Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 24, 1956 · Page 42
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 42

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 24, 1956
Page 42
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ALL EDITIONS Bv;c)TI0lJ Page 12 (Sections). JThe Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Arizona l. Sunday, June 21, 1956 All Said In Jest Hecht-Lancaster Enterprise Is Far From Joke By HAROLD HEFFERXAX . HOLLYWOOD (NANA) Many a true word (as the sages say) is spoken in jest and sometimes as in the case of the movie producing partnership of Harold Hecht and Burt Lancaster a successful business enterprise can spring from a jocular remark. This one was uttered on a day 10 years ago Jan. 2, 1946, to be exact and Burt Lancaster has good reason to remember it well. Let him tell the story: "Harold Hecht and 1 were sitting in the bar at the Bar-bizon-Plaza in New York. I was leaving that day for the coast and my first film The Killers.' Harold had only been my agent for a short time, but we were already iast friends. I was a , little worried about the kind of movies I'd find myself getting in Hollywood. "HAROLD reassured me by chuckling, "Well Burt, if you don't like what you get into out there, we'll just produce our own films. That's the one way you're sure to get what you want!' " "Of course," Burt continued as we talked between his scenes in "Gunfight at OK Corral" at Paramount, "I agreed, but we were both joking. Neither of us at the moment dreamed anything would come of it But only a year later we had formed our own production company and were doing "Kiss the Blood Off My Hands' out at U-I. Even then neither of us had the faintest idea our com pany would grow so fast in 10 years. We put in a lot of work, and had a lot of luck that's the only way I can explain It." ' Burt was a little top modest in this sum-up. It was their $400,000-b u d g e t e d "Marty," in narrow screen and black-and-white that won the Academy Oscar last March first time such a young independent organization had ever turned the trick. HARD WORK is something Burt is famed for. He loves it and looks on an 18- hour-a-day schedule as relaxation. "Haven't had a vacation in all those 10 years," he went on, clipping his words pre-sicely in the Lancaster manner. "I've made two weekend trips to Las Vegas, and one to Palm Springs, and that's aU. I find I'm only relaxed when I work. Oh, I tried taking up golf and tennis, even swimming, but I don't enjoy them. I keep thinking about that stack of manuscripts that has to be read, or a television program I should be seeing in order to watch for talent. You might say I work to relax. The only other pastime I enjoy is bridge." Burt does all the "selective reading" for Hecht-Lancaster, and finds it stimulating and exciting to turn up what he calls "a find." He' and Hecht believe that in order to get something different you've got to look for it. Their firm now has offices in Paris, London, New ork, and Hollywood and employs more than 50 people. They have 14 pictures scheduled to be filmed within the next three years. Lancaster will star in two of them. After that, Burt told us, he may become a full-time producer. "YES, I'M thinking seriously of giving up acting," he said. "I find the producing end much more satisfying. Harold and I don't intend to sit back and rest on our 'Marty' laurels. We hope to keep on expanding, and we're constantly on the lookout for talent. We already have Ernest Borgnfne under contract and hope to sign up more players. And they don't have to be 'names' in fact '0 I Io3 Im7 V J) r I I "-1 ens! i !' Roberto j ' Tciay: l:C3 P.M. ! i K00L-TV CHANNEL 10, ! St and Jlta ' THI mwii nr tut I OOSPEL. Of CHRIST Jj Katy Keeps Latin Fire Theory Alive HOLLYWOOD (UP) Katy Jurado Is doing her best to help keep alive a theory that Latins are a fiery Hunch. Her most recent efforts include slapping a co-star harder than the script Indicated. Slapping, brawling and fighting in general between a man and a woman are fine for a girl's film career, she said. But when the