The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 19, 1930
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JULY 19, 1030 BLTmEVIL],E, (AUK.)" COURIER-NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS 'i~wa cents a word lor Ilrst lu- Mrtlon and one cent a word for each eubsequtnt Insertion. No idvertlMUientUken lor less thau 50c. Co»nt Uw word* and send the t*»h. Phone 306 CORALlt STANTON and HEATH UOSKEN Q50 6Y CMQ.SE.A MOUSE,. FOR HALE l-'OR SALE—Baby Chicks. Custom hatching each week from now on. Marilyn Hatchery. 20ck-tt VACATIONT1ME | Take That Trip In a Good Used | Car. you will have the use of the | car while you're there and abo. save traveling expenses. Make your Selection Frcni The I Following List of Used Cars. Lowest Prices and Easiest Terms. 1029 Mucle) Whippet Coach.. $295 i li)3!l Model Ford lluadstcr . .$2V5| 1!K8 Model Chevrolet Tuur. ..S105| 1830 Model Ford Coupe ... $525 j lil'.O Mudel lisscx Coach .. $255 [ 1927 Muilul Ford ronlor Sedan $105 j 1SK8 Model Ford Tudcr Sedan S275 | WIG Mudrl Hulck Sedan ... S175 1929 -Mcdu-1 I'ord Std. Cuupc 54ia 1929 Model Ford Spt. 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Inquire Parkh'.irst Company. 9c-tf. Yo can't tlirow your 'ay," bo Bald dryly. 'I can slop dancing." FOR RENT—Furnished Apartment. 108 Kentucky. Phone G83. 15pk'22 FOR RENT—Three room flat, all modern conveniences. 1013 West •Walnut St. Call U18. lOc-tf j WANTED ,1 WANTKD — Family Washings. Wr.shcci and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown. • 704 S Lake St. IVck-lf ! illrJi dunclrt^ ii In n uiuHl- rkvil Mr IlKJIIAIMI Vi'UlN. c liiiminy. on thr rvc of lirr jHiirrljiuc.. Ifnrun lUut Judtlli inul SU'jtir lovr cticli nlhcr nnd lin^ik* tirr rnpllqenicn* i lint <lu- illili r*-rn>.n In ruirry Slrjtic. In»l»ilni: kr lirliiiiKi In rkuiiiiny. 1'lu-n Juilllli lu:iru« Mint Wjun I* ri-jill) i hi- . Kt-nl fcir rlcli nitllCl! <:ll>i:<>\. n llniiiirlrr •• hu hui liftn pursuing lirr \\llS fala nllrnllinii fi.r ...... r llcii^. i-]ic KCH-» (t> (ilJ- rnn'M ImLKr (mil r^rrnnvlieii him Ills ilrri'il. Irlllncr lilin 1hn( the ^hcili- rlly IHIW tblnki i,lje !• hl> |irii]irr[y. NOW lid ll.\ WITH THE STOHK CllAPTEIl XXXIV TUDV singled with swelling J leais that Bbc would rather ilic lliait ^lied. Clilcon allowcil a moment "laiwc. Then lie said, without look Inf; at lie]-: "All ilie fame, you must admit have ."»«^'io honor autl tlio goo loriuno to give a great dancer t the v.-orlii. '"J'liai you haven't!" Judy's voice sounded ns If he fr:iil Sjiuly were aljout to burst wit raRi 1 . The rich man smiled wit tolerance. "Vcu cannot pretend that yo cau't dance. Tlial would bo ratln too much ot a joke!" "1 don't pretend anything," si Hashed; "but I'll tell yon o::e tlili — I'm never going to tlao'je ayai Not likely— after this!" It was useless for Oidoon to arfii or plead. Judy was adamant. S! would give u[> her career ns a dancer rather than owe anything to him. He had cheated her; he had hehaved like a cad. She would cancel her contract with Matthew Tan- nary anil return to her model •.vovk. Slie fiuug herself out of Gideon's npartmcut. a:nl went at once to EM Miillheiv Tannary. He was a little, dark, bullet- headed Scotsman, with an iron gray mustache. He was a man of few words, and his eyes wero