The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE sin BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS - The- First Size-Up Blylhcville Quinl Decisive- iy Deals Shawnec In Fournei' Finals Saws :uui WiU:!i lii'^h s;lii>o! ^ii'ls diiiilftyed <ml<il<iii3hii{ clhss in v.u- MlHif Ilic toi'.s ;m:i girls Mi^i'. 1 -)))))! county taskeltall lite ::t Sliawnu school. Joiner, Saturday nUht. 'Pile Qiictava K p s. willi every / on the .var&ity squad .puilidimUw; in tiii; game, «Lsiiy irinnnc-d 5!uv\- nee, 43. to 30, )wl by nxlwibuiule "WiUl Bill'.' Godwin, (.tntcr, v!n Jim rioi, scoring ai prints. \yilb<m', girls boal Keisc-r, 26 to 18 with Glady.-i S])sck playing :ui oulsUncl ing game for Wilson. Shawnec, having prtvlouMy fo«il- f:i\ Manila, finished in ti* imd phiti- ill [lie boys' division uitd M:mil t beat Oscccla. 5f> lo 35, l-> j.iln third place.Tlio thvee lca;ihi:; reams MU eligible f'J.- |«ri'u-ipaUun r« t!i loiirth tlUtrbl touniaincnl. . Probably the biggest Mirprhc ot Die entire toiirnauirnt was t!ie all- star team seleclion by coaches with 'third place Manila, linvltig two players dwigmlc-d on the boys' quint. Bert Williams and Bill Shockley, guards, were the Manila boys named"oi> the Icsim. olhw.x were Dan Warrlngton. Blyllicville. and Tliru'cc"- Hamsny. Osc'cola. foi wards, and liirlie erosion. s!i;nr- ncc center. Hani-say, Hie Osccolnn. was name:! the .most valuable player to his team in the t»oys' division nrnl Miss Speck of Wilson" received n similar honor In the girls' division. The girls' all-star team was named, ns follows: Speck, Wilson, and Myrtle Speck, shtiwnce, forwards; Jean Brown, "Wilson, inul Frances Anclilln, Ketser. centers; ';R»by".Johnson. Keiser, and Jenn Streeter. Wilson, guards. Blj'tlievINe-SliiiwiiCc game lineups: Shaw nee PG FTPT'TP Pounds. I ..: .3 .2 4 -8 ..Bollh, F .... 2226 fialiba, ( 1 1 " Hcsey, f . ..... ..00 Roxton, c .... 4 3 Rogers, g .: 1 0 Dean, %.'..,'. o o -Totals ....It 8 11 30 1 Blylhcvillc FG PPPFTP "Worringlon. f........ '.i - 0 V. {> Hifghes, f 4 0 -1 8 'Godwin c 9 3 :j 21 Moslcy. % A 11 2 8 '?Harbert, g .• 0 020 Childs, f . 0 .0 1 o Justice, g 0 0 0 0 •Buncli. g 0 0 0 0 ' Jenkins, o 0 0 0 t) Charley Grimm .s<|Uat,r down for a close-up view of Robert Loam's form, :is (lie Clilcngo Cubs swing Inlo sprlrij) training Iroine dialfly ,-illM 1 Ihrir nniviil nl CnlnUnn Island. I.OBIIII, n southpaw, .'.pent nuiMt 11! last yiur with ]ndiami]H>l!.s of the American Assoclntlmi. lii'Kivc joiiUni! (in- Culis at (lie fuu ond of the season. v lose Up and Closed Up Totals .20 S H 43 Unable To Show'Grid Film At Auditorium The scheduled showing of moving pictures ol the Alabama-Southern California Rose Bowl game. Jem. 1 at (he.' high school here tonight has been called off it was nn- nounted today. Inability to obtain a projection iiiachiiie large enough to sho»v the pictures t'flccllvcly in the liigli .school audltoiium'was given as the reason. The pictures will be shown to small sioups however up until tomorrow noon by request free of charge, Coach Joe DHdy of BlytVtc- ville liigh school lias announced, • After a showing at the Lions club lunclieon tomorrow the film will be returned to the University of Alabama. 'JSTILL CLOWNING Yount; Corlictt 111 grins through puffed features as his hand is raised by .rtcferce Toby trein In San Francisco in token of a uslilns! 10-iound victory over the uncrowned middleweight champion, young rrcd Apostoli. One of the 33-year-old Corbelfs handlers is seen leaping joyfully into the ring. Inset, Corbett, who was considered (hroush when Jimmy McLnrnin knocked him out in 19.13 ,lo win the welterweight ^wreath, peers 'through one good eye. Ihe oilier having been battered shut while he was turning In a tremendous upset. Apostoli stopped both (he champion, Freddie Stecle, In n non- Illle affair, and Marcel Tlitl, the 'European claimant, at weight. When Max Baer arrived In New York to fight Tommy Farr at Madison Square Gaiden, March ,11, he announced that he was through clowning But this pic- i lure of the former heavjweight "champion Imilalmg giandma