Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on August 20, 1935 · Page 8
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 8

Phoenix, Arizona
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Tuesday, August 20, 1935
Page 8
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- Telephone 3-Hl. Page Two (Section TwoT 7 Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Tuesday Morning, ugu u, 1E1 Damnum LOSES wm r i ii ii ii i in ri ---- -3iaT Errors Defeat Spell For Arizona Team TXTICHITA. Aug. 19. Playing their first full same under the lights, the Turn Cubs crumpled before the attack of the Memphis Red Sox, champions of the South, here to-night and lost by a 14 to 3 tally, The Cubs will stay in the race until they lose one more game. Jim Ridge pitched a fine game for the losers, but a baskctfull of errors paved the way to defeat for the Arizona champions. Yuma will play again at 11 a. m- Thursday moraine with the winner of the Chicago Kan., and Buffalo N. Y game. The Yumans made nine errors. MEMPHIS I TCMA AB HOE AB H O X E.WUan.lf 4 2; I I 1 Bland. 2b 4 14 2 3 Ornelu.Sb i t 2 e1! rf t , M' S 0: Burna.rf 0 Mr-Cabe.e 3 Jnhmnn.K 3 K 17 27 7 RI1 P 4 Baylor, lb i rWiln.2b S Rajr.rr 4 I,ylea.e Oladny.Sb Jl'Donld p i Total Slasle.aa National Race Tightens As GianisAnd Cubs Win Red Hot Steele r Sifetu cxcppB X Total 29 11 27 Cr.ra f rvninaTat: MEMPHIS 201 HI ti ui i ofo 2 Buna E. Wilaon 4, Paylor. Ii. Wilxm J. Henderaon. Bay. Lyla 2. Gladney. Mr-Donald 2. Harriett, RI1. Two-baae hita Mutraon. Ray. Iylea. Orneiaa. Tbree- haaa hita r. Wllaon. Stolen baaea K. Wilaon. Doubla playa Henderaon to Eay-Inr. Tat to D. Wilaon: D. Wllaon to a.vtor Baaea on balla Off MrDonald 1 ftidca 1. Strika outa McDonald 4. Rlds t. Umpire Wilberk and Reynolda. Foxx Homer Defeats Sox CHICAGO. Aug. 19 (AD Jimmy Foxx's 23rd home run of the season with a man on. helped the Philadelphia Athletics today to an 8 to 4 victory over Chicago in the second game of a double-header. The White Sox took the opener. 7 to 2, behind John Whiteheads effective pitching. First Gam PHILADEL. 0 1 0012 9 1 CHICAGO ltO 060 OOx 7 9 0 Dietrich and Berry; Whitehead and Sewell. Second Came CHICAC.O AB H OA PHILADELPHIA AB M Al Finney. rf Crimr.rf Hiccna.Sb MrNair.aa Wrtlr.2b 1 3 3 2 1 1 11 1 HirharrlB.e 3 Mahaffy.p 2 Kerry 1 Marcum.p 1 TnUla It 1 10 1 C 2 2 2 e 0 0 0 0 0 S9 10 27 11 0 Radrllff.lf 0 8 I'iet.3b II Applmif.aa 61 WuhKtn.rf Z Pykea.lh 4 Hayea.2b b, Nhea.c 0! Tictje.P n! l.yona 0 Klwhrr.n . Hewtll 27 ; Tot a la 1Btted for Mahaffry in -venth Hatte.1 for Tiefje- in aixth. ' Batted for Kmhtr In ninth. PHI I. A rF.LriII A "4 fM S CHICAGO 0-0 " 0024 Puna Finney 2. Cramer 2. Foxx. Waratler. nii'harda 2. Simmon. Iiet. Oykea. Havea. Knora F'nney. Warstler. Mahaffey. Tiet. Runa batted In Kinney. Cramer 3. Johnaon 2. Foxx 2. Flat 2. Hayea 2. Two-haaa hita Cramer. HIb-ama. Slmmona. Home runa Foxx. Piet. Hayn. Imubla pUy Applin to Hayea to Iykea. Baee on balla Off Mahaffey 3. Tietje 4. Flwher 1. Strika oata Mahaffey 1, Flarher 2. Wlnninc pitcher Mahaffey. l-oam pitcher Tietja. m - rt aa a-. t W iBFSi - . a-r . .-- -.1 m-. J ) V.Cs 5tPPD VACfc-ROUND To 8CCM RANKING Ch'ALLEN&eK MIDDLEV1EJ6HT . -SV CHAMP.' CfJ... Harry Grayson CjrRrXGVIL,I,E, X. Y.; Aug 19. The Old Man is resting at his country home here in preparation for his 41st season of coaching. Springville doesn't appear on any football schedule, but most of the frame's new formations were conceived in this pleasant little village situated 30 miles from Buffalo, in the northwestern part of .New York state, for ' prinRville is the' home of Glenn Scobey Warner. Rreatcst playmaker in the historv of the grandest of aaMaj3ManK Colonels Title Ends Game In Tie follfciale snorts. "I have had the pleasure of coaching three of the finest players of all time," said Pop Warner, as we chatted in the dry roods store. "They were Krnie N'evers. of Stanford; Jim Thorpe, of Carlisle; and now Dave Smukler, or Tcmpie. Thorpe Versatile "Thorpe was the more versatile, Nevers the more dependable and consistent, but 1 really believe that Smukler will prove to be the greatest player that I have ever coached. Dave