The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1930
Page 6
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H/VTIIIOVIU.E, CLASSIFIED ADS •fwo «n« t word rbr firtt la- •ertlon uui on* pint • wJrt lor e»ci iub««g.uU>t Inter- ior leu (bin He. count tbe worda ted tend tht PkoiM 30» FOR SALE FOR SALE—Almost new Nabors Master Trailer, equipped with fine 32x6 heavy duty 10-ply tires, leady for hauling logs, lumuer, bolUi, piling, elc. Cost 53M nex, Now. ONLV $225. tt. G. Cash, i'ff 1-f ephone 811. 19C-WJ FOR BENT ••••! FOH RENT—Five loom house lu 1000 block-on -Ash St. -Call M; G. Goodwin. 4C.TF AMNE AUSTIN , aicUio^oi' l.i-UUACK PIGEON , 1-iV: ,WEN(5ING WWJOT " MuRDER BACK3TAIRS" PAGE SEVEN Jlnmlhi, nllni'lifil 'n iilU(*<-, i .tl\. i!lilr Jit* bn>, III:CIN \Vhcu "IIDNMI:" fun'uvr in'rnilu'r' ill hnutli-ldr *,iiurtd, niiu Ihr ilfnlth't nlli'ri-rj crinlr^ ,m l'!;\\V Cll III loriu-j 't, Hi-i-ii'lctrx, I0r:i |li:il be ttlll milrlilljrr lul^f with krt-ii likli-rrkf rvrryllilny «ht 1ulU« Ul]on1]<, J\-uu]r Inrkirmx Mm that »|IR.|K unln^ In IUi< SnUirilii^ l,rl|lic-luiir)i|,,.li nf I he |,'"ri)«- Alnn:nn<- ItrMttr <'llil>. ivhli'li U Ijrlnn tlvi-n Ijy uu liininrJiry uipn!- ,l!T, Jl'A.MTA Si:l.lll. 1 llntirirfr IriirrtH from l*ciiu.T Ihi' Ktifry ol hi-r fnlhpr'n unfominate ntlctniil lo xtrtrl fi •ulidlvl^loti fit 1'rtiurohV' Mrnilii'i^a Acldillnti. hu falluri*. rititl KUlHt-iiurut Illnlir. 'Hit* hni/i r lit- tlllri l,uill IN miir FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, Garage. ',. M& -pougari. 14P-K21 FOR SAIJ3—19& "late model •'A 1 '' Ford Tudor sedan. 5 dandy tires, bunjpers, motor A-l. Guaranteed: Looks like new and Is a REAL BARGAIN at $425. Cecil Decn. riione- 811 or "HO. . . ige-k22 FOR -'RENT—9 room Mass, two batlis, all newly painted 'anil papered, located on comer Higll- \vay 01 uri<J Highway 18. Ideal lo- cation-fo r tourist rooms. 510.00 per month. Call L. L. Ward, 968 or , €50.- -V -..'...:- .. 12C-TF FOR-'RENT—Rooms. One month rent free. 014' Hcarn. I3p-k21. MJA1.U ..... JJUUtk-c .4rlv«-» I' ullt In Hit* llillckrnn, curlni «c-c thf "lovt-ljr \J[n." ll'lic- mrrtM hrr, *>Tir Hll l:i Mm for i-»fUtall> iill ' FOR '_RENT—2 rooms, furnished fo'r:llglit housekeeping. G25 Wat nut St., -Phone- 521. Mrs, S.- P. Cavendar. 14p-k24. FOR RENT—Modern 6 room house. Garage, 2 lots. 16th and Main. Will rent or trade 8 room house on Lilly St. J. W. Maloney. 17p-k2i FOH SALE—1930 Model "AA" Ford l',~ ton truck with steel closed cab, Anthony steel dump body. Truck has dual wheels, dump •body carries l'-j yards of gravel, dirt coal, etc. Cost 5845 new. For quick sals ONLY S475. U. W.fMulli Phone 311 or 552-J. 19c-k22 FOR RENT—Nice sleeping- room 310 Walnut St., Mrs.'Nolen. - 18C-K22 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment 108' West Kentucky. Phone 683 ' - P-K-25 FOR RENiVNice'bedroom. Gentlemen preferred. Mrs. Paul Marsh. 101 East Davis. 20P-K24 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, ' close ,in % Jirpmie Ledbctter, .Clarence Saunders store. ".• './ • CK-TF WANTED WAffTED — Family ' Washings. •.Vas|3£iL>M.^H'£?.a - b y.. C ° I SB?.