The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 21, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—No. 107 lilytlievllle Courier, BlytheviUe Dully News, Blythovllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. BLYTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JULY 21. 1030 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS SENATE LONDON NAVAL TREATY I I TOLL OF Titled Passengers Die in Plane Wreck Arkansas and Tennessee Crops Suffering as Dioulh Is Unbroken. CHICAGO, July 21 <UP>-Pray.. crs for relief frcin scorching heat nnd withering winds of the past four days were partly answered in | the middle west Uiday but the rest | cf the nation sweltered in record i high temperatures. The number of deaths in the heat, wave shot up to a total of 150 loday as cr.oling northwest winds pushed down ihe mercury in the near northwest and in the northern tier of northwest states. The absence of humidity in most, of the perspiring states was all that kept the death Ikl from mounting still cribed to heat was 45. Crownings j acccunted for 103 dcalhs. CHIT IITD Pine Bluff Bank Shuts Its Doors'* Arkansas Air Derby Entry PINE BLUFF. Ark.. July 21 (UP) ---The national Bank, of Arkansas, . ; riTarded as Pine Bluff's M'rom! : Pilot aild Five PasSeiWCl'S, M^ge-st ban!:, was clcsed tcday ai-.d .,i n . .-, ° .turned over to Robert Neill, cliici ; Al! ll'Oin merit 1 ei'SOIl- | national bank examiner of St. Louis , ages, Killed. j .ind J. L. Lilly of Pine Bluff. ; Tin- bank was closed alu-r mci-'.ing of UK- board luday. LONDON. July 21 (UP)—A passenger plane en route fro:n Craydon aerdrome to Le Touq.uet. a French resort, crushed Into a liill- Showers Expected KANSASC ITV, July 21 (UP) — Relief from the heat wave that gripped this section over the week end was held out today by wcalher observers. Thundershowers were likely today with cooler temperatures tertnli\ *>>' tonight. The mercury reached 101 iK-re yesterday, 103 at Independence. Kansas and 104 at Mexico. Mo. Two deaths here yesterday were attributed to the heat, while " liii-. cide at Pittsburgh, Kans., was caused by the heat. side near hero today, killing all six cccuratus. The plane carried a distinguished | included Viscountess Edam, daugh- , ter of the Duke of Southland. /-, sind wife of the wealthy Viscount jUpCratlOn Edam, (he Marquis t>f DurTerin,' distinguished leader In northern Ireland affairs and war veteran. Sir Edward Ward, wnr veteran, nnd Lt. Col. G. L. P. Henderson, the pilot, a noted war ace. Viscountess Edam was a close fr !er.c! to the Prince of Wale? and daughter in law of !he Earl of Dudley. Sir Edward formerly was permanent under secretary of war. ill Be Continued Under Old Name and With Same Personnel. Arkansas Crops Suffer LITTLE ROCK, July 21 IUP>— Arkansas.crops continued to scorch i under a, blistering sun today as the | prolonged drouth remained unbrck- eu. No relief Unexpected within 48 ho;irr: i ''~Crdir 'damage is running high. Only .at Helena .. has the drfltltrlBf?n : broken. Rain there yfiterdny ended oj 65 day dry spell. i Announcement of the purchase £ | ol the Wilson Power and Light • company of Wils,™. Ark., by the Harvey Couch interests, predicted last week in the Courier ^eV^. came officially today in a dispatch i Irfjin Pine Bluff, headquarters of ' the Arkansas Power and Light . ' company. The purchase price was : ! :;ot announced. ; . The Arkansas Power and Light • company, it is stated, has purchas- . • ed the common stock of ihe Wilson ! company, but will continue its op- ' Contestants in Lout; Aerial I our Will Spend Wednesday Night at State Capital I IIOOS-EVEI.T FIELD. N. Y.. July I 21. <UP>—The All-Amcrlcnn air derby completed the second lot; of the flight, .shortly lifter 2:M p. in. today. Tlu- Itrst plane In cross the lliv? was the Little Rocket, piloted by LOL- Gchlbncli of Little Rock. Ark. Oeiilbach completed the trip from BulfnlH In one hour uiul -11 niln- itos. Pact Receives Approval Today by Vote of 58 to 9; One Reservation. WASHINGTON, July 21. (UP)— Tlio seiiiitc ratified Uie London intval treaty latu lothiy. The vtile was H8 to 9. A Lwn-iliinl majority wns required of ruditicution. Tliu Loiulon ti'Citty extends In nil classes of warships the principle of limialion lirst a]>|)li- J d to haUlesliips at the nii conference in Little Rocket. Arkansas' entry ill Ihe National Ai r Derby lor planes powered with motors ol less thnn 103 horsepower, which began at Detroit Monday. July 21, ai:d Us pilot, Lieut. I*e Gehlbach, fornnr nrmy flyer. Little Rcckel wns designed and built in Arkansas ol Arkansas materials. TeruwssM Loss H-.