weighs 220 pounds and does not have a weakness. He can hit the line, run the ends, punt and pass, and is the best man I have ever seen backing ur the line on defense. He loves the game, is I ..: .. , nM . i-x-foo . ,4 . tv, tat eham. renaoie una coiisiainu, v "TVARKNESS ended th aUte c hn- hurt He hR9 tw0 more ycars pionsnip game yrsinuajr in plav pinir at Adams school between ' wl.". ., thwt Rob pe-ck. center of Scottsdaln and Hve roinw ice g my fam0us l'ittsburgh club of trams with the score tied up at j'i, wn the most fo: -tidable all. - linesman I ever coached. Peck was The third game between thee not only a splendid player, but was two teams has been set for :S0 one of the finest inspirational lead-o'clock tonight at Southeast Unl- ers 1 have seen. Hob, as yon prob-versitv park It will nean elimina- bly know, died suddenly on the goir tion for one of the teame in the course of Culver Military Acad- Te Five PoinU. sau.d ha. game was direct of athletic, at Culver "VnnS A -ottban. McGough's P-tt I. Strong ffirlsi took a trimming yesterday at "Pittsburgh again should have the Viands of the Tempe girls. to strongewt squad in the Kast this i The game wh played at Tern- year, and Colgate, despite the loss a. no of Mirtv MrDonough. a remark- The Boston Store will meet theat.le back who has Just suffered team a iriiipe m v t v t . , rv r i i . , 1 1 it k r. . . . - . three gamee vtnaton Store to 1. vivk rot NTS TEMTE 11 n McGOrGIfS S 5 TeraHa and Marehall; Frailer and arrell. o In Ring Tats 1 ' 1 a " ... . . . . . . i W . t"V . k n .-I wiin inat Irani. i r uuun, v niuunim, m i u i-um. took one Sunday 21 ! Pennsylvania will be powerful. I llook for an Improvement at Har- . vard. Dartmouth, and Holy Cross. ....... v. . v cottsdai: 4 , ,8-.,,Kej:, lJ a y v class of the Big Ten. Alabama and r,itwri.".i, ":', L v"-wu'"'ilxuiaiana State should be the leaa-Wateon. ance and Baeham. riir teams in the South. "Stanford's veteran aggregation once more should be tops on the Pactfio coast unless the players suf- rer senior superiority complex. Two Teams Added This will be my third season at Temple. The prospects look to be at least as good as last season when we went through our regular season undefeated. Tla. In,l ur reserve material is suffici- KlTlfV I 1 C entlv good to replace them without A ml. A A XI A EallO jvve.tkeninc the team any more than will he tnal t. r. Kv fh inereiKet TKTnOIT, A e.g. 19. (AD Joe ability of those plavers who are left. Louts, called by some experts; "It will be difficult for Temple the beet heavyweight mce Jack to make a good a record as in 193. Dempsey came out of the Wet. is even though the team may be as deadly serioue about his ability to good or even a little better, because, whip unyene he eteps into the rins;as yon know, even an outstanding against. .team has to he pretty fortunate to The ?0-year-o!.1 neero's "dead'aro through a stiff schedule without 'pan" in the rinc Isn't a po.te he's having an off day one In a while, concentratlns! Hc'a a eerioue mind.or meeting with a reverse through ed youth out of the ring. extreme!yunforttinate break, .bashful when queried about hie sue- "Newcomers on the Temple sched-. -re. Perhaps that's why hie man-?ule include Michigan State and : ager. John Itoxboroush. find it aoi Vanderbilt. two pretty good teams, easy to manage him. ! Practically alt of the teams tl 't we Joe like to dance, but If dancing;"1 tackling again are tough. In interferes with hie sleep, especially! addition to Michigan State and when he in training for a fight.' Vanderbilt we expect stiff e-ompe-then dancing is "oa.." Me usually; tit ion from Marquette. Bueknell, get to bed at 10 o'clock, and Just p" Virginia. Carnegie Tech.. and before a fight he retires at S:i9 or VIHanovm. We also hare appoint-, o'clock. ments with Texaa A. and M Centre Joe does Just what he's told. Rox-fCpHr, end St. Joseph's College, borough, a colored attorney who " Philadelphia.- imIc an inteemt In Joe when he saw! him bo Joe live in hie apartment. i C C f a I' "Joe doesn't take chance, no mat- .N p f f p N I fj f 0 fl ter whom he's f.ghtins.