Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 2, 1951 · Page 2
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 2

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1951
Page 2
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ra-sc 2. PUBLIC CITY .0 The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Arizona. 'Devil's Island9 Label Affixed To Bovs School Radio Story Loses Corpse Gene McLain's "Big Story" broadcast over KTAR Thursday night didn't stick to the facts. TATTOOING iConfinuM From Pace One) school, or abolish It. He. too. en , , . . . . .... dorsed its removal to Phoenix. Isolation which curs off family j ties, and Its total lack of facilities. iul u, f( M Burgunder, Jr., murder Relating the former police reporter's part in solving the Rob- ilira in iiic milium vl wja a mi- , iv'vu v... that stays psychiatric, educational, and oth-j isoiation and poverty ere- cas of 1939. the nationwide radio The school should definitely be In Maricopa County, the sfate'i poputation center. Judge Tatter-son declared. Here, it would have access to the psychiatric facilities inal ' psychosis them. Maricopa's Judge Charles C Bernstein broadly outlined the youth authority plan. He urged deletion from the pro- two automobile rf the state hospital and the train-measure now before the le "ins facilities of the state col.ege at jjsature fo create a state depar Tempe. "I challenge any of you legislators to show me where it is any more important to spend millions en colleges than it is to save a boy from becoming a criminal." he aid. Judf? J. W. Faulkner of Mo-; the nation. rave County told the legislators! ... depart ment of health, welfare and correction, any reference to juvenile delinquents, and amending the state's existing juvenile code to set up the authority. i one of with j man. i There were salesmen slain. McLain. now city editor of The Arizona Republic, did not write the radio story, but provided a detailed account and photographs of actual news stories on the murder. ... ,rr,ini 1 - inTr jnou... n.ncr .... jud-rs would constitute the au thority's board of directors and Woman Pedestrian Is Struck By Car Marie F. Cook. 2402 West Dev- the most progressive in onshire Road, had a broken left leg and bruises after being struck bv a car Thursday night at 19th STATE'S superior funds to operate a boys" industrial 6,000 Chinese rFail To Trap Yanks, French TOKYO. Feb. 2 IAP A French-American regiment, aided by !--Tflyins; planes and reinforcements, .crushed an attempt by 6.000 - screaming Chinese to trap it in "central Korea, the t. S. Eighth Army reported Friday. A communique said the enemy as forced to break off contact Additional W ar News, Pases 3, 4 Thursday after a fight which lasted nearly 13 hours and said the Red entrapment assault caused no appreciable change in position. ST AX SH'INTOX. AP correspondent, reported that the nine-day-old allied offensive on the western front south of Seoul rolled forward , fjej they would select its administrative head. The American Law Institute, Judge Bernstein said, developed the model youth authority act in response to the reed for improved methods of handling youthful offenders. The act. as he outlined it. does not den the therapeutic value of punishment in the cases of man I delinquents. But it holds that a specially qualified agency must determine the treatment best fitted to the individual if he i to be regenerated and made safe for return to society. THE AITIIORITY would have a division of diagnosis and classi- j 2 fication which would operate as 8 a di are determination is made of th school or program to which the youth in trouble should be assigned. There would be a division of training and treatment, having responsibility for operation of correctional schools, forestry camps