The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 22, 1934
Page 4
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PAGfi POM THE BLYTHEVILLE COlfRIEB IHI COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS O. R. BABCOCK, Editor -. H. W. HAINES. AaverUtlnji Oua^n Bole Nattoail Advertising ReprescnUtlT'eS' ArfcuiMi txilifs, Inc., New York, chlcaeo, Detroit 3t. Louis, Dallas, Kansw city, Little Published Every AJiernoon 2xcept Sunday. !iitercd as second class matter at tie post offkf at Dlyllicvlllc, Arkansas, under ac[ o[ Congress Oc- P_£Zi tober 0, 1917. Served by mo United Picas. StJBSCHIPTIOJi HA1T53 By carrier in tne City or illylhevilte, 15o per •t-ek or tS£Q per year In «dvaiie«. By mall wlthlc a radius o! CO miles, 13.00 per year, J1.60 tor six months, 85o lor three monllu; by mall in postal zones two to six. Inclusive, 16.50 per year. In zones seven imri ciglil, ?10.UO per year, payable In advance. Let Congress Go Easy on . Securities Ad Devaluation of tlio dollay .-nul ;m- noiinccnicnt of llio [rovonmioul's IIUKU spending l»'<Wmn for lhe aiming yi'iu 1 foaisctl allemion anew on the .sutMir- ities ninrkct. llnelo Sun! will have to sell mi enormous bale of bonds in the near future; at the same time, private industry will have >>; K<> to the' public for u great deal o 1 ' money if industrial expansion is jroiiiK lo proceed at the pace we. expect. • All of which brings us up the securities act which thc> last session of Congress passed, mid ccunpi'ls us to study the question: !s that act going to he an obstacle in lhe way of the steady issuing of srairitii-s which must he a part of any enduring industrial revival? Ksscnlially, the sccuritiiv ad is simple. It provides that th- buyer of stocks or bonds which (urn mil lo l,e worthless eiin sue the man or linn that sold them lo him, provided he can lind any imporliint ii^sratcmont i of fact ii'i the ballyhoo : which accompanied the sale. * f t . On the surface, this is nothing but a fair measure of protection CC.T the investing public, lint Wall Street has complained bitterly that it cripples Ihii entire business of iiiarkeliiij; new securities. No one, says \\'all Street, "will-risk the penalties involved in I his act liy issuing any security which has the slightest, element of risk.. At a moment when free operation O f the securities market is essential lo n.- covery, says the Street, (ho securities act makes such operation impassible. Now here is a point worth a lot of study—since the present Comrrcs.- certainly will he asked, .sooner i.r Inter, lo modify or repeal I In- .scairiiies aci, in the interest of a business revival. * » * Few new securities have been issued of late. Yet it is more than p:>ssilile that this is due to (.•onditii-.i.s entirely unrelated to the securities law. H might be pointed out that distillery 3tocks—based on an industry whose prospects look very good—havu been marketed without trouble. When business prospects generally l-iok equally good, won't other securities lir.d equally ready s.ile;? It behoove.? Congress t-j move very OUT OUR WAY slowly in touching the securities aet. The lau is important (<> tin; people of the nation as a symbol—u .symbol of the fact that effective social control at last is being exeivlsi'i! over the money changers who helped to wreck the country. The public ;il large ln.rcl!