. t I rt; :vi t rt. r. iiuiin-i , ji., itoiuiit ! iMiiR'i iiii.--iii; iiwiii inpow ;iosT ieceii'i. ne nm uiun- in in the past. Beneath there is a sil-: lashing rainstorm ye.sieraay aner- in ."ar ver star and there the patriarch ; noon that tney just suineien placed ihe babe. jaway like eels." Then in the final scene of this i The Arizona Highway Patrol said .drama Joseph's movement was re-'jt was notified at 7:37 p. m. that jenacted am. the child was liftedifhe prisoners had escaped "about and placed gently where the man-j-jQ p m FZ'TL, en.e, rNot long after the firs, prisoner n, tcw. -U ..a. a'was brought to ihe county jail B" IT"! south of Tempe. called for an offi finiil.l lilt. '1 n nuo uciiuc" hem. (Berlin radio said tonight that "the situation of the greater while r battle in the Ardennes has not changed decisively during the last 24 hours." ihe period covered by the Allied news blackout, but admitted lhat American forces had carved out advances on the south flank.) Holds Out Hope ana sang carols. MacArthur in a statement wished the rilipinos "all have'not been able to we oiessings or cnristmas ana realization of their fervent hopes for the new year." American air units sank or dam-2ed 13 more cargo vessels off Mindanao Saturdav, the communique iil t ' .... , ., t -, -ers struck the Japanese-held Mar Hrrt'I Ts ur: i lh' JmJshalls, dying on the vine since Kwa timVj . " Tr.:XuV :.iaiein was capturen nearly a vear old sovereign, in a message with disappointment, said lie had hoped to spend this Christmas at home but that fate had willed otherwise. For most Norwegian', particularly the homeless wanderers sent into the Arctic cold by the ruthless German evacuation of far North- The focus of the fighling swung Park, according to the identifies- the Luhrs huil'dins, specializing in abruptly yesterday 10 the enemy s. cer because two prisoners had ap- tions given peace officers late last .-taxes. He was admitted to prac-. southern flank below Bastogne, peared at her home asking shelter night: tire as an agent before the V. S.' where the strength of an American from the storm, and iood. Wolf Claus. fi'll". I"i0 pounds. Treasury Department. assault forced the Germans to let. Taken To Jail blue eves, brow n hair. 2S years old. , r-g-f i j up their siege of that strategic , u , . . Helmut Drescher. rvif Ifi.. blue i Aumone I rtlH highway center and rush forces John Gregg. Tempe constable. s; h h , k English Vjei IllCinS 1 Old south to meet it. Drought them to the county jail. H K,.rnth The supreme headnuarters secur- Duffey identified these three wilhrlm Gunlhor. .yil". Kfi. blue TJ . 1 D..(.,T, ' blackout-now shortened to 21 men as Herman f uchs, Ferdinand ,. oQ r,.,.: p.. t I 1 M AI rSl 1 C7 hours haired renorts nf nrnress WASHINGTON. Dec. 24 AP iFuge and Kirt Strehle. "' 1 " " " MWJ since then and masked the nature President Roosevelt prayed that'; Each was equipped with what Fritz Gugenberger. 6. 135. blue XEW YORK Dec 24 (AP) nf Ihe Allied countermeasures being victory will nnng lasting peace for a refl tQ be about 100-pound 0ves. brown hair, 20, thin face. Paul Joseph Goehbels. Nazi propa- taken. r,o t m-fw.Mwu.? i w, ,,-htrh im- llrtort vnare r n n- ...rtJ. Vr. . , 'rv.-.-, ,1 n i-lor innnonari nrn l firm -if i 1 3 j: . . r - , " .. o.. i..r . 1 1. . ir.. : Tu AWA..... .,.-11 Unu ing, cereais, caiiueii unus, iimu- Utio HOlCi lcnier. o. l-o". nine iv 10 ine iierman poopn. iraiiym ira xnr .