- the man-! "-CSftCO J t U I CU acer iaid. "We use Jhe tougheet and; Tn ir game of the final series hiSgetd sparing partners we rsn, ,n he Junior Softball league will sign and Joe's trainer. Jack Black. Puffin at ;30 o'clock this momtng; burn, telle the boy to get in there! between the Half-Shots, .Kerthside: and fight as hard during his train-jchampions, and the Thoenix Cardi-i tng he does in a regular hout.j rials. South.side champions. Joe does just that and we never; The two teams wilt play a two; let him get out of ehape. He's anout of three series for the ummerj eaey boy to manage." 'title, . Laney, Bauer Clash Today JACK Laney and Art fc&uer are in what promises to be a torrid baseline duel for the right to meet George Judson. jr.. in the finals of the Public Courts August tennis tournament at University park. Judson repulsed Louis Messin-ger's determined bid for victory in their semi-final match' yesterday, winning 6-2, 6-3. Messinger's lightning delivery and his characteristic swift court covering kept the match at a sizzling pace, but young Jud-son's complete mastery of stroking technic decided the issue. Ianey reached the semi-final round yesterday with a 6-3, 6-2 victory over Homer Richards. Hubert Koloslck defeated Paul Rothrock, 6-2, 6-K in a consolation tilt. He faces Grant Heidecker at 5 p. m. tomorrow, while Hill Upton engages Norman Rushton in another consolation battle. o Woman Steals Vandalia Shoot VAN DA LI A. O., Aug. 13.(AP Mrs. Lela Hall.. Kast Lynne. Mo.. stepped into a man's game today and stole the jhow from her masculine opponents for the second straight year as the 56th Grand American trapshooting program opened. Mrs. Hall, about 24 years old, and weighing just a bit over 100. broke 198 out of a possible 200 targets to tie for the Class B crown, the highest score a woman marksman ever marie in big league com pet i tion. and then won the shoot-off Two Launch Fight For Garden XTEW YORK. Aus. 19. (UP) At last. Madison Square Garden' biseest fight the "battle of the two colonels" for control of the punch- less punch emporium was announc ed publicly tonight, throwing into the ring September 24, Pres. John R, Kilpatrick and board chairman. John S. Hammond. The outcome will be of paramount importance to the future of box ing:. Although undercover preparations for this grudge fight between Colonels Kilpatrick and Hammond have been going on for some time, it was not until tonight that the public knewethe march was made definite lv. The Hammond camp "broke the ;tory by announcing that it would try to wallop Kilpatrick right out of the president's chair, and then conduct boxing in big-time Tex Rickard style. Control Slipping ! In this broadside issued by the Hammond committee of stockholders, Kilpatrick and . his henchmen were charged with "wasteful man-; agemeht of the Garden,, including extravagance, kickbacks, etc., that, threw the stockholders for a total lose of about $100,000 during Kil-patiick's two-year regime. Moreover, boxing, the most important of the Garden's acti'ties is "losing place to rival organizations which may soon gain control of that im-, portant sport." Hence.' the Hammond committee sent letters to all stockholders in the corporation asking them to vote at the annual meeting September 24, for discontinuance of Kilpatrick' "wasteful management" -or . for hi6 replacement as President and manager by Colonel Hammond, who will trp "to place boxing again in the first rank of the Garden's paying activities." Contract Denied Colonel Hammond, a tall, white-haired West Point graduate. " has been associated with the Garden off and on for the past decade. He introduced and developed ice hockey into a major Garden sport. May 2. 