-: will consent lo its miidifiraiiiiM unless the necessily for such step can be proved beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt. And that has not yet been done. — IJniio Cation. The Old Criterion Comptroller Oneral .\!..-('arl lias MiH-lu-tl—U'liiiMinn-ily, ;,l It-asi— (lio activities o]' the govcrnmi'H's emergency hoiisini; nirporalion, whieh was lo have spent ?inO,Oiill > (]{|() ( ,n shun clearance and low-cost housing projci'.s, by nil- i«}C that the action is iiiirocslilulional. H is Ijcjjisvi-il in Washi'ijclon that Hit; administration will |i n ,| ; , way around this ohslacle, possibly through pa.-sngc of new legislaliifi by Congress. .Meanwhile, it is inU resting lo nole Air. McCaiTs iibjcrli'.r. Tin' t|iies(ion involved, h.- :: ;i ys, is n constitutional one, and the I'ramei-.s of the constitution JICVIT < ,;'lemplated the setting iiji of such a cori.oralion. Thai, no doubt, is jicrf rlly Inie. (tovei-nnienl dous many I 1 .ings these tlays Unit the I'ramers oi 1 Vie constitution never contemplated. !•" thai criterion is to be applied to all its activities, Washington is going (,, be an infinitely li-s busy |,!aee in the future than j[ has been in tin- mil. in Juslicc Courts 'flit: O!d jmlkv (.,,,,,1 .,;,!,,,„ ,.„;,.,, Amel . 1( ,, nihiTlti-d. or :i(!-)pk'd. (i,,, n Kii»! K rls into the lira* 11311111. |),n i| lm , t ,. ll:il Kcntm ,j; y vhou- a Mute- Hisportm- l OL -, ln lly (imiues Hvu JUHirr-s oi the p:-ac? In .McCncl-.-n (I'aihicali) county with |,i-oii| In,; by - :l nu-di conducted "I llic expi-mu " of lhe comm.imu'allli." For vi-ars. In- says, tin- ni-.ivilies <-f liH'.se prlly iiKislsliak-.-! haw been -move urhim.' InisineMcs thiui public coinLs." The truth ut .these clmrgra j-i-miiliw (o be established. of nun.;,-. Ilul |[ k u mnll»r ol '•Isjnry thai abu.-.o of justice c,,,,;-' lnvm rm . prlvaie (jiitn ],,, s v U 'ii at out! lln-ir or another inicovcrccl in many stiiles. Thi-u- Is our uivat dilfeinice Iji-twccii Hit! j, W i a . coult lll]d , ]u , , ncll . ]lt ,, ns . lls|1 lilbiiiui! lo «-lilrli it irares tack. On.- juslkrn "HIM !"<* tu linrs iiiul a,.sts-in oi!i,.r words, to i-unvlctlons-Jd!- rcininicrallmi. The KnyllMi Jiislkv oi the i^auc holds ;m honorary position -and one higlily prized as a sonnl clislinc- llon. as n malic;- of fuel. He i. s appuliitod by the Crown for lire ,„• t;0 ocl Ijchiivi.,,-, receives ' no pay In any form, und piv.simmlily has no InU-n-M as 11 maalstrutc save In il!,]!,.; jiistltc In the pi-lly casivs iji-oiij;ht bnorc him and linssini; 11,1,1-,. ..crldws cases on to the criminal conns for (rial. In an Ohio cius,- (hi: Supreme Court of (he United- Stales put ils lti.j;n- on 11 ..... mi-ruiil wcakisi-M nr Hi,. AiiH'i-icnn copy o: lh,- EriBlisn f-ystfin. A ,k-l.-iui.,nl Is doulcil his ii u m to trial li.v ihic i>n,c,. ; s ot law, R deriarcrt. ulu-n [he fif-ii:.!,! m:i!;i...'.ral u l,L-for= iviiciii, he t-, ar - ntisnc-tl lius ;, financial inlcrt:: in (iiuiiny him guilty. The Mipu::-,,- i.ucd ot today ii an tntcrpr:- liilion oi. life H, ..uc:;,! lim i siiiii-.iial KI-IIIS. —Dr. .Mary I-;. vVoollcy, presifienl t,l Ml. Iloly- okc Collcji-. By Williams AMD THGK'S A \ NEW -STORE BEKM BUILT, SINCE. YOU WAS IN TOWN LAST FALL— vou KIM THREE ER FOUR KINDS O' DRESS GOODS THERE. LONG TO WAIT, ns^MPW?-'---' f -- m mr; ; -/ - SIDE GLANCES ^JByGeorgeCIark ^tv t M BT hexfcrnvJCBic: : '?