Latin blood resented an action by co-star Anthony Qutnn, things got out of hand. "In every picture there is always conflict between the man and the woman," she said. "To make this conflict more real, it hblps If you fight with the man first then your fight scenes in the picture will seem more true. The same thing applies to love scenes it's always more real when you make up after a fight." Miss Jurado's semi-spontaneous and unrehearsed fisticuffs with Quinn occurred during a scene for "The Lonely Gunman," a Robert L. Jacks production for United Artists release. Things began warming up when the pair exchanged a few not kind words as temperament reared its "head. They didn't quite agree on the way the scene should be played. It called for Quinn to slap Miss Jurado. As things worked out, Quinn did slap Miss Jurado. And she in turn thought he slapped her a bit too hard, so she redHed in kind by swinging at him with vigor. - Things wert tense for a moment, and then both of them laughed. "I like to fight with my leading man," she said later. "It's good for my acting and good for my career." There's nothing really personal about Miss Jurado's bouts. In the case of Quinn, she's so happy about everything that she's anxious to make another film with him. ff jlif Ulaplr Slppn a Lugosi, left, and Lon Chaney JJlclLlV .JlCtp hgve joad rQes in ,1The Back Sloop," opening Thursday at the Paramount. The spook show also stars Basil Rathbone, Akim Tamiroff, and John Carridine. Typing Is TSo Worry For Kathryn Grant HOLLYWOOD (UP) Kathryn Grant, a Texas beauty, isn't worried about one thing that causes much gray hair among many actors and actresses so-called "typing" or playing the same kin5 of parts over and over. at As a matter of fact, she might onu En u SINGLE. VISION LINSIS ANP FRAMI COMPLETE 1 DAY SERVICE . IN EMERGENCIES . 11 - V OPTICAL AND AKEA AUDIOMETRY CO. GOODRICH BLDG. ROOMS 417-418 14 NORTH CENTRAL AL 3-2303 even HKe just a smau nil oi typing. It would be one Instance in which a lack of variety might be variety. That's because she has played six different kinds of roles in the past year. The roles range from the Wild West to wild parties and from Indian to 20th century paleface. And in one instance she Is mistaken for a male. This seems Impossible, but it can be blamed on effective costuming. This Interesting episode comes in "The Guns of Fort Petticoat" Audie Murphy is the poor guy who makes the mis- BONDED BRAKES ,95 HYI). BHAKKS ANV CAR INSTALLED Ni Rivets No Squeak Pree Lifetime Adjust SIGNAL IRAKI CO. lit I. Washington AL 1-311 take. What really happens is that she has to try to kill Murphy. He thinks she's a young man because of "her attire, and they wind up fighting over possession of a gun on an Arizona desert. She didn't emerge completely unscathed hut received what is usually termed minor cuts and bruises. Time of the story is the 1870's. "I'm glad I knew something about guns," she said. "In this picture I found I had to be able to load a breechloader and aim and fire it like a real pioneer woman." Miss Grant completed "Reprisal" Just before starting her present film. In "Reprisal" she had the role of an Indian girl and had to ride a horse at a fast gallop over rock-spattered ground, "I was glad for my Texas training in this picture, too." she said. "I had learned to ride as well as shoot a gun." Before the Indian part she was a jazz-happy oung girl In "Wild Party" and previously was cast as a blackjack dealer in "The Phenix City Story." ST mis (J ASH Congress Street, East of Avenue Tucson, Arizona """" iiiiMM 'WDM.'