1934, he and associate purchased approximately 78,000 shares In the. Garden. At that time he became chairman of the board and again took over management of hockey. I Tonight's letter said Hammond understood he was to complete control of the Garden management when he purchased his stock, but this has been denied him. Kilpatrick. former Vale football player and sportsman, became president in June, 1933 He retained his presidency and managerial capacity, even after Hammond bought In, because of hi backing by a large group of stockholders. If Hammond becomes president and manager and the percentage is heavily in his favor he is certain to make a clean sweep of the Garden's boxing department, headed now by Promoter Jimmy Johnston. Hammond has been trying to fire Johnston for some time, but couldn't because of Kilpatrick. . o Week's Games Are Scheduled Schedule of games in three soft- ball leagues for the week follow: Night League: Monday. Korrick's vs " Shumway, 7:45 p. m.; Thursday. Owl Drug.ys Coffee Pot, same time; Friday; Shumway vs Marston, 8:43 p.; m. ' Class C: -Today. Hotel Adams vs Water Users at Osborn: A. B. Club vs Five Points Ice, Kenilworth; Texaco vs O'Malley. Southwest Glass-ford: Capital Fuel vs Atlas Tires. Kmerson: all games start at 6:15 p. m. Thursday, Hotel Adams vs Capital Fuel at Kenilworth; A. B. Club vs Texas Company. Southeast University; Central Dairy vs Arizona Launi( y. Southwest Glassford: Water Users vs Atlas Tire, Osborn; O'Malley vs Southern Pacific, Northwest University; 6:15 p. m. Class B: Wednesday, Donofrio's vs O. C. Coffee Shop. Osborn: K. C. Club vs Dorris llewraan at Kmerson; W. W. Springs vs Independents at Southwest University; Paul Ben nett vs Phi Chi, Kenilworth; p. m. THE BIG SIX Dr Aaaaeiatetf Freaa) G AB R H Pet. VauBhan. Pirates 1S 3T 89 15 J .407 Medwick. Cardinals 110 4 1 i 1S3 .368 Voamik. Indiana 119 43 S 160 .346 Cramer, Athletics 105 466 73 161 .346 Greenberg. Tlsera 111 41 94 159 .343 iMyer. Senators 110 447 S3' 154 .345 Hartnett, Cuba 91 329 47 109 .341 Selkirk Paces Yankees Vin "DETROIT, Aug. 19. (AP) Paced by George Selkirk, who was instrumental in all of their runs, the New Tork Yankees snapped their losing streak at three games today as they turned back-the Detroit Tigers, 7 to 5. in the third game of the series, before an overflow crowd of 32,000. The defeat cut the Tigers" margin over - the Yanks to seven games. NEW TORK Comb. If 5 Itolfe.Sb 3 5 4 Selkirk.rf 5 Di key.c 5 Lazzeri.sR 4 SltzKvr, 2b Broara.p 5 Brown, p 3 AB H O A' 0; F"ox.rf 0i White, cf 0:Ghrnur.2b l' iGoslin.lf ,Ro;rell.fs DETROIT AB II OA Totals 3: Haywrth.c 4 5 Owen. 3b 4 0; Sorrell.p 0 1 : Hoesptt.n 2 ;t. Walker 1 40 16 27 10 Sullivan. p 0 ;tfCchrane 1 1 2 3 2 2 1 2 12 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 Totals 37 11 27 13 tRailed for Hocaett in seventh. T Battfd for Sullivan in ninth. NEW TORK 301 010 101 7 DETROIT . . 000 310 001 5 Runs Chapman 2, Gehritr 2. Selkirk 3. White. Gehriniter. Greenbere. Goslin, Cochrane. Error Saltzcaver. Runs batted in Selkirk 4. Dickey 2. Greenberg-. Goslin. Gehrinieer 2. Brown. Two-bam hits Gehric 2. Selkirk 2. Chapman. Comhs, Gehrinser. White. Greenberg 2. Goslin. Double plays Saltzsraver. Lazzeri and Gehris: Lazzeri. Saltzeaver and Gehrig: HoBsett. Rosell and Greenberjr. Base on halls Sorrell 1. Hogsett 2. Sullivan 3. Broaca 2. Brown 1. Strike outs Sorrell 1. Hosrsett 1. Sullivan 1. Broaca 1. Brown Winning- pitcher Broaca. Loams pitcher Sorrell. Trosky Clout Aids Indians CLEVELAND, Aug. 19. (AP) Hal Trosky's home run with the bases loaded in the eighth inning helped the Cleveland Indians defeat the Washington Senators, to day. 1 1 to 5. I CLEVELAND- i AI - - AB H O- A WASHINGTON AB H O Manush.lf Myer.2b Schulte.rf Travis. 3h Powell. cf Holbrook.c 4 Hadley.p 3 TKress 1 Totals 111 1 A I Galatzr.rf 5 2 6 OlAverill.rf 4 13 2iVosmik.lf 4 3 3 0 0 Trosky. lb 6 3 7 0 l'Hale.3b 4 3 2 0 3 2 0 4 7:Rerser.2b 2 2 2 I'WnegTnr 1 0 e 0 4iHuhes.2b 1 0 1 1 O'BrenseUc 4 1-41 Stewart. p 2 0 0 1 33 13 24 15; "Wright 110 0 Lee.p 110 0 9.ii with Dr. L. K. Botts. Wauseon. O.. and Dillie Craig, Berry. Ky.. to take the crown. First Entry Is Filed In Annual Marathon piIOEN'IX boys greeted with enthusiasm jesterday the announcement of the ninth annual Arizona Republic Modified Labor Day marathon, scheduled this year Monday morning, September 2. and the first entry blank was delivered at the newspaper office by early afternoon. It came from Virgil Diaz, 1238 Kast Madison street. He is IS years old. and already has started training; to compete in one of the twinevents.f fthat open to white boys. The oth- such as appears on this