The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1936
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 1936; (Continued from Page l) use for n number of years and Is not In Ihe best, of shape. Mr. Guard said he wns of the opinion that Main street merchants would contribute lo Ihc cosl of operating Ihe (lusher If -such service would be provided He was asked to find out If they would do so. Urgco Milk l»iw> Enforcement Mayor Slmne urged vigorous enforcement of the .sanitary milk ordinance ami lls companion Inspection fee ordinance. While there lias been no more controversial question before city officials •for the past several years than that of milk inspection and cou- trol, Mayor Shane said he was of the opinion lliat Ihc dairymen were trying to impose 6n Ihe clt\ Instead of the city imposing on the dairymen, as they seemed to think. Some of them want one person appointed as Inspector, some another, frequently they arc dissatisfied witii the person of their own choice, tlicy quarrel wilh each other, with city officials ami generally have shown little cooperation in enforcing Ihe •ordinances, the mayor slated He said the city would try to enforce the •ordinances the best It could and asked lhat warrants be issued for those who insist on not complying with the ordinances. There are still some hogs inside the city limits, according to .reports lie had received, despite a general lightening up on violations of an ordinance under which hog pens arc lield to be nuisances, Mayor Shane said. Police Chief Rice replied that a federal officer was now making a detailed check of livestock sanitation conditions in the cily and would' provide city officials with a /report on his activities, which w'ould be of use in proceeding against those keeping hogs. Alderman Guard wanted lo know why it was any worcc for Individuals to keep hogs than for livestock dealers to maintain barns ami lols.lnuhc city limits, add- hifc- that "H makes no difference whether the hog is in your lot or mine." i Mayor Shane, while admitting that livestock dealers as well as railroads probably technically violated the ordinance by keeping hogs inside the cily limit's, .said the city board of health Irad "ruled" that such places did not come within the enforcement end of the situation. Alderman Tom Jackson, second ward, explained that the feeding of "slop" to'hogs in tlic fattening process wns really what was mostly responsible for unsanitary conditions around''Ii6g pens! 1 He'said v (h'nT livestock' 1 'dealers' seldom kept hogs and 1 'when' they did it was only for a day or two at a time. After Ihc close of Ihe council session the aldermen and mayor moved over lo the mayor's office where the usual conference behind closed doors was held. NorrisDani^Crcating Huge New Southern Lake BIA'THKVII.U; (AUK.) COUHJHK NEWS CHURCH EXCUSES : ttf O, Vi. Barh»n>— li Is seldom lhat a man o[ my knowledge awl iiblllty wastes time talking (o what Is cnllod (lie rank mill Hie or (or Hint inn I lor ovon Itsti'iilnu lo llwlr talk, bill recently I «-as slightly nmtiMM at 0110 iimn talking about, t'ne correct im'lhoil l running a church. He uskoil mo what 1 Ihouglil uf lib plan and »s ho hud not ollVreil a plan, ot course, I could not say, uiul when he fonnil out t'nnt 1 had bt'on board Clinlrinnii niul imiiiuger ot in)' clnirrh for fifteen years \w .snld lu> Facts About Arkansas would rather ntve the mullcr more (bought hi; tore saying He Old nnyl'nhig tliul IK Tlie, slcamumil OH tlio Ar- knnsns Ulcer WHS Ihc "Cornel" which ascended us fur us Arkansas Post li> 1820. Tlio nrsl one lo rc.lch Mill. 182-'. . Hock wns rue "Efljjlc" In The Editor's Letter Box (To the editor:) The following copied from 'Daily Events, Springfield, Mo. "AAA Aids Foreign Farmers" "The AAA paid more than a billion dollars to curtail crops and make prices artificially hig'h it cost Americans their foreign markets and forced us to buy much abroad. In 1935 ft caused us to buy 202,000,000 pounds of wool from other countries, together with 17.