Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on July 18, 1935 · Page 7
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 7

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1935
Page 7
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TelepKone 3-lllf Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Thursday Morning, July 18, 1935 rase Seven Drri'tiriTM Pmnii In 'P.iki: F' Hot Uai X 1UVUIVO ; WMUV MtJ w "fc New Deal Plan In WhoV Who Says Editor LOS ANGELES. July 17. (UP) The New Deal's pet offsprings, pending and social security pro-rrzm. 'cre ,a'd on the operating tM nd vivisected tonight at the jj;, annual session of the American Bar Asciation Forest D. Sierkm, Chicago attorney and Iviuis A. Lecher of Milwaukee. Wis., divided the surgery hrttreen them, Seifkin attacking the -tax greed ' tne government" and Lecher condemning the federal so-cl security act as "anti-social and unconstitutional." The tax feature of the act Is merely a penalty," Lecher said. "It ill force the states to enact era-nlovinent compensation laws which fhpy do not wish to enact, or force them to follow patterns laid down tv the federal government." He charged the "tax ends where th ability to pay begins." Income levies, he said, "begin at scratch and (M at $3,000 a year." He called the design a "preposterous accumulation of burdens." nut funds collected "will rVarh 100.000 million dollars by 1980. it three per cent. Interest would be not million dollars yearly, plus g'mounts contributed by employer and employe. i "If the income from this tax Is, In J . .a Amharl-inir rn a I and novel theory of income tax- at'seifkin denounced "unrestricted Ending by federal and local Andes' 'n a speech before the -tax clinic" of the bar association. -The stomach of a tax-greedy rfinment takes on new and x-Mnsive powers, not only to digest Ut It has received, but also to get rwly or further invasions." 0 Fixing Price Act Defeated - (Continued From rage One) Ptther section an integral part of ..' ..k.r rnnsirleration of both T.'t.,... -9 blacked by a senate Ul! requiring action first on amendrofnts attached by the sen ate committee. The swift atiort of the day was .n hip contrast to the sluggish considrration given the amenumfnis j-sterdav. An agreement was Cached early in the day to limit .thate, and the swifter tempo routed- COURT TEST ASSURED WASHINGTON, July li.-(Ur) President Roosevelt assured news-jipr -orrespondents today the AAA program will be fousbt to a Supreme court test of constitutionally. The rresident believed there would be no Supreme court, deci-vnB on tha AAA until late autumn. AAA effiuals saw a nation-wide onmpaisn of processors asainst the tut in prospect as a result of the Bofton decision. Already more thta 150 suits to restrain further collection are pending. nther developments: The treasury reported that for tie first 15 days of the current iiscal year July 1 to 15 the aov- wnmrnt. deficit was $376.0lO,63o, more than double the deficit for the corresponding period last year, mhieh was f,22. Sn. Millard Tvdings. Democrat, Maryland, head of the Virgin Is-ands investigation, announced resumption of hearings next Monday. The Inquiry was halted last week after Jklr, Roosevelt intervened to nd a verbal duel between Tydings nd Secretary of the Interior Harold I likes, finv. Paul I'earson Cf the Islands visited Mr". Roose-Wt but denied he planned to re-tgn as & result of the inquiry. O 1 Power Firm ! j Is Accused! L, (Continued From rage One) 'oifpileri from the aending points.! Blark promptly expressed the; opinion that the total was too low.j Pottal Chief, To Testify j Postal Telegraph Company of-" finals will be called in due course,! Blark told reporters later. ! Arthur F. I'liristenson, Warren office opetator, was the witness hfl Indirectly attributed the 'forgrr" remark to Herron. He 'w quoted Herron as saying his "iiperims had direc ted the destruction of "all records of any mes- sent. "Mr. 