page, with er rie is limited to. Indians. whoi-he I-ibor Day Modified Marathon in the past have proved themselves Editor at the Republic office. mu" easier man tne palefaces I Gold, silver end bronze medals mat mey nabhed all the honors. will be awarded by the Republic to ,ine two races win pe held overjthe first, second and third place me uwimi two rune course, starting (winners, respectively, in both races in i mm o tne liepumic office oniA theater ticket will be ... iu v.TOiri avenue ana imisnine to everv Totals 37 11 16 27 fRatted for Hadley in ninth. Batted for Breer in aixth. Batted for Stewart in sixth. WASHINGTON' 020 201 000 5 CLEVELAND 300 011 06x 11 Runs Schulte, Travis. Powell, Hol-brook 2. Galatzer 2. A-erill 2. Vosmik 2.' Trosky 2. Hale. Knickerbocker. Lee. Error Knickerbocker. Runa batted in Kuhel 2. Powell. Holbrook, Hadiey. Galatzer. Averill 2. Troxky 4. Hale. Knickerbocker 2. Lee. Two-base hits Vosmik 2. Hale. Knickerbocker. Manush. Schulte, Three- baae hita Galatzer 2. Home runs Averill. Trosky. Double plays Kuhel. Bluece and Myers: Bluse . and Kuhel.; Bluece, Slyer and Kuhel. bases on balls Hadley 4. Lee 1. Strike outs By Hadley 3. Stewart 1. Lee 1. Winning pitcher Lee. O - Barrows Beats Soupac 6 To S Errors almost cost the Barrows team its game yesterday evening with the Southern Pacific club, but the furniture boys finally nosed out the railroaders. 6 to 5. In another close game, the O. B. Marston team finally eked out a 3 to l victory over the Camels at Capitol school. Seville and Merke fwrre the battery for Marston's and Calan and Jones were doing the work for the Camels. Paul Bennett's squad took an easy one from the Knights of Columbus, 10 to a, at Glassford park. However, errors made the big score possible. Bennetts made only six hits to account for the 10 runs. BARROWS SOUTHERN' PACIFIC Mendoza and Barrows; and Arnold. Record State Aquatic Meet Is Foreseen A RIZOXA'S crack swimmers will vie for honors at the 11th annual State AAU swimming and diving championships at Tempe Beach Thursday and Frldav nights. The greatest array or taienx ever t wi-rnrm in the state's history mHii naiAii hnwn and sneed in the iimm!ni events, and Tace and ae-ilitv in the diving. Carl' Moore. Arizona's veteran aquatic ace once again will try to regain the supremacy he once v.oii ) mMdiA distance y swim- inst the brilliant Kenneth McVev of Tucson, the lad who last year swooped down upon tin. twimmine- kingdom dominated hv Carl and carried away the middle distance championships as his loot. Moore has lust returnea from the Pacific coast where he has t.een under intensive training. He nartieinated in the Southern Cali fornia AAU swimming and diving championships at Long Beach and placed second in the mi - ana imru in a half-mile against California's greatest swimmers.. FMentv ut uomDetition Another CTeat battle looms In the three-meter spring board div University nark, the present state champion, and Horace Coiner, ana David Murdock of Tempe. both former state champions. Howard Blout of Globe, a former champ, will also furnish plenty of competition. The achievements of Dick nix.- ney since last season nave raieu him as a truly great swimmer. His winning the Southern Pacific Junior 220 breast stroke title at Los Angeles this summer in 3:19,' and in subsequent races he has cut this time down to 3:12 and then to 3:u, marks him as a threat in any race. He also holds many other state records. New Stars Appear Xcw stars coming up and who will ftirn ish a livelv battle in this meet are Louise Moore, sensational new diving prospect, and Jerry Dovle. a classv performer, both in the low board diving. Charles Gale and Jackie Xewhall look very good in their respective classes as does the veteran Bud Xewhall and Kath-erine Gould, who smashed to three new state records in last years state meet. Miss Gould has been out of training up to the present time this season due to injuries but has taken to the water again and hopes are high for her come back. Tempe, Globe and lucson have very strong teams this year and the University team will De hard pressed to retain its supremacy. The greatest state meet in history