Knitting would indicate that he sllll Is (he riam actor if not .he , BuHeiMy Butcher Boy, of old Malone Next Opponent of Mr, Pinhead Jo Jo Pinhead will be given nu- clher chance io gain 'u win before lecal mat fans when lie meets Rldic Afalone. (lie popular irish- ivmn. in the feature match on tonight's wrestling card at ihs> bc^imi arena. The deaf and dniim circus man showed unusual strength in his malcji against Roy Welch here last, week, but was forccci lo look to his irmimier. Jnek 1'urdin. for instructions ea:h lime he got in n tight spat, consequently he lost to Welch. If Pinhead can keep his eyes on Pnrdin and at the same lime keep Malone occupied tonight he may vin. but the Irishman is certain to have plans of his o\\n that may upset the circus man's nppte carl. Pinhead will outweigh Malone by nine or t*n pounds, bin the Irishman Is tough enough lo hold his own against the average heavyweight. Another interesting match is in prospect in (lie meeting of Freddie Knickle and Art Perkins. Kntckle, who performed here with considerable success a year or so ago. has been absent from the local ring for •onic time, but if anything he Is expected to bo n better wrestler than when he last showed here. Perkins will undoubtedly count on his deadly flying head scissors with which he vanquished several good opponents here recently. Vnrlom new bulling, flddhisj and . telling records, established by perfumers In the Northeast Ar- Lftiguc " season, t^lll df- ford iiUiyers some unusual marks lo shoot lit when tlie Class D cir- uiill gels under way Oils spring. Some, M new records of various '.Inds were hung up by Individual ijlnyers nnd clubs in 1U37, accord- ng to Inures compiled by cliarlr-s :[. Miller of Memphis, league statls- liclnnilusl year. ( . i Tcmmy Tin-ner. Cnruther.svWe'.s i nird hilling catcher, smushe<l two ( records, one for Die number" oj i times nl but mid for Die grc-atesl number of Hits. Turner marched to tlu> jjliili' 4'!G lime.s to break Die 19M record of John. Cordell y! Uatcsvillu with 463. Turner nlsu jrnckecl out, HO hits to top Hie I93(i mark of Ills teammate, John McGowan, wlio had 131. Ocorgc Kiirowskl, sensational Ca- ruthersvllle Ihlrd Kicker, set n new tengue high far runs, counting. 125 for Hie season, ngalnsti a total of BO registered by Paul Rnckcr of Osceola the previous year. He also shared honors with Prank. Mancuso. EJIi'lhevlllc catcher. In three base ills, each beh)^ credited with 12. a mark that tied the league record. Roberts of JoueSboro hammered out a tolnl of 30 two base.lilts to exceed the previous high mark of 11 held by McGowan of Caruthcrs- 'iile nnd Jack Granthain, Jnhs in Canada Rise OTTAWA (UP)—A monthly tw 'rage of 1,085,831 persons were em ployed in Canada in 1931, oral, average gain'of 106.000 over 19S6 and the highest average since 1929 according to the Dominion Unreal of Statistics. A new heavy cannon for-a planes-is n 31 millimeter yun mounted flexibly.In a transparent, turret. The gun fires 100 shells ffl one minute. The shells weigh one and one-tenth pounds and are filled vviUi TNT. The winner of. the 1937 motor classic at Indianapolis was tiblc to reach a speed of 113 miles an hour oil the garden variety of motor fuel, which can be purchased ai, any gnsollne station. if 10 BETTER Some Records Sel In 1937 May Sland Time For Long Slums Cleared, Building of Small Homes Pushed, Overcrowding Solved »v siir/ro.v HRONNMI \'I-!A Scrvicn Stulf Com'sjiondetil LONDON, Feb. 2(i.—Oroat Britain lias had 20 years' experience in slum clearance imd low-cost hous- tnv—vltnl .-social problenis tliat only now i-fftlly ace Ijdn;/ atinekfd in AiiH'rica. Kngland'.s public hou.siti^ cxpcrl- inciils—her successes and Inlluri's, lic-r really Imiiosing re.snlls--tliere- 1'orc constitute a .school ot experience wlilclt'l/jK-k' .Sam wn might, attend. , * * > The British soliilion ot ilio liotis- lui! problem liiis.liiken four lorms: 1. .Slum-clearance l)y local authorities. 2. yiiiHU-)> cojislnicllmi by local authorities and private •builders with government subsidies. :). Alleviation of ovw crowding under the direction of local authorities. 