'Fisher told nie Herron was worried because he could be een-tncM to 20 years for forgery be-eause of the teiegrama," he said iurinsr questioning. At snnther time he renorted Her ron as having said that "if he hadj known there was going to be uni invest ifcat ion he would have seen! J" It that the signatures were au-i Gentle." T Fira l Suggeatad He aSo heard Herron tell Fisher: i It would be nice if a little fire wild he arranged in the cellar." AJjd Fishers replv: ! "That would be all right because! m-year lease on the building w shout tip anyway. Coincidentally, the bouse rules 'ommittee. also digging Into tobbv-for and against the utility ""mure, rnni-l 1 ,......, i 'lesations that the administration ed threatening tactics to obtain j ror rtie holding company d'a-th sentence." In rebuttal, Representative Brew-r, Republican. Maine, backed by secret an es. insisted that Thom-Jf "frcoran. administration aide, "reatened to stop work on the 'amnuo,My dam -in bis district "' he voted with the adminis-ion. Corcoran was equally firm repeating his denial of such "ynients. Rrewster said be would . Pr'!ee his reputation if necessary. Inr th Quo.i.iv" project. ' ' " jg lllMI . ' Sl ..7 -"wT ALBERT NELSON MARQUIS The majority of names which go into Who's WTho in America are obtained from newspapers and magazines, Albert Nelson Marrpii, editor in chief of the famous biographical reference book and president of the company publishing it, revealed here yesterday. we Keep constant check on i eye," Mr. Marquis said, "it being our aim to include in Who's W"ho brief life-fiketches of the most notable living Americans in all parts of the world, the men and women whoso positions or achievements make them subjects of wide inquiry if not. of general intercut. Who's Who by no means i in- thope peixons who are in the public tended am a social register, although Dy Its very character it naturally includes many of the leaders in so- icial life." Nephews Reside Here Here , with Mrs. Marquis on a visit to hie two nephews. Albert Nelson Marquis and James M. Marquis, the publisher-editor chatted interestingly in his Hotel Westward Ho room yesterday about the bow and why of his biennial publication, making comments as well on business and travel. More than 31,000 names appear in the 2,749-page current Who's Who. More than 1,600 names are dropped each two-year edition because of deaths. Other names are dropped to the number of SCO because the persons involved no longer are sufficiently in the public eye to justify continuing them in the volume, Mr. Marquis said. m The 1934-35 edition contained 3,030 entirely new fife-sketches. A staff of 25 is continuously employed on the publication, even though it is published only once each two years. Attorneys Predominate "While all professions are rep resented in Who's Who in America," Mr. Marquis said, "I believe that attorneys, as a class, probably predominate." The publisher said thousands of persons endeavor each year to "get in" to Who's Who but in a majority of cases those "who try the hardest are those least deserving of inclusion. The. publication was founded 36 years asro by Mr. Marquis, who has been its editor continuously since that time. "There is no charge for inclusion of sketches in Who's Who," he said. "Not a single sketch in the book has been paid for or can be paid for. The names in Who's Who are not selected as the best but as the best known. It is our aim only to in clude in the volume those engaged in creditable lines of effort." Resides In Evanston Mr. Marquis, left an orphan in early childhood, began his business career in his grandfather's general store in Hamersville, O.. conducting the business after the death of his: guardian from the age of IS to 21. Kngaging in the publishing business! in Cincinnati, he later moved his business to Chicago, and now make.? his home in Kvanston, 111. The publisher believes that the nation's business is showing signs of i returning confidence. Commenting! on travel, he said: "I beiieve that air-cooling of trains will cause a tremendous increase in summer travel, particularly in the southern sections of the country. I believe, too, it will re- Crime Scored At Bar Meet (Continued From Page One) plisbed only by expansion 'of currency, and added: "Impending fear of resort to such an artificial and dangerous expedient has proved to be an obstacle in the way of recovery, for economists are agreed that a forced balance through inflationary measures or