Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 6, 1934 · Page 9
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 9

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1934
Page 9
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0 The greatest circulation in the inland Southwest is built entirely on the merit of the newspaper. All the arm that is worth printing erred by the complete news services of The Associated Press and The United Press. (Section (Section Two) Two) 45th Year, No. 19. Phoenix, Arizona Wednesday Morning, June 6, 1994 - i -------- . .. ,i i - Beginners' 50 - Foot Swim State Auditor Post Sought By B. B.Gibbs Of Phoenix of the Xational Academy of Music, New Tork City. He is visiting in Phoenix until lata August when be goes to Hollywood y enter pictures. He will be accompanied ' on the - Biano by Alfred Becker. The Longview Trio also will sing. It is composed of L. Forbest, B. J. Roth and K. Riggins with IJlery Riggins as accompanist. W. D. O'Neil will be chairman. Tests Will Be Given Today Co-operation with other state departments in an effort to obtain bet ter accounting practices will be the pfr,gr t a large rroup of the -..--t-: aim of B. B. Gibbs. Phoenix, if nom Hirams To Hear Story Of Cruise Members of the Phoenix Hiram club will take a "mythical" trip around the Mediterranean sea this noon with the United States navy. Joe Misteli chief petty officer in the navy, recruiting officer in Phoenix, will describe the trip. He will be the speaker at the weekly luncheon meeting of the club in the Masonic temple at 12:10 p. m. today. The musical program will be fur-ished by Thomas Redican. 22-year-old lyric tenor, concert and radio artist. He studied voice tinder Prof. Henri T. Le Zott, former dean Voting Machines Due August 1 Forty-five automatic voting machine for use in next fall's state and county elections w ill be delivered here for distribution by Au st 1, the Maricopa County Board of .Supervisors has been advised by the Xew York office of the voting machine company. 1) ?ii3nt enronea in in eigmn naul free I-earn-to-Hwirn cam-.,tf at University park municipal JVimnufiK pool, has been o rapid tka during today's lesson they will N jnn an opportunity to pui the tig finer' 10-foot swim test, A. H. Amt, general director of the ant, announced yesterday. jter1 y was the second day of n " Although attendance 'rr.ehat diminished due to windy and unusually cool weather tor th. time .f the year, the prog-,. und reaulta of yesterday In-ffr.,rt.ffi el no4 out remarkably Mi. vber aaul. Board Begins Budget Work Preparation of Maricopa county's budget for the 1 r .1 4 -3 5 fiscal year has hef-n started hy the board of supervisors. Oris Uoldren, clerk of the board, announced yesterday. All county officers and depart-heads have been asked by the hoard to furnish estimates of their finan tOW WASHINGTON Thieves Loot , Homes, Autos Five hogs and a. quantity of bathroom equipment were among the loot taken by thieves and burglars in raids on homes and business places in and around Phoenix Monday night and yesterday morning, according to police reports. C. K. Barkley, Peoria, reported theft of five hogs and seven pigs from his ranch yesterday by thieves who cut a wire fence. They were valued at $50 and a reward is offered for arrest and conviction of the thieves. The Quick Seed and Feed Company. Second avenue and Jefferson street, told police that two sacks of alfalfa seed were stolen from their warehouse in Alhambra. A tire and rim valued at $5 were stolen from an automobile owned by K. O. Schlotzhour, 331 Xorth Second avenue, while, it was parked in front of his home. J. Burkhart. 110S West Adams street, reported theft of a tire and rim from his automobile, parked at his home. Jesse H. Baker, who gave no address, advised police that a one ton chain block was stolen from his ranch near Phoenix. A quantity of bathroom equipment was stolen from a vacant lions at 1612 Snow Flake street, Mont Anderson. 1515 West Jefferson street, told police. A young burglar, who boldly entered the unlocked front door of the home of Mrs. Txttie Blood-worth. 1143 Kast Brill street, snatched a purse containing $23 cash and two rings, and fled early yesterday, is being sought by In addition to these machines inated and elected to the office of state auditor, he declared in announcing his candidacy for the office, subject to the action of the lOemocratic primary, September 11. "If nominated and elected, I shall conduct the office along strict economic lines, Mr. Gibbs stated in his announcement, "consistent with my expert training. Co-operation with other state departments will be maintained at all times in an effort toward better accounting practices. Harmony will prevail so long as a sincere desire is demonstrated to operate within the budget, and in accord with the statutes enacted governing expenditures of public funds. "In exercising the power of appointment