The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 22, 1934
Page 6
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'PAGE SIX = ; ====r============^-^^ (Am.) COURIER Leachville Wins Consolation Final. Defeating Osceola In Preliminary. Tlie Blythevllle hfeh schoc ClilcXs won their own invftatlo tournament for (lie llrsl lime hci Saturday nlnht, defeating Cooler, Mo., nvc 31 to 17. Leachville defeated Osceola 3 to 18 In the consolation finals. Luxora, last year's winner, dl not participate In the tourney on Shawnee. another strong' team I this county was also mlsslm Eight teams representing scve 'schools In Mississippi county an Pemiscot county look part in ih meet. Blvthevlllc was represented b two teams a second or B team uls playing. Incidentally the Blylheviil seconds turned out to be one o the best teams tn the meet. They took much of the Interest out o the tourney by defeatlnc Coole In the first round. The Missouri am advanced to the finals been UK all games In which the Chlock rewinds plnycd were listed as exhibitions, the locals subbing for a team that d!d not appear The Blvlhrvllle B oulnt also defeated ore of the nrlncipals In the con- £ol"tfon flnal. I^achvllle. fMrn^.lVAs enminiljcd lit nivthe- ville in; the' second round, ijcnch- vllle, nnoth'er' former winner, fell early In the elimination. Other Rrhrwls parliciuatlng were Holland arrl Brnegadoclo. The champlonshlo final was slow nnrinir tlic first half with manv ff.iils committed on both sides At the end of thc half Ihe score'was ,. JL ln fnvor of the Chick var- sty. The Blvthevllle quint looked H'Hfgtsh until the nnal quarter when the locals clicked in good stvle for the first time In the panic. Tioton was hluh point man In the Chicks with 13 points and r-estrmg was high scorer for Cooler with six points. Koehler was credited with playin? tue most consistent - game for the chicks during the entire tournament For three quarters the two teams in the consolation finals appeared T "£!n, about eventy - mnlched. TcachvUle swept Into stride In the final period and pulled rapidly «"vay from fn* Seminoles before the same ended. Kennett was hteh scorer with 16 points and the l*achville forward also played an outstanding defensive game Box scores of the finals follow T Consolation I/yilIe.<37> Pos. osceola (18) F. F C G G i, Substutions — (Leachville) t^ars Cornice; (osceola) Wright. Pollard. Championship B'vllle (31) POS. cooler (17) F F C G. ;..:••--,. G summons 3 Substitutions —(Blythevllle) Rv?*'?• Blackwell 2, Brogdon 2 (Cooler) Strong 1, Copeland ~' McHaney 8 Kennett 1C Martin 8 Welnberg 3 Lucas 2 Moseley 5 Purtlc 2 Keohler 3 Wilson 2 Tlpton 13 Hastening (i Sea ((raws 2 Cnlscnhall 5 Caldwell 1 Lapldes 4 Terry 2 Allard 2 Gestring 6 Brown 3 Simmons 3 /rHBOUGH THE BY EVERETT S. DEAN ~~ Euketball Coach, Indiana Uni- • Basketball ts ful/of tricks and uncertain turns of fortune. The chance element carries appeal to the fans. Some incidents recorded in this article have been heartbreaking to the losing team. ... ,, Incili>na leam was Playim; t>e University of Minnesota at .^nneapolis during the season of .1™- In 1lana won in overtinje I™.*• on tne following play: „„' £$ ?