- t«nt •whtje woman. Mrs. Brown, 1<& S? Lake St/' - •-^-• ; -E- -•• i7ck-rr FOR SALE—Late 1929 model Ford Town Sedan, neat and attractive appearance, motor in excellent condition, 5 good tires, bumpers, license. ONLY $395. Bernard Gooch. Phone 811 or 332-W. 19c-k22 WANTED — Sewing. Reasonable prices. Mrs. C. O. Brandon. 715 West Ash. - - •. PK-24 AT ONCE -SOUTH'AMERICA OR UNITED STATES. . Permanent positions; labor;" clerical, mechanical, • salesmanship; • 'experience unnecessary. Salaries WD.-S100. weekly, transportation' furnished. BOX ins; CHICAGO, ILL. LOST AND FftUND FOR SALE—1926 late model Ford 1 ton truck with closed cab and platform body. Good tires and motor A-l condition. ONLY $95. Cecil Dccn. ['hone 811 or 116. • 19c-k22 THE BEST HOT PIG, CHILI AND COFFEE RUSTIC INN WERT Iffe Makes 'Em Set V. R. WASHAM— Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will P'ek up and deliver freight and jackagcs anywhere. Special "tea on carload lots. Local Phone, 851 -Memphis Phone 3-831 GOOD STEAKS, AND HOT FISH ; TOM'S CAFE- ami Sewer Taxes District No. 1. Now Due ••. G. G. CAUDILL, „ , . Collector, upstairs In Farmers Bank Bldg. NOTICE ' With our recent pitincrsnlp with Mr. Gco. Carney, we now have the best equipped indc- pwdtnl shop tn town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Bulletins ow wt.know how",. lioon :il i 1ll(> tl'll-ptl llml ..Min rigclliiiidiT • lit cjlHt^ !»• Srl'lni liaa In liny > to i lie 'iriirr",". jlih-r- nIi<T- iy. "u * him mur~ A'pw.<:;> (I.V..WITII THE STiiisv CHAFTKll II JiS Special 1 Investigator Dundee drove through the city of Ham iltqii at a speed of GO miles ai hour, his way bolus -cleared b tr:;(lk policemen warned by fh shrill official-'siren which, serve him as a hern, he had little time t thtiilt connectedly 'of tba fact tlia N!ta Ki'liui bad Ijccn murderer! dnr ins-' a'£e- game in her rcnli hcrrie^ In.-Primrose Meadows. • EVfu'after the broad sleekness , Slu>ridnti Read strctcheil before lili ho co'nlii do little more than try t rcalizall-c Kliock which hail nnmbe him. .- .'• . "Lovely Nitu," as tb society editor ot 1'lic .Yuci had called her, v,-ns—c!ca< Hoy.',' why, be did not Icuov.'. b^t 1 . allied no dc-tai!s of P: Oaiu. . . . Funny, liicrisy 1 jii ccminc n(c(/. "Nobody .hcd'rd a shot." Setlur. r.iul lh, ui<o sixty to l«'C|i n^ rn;::i iii:.Un K out niiythlni; Ih^i inlBl:! i'Mi:t 10 iiiio o( tlidr pro- clous II-H-:,, n,n [[ a Gun with R Miixltii sitmcor trdj used, ns U must Irno b.-L-ii If that ivbolo prow ain't lylus, ihu gunman mustr, lit 1 ,-:! »ooii, li..i-:-.i:so yon can't sight vvltli n Ma.ihii tcrewcd onto a roil, you knoiv." "ll..'.c moil found tho yuui" Duui!n- r.siiB,!. "0( ccarso not, or I'd know wlic.thi.i- ii imct a Maxim OH It or not," Sd-.uvn rotoitcil. "My Uicory Is," in 1 ;,ildeil liniiri'SBlvoly. "(hat soinclKuly with a BrinlBO 'aoalnul this 0 inic hituil a gnniimn to hunt; aroi:iu\ nil he t;ol her rtcad lo vlBlilf, tlien-plop!" anil ho 1ml- tateil tba -;nf|. thuddhn! sound imiilo by tliu ilijc-lniryo of a hnllol from u BMII i<iul|ipcd with a silencer. "Docssi'i u Bcoin rather stvanfo that a DiotcuKloiml piniimin nbonld have elioscn such a limu—with men arriving in