-ivy MEMPHIS. July 21 (UP) — A drouth which has established itself already as the third worst dry spell in the history of the government weather bureau here has caused west Tennessee farmers damage upward of 32,500,000, agricultural experts here said. The present drouth, unbroken since May. 1018. has already exceeded the Cl-day drouth of 192G. and will shortly equal or surpass the 1925 dry weather record of 69 days. Tnini r T n fl n r n U i eratlon under the same name and I H IP k I H 111 Mil wil1 mtlkc 1!0 chanses in the p=r- i mini I nRbLUl !••»£• P0 ; veraml Llgh j i company, m . . - . .-, • \v/ - f l/*ll I w'as the principal owner, operates j Illinois Farmers Wlie Mils] in ll northenst Arkansas towns, j ' ,son t'ower aiut ijignt • r . 11 i i c 1 1 f of which R. E. L. wiison 'oevvices Held ounday tor inr ana 0\vn Life. Manila Voters to Hear Candidates This Week I in ! For several years the Arkansi^ I Power and Light company has supplied it with power. | Among the towns served by the ; Wilson ccmpsny are Wilson. West GENEVA, III.. July 21. (UP!- MeirmmSp Lepanto. Marked Tree, leal that shot the mercury above , j oi . le , Turrell and Kciscr. CO drov.3 Mrs. Charles S. Ander-1 on tu murder her husband nnd 18- ! ear-old son uith an axe, set fire' o their heavily mortgaged farm j ome, and then take her cwn: ' ife. Sheriff L L. Urch said loday! \s he reconstructed the rural ragerty. ; John Larson. Mrs. Anderson's; brother, who was routed from his bed in an upstairs room by the ire. discovered the three bodies early tcday. Anderson's body, battered David Lane, 6, Who Drowned Near Wilson. WILSON. Ark.—Funeral servic?:; forDl "« Mrs. Charles Lane. who MANILA. Ark., July 21.—The citizens of this community will br treated to some lively political speeches this week. Two candidate:' for major offices are scheduled to speak in Manila on Wednesday and Friday. Tom W. Campbell will speak at 2:30 on Wednesday ,and Judge John C. Sheffield will seek voter in his gubernatorial campaign 0:1 Friday morning. In addition Paul Marsh will present his case far nomination for county representative tonight. an axe, was on the bed with : wnere • May 'Report Talbot "In- sulf'to President Hoover drowned in the Blue Hole near Wilson Saturday night at G o'clock. I were held at 3 o'clock Sunday aft- i eriioon at the home of Mr. and j Mrs. Lane: Davit! wr.3 playing in a boat some i distance from his mother with Jimmy Thompson. 0. Jimmy Jump' ed from the boat and realizing thai the water was over his head, turn- to tell David not to jump bui he wns too late. Jimmy swam out but could do nothing for David but run and tell his mother. Search was started at once bu' ::; slept. The body of his son' A'illis, was on a flaming bed in his . VICKSBURO, Miss., July 21. (UP sLchtg ________________ - , room. He. too had been battered | -Incensed at the insulting cnti- , a e crmvd qatne red while the Blue ... ___ ___ i ,.if,,i -\T H^o nnlinnal ttnncn flnnri : B . with an axe. Mrs. Anderson's body living rocm of the home three miles west of here. 11 knife at her side. Apparently she had slashed her own throat wrists after wiping out the family. Sheriff Urcli advanced the thc- .if Ihe national house flood i i- i-m in iho control committee by Federal Dit nodes' f-i-n i " {a '^o" 1 ^ E. E. Talbot of New ,„,,,„.' I Orleans. Chairman Frank A. Reid. Illinois, to call the committee Hole was being dragged.. Burial was made in the Basset' cemetery. Charles Lane, father of the victim of the tragedy. Is a farm man Two More Boys Climb Tree in Ouest of Fame Wilh John and Dick Burns and their companion, Morris Ballsy "silling light" on their perches In n big irec at 328 .Dfliigan..