The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 22, 1934
Page 5
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22, 1934 KLYTJ1EVILLE, (AUK.l COUU1KR NEWS , CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING JA'l'OLIiMATION H-uly r;ilc |>er line (or consecu- insertions: i!-'!ve average words to a line) Oi* time per line JOc Two times JILT line l*r clay .. 0«c 'Htm: times ]wr lln" per (lay .. OSc Six Umcs per li» c l»r day .. Obt Month rate per lim GOo Minimum clK.rgo SOc Ads ordered (or three or six limes and stopped lielorc e.xpira- I'on will lie chargcc for the mimic r of times the ail appeared uiia adjustment of bill nude. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by pprsojis residing outside of the city irust be accompanied by cash. Rutes may be easily computed firm above table. No responsibility will be taken .'or more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. . Advertising oideicd for Irrccu- !ar insertions take. the one time :a(c. OPPOBTUNITY! USED CAR BARGAINS '33 C1IKVKOI.ET SEDAN. Low Mileaee. A Barjain SW5 30 FOltl) TUDOK. Special .. Sl'JS 23 KOIlll SKDAN, 'i Window 5115 '23 BUICK COl'l'E. Clean, ttuns (jowl S "i!) nilUANT COVCH. A Uat- B air, at S 45 Tlti:(!K SI'KCLVI.S '32 FORD l!i TON TRUCK. Cloicd Cab, Du.'l Wheels . $3U5 '30 CHEVKOl.tT IS' TON TRUCK. Closed CaU ...;.. S '30 FORD MCKl'1'. Closed Cab §1D5 '20 FORD I'ANEI, DELIVEUV S US M.iny Others To Select From PHILLIPS MOTOR 200 L. Main Street 1'liuiic 810 -811 Blytheville. Arkansas BUSINESS DIKECTOKY KXPERT Typtwriler und AilU Machine KepaiririR. U. S. ulanx- enship, 110 E. Koie. Call 165-J. 21c k2-21 I'lows t:lKirpeiiL-rt -— Farm Implements bought and ^old by Julin Wartc at Tom Howard Machine shop. 22-ck-2-22 AUTOMOTIVE Auto CJIass All Kiuils li.stalled The Ark-Mo lumber Co. IOC k2-IU CV.Il SOU - Itrrtv Flaic-118 E. Main Tcr Autu fainting ISndy and Fender Sen'icc 2Sc hI-29 I./M:GKHT STOCK USED VAKTS BcU'ccn Memphis and St. Loui5 Also Auto Gla;s—I'hone 6<j JACKSO.N' AUTO TARTS CO. 3c k2-» LOW PRICES on winter car needs lifators, nlconol. GPA glycerine Model T to]K it sicic curtains SI.93 II]). WOLF /,RIAN. 128 E Main. 23c k\-'U Cnll t's When In \rril of draranlm! Mcrcluirdisc rra-nallcrifs-Ke(!U<TDienl I'.irls IIUBIIAKI) HAimWARE CO. AiMuinulivi Depl. Ic' 1:2-1 CAIU'ENTKUS U. J. I'eterson — a.fl N. 21st St. t'.i'ptnler \York nf All Kinds lie 1:2-11 I5ATTEKIES New Ford Batteries cnfnl - Kccharsi'ij - Repairing TIRE fc BATTERY STATION 1 26c kl-2B FOR SALE MUST IK Fold at once—small dry -winds .^lorc in well established locution. Cheap for Casli. "XYZ" Courier news. 22-ck-29 FIVK I'ool TaWnji prri olher etniip- mcnt in billiard Inll doini; good ksincss. Cheap. Mrs. Ed Wrbstcr. OIP Lake. Call 743 .J n p ^21 Wonoviilr! No. 4 COTTON SEED. nice 51.75 hundred. Sec p. Black or Clnrrnce McDcrmolt at Bly- llieville C:in. 5c k2-5 I-CRDSON Ti actor cqnipncd with dise (inning plov.f. 1'anl Byrnm. 17o k24 RADIOS All linthns InrTmlinc 1{. ('. A., are oripir elnsert mil al eoU for CASH at Huhl-mi li.udi. r.' r.i 12eM-12 POULTRY & EGGS WANTED I'OULTKV IIIOIIKST PHK'KS 1'All) Caih Fi-eJ Store 112 tist Main Fresh csgs dully, direct fruni lu>n- nery. Hekard's Grocery, 1011 Chlckasauba. Colnc in, list jcur rral eslalc Sec what we lave (n sill j E. M. TKItltV Mernsnl IhMlclyli, Ihe dummy C.nnl Chtrka- ^"rj'Woi'ltmcloil ''H'' ('"• ' . v :i«'t)a UMiicl. MLs,\iK,lpi)l lli.vtlievllle rhuiir U17| Cimmy. Arkansas. Me kl-23;.Mis. Ji>>.,-])lili;r MI HIT, r>],ilnlirt. s Wants C':i:pliiim of tho Jlli - FOR RENT BEDROOM by girl' employed Ini' office. Must, he within walking dLslancc of town. Call 484 between 8:30 A. M. and 5 P. M. weight champion, has a c.nism.; Tiu . ^f'eiuiVnt. p c ','cr'"j.' Miller.) MaMie RosHibloom, wlio i'i;is warned lo appear williln thirty i 'I! 1 .*- liin nmalcur fishier at liurliiink,; days in the- court nanuil in tlin'-il'.i. ,n i 1 Calif. i eaption hereof and im.wcr "•i!i-.l this M day of Jan. 1M-I. If. L. Ciiiliu-.s. Clerk. * *'. IJoiiBhis. Ally for I'laintlft. l '. i'. fiiu]M-r, Ally. Ail i.liem. •.Ki-29-5-12 liliilnllff Mi's. I C,>_« • n i septuagenarians Rush in tlic cntht- -i been ninnlnt' Strum hented BEDROOM, private home. Mca!£ i' desired. 301 Kentucky. Phone 831 19c k'2j OUKHOAKDlNC HOUSE For Free Licenses Ihc slnlc's iilmrods mid Irauk Wullonii. i A lolnl of '.JOT ioiHiinijcnarlnns liiiil oclojjeniiilans row hold tird* lire licenses. iciiKfenllng $15000 In revenue ul the usual rate. HUSTON. iUI>)—When Mnxsa- c'liiM'llft Ii>i;lbliilar:i Uiwrlecl In Us, Innillni; mid lushing license lawn' provl.slon Mini iK-isons over 10i fhouw receive licenses,ey pie^ni «to"ww o'dirt llinire on lire hardiness «t:Pennsylvania , J "","' S . 1 ". lci:!l "»'i vis the only it native lupec^an' Stop Orwchjrje PERU,. Ind, (UP)-Rcpalr work on tlie ropl -of t:ie city halj a pWA . projer), ,wlv, lilted when ifdcrnl liuiijectora learned that Ine Job would eo;t »945.' A new i"flf, with malntciiance, guoran- lecci for 15 years, would cost'but , t<00, It. wn.s said Unfurnished housekeeping 01 STEAM HEATED ..„..._ Ulh, Free. Peabody Hotel or call \ ' "'. lie for light bedrooms. lights, water.!/' ; NICELY Furnished bedroom, phone 303. 310 W. Walni-l street. ka-1 TURNISHED bcd-ODin, 1017 W. Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardln nftcr 5 P. M. 29c ktl IlOUEItN Three Room AparljneiH wilh bath, unfurniAlied. Phone '••*• 27c kll ?TEAM HEATED BKDROO.M, sn' W. Main.' Phone 08. 2c 'K2-2 FOR LEASE l-'or lease—10 acres cut over land. Two yta rlease. Will build house miles west of riytliedlle. Con«ay &, Houchim. I5o ktf WANTED FURNISHED apartment where children are allowed. Musi have immediate possession. L. H. Jolin- son. Call 033. 22-ch-25 We pay more fo- ;»cans, furs, . hides, brass, copper, radiators, al'im'mnm, lead, Inlteiies. Phone 176, Wolf Arian, I2fi E. Main. 23c kl-23 FEMALE HELl> WANTED Middle aged or elderly woman to live in nomc and heip with light house work and caru OJ bauy. atatc weekly wage expected. Aa- ciess "10U", Courier News. LOST WOHM' sear to Foiclson tractor . between Armorel iind -Blytheville. REWARD. Lce-Coi'pcdgc Oin. MALE HEL1> WANTED Man wanted to supply customers' with famous W-.itkins Products in Blylhcvillc. Business established, earnings average $25 weekly, pay starts Immediately. Wrile J. R. WATKINS CO., 70^7-1 W. Iowa Avc., Memphis, Tenn. ANNOUNCEMENTS ~ .