The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on August 24, 1881 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 24, 1881
Page 4
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FVI.L LIKE OF To aovar wuxwork and *t»tu- mry, nt Regnier Shoup's THE LITTLE GLOBE WEDNESDAY, AUGUST24, 1881. Hot Air Kurilacc« TOG. FAVOUITE Cook Stoves at Jacob I,u'*. George Stephens hag removed his bnrbur «hop over Poehler's bakery. 5-1 The busy bug known as the chintz ia reported In the country. All the sausage specialties may be found at either of the Kobt. Ne.nch markets. Col. Lapier's new book, "What I Know About Hog Farming," is being published at the GLOBB office. C. K. Lathrop, of the White Washer tlpvator, is building au elevator at Palmer, in connection with C. 1. Potter. It is expected that the other agents will pretend to sell tickets as cheap as C. E. Cvb»rne, but It don't follow that they do. In Las Vegas, when they want a hired iclrJ, they advertise fora "biscuit heaver." In St. Joe they want "mutton luggers." In Kansas City, "pot sllugers." Frank Allen has opened a sample room opposite Corinthian Hall, and it is said he rnns his free lunch a greater number of hours than any other liquor dealer in the city. Frank Schmitz, nineteen year old, a Germau lately arrived from the old country, was found dead in bed this morning at Klein's boarding house. Hu went to bed last night in usual health. The first load of brick for the addition to the city prison was unloaded at that institution this morning. The Marshal hopes the work will be done before the plaster freezes on tho court room. TUe illumination boom was not a bad thing, as it has resulted iu making Commercial street look very g»y after dark. The gayest display is made by L. Friend C«., of the double clothing·stabllshment. The papers at the capital continue to insist tkut a railroad will immediately be built from Lusxvenworth to Topcka. From the best information obtainable, wo are led to believe there Is not the slightest probability of it. It has been the case once before that grasshoppers have visited Kansas without invading Atchlsoii'B best territory. This will probably Tie true should the Insects come East this year, which is said to be extremely probable. Police Court: Christopher Columbus, drunk and disturbing the peace, $7; Martin Luther, disturbing the peace, $7; tbe Bangs spiritual jugglers, giving shows without license, $5. A scarlet woman sent in her card, and paid 83. The old reliable house of S. V. Barth--tho only clothing house in the State which can afford electric lamps--is getting roady for the fall trade with an extra largo stock of clothing, hats, caps, boys suits, and gents' furnishing goods. A great deal of complaint is being made about a pond of stagnant water in the crock at the end of Seventh street, just across from Henry Braudncr's. It ought to be drained, as there is a ton of malaria to the nquare inch there. Will McCiiialasB, thephenominal colored fiddler, is reorganizing his combination, and will be ou the road next winter. It will be remembered that hu advertised to show in Atchisou last winter, but that he failed to appear, owing to alekuess. It is reported iu railroad circles that tho Atchison Nebraska will shortly issue a new time card, and run through trains from Atchison to Omaha. It practically does this now, as close connections for Omaha are made both ways Iu Lincoln. A luusas City merchant who visited the electric light boot and shoe house of I. K HOWE A CO. lastniglit, says it is the iluest establishment of the kind on the Missouri river. Superior cook stoTos and baby busies at Welle, Fiuuey ASteole's. Frank Howard (Jo. having received their fall stock of notions, hosiery aud fancy goods, respectfully invite tho trade to call and examine their stock. Thi house is now manufacturing its own overalls, shirts and underwear. Ko goods at retail. Use Climax Soap. Use W. It's Family Soap. WATERMELONS ON ICE. JOHN PERKINS, Commercial St. The Champion prnt«ud» to be worried ovor a probability th»t the Missouri Pacillc w i l l be extended from .St. Joe to Omaha Instead Of from Atchison. There is kbout an much probability of this »s th«re is probability that the Central llrauoh will be extended from AtchiBon to Lognu. Jay Gould as a railroad builder has never been noted as a