and other facilitier established by the board. There would be a division of services consisting of two and Oregon Avenues. She was taken to St. Monica's Hospital where her condition was reported good. " 1 T- in A VII II I I I J Three Jailed In Vice Case City police Thursday jailed three women after vice investigations downtown. Arrested at 419 South Third Street were Alice Brown, 29. of that address, and Ronnie Mae Rogers, 32, who said she lived at 5818 South Central Avenue. Anne Belle McElroy of Buckeye was arrested at a room in the Capitol Hotel, 242 East Washington Street. Before each arrest, officers said, the women accepted money from police and agreed to prostitution. Carrier Heads For Overhaul tor, mi, kinc rt.Aii.nrs mndicatf.. ir. uori.h hiomt. r..r.vr.iv "It's okaybut I don't seem able to stand up now." Smoky Signs To Aid Civil Defense Program Fearless X. Smoky, mascot of the Rural Fire Protection Company, Thursday signed up as a member of the civil defense program, mouse-catching branch. In his application, the seven-month-old male feline indicated a preference for women and food of any kind. On the side, he's official mousecatcher for the fire company. WASHINGTON. Feb. 1 (INS) The navy said Thursday that the 27,000-ton aircraft carrier Ladv will arrive in San Diego for over haul Saturday in its first return home since the outbreak of the Korean war. The Lady was in the Mediterranean when the Communists invaded South Korea, and proceeded to the Far East via the Panama Canal. Her latest assignment in the Korean theater was in giving close support to the marines in their fight from the Chosin reservoir to their Hungnam beachhead. Friday, February 2, 1951 Crated Cat Survives 21 Days Journey Plevin Says France Aims At Europe Peace NEW YORK, Feb. 1 (AP) French Prime Minister Rene Pleven said Thursday France will do its full share in the campaign to insure peace for Europe. The French chief of state arrived by train from Washington where he conferred with Presi-J dent Truman and other leaders. i MIAMI. Feb. 1 (INS) A eat that appeared to have used up at least eight of its fabled nine lives was being nursed back to health at the Miami Naval Air Station Thursday night after going 21 days without food or water. Navy airmen. found the frail creature when they opened a crated airplane engine that was shipped from the San Diego, Calif., Naval Air Station on January 11. The cat had apparently crawled in beside the engine in San Diego Just before the crata was nailed shut. $300 Saxophone Stolen From Parked Car William C Schmuhl, of 4257 North 17th Avenue, told polici Thursday a thief stole a saxophone and case, valued at $300, from hit car parked on Sixth Street near Washington Street '-9'Suxt Jl9o?ictt jf8U5i jffaffijmM'iSZtt ff9t0mfTnmut9 fc?Ait ?f?f h iagnostic clinic in which youths g received and studied, before) , m yrnrn jij im its m i ws- 1 2; wyf 3QC nUiLEJ I f IG BARS IOc I hip n f 71 V4 17 BD" MA Rosedale m. T 1 mm Wi SM.JM t i i ib. Box uttibur 1 Sujshjnt i gaum mm mm SI 2 N I IJlH I Ifl Puddines I5.MII y I MARGARINE Wheaties - i .m ?i m r a mmmm m r m m i i i . I l& M aiTPTW sft il Fork Roast ' Smm w-iiv m7Z.,taUtCf?g. I " ? mm I it I Mmi mT ii MB mmm CVNl r II J II I i SbISQUICI( f 49e SI V) JCAM' QS I I SPOHY T 5 Im9sucar "5c Jill I )&mm&H MEDAL UUC A MSN FLOUR 30 I MjW peaches f - m IB A SALAD oil m KRAFT rr. ots. IM 'auwHi iinn Mir jm& at dawn Friday. . ( sections U delinquency preven Renewal of the advance followed i tjon an(j (2) parole, each section a night in which the Reds mustered I being under a divisional deputy only one faint counterattack in jchief. the west. j Development of the youth au- Swinton's western front field dis- i thority plan, said Judge Bern-patch Friday said Communist re- 'stein, reflects public