-;»ith more than 50 hours of official 'tree sitting" behind them, two more BlytheviUe youths started to 'sit otu" a new record this morning. Vir-JI. 12. and Vernoti. 14, sons of Mr. and Mrs John Wright climbed a Irs; at their home, 519 South Frinklin street this morning and announced their Intention of remaining "all summer" If necessary. Eugene Hargettr is to act. ground crev: lor t'le Wright boys Uen Bailey is acting as the "contact crew" io r tlw Burns boys and his brother. Morris. Ahead; a number of successful "refueling 1 contacts have been made will fried chicken proving the priz package. Morris was orighmllj slalcd as a member of the groun 1 crew but ho gave up his job for th more exciting posliion of tre sitter. and ! together today for action against! t L< , c ' W ilsoti and company. Ihe "insult." i ° It was believed here that Presi- j : dent Hoover would be informer! ollPopeye at Birmingham the young district attorney's re- , SKULL FUTURE PROVES •-•"••" v "- "" "•- *••- i me voung msinci auo:nev.s re- . T . .*. . p, .. cry that worry over finances coup- j mni ^. in an efrort !o bril , B 'him to' but identification Tails led with the excessive heat drove Mrs. Anderson Hudson Tailor Shop Entered Saturday Night The. Hudson Tailor shop was en tercd some time Saturday night anc two suits of clothing nud sevarl articles of apparell stolen, A. O. Hudson, prcprictor of the shop, reported to police. Entrance to Ihe clothir^ shop was apparently gained from a side door leading into an adjoining barber shop. Police have no chics as to the identity of the thief or thieves. Motorists Held for Manslaughter In Train Wreck accomlt In letter yesterday Tal- ' BIRMINGHAM, Ala.. July 21. • bot termed the tour a "junket" and - (UP)—Police have made little prog- j o/jestioncd the- committee's favor- j rcss today in their effort to identi- | abln altitude toward what lie con- fy Neil K. (PopcyeJ Pumphrey of j sidered exhorbllant claims of land j Memphis as one of the men who owners involved in a spillway con- ! rcbbed the Woodlawn American demnation proceeding. , National bank of $24,000 early last The committee's "alleged hives- j week. ligalions" were "entirely imwir-' Humphrey was trought to Bir- raiv.rd and prosumpluous," he said i mingham Sunday by local offlcor: "Mr. Talbot BOM Oi'f half-cocked ! who took him into custody a' p j in his volcanic eruption." Congress- . Brown's Wells. Miss., Sunda< 'OSlcr, UangslCl", jman Dewc-y Short. Missouri, acting [ morning, after he had been rcleas- chainnan of the Bonne; Carre: cd at Jackson. Miss., by a Ho' Fpilhvay sub-committee said. Springs, Ark., detective. Pumyhrey "We cannot be 1 'oolhered by whit" arrested in Hot Springs, persuader! mice when lions are in the iorcst., the detective to release him after ! 1 never heard this man's name be- j nil airplane trip to Jackson. Frank and Harry Brundidge, Reporter, Will Be Witnesses. CHICAGO. July 21. (OP)-Dofi- nite development^ in Ihe Lingb, The committee traveled ounday Woodlawn bank. Identified Piuup!'.- imirder case were believed near at j through the country dedicated by j rev as the robber, but other pm- ' and today as witnesses were army engineers under the Ja.-hvir. pbyes of the bank, witnesses of tlif runded up for the start tomor- ,,i a n to the proposed Bmief flood-' cw of 11-: prand jury investiga- Way. They arrived at Vicksburc \ the man. ion of the slaying. ! |;,<.t night. Today's itineraiv wil! Under indictment as an alleged' carry them back into Louisiana and ; icccssory to the murder of Alfred:'hen into Arkansas. J. Chicago Tribune rejwrter.' ELIZABETH. N. J.. July 21. (UP» —Formal charges of manslaughter were to be lodged today against three motorists whose car stalled on the tracks caused the wreck oi n Pennsylvania passenger train Saturday night, killing one person and Injuring 56. The death of John Craig of Brooklyn who had received a fractured skull in the wreck brought the arrest cf three men, Arthur Allcroft, 33, his brother. James. 