fool, therefore he is not upt to cross two Missouri river bridges to reach Hiawatha when he can reach Hiawatha without crossing a Missouri bridge at all, and by si line one-third shorter. The real danger is that the people of I.tinea-ter w i l l become disgusted wt the vntd mi ttie county treasury by the printen, and defeat the bonds, thus giving tho management excuse to build from Hiawatha to KaiiMi' City direct. The road along the river has always been a source of annoyance and trouble, and ai the lino would occupy a magnillcrut country, It i* thedangerons probability. Colonel Martin knows it, too, {or he once stated in a public meeting that if such a disaster should happen, he would sell out at half price, aud leave Atchison forever. When the company first offered to build from Atchison, iheir proposition should have boot accepted, for the grading wonld htive been nearly completed by this time, »nd Kansas City notglveu a chuuce to think of (ievilmmit. The importance »f carrying the bondi in Lancaster cannot be estimated in its effects on Atchison; defeat means stub tralua on the Central Branch and Missouri Psciflc, aud a removal of tho Central Branch shops. It is almost certain that it it is decided to continue the Exposition, the receipts will not pay the expenses, therefore it would seem to be wisdom on the part of the management to postpone it until next year, by which time a competent superintendent may be secured, and a successful fair in the fall made probable. As is generally known, the association is very much in debt, but if it makes another failure this year, its creditors will in all probability sell the buildings to parties who will tear them dow», whereas a postponement now would insure another attempt, with a prospect of success. Wo have no enmity agaiust Mr. Fleischer, but it must be apparent to every one that a successful Exposition this full is impossible. It has never been advertised; no attractions are offered; the racing purses are insignificant, and there is no reason why a crowd should collect. In addition to this the superintendent is a man of no experience, as was thoroughly demonstrated last year, and as unpopular as it is possible for him to be. The Mangclsdorfs own the oldest delivery wagon pony in. Atchison, known to old settlers as the "Wicked Yellow." This animal formerly furnished au item for the newspapers about every other day, as he was sure to run away and smash up thi»gs twice a week on an average. He was flrst owned by Belts £Xew in 1865, who afterward sold him to his Dreseut owners. When Dixon Williams' stable burned some years ago, Dick wag tied therein, aud narrowly escaped being roasted, having his mane and tail both burned off. He bus been stolon several times, and history says he took au active part in the Price raid, and that he chased bushwhackers iu Missouri for awhile. Dick is now twenty-eight years old. Ho was hitched ap to-day for the flrst time in several years, and appears as frisky as a colt. A meeting to consider the graylty of the situation in Lancaster township »ngkt to be called, and generally attended. Mr. House, chief engineer of tho Missouri Pacific ex- tengion, is ot tha opinion that the bonds cannot be carried auiesg the disgraceful steal in connection with submitting the proposition is in acme way fixed up. Atch- isou can better afford to raise this $1,020, and pay it to the Champion aud Patriot in cash, than to allow the bonds to bo defeated. We understand Martin and Park nre inflexible, and demand their fall pound cf flesh, otherwise a compromise would have been effected several days ago. Conkling Kleckner, the artistic photographers, are now making tlieirline cabinet pictures at four dollars a dozen, the regular price being six. In making this offer, C. K. agree that the pictures shall bo equal iu style and finish to tho best Eastern work. All photographers advertise this, but C. K. guarantee it. C. M. Power, special agent of the Travel- ers'Insurance Company, of Hartford, will be quartered at the Lindell Hotel for the next live days, during which time he will loot after the interests of the company on the line of the Central Branch road. An «x-tail sou)) lunch at tho Fifth street Exchange to-night. .Everybody goes to K. S. Andrews for painting and wall-paper. One hundred dollars reward for a better grade