disillusion-sistance has been slackening daily, ment with the existing penal sys-with individual Red sordiers show-Item and underscores its failure ing little heart for battle. either to protect the public or to One smalt group of Reds waved (reclaim the individual, a white flag and surrendered THE PUBLIC, Judge Bernstein the first such move by the Chinese pointed out. "has lost faith in a since the Allied drive opened. ( system that lets loose upon society inoivinuais wno are certain to q Orange Slices 4 Qc 1. N. STAFF officers said that serious manpower losses, overwhelmingly superior U. N. firepower, and skidding Chinese morale apparently explained why the Reds failed in put up a more serious battle from their main line of resistance. Reliable sources also reported that many Reds were suffering from typhus and other diseases. The enemy had plenty of reserve forces available Just south and north of the Han River to make it jk terrific fight if they so chose. At the western anchor of the Allied line, bayonet-wielding Turks stabbed ahead three miles Thursday, wheeling towards Seoul's port of Irxhon. commit worse crimes and. above J all. a system that makes hardened criminals every year of thousands of American youth who could be won back to good citizenship. utner judges attending were ? Eenjamin Blake. Graham Countv: Don t'dall. Navajo: and Dudley W. VVindes. Francis Donofrio, Lorna E. Lock wood, and Ralph Barry of i Maricopa. . 05 ' ( - i see jf,V IT rf i x SMALL TOWN SOCIAL .NOTES In th Wake f the Rain: Th desert home rf the Heatey Wurters on Ruttl Lane is up for sate, and the Wurters have departed via air-tine, leaving behind a station wi;nn. Cadillac and a Ford tractor stuck in the mud. The Wurster regret leaving th new friends they have made in the Valley in the pat thrr winters. "But after att." said Mr. Wurster. in statement to the pre, "we came tiere to get away from the rain. Now if finally gve and done it. . ParaUel Halt Under Study tContinued From Page One) war there drain away the material and manpower which would be necessary for a drive to the Man- churian border. O Chanqes of negotiating with the Chinese Communists will be- j come better when they find them selves unable to penetrate a steel line set up by the U.N. at the par allel. 4 The United States, by a sys- I continuous air attack, can make Korea a "very costly" adventure for the Chinese Reds. The heavy Inroads of typhus. other diseases and wounds suffered by the Chinese Communists are believed here to have dulled the Reds lust for battle in Korea. For that reason U.S. officials be lieve the tide of negotiations is going to run in favor of the L.N. I in the future. American officals said they bolieve they can rotate about 40,-w troops in Korea during the next year to give battle-weary soldiers a chance to rest and new recruits an opportunity to train under war conditions. Mrv Liry Tinkl ts resting In the Wits End Rest Home after a nervous collapse following the day of the ram. The Tinkle Twins. Biff and Bang, will be staying with neighbors until their mother is released. The neighbors, fortunately, a.-e recent arrivals from the Eat. and know how to cope with small children indoors in rainy weather. o Mr. and Mrs. Howard John, who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Howard, who are Mrs. Johns sistr and brother-in-law. will return tomorrow to their home in San Francisco. The Johns are enthusiastic about the Phoenix climate, and say it compares, favorably with that in the Bay area. o Mr. rerkin of the Perkins and Howard Caragc, Service Station and Buffet, has announced that the garage and service station will return to its regular closing time of 8 p.m. now that the emergency is over. Mr. Perkins sayshe is now qualified to repiir any make, model or description, of