is in sight this year. . Some of the outstanding stars from Globe who are expected to compete are Tommy, Xellie, Harold and Sybyl Anderson, swimming lam-ilv of S. S. Anderson. Ou'. nding swimmers from Tucson are Roger Kline. Kenneth McVey. Gene Rich-ey. Miss Steger and Kenneth Mc-Kenna. From Tempe Elizabeth Hampton. Lilly Mae White. Modcna McAnarney, Bobby McCann. Glendale swimmers to compete will include William Wade, sensational freestyle swimmer. Wayne Pitts, diver and Tommy Anderson swimmer. o Home min ERDEPS (By Associated Frees) Pnn Athletics: Johnson, Ath letics; Averill, Indians; Trosky. Indians; Hayes. White Sox; Tiet, White Sox: Herman, iteas. The leaders: Greenberg. xigers 31: Berger, Braves 26. League totals: isaugnu .. American B2. Jewels NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. Pet. i W. L- Pet. New Tork 71 41 -34 Brooklyn 52 59 -4S8 St. Louis 67 43 .609 Philadel. 60 64 .4.19 Chicago 71 47 .602 Cincinnati 49 67 .422 Pittsburgh 3 54 .53S Boston 32 81 .283 Yeaterday's Keonlta Chiraso 2; Philadelphia 1. New York 4: Cincinnati 3. tOnly aames played). Teday'a Games Pittshursh at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at New York. Chicaeo at Philadelphia. St. Louis at Boston. AMERICAN I.EAC.CE W. L. Pct.l W. L. Pet. Detroit 70 40 .636 1 Cleveland 67 5 .514 New York 62 46 .574 I Philadel. 4S 57 .457 Boston 6 53 .623) WashinB. 47 65 .420 Chicago 55 62 .514 St. Louts 33 S3 .361 Yesterday's Reaiilta Philadelphia 3-: Chicaeo 7-4. New Tork 7: Detroit S. Cleveland 11; Waahinicton 5. (Only eame played'. Toiiuy'a fiames Philadelphia at Chicaeo. Poaton at iit. Tuia. New Tork at Detroit. Waahincton at Cleveland. 12 S 5 9 S Shaeffer BENNETT'S 10 2 KNIGHTS 5 4 4 Cross and Fahlen; Sullivan, Hal- loran and Murphy. o Cobb, Jewelers Score At Miami MIAMI. Aug. 19. Cobb Brothers defeated the Outlaws by a score of S - to 1 and the Cubitto Jewelers downed the American Legionnaires by a score of is to 9 in a twin bill presented by the Miami Softball league yesterday. The sroree: COBB BROTHERS 8 7 5 OUTLAWS 13 2 Lacey and Bricker; Kanard and Knauer, PACIFIC COAST LEAGFE Team W. L. Pet. Team W. L. Pet. Miaaion Frineo Portland Seattle 37 27 .57SjOakland 32 21 .503 35 16 .874 'L-AneJe 31 30 .501 36 27 .571!Sacrmntn 25 38 .397 33 28 .533 Hollywood 32 43 .344 YeaterdaT a Result (No camea acheduled). INTERNATIONAL l.EACPE Montreal Buffalo Syracuse Baltimore W. L. Pct.l 76 65 .ES0 Toronto 74 58 .S61'Newark 74 60 .562 Rocheater 71 63 .630i Albany Yesterday's Keotllta Baltimore 2-3: Albany 12-0. Rocheatcr t: Buffalo 6. Today's t.amea Toronto at Montreal. Buffalo at Ro -heater. Baltimore at Albany. Newark at Syracuse. W. L. Pet. 70 63 .526 66 67 .496 53 76 .411 44 S6 .338 lust inside Riverside park The marathon eents sre limited to boys IT years old or under. The only necessary qualification to enter is- the filing of an entry blank. presented runner who completes the race by officials or Uickards and Nace rublix theaters, who each year co-operate with the Republic in staging the amateur pavement-poundtog derbies. ok an inteeret in joe wnen ne aawi " m fight in Ms amateur days and; G ts-lm. II usht him his first ring outfit, nasi MfllOr tDOTTuOll ENTRY BLANK Ninth Annual Arizona Republic Labor Day Marathon riease enter my name s a participant in the Ninth Annual Modified Marathon Race to be held Monday, September 2. 1535. Name ,, tm" Address -Age. .jonmnM Telephone... LEGION 9 S 4 JEWELERS 18 8 2 Lawrence and Hutchinson; Mar-rietti and Reyes. The league standings as compiled thic morning by D. W. Swihart. secretary of the Young Men's Chris-; tian Association, sponsor of the league, shows that the Cubitto Jewelers and the Cobb Grocers are tied for the lead, each having won '7 and lost 2 games. The Legionnaires and Postal Clerks are tied for third place with 4 wins and 5 losses, the Ryan Druggists hold fifth place with 3 wins and 41 loeses while the Outlaws! control the cellar position with 2 imins and 7 losses. i t ! O . ! BLUES DOUBLE GATE r KANSAS CITY. Mo Aur. 19. TEXAS I.EAGtE W. L. Pet.. Beaumont 79 59 ,573' Houston Okla.Crty 79 61 .564 S.Antonio Galveston 71 Ci .,22 Ft. Worth Tulaa 41 