-nuvinoii nan vi uuui cal supplies and quantities of cig- eves, blond wavv hair, 34. dimpled the failure of Adolf Hitler to ad- flanks was firm and it was re- arettes which startled officers and c"hin, large build. dress them directly 0:1 Christ mas garded as likely that, flanking blows Hans Warner Kraus. 5'S . erav Eve and declared Ihe .Nazi dictator trom one sine or the otner nad a Chief Offers Peace Prayer the world todav around the national commun ity Christmas tree on the White House lawn. 1 mu x i faille 111 a vniiaLiiiao in-a- broadcast to the armed sage was nroaacasi 10 me armea: 1 horouhlv eves, brown hair, high forehead.1 had planned and directed the cur- strong bearing on the slackened forces over e w.orld i thoiouenlv e,. o wound scar on rem German offensive. impetus of the westward push, with the annual ceremony of light-; soaked ana snivenng. -left arm "The fuehrer made me his which at one point was 17 miles ing the tree . While Gregg was in the sheriff s Jurer' Quaet Faslem ."VS" blue; spokesman tocreet th. Onmn.non from 1 he French border. We cannot say when our vie- ioffice here, another call came from jr . cl Fmnch r.ermans at home who stand hemnd The enemy had nonnded his way tory will come." he said. "Our iTempe tliat two more prisoners had !' , " hirn - ,.-nil." (icehhels was imn the hiiiv nf the Arrlen. Artur Karstens. oil enemies still fight fanatically. laDDeared at a Latin-American 1 T K . , - 1 1 1 1 1 Ko-f i.ncari'ac man 1. , 1 . ; '. t iiicv inn na.c noti'cj vi iiiui laiiyil lllflf. VilfSK liinimimieij I c . . . i: u Kv-m i hair and military power. But, theyiturned to Tenme and lodged the.tsV lgnt nro 11 na Walter Kozur. 5'4", Burma Rail Line Ripped By Nips MYITKYINA, Norih Burma. Dec.; 2J (Delayed 1AP1 Japanese forces retreating toward the south! wfore British 11th Aimy troops, lave ripped up two miles of rails; n the main Burma railway line at i point roughly 73 miles northwest; W Mandalay. An American 10th Air Force re-j wnnaissance pilot who scouted en- my territory south of the rapidly f,m'ancinK British and Indian columns reported lhat Japanese units removed ,he tracks 20 miles' nn of Shwebo. Many railway onages in the same area also were iafd ed by 1he enem' tne Pilot Plane Lands Safely After Mid-Air Crash rinl w ARBOR, Mich 1 hp wins of ei n nnvav. lie sain I lls I nrist- hobby, according to an analysis mas would he the "darkest and of questions received by ourmnst difficult of the whole occu-Washington Information Bu-patjon- reau. Year after year the bureau: He saj n that he could offer answers more questions on mod-'bis people this Christmas was ern astronomy than on anvother;fai1h and confidenee in the future scientific subject. In its 48-page;and t,ip belief "we shall celebrate illustrated booklet on Astronomy!nPvt Christmas together in a free themselves know that they and two prisoners in the .jail there. u J ,LTZ J :w Z! u ie luemmer, , : eves, brow n hair. 21. i.iov jia.m-ii uir unj- i,l uiai. uwiinneimui i.ugger ann neimair ii.n vremer VI if we here at. home continue to do Johann Strang !Pv! hn-n hi - our full share. 1 r,-..l : e.'.br? n.''.,'. l,t iki J-., '"t" ' i 1XUII .M'ini n it-i .i I come soon. We prav that until! The three men jailed here spoke eyes, brown then, God will protect our gallant English, and the two last taken in tache men and women in the uniforms-tempe were report ea to speaK r reiuun ' ' - , -' ; nacanda of the Allies." the rrencii. l'nnisii. iw u'."" .. , . -j hair, 23. small mus prav ouoted as saving in a taernn ramo nes lorest throuch whim heswent 22. sneaks broadcast heard by National Broad- far more rapidly in 1040 where .casting Company ana Columbia lank and mechanized movement 141 blue Broadcasting System monitors. "He arP difficult except along main .brings his wishes to vou on this roads. 