^Irs. L. M. Burnette. announces operinf of short hand, typewriting ami bookkeeping classes. Special Prices. Call 811-W. lu kZ-l CO\L~& wooiT PHONE 107 BUCHANAN "Our Coal IF Black Rut We Treat You Wliite" Oc k2-tl SKEDS & I'LANTS Ftok seed with us now for March delivery. They are sure to be higher. Hubbanl Hew. Co. c k2-i> fcOY BEANS. PlEuD PEAS. Tested seed. Spscial prices. Ear Hi-.tehcr. Call 635-J 20pk22 KEAL ESTATE FOR SALE 17 1-4 acres between the Cotton Belt and J. L. C. fc E. Railroads just west of the Fertcral Compress. Will sell fill or any part. Select what you want and write me for price. R. N- WARE, Jit. Talliilali. Louisiana IOK SAI.K—10 aer^s, all in cull lAtiorv One mile south of Go Mil. Roland Green. r,r ktl GOOD COAL IS THE CHEAPEST COAL |^A«» There is no coal. ^*^ Wcit of U lc Allc- Slicnj Mountains, as high in heat and as low in ash as the CUPREMEl? •* Suptr-Hcal MS* _ slatcntcnt, hut j ethical, l-cransc »- s )ruc . Wc have anthorllativc analj^is on file <m all coal and c-in prove Ibis claim. SUPREME Supci-Heat is u lc only eoal „[ i( s kind and bo|d only by this company. 6x3 Medium ip Cash A Rich Mini's Coul a( A Poor .Man's Price Superior Coal & Mining Co. 304 W. Walnut - Fhone TOO Read Courier News want Ad*. KOOXY IM.ANS TO SNKAK! - SO \OU THOUGHT NOW,WHERE DID DINOSAUR-IMITATING FOOZV S1VE IT TO U ON TW' HALT- SHELL. , AN CUT TH CORNERS OH IP YOU WROTE NOW IU UP AN 1 GIVE THE AUBM, 50 AU.EY OOP WON'T COME TO HARM! THEM BORROW DINNV, AND AVJAY 111, FLV-BACK TO MY HOME IN 1H rVJUNTMNS WOH? TAKING ME IN,WVYVA BURl[?.t> TREASURE; T. so WHAT*-' . I'LL GET 6UZONTir, JOOf 1 It'll. FINQ'lM.' SO "DVT3 THE WILEY "BUT HE is NOW STOUTLY IN l\-\£ , CITY Bt^TU p , THRU fAY \ TAPER ,YOUD T5t A PUT VT ALL ON ONE OfD SCOTLAND YA"R,O UP AND I IN TULU ( ALLEY/ AU£Yf THE JIG Iir 3 UP.' UMPA'S WISE.' SI'.E'S AS HECK? IF SHE GETS HCR WT15 ON HE, I'M TEU1H' VOU, SHE'LV BREAK MV HKKf MAY RiDE WITH SPEED TO ...... .,.,__ ..Piiiwik.u.u- ,^y i f^n -nuu wivan */ SAFETY AND A PVACE TO HIDE.'J FOOZV.' I GUESV YOU'O-BETTER iPiUE HIM AN SCRAM' ROOTS AND UVR OI'AL SAYS A HOW M CRtt*'OV> VOU chM WASTE SO MUCH TIME ft A MV6TERV TO Mt V»V.V,MRe.AUitT AV.V TELL VOO . AMOM& OTHtR TW\VK>C> ,1 RtTO . SVOW, OAV , 1 -5tVV TffE. fKYY -TWW 1 UNOW WASH-TUIiBS WANDA LA DUEKMA! DAT OEN'L'MAU ftIN' , MA'M. AH SEE HIM DRIVE UP !M A PALUZA WIF TWO EASY, A PREH nr- VO BROTHA, 1^ CALLIM' MrtM. I HEVER HEARD Op THE BtlM. IF HE'S A HAN ME A lc>-OOLL^ tAP'N EflSV_SHO^|S CLASS. QUICK, ETHEL! SHOW. HIM IN. - OF WIWDY'S. HE'S BROKE. TELL HIM TM MOT SALESMAN SAM CK30D T>'.IUG- \ KEPT coLLecT-.u' HE KEEPS TRPCK OF IT LLTftKS. ME HOUR.S pu' WOURSTO WHf\T Vle's coLLdcTeo He. H<\SM'T,SO OF TELUM 1 THROU&Hi WHAT'S IN A NAME! I AIK1T 60^.':-'!. TELL Y3U VW-/ r COO'4, 9UT I',', GOMS/A TA'<e You oov.'K A '. NoTc«'E6... You B;G SISSY...YCB ' G'-ASSES IS TVS OWLY _j TwATS k£EJPIM' ,','E PRO,V, SOCXIIJ' you ' 3E KKO GMO'^W To 5PECTACLti5 FOX JUST A MiKJuTE ,\NHOSE PAREMT3 I: '.' "lYLVESTEB 1 ' )iy.l EVER LEARM TO FIGHT

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