4. wans for the purchase of homes by dwellers. In 1S29, (lie National Housing and Town Planning council reported that ou'e-cjiiarter of the population of England nml Wales was living in slum and overcrowded conditions. Britain passed n new bous- ing act the following year and in 19.13 (he National'government turned Its attention to th* problem. 71 laid out a "flve-year-pltm" calling lor the demolition of 280,000 slum houses and removnl of 1,300,000 people from unfit habitations. These figures were revised upward, in Hie -me iimi J.ICK iMiiimiaui, j-uiii- ngtires were revised upward in Hie ;ould's crack outfielder, set a new course of time, and by 1937 covered ionic run record lor the league vlth n season's total of 22, six above he mark of 1930 made by jack •laegle, nlso of the Rebels. Gr'an- hftm's record of 220 total bases will nlxo be hard to beat. Manager Harrison Wickcl of Hie Caruthcrsvllle pilots batted in a ota\.of 124 runs during the season, plnj the record set at Joncsboro by "Pappy" Hall. Future "Iron men" of the league mve their work cut out. for them f they are to equal the pitching eats of Russell May of Newport, vlio toiled In a total of.51 games during the season ns compared with 3D by Lefty Callalian of the 1930 Newport club. Xfay's durability cn- ibled him to also break the record or the 'number of innings pitched, lis total was 280, 49 more "(linn any other .moundsman has .,ever iltcheil in the league. The .strikeout record of Burley rrlmes, Jonesboro ace, inity also stand tor » while, a rimes whiffed total of 228 batters to break the league strikeout record of m set by Collier'in 19.30. The records revealed that Hnna- jer Spike Hunter of Jonesboro is the holder of. the best earned run average with 1.15 against the previous low earned run average of 2.28 held by M. Smith of Newport, Some of Uie new pitching records will not. be so tempting lo the hurl- crs in (he league, this year, palic- Ularly "that of Percy Dledsoe who lost a total.of 15 games for Paragould, or that of Lefty Graham ot Newport who issued HI walks to set a new high mark. Graham also hit 14 batters for a new record. five more than Ilarkev of Bntes- ville lu 1930. As a team" the Caruthersville Pilots are credited with at least five new records, having 3800 men at bat. scoring 633 runs, 1050 hits, 191 doubles and having 1493 total bases for Ihp season. The Paragould Rebels blasted out 68 home runs Ihe destruction of 403,000 houses nml the rehousing of 1,900.000 slum dwellers. The work has kept pace with the plans. Up to September 30. Ip3T, the British authorities have razed or declared unlit for human habitation, 172,219 houses. An additional 1S8.61S more have been repaired. To re-house the displaced slum dwellers,, local authorities all over England are building dwellings at the rate of about 5000 a month. Loans 'for their const met ion amounted to $167,500,000 in the fiscal period of 1930-37. From April lo October, 1937, approval was given to S93.000.0CO in loans for this purpose and the' shims in Englnnd and Wales are expected to be eliminated within (he next ten years. * a • Small-house 'construction began immediately after the war when it was realized lhat construction Imd ceased during hostilities. In 1919. Parliament passed enabling legislation for the conslructlon of small houses. These were Intended to help the working classes but later proved to be of assistance to the white collar groups, chiefly. Local authorities' and private builders, using government subsidies, added 3,484.132 new dwellings to England's housing, up to September 30, 1937. Including slum- clearance projects and alleviation of overcrowding projects, the national treasury has contributed 5900,000,000 in subsidies. About 13.- .aOO.OOO people— approximately '35 per cent of the population— have been re-lioiiscd. ' • i Up to 1935. the authorities of Greater fxmdon had built. 09.000 small houses niid apartments, had contributed $200.000.000 ol their OKI] In outright subsidies and had constructed whole villages. In 1934. however, outright subsidies from the national government, were stopped because there were A new two-place plane designed tor the beginnerlhas recently been put on the market. The plane hns a superchargeri motor which hns n lop speed of 130 miles nn hour. to establish a new high in contrast lo L the new lo\v record of 31 made by Blylhevllle Giants, u'lto also -set n'new love leaiu batting average of .2J2. The Otant base nmners u'crc effective, however, stealing 112 tor live league record. Joiiesboro batters had sharp eyes, getting 541 walks and batUny in 5157 runs lo set new league marks. The lowly Osceoln Indium had (he doubtful honor ol setting a new league record for striking out with a total of l>35. . Blyllicville proved the best field- Ing club the league has ever hid with a percentage ot .356, 13 points belter than the average of Newport the year before. The Gtanls had 1412 assists, 195 errors and 09 double plays, all of which were record marks. The league's putout record, • however, belongs to Osccola which had 2870 lo beat the record of .1539 previously held by Cartilherxville. Tobacco gels its nnme from lo- idle funds in the banks which were available for construction. still rob- A survey made by the Ministry of Health showed that 341.551 houses were overcrowded on the basis of one and a half persons per room. Under laws established for th Burning Condemned Building ^n^Kii^^^^W ! smSfm^-:;w^- :^i«m^^^^^^ MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28, -1 f)3S Ises. Landlords cnn be—and are AH Enelun.1 l«ifill kind of wur-wu after ((le Wo| ., (f Wnr {w ^ t .shmi dwellings K i IC f, r , s those pimired above.' When Britain has a Job of slum clearance to do—it's done|. This photo, recently received in America, shows,-condemned dwellings In London set afire by—strangely "enough—firemen. The blaze was described as "nn experiment In'vermin destniclloii.' 1 forbidden to take new families into certain structures after a given dale. • As a result of conferences between landlords and local authorities anywhere from 20 (o 30 per cent of the overcrowding has been voluntarily abated. However, 200.000 houses will be needed lo alleviate this condi- lion! • '•' * * * The London County Council which has charge of housing Improvement in the city's area, was enabled through legislation passed by Parliament in 1930 to lend money for the purchase of small homes by those who dwell in them. Nominally, the loans are restricted lo the purchase of homes within the London area but. by stretching the rules, the London County Council uuuci m\\s L'SiaDlisuetl lor tllO V" 1 ^- 1 - i"^ ujmiuu ^umuy Vjuuuun pin-pose, families which crowd their nns DL ' CU able lo make loans to dwellings are removed by Hie local people who live outside but work in authorities to more suitable nrem- London throughout the year Since 1936. $20,750.000 has been bago. Indian pipe. WRESTLING MONDAY NIGHT. 8 O'CLOCK The OreaV Barrier Reef, fronting Ihe coast or North Australia, (s the' largest coral rc : ct in Ihc world. It Is more than lOOO miles !on» and 39 miles wide, JO JO PINHEAD vs. EDDIE MALONE FREDDIE KNICKLE vs. ART PERKINS American Legion Arena, North Second SI. IT COSTS LESS- To lot us KEEP your ''car in shape than it docs to repair it after it- lias broken down. Increase the value of your car ami LET US KEEP IN A-1 CONDITION. COMPLETELY New and Modern Auto Repair Shop , We Can Meet Your Every Automobile Need All Work Guaranteed LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Otdsmoblle & G.M.C. Trucks & Trailers Sales and Service -•507 E. Main St. Ph0ne 329 loaned.. Of this sum, $8.710,000 is still outstanding. Through these loans. 10.000 homes have been purchased. NEXT: Great Britain's, dramatic slum clearance program. The gravitational pull of the neV piunet, Pluto, which was dls- tovercd In 1930. was noted long before the planet ever fffis seen by telescope. Greyhound racing Is popular in England, where more than 20,000,000 persons. pay admission to the. '" licensed tracks annually. 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