The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on August 23, 1881 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 23, 1881
Page 4
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For 3O Days Conklin Kleckner have reduced the price of their iJ«st Cabinet Photc- graphs to $4.00 per doa.; UirdB $200 per do/,. These price* will only h«)d good f«r 30 d«ys. All work guaranteed to bt the fame n» at regular rat«e. THE LITTLE GLOBE TUESDAY, AUGUST23, 1881. Hot A i r Furnaces 700. KAVOKITK Cook Stoves at Jacob Lon's. George Stephens has removed his barbur shop over I'oehlcr'8 bakery. 54 There will be a meeting of the School Board to-night, but no quarreling. ' There is a now girl baby at Frank Dolan's house--the first one in sixteen yeais. / Heavy dews fell Sunday uight and last night, the first since the middle of Juno. Old Colonel Jo. Nicholson, builder of packing houses, was in the city yesterday. Justice Pierce is catching up with the work on his docket since the weather got ·cooler. \Vo belioTe Robt. Nosch is the only nnin in Atchison who makos butchering one of the line aris. Col. Lapier is a man of many devices. It is said that his hog cholera cure is the best ever invented. A. J. Ifarwi hoadod the list this morning with a subscription of $75 to help the coal boring enterprise. In addition to the electric light, the Jim Yates drug store has the most creditable gas illumination in the city. Work Is now in progress on the twentieth mile of the Central Branch extension, and live miles of Iron hava been laid. A Lawrence burglar, after sUootinjj six times at different parties without effect,was himself brougbt down by a policeman. liy leaving »rdera for grapes at John Rat- terraim's, you will hare them delivered at your door fresh from the patch, by J, M. "White. James O'l)onnell will erect a brick business house at the corner of Third and Main, and work thereon will be in progress to- morrovr. Another important bulletin was issued to-day from the Chicago, Burlington Qnincy war office. Don't buy tickets until you have read it. There is no truth iu tho report that J. II. Gardner has sold his Union Depot Hotel. A gentleman Is here making offers, but there ia liitle likelihood that a trade will be made. The St. Joe A'oo* youth lately broke bread with Gardner, of the Union Dep«t Hotel, and in his issue of yesterday says: "The KitchonBroa. are but amateurs in comparison." Tberc Is much more agitation of the temperance question iu St. JOG than in Atchison, although we have a prohibitory law. Liquor selling 1 in St. Joe is a leading and respectable business. Those gentlemen who spent so much time and money on their gardens early in the season are figuring up the result, and flnd they have had an experience somewhat similar to Horace Greelor's. A monument should bo erected to Lon May, pabHsbcr of a paper nt Falls City. The othor day we asked him how much of a circulation he had for his daily. "Between fifty-five and sixty," ho answered. A. C. Carlson came iu yesterday from a trip to Irving, and reports tho grass looking green in that Ticinity, and the corn prospect fair. He thinks corn Holds in the Blue S'nlloy will average twenty-five bushels to the acre. . The annual howl of hard times in Western Kansas is heard, and we presume that in a day or two the usual crowd will go East soliciting aid. It costs fovcnty-Qve cents to jjet a dollar's worth of aid in the East for Kansas. The Messrs. Tabor pay more attention to their stock and prices than to their light, believing that such u course will give more general satisfaction. Consequently thoy liavo the finest clothing store iu the city, and the towestprices. Frank Howard L'o. having received their fall stock of notions, hosiery and fancy goods, respectfully invite the trade to call and examine their stock. This house is now manufacturing its own overalls, shirts and underwear. -Ko goods at retail. Use Climax Soan. Use W. All's Family Soap. WATERMELONS ON ICE. JOHN PERKINS, 616 Commercial St. . It is believed that the work of boring for ottlin Atchlson will commence next Monday, MS the diamond drill will arrive today, and it will not be difficult, to raitse , 000 on the terms proposed. It will" not take many weeks to b*re800 feet, and once this Is accomplished, the work of digging the shaft will commence. A u indefinite amount of money can be raised for this purpose on the monthly installment plan, and there is n« reason w h y eastern capital bhoild do the work or divide the profits. A coal mine employing u thousand men is superior to a manufactory employing u thousand men,for the leason ibat nothing ia paid out for raw m.iterial; God supplies that, and every dollar received for co:tl is so much clear gain to the city, as none of It goes east for any purpose. The GLOHK has several times warned its readers to beware of ndvertising schemes which do them no good, and which are wily calculated to put money in, the pockets of the tramps who bore business men f»r advertisements. There IB a rnun in the city representing the St. Louis Trade a paper we never heard of before, ami perhaps no business man iu Atchison has ever heard of it--who agrees to write up any business firm, providing: they take two hundred or more copies of his paper, and pay llTo dollars a hundred for them. This simply amounts to paying ten dollars or more for » puff »f an Atchison business house in a St. Louis paper. There might be some sense in a St. I ouis wholesale house advertising in an Atchison paper, but the idea of Atchison retail housoi advertising in a St. Louis paper strikes us as a gloomy absurdity. J. S. Munford, the confidence man lately Operating on the frontier of Kansas, made the loan companies his victims; a great many will excuse him on that account. Going out among the homesteaderd, he induces a committee of farmers to sign a statement that a certain Piece of land is wsrth a thouiand, or two thoasaud dollars, althouKh it may not be worth a hundred, whereupon the homesteader goes to AVat- kins A Co., of Lawrence, and borrows from six hundred to a thousand dollars on his land, which puts him in good condition t» leave the country. Munford's commission is not stated. Mrs. DeWolf, Mrs. Bangs and Miss May Bangs, mediums, were arrested at the Otis House this morning by the Marshal for doing business without a license. They claim that the Marshal might as well arrest a Methodist minister on a similar charge, as they are evangelists. The case will be heard to-morrow. Mrs. and Miss Bangs were formerly residents of Atchison, the husband and father having carried on the tin and stove business here thirteen years ago, but we believe they are now residents of Chicago. The People's Clothing Store is now iu operation at the «orner of Sixth and Commercial, and it is believed that Tho Pe»ple will give it patronage for the following reasons: 1. It Is the only atoxe in the city with aa entirely now and fresh stock; 2. Goods are marked In plain figures, and there is no deviation, thus giving all an equal chance; 8. Its expenses are light, insuring low prices; 4. It carries the most extensive assortment «f goods; 5. Its goods are all lato and fashionable, of this year's manufacture. Twenty-five young people will assist in the proposed production o f ' 'Billee Taylor'' iu Atchison. Fifty rehearsals will be necessary, and estimating that tw« hours are consumed at each »ne, two thousand fire hundred hours are necessary in its preparation. At twenty-five cents an hour, this would amount to » total of $625; add to this 82 a night paid Professor Plato, and y»u hare it'that tho Owl Club will be at an or- penso of $7 - 2S iu bringing out ' 'Billeo Taylor." If Gov. St. John wonld make out a'report of the exodus fuuds sent to him to aid the colored immigrants he would satisfy a great ··any people who liavo for months waited for such a report, ©f course everything is all right, but the people of this country are Interested to get the figures ot everything that takes place, and thoy want to know just how much was sent in to aid the Jixo- dustors and how much was spent. II. C. K., the famons cholera morbus, dysentery and diorrhioa mixture. Cures every case. For sale only by Simonds McConnauijhy. Those wanting to play pool will find Charley Kroesing's room on Commercial street,'between Fifth and Sixth. THE! Cut Rate TICKET OFFICE is located directly South of and op- posite East cud of Uuion Depot. Don't purchase tickets to any point without first calling at this office for lowest rates. CHAS. E. STYLES, A«t. Professor Plato, organist »t Trinity, has | a flattering offer to go to Leaveimorth. The year 18S1 will be.famcms not only for drouth and prohibition, bit for the $1,030 printing steal. Dr. R. V. Pierce, the celebrated quuck of Buffalo, ;New York, is in Kansas City today, and expresses the opinion that the President cannot possibly recover. Two Iowa farmers have been at law for a loue while over the ownership of some calves that long since becam* keef. The costs already incurred n m t u n t t o $2,300,aid tho end is not yet. Mr. Pomrroy's elks are being advertised very extensively in connection with the State fair. In justice tu their »wuer, every time they are mentioned something should he said about coal. Summer is said to he in the sear and yellow leaf at «ome of the watering places, and the fnn is Dearly over for this season. Soon the absent ones will be corning back, weary and worn out. A Belleville lawyer named Taylor passed through the city yesterday with his bride, whom he obtained somewhere in the East through a matrimonial agency, at a cost of only a hundred dollars. L. D. Hopkins, formerly pastenger conductor, has been appointed train waster of the Missouri Pacific. Abe ITager, who formerly occupied that position, has been appointed superintendent of the eastern division. The City Marshal of St. Joe Is in trouble, and he attributes it all to his enemy, the Mayor, who bo alleges seeks a pretense to displace him by impeachment. The Mayer carries two pistoli for fsar of an asiault from the Marshal or his deputy. It is said that the Atchison, Topeka Santa Fe is getting away with more than its share of the Pacific business, being a new and very popular line, which is causing a great deal of jealonsy at Union Pacific headquarters, and may result in trouble. T. B. Sides, of Atchigou, is iu the city to-day making arrangements to bring the Pomