The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1942
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAY 21, 1942 BIATHEVILLE (ARK.)" COURIER" NEWS PAGE EDSON IN WASHINGTON By PETER EDSON Courier News Washington ;< Correspondent There won't be a single wooden gun cr dummy tank or imaginary airplane in the maneuvers which the Army will hold this Summer and Fall, and that is perhaps the best commentary that could be made on the improvement in equipment and training the past year. At the four big maneuvers in 1941, and at the smaller divisional and corps maneuvers, lengths of gas pipe mounted on forked sticks to simulate machine guns or trench mortars or field artillery, were rather common. Air forces were only tokens of the real air strength For of all Kinds See G. G. Caudill Agency Glcncoe Hotel aJiig. I'D. BlylhevilJe, Ark. precept of democracy which everyone .should have recognized in the. beginning and which should inost certainly be remembered while future rationing programs are being planned. It is .simply that any time you attempt to pick out. one class of American citizens and give- them rights and privileges not enjoyed .. , . .. . , ,. , by the remainder of the popuia- tnat troops oi comparable strength j Uon> you nre nmning lnlo Uouble . There was no squawk on sugar rationing because everyone was equally inconvenienced. The screams on gasoline rationing all came from ihe 'Tm-just-a-s-good-as-he-is-and- I-got-just-as-much-i'ights!" element and under similar circumstances would encounter in actual battle. Mechanization w a s somewhat sketchy, and on paper. All that is changed this year. Every soldier will have every piece of equipment and all the troop units will,have all the arms which Army tables of organization call for in fulU strength operations. There"will be nothing phony about this year's maneuvers. And some of them will be so real, so close,, to rehearsal operations for specific- task forces, that they will be absolutely secret. * * * A LESSON HERE The one big lesson to be learned from all the hullabaloo over gas rationing in the east is nothing more nor less than a fundamental THE FLAVOR TELLS BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise +r ^Jff3? Buy the Economical Pint Size which is practically 100 per of the American population. cent AH the little girl reporters who go to Mrs. llooseveil's press conferences have become case-hardened to anything the First l*uly may .say or do, but the ol,her day she pulled -a .new one that caused a few sob-sisterly eyebrows to rise above .the pencil line. 'Instead of referring to the President as "Franklin" she called him "Frank." Jl was the first time within memory of even the oldest ,gal there. » * i » Paul V. M.cNutt's new Manpower Commission is still trying to formulate an over-all policy or. in other words, deckle what to do. The way tins commission was setup offers a perfect example of the way a new agency is created and begins to function in government administration. A committee of cabinet a n d top independent agency officers is created tu determine, policy. The chairman or director or eo-ordlnator or whatever he's called names an assistant chairman to shoulder the responsibility. In this case it was Arthur V. Altmever. who is also chairman of the Social Security Board. Then im oJxccutlvH director Is named to do the work, in this case. Fowler Harper. Indiana law professor and long-time McNutt crony. * . * FIGHTS 1>1 KATES When llu 1 Manpower'Commission gets all orynnimi. it is faced with two related and immediate problems, amonjf downs of general' wur production and labor supply problems. First is labor pirating, which is competitive and inflationary hiring by employers; second is uncontrolled labor migration in which employes just pick up and leave .whatever jobs they have at the moment because the prospects look better in some other community. Neither pirating nor migration take into, consideration the maximum use to which any laborer's particular skill or experience may best suit him. First .step in remedying these .situations may have to be a biy campaign to persuade every workman to .stay at whatever job he now has until someone comes along lo U'll him he can do his country more good some place else. * * •* NKKI) N WISES There, still aren'L enough nurses lo i>o around for Army and Navy, so lied Cross will start, a I wo weeks' recruiting drive on May '25. aimed lo sign up 75.0110 of Ihe 100.000 eligible trained nurses who are .single, without family responsibilities, and under 40 years of age. of the Venezuelan minsHer to the United states. It rated two columns of type In Washington papers, with photos up to six columns. One of the society scribes devoted considerable space to the lavish array of wedding gifts thai filled two big rooms on the second floor of the modernistic Venezuelan embassy. Gold flat table service ...chased silver tea set with matching punch bowl and cups...silver candelabra.. .the most luxurious silver fox coat ever seen...and i^et this!