21 a member of the faculty of Ohio Northern university, and William McNair, of Elizabeth, 34. Twenty persons remained in the Elizabeth general hospital toddj and thirty wore in St. F.iiz.ibctl hospital. . lore and did not know he existed."' Solon Hlnre. negro janitor ol tin '. holdup, expressed doubi that he Frank" Foster, a gangster, was due MOSCOW Gets British o be questioned today. ! Drouth Cutting Dairy I Production in State The gangster, who once owned' the revolver used in the killing Type Bicycle Works CHICAGO, July 21. IUPI-I dairying industry in the states o was kei>T'cVnstenny "under" a'cross! MOSCOW. Julv 21 (UP) -A.Arkansas. Texas and Louisiana i fire of miesllontno over the week- b!c y c 'c- works, built under the tech- • suffering a marked decrease in pro »rd Where state's altornev's de ' nical supervision of the English duction due to droulh affcclir. tc'rtivs vchc h'ldiiv him to pre- firm "BSA." wil be opened here: pastures, C. L. Bav.-ley. Dallas, Tex vent'inv'of his B.-inqland enemies llext Oclol>er - It is constructed en- new president of the Southwcs r nm Wkin» hh life was a mv' lireli ' Ol1 tllc En s llsh m(xi( ' 1 Bntl Dairy Products association, said 10 tery He "was spirited ' Into the. 1 ''; 11 ™*"c° a'""""? "0,00 bicycles day. rily Saturday afte r being brought of u '' c Ell e lisn back frcm Los Angeles. One of the first witnesses i HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. July lnc (UP)—Harry Hawkins. 16. jujt has'kel demand. However. Bawley adde<l the IO or production is wiping out a su; 21 plus for which there was no mar U other condition grand Jury exports to hear tomor-j a lo , 0[ ' oW t imo ' ideas. After likewise improve he'predicts dalr row is Harry Brundidge. St. Louis hreaklng jai , I:(1 , 0 . Hnwklus nert to. prices will go higher. Star reporter. ; ^_ e coml ; rv instead of Ihe modern Bav;lcy was elected president o Another witness will be (he wo-; bandit's inclhcd oi stealing an nil-. the association al its annual ir.ce man recently discovered to have tomobilc. Hawkins stole a horse, j ing here. C. H. Moses, Little Roc been an eye witness lo the murder up was recaptured and sentenced' Ark., was elected one of two vice- flees including the old veteran of the Tribune reporter. | tc a boys' industrial school. presidents. bureau and the pensions bureau. LITTLE ROCK., July 21—Lltlll Rock invites the whole of Arkansas to visit the capital Wednesday July 2.1. to assist In receiving contests In the National Air Derb> which begun al Dclroit todny. Tlu race, which will carry ihc plane; over a nallon-wlde circuit, Is ol peculiar Interest to Arkansas because one of the entrants is Little flockcl. an Arkansas designed and Arkansas built plane which, on lost after completion ut, ihe com- ir.and-nlru plant liere lasl week' broke all known speed records fci planes of Us power. The Derby was scheduled lo begin al Detroit today with the flrsi day's run to end at New York. The | route Tuesday lies from New York ' to Cincinnati and Wednesday ihi The Kciiiitc, weary ami trcl- 'iil with liie intense tropical heat, rushed through the li- inl .sliifres. Dcliate had draf- «ud for dnys hut today llics •ienate determined to end its Kiisl it adopted the Nor- reservation stipiilating tlitit secret understandings were to bind the United States. Then it mowed down ivilhin an hour a dozen other rt'servnlions opposed by the adniinistralion. ackson and Obnne to Regain,Refueling;Hon-i^ L ors They Won a Year Ago | in K n't 1 we L'lttie ROCK 'sirpbrt IP' I the early aflcrnoon and when nil ST LOUIS Mo July 21 (UP)-i nrc '" wl " compose n fleet of til? )ale Jackson and Forrest Obriue, i f:i$lcst tR '»' ^''l'" '» U"> world, ormer holders of the refueling en- I Lllt-le Rocket, designed and built urnncc record, took on* from Lam- | by Albert Voellnccke nt the Com- jcrt St. Louis field In a Cuniss; mnnd-nlrc plant and financed by a Robin monoplane al 7:11 a. m. j group of Lltlle nock business men. cntrnl stnndard time today, hope-' mnde 180 miles tm hour on test, ul of staying in the air 30 dnys . the highest speed ever altnined ii 720 hours) and Ihus decisively i the history of aviation by a plnne icating the Hunter brothers' mark j equipped with a motor of less thnn if 553 hours mnde in Chicago re- : . 