cms.'ami Hie hiniso (till of u-uiac'ii who mtplit wamlcr Inln this rciiiii ai any inlimtc—to hump off !iis victim!" llnmlao usliecl. "Well, (hero ain't no other ox- lil:in.itluii." Captain Slrawn eon- tcmlcil. Ihisblni;. "Oulstdc of Iho fact that my men havo r,ono over tho whole house awl mounds without fimliiig the |;ini. 1'vo cot othor evidence it was an ontbWe Joh. . . . Look!" Dimilce followed tho chief ot Iho homicide Eriund to one ot tile two windows that looked out upon tbo driveway. Ilotb were open, Blnco tho May day was cxcepllnnally ivann. even for the Mlddlo West. The window from which ho obediently Iraiicrl \vas utmost ilirccll; la lino with the vanity drcaslui; tahlt across the room. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahem "Judr;c Marshall bas telephoned police headquarters," she hail told him breathlessly over the telephone, "but 1 made him let me call you as soon ns.he hail hu:i£ up. I wanicil oar office to 1)3 In on this right from the first." llc.iiiliful. seductive Xila Selim, almost cnililliui,' nmlcr Ills arm. within three miimlcs of me hiiu—;lcod! A vision of her black C.VCF, so wide and luminous and ..wistful as tliey had looked side- .ways and-upward'to'bis: pleading 'for him lo join her after-bridge cocktail pnvty, nearly made him •crash into a lumbering -furniture van. Those- eyes were luminous no 'never :oga!n snap'thv '-of'slave chains -lipo'h -any.! it. (lie ornate pa-r of pillars spanned j anil s-hotk bauib heartily. It w.ns by the painted legend. "Pihnru.-e ! very necessary Unit a v.'ell-si'ouml- Mcaclows," and drove through lUcui cd friendship should not be murred into what soon became a mltcil by any undue ofliclousness on tbe lane. Almost a quarter ot a mile j part ot tbe district attorney's spe- froni the entrance ha found thcjcbl invcstleator. isolated bonce, unmistakable Ijc-j cause of the lineup of private cars | parked before tho short stretch of • paved siilcwiilk, nud the ad(!»il j .' . ^ furs ', ll - llt lll -.J DniuU-c advanced -Into tho room. Mis. Selim had tak presence of griin-lookicf; pollen cars j and motorcycles. oom ol not exactly . -.- (he Grain family had lett it. A little too pretty, a little too aggressively feminine, with Us 0 Captain Slvav.-n v;as out In full ic/ioisc loiiiuc heaped with silk and WOUUJM DIMMERS BY A Se.C6PTioM,iM OF SIR "tHpRkilbM OA«LEV,WA£ LAST Mieri-r A-T OF MRS. OSCAR OAKLEY I ALSO WOULD MbP I XM A PERSONAL OF Trie PRI/UCE IT, MAM I HAVE 15 "e QiJES-r OF A", rtoaPLE, wci-feD PHILOSOPHER, L£CrfelRER , ' /UJD OF ARTS *- -i,-r;-~-tf LEFT" ".ou-r soc(£-rV Moffes CO Capt ^ force! Dundee turned bis o\vn j laco pillow;. Ms superfluity oi big the driveway lending from ;nv.<l iuile lamjis, Its bed draped man— ::s I'oi'.uy had . . . l)?ad! Atifl sliG had hpcii so waviuly alive, even as she had reheated from him at his nierilion of I lie fact that he wa<; a!!:ic!iecl to ...... the office ot the district attorney j hold as a' special investigator, .What had she fcrircd then? Wns her death a payment for sonic recent r Ions-standing crime? Or car into tbe street along tho rifiht side ot the bouse toward the two-car arage hi the rear. As he was descending, Captain, "Ktraw.n's voice hailed him from- an open window of the room nearest liie 'garasc. "licllo, Bonnie! -Btvn L''.ir.