>.. ."half a do/en sl/uble checks, displayed in a glass ease." Demonstration Club News Notes Sleele-Cooler Society—Personal Gosiioll Club Meets MemlX'i'.s of the CJOsncll Home Demonstration Club met with Mrs. C. G. Wadlcy in hrr home on North Highway Gl Tuesday al'ter- noon for si business session and program |>eriod. The hostess nave th'» devotional si fieri which Uiere wore discussions on a balanced meal, table manners and canning lor tills season. Mrs. C. A. Hyde uavc a. recipe lor mak- iliy strawberry presi-m-.s. The meeting was dismissed with prayer by Mrs. 11. E. Van Cleve. Washington arrivals of priirces, presidents, prime ministers and m:w ambassadors are yetting to be a dime a dcv.en these days, so the biggest recent, social event/ in UK' cupiiul was the wedding of Muriu Teresa Escalante, sleek nnd super- jhm: sophisticated debutante daughter Mrr. Burns ftutcrlains Club Mi's, lion W. Burns was hostess to her Tuesday Bridge Club nl SttrU' and three quests Mrs. J. 11. Workman and Airs. Baxter Southern oi SU-de and Mrs. Sawyer ol Canu.hor.svillc at a party last wivk. 'Ihc hit'll award wont to Mrs. .Southern and club lii^li to Mis. Dick Nirlfy ol G\milhiTi;vilk'. they won- botii given dcl' stamps. For bi'id^u award Mrs. Johnnie- Rhodes wa.s im'.scntod a potted plant. and U.vd tea wen 1 served during the sootn! hour followed. The j.;nm|> will meet Juiu with Mrs. K. s. Crawford. Weather Halttd Work, Beavers Finished Job GRAFTON, .N> H. .(UP^Townsfolk, working to' repair. the .Tilton dam. which was j washed out. toy cdvlwd to. quty. work when cold weather set In Uyjt fall. A crew th'tit went to complete the job when good weather,, arrived found the work sill 'Completed. A beaver colo'ny had successfully halted the. Jiow of water with o crude patchwork of brush. Marriage Licenses Four coup:es.have applied at the Hlytlieville office 1 of the county court clerk lor licenses to wed during the past, week. Names of the officers or ministers performing the ceremonies, if listed, follow: Isaac Stroud and Miss Josephine Franks, both of Osceola; Jame.< Foy Etchieson i^nd Miss Juanlcc Wul|jole, both of Blytheville, bj U. O. llindman; Glenn Bunch,, o Blytheville. and 'Mltw Pattyo Ed- wards, of Holland; and E. L. Rhodes/ of Blytheville, and Mrs. Beadle Stockton, of Burdette, by Alonzo Barrow. CASH Paid for Late Model AUTOMOBILES and TRUCKS. Repair and Body Work By Wyse Perry and Bob Bracken BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. 117 E. Main W, T Barnett Main at Broadway—Second—Division For Cash this Thurs.-Fri.-Sat. A ir-Conditioned Dru.g. Stoj VALUABLE COVPOX Package 25 I i ENVELOPES I B Standard 62-in. size | With .JC m Coupon •£ . (Limit 2 Pkgt.) m _ ^^^ -— \y Kranks Brushless Shaving Cream 50c size with coupon BARBASOL SHAVE CREAM 50CTUBE (Limit I) WAX PAPER Sheets SOeMILKOF MAGNESIA (Limit 1) SUPPOSITORIES GLYCERINE BOTTLE 12 (Limit J) $1,00 Size Mar-0 Shampoo PINKHAM Vegetable Compound l-Lb. Size EPSOM SALTS Medicinal Siie 'Revelation' TOOTH POWDER 34 C (Limit 1) (Limit J) loc Bar "ORLIS" Antiseptic MOUTH WASH Full AQc Pint .•»*?... Olafsen '5 VITAMIN Bt WINE TONIC Full Pint . 1 — [Sweetheart^ special offer! Soap .(Limit 4) ^** 75c Size BAYER ASPIRIN Perfection 50c HAND CREAM and 35c COLD CREAM Both for . l L'Adonna Toiletries • CREAMS »~LIPST1CK • ROUGE COMPACT • FACE POWDER • ASTRINGENTS Your choice; Each . . . 5O C Special Offer! © Walgreen Economy Size ASPIRIN TABLETS 200's . HiGH POTENCY VITAMIN B COMPLEX 2— Month'* Supply . . Bismadine 5-oi. POWDER 6- 30TABLETS Both f f^f 60c Size ALKA SELTZER Tablets Bottle $O Olafscn Vitamin I Tablets iTfelatnin Cblorldej 1 Big. Box IX KOTEX Sanitary NAPKINS $1.00 Slxe NUJOL Mineral OIL 50c Cam pan a Skin Balm 2 for Colorful! Lots of Snap! Centaur PLAYING CARDS * Bridge or PinochU . Need a Laxative? Gentle SIL-MIN-OL Free Trial Size with IG-oz. Bottle Try Action Alkallzcr! ALKADENE TABLETS Tube of 25 F< > r ....42 c SHOPPERS LUNCH—EVERY DAY 35c and '15c Good foot! by an expert rook. Club mul T-T5onc Steaks. '.GERAL EXCISE TAX ON TgiLETBIES. WATCHES AND CLOCKS. 150 Sheet* 15 c Scot Towels Handy for kitchen in*. Tyton Freth Rubber Gloves 49 C • T» protect your hand*. MOTH BALLS Dolph. 12-or. Pkg. . 