- 5CO.GOO bushels of fla\-, 27,100,000 bushels ot -wheat, 42,000,000 bushels of corn, 9,600,000 bustiels rye, 166.000,000 pounds of cottonseed oil, 22,674,000 pounds of butter 1.118.000 pounds of milk. And some months ago the U. S. Department ot Commerce reported that in nine months of 1935 we bought abroad 57,533,000 pounds of canned meats, 13,505,000 pounds of lard. 10 million bushels of oats, 86,989.000 pounds of _olher meat products, '15,201,000 •pounds of tobacco, 36.353.0BO pounds . of ra.w cotton." These figures are of vital interest to the farmers, the South and the entire nation and If not why? T..J. Burke. The flrsl slni!c ran from Mttle Hock to Arkansas Post; iho next one, between Ulllo Hock mid Memphis; Knottier, called Ihc "Accom- ,.,. . : > • vrri i"ns; »noi?ier, called llic What was formerly narrow, winding clinch river, in eastern Tennessee, Is madly belnir'-'lransformpii 1IKHi " litm Hack." ran bet by the neiv Norm Dam, ns revealed above, into a huge, man-made late Already the $35 000 CUO' S ' Mnes """ "'"* R " Ckl ' Iklicvc In God (To the Editor:) I just want to say a word to those vrho believe there is no God. There is more than just-a few of these people in Blylheville. \vho believe llicrc is nq Ood. 1 Friends. I can't see for ,my life why there are people in this world who are so ignorant. Still liotvevcr. there is. There are people who say tnat death is an eternal sleep, an that the grave Is as far as yo so. Well, i srrc would hate to Ihink that. Anyone who reads his Bible will learn lhat this 1.. not true. The same people also fay that a person who has a common mind cannot be a Chris Han. I can't sec where they get this belief. All the people arc the tame lo God, in lhat rc- tpcct. God will save anyone who Mtcvcs in Him and His word. FC.I- example, compare yourself with Mr. J. N. Hall. Mr. W. P. Harvey and Mr. J. B. Moody. I am sure everyone has heard of their work. They were saved by Ihe same God that saves anyone else. No one can prove Ihore is no God, but anyone who reads his Bitle at all. can give enough ex amples to prove there Is a God.] For instance, take a look at your- e line, 23 feet above the surface of (he lake, which marks Its ultimate level In all 3600000 acic > feetofwaler will be .Impounded for flood and naviua lion control, and regulation of power' production I •The dnm itself Is complete except for its powerhouse and for (he midway spanning (lYtop self. Do you Ihlnx iriiit it was an accident lhat you hav3 brains and ether,organs? Do yor. think It was merely an,.accident that the framework of.bone.was made so as to give Its (jrcatrat strength In the smallest spaces? Do yon think it. was Just an accident that your muscles were placed so as lo give Ihc bcsl of their uses? Well, if you do, I, sure pity you. ',Vhy God shows His work in ivcry one. He speaks in every breath and moves in every mo-, lion. Of ;course sonic people will .1111. argue, that It. Is just nature. Let us consider what nature is, just a moment. Very few people" ever stop to consider this fact. .There arc laws of na- :ure. . These laws arc Ihe rules by which Gbil works in order lo carry out His plans. In other words, nature Ms Almighty God. the work of the May I ask'a few questions lhat might help lo anyone who reads this, article? ").•!> Isi the. grave as far as (2) - In what condition are you ioing to • live in the hereafter? . Ci) What kind of conduct should we have in order lo please God? • (4) In what ways may anyone be forgiven? '.'.••' (5) Are you living in such a way as to'be able to enjoy life':; pleasures in the world to corns? (6) Arc you living from day to day as if you were going lo live on this earth • forever, • or, are you preparing from day to (Jay for Die hereafter? My dear unbelieving friends, there Is a God and the Bible Is His word. You may hale It, you may deny it, or you may even scorn it. This will not help you. You may stay out in the car or loaf around in town, while your family, goes lo church. This will not help you either. 