*£%v> Miss Margaret Cross entertained baturday nfternoon at her home on West Main street with a casino isany. Miss Blossom Kleban was awarded the prize for high score while Miss Annie Stevens received the consolation prize. "i don't know—I just ,[„„'( scm lo enj illlvlhin} , any more. • h Body Rubdovvn Will Restore Circulation to Joints, Muscles 11V IIH, .110KCJ.S I'JSIWEIX Kdilrr, Jiiuruul of the Amtrir.ui MuHral AM.-i;tJ.-iii,,n, ;„„! ,,r ( | V -, Hi,- Ik-alll, Mnipivlru Von iu:iv Mibmil yourself lomas- •age tivatmuiiL-i. If you wunt tr, Unit mi-lliotl lor reduction ol :i'perfluoiis lat and for hardening •f rcbxcd tissues. Unl bL- careful l,o«-. or by wliom, you have this (ioue. .Miissajjc. really, Is a two-edged .-.sou! Iliat may do harm us well ,li lilKlll. Chirl purpose ot massage seems !(• be (o uiil tin- iKsiu-.s in rcmov- 'iii; aa-iimulniions of waste products by Increasing (he- blood How, mil thus siiimiliiliiir. tiiovumi-nt ol lymph. Util these chiiiiues arc tcni- WhllL- the inassinjc is golns; on, (here is an incrca.s" in the oxygen consumption of lhe body, but tills ii-inri,'; very rapidly (o nmmal. In iai-t. mnsrasc dce<- not, lull smitly lhe nicfntroilsm or choml- i-nl chaoses of Ihu burly, ro Hint it can Imvc little. inii»rliincc in Howe™-, by adding lone lo the (I.'-MII-.S. it does seem [o harden l:ui=i- tissues that arc relaxed. 'I In- rubbing of the iimuaii buily, manipulation of's and tls- niL-.i. nnd tupping, which arc.--i,mc of tin- chief motion:, usrd in m:,s- fnsi 1 . have been practiced in fame loin, or anotlicr In most loun- irics of HIL- wo,HI .since UK- to- ['inniiii; of man. Even IlipiKxrntcs (l,c futh.-r ol midiciiu', rccommnuli-d iiui".iit;c loi-1 realninil ut st=II joints. Amnii-; ^c^ancient Hindus und amoui; die "ANNOUNCEMENTS'" The Courier Nc.\s has bee,, authorized to nnnounrc the following n,' candidates for pi,hlic officr. subject, to the Dcir.ocratiu primary I'.txt August: I'rir Member of Congress CLINTON L. CAlilJWELL I'nr Cnunty Treasurer JOE S. niU.AHUNTY l-'nr Circuit Court Cirri; HUGH CRAIG I'nr Cuiinly Ciiiirt Ck-rk FHKD I-'UiEMAN For Hc-Elccllon for 2nd TUMI Tor Assessor R. L. (UII.LV! GAINES G. C. (IKK) HUDSON 101! CITY OKI-'ICi;s ELcctlon Tuesday, April 3. For City Clerk S C. CRAIG it. L. MCKNIGHT Chinese, as fur liar.-: us 3000 1!. C., massage was iisi'd in trcatmeiil ol ;li<r human body Among (lie savai-es of tlio East iJHlii's nnd among tin- Ihuvaiiaus,! i here is n system oT manage which bryins with the !«-ad nnd works downward uvr-r the whole body, manipulating even miisclu nnii 1 ,. I'ftci- n half hour, v.-cadncssseems Ju disappear and (tic twdy is t'oollicd. Mnssnje fell ir,|.) : oii,u disrcpiilei v.-lien it bcL-iinu- associated with' liublic tatlis and when it was practiced for PIIKXACS of plc&s- ure rather than for purposes ol i.ialth. * * « ^i«cll of the mwiaghn; tcxlay is cone by technicians who ari! 'I'-iiincil only in ii. r meiliuds ot inaf-iage and not in the physiology 01 tin- body. NeilluT have limy nr.y clelinltc cuiiccntioi: ot what is IP he accomplished. Carcltil cx|»rimcnls have been mane lo learn whcDier massage ol Ihc- nl-domr-n would tend to reduce or spread the fat These studies j=how that the f,-t rci ,]| y js 1!0 ivnrliert by the mauagp rind thcri. •s no good evidence that any fa is icmovcil by such niubin" One of the chief vnhu-.s of mas- Kige Is in connertion with rheumatic disorders v.