of the personnel of the office of the auditor, consideration will not only be given to the qualification of the persons and their fitness for the job, but also to their amenities toward the general public." Mr. Gibbs has been a resident of Arizona since 1905, coming to this state from his native state, Texas, and locating in Bisbee. Later he moved to Globe. He has been a resident of Phoenix since 1927, and is a property owner and taxpayer in the city, county, and state. He y wnicn are to be purchased by the county through a rental agreement under which they will be paid for rn-in-iin r o u r w e, .u,rh ill extend over Fndn.y, has 7th St. and.McKinley I ,,,n arranged jointly under aua-. of the Arizona Republic and ti.t Touns Men's and Voting Wo lr;n i Ct.'if'ian Association. Specials for Wednesday and Thursday cial requirements for the year at the earliest possible date so they may tie thoroughly studied by the board. While, officials said, it is too early to estimate next year's requirements, the board of supervisors expects that all county departments will hold down their costs for the year to the lowest amount consistent with proper operation of county government. The budget will not be adopted Trnferdaya Instruction in both nd girls' classes featured breathing exercise and "coasting" in alia How w ater. In toda y's out of actual election cost economies every two years, the company-offered to send five extra machines for next fall's primary and general election for temporary use without charge, and they have been accepted. The offer was made because it is expected that voting will be slower in the approaching elections than in subsequent years when voters will have been accustomed to use of the devices. i ie will be taken up a general review nf instruction given during ih. nt twu days, in addition to llJTTEInl Lb-2Sc Central Avenue Dairy finally until the latter part of August. o Woman Faces B. B. GIBBS rvnnn m Burglary Charge Charted with burglary, Faster Immediately alter their arrival, the machines will be set up in the various precincts to which they have been assigned, and instructors will te kept on duty daily to acquaint voters with their usage. 'ost of furnishing the instructors will be carried by the manufacturers of the machines, under the purchase agreement. o Two Men Face is 46 years of age, is married, and! has a family. j Mr. Gibbs studied business meth-! ods and higher accounting prac- j tices after graduating from high) school and college. His expert work i in accounting caused two nation-; ally known firms to send him to South America to handle the auditing of their operations there, he stated. He is a public accountant, li-; censed by the Arizona State Board! k Tall Can Bank Opens Kineses, til years old, appeared be -lore J.. VV. Piuitt. Kast Phoenix precinct court justice. yesterday Theater Scraps Wooden Horses LONDON". June 5. (CP) The afternoon and was released on her own re'osniZiince pending bearing which was set ior 1:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon. Superior Unit Borden's St. Charles Liquor Charges wooden horses on which the wild Valkyrie lurched for 50 y ears across the stasre of the r.oyal Covent She was taken into custody at an of Accountancy. Although he has held the positions of precinct and central committeeman of his party, he has never held a public office. .'nl dress in the in;u biocK on souin l-'irst street by K. A. Kdwaids and tht 50-foot texts for pupils who ! shown pellicular ability in the !. ToiP'Ttow ni Friday's lessons i.l (n particular attention to t- rnie hadward pupils. j? in not to he expected that the jHi.(ii em oiled in the course nr., ild iarn frytliing that Is to be iainel shout swimming in live je.rin," Mr. Veti-r said jesterday. A laike number, however, already r.;n m ;! maikid progress and if thv ail will do as they are told and Iniinw instructions implicitly, f.iv will leain a lot about swim-irn-.s l n t I Mday," TI.e finre. is limited to boys ami suls between 9 and 14 years nut. No mom em ollmenta ate be-m s nc'l'lul. jo ti'i me able, by the close Wie. roiux', to nana the 50-toot ttt .vill le awarded both VMCA luitti.nx ond beginners' swimming irrtilicafs through courtesy of tie Aili'iia Kipublic. Girls who lm this 1t will recene TWCA Hue ttmniiits tor their iwiinming .. A 'i (ixiinately 5(10 adults w ere ftevnt at the pool yehterday to mtno-i Hi? "iconil lesson of the t 'lirfC. I'an nts are well pleased mtb the. discipline maintained iPl the. picgrcss being made, it lepeilrd. Wrl'H i assisted in conducting thf hi)' lases by a staff ol" Vi'ti"! TMOA atvimming experts. IIJiAIn H. A. Graham, city detectives. 