^ ever saw. . . . Tliere'3 a t!i>i:>r froin this room onto the porch. Hop up and come, on in." Dundee obeyed. In driving in be had noteil that a v,-id'e porch, up- hy rouiid v.'bitc pillars, icil across the front of. the r;ahletl brick bouse and c\tcndt;d lialt way alon^ its ri^ht side, past room wlikh was dbviously was-. she si.nply withdrawing from the contamination of a "Hal-foot"! '.. . . Mo! She had boon a/rulrt— 'licrriiily tifiaid of some ulterior purpose Iwliind hl.s innocent courtesy in driving Penelope Crain to BreaUaway Inn. Well, speculation now was idle. He speeded airain, hut was soon forced to stop and ask his >vay into Pjiinrose Mcailo^vs. The v.igne directions of a farmer's overallcd son lost him nearly eight precious min xites, dni'liig- which his friend, Cflpt.iln Strawn of the homicide sq'nad,. might bo bungling things • rattier badly. JJut at last he found with eolilcii-ycllow latfeta, its dressing table— Dill be could not let critical eyes linger on the triple-mirrowed vnn- ity dreas. For on tbe bench before it sat a tiny IU;nre, the head bowcrt so low upon the lace-aud-Bold-silk coyureil toil tbat r-onic; ot tho blnck curls-liinl'-falle]! Inlo a lar^e open l»«-| of pnmlcr. Sbe was no lon'se: ft-cari»K tho short brown silk coat whose open front had given him n" glimpse, of palo yellow chiffon. solarium, with its continuous windows, gay awnings, and—visible tbronsh the glittering panes— oraiige-nnd-lan wicker [nrnitnro. It. was easy'to swine himself up to tbe lloor ai the porch. 'Strawn filing open Ihc door which led into tl'.e room, remarking with a grin: "Don't lie- afraid I'm gumming up any fingerprints. Carrnway bas al- roaily been over tbe room. . . . Tlie Selim woman's bedroom," he explained. "Tbe room she was killed hi." "You liaic bo^u on tbe job," Dundee complimented his former chief, T.TE- saw the dvcss now, a low-cut, S - L .-Icevelcss, Iliifiy affair, but he really bad eyes only for tbe brownish-red hole on tbe left sldo of the Jk ot Iho bodice, about halfway Between shoulder and waist—a waist so small he could have spanned it with his two hamls, in- clndliig its band of fuchsia velvet ribbon. There also bad been a bow of fnchslu velvet rihbon'on the lace and straw liat she had swung so less than TITO -hours charmingly ago. ... ' "Sliot through tlic hoart, I guess." Rtrawn coinrtientcil. "Took a good mai-k£inap to ihnl her heart, shoot- ina her through llie back. . . . Funny tliini:, too. N'obody licard a shot— leastways none of tliat cro\f(! t'T OOK! Seo how thorn vines •*-" have been torn," Strawn directed.- pointing to u rambler roso which' huggeil the outside frame, ol the window. "Ami look bard enough at the flower bed down below and you'll"UCG big footprints. . . . Ot course wc'vo measured them and Cain, as you see, Is guarding them till my man comes to make plaster casls ot them. . . . Yes, sir, ho hoisted, lilsselt up to the window leilge,- aimed us beet ho could, then slipped down ami beat it across tlio "Then," Dundee began slowly, "1 wonder why Mrs. Selim didn't seo that figure crouched In tho window, since she Timst have been powdering her face anil looking into the middle oE the three mirrors—tho one which reflects tills very wlu- 1 "Il'ow dd you know she was pow-' dcrlii's' litr f;iec, not looking for something' In'a drawer?' 