very keen, lint sometimes they twinkled Vi'ilh fun. Ho listened to all that elie had to say. Then he kerjt silent for a few moments, while he regarded lier with a certain friendly admiration at which even fiery litllo Jndj could not take offense. What he finally said was very characteristic "I wonder v.'hy Wyou couldn' hnve kept Ms counsel hetter!" This made Judy wild with nnger "Thai's not the point, Mr. Tan nary!" she cried. "I'vo been shp.mofnlly deceived, nnd I stain! it! Nothing would have In dnccd me to appear at the Mono- polo tt I'd known that Mr. Gideo: wn.s paying for cvcrytlilng. Nolhln would have induced me to sign thl contract with you." "Why is that, Miss Granl?" "Don't you see?" she asked Im patiently. "I owe all ruy success t him, am), t Jnat won't have it!" "Then yo mem to break your ntract with ruo?" "Yes—ol cotirso I do." -Yo can't do that, Miss Grant, ho law rdll bind yo; anil I've icnt a good deal on advertising yo id all that kind ot thing." "I'll pay yon hnck. I'vo got .cnty of money." "It must bo enough. You cau't avo spent such nn awful lot." success Hashed the Idea that It would bo a great satisfaction to cut hlin dead; but almost Instantly another r E'LL loso mo a Ion of money. Yo worn going to set tlio pltice n fire. Tlio Swedish people, will at mo like blazes, Yo cau't do t, Miss Grant!" "I'm going to." Ho regarded her with a grim III- io smile. thought camo lo h«r, Just na defl- ultc. In soino way sho liad EO to order her lifo Hint Alan Stoyuo must know thai she could never liavo nny parl lu bis. How to do tlila belter than by resuming lier rloadshlp with Mr. Punch? So, Instead ot cuttliiE Hrnco Gld on dead, Bho smiled nt him. i hear yon nro gotni; to Paris fter all, Miss Judy," ho said. Ves, I claused my inlml," Judy aid. "I nm moro than glnd," ho an werctl very polilcly. •You may walk with mo to m> aho said. "I'll tell yoi all about It. I'm going to pay yo\ back." "Why wouldn't yo lio keeping to •our contract and going ou dauc ng and making moro money, nm hen paying Mr, Gideon back all lie :pcnt on ye, Miss Grant?" Juciy stared at htm. Tlio Idea had not occurred to lier. Ther was something in it, too. "How soon could I do It?" Bh iskcd. "I couldn't quite Etiy, but I ca easily find out. I should think 1 might lake yo about six montlis— living very carefully yourself 1 Hie meanwhile. Ho spent n ton o money, there's no doubting tlmt." Judy sprang to lier feet. "I'll do II," film said. "Tlianks, Mr. Tannary, lor the Idea. I hndn't thought of It. I'll do It! I'll mako all Ihe money I can, and when I pay Jlr. Gideon back I'll advertise n all tlio papers that I'vo douo U —that tlie girl he cheated ami lleil doesn't owe him a cent, uml that 10 paid It back all on her own, by er own work. Nobody cau think ny the less ot me for thai. All tbe •odd Bball know bow ho cheated ''I liavo been paid back," lie re piled. "Wyou nnd I went tbrougl everything yesterday." "Ob, no—there's a let moro t come!" A3 yon' .ike," ho sM. "Anj thing, ns long as you don't punls tbo world at largo for what I did. "Rubbish! Tho world could d without mo well enough; but I d elded I was a fool. I was nw when I sa'flr you. Guarvcntua won! liavo wanted mo to go on." They reached her lodgings. "When can I ECO you3" be aske ns sho dismissed III MI at tbo doo "Couldn't you arrange to glvo n en lionr or so? Won't you hiuc with me tomorrow?" "I might It I bad tho time. can't say." •Til bo at the Jlaylalr at ha OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aherw WANTED -Several congenial per- , • sons lo beard and room. Cool I rooms, excellent menK Near business district. 