4e 10 lb. Cloth Bag Miss J.ineses was charged with connected with the headquarters of After a lapse of more than three weeks in which no liquor arrests were made, two men were haled into municipal court yesterday charged with selling liquor without having proper licenses. Harry Silvester, 59 years old, arrested Monday at Second and Monroe streets after he had sold a pint Formal opening of a new branch of The Valley Bank and Trust company, one of Arizona's leading financial institutions with headquarters in Phoenix, was held yesterday in Superior, according to announcement by officials of the company here. The Superior unit is one of three new branches being opened by the organization in Arizona communi driving a car lor two men who entered the home of A. J. Hilgar, 222 Kast AVillctta street, last week and fice here. Its opening was attended by Walter Bimson, The Valley Bank president, and E. C. Taylor, cashier. H. T. Ward, who has for some time been in charge of the currency exchange operated by The Valley stole a quantity of bedding and Fine Granulated clothes. Part of the loot was recovered in a vacant house near Garden Opera House in the Wagnerian opera, have been turned out into the wood lot. Covent Garden opera house has awakened and gone madly modern so far as its stage is concerned. And the first thing it did was to get rid of the antique horses on which the screaming ladies of the chorus heaved themselves into view and out again. But the management has not yet found an acceptable substitute; a film projected against the background of clouds has been tried and rejected as not quite Wagnerian. A vast circular cyclorama now forms the background of the stage. of whisky for 75 cents, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to pay where he was arrested, according Bank at Kingman for the conveni ties under authority received recent to detectives. ence of the public, will be manager The two men are being sought. of the branch there. COFFEE 3k l lb. Can With the opening of the Kingman unit, the institution will expand its Guards and officials at the pool ly from United States federal reserve . headquarters in San Francisco, with approval of the state banking department. The first of the three new branches was opened in Coolidge May 2S. The third unit will be also are co-operating in every way. service to cover 13 Arizona com munities, including Phoenix. o a line or serve oo days in jail. He was committed. Charged with having sold a half-pint of whiskey for 75 cents 1o John Slaughter, vice officer, at Fifth and Madison streets yesterday, Felix Mongaro, 42, Headed not guilty and his trial is set for Friday. T?oth men were arrested by George Pruitt, Jea Horn beck. I... T. Navarre, and John Slaughter, city vice officers. ... he reported. The girls' class yesterday was conducted by Miss Folger's Drip Recent investigation has shown Klizaheth Sexton, TWCA physical that in many rural districts of Ens and the electrician has been moved upstairs where he can see and hear opened in Kingman, June 11. The Superior branch will be under the management of Earl Parsons, who for several years has been land it is believed to be unlucky to cut one's hair and nails before the director, who also has a staff of girl assistants. The classes will be resumed this morning. everytning wniie ne piays wun an up-to-date electrical switchboard. full of the moon. 12-oz. Bottles 2 Dozen Bottles $2.80, Tax Paid Full Strength Milwaukee 1 g AP 10 B ars White King 0 u (-Ty- rv vii " jp sseBBeMejB 1 """"'' m SHREDDED WHEAT w, 12 POST TOASTIES V ft 10' POnK&DEflfJS v-p c iQ MflnSHMflLLOnS ' 15c PEAHUT PUTTER 29 SANDWICH SPREAD 10 MATCHES E"emY c.rt" 25 ... 5 Fruits & Vegetables OHAflGES J"'v"""" 2 p., 29 GRAPEFRUIT J"robaS" 5, 10 PLUMS F'-'W'R" 2 13 APRICOTS L"-R"" lb 6' rJEVJP0TAT0ESL"w,'5u,9c LEYJUQE California Ice Pack Solid gc LIMA DEAn8T"d-ft-2 u,.'.19 DELL PEPPERS u, 10 Fresh Meats HAMBURGER ( u, 8 LURCH MEATS JSSE. ,.u,.10 Liver Sausage, Pimlento Loaf DILL PICKLES 3 F 10 CHEESE L",9Ko,n "m u, 17 SLICED DAC0H AT;x" 'C13 Swift's i2-Lb. Cc " Premium Pfcg. Iw DOILIES DEEP -fj-STEAKS N;Jc2- u. 20 THE Blatz Brewing Co., Milwaukee, announces the greatest advance ment in the beer industry in 20 years. Brew-Dated beert Every bottle of Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer now has plainly printed on its neck label the date when the contents was brewed. Thus Blatz pioneers again and brings you guaranteed Age. . ' There have been and will be many in definite claims as to the age of beers but now you will know positively that Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer is fully-aged. It brings to you that rich flavor ; that mellow rtess and satisfying strength that judges oi good beer prefer found only in Blatz Old Heidelberg the only beer that is Brew-Dated the only beer that tells you the exact day it was brewed. Don't say beer, say Blatz. Insist on the original Brew-Dated beer Blatz Old Heidelberg. i ri 1 ! i DISTRIBUTED BY The Beverage Corporation of Arizona Phone 43606 313 8. Fourth Av. Phoenix, Arizona r4 NI f 7 hi SD3 DEEP ROAST No-7 .ftt ?l No. I Fnev PmA r

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