-1-.cti inllamma- '.lon has subsided. Under such circumstances, riibblnn will impro.v Hie circulation of liic joints am muscles. It also iicIiK to lompr-nsate foi 'lie- law of imisculm- activity that follow.s any piolong.vl siege of In- flammatioii uf a joint. Under sucl c.icumslancc.s, the use of heat pre- ci-diiis the inas5ai:e has been shewn to bo real '.nine in relaxing the tissues. CHURCH EXCUSES By Gco. W. Karham BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From Uw ComHtt Turcdajr, Jan. 22, 1924. Three committees were appointed Monday by Chct Cunningham, newly elected president of the Chlcknsawba club. They are: Entertainment. — Byron Morse, Jimmy Uoyd. W. M. McKenzle Mrs. H. H. Hlghtlll. Mrs. Eussell Phillips. MLss Bee Bottrell. House—Jake Ungar. E F Pry J, Nick Thomas. Ijidies ficceptlon—Mrs J Nick Thomas. Mrs. W. M. McKenzle Mrs. R. p. Kirshner. itinerant Postman Dumps Mail, Takes Destorative BUFFALO. N. Y. (UP)-nuHnlo residents have just, learned why they are only now receiving some of their Christinas mail, rather waterlogued though it j.s John R. Hunt, 27, temporary Kistmiin during the holiday rush, confessed lo postal insjwctors thnt ic thought he might catch pncu- noma trampln B through the snow p deliver the mail, so he dur.iped he contents of his bag Into Caz- imvlii Creek, went to a saloon and ook a number of drinks to ward of( a cold. Some ot the mail has been re- overed from the creek. 1 THIS CURIOUS WORLD SSr IN THE NEGRO RACt, ' GIRLS IN THEIR NINTH TO FOURTEENTH •YEAR, ARE USUALLY TALLER. THAN 6OYS OF A CORRESPONDING AGE. IN INDIANA THIS FISH IS CALLED A CROCUS; IN LOUISIANA IT IS CALLED A CASPERGOU; IN THE GREAT LAKES IT IS KNOWN A3 THE SHEEPSHEAt AND SOME PEOPLE CALL it A ORUM,OR A THUNDERPOMPEf ^^^—- ^—i-^_/XJ»^ XJT UU NEVER CLIMBED tME FAMOUS COLORADO NAMED IN HlS Pike's Peak was discovered by Pike in 1806, but he was balked by snow, ice and hunger, in his attempt to climb the mountain Major S. H. Long made the ascent in 1819, and in 1391 a ™ B wlicel railway- was completed to the summit, which now is reached by an auto road. MABEL McELLJOTT JLrW &lirb IIUCIN HERB TO I) AT n .<i.vrsv H o H i; i, b n »d ran n!?.,t?" •''•""* ilOTALI.XG ""«"« >{ ni.iss. ui, ,» pccl . ,„ "»•• In luxury, wlillt Cyp.j In. Ir^i "°, C ° °" "" k h " lok - icnrblnK lu n • eillemrttt kchool Allrr r*iurn1« c J roil , k' er In Guropc l.lla Inillc. lhe «fn»or» ID Uirincr. Amonc lllillfril'T' •'" " rlll " 1 » "AHKO ^'"•^^"inr'rT him. "llt',1,",", 1 !" o! T,,m'a I n I r r e M r In l;I.AXCM.tHI>. Aflrr th I mil untl 4:^11x5 fitiurrcl. L In Inlrr rciliirc-ri. MiuniilriR tor Chrlfllmni wrr.« Hr,,,, B Mon ,vhu .lfc,.'i'.', i <•.-,!:,I.,u,linn hi, llbrnr; »nd 1111.11 4 ",",, . C. 5r . hrr ,1,1. . ' *"" C » r "'""" 1 .1 tfll . • h , ar n »<• tl ' l "B '" nr " *"""»<<*• ihc ^nr ivhp nc nrrlvr null rcroi;- "• J" IlMLGIIffiES OF VVri.\T COUNTRY SSft 11 1S K< '•?-, -J. KlNC- /•^n -- :-^j pi?.'ij>w.''V,i RU L E 3. Aunt: iibnhi a,,,] i u, ink p.iy iis a ii ; .,| w i, 11( . (hc rhisrcn k ou' of : „,„„„.. Thc r "rely ,s uoUiin,; ,-, „ „„ tlo lm[j| (I'cy find one an: ^ (! lcv ,.,„ «> .»«>•« to «ti<->. It mu'v'he (.me a -.vhHc b!o,e ||,ey" find "f . °' | .™--"-"". -<-,. know mat Von feel li,:r. som.