£. ? an took: a mc dlum shot and the ball rebounded hl E h. stopping, momentarily on top of the « h "-- cen .asan each nt cu y college of New York....,,, addition to captaining „„« l-rring with ,,,e orljl,,,] Celtics, foremast ]m ,^ t> ^ ™ w . sql ,f [(l .... Nats onchi ^ (te annl| . a c N y » ' nost feared In Ihe cast....and since 1019 his te ; ,,,, s have ,,lay«l aw ";""•' ?' f ° r " P " CCmaBC °' •*"-•'" *° '^'l'™ Vets h e mt ' '"'r ( " !f( ' CU<;Ci °" ly °»«--»'«l '»i.v nr his «„, ht inv 7 '" "* C:lS ' mi e "'"»""»»-.AnU to think that Na ht have been „ baseball pitcher....,ov ,he Hc tf s olfcred lun a contract In 1919. «tween Franklin, in,]., high 5cho0 | nd Ihe. Masonic Home schuol earn of Uiu same city did nul «ldo the game, and Hint was nrlmmtc. A Fmnklln phiyer look long shot with on unusually iBli arc. The ball passed over a •oss beam In Ihe celllni; and (ell ion of the basket, bouncing from ie floor ngunlct the backboard ul through Ihe basket. One of the most colorful bas- ctball stories ever told Is that of he Cnrr Creek high school team Kentucky. Five or six yenrs aso ie Cnrr Creek [cam without Hie u of n coach, without suits, jhaut substitutes, and even Ithout a floor, went through a iccessfnl season and topiiert It I by winning thc stale cliamp- nship and making n fine showing the national tournament at Chl- 50. They played In overalls ul ie stale tournament nt LexInK- )ell Girls and Bovs Win Thursday Night The Dell plrls and boys won two •mcs In a roiind robin cage event I Ihe armory Thursday night, no Yarbro Independents lost a icnrtB " CCls!o11 lo lhc Dcl1 ln - rhe Dril boys detected "thr" Ar- lorel school boys 19 to 18 and ihe i 1, f lrlmmcrt the Yarbro is 13 lo 12. The Yarbro boys * one on ihe chin from the rmorel boys, n to o. The line-np ot the Ytvrbro tn- epcndenlji against the Dell itide- fmlents follows: 'arbro (H) PCS. Dell <2Ji Varrlnston P Mo ^< 242 [ertVv i. P Hc "<ier«m 8 ™*e2 n " Ol "" ln 4 a SKC 2 c. Koehler 4 K 8 « """«"•-' o Kiiin I'rajaiHiipok is ruler or K1AM. 1.AKI-: ()[.' 'rilH OZAIIKS, cTiili-jil Jli»snui'i, is .tlni win-Ill's Ini'Ki'Kt artificial l:il.v. llll()IQ;j('S Til' won llio )'.':',?• Kentucky Derby. "K men by Coach Eugene Harris- Charles Walnen,. (1934 canmlii) Paul -Blake, nickey Weslbrook. Milton Clinton, James Easclcy. T. L. Streelcr. .Newell Jerome. Claude Lynch. Claude Shaw. Cleveland Porter, Marlon Easelcy. Nelson Gray and • Eddie Woodslde. ROXY Last Time Way Matinee 2:30— 10c - 25c Nile>, 10-25c ' 1Y WOMAN' with Helen Twv'lvelrees Victor Jory Charley Chose Comedy Novell v Red Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25c - upper right corner of thc blackboard Is two inches thick across the top. The ball hesitated a second and started Its perilous trip across tnc top edge of the same. It rolled very slowly tor three feet . to the. middle of the board where it suddenly lost Its balance, fnll- . ing throug the basket. Before the new t*n r second rule was passed, Georgetown,' 111., won] a I to 0 basketball game from / Fairmount in a sectional touma- • m«nt. This game depict* one of the : sins ot stalling. During the 1932 season Logansport and Lafayette, two of Indiana's, finest hi?h school teams, . played a tie game 9-9, triple overtime. This is another example of .» freak game probably caused by OTCT cautious and stalling tuc- «* In Hayti Indians