CS .504 Dallas Veaterday'a Resnlts Beaumont 6-4; San Antonio 0-S Oklahoma City 3; Tulsa, S. Houston 5; Fort Worth I. W. L. Pet. 67 70 .43 6S 73 .471 58 73 .421 C2 74 .451 Book Game Tonight PROBABLY the: last time fans mav see the Fhoenix Jewels be fore they leave tomorrow on their championship tour to Chicago will be tonight. The Jewels will meet the speedy Arizona Laundry team at L-niver sity park at 8:15 o'clock. The championship team may be all bedecked in new suits, brilliant red jockey silk and something that will even knock the eye out or tne most hardened Southside Chf-cagoan. The suits are due in Phoenix this ftiorning. Some of the best pitching seen in Phoenix also may be expected toniarht. for the two Pauls, Watson for the Jewels and Callow ror tne Laundry, will be on the mound. The trip east, it was pointed out, will cost much money despite the comparatively low transportation cost by bus. Therefore, tne proceeds of tonight's game will go to defray expenses. The Jewels lack some $300 before they can make the trip. It is possible the Jewels may play here tomorrow night before leaving for Douglas where they will play the runners-up in the -state tournament. However, officials of the team hope to make enough money tonight to make another game unnecessary. "We'll promise two runs for every one the Laundry boys make," one Jewel well known to fans said in an attempt to "show everybody we'll be out there to warrant support. o State Golfers Enter Tourney TAEL MONTE, Calif., Aug. 19 (AP) California's leading amateur and professional golfers, with few exceptions, will teo off tomorrow at the Tebble Beach links in the first rortnd of "the 72 hole medal plaj-, three-day open championship. The entry list of 118 numbers many stars from the Pacific Northwest in addition to contenders from virtually every section of California. The state's No. 1 amateur shotmaker, Lawson Little, will not be on hand but . the state's title holder among the simon-pures, Stuart Hawley of Oakland, will head an imposing delegation of players who will match strokes with the pros. i Favorites among the professionals include Kan Francisco's Willie Cog-gin, holder of the Northern California open title; Willie Hunter of Culver City, Arthur Bell, San Mateo, Ben Coltrin, San Francisco. Fred Morrison of Pasadena, . Cam Puget of Pebble Beach and Al and Kmcry Zimmerman, brothers from Portland j who between them already have won many tournaments in the Northwest ' this year. First round pairing include: Gray Madison. Pretscott, Ariz.; Charles j Sheppard, Pleasanton, Calif.; Ja-k Gaines, Glendale. Ixs Madison. Hollywood; Cam Puget, Ttebblc Beach; Tom Dwyer. Sacramento. Robert Edgren. jr., Monterey; Billy Low, .Phoenix. Ariz.; E. If. I Burnham, San Francisco. j o- , Eight Qualify j F of Field Meet Eight juniors placed In the finals' for the Junior oftball field- day1 meet yesterday at University park.: with preliminaries for other teams! to be held at 10 a. m. today. j Thoee who took places for the Phoenix Cardinals are Ernest Pina, Edward Corral. Fernando Sequoia, Luis Rocha. Henry Tarzan and Albert Torres. Central Junior who qualified are Armando Corrella and Refugio Truiillo. o Cards Trail New Yorker! Three Garni VTEW YORK. Aug. 19. (A 1 ' Til. Vo -VrifXr rMonta ! .111. . . V , . AV-.X v. I 'l J l l ., V-....IV1 vantage of the Cardinals' idlcl today and increased their lea three full games as they came behind to whip the Cincinnati 4 to 3 in 10 innings. Dick Bartell struck the dec blow after the league leaders kuuupo tne count m tne eight!, CIXCIXNATI I NEW TOR ling 3 Slade.aa S Herman. If t 4 Goodmn.rf 4 RiKt.3b 3 Knckson.e S Kmpra. Ib 4 Preitas.p 4 Brennan.p 0 1BH OA! AB Totala S3 O A 1 0 14 1 1 57 10 SO 1 0: J.Moore. If S Jarkan.Sb 0' Terry, lb 9 Ott.rf 0 Koenia.'b 4 2 Manrueo.c 5 Bartell. as 1 fastlmn.p 0 rannins -E.Moore. 