1.V5 blue Christmas Eve. All day and in hi The riough'oovs were backed into sleepless nights - the fuehrer s stronger defense positions, and the i:,n blue thoughts are always w-th you." . eount rv ahead of on Rundstedt ine propaeaiina unni-i.-: sm.i,,. difticult ail the way to the Hitler's mind "is clear and vigorous. jfifv contrary to tre ur nir out o p-'- This wa- on will linn tne answers io hundreds of questions you have tnp fe.ti al of hone and peace alwavs wanxen to bsk. as en as an authoritative survey of the entire subiect. Send today for vour copy. Fifteen cents postpaid. an Dec. 24 American hv ' AS J?ass?nppi' plane was struck outnwest of here todav. hut Victor I'uni, ol .w "lork. mane a Evans Perfect field. Non of lhIfe crew n two men h.r,2 from ""iea belly landing in a farm the IT) passengers and memhers was injured. in the CAP piane. Ynsilanti. Mich.. out and their plane clashed. ARIZONA REPUBLIC Information Bureau, 316 Eve St., N. E.. Washington 2, D. C. I enclose herewith FIFTEEN CENTS in coin (carefully wrapped in paper) for a copy of the booklet ASTRONOMY. Name Street or Rural Route City State t (Mail to Washington, D. C.) country when if will once more be the festial of hemic and peac Nazi Oil Plant Production Cut MEDITERRANEAN AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERS. Rome. Dec. 24 (AP) A total of more than 3.500 tons of bombs dropped by the 15th Air Force from December 17 to 22 has restricted operations of the synthetic oil plants of Austria and Po-, land which produce an estimated one third of the gasoline used by; the German war machine, it was reported here today. The Blechhammer. Germany, plant has shown no sign of activity at its north refinery since the las! raid there and the south refinery was severely damaged. The plant at Oswiecum. Poland, is officially described as "probabiy rendered in-act ive." The operations against oil producing plants cost the 15th Air Force 4 bomber and five fighters. December IT, 48 enemy craft were shotdown. 1 of the united nations that He will Spanish. receive into His infinite grace; Papago Park authorities remain i English. description. NBC 5'10". 160. gra I mice in me cause or rignieous-; to accept telephone calls or 10 Iness and love of Him and His teach- comment on the reports the law the battle position UP ) n mirirlav vot.t ovri v nn llio rnnn- monitored report said, adding: "He teroffensi e front from north to is determined tn hit the enemy i0utir wherever and whener possible - n -,hp north(,rn lank. American 165. lnn never iias me lu' s jjonps ,uurk out anew near Mau- speak- , - , , re hach. mx mi es souih ot Duren. i tnri' ohMt-n K-v tho new nffnnsi e . . .. vneiish and French. -".'"" , ' r: , ' ' .'.. ana mane some gam.- on mis noer camp. , !,., sehroder. R'. 171. blue , A: u' a nver tiont. The packs carried by the pris- PVOs blond hair. 25. false teeth. IhncD n.-Krt maL-o Ihoir clim-omo e3p '.J :S . ai ,1 l ; , HeinriClt lailltei " ' v ov -; MlfM, oil I IIP F. .UIMli" ,.c h,nri ,...rIv hair. 24 'Martpn Peter' Reese. 5'10" mrs i r : ;j iu.. muff 1 . ui"" n "". t viuuuiit n.riii ir.i icim ihl iic- e pray inai wiin victory win received from the come a new riay or peace on earth in which all the nations of the earth wilt join for all time 'oners were as water-logged as theigppa's English. crowd estimated by White'men's clothing, and most of the; Friedrich Lpzolino. 