Divide Games With Diehlstadt HAYTI. Mo7- The Havtl In- Jlnns split n doubleheader with lh c Dlehlftndt teams here Friday The girls lost. 37 to 28. after leading during the first half. The boys game was fast and in- erreting keeping the fans on Incir feet all during the game The fore was lied. 21 to 21. with'onlv one minute to play. A foul shot was made by Hall of Havli. mak- »!E the final score 22 to"21. Sweaters Given Members i Of Wilson Grid Eleven -WILSON. ATk~Al a spccj chapel mecllng Friday morning sweaters were awarded members 1 of the 1933 Wilson high school. Bulldog eleven. ! wFBti-r^ Bftfc tltf! I"" M!"(^,.' COLIN CLIVE !/•!<•* KUIRKE Hooks and Slides ; Braucher of Basebai; •lhc .small towns still -lead llielr i,y brothers in His mutter 01 •iWJcJNHj the world with]as.s ::ill playcis. A st-:dy O f lhc new Ajuuk-au League rnstf-rs furnliheti nmually by thin bi.Mling iniblielKt Ilinry Pleneponl Edwards dlV l'-'"i lhal only 2fi of the llo'yo.mJ ', n -.selected, pnii-hased or ru- "ll'd by Ami-rlan I.enijue cluli.; .!•• (KJIII Ihe liii-Rn-. cities. Chicago lead.s in prodiicllmi o, vtiry (or ihe bl;; .show, with five '««. Of t'-.i-ec are home •mil toys kelng •.licd'oni, by n,,. White Sox—1'iiclmi.s Ira i< n^. u'Uif.uii iiiKi John Joseph ' Hm-k •nd Outfielder Mil'on Frank n u "ek Aiir.tlier ClilciiKuiii) h Indelder Re,"- Si-lialk, Ixjlni; ini-p,, Mlui| | .^ /:mkces. The ctlu-r Is Piidier l-',i -Hike, Joining the champion Sen iturs. Few cllics fnrnljticil more u ni , ' recruit lor (he I.eaijiie Hits you i. pli|]i,di'l]jtila filters lour, Nov.- Orlr-iius four. New V..rk City I'A-o, S::!i Ki; two. Ujlllmoic one. Cincinnati', Cleveland one. MC.--I of the lads began the niis- :,u;-.5 ol life In suc-h io:ii!nui:i'.ic:> :IH Hoxle. Kan.: rtureni. Ariz.; t'ahtpa, Ala.; Mnlbeny, Ttiin.; 1'enatook, N, II., am | KOUWI- One siniill town piodiiml r.m inndldak-s. Tlio trv.n i-. n,,-:,i,n'. Ala., and-Ihe' Iwo are Outl.'elilcr Hay ^Pepp.-i' und Pitcher 'ln.nt ranks Scwcjl. ..- h' ftem to k-ud :n ilu- KUj>j)lyln-j..oI Ivory. Tli,':v .,;T. :• i Imtuncc, those lour I-M\-< ixi:n ;n New Orli'iij.s. One Is 0,11:1.'!!.. r frii.rgc Hlusnjif. rci-.-illccl i...- Hi,. K. .1 :-<».. /Minthcr Is <\'k- liuniii.. -., lll.Sl lj;iKC,lllin ])HHlla-A'll I)'. 1,11- '.Vhn> fifix. The t!ii|'d k Oiiu.. lu.-r Ji.hiiny Oulliljer, pi,i-i-hasi'd I;-, in.- :i'di;ii>s. 'Ihe fourth, also !•:'::.:'i" ilici. IJI!1 I'eri'iii'.' Anil Clay tenter tjiilncy, ill., oilers a pitehtr i.aini'd Frity. OMennin-lli i (o Hi! 1 Ht-,1 Ko.\. Fritz is one .,! me »:'ire iJiuinlsing ol lhc io<i!:.s. h:iv- ;":! won Ji; gmnc.s '.vlille IOMII; 'I lo;- Kuclic.ster l;u,t year Ix'fmv I-U.H- i.i:: doMn wiih aiiiK'iHiicitis. I'fom Allstcn, Mns.s.. comes l-ili'licr Justin .Mrl.auijhliii. rt- i; 1'eil by (he :y-'inciiaud. rt- , I'atieeil Red Kox. Trum Iiiiki^iiil- .inc,'. QIC., comes Piiclic-r Dale 22, 1934 ions ij ilsc .. ! Use Korv.".iy, Is trylna out Km,. ! "Sleepy" Mills, via i'eorla, Uayton ; i.iit' Klmlra, lo thv White Sox. Clay i-.-r.tcr. Kan., foiiii- Catchei- Mor, f:'i: J. .Snydei 1 to Die same team. The Indians have acquired Oiit- :i't!t:er Julian "Hal..." Johnson, bom ::. Hi-.istad, Minn., i.vni Hal Tioii:v .':-.. Troskys. Detii ! tidon Anker frun |.:.d 1'itdicr j c ... "'i i;:u" 'sulUvan! I l:0!ii Mason City. 111. 