9 13, Totals Two out when winnina run scored. Kalted for Castleman in aixth. CINCINNATI 001 00 flflfl a NKW YORK 100 001 C10 14 Runa 8 lade J. Herman. J. Moore. Ott !. Koenic. Errors Bartell. Slade. Runa batted in Ott. Sullivan. Herman 2. Riw telL Manruso. Two-basa hita Ott. Slada, Home run Herman. Double playa. Koenis, Bartell and Terry; Kricknon anf Kisa-a. Barea on balla Oalleroan i, Preitaa 5, K. Moore 2. Brennan 1. Strika outa Castleman 1. Freitaa 1. K. Moor 1, Winning pitcher E. Moor. Los in pitchaa Freitaa. CUBS 2; PHILLIES 1 piIILADKLrillA, Aug. 19. (AP), The Chicago Cubs came throuci with a 2 to 1 decision over tha Phillies today to go into a virtual tie for second place with the idlt St, Louis Cardinals. CHICAGO AB H Cialan.lf 3 0 Hewnn.Sb 4 Klein. rf 4 Hartnett.e 4 T.ndstm.of 3 4 Hack. 3b 2 Jurses.aa 3 Shoun.p 2 0 tO'Dea 1 1 French, p 0 Carleton.p 0 Totala 30 I rinLAPFT.rni O A AR H o A 2 0 Gomer. Tb 4 2 3 4 3 4j('hiozxa 0 0 0 1 0 0!'Wltera 0 0 0 1 4 SiWatkina.lf S 0 1 I 7 O A lien. cf 4 111 4 11. Moore. rf i 1 4 1 3; Vercex.3b 4 2 2 1 6 2 Haslin.aa 3 1 I 0 0 Sill 0 0, Wilson. o 3 1 1 0powman.p 2 0 0 1 0 0 Jonnaon.p 0 0 0 4 i'Tood 10 0 4 ( 27 12. Davis. p 0 0 0 t 1 Totala 34 ( 27 11 tBatted for Shoun in eighth. Ratted for Johnson in eichth. Batted for Gomel in ninth. Ran for Cblozza la ninth. CHICAGO 000 000 00 f PHILADKtPHlA 100 000 000 Runa Jurgeas. O'Pea. Cornel. Error Haslin. Runa baited in Moore. Herman L Two-baae. hita Wilaon, Herman, O'lVa, Hartnett. Stolen baaea Hack. Veraea, Doubla playa Moore to Wilaon: Herman, Jursea to Cavarretta. Baaea on bl!- Shoun 4. French 1. Row roan 2. Strikta outa Shoun 2. Bowman 2. Carleton . Winnlna; pitcher Shoun. Logins pilther Bowman. Boston Store Upset By WOW Providing one of the greatest una sets jn the girls" major league soft ball play, the rhocnix AVOW gir!i last night substantially subdued the Boston Store team, the first defeat for that squad in league play. Th score was 4-3. Hurling bang-up ball, .Krouse a!i lowed the Bostonians only thret hits. Ruby Karls smacked a homer and Lou Irvin brought in the winning run. 'Mesa WOW won from Marston'i last night by forfeit. PHOENIX WOW 4 9 1 BOSTON STORE I I I Krouse and Treble; Miller and Acuff. VINES RATES TOPS CLEVELAND. Aug. 19. Lester Stoefen says that Ellsworth Vines would beat Fred Perry in seven cut of 10 matches. Stoefen and Vin4) are professionals. Perry remains an amateur. -V- i V TV V-V. -'i.-.-L" ,- Korrick9s Beats Shumway s 8-1 Under the steady burling of Jones, the Korrick's softball aggre gation last night trounced the Shumway team 8 to 1 at Universitiy park. Jones allowed only two hits. Korrick's, tinder new management of Russell Bailey, has recently added new members, to its lineup, ready to take on the best teams In the citv. KORRICK'S S 92 SHUMWAY 123 Jones and Fields; Johnson and Kimball. tempi F0 3 PMIPACn UIIIUA.UU $3450 KANSAS CITr $:s 21 DENVER $1810 I Big nJmahm, jm Go East on our fame trains in aar-eond mooed coscbesor reclining chaif cars. Pares in touri sleepint; cars slightly higher. Low ares to sU pomlu SOUTHERN PAP.IP1C TICKET OFFICE AND TRAVEL BUREAU ADAMS HOTEL BLDG. PHONE 3-2121 Dallas 4 ; Galveston O- Field Day Trial Round Is Slated Last eliminations for the soft-ball field meet, will be held at University park Friday evening. Anyone who played in the Phoenix Softball League is eligible to enter and may qualify from 5 o'clock until dark. Members of the night league and employes division have been urged especially to try out, for the round Friday will be the last until the finals. Actual field day events will be held next week. The date will be announced by city recreation department officials as soon as they can -determine when Iiriv c .v Sauiri indjeu oy ineiparK win ne available. .Kansas City Blues of the American! The first six qualifiers in each 1 130.000 this IfK ettaf At 1 mm-m is expected to reach season, nearly double event will compete in the finals, with prizes of softball equipment avwattinc the winners. i f BRASIVES FINE AS CAKE FLOUR are used in th final honing process to flivo tfio Gillotto-'Dluo Blado" -its romorlcafalo, smooth finish. Horo's a blado that is ospocially procossod to shavo tondor skin without harshness or irritation. Soo for yourself. Got a package today. tsswtsMe "serehsnH give ye what yew mh fee. Is tteeat where ssfcsHttrtln Is peoctlxal tstUt oaisrts "Shte tloset ." ooanmni m m

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