5'S". 155, ' Q i 3 ripe." 'the reports said . J ' -v.nicra mi t anH all Ihoir ell nnl ies -. ulJUr,;,. .10 -i shown hv the new offensie. As for Hitler's trnm nu iM' view. -cr.oe.s hi Thp Monschau-Malmedy shoul-" I he fuehrer has a lot to sav. but f a.inst local enemv ne win sa i w ui'ii i i nm-vs i n- 1 Rnnmtncr House Blaze stabilized. Sup'ieme headquarters . disclosed yesterdays announce- ffillc Frktir In Dftmif ment that Stavelot was lost was in hlue . ,.t-, t- error. 1 he town still was in Amer- 43. ttnnw attenHantc at noi v,.. I cigarettes and all their supplies,1 blue eves, blond hair. 40. around the 30-foot' Norwegiani"4 e cann?rt Rods- ?'er.e ruin"- Jurgen Wallenberg. 61". spruce tree on the south lawn and ed by the continuous rainstorm. blue eyes, light brown ban other thousands lined the iron r r ! speaks English, fence outside the grounds. K 11 V ( CI It H rPalClS Hans imnorf, .i 11 . 1R2. An nour or music by the United, . ee. nrown imn. . .-I't-u a "lL"vnersons. including two sisters, were States Marine Band and Christmas '" 1 . , . XKT .l L English. suffocated and burned to death 10- carols by a mixed navv chorus pre-AJcOOlffy W CUt fieri Karl Heinz Frenzel n . . IU dav jn a fire that swept through a ceded the President's address. ! tup tvrATvPM4' , .ct.rHav green eyes, lair complexion, nn- ronmin;; house. Five other? :mrAa nr nrAiviicflc r imnvmpmont 1 .3.1 1 , thrusts. The St a clot wedge remained DETROIT. Dec. 24-AP-Four lcan hands; aithouh 1here had been see-saw fighting at the outskirts. The town of St. Vith, at the Gifts For Prisoners English. tooav in pnoen x v.nrisimas weaui- . , -...i -.-ii-- no m w i .. . . neinnaro .1 hi k. .1 11 . mVe In Sweden sund rainstorm red-blond wavy hair. STOCKHOLM. Dec. 24 -( APi The rain, he said, will not be as p3f,, I oarlpr InSiirprl The Swedish motorshin Saio or- heaw as vesterdav. when at P:15 rariy Leaner liijutcu tied at Got henhm-f tnriav fr,n n m' aim Act civ tnnthe nf on meh POME. Dec. 1? 1 Ai 1 -r.l P!l i 1 a H ci ! nh i n ran-vin'r a t u. .r..-AA T V. r . ,l Ko I ncu a::t hrtr and ActiO Christmas parcels for Allied oris.: no mal erial change in temnei at ure.; leader oners of war in Germany. RpH Ftacstaff and the Oianri Canon w h"n his automobile ery wavy. -1. speaK. in,urrd jn the blaze. blue were vhith splits the two German drives. Tho were Miss .If -well Walls rf 1,1 rt 1"u'-y 1U&"L dl" ceeSn'V rtoughhc,-. backed by strong Cfit tendon lc and John Kirnev forces of tanks, held to wooded the'ianiior " r'dges to the we.-t. which hae kept l:n 1 tie trree v nnicji i nri flio lion' 1 " - '"vt.'-" .-r.n.n. m v iimn partv :uffO'.at;on. were trapped , a wed- ' nf nl- asugne w enge 10 tne was sertoustv iniureo ita room, i n? w ci e srwe.. r. nui i.--i. - . oiiirferi v. 'in Kinney cnarren r.oo- w s munn un- , u rtn.- m Dusniii" sun - - . :. v in-s ic'iw;iikiis sain ine- ex- were pne ten to tranship ine packets to aloni rmany within a few days. promised a whi.e Christmas a tnirk. Hi" wi! wa.. with all other fommunities hut hi siy-mor' h-Oi'i i a hove the 5.000 feet mark. i harmed. -Itgh'lv htirt in th" ha-ernnt wh"r" he- appa' son was un-T.tlv .had attempted to fig'T th ifire. held out, were supplied from the a;r. and w -ro railed on to fend off i only minor stabs lesterday.

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