1 Strawn demanded truculently.' "For three reasons," Dundee answered almost apologetically. "First: her powder putt, as I'm sure you noticed, is still clutched In her right- Imml; second, there Is no drawer open, and no driiWL-r tirut open,- unless someone has closed It since tho murder, whereas on tho other, band her powder box is open; third; tho lett side o[ her face is heavily and unevenly coated with powder, while the other Is heavily but evenly powdered. Therefore. I ean't'aoe why sho cltclii't scream, or turn around when sho heard your gunman clambering up to her window, or even when he bad crouched BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ALL HIS FAULT By Martin hi It- I don't sec how she, could help seeing Isiiiii" "Well— what do you thinkT Stravn asked sourly, after lie had tested tho visibility of the window L.OST—Brown leather purse, Sunday night. Reward. Miss Winnie Phillips,-/Wright's Five and Ten f*nr\* r, I Cents Store. CK-22 I'ERSONAI, TAXI—F. A. MCGREGOR Day or Night Service, Phone 16. 1C-K30 WILL PAH1Y that was seen taking the sign marked "Tourists j Home" from in front of "02 Walnut I return it to SOO Walnut St. Reward. 20P-K21 FOR SALE—Chevrolet Coach. 1928 model, looks and runs fine, good tires. 1930 license, fully ccpiipped. Priced RIGHT at $175. R. G. Casli. Phone 811. . 10c-k22 WAKXIXG OUDtlt CHANCERY COURT. CUICKA- SAWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS.' Missouri State Life Insurance Co., Plaintiff, No. 481D vs. W. S. Crowdcr, et al.. Defendant. ThJ defendant.!George Wliitc. is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the- caption hereof and answer to complaint of the plaintiff, Missouri Stale Life Insurance Co., and J. II. Singleton. Trustee. Doled Nov. I2tli. 1030. W. W. HQLLIPETER, clerk, >B\iUHti}ves: Morris,. D,''C: Ivy W. Crawford. Ally. Ad Litem. 13-20-28-4 OKTS IjKAVF. TO SKE .MOVIE fiEWBURGH. N. Y. (UP)--John 'Oalmnn. a mail carrier, heard so ! ranch about, a comedy team that ] when a mnlirtn picture fcaturinr; i the radio stars appeared hero ha ibrcke an 18-y?ar record ot alx,;nce 'from a movie to see them, ke 'wns forced to take a day ofi for the .fif^Hime.ln IS .years, froni the dressing l?blo mirror, In the living room \vill aUu:it they did. They'll all hang to- FUECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS ^ TH&TS FOHNY.. COOLO THEY HA.VS TO SO Q.OICI< 1 JUST OOR CAtfOE IS -N. GOSIEU...AM 1 1TCOOLDNT J JOST GO OFF 8V ^ ITSELF, SITHEB..., | TWO OV 1 TWSM, RIGH THAT TVJO 1MD1AWS 1 .! 1.6TS SET To OUR CAWOE AMD ooa TWESB F6LLCMS NO GCJC-D! BLMtS! V6J ME -! CM^T 'f3£UEM6 \Tl OF COURSE HOUR WORK 30 BRANE COVS PMHUCj (W PROTECTING OOVJM W4 Of FEP. 0? $60,000,000 OMltiEROUS. IF ENOUM\ MlUlON, TO 86 PMOEO ME A.HD vOr\SH! OF TrtE-bME-rWC |!l\!6MT\t)N, PL

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