'U:e Yankees ha.-<.- Second iiase-j .."un Don lif>ifr.(..|' ;:cn:i Hou/ervlllc,'. -•a, n:nl Piu-lh'i' ?ia:-vin Webber liuku fiom S'-n<ii,i. Cia. Phji.idel- l.'hiu h;is 1'llehei- Gtw 0 'e MatuzaK "lio was l.-oMi in c'.:i:ei'. .Mich., and Senatora :11( . fniUiyiny -11-i-:, ((„• m.ullK-r ji-nniini by aciiiiim:; i>iulu..- I'.uy- i nnoUvr lelt- . , -'-'I'll*. Ah. Ml,, U:,ir <,:,„.,!'•"«• in the las", -twia . :1 .,it<, ,,,.. ^•c obably limnc if.-, iv. ri > a ' rcu '' l) " !l<;r «'" your Cardwcll High Teams Defeat Marmaduke Cardwe-11 lending by one point 19- lo. slde'r liiTnna'r 0 W " S rathcr 1)l!c ' duke ?c 7 ored J ' 0r n" a ' i " la ' 22 -' lBMll ™ r '- Ili.H half. ' " lc As a preliminary the Cardwell ivei'l slli" B1 PlayW ' " 10 CarU ' Inn 0-9' 81!1<<> ?l:U3 ' " 1C " cole te- J, Floyd Pierce vefereed the two hli;li school games, c. w. Mickey icure-keeper; K. Harrison, limer V/iison and Reiser Split Two Cage Games WILSO.N-. Aik.-vvil.son and Kci- £er split.' even I n i, vo (iiiini'S he: 1 !- Friday night. The Wil.'tui, v.'iin 1C 10 7 while the Reiser Kirk triumphed The. .schedule for Iollowin» eah, t -i follows; •Jan. as. Osceola. there; Jan 30, here; Feb. 2, Marl-ed Tree, ihr-re; Fell. C, Reiser, there 1 Feb. D, LiiTOra. here, Feb n' Biiawnee. there; Feb. 27, Marked Tree, lieie. . * *•« Welch To '|\ lkc On Ncwoiner | n Main Gii 1\)ni,r|,f Ao.-rne Cardwcll high school basketball teams defeated Marmaduke here Friday t'arly in the Ba mc the Manna- duke girls gained :i 10-point lead uut the Indians gnl i,,( 0 their stride with the game ended wilh Roy Welch, a frequent ii<>,f , i ihn local aiena. and ^[°™ cr i coma, a newcomer, will mix ln l°" I feature match on tonight's w, te ! 0 j-llny enrd at the armory. Welch is a veteran and Is rii.,1 • ed-with a variety of gri^ . »'•» as bcliif n tough boy on o- nision. Chomoca Is an unkim^ • "niounl as far as local ,Z fa*£ i "''' Concerned. They meet, over 1 lm?, \° out of "'W falls, two . »™r time limit, routc i In lhc one hour time limit'pre- nd AU T ° ny , Lawo of M «»PW» i!i"cr Si mt0111 [ " e ' Io "" er Thormon lm 0 boMd cSr '*"' le ™°*" "Iso apjx'ared as'.u niatman work•'non de plyme' 1 on Drink BUDWEISER LAST TIME TODAY! M:i». 2:30, 10-2f,c I Nile <);<>!•>, 10-35c ; Warner Baxter in 'AS HUSBANDS GO' I'iirnmounl News Jlusical Short "Rufiis Jones" with Klh Waters Tuesday - Weds. MAT.—10-25c NITK—l(l-35c Throw "Conventions" To the \Viml in Carlocm "Olo King Comody "Hcer £ ['i A Musical Hovi folc" 7n Reply to Your Classified AcP I'otir lines or llirnc linos or two in the Conner News— and ;i httlu oal'o rlinngcs linnds, an aginv; couple gets anlo fi-ans|iorl:ilinn south, two heart-l.roken sweet- hearls are frioiuls iiR.iin. A telephone stow, focused into ;t low clear, economical words by a helpful ad- taker—and the second Moor back finds a roomer, Lizzie iimls a now enrage, Johniiy linds liis terrier. sre \vntits. everyday wants, wants urgent and trivial tiiul a voice and an.answer in the Courier News Classifieds—and bring to every Courier News reader a pajje filled with drama often, witli thrill' occasionally, with OI'1'OIITUMTV always. COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS

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