112 East Cherry St.. phone G(H. 10p-k23 FAKM WANTED WANT lo hear from own/M' having farm in Arkansas for sale, suit- _ able for genera! farming. Write i full description and lows-si price.! John D- Baker. Firs'. National | Bank Tilda. _D«l'as. Tex., 10pk21 ] (JlOSUig Stock 1IKMINDS THE DEPUTY j MOBILE. Ala. <UP> -Friendli- j ness got a man into trouble here, j John Miller, whceler.svillc. visiting i a friend in county jail, was K- [ (inirccl to post S150 bnnd to gel out when Deputy Sheriff Will Armi- ptead remembered he had a warrant charging Miller \vifli assault and batiery. past one. Don't disappoint me, Miss Judy." She hardly answered him, nnd Tannary gavo her another grim (tie smile. "Miss Grant, yc'd bo making a ad enemy." "I dare say," she answered; "but vo never cheated anybody In my fe. Ho deserves it. 1 said nobody could think llio less ot me; nit, you see, 1 shall always think ess ot myself. I've been deceived —very badiy deceived, Mr. Tan- nary; and Mr. Gideon is going to pay for that!" • • • i TOUT a week Inter Judy beard *• that Alan Steyno had gono to Persia with hla friend Hylton, who had managed his departure sooner than ho had thought possible. She herself was leaving for Paris in the following week. She was booked for a three-week engagement there, and was tben going to Nice and Monlo Carlo, ami from there to Milan, Rome, and Naples. Three days beforo her departure she met Bruco Gideon. Sho was walking toward her lodgings, nnd her arms wero full of parcels. Ho stood still, hat In hand, how- Ing with formal deference. ran up Iho stairs. Sho was struggling with many emotions. To begin wltli, sho was nol ovcrplcasccl with'herself. Though the object was laudable, llio carrying out of It was repugnant In tlic extreme. T was Juno again In New York— •a pecrlcbs, golden June, with blue, translucent days, and crlmson- and-imi-plo sunsets, and long lavender-gray twilights EllppiiiK Inlo short fairy nlgbls ot sapphire Batin and silver uioonslilne. It was New York at its very best. The doors of tbe Cafe Tnrc were swung wide open to the street. Uan sat on tho steps, anil played bis guitar and sang bis songs for tin worlt! lo hear. Inside, it was a reek of smoki and COU'CQ and slock pot ond \viiv dregs, as usual; and tho usua crowd were there. Bastien Dnmont nnd MIcliae Stone sal at Iho table under th dead master's sketch of Claris^ Morley, with 1(5 faded laurel wreal and rusty crape how. IJastlcn was ful'illuit; himself. Ho need no longer go without food or necessity, although ho still did so (|iiitc often from habit, lie had tho indefinable air of tho man who Is arriving. A man's work Improves with recognition and success as II does o man who has 110 work lo dn 10 works badly, llailleu'u hln uvas nt (ho llelvolr Callerles, ewer Men at Drrsklant," wa.i aking (ho whole city tnlk. "Jiuly Is back," f.ihl Michael one, Bllrring bis kcd cofteo In o long glass. "Yes," replied I)mmn;t, in tho 'pths