... -GJ- JV I I 4 . I I W 11 "... T . ,. ., , Remodeling of interiors and exteriors to begin shortly. Details to consider tenants specific requirements. Feature of plans to incorporate well lighted Arcade near center of property from Congress Street through to Tenth Street) with display windows in Arcade. Smaller modern shops also to be available on Tenth Street (north side of property), facing local bus terminal. Sites of stores very from 16 to 48 feet In width, end depths up to 75 feet, approximately. For-least information, contaet owntrs, REDEIL ESTATE, INC., S. REDEIL, MANAGER 3925 E. Broadway Tucson, Arizona Ph. 6-2012 Actor Goes From Comedy To Murderer HOLLYWOOD (UP) An actor who charmed many an audience with his portrayal of a soft-spoken devotee of horror stories in Academy Award-winning "Marty" has not used the role as a stepping stone to comedy. It's just the opposite with Robin Morse. He has bfen cast as a ruthless killer in "The Boss" and murders four federal officers plus some innocent bystanders. "Bov. this Hollywood casting Is really something," Morse said. "First I'm a comedy hood a sort of gorilla but one who gets laughs. Then in 'Marty' I'm such a sweet guy I figure my halo will get in the way of a hat. Now I have this part of a murderer. . "No one's going to believe I once did comedy." There's nothing comic about "The Boss." It's a no-holds-barred expose of a corrupt political machine which is tied up with criminal elements in the city and the state. And producers-brothers Frank and Walter Seltzer are happy about Morse as a most noncomedian type. Morse, whose specialty if he has one is Damon Runyon-like characters, has appeared in "Stalag 17" as well as "Marty," plus two films yet to be released "He Died Lauphing" and "Somebody Up There Likes Me." He began acting on the New York stage as a spear carrier In "Helen Goes to Troy.'1 This gave him a credit, and nervy Morse used It to land actual acting roles In shows including "Catherine Was Great' and "The Duchess of Malfl." It's clear Morse had some lalent, or his part-winning methods would not have worked. "It would go like this," he said. "I always gave 'Helen' as a credit. When they'd ask me what I did in the show, I always told them I carried the biggest blanketv-blankety spear on the stage. Foi some reason they'd never believe this was all I did, and I'd find myself getting the part I was trying for." we'd much rather develop our own." One thing Hecht-Lancaster won't do, Burt Insisted, is buy their own studio. The whole idea is to keep the overhead low. "A studio that has a large upkeep must make products for money. After all, stock-" holders are entitled to profits, and in a big organization the whole attitude is impersonal. "But with us it's different. We're aiming for the best pictures possible and making money is secondary. Our personal motto is 'tailor made taste.' Certainly what we've done so far isn't standard Hollywood fare, and I think those we have scheduled are different, too." COMING UP in 1956 the company has "The Rainmaker," "The Devil's Disciple," and another Paddy Chayev-sky TV play, "Bachelor Party." Then in 1957 will come "The Way West," which they've been working on for three years. Burt will star in this one and, as he says, it may be his swan song as an actor. He has to make one more for Hal Wallis, and fhoti ho 11 r mntract.fre i and able to devote all his time to his own outfit. "You know, though, I'm still working out the old contract for Wallis, and getting the same salary I signed for back In 1946," he mourned. "You see I was so unsure of my future I was happy to sign a long deal. It's a good role though Wyatt Earj) I'm not complaining. After all, Mr. Wallis ' brought me out here, and gave me my chance, and for that I'm grateful. And if he hadn't signed me I might have given up, gone back East and joke or no joke, there'd be no H e c h t-Lancaster Productions!" THE OUTPOST Aik 81. t,. InitlMi nth. M. WH t-SOSl COCKTAIL HOUR 3 te iiery DT ANT DRINK W THE HOUSE Mt 7:30 TONIGHT Famous Film Festival "Stairway To Heaven" RUrrlni DAVID NIVEN KIM Hl'NTEB RAYMOND M ASSET S? TV CALL S? Day, Nile, Sunday Immediate Service All Repairs Guaranteed AM 6-9031 TEE VEE SERVICE I03S North 24th St. TUK Cha nel 3 AT 7 P.M. ON II STELLA RAMA II "GHOST jl CATCHERS" Vf OLSEN a'jOHNSON S i Read Dunkin' With Dune' in The Republic II B 1 1 8 CHANNEL NBC PS IN TV 12:00Noon--FAITH FOR TODAY 12:30 p.m. YOUTH WANTS TO KNOW 1:00 p.m. FRONTIERS OF FAITH 1 :30 p.m. AMERICAN FORUM ' 2:00 p.m. ZOO PARADE 2:30 p.m. OUTLOOK 3:00 p.m. MEET THE PRESS 3:30 p.m. ROY ROGERS 4:00 p.m. BIG PICTURE 4:30 p.m. FRONTIER 5:00 p.m. CHRIST IN THE VALLEY 5:30 p.m. CANDID CAMERA 6:00 p.m. ALCOA HOUR 7:00 p.m. LORETTA YOUNG SHOW 7:30 p.m.