-ihimj would BO W10H S ,f you Minn],. ,,,, ^ ncn for a wrt-K much less 'a ir.onlh. we know :: j. s ]ikp vol , ^. that t,, e; , , ;n somkcc J ,™ •*allhis for ,1:, op^tunity to take over your l ; -;,(i,-r.s',ip and if you ihotiKi leave. th ; ,, ,, n , ll( , h , ,,J chance but lhe,. i, onc tl]ir l.':ey will never ~ able to do nnd lh .u is sin? .. Oiir fo!o \?c Jrc so anxious i-. : voll to Junior and hear a!i ' his b,i ? ht sayinss and sec hi. lmv , t<0!h ** :l ? . oimplc-,. So manv O I o'.r runds say J-.,,,;,- „ , lu , '* iniaje of Archil-.;,!.- ar.ri to ,-, "e my so,,], I en,,-: ,,, ., ; lo rave acont ti -,. L „ w U too bad if ;l K)!1 di(]r , [ , ikrr Ins faihrr. F-sx-cially tV n-sl one: alter th. , „ child couW avor any oi ,]:r :. is ,,« R . and a, I see H be lm cn . :H , fnr „,„,_ - rrmember the hcn U.iisy a,-.,. ,.,.,. | m , h .,, !rt en- flril one. ihey both hack ban- and , !:(HU1 cvcs lh<- bahy talk h d had . I'-'rt lo-dii-!, hair and older Im l,,i'r ^i', : .m/"'.laik 8 aml Int eyes mnr,. brown than hlu.'l yn,l kurnv v,,, f5:rt n ,„„, : been a :,::,-' to Di1|H . \0\V UO l)\ WITH Tim STOIIV CIIAI'TEH XVI T'lIR narrowness of her escape left Gypsy with a shaken fcel- iiiK She longed with all her heart lo lie finished with tbo work al Marlco's so ilial she should hoi any longer lay herself open lo tbe ilanuer of being misunderstood. There was no reason on earth why Flio should not say now, to Lila or anyone, qnilc simply and openly: "I'm doing some work al .Marko's place." Not tho least in the world. Only — well, sbe couldn't. Hiie hadn't tnld Tom be- f»re and it was too late now. He wouldn't understand. "But you say you started just before Christmas. Why . . . why . . .?•• It was a bitter winter, ibivcred at niglu when she plunged homeward through Hie darkness. She slipped along on Icy pavements, haling the gray the lierj slush frozen in the gutters, biltcr wind that slashed al skirls. Ofien anil often she countered people Ing some people, on his yacht. Florida. Gypsy's heart gave onc wild leap. To get away from this freezing city—wllli 113 Icy pavements aud shrill winds blowing up from ihe river—would be heaven. Diit sbe checked herself In lime. LiJa was sweet to think ol'her, sbe said, but anotlicr word and collapsed Into led Tom followed her. ,mUi,, E ona or his cool firm bands on ber fora- bead. •Temperature." he announced coldly. "I'm going to call the doctor." Gypsy kept her eyes closed. Slie J not protest. Tehi. sb'e ; ,_ -„,„„ V.....1,*! one *ULU, UUl iTFH uni nr-Al • TI - i' she couldn't set away, 'sho would j £'"?.' P fP ^ , Tcn1 '^Ue reminded not ray sho couldn't nffnrrl ih« ', '"" '. l ' 0?e her an ^ more not say sho couldn't affortl the clothes—tho inevitable extras. J-ila ceased, argued. But Gypsy „,,„,,,„,, „ was firm. Thanks very much, she ,„?.'" said. Some other time ... ' *> alul * r "What was tliat all aliout?" Tom glanced at her curiously. She forced a laugh, but even to tier own ears It sounded foolish and strained. "Lila's cra-zy." she fald. "Wanting mo to go south." His mouth hardened. "Lord. I wish you could. Just rfliat you need. MayLo we could . . ." She laid her fingers on his lips. 