of boots and shoes tlv.uilue "sample" g«ods sold bslow cost by A. W. BART- LKTTCo. CALL ME BY The Telephone AFTEK ATJO. 24. Ed. C. Schewim o-nocxen.. Becson i Hammond have fllteen miles of the Mlsconri Pacific ready lor the raile", aud expect to complete the entire .twenty-two miles in thirty days. .'They hare engagements ahead with thj;Satne comipany which will keep them busy j»r into next year. If tho river continues to decline, the celebrated colt belonging to Mr. Thompson can get across the river without swimming--he cnii jump it. In this connection it may bo proper to add that Thompson has, besides t h e c » l t , the best line of geutlemeu'i, goods in Ktneas. A party ul Atchicon men w i l l start out jugging far ent (Isli in the Missouri river one day this week. They w i l l take a skin on a wagon «s far up us Palermo, and then start down the river. They will have sixteen jnifs In the water, and a l i t t l e brown jug in the boat. It is believed that Colonel Quigg is aauan- dcrinj so much money iu Now Mexico that he will take great pleasure iu running for county treasurer this fall, to replenish his exchequer. Thin, in connection with tho printing steal,will be exceedingly unfortunate lor Jim Lopor. The impression is steadily gaining ground that the Missouri Pacific contemplates building a line away from the river from Kansas City, connecting with the new lino nt Hiawatha. We have it from good authority thai Kansas City has offered 8100,000 as an inducement. In good old Democratic days, the girl who came to hi re said to the mistress of the house: "Well, you can try me, aud sue how you like me." In the days of Republican rule and free niggers, tho girl gays to tke woman of the house: "Well, I'll try the place and see how I like you.'' The Donald Bros, arp issuing a fall circular as wholesale dealers in dry goods aud notiocs, aui during the season will employ four travelers. This house is tin exceedingly creditable one, and we admire t h e ) grit shown in the statement that they will not only meet all competition, but make it. II. K. Mckersou has lately been iu the Missouri lesd district buying walnut lumber for a Chicago sewing machine manufactory, and while stumbling through the woods claims to have found an eighteen foot vein of lead. We presume tho ibid is exaggerated, but we judge it is sufficient to make him rich. Beeson Hammond, contractors on the Missouri Pacific extension, are buying all their corn iu the vicinity of Weeping Water at 25 cents a bushel. Mr. Beeson, who came in last night, says the crop in that country is excellent. There will be a great deal more corn raised iu Kansas and Nebraska than the people imagine, and the present high prices are n»t warranted. liain is falling every day in Colorado, which will produce a prodigious attempt at agriculture in that direction next year. It has been unprecedentedly dry in Kansas this season, which will have a tendency to discourage agriculture next year. But tho probabilities are that there will be great floods in Kansas next year, and a drouth in Colorado, which will be called the beautiful wisdom of Providence. Atchison must quit depending on r»il- roads, aud depend more ou itself. The best thing now offering is a coal mine, and we are glad to know that every man called on so far has subscribed liberally to the fund necessary to drill a prospect hole. With a coal mine iu operation in Atchison employing a thousand men, wo would he entirely independent of Jay Gould or equally unscrupulous persons. Topeka snubs (he railroads with impunity, and with positive benefit. A few mouths ago the Sabta Fe announced that in case Topeka voted bonds t» a new railroad, its shops and general offices wo»ld be removed. The bonda were voted, but instead of removing its shops a»d general offices, the Sanla Fe is rnakiug more extensive improvement! than evor. Had Atchison been as bold as this, it would have been scourged and insulted the rest of its days. "Creamery butter aud newly laid eggs at Theodcre Franko's. Money refunded if eggs are not fresh. Use Climax .Soap. The ladies who hare been waiting: for those fine Princess and low Cut Opera Slippers can now be supplied at Itartlett's 1'opular Shoe Store. The most popular place iu the city to get a lunch is at the VIENNA COFFEE HOUSE, Murphy's block. Lunches and meals at all hours. Cool, clean rooms, and pleasautattendance. 