14 OLD ENGLISH Liquid Wax. Quart 69 WINDEX For Windows, 6-«c. Havana Cigars f> for 25c POPULAR, FRESH lOcTOBACCOS • MANSER • TUXEDO • CEO. WASHINGTON • UNION LEADER /oar 49 F «%/»* :*<>,« 32 26 FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES ''A4»jec rcrtft" t '~ Low Priced «f.- • Carton 5O BOOK MATCHES Saft (or home use! C 75c Size DOAN'S Diuretic PILLS tC ID-Ounce OUSTRITE CLEANING FLUID Dolph Fly Spray 15c AUTO-STROP "WALL KIT" • RAZOR • STROF • FIVE ILADES TEEL Uqaii DENTIFRICE c NOTICE! ordtn, d (having crtsm in tubvi ONLY -wh«n th» cuilomtr hunt in for tvtry n«w tul>» pur chutd. Th» "traJ»-in" Hl>« can »oy kJnrf, »ny t!i», any typ» of product. GLASS ASH TRAYS Extra large Regular 25c 19c Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Spence have returned to their home in Uupo, 111. after a visit, here with llu-ir son George Spunee and family. Sergt. Curl Travis ol Paris, 'IVun., who is instructor in an army .school there, .spent last wei-k t>ml with his parents Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Travis. Miss Isabel Forbus Kinml. the week t.'iid in Memphis with her .sister and family. Mr. and Mrs. Cicorge Paty ol' St. Louis spent last week end herewith their daughter Mrs. Cleo Tucker and family. Mrs. Baxter Southern and daughter Sandra wore guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Gordan Jr. of Memphis the latter part of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Wells and children of Cameron, N. M. arc expected here i.he latter part of this month to visit relatives. Lieut, and Mrs. Lcyoiv Earls and daughters Lorettu and Davey Ann who have been in San Francisco, Ca)if. the past few months while Lieut. Earls is stationed at an army camp have arrived for an indefinite stay at their home at Stcclo. * , Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Miller Jr. and Children \Skipper and Buck of Detroit, and Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Diidgcr of Cannalton, Iml. spent last week end here with their parents, coming especially for the graduation of their sister Miss Evelyn Riddick. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Barger and children of Muskeyon, Mich, are the of relatives and friends here .this week. Mrs. Bennett Bernard and daughter have been visiting relatives in St. Louis while Mr. Bernard is transacting business in Kansas City. Mrs. T. B. Burns lias been returned to her home in Steele from the Methodist haspital in Memphis where she undcrvcnt an operation. Mrs. George Rico and baby of Jackson, spent last week here with Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Craft, coming especially for the graduation exercises of Miss Lula Craft. Mrs. Roy Workman and children of Salem, Mo. spsnt last week here with her mother Mrs. Lillie Michte and other relatives. John W. German has gone to St. Louis to complete his course In an embalming school. Mrs. Ida Ward who has been making her home here with Mrs. John Frame left the latter part of the week for Ridglev, Tenn. where she will make her home. Mr. and Mrs. Osco White and daughter Jo, ami Mrs. Willard McDaniel left .Saturday morning for a visit with Mrs. Ada Hollins- wortli and other relatives and friends in St. Louis. Come (o I'nmt'y Sr \vintr On (or I In- Town' /^^gP x. M) jL-fyx&T Demure Dimities liatiKlc! Lovely 1-uwiis! Flower-spriKued dimities for theyoung- Kler.s! Bold floral patterns' for Crocks and blouses! AI values! Now Sports Fabrics! FUCIC-FLAKE PRINTS 33' Colorful n c w i c s ! Crawl 8c % on Notions Thread Ciisi* Trim, yd. Fancy lluUcms. Vine Inventor Gets ISflth Patent DUBLIN, N. H. (UP)— Winslow S. Pierce Jr. has invented and patented the 150th gadget since he began tinkering with machinery in his home at the age of four. Since then, he has included among his inventions an airplane speedometer and an autogyro vertical control. Canada's decision to color gasoline allotted for non-highway use as a gasoline rationing control is based on 10 years' experience with this device as a tax evasion curb in several of the provinces. West Main Near 21st SI Prices always lie and 22o at. stalls 12:45; Sun. starts 1:43 Night dhows G:4W Continuous shows Sat. and Bun. Thursday & Friday DOUBLE FEATURE Two features for the price of one. Box office lie and 22c opens 5:45—show 6:00 p. m. starts 'Slightly Tempted' —with— Hugh Herbert, Peppy Moran, Johnny Downs. ALSO Girl, a Guy and a Gob' —with— * Lucille Ball, Gcorpc Murphey, Edmond O'Brian. VercuJe! Bargain-I'riri'tl Mo-De-Clay 11 PRINTS Lo yd. Pine smooth :i u a 1 i I. y ! wide. DC. l-nxc KRCA 27 fine cambric... Penncy's famous fabric .... lovelier - Lhsin -over patterns. 3fi". 1'rintcd Seersucker 49' AIso—Universal News. This crinkly-cool fabric in huge tlorals, candy .stripes or little figures! 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