expanded currency is temporary and unsound." Uniform divorce laws and amendment of the statute requiring long residence before filing a divorce action was recommended to the committee on international law. Grow Above Ground SENATH, Mo, July 17 (UP) B. S. Harkey, farmer, has a po tato vine on which the potatoes grow- above the ground. They are about the size and shape of radishes. o ' Employment Gains OTTAWA. Ont., July 17 (UP) Nearly 22,750 more persons were working in Canada during June than in May this year, the Dominion Bureau of Statistics reports. State Checking Shows 21.8 Per Cent Upturn Indicative of the tremendous ad vances being' made by Arizona busi ness, checking transactions for Ari zona cities for the first six months of this year totaled $312,015,606. 21.8 per cent ahead of the same period in 1934, the Arizona State Chamber of Commerce announced yesterday. Bisbee Douglas Flagstaff Globe-Miami Mesa No-gales Phoenix Prescott Tucson Tuma Total June, 1935 $ 1,219,563.S3 1,426,018.25 874,151.00 860,656.66 L105.797.6S 2,296,387.82 30,413.999.00 1.978,569.59 8,954,000.00 1.491,766.64 $50,620,910.47 This is equivalent to an increase in business of one full month over 1934, chamber officials pointed out. Transactions last month totaled $50,620,910.47, against only $44,571,- kll for June a year ago. May checking transactions this year totaled 157,138,816.55. By communities. transactions follows: May. 1935 the record of $ 1,633,687.67 1,332,780.09 953,599.00 854.949.56 1,24S,S24.56 3,446,405.05 34,894,724.00 1,825,207.32 9,364,118.00 1,584,601.30 $ 57.138.816.55 June, 1934. $ 1.091.774.00 874.295.00 773,669.00 999,494.00 865,277.00 2,608.397.00 25.835,072.00 1,757,791.00 8.571.418.00 1,194,724.00 $44,571,911.00 Oscar W. Kramer Is Phoenix Visitor Oscar W. Kramer, for many years associated with the Western Newspaper. Union in its Kansas City, Mo, plant, is visiting Phoenix with his family in the course of a motortrip to the Pacific coast. Seventeen years ago. Mr. Kramer was in charge of the stereotyping1 department of the Arizona Republic. Mr. Kramer and his family ar visiting at the home of his brother, R. William Kramer, 705 North Seventh street. Amaxinf Nw Stilphar Treotmtnl ITCH ECZEMA, ATHLETES FOOT, ETC. Quick! . . . Successful! JOw Mtesttflo diteawy PREMXK S3 eontatna sulphur in form be for obtaintbl onlr by laboratory method, -but tone rscocoixed by medics! Ktcsce it most effectiv. Exelutlx Pranek 33 feature. For ever raihea: rtns-worm. eck strap Itch, lmpstliOk lrritattoci Ina ecsema, etc. Contains as oil. great or odor. Cannot toll er stain. Dries imtantij-. Jre-vents reinfection. No bandage. At ThHftV and H her drug stores. 35e 60c tube. Little eoes far. PREMEEC-33 i-m rim r-yrvT? : ?! Jl" i ACCOMMODATIONS TO SUIT ALL rtWSCS store to the railroads some of their lot business." Mr. and Mrs. Marquis will visit in Is Anjreles. then go north for a trip throug-h the Canadian Rockies and perhaps to Alaska. Tick Officaj P M Pact DRY. ROUGH Mentholatum soon makes dry. rough skin soft and smooth. 1 " - i ii m m asm m mm -.-. M ifc.l.t Liail Jjr' 1 ? lib. MeaihoUtam i iefoal f reliew dry. irriUleel nostril. n $1 25s?lf v '-P 9'- i . .jmuuiif .... "l aa.B When all else fail 9 m auht -fyusAvd, $ ong Is Given Another Rebuke (Continued From Tae One) ntly assumed personal com- tI2..'Ncw 0r,'n. Lonjr was quick retort: -We ain t worrying about r'S. dwn here. States where Mvelt is supposed to be help-Lsu . re " m"ch worse off than jrjlslana that we dont want him Ptv ? aro,lnd down here anvwav." PrLSr officials ampliftcrt the dti "V" rpmrkK. sayiriB that in prow?1 VL n n new L-ouiin Rnug "pvcr would be re- Lrmrr wor" '!. besides, that Wl", wo,,M find " mwh dif-imt. "htjn'nr its $.103,89 ij r work relief funds for hiirh-W A h crossing construe- - P TALK ABOUT IT... pW f ' L V V AND THATS THAT. H ZWi . gj AW,HAVEAUIOCn W ''I;'' '' ' -Jk) ' j w saw, mm. mvr i i i w :iay' - ' c v s - - - --r , i. WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, I'M YOUR BEST FRIEND, 1 AM YOUR LUCKY STRIKE. Th UTS TOE TOBACCO TIKIAT COUNTS... are no finer tobaccos than those used in Luckies Carrrlcht 19W. Th Ancrieaa Tohaee

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