21-lm Fine^Teas JPoiitirely the only assortment in Atihison. " We cm five you any quality you ever heard of. JNO. PARKINS, SB COMEDCIIl STIEET Police affairs are in a discracefni muddle- in St. Joe, »nd before the matter is settled there promiies to be still richer developments. It appears that there is a feud existing between Mayor Finer aud Marshal Craig, and a gentleman who w»8 in St: yesterday learned · th« following faotfl: Marshal Craig arrested a Mis* Bell for cowhiding a Mrs. Newton. The Mayor insisted that Mi«s Bell be acquited, and the Marshal insisted that she be lined. Then Miss BelJ made public the fact that Ihe Marshal iu the habit of visiting Mrs. Newton at unholy honrs of the n i g h t ; that he 8teu there drunk; that Mrs. Xewton hail been caught sitting on his lap, etc. And now comes the Marshal vHlr counter charges, and accuses the Mayor with being H very bad man after women himself, aud negro woman swears that the Mayor got her with child; that the child died .when six weeks old, aud that the Mayor had buried at h i s . o w n expense. Numerous- other cases are cited to show the animV propensities of the Mayor, and he ia charged, besides, with remitting over eighi hundred dollars in flues of prostitutes since Craig has been Marshal. It is claimed that the number of prostitutes in St. Jot has thribled under SfayorPiner's administration; t h a t the city it overrun with and that they laugh at all efforts of the police to control tkem, because the Mayor remits their fines when they are pulled. Marsha) claims that the police force is de-moralized, because when he tells them do sijob, the Mayor tells tbem not to, and a part of the force side with the Mayor, a part with the Marshal, itaiily complicates, the matter. The people of St. Joe generally sympathise with Marshal Craig, and s:iy that enough can be brought against Mayor to impeach him. which will no doubt be done. Altogether this is the most scandalous and disgraceful city-official quarrel we have heard of, jvnrt as both sides have blood in their eyes, there is no telling tho quarrel will end. It is now positively known that Jacob Smith has completed all arrangements to reopen his packing hou«e. During bis lasS visit to the East he fouud two goutlemeu with plenty of money, aud on the first September they will sign partnership papers, as soon thereafter as the house can be put) in order, packing will commence, with a prospect of continuing without interruption. In addition to this cheeriug news, a r e i u position to state positively that representatives of a company of moneyed men nre in tbe city fcr the purpose of buying Fowler house, aud there is a prospect thaS- their offer will be accepted. A good many years ago Atchison voted' $5,000 iu bonds to induce eemebedy to prospect for coal. Had not the bonds been- stolun, we might have had a coal mine operation long before this. A few years- hence it will be said that had not the county paid 91,030 for a service that should but $75, we would have had the main line the Missouri Pacific from St. Louis to Omaha, and the Union Pacific. .t the same-time $5,000 iu bonds were voted to a woolen mill, and an agricultural implement manufactory. What has become of them? Mr. Beeson, of the street railway, is very much disgusted at the action of the C/'rom- pion in opposing right of way down Comr»9r- cial street. Not content with this, its edi*- tor is circulating a petition against it, but so far only a dozen have signed it. M?. Beesou is of the opinion that a large proportion of the people favor the change, thinks that Mr. Martin ought to be content with the $1,020 lately secured from the- county. We have not heard it positively stated',, but it is fair to presume that the garden concert to-morrow night will be the last the teason, therefore it will probably bs very largely attended, as Winkler Koaen- blatt's band is the best on the river. It also werthy of mention that the muscular Turners preserve the beat of order, amx"; preparations will be Made to entertain tea- ladies and children. Use Climax Soap. OUR New Style Carpets Have Arrived The Stock will be the Most C o m p l e t shown in Atchison. New co nib Principal Dry Goods Store. INEWSPAPERif NEWSPAPER!

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