'Thanks, darling, but 1 don't want to. D'you think I'd leave you?" He had to be satisfied with that. But lie was to refer to it again and In tha days to come, when Gypsy drooped anil dragged herselt around. She didn't know, she said, what was tho matter with her. She lost her appetite. She was always tired. Her childish color ebbed and her eyes lost their bright luster. "Darned sliame you couldn't have had that Florida trip," Tom grumbled one nigbt, when sho had let Dinah carry her plate back to tbe kitchen virtually untouched. Gypsy sipped her coffee languidly. "Don't be silly." she said. She had never told Tom that Marko flgured in the Florida plan. Tomorrow was tier last day with the books at the -wouldn't, at least, whe,, | lc 'd hc , r rcolisl1 "w^'lon's- Un0er " 1C ^"kels. ncl.- , she beard tlie ^ l ° r , arri " : " er>1[1 bi3 h ™W ioicc booming In the living room nnd Tom's polite replies. This wn Ho asked another and auolber. liroiiEhton library. She would go to nin Marko would have her final click waiting. She would end tlie association once anil for all. • • • fJUT on Saturday she woke with a bail cold. She was feverish. r throat was sore. Going out not to be thought of, iy Brounsooini: , -,,? out of apartment I Tom snilf ' nml sllc asrcci1 wil1 ' him doorways, on pleasure I sl:l! ' c ' t In l>cl1 ' sorrr sllc wt Young women In whiio fur wraps wtih their slim ankles rislri" out of expensive ellppcrs. Viniths In evening clothes. She and Tom weren't partying much JIIFt li'CU. ''Oil. I hate being poor!" Gypsy ' loo genuinely ill to enjoy the unwonted hmiry. Tom brought her hot lea. Inexpertly-made lonst, and tlio morning paper and Ictt with fond anxiety. Gypsy dozed and wakened through tlie long morning, Stupid of her to be III on this pir ^'i. i [idif ucnig poor: uypsy —* . ' - 1 L ' uu '" ul] tnis yir- imrst out rClielliously ono night i ticil| Ar day! What bail she meant when they had spent Iho better part o.' tlie evening going over tbo r.icounlj together. She was sorry the nirimciit tbo worda were out, as Tcm was uncommonly sensitlyo on the subject. With dignity he shut the clu-ck-book and pui tho rio—oil. yes, eiie had Marko's Iwoks to fiulsb off. She remembered, but it was like part ot a bad dream, all ot n piece with a bail taste in her month and her dull, persistent headache. At IS o'clock sho got unccrlainly out of bcil. (ha rosy wool robe wrapped around her. nnd siaggerort lo Hie telephone. Slic called Marko's office number and R,II. drumming her hnscro Impatiently on lh<! table, bills away. "I'm sorry. Tommy. I didn't Ilia:." "Oil. ye?, yon did." His tone ' ipiict hut she knew just how- deep!}- she had burt him. "It all comes down lo this." Tom said, white-faced. "We ouglit uot to bare married." . ....-„ c , ... Slie wouldn't have that. Ha was ' 'i, J („" ' Ml1rko ' prop ' not to say li-ever! She won a: "' J S0 ldtou3 - "^werer!. He was *»HI« n,afn lo 1,1= faca with kisses S ° rry slle wa?n ' ( fee1i "S well, bat the cut had gone deep. , sllc turned away Iron, the tele- ~'"~5. relieved at having the mat- waitln_ After Ion . v.iit the operator through to Marko's private N'K pirllciilarly bllzzardy niglit er for tbe moment settled. What, Hie telephone rang anrl Tom j lllc ' n - w ' 13 liei ' surprise t ar.-.wcrotl ii. His polite. "How are ln lli!