of gl»oin. "So I licar." "She'a been at Monlo C;irlo uml ice, nnd nil over Italy. Sow she's irk hero for n week or two; r.r.d ion Eho'n goliig to S«idv!i ami 'urway nud Denmark." "You. 1 know." "Wherever Blio'a been, this chap rldcon's been there. He's her hadow." "So I'vo bciinl." "They t-ay lie's going to marry icr," "How cau be?" Ihmiont's volco iurst from his aucnlshuil hoait- He'a cngngeil lo t-omo ; ]VO—llial's off. Slornnway Inlil me. 1 met him at Hie lldvulr 'estenlay, absolutely green svilli envy In front ot your 'Sower Men.' " "Ills engagement broken uif! You are sure'.'" "So Slornawny rays, wnl lio ifiht to know," "Jmly—marry—him!" "1 slioulilti't think It likely myself," laid Michael, and liia rugged face grew chivalrously lender. "What a lilllo sporl slm was! What a r-plrlt s'io had! Always merry and brlglit. with great holes In tlio soles of her sliocs on a dronchiiu; klitl Always fussing around Cla 3sa Mnrlcy like a lion! Anil now -now nlie'a Hie greatest dancer tlio oild Las ever known. "I!y Jove! Onmotit, do you re~ leinhcr iicr first night? Ami even '.010 tii in Hint, tbe nlglil In ••leyno's sunHo when Blic dunce* or us ami yon tiddlcd for her? Thai ejainda liie—I meant lo a^k you i you think Ktcync nnd Clarlpsi ive inadt! it up!" "\Vliru makes you asli?" eal linnont. "Only (bat they're always to cllicr nn\v, siaco Slcyno came back 'ro:n IN'r.-la. Ilnw lung ago was It? Al Icnsl a montli—anil lie seema to liavc ilrlftcil back Into tlio old life." "1 don't think lie lias," Dinnont replied. "He camo back willi bis frieud Ilyltoti, wlio very nearly died oul tlieic. Stcyne took caru ot liiiu and bruiigbt lilui bonier bill I think lie's going Imc-k again very EOOii. l-'ar from drifting back. 1 think lie's becoming a business man. lie told mp (he otbcr day he'd iinite given up the Idea of uaint- ing; bul of course be would bo with Chaminy—they're ntill great friends." "I ^^•onllcrcd, that's all," nald (\\\ silo 1 "•( WlSrl AH CCUJL.P WEAR ^1 Ade W cucitrles AS 3- vJeuu. AS -Wo 7 PO •a 5Ui4 ! — UAK AH '•\ -fpH-lM 1 -frl 1 TCiUKS • J K\{ 5AVS • 1 AMBROSE MUS-f V -to "TrC ToUMTAl/J : £*. "TfMrJKS FOR PRESSiMca ^ VOARPRO -TAKe-THis AMP A GOUD M6 A -Teuu fr(ew--To STfep VA5 VJAS rlEAH r^W-F rloUR CAFE UIDO BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ._ \ ., , HOHACK WOULD RB THAT WAY By Martin Throagh Judy's mind there br ti,i very fact of ivorkinc. It la Michael K'oue. "Ynu know >vomcn arc. Tiicy sahl she'd broken It off becaiiFe of IILT work. Tlio Iioint is. would her wnrk nlwuys come fir^t?' 1 Dumont iiiniBCil lilm sharply, us Cliummy ami Steync came In. ll'n lie rnnllmi-.-f!> There are 'i\'l separate religions denominations in the United! Stales at present. There are represented by 2J2.000 churches and 44,380,000 members. NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 ju r dental ofliccs will he closed :ach Thursday afternoon. Dr. L- II. Moore. Dr. H. A. Taylor, Dr- H. S. Davis. A. T. and T 217 Avialion 6'j Chrysler 3! Cities Service 23 3-4 Cnca Cola 180 Fox -IQ 7-8 General Electric 12',)-8 General Motors -H 5-C Grigsby drnno-.v 1-17-8 I. f. and T •" 7-8 Montgomery Ward 36'i Packard 15-1-8 Radio 4- 3-4 Simmons 27 1 -: 'United Gas 31'4 U. S. Steel Ififl 3-4 NAMES MIXED KNOXV1LLE, Tcnn. lUD— Ruble I 'ineyard was lined S50 charged' vith drivtng wliile intoxicated. The liriuor had heen a corn pro- Inct and not- from grapes, how- iver. NOTICE Why wait until co.Jd weather? Book your coal orders now, for future delivery. Get my prices and save money. See or call JOHN BUCHANAN 108 X. K- R. Office 107 Phone lies. 717 New York Cotton NEW YORK. July 19. lUP)- Cotton closed firm. Open High Low Close Mar .... 