Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on May 20, 1953 · Page 7
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 7

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1953
Page 7
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Size, Time, And North Side Residents Query On Installation Of Sewers By MEKRILL WINDSOR How big is the area served by Phoenix's two new north side sanitary districts going to be? How long before sewers can be installed? And how much will it cost? Those are important questions to residents of Phoenix's sprawling north and northeast fringe areas as tomorrow's 10 a.m. meeting of the county board of supervisors approaches. The board will hold a hearing on proposed expansion of the existing districts in Division 2, Superior Courtroom on the third floor of the County Building. The supervisors have been asked to expand the two districts to cover a great area reaching at some points from 27th Avenue to 56th Street and from the Grand Canal to Northern. Iwo small nucleus districts have already been created . Phoenix No. 1 and North Phoenix sanitary districts. THESE ARE THE steps necessary to convert this initial step into actual sewer systems: 1. Supervisors will consider expanding the districts into the large areas proposed; they may extend the districts into all or part of the, area, or they may decline to expand them at all. Advocates and opponents of enlarging the districts will be heard at the "meeting. 2. With boundaries of the two districts definitely established, engineers will undertake detailed studies in order to make cost estimates and preliminary designs for master sewer plans. Engineers for the North Phoenix District are Reamy C. Fitch and Associates; for Phoenix No. 1, Johannessen and Girand. 3. Budgets covering costs determined by these studies will be prepared by the districts' boards of directors, and public budget hearings held before the new fiscal year starts July 1. 4. ONCE THE engineering studies are complete, bond elections will be called seeking approval of resident property-tax-paying voters to issue sanitary district bonds. Detailed cost estimates will be available prior to the elections. 5. If the bond issues are approved by the voters, bonds Goldwater Chides Senate Over Lack Of Attendance Republic's Washington Bureau WASHINGTON Senator Goldwater (R-Ariz) took an indirect swing yesterday at absenteeism in the senate and won the applause of the galleries. " He spoke out during senate debate on an economic controls bill giving the President authority to enforce 90-day controls in case of an emergency. The senate was considering an amendment to let congress decide when the emergency existed, and opponents argued it would be difficult to assemble congress if war came, because Washington might be bombed. Goldwater looked about the nearly empty senate chamber and said that he had observed the workings of the "august body" for just four months, then added: "But you could drop a bomb right through this roof any time and still muster a quorum of the senate." Onlookers in the senate gallery applauded. The amendment, which Goldwater advocated, was later approved by the senate. Ik World's Self 'rMSTOvy.'- - - iJAVv " 1 OMEGA W$ Here is the pride of- Switzerland, probably the highest tribute paid any watch. For the Swiss are jealously proud of their watchmaking skill and they turn out many fine timepieces. But no other manages to capture the same degree of precision and style in an automatic movement as Omega. We feature the Omega Automatic because it is every bit as good as its reputation, though much less expensive than you may have suspected. ' 14K gold-filled case. $71.50. In 14k gold. $175.00 Both with 18K gold applied dial fures. Prices include Federal Tax CLV Cost? will be sold and the money used to install main and trunk sewers to serve the districts. The bonds will be paid off by a t&x levy on real property within the sanitary district. 6. Groups of property owners who want sewer service can then join in smaller improvement districts such as are formed for street paving projects, to undertake installation o f lateral sewers brought up to each property line. , 7. Finally, the individual property owner must arrange with a plumbing contractor to connect his toilet facilities to the lateral sewer at the edge of his property. 8. MEANWHILE, THE board of directors of each district will negotiate with the City of Phoenix to connect with the city's sewage disposal plant. Preliminary discussions have already taken place, and the city has agreed in principle to such an arrangement. . The sanitary districts thus will not be faced with the expense of building a sewage disposal plant. They will, however, have to figure on some disposal plant investment, in order to provide for expansion of the city's plant when necessary. The plant is now operating at 23 of capacity, and if the new sanitary districts' waste is to be cared for some expansion will be necessary in the not-distant future. Property owners in each district will have the chance to oppose or endorse the project at each step. COSTS TO PROPERTY owners' will be of four types. Detailed cost estimates are impossible, according to the district engineers, until the engineering studies are completed (possibly by mid-June but in any event before a bond election can be held). But these facts may help householders make horseback estimates for themselves: 1. Cost of the sanitary district's trunks and, mains, to be paid by a property tax, cannot be guessed this early. In Tucson's metropolitan sanitary district, however, the tax rate is now 74 cents per $100 of as-sessed valuation. Engineers said preliminary studies indicate the rate of the Phoenix districts will be substantially lower. The Tucson district's levy on an SS.000-S8.500 house assessed at S2,500 would be S18.50 a year. 2. COST OF Tire lateral sewers for an average-size lot Finest - Winding Watch cTvlITH Jewelry - Silver - Fine Arts 220 North Central Ave. would be about $135 to $150, the engineers said. This can be paid in cash or over a period of 10 or 15 years. 3. C o s t of connecting the house to the lateral sewer is usually about $1.75 to $2 a foot, measured from the present septic tank connection to the sewer at the property line. When several householders have the job done at the same time, costs are sometimes b i d down to about $1-51.25 a foot. 4. Cost of sewage disposal may be handled in either of two ways, to be worked out between the city and the sanitary district. Householders may be charged the city's present rental fee for out-of-city sewer users; or some agreement may be reached whereby the sanitary district will make blanket payment to the city for all members of the district. Th e city's present fee is $2.50 a month for a home with one sewage outlet, $1 more for each additional connection in the same house, $2 more for an outlet in a separate house on the same lot. Letter To Pyl5 Okay, Governor, You Can Take Over Now! s The Honorable Howard Pyle, Governor of Arizona. Dear Governor Pyle: We got to get us a building dedicated and you are just the guy to do it. Fact is. when you officiated at the ground-breaking ceremonies for that fireproof dormitory at the Valley of the Sun School for Handicapped Children, you said, quote. "If you ever finish this project, I want to be in on the dedication and say a few words." Well, the building is finished and the kids have moved in and the whole setup is very light . and cheerful and, what's more, the board of directors tell me that having the kids under one roof like that is saving them about 300 bucks a month. There have been other developments, too. Big-hearted Ari-zonans, readers of The Republic, sent in what amounted to about $30,000 in cash, labor, materials, and I don't know what-all and, besides the new dorm, a new laundry and storage room have been built; an acre of land was purchased which the Gray Ladies of the Red Cross cleared off and put into garden; a new fenced-in playround with new slides and other equipment was installed; new furniture was bought for the dorm and. whadda ya know there's still dough left in the bsnk. WELL, LIKE I say, we've got to dedicate the thing and we're just waiting until we can get a few minutes of your time on, say, some Sunday afternoon, so you can put your blessing on it. You just let me know when you have a few minutes, and we'll set it up, complete with newsreel cameras and the works. Maybe some of the loyal Arizonans who chipped in on this thing would like to come out, hear what you have to say, and. incidentally, see where their donations went. and another thing. Mr. O. E. Hood, national representative for the National Society for Brain Injured, has made Winnie Ruth Must Wait A habeas corpus hearing for Winnie Ruth Judd, Phoenix trunk slayer, scheduled for today, has been put off indefinitely. Superior Judge Nicholas Udall. announced yesterday he had removed the case from the court calendar under a stipulation made by Harold E. Whitney, Mrs. Judd's attorney, and Timothy D. Parkman. as sistant attorney general. Whitney, who represents Mrs. Hzabeth Harvey, 2342 N. 11th St., Mrs. Judd's court-appointed guardian, said he had not yet received a report he needed from a nationally known psychiatrist. Parkman said he had 'another court case which required his, full attention. Whitney is seeking freedom for Mrs. -Judd on the grounds she no is sane. . A Man's Attire is h Show Window as are His Words For tee time, or Tea time, i i- t i , r t choose a light weignT oporr Coat and Slacks -from our wide selection. Shop for 107 NORTH CENTRAL i ft J'- LOST-Phoenix Attorney Anthony O. Jones lost money when he attempted to save $3 by fixing a cooler atop his home at 9605 Belair, Sunnyslope. Jones fell from his roof, suffering a broken left arm. Doctor bills to date: S32. (Republic Photo, Jack Karie) . three visits to the Valley of the San School for Handicapped Children. "WE PLAN TO focus national attention on this school," he said. Now. Governor, this sort of nation-wide publicity won't hurt Phoenix, or Arizona, a bit, do you think? So. let's get the thine dedicated. The gals from 1 h e Thunderbird Junior Women's Club, who got mo to write a piece about the school last Nov. 13, say they will so all-out to help with the dedication ceremonies, and they say they are even prepared to serve refreshments to around 2.000 visitors. So, please say 'when. I'll do my bit by helping park cars or something. But. I won't enjoy my vacation if we don't get the hall dedicated first. Please let. me know when we can get this job done. Sincerely, Tom Tar-box. New Position For Arizonan George B. Owen. Arizona director of civil defense, has heen elected vice chairman of the Far West Association of Civil Defense Directors. He has been chairman of the organization during the last year. Col. Ahin Sessions. Utah deputy director, was elected chairman to sneered 0v.-n. The association completed a two-day conference at Salt Lake City called by Owen to complete arrangements for an extensive alert test June 20. Eight western states, Hawaii, Alaska, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia were represented at the meeting.' ' Col. Quinton C. Harvey, Arizona deputy director, is chairman of the test "O p e r a tion Beware." Your furs deserve the best! Store them at wtzers 25 f. ADAMS Men 4 is fa ml. 4 a I U 7 t ' The Arizona Republic Wednesday, May 20, 2 Stati ions Join Hands In TV Deal By MAGGIE WILSON Phoenix may have another television station on its way by nightfall and all because two rival radio stations join'd hands. Radio station KOY and radio station KOOL, both applicants for Channel 10, have filed amendments to their applications recently. The effect of the amendments would be for KOY to share time with KCKDL in the operation, bf Channel 10. This action, according to Al Johnson, business manager of KOY, was taken on the advice of the FCC in order to avoid a time-consuming hearing, and to expedite the granting of the television station so that service might be given to viewers in this area at the earliest possible date. UNDER THE arrangement, each station will maintain its own staff and have full control of the television operation during the portion of the day that it is licensed to broadcast and each station will maintain its own call letters. The broadcast time is to be rotating with one station broadcasting during the . daytime hours one week while the other broadcasts during the nighttime hours. The schedule would be reversed the following week. The system was granted a month ago to two rival stations in Rochester, N. Y Johnson said. IF. AS EXPECTED, the FCC acts upon the amendments today (Wednesdays are set aside for such deliberations) Phoenicians should know by tonight whether a new station will be built in the near future. The joint amendments were filed on Friday, but station operators of both KOY and KOOL held up news releases to prevent a third party from filing on Channel 10 and throwing the applications back into tne disputed category. The two stations, if granted the channel, will jointly seek a network affiliation. AA Schedules Coast Speakers Two Los Angeles members of Alcoholics Anonymous, will speak in the Phoenix Public Library Auditorium tomorrow night at an 8:30 meeting sponsored oy the organization's Valley groups. Both successful business men, they will tell how AA helped them achieve sobriety, happiness, and a new way of life. The meeting will be open to tne public. 25 E. ENTIRE STOCK! OVER 200 Short Coats IN FINEST WOOLS Drastically reduced for quick clearance First . reductions on short coats from regular stock New-arrival special purchase short coats WERE 17.95 to 4 & fey Plus additional reductions on alt other better coatsl 1953 THE STATE'S GREATEST NEWSPAPER mmmwmm fTTlHAT SJNKJM'FEELIN THE- IF YOU PUT THE WRONG LETTERS' Vj&faii: w ' 1M THE RttfHT ENVELOPES"y1 I fafaAh&l r-& 3, A SOUTHWEST INSURANCE CO. YOU COME HOVE SMEOIN5 HAS 0RPERED ITS GlRlS TO PUT LIKE THAT AMP MDU EXPECT PERFUME ON ONE EAR ONLY SO I ME TO BELIEVE MOU WERE THAT MEN USiNCtTHE SAME IN THE OFFICE ALL PAY "V . t-u-ti rT iiiii lti i .X. f-ta I Al Hk Ir"! lTrf If trouble Crv mJ rv ,l v ai of tits KRESS 10 HELPAIRP0RCE LUKE FIELD MESS SGT, ( ,HS MORALE, ROY MAY5E YOU i " ' savs A Cookbook. xnj ouohta puta puin FROM ANOTHER BRANCH US JACKBT0N THAT fK & OF THE SERVICE IS L BOOK- fa 4 HIS FAVORITE " Drunk Driver Told 90 Days Mandatory The Arizona Legislature made a minimum jait sentence mandatory for second offender drunk drivers, Superior Judge Lorna E. Lockwood commented yesterday. The statement was made as" the judge sentenced James Harry Gage. 40. a Yuma County rancher to 90 days in the county jail on his plea of guilty to drunk and reckless driving. William C. Fields. Gage's attorney, pleaded for a suspended sentence, explaining that Gage's ranch is 40 miles from Yuma and that Mrs. Gage would be left alone if he were sent to jail. ' Judge Lockwood pointed out that, the offense charged against Gage was committed Nov. 22. 1951. and that he has han ample time to arrange for someone to remain with Mrs. Gage during his enforced absence. wont Jt B J 25 C ADAMS I ' - V l ' U V ADAMS 45.00 REPUBLIC iAAlL i. ' v V. f - fcw I 1 I L-lB F . L "W I I B I PUP - - .MSflWtfO ST. SOOb : M MSfi -r V'fffl Lay , only easy ji , t - 1 I '"'I 1 ; " "f:xi Hr:r,'r 1 ;" '" ''A REPUBLIC CITY War Costs Rise, Says Ex-Official War is getting to be an expensive affair, Herbert R. Asking former assistant secretary of the navy, told fellow members of the Fhocnix Ki-wanis Club yesterday. Askins compared cots of various Items during World War II and costs of the tame items at present. THE IIK.Itt.U cost, be Mid. Is due to chances made in equipment, planes and jhips to meet changed conditions. The items are designed to do mora now than originally, he explained. He characterized the navy as being very economical in its expeditures. Because of world condition today, Askins advised the club, it is necessary to b fully pro-pared to defend the nation even though it is very costly. Askins spoke on navy procurement, a function of the assistant secretary's office. The office also, he said, directs policy in purchasing. Ml'OI of the criticism of 1he navy, he declared, is unjust and is detrimental to the navy because of its effect on youth. The carrier force, Askins said, is the main offensive weapon of the navy and can be moved anywhere the ships can float. Without the navy, he added, it would be impossible for the nation to maintain forces outside continental United States. His greatest thrill,, he said, during the 16 months he served as assistant secretary, was a visit to the United States Naval Academy at'Annapolis, Md. Man Goaded Bv Hammer Thirty-two years of wrestling with his conscience has ended for a former Phoenix city employe. He wants to make restitution for a hammer he once took from the city. S. H. Baker, now of Dallas, Ore., wrote that when he left the city in 1921 there was an old hammer "in my tool chest, so I just Jet it go along and kept it for a keepsake. S "But God has sored me and that hammer bothers rfce. and I wan to make it pood.' He still has the hammer, and will send it back or fay for it. whichever he is asked to do, he wrote. x City Manasrcr Ray W. Wilson yesterday wrote Baker to send . the city whatever he deems to be a fair price. your coat: away for S 10; or use ' Switzcr'f 30 - 60 - 90 day charge. A.

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