120 horsepower. The ship Is unique lenlly. I In that it Is of laminated and ply- The plane the two went nlofl in. j wocd construction throughout, only he "Greater St. Louis," Is similar ,o the St. Louis Robin In which :hey spent 420 consecutive hour? n the nir Just a year ago. and was iresented to them ns n reward for that feat. the tops of the v/ings being covered with fabric. With the exception o? fittings and the motor itself, a 00- horsepowcr Cirrus, there is no metal about it. the motor even being mounted in n frame of laminated Such comforts as two air mat- 1 oak. tresses and an nlr cushion for the • The little ship weighs only 61C .iltot, and a small radio, were in I pounds and in the last analysis I;he plane. The cabin is larger than merely a motor with sufficient wim- that ol the Si. Louis itobln. f surface to carry aloft Us weight The monoplane Is powered by a ; n nd that of the pilot. Every pre- six cylinder Challenger motor and j caution has been tnkeu to nvoi;' has dual carburetors nnd oil lines. : wind resistnncc. even necessary The flyers expect to fly at a | bolt-heads on the outside of the cruising speed of aro;;nd C5 miles : plane having been streamlined. The Interesting Political Week Promised County An interesting woek, politically speaking, is promised Mississippi county, with Tom Campbell, opposing Joo T. Robinson for the senatorial nomination, and.'JohaShet--. flcK Cre brand o( the guterni-. tcrlal race, due for campaign talks here and at other points in the county, and with VV. Paul Marsh, candidate for representative, promising (o discuss the record of his opponent, E. E. Alexander, at Ma- nlla tonight. Mr. Campbell will speak in Bly- thevllle Wednesday night an- Judge Sheffield Is due here Friday" night. A copy of n letter inviting Mr. Al- ;xandor to share the platform with him at Manila tonight wall handed the Courier News tcday by Mr. Marsh, who said that he hud received no definite answer from Mr. Alexander but hope to have him present to answer the attack which he planned on his record as a member of the slate general assembly. an hour. machine has " wing spread of on)v . D. Rhodes Succumbs I Injuries Received Over Week Ago. Injuries sustained when he W; truck by u Ft isco mo'.ov tra unilay. July 13lh. proved falal T. D. Rhodes. 51, who succumbi at :he Blytl'.cville hospital yestcr- lf>" morning. Rhodes suffered a fractured skull vlicn the train knocked him to the ground. According to reports, he *'ns standing at the side of the rack and failed to notice the approach oi the train. He regained consciousness only at short intervals nnd his condition became steadily worse. Funeral services arc being held this afternoon at the Second Bap- list church with the Rev. E. Z. Newsom officiating. Interment will be made at the Maple Grove cemetery. The Cobb Undertokjng company is In charge of funeral plans. The deceased is survived by hi? widow, three brothers. Sid Rhodes ol Lexington. Tenn.. Vesta Rhodes of Milan. Tenn.. nnd Eddie Rhodes of this city, a sister. Mrs. Hamilton of Humboldl ,Tenn., two sons and three daughters. The refueling plane is a ship of. twenty-three feet and is only cish- the same type and P. V. Bhaffri* • teen feet in length overall. A spe- and William Bnnvflcr comprise i'.s cinl mechanism for dropping the crew ] ailerons permits a landing speed of Jackson and Obrine tool: only 50 <™rty miles an hour, gallons of gns in the 110 gallon rapacity tank and a refueling con- i in pacity t tact wa.s noon. Little Rocket is Plane Number i the Derby, having been the first nirangcd for n'.id-nficr- : entry registered, and in the air may ^ j be distinguished by its red fuse- A crowd of 500 chr-ored the flyers lage and silver wings and ailerons as they took off. Nearly 103 of the group had spent the night nt