1370 1375 13U5 1373 May 1388 1391 USA 1301 1326 1343 1326 1343 1315 13f>8 1345 1324 1333 1318 13CR 1374 13C-1 i:]45 1350 1330 1368 137G 13(i8 1350 135C 1347 steady. 25 July Oct. Oct. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jnn Spots 13C5. HKAT KKCOIll) FAI.I.S MOBILE. Ala. (UP)—Not since ,882 lias Mobile had three consecu- ive days of 100-degrec tenipera- :inc as it did rercnUy. NEW TUKT1.E WAIT BURLINGTON, Va. (UP)—Frogs 1 hop toads are perfect bait for turtle's, according to Mayor Earl FISHES WITH HANDS CHATTANOOGA. Term. (UP) — Charles M. nankin won a 55 prl? by catcliitiL; bar^-handed a three Homer, part time turtle fisher-! pound ^prcklcii troul turned loos ' in a local swimming John Scott Harrison, who was born at Vincennes. Ind.. in 1804. v,-a.s the son of William Henry Harrison, ninth president of the United States, and father of Benjamin Harrison, 23rd president of the country. DEA'llIIlEII RKQUEST MAHYV'iLLE. Tcnn. (UP)—B fore he died E B. Adkins, CB, ber, ask.'d to lie buried in his ba bcr suit anil slippers. The rcrjuc was granted. FRKCKJ.KS AND HIS I-'KIENDS ;nu_e old new old new o!d new closed 1358 13:11 1374 1310 13W 13oG up. at V. It. WASHAM— Transfer Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight nnd packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 | WERT i |He Makes 'Em See, Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems rhone 52 Ingram Bldg. BIytheville, Ark New Orleans Cotton NFAV ORLEANS. July IP. (UP) — Cotton closed steady Open High Lo v. Close . 1370 137C 1366 1371 . 13D4 1304 1387 . 1233 1293 128(1 1330 1333 1324 . 1347 1350 1341 . 1350 1353 1351 closed steady, 11 Mar. .. May .. July ., Oct. .. DCC. .. Jan. .. Spots 1320. 1387 1294 132D 1347 1352 up. at SAFE; DEFIES YEGGS MIRMINGHAM, Ala- (UP)—The persons who removed an 800-pound safe from the City Ice Delivery company probably will bo more certain o'f better results before trying such a sUmt again. The safe was found in a woods outside the city two weeks later, badly battered but still protecting $50 cash therein. For (lie firel quarter of 1930, G44.802 automobiles were sold on the time payment plan in the Unlt- ctl Slates. About $277.494,000 ' dcb'.i was incurved, '"n them. Read Courier News Want Ads. ARG DESTINATION, LET OS TA.WS YoO To UMCLP. GLEWi'S RAMCH .... AS O.K.'' R.AMCH <&=> i us To PICtiTHlS SPOT OUT...- ITS GE.TTIM' SO VOL) DOMT VfJHO'S APT TO DROP IN ON >(X) t-!OJlADANS VlITU PLACES AS TWlC'^. AS AtJG — S£S|AS LI u.t A :£. CHAP MOM'N I'Ol 1 OW,STOP H\M\ STOP \\\V\\\ CRftB 1'Bt HPSNO OP ! WH.V, 6k.VOlWb PHE JOS MWWWJ& AM, IN ONK DAY TAM WV WOE IP TT DOMT LOOV- LIXS OSCAR. ...YEP'- VHELL,OF ALL HoS-TieO IF All-'t AMOTW&R. OUS Too-. v. vwwoea MJAMTS DISCO VEUKn DO VOU lACWI VOU'<JC H^B STRKV DOVi IM THE HOU5E1 W_U -' THE GOT SO SLIPPERY 1 COULDN'T UOLD Cowan

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