windshield wiper with his eyes closed and one hand tied behind his bac:- COFFEE Schillings Drip or Regular . ,1b. MILK Banner Tall Can 2 Food Craft Farm Style 15 oz. Sugar Rosedale 303 Can Tomato Dennison 14 oz. Bot. TOMATOES 15C TOMATO SAUCE Q 9 HUNT'S 8 oz. V Bm or Jello Puddings All Flavors IT. m V-i Road Contract Is Awarded Another major link in the new Topock-Kingman highway moved a step nearer Thursday. The state highway department i awarded a 53'2S.3S contract for building a railroad overpass at Yucca and three miles of approach roadway, plifs two small bridges. The award went to the Phoenix-Trmpe Stone Company. low bidder. The work is to be completed by ritxx Jan. 31. The new Topock-Kingman route is a realignment rf U. S. Highway 66. to eliminate the narrow aod twisting Oatman Hill Road. W riters Club Hosts Students Seven sturinf in th writing 2 class at Thoenix Technical School S t(- M r a . . a. . . . TV..-.!... .!. "tic- ,ut:ai3 at tiiuiMinv mollis meeting of the Phoenix Branch of the National Writers Club at the Young Men's Christian Association. They were Ruth L. Bradish. Elsie K. Keys. Florence Earllc. Xfarsh Morrison VAn Tft Riro I Dorothy Terry, and Charles Nie-- huis. Mrs. Elizabeth Sherman, in structor, also attended. Enrollment in the night classes for writing will be held from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the school. MEATS I faV For Tenderness nFla 22' at BASH AS' In Our Meat Department Select Your Favorite Cut of Meat and Have the Satisfac tion of Getting What You Want. Buy Some Today G Note the Difference BEEF POT ROAST ss&v us' qrt. (fosi V&FjzjklSS&w Choice J a WS& Shoulder II Kn ' li..- Cut . .lb. U z) X " Miracle Whip Salad Dressing ft 1 K 1 I 1 Ola ?2 CORNED BEEF QQc eimnm -jrx bovril 12 oz. OJ SIRLOIN STEAK HQ vaur mm An iiav a ma. U. S. Choice Tender. ....... .lb. 'VV 7C BOIUHG BEEF 40' Lean Brisket lb. VV Pork Chops S 49c PICNIC HAMS QQc Armour and Star Shankless, lb. vv Lean Shoulder Cut. . . .lb. 45 PORK LIVER sucrn lb. SLICED BACON Standard Qnallt? BITS 0 SEA TUNA FUMES lb. 35eh Can 1 PORK SAUSAGE Pound Roll. . 37' SKINLESS WIENERS Puritan" All Meat fAt 77W found Cello Pkg. MEETER'S KRAUT 14c Xo. 2 Can BOTH FOR 13 VEL OR DREFT SPERRY PANCAKE FLOUR 28-oz. Tke. 48-oz. Pkg. 4-lb- Pkg. $c AVc fTftc I J .s FROZEN FOODS PEAS 92C Bird ty It oz. StJf FRENCH STYLE BEANS i x. Xf Jr CORN fQc Birds r.yr 10 oz. 9 F0RDH00K LIMA BEANS ?Qc u oe. m PERCH AOC -9 If 1 round t iiiiiii iii r:i: n i!:n:;i i::!';!:!; lij::!::!:;!;;!!!!:;!;!':!;;!.;::!!:!!:;1:,!.!:.!:,!:.! wk -it J Red Ripe S CA fc J California Uvp NHand, Ib. m rvj Grape Jelly Tropical, Ture ConcoAl 2 Ib. Jar JU APPLES Extra Fancy Wash. Red Romes for Eating or Baking ORANGES Large Size Sunkist Navels .... SWIFT'NIIJG Swift's Shortening 3 - 29C 3., Can fl09 4 - 25c j-W AVOCADOS Medium Size No. 1 Quality 3 29 TOMATO SOUP Campbell's. No. 1 Can COCA COLA 6-Bottle Carton JLv i rTTiinc .r?e fic 2c leb lutb.';,:. v (Tins Deposit) FAMILY KITCHEN- PIE CRUST f a. k.l.f. ui wtmjanmucious: SPANISH ONIONS 3 -10' CELERY Utah Type Small Size lb.. . . SARDINES MAINE IN OIL for First transcontinental telesrraph 9eeond Ave. and Wtst n Suren linked Washineton territory with ajxo a LAKGCaT ta tiu me easvp icoi. bring us yw i Snowdrift Coupon iniiib i SNOWDRiFTi, IT'S EMIHSORIZED r5c ' P2 25 ylfMrSj aga'a.-g "" deucVods I Large Eggs J?C Zm POTATOES If) .c oToRc A Sc V, QIC U. S. No. 1 Russet IU WW ,bs U Doz. S)S r'Kali 1 1 , 1 ; i j rSX, 08 South Main Coolidge ' , 329 E. Jeffernon St. V? 7th A-e. & Camelback ltd., 1'nx. r pm tt-.....- n &? S 1 Open Evenings Till West Main Mesa XNkZi? X J East Glendale Ave. Glendale 4502 South Central Phoenix i ) N U, V ''a ) 3-lb.can i m COX. ' w0tm tin. m m MILL 9

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