> Doorway, watchin We're both splendid" Icfl <: >'p9y suesstng. "It'p for you," he said, lurnins ibe ir.strutuerjl t>'cr 10 "Gypsy, darllnc. lhe! lier - i llic-n. w.ia her jurprisj to ECO Tom ' In lhe doorway, watching her. He bail ihc cool, withdrawn expression she dreaded. Tom bail heard her! "I—1 was Ju=t . ." she began haltinglj to explain but ho stopped a new doctor—a man 1 wlio had an office In the first floor ol the apartment building. Gypsy shrank from bun. He wouldn't be lu tho least hko old Doctor Baunerman who was Just like one of the family. This man was tall and dark nnd sure of himself. Ho put a professional finger on the patient's pulse letting his shrewd eyes roa'n around tlie little room. "Been feeling run down?" • • • CUB nodded, nueation 1 - - . -...u .LIIUUICI. Gypsy's heart quickened Its beat. What was the man Irying to tell her! He was saying soinclhlnK coolly and assuredly, scribbling oh a.prescription blank Ihc while. "Yes. my dear young lady, you'ro going to have a baby. Touch of 'flu you've got fight now. That husband of yours will have to tco you take good care of yourself. Keep warm . . . iols of fluids . . . medicine every tlireo hours . . ." Her first impulse was to laugh hysterically. The man TUUSI ha mad! Then she considered. Klie'd been feeling decidedly queer lalcly. Tom knocked and the doctor bado him enter. "Well, it seems you're to be congratulated." What a fatuous suill* tbe man liad. thought Gypsy. di» liking him. He thought Tom wa« eoing to be glad ol tho news, ,iud how wrong lio was, because Tom didn't love her and it was a tragedy to have a baby Just when your hiarriago was shivering to pieces, as bcr's was. SNc began to cry. "She's a liltlo nervous, perfectly natural," tho doctor boomer], siniN Ins Into Tom's astonished fr-.ce. "She's to keep perfectly quiet for ^. a few days . . . lots of citrus fruits "jK| • • ." He strode out. Tom In his wake. lio came hack excitedly a moment later. Tho hall door slanimed. "Is be t-fglitt Is It 'tl-uo?" Tom sat on the edge of the bed. Sha could smell his iweeily coal arid ilia aroma ot shaving soap and she kept rigbl oh crying, because cho didn't know how to slop. 'Gyps . . . darling . . . i!e, 1r . est . -. ." He bad bis arms around her, and lio was holding tier close. "Yon mustn't, ssvceii b:caii£o It'll bo bad for you." She found ber handkarchiel aad dried her eyes. "I want to tell you all about Marko," slio began we'ak- ly. "It was sonio work I was ti> ; ins for him and I didn't think you'd Ilko It ..." Ho interrupted. All the angor and jealousy had gone out of bis voice and uis face was smoothed i-iui 5p;k:> Gypsy, darliuc. lhe i " ur roost marvellous Idea: Could you] ."Yc?. t heinl yo-i" His (ace was at him mis- net. ber get av,.15- from ti,a school for Iwo finny. Unify *ec**r :eiaiily Her palms .., r '^i-. : y iir.ired herself to refu?5' Kiroai dry. rt'hat w.i.s there to say? »'i. v i(i r da/jlliu liivltaiton Jell J( Tqm 0\i (Aaswcis on UAC» -,be Read courier ;, e «-= War.t Aot. 1 i« ? A » G fcer hatcil ocias ti.ilkfl Markc -MS Mi thp vvn,-e.i. H w. _ s w"inl slle 'i'.^ivul. Slie n iii. ion m.^erable to cars >vi;ai bj^psned to ber. out. "It doesn't matter," ho soothed. "Whatever you did must have been right and good. Si.13 now, ho a good girl and rest. You tell me sumo other lime." lie nniii nover know what t sharp stab It gava him to Utink lhat sbe, who was to bo hU child's mother, had worked herself Into this Jtale. Tbe doctor had said: "Takt gooi care of her. Sue needs It." , (To Be. Contln'ircU

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