-THE STAR AND THE STORY 8:00 p.m. DR. CHRISTIAN 9:00 p.m. MR. DISTRICT ATTORNEY 9:30 p.m. LIFE OF RILEY 10:00 p.m. MOVIELAND "ALGIERS" Charles Bover Hedv Lamar KVAR JANE FLYINO HIGH BURBANK, ' Calif. 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City Stoto ESI Hiram 6:00 I Search for Adventure "Headhunters of the Amnion" 6:30 Annie Oakley sail Davis 7:00 Private Secretary Ann Sothom 7:30 What's My Line? -John Daly 8:00 Ed Sullivan Show Koto Smith, Teresa Irewer, Harry lolafonte, Jack Poor, Lncille Ball and Detl Araai will , head a galaiy of 21 Iroadwoy and Hollywood personalities who will honor Ed Sullivan when the show celebrates Its Stb anniversary. 9:00 Chevron Hall of Stars "Debt to a Stranger" Gene Barry 9:30 G. E. Theater"Aiien Angel" Patty MeCarmaeh 10:00 $64,000 Challenge-Sonny Foi 10:30 Million Dollar Movie, 1st Run Movie "Out Of The Depths" ' Jim Bannoa Ross Hunter CHANNEL 10 THE SOUTHWEST'S MOST POWERFUL TV STATION 11:00 Sunday Feature "Shadowed" Anita Louise 12 tOO The Christophers 12:30 This Is the Answer? 1:00 Oral Roberts 1:30 Adventure 2:00 Face the Nation 2:30 CBS Sunday News-trie Sevareid 3:00 Building America 3:30 Church in the Home 4:00 Telephone Time John Nesbltt presents 'Smith of Ecuador' 4:30 Sgt. Preston of the Yukon 5:00 You Are There 5;30 Lassie Goorge Cleveland Tommy Bettlg Jon Clayton KTVK-ABC channel I KPHO channel I KOOl-CIS channel 10 KVAR-NBC channel 12 SUNDAY, JUNE 24, MS MORNINO 10:45 (10) Movie AFTERNOON 12:00 (10) Christophers (12) Faith for Today 11:30 (10) The Answer (12) YouthWants to Know 12:45 (S) What's Your Trouhle 1:00 (5) Big Picture . (10) Oral Roberts (12) Frontiers of Faith J: JO (5) The Way ' (10) Adventure (12) Amer. Forum 1:45 (S) News 2:00 (8) Revival (S) Movletlme (10) Face the Nation TV TIMETABLE (12) Zoo Parade 2:S0 (S) Churches (10) Erie Sevareid (12) Outlook 2:45 (S) Film S:00-( S ) Big Picture (10) Building America (12) Meet Press 8:30 S ) Fant. Mex. ( S ) Christophers (10) Church In Home (12) Roy Rogers 4:00 ( 3 ) Sunday Mat. ( 5 ) This Is the Lire (10) Telephone Time (12) Big Picture 4:S0 (5) Lighted Window (10) Sgt. Preston (12) Frontier 5:00 ( 5 ) Visitor (10) You Are There (12) Christ In Valley 8:30 ( S ) Life wEllz. ( S ) Heart ot City (10) Lassie 6:00-( S ) Ted Mack (5) Ahrmtt & Costello (10) Search for Adventure (12) Playhouse 6:30 ( S ) Jet Jackson (10) Ann Oakley 1:00 ( S ) Conrad Nagle KVOA (Tucsen) channel 4 KOPO (Tucson) channel 1) KIVA I Yuma I Channel 11 APTERNOON 11:00 ( 4 ) Horn Mex. (It) The Answer 12:30 (13) Christ ScL 12:45 (13) Man to Man 1:00 (4) Wide World (ID Big Picture (13) OralRobcrts l:30-(l'l) Wings Over Yuma (II) Ltted Window 1:00 (11) Flcstt OTHER ARIZONA TELEVISION (5) (10) (12) 7:30 (8) (10) (12) 1:00 (10) (12) 8:30 (5) 9:00 ( S ) (S) (10) (12) 9:30 ( S ) (10) (12) 10:00 (5) (10) (12) 10:15 ( 5 ) 10:30(lo) Stellarama, Private Sec'y Loretta Young FIlmFestlval What's My Line Star & Story Ed Sullivan Dr.Christian G.Lombardo . Clnematlme Confidential File Hall of Stars Mr. D. A. Pride of the Family Theater Life ot Riley News, Weather $64,000 Challenge Movlelnnd Movletlme Million $ Movie (14) Face the Nation 2:30 4 ) Zoo Parade (11) News (13) News 8:00 (4) Meet Press (11) Remember (IS) Christy Comedies 1:80 (4) Roy Rogers (II) Oral Roberts (IS) W B Hlckok 4:00 ( 4 ) TBA (11) Telephone Time (13) Telephont Time 4:30 ( 4 ) Frontier . (11) Bible Quiz . (18) You Are There 5:00 ( 4 ) Sunday Mat. (11) This Is Life (IS) Foy Willing 5:15 (13) J. Domaret 5:30 (11) Disneyland (IS) Jack Benny 6:00 ( 4 ) Playhouse (18) John Silver 6:30-U) Playhouse (IS) I Spy 7:00 ( 4 ) Loretta Young (11) Break Bank (13) $64,000 , 1:80-(4) (U) (13) 8:00-(4) (U) (18) 8:80 (11) :0O ( 4 ) (U) (18) :30-(4) 10: (13) 4) (11) 11:00 .(11) (Challenge Falcon Margie Playhouse Comedy Hr. Amos And Andy Ed Sullivan Geo. Gohel Wyatt Earp Ed Sullivan Theater Break the Bank Theater Sid Caesar Bowling Movie

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