ths ield. Vleet to Discuss Gas Fanchise Here Tonight Mines' Nomination as Veterans Head Aoproved WASHINGTON, July 31. (UP1- The nomination of Brigadier General Frank P. Hlnes to be direc tor of administration of veteran: affairs was confirmed by the. sen ate. today without debate. Hines Is now director of the vet crans bureau. The new office tc which lie has been nominate* heads the consolidated veterans of Representatives of several ga;- :cmpaiiics seel'.lnc a franchise. I rfiipply Blythcvilie w,th ^ »''" meet with city a!dpr:-.ien. a rom- nittec of the chsmiOT "! com- nrrce and Mayor Nf U Hwl to- light to discuss the-'' P 1:1!ls tm applying gas here. No final dcci.-icm as 10 the franchise will be reached tomcr.t bu 1 proposals of tiio v.->ri«-.i.-. coinpanle- will pvobab'.y be t-w >n'-° i!1 l!e " tail. Bandits Get Kansas City Chain Store Collections KANSAS CITY,, July 21. (UP)— fiandlts employing identical strategy and possibly ccllcagues held up money messengers for the Piggly- Wlggly and Safeway chain slores here loday and obtained between $21,000 aiid$15.000. The money comprised week end receipts col- .'ecled by supervisors. Two bandits took between S8,- 000 and $10.000 from R. A. Brown. Piggly Wlggly superintendent as he was driving downtown to make his Isst collections from 15 stores. An hour later a second pair of gunmen accosted Clarence V- Warren, supervisor cf the Sofcway i stcres and obtained between S*.300 and S5.000. I 111 both instances the bandits, traveling In automobiles, forced the car of their victims to the curb, threatened tlL?m with shotgun, j grabbed money bags and drove nwny. A crowd of motorists witnessed the first robbery. ;'iigitive Makes Ijoocl hs- - ; - — cape After Knocking Out Ll S ht Monday Docket A • r\rr- I iTPpf« PnilPA J Ex-Convict Held After Fight With Officers Arresting Officer, Clilf Sharpc. deputy sheriff and custodian cf the county jail here. is confined lo his bed today suffering from a thoroughly blackened eye while members of the sheriff'! force are searchng for Shar'pe's assailant who escaped last ni-jh; .if.- er the officer had arrested h:m in '.'. ni*ht. several aliases, but wlio'e nnme Greets Police Judge Gerald Boone with n $10 fine for disturbing Uie peace headed a meager docket, in police court this morning. Bcone entered a plea of guilty to the charge. A. L. Beavers and Harold Flanagan Mere fined one dollar each for minor traffic violations. One man was fined on a charge of WEATHER PINE BLUFF. Ark.. July 21. IUP) ' apparently unknown to them, was j —Two men were under arrest b?re taken into custody by Sharps while loday nftcr a gun Hal-,: «'lth offi- Arch Lindsay, another deputy brier- ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy with cers last ntghl when an atlempt '- iff, arrested the man's companion. | the exception of thundershowers In was made to acre/ drunk. Tl-.e men. Charles Wi beinr i They were believed to h?.ve b€en ; northwest portion: cooler tonight; i implicated in the robbery o! r , local thundershowero and cooler In ex- • slore al the Higiitower plantation j 1K) rth .and central Dozens Tuesday. According to the official weather observer, Francis Carpenter, the convict and alleged fiayer of a pa- i several weeks p.go. trolman in Little RocX. and Wil- j When Shr\rp2 attempted to Ham Jones, broke Ux« from police. '• search the man. according to r?- ! Jones was soon overtaken but Wil- i ports, the deputy sheriff uv.: i liams began firms at ll'.e officrrs. No sprawled, across a ditoh bank anci '• maximum temperature here Salur- one was shot. knocked unconscious by the force I day was 100 degrees. Sunday the Willis was released from the pen- : of his assailant's blow. Sharp: va;! maximum temperature was 99 and itentiarv two year? aso after his brought here Tor treatment while! the minimum 75 degrees: clear, death sentence had been commut- other officers took up -.he search! The maslmui.i Umperaturc for ed' to life imprisonment. for his assailant. ' I the past 24 hours was S8 decrees.

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