1 You cannot escape God's hand, and God's ill Hits w cck hand is always pointing to uuilty one. There arc Itt'o'. doors that will vcn and Hell. Which one are yon going lo cnlcr? 1 advise yoii to start reading your Bible right now. Anyone who is a very much hnpplcr in his every -. u ,...,.- v ,j,v...v. day life. He. is glnd to think 'he parents of n 7-pound that he hns brighter days in the future. By being a Christian, 1 don't refer to those who 'never „ „.„ , „ . know for sure whether or: not mother-in-law, Mrs Hnriy audit, hey nrc Christians.- By Chris- Mrs Bessie Smith, of Barricltt nan, I mean one who knows he spent several days last week willi IS II ChriMIrm niul 1c nlnr) .+ n Vtrr- I~I««A.I »r>i,-..^ "•._'" -. the Lucille Odinn and Molly and E-l- ue McOhce, of Vuibro spenC Sit- iirdaj nig'nt with Mrs Uenu Hni- Buford limian and Earloy Capper caliiuicl spent Saturday night Christian is w "h Vcstei Thompson ' Mr - nnd Mrs. Sam p.'jWhlltlc are is own In and up to it. . the conclusion, Is glad 'to I want to say this, if you arc, not a believer In. God, for pity sakcs. start reading your Bible, start going lo church, and start think- before it is too late. Yol' never Icll what lomorrow bring for you. ... Loulizzia Thompson. . Number Nine News Itaggic Turnagc of pint take six>nt several days last week with Alice .Collins. Mrs. Viola Stovall motored her \ STEWAIIT-WARNEH I REFRIGERATORS NO MONEY DOWN "COSTS LESS- RUNS LESS" BROAflWAY SALES CO. I Gin Time Has Arrived WE HAVE IN STOCK SUCH BRANDS AS: Cordon's Flcischman's Mr. liostou •Gilbey's Hirain Walker White -Swan . Silver Wedding -Paul Jones Oxford Club Mr. Boston's Orange and' Sloe Ghi. nlso the New Sensalfonnl Mixed ijri, lk 1)rcpaTCrt hy Mr . j^ slon . . OIT stock oj Bonded, scotch Whiskies and the teller brands cannot be surpassed. To be sure. «-c also carry a complete line nf cheap Itcni5. o»r iniUrtiig-cnorls- arc U> secure the values which .we believe- onr, trade is ciHillccHo. "PLEASING YOU KEEPS US IN HUSINKSS" CRCSSTOWN WHMY SHOP DIVISION NEAR MAIN ST. Mis 'lorn nation has The llrst sermon In Little Rock was preached In l{20 by Hcv. Cephas Washbiirn, n Congrejjatlonal- Isl, Who wns then on hi* wny to establish the Mission al Dwlght. Tills was to be u. school for the James, born April 28: Mrs Nancj, of near Blr tulngham, Ala', U' \isitnig Mrs. enrol Thompson.-'• kittle Rock Academy wns established by Jesse Brown, in 1825. In llHs school 'nc taught history, grammar, elocution, geography, spelling, '"""^l""^ <»clloii»ry, L.ithi C ' l " k - llrcnclt ' """ ""»"» P»»°' 5 , . , Tn 1803 there were Just live counties in all of Arkansas. In 1B3G there were thirly.foin-. ' Now In 193C there <nrc .seventy-five. Business HcKiniilngs lu Arkansas Tile first Insurance advertisement I" Arkansas, by the first Insurance thoiitiht Iho lueinbfr.shlp of Ihe av- craso chiircli hail Just as many Ideas as nienibers as to the w«y It should bo run, and (lie kind of sjr- inons;ilint should bi' prcaolicd. He 6|»kc of grouping the weinba's. So, 1 discovered he Was one of' fellows 1 call groii|K'rs and us I 'iiad tried out Iho grouping plnii, 1 soon found out Hint in Hits way you could (j fl things In a mess »ud Klait » llrst-chiss row. (•oinpnny In Arkansas «ns also probnbly the first one wrst of llu' Mississippi. 1 The adverllscmi'iu ap- penrcd In the Arkansas ciiixetln In 1840, Or, H, 11. Doclfic. by whom Ihe ndwrtlsctnenl was Inseiled, mi- nonnccd Ihe opening of a l.Ulle Rock branchol tlui old Niiullliis Ufo Insuranee Company ot 51) \vnll alreut. New York city. T»w i.liile Rock olllcc was a small mid dink one on Kust Murk-ham street, now a wholesale district, but then a teeming center ot river Iruillc. Dr. Dodge was n tiircxvd man. Mn hud seen many men go to tlirlr drallu In. on. or near the river, lie hail .seen other men wati-'h those deaths. Ur, Dodse bad » iiii>:lt<rn pivchol- ogy of business. He sold lils'wiiivs on (he spot where a desire for them arose. Other men soon followed llr. Dodge's trad. That dim lltlli- office whlrti wns (he bcglnnlnii of insurance In Arkansas oo yt-nrs aijo led •••to today's establishment of many thousands oj ngenctcs rcpiv- senllng MO dllTeicnl nnltona! in- si)r«tice companies over (lie stutu. Dr. D<xlge started his Insuviincc oillcc at (hi' time when men \\erc tiettlng out for the Mexican front WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wilhoul Ci!bm«l-W Wll Jump Oul at M in Ilie Marnint Kulti' to Go Thfl liver RliQiiM (tour uul l\vo inline!* nt :iiiul,l l,lk. lnloy«irl»vvi'l» Ully. If Uili \ii\a I nit[lrti\liiBfn'i-l> jiilr fowl ilot•«r, UllKirtl It Jliil ilMUfl In :>:>• .',.«..!«, (,Vis !,'.»,(« ,„. jnur »li miicli Vol. I il <• lillt|,i w)iolcB)-AliTil h (HI! v! hint >-i,ll focl(tmf, illi^,,rl!!,.j]ni,,| : ,k. Ijkxalltts «ro mil innkfililn^ A incpi lou-cl iiiov-fnlt'iit <Wsn't (:<•( al Itw rrt,H(., It Ukfn Ihu^: 1:0,1,!. ,,!<! CI\M,T'« I.llllr l.lvrr 1 Jilt lo 1 11 Ml,™ tw< IKillril (if liili lloxvliitf rru Ij unit rnlitti ji n [i \ n|iailillll> llnrcn ELI-» penile vttnn nthiirli, nittUliur Mk Itivv fr,'i-l>-. A.ih I»r C.Virl.-r'» Milltt l.lvcr I'llh liy Diutil-. SlulilM>rnly rofiHu unyOiltiK C|BV. ittc. PAGE FIVS Tiie Mexican Wnr wns the first <cst of Arkansas' strength as a link in the chain of the union Slio flood It ninBiilllccnlly. Arkansas has produced a nice ivlileli supports, and works hi all professions and businesses wllli a success malchliiB thai of imy olfier skiu- 'I'hc piwlucllon of coltoii, oil niln- I'rrtls, c'onl. Umber, unil i>owei- Is 11 major Industry, with navigation systems making the success easier. Canada Sees Tourists Jobless Women OTTAWA, Out. <UI>> -cmmdn is bunking on Unlt«t States lour- lsl.i lo provldi) Jobs for unemploy- .'d. Cuniulliin womi'ii this summer, The Dominion uur«ui of yta- llstlcs estlmali's there arc HO.OOO and uicillcts tlie. majorlly ot rn will be absoib«<l In trades connected with the tourist InduHry/ Mich as hotel*, restaurants »nd dotncsdo services, ai soon as louilsl season OJXMIS, Ho.isl Craw TACOMA, Wash. (UP)-DlncrS . relief In tlio country | . at a recent Tncomn banouet had fonicfhhig to ciow nlioiit. Tha main dish at the aflnlr \vns roast ctov. Moie than loo sporlsmcn who al- timded *(ild the ciow meat *M as good as chicken or duck." Drs. Wert & Wert Ol'TOMETRISTS Ovcr.ifM Isnaca' Store "WK MAKK 'KM SKV Phono 610 Top-Run for me I EIGHT TIMES MORE POPULAR NOW... H pays yon to buy Crah Orchard — the top-run Kentucky bliniKhl bourbon. Made juH like the most expensive whiskies. NoUuiiB but tV hill, jich top- lunoCpcrlUt distillation—inmlc by the okl fashioned innsli-uib process. People d;in tell Ihe dif- fcrcncc.SoCrnliOrchard jumps to ci|jhl limealast year's popularity. Insist on 93 Proof It Means Better Whiskey KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY i:\cliiihc Crib Orclinnl Distributors !•'. Slraus K, Son, Inc., I.ildo Ijodi, Ark. ' \t ' < , v ' .* *• ' i ' ' i * equally \ "friie of shoes ..coats.. hats /. \iS » «,/ ' ,1*1 /* ~y ' i jopas.. cigarettes... almost everything If a thing does not SATISFY it -costs too much \ \Jn the other hand.. Two Radio Enlarloinmonlj a Week WIDKESBAr, T'.H ,-tc.s.t.) ' -LILY PONS • . . wild Kcjfe'onafi Conteff Oi:S«if;o ord Chstat FRID»r. »P. ». (C. S.I.I KOST|UNETZ 45 PIECE D5KCE ORCHtSTRS Wilh KoyThonncn erd Pun Hulhtrton' ar<dlhd Rhv^n Slngin ' • COIUMBI* NETWORK if it DOES satisfy it is worth all it costs... and more Tim's how it is with Chesterfields ... they nrc made to satisfy. ; Chesterfields arc different from ; olhcr cigarettes in lhat they have •" not only different kiud,s o£ to-, bacco, but the paper from the • Champagne Paper Mils in France : is different ... the tobacco from'Turkey is different... the way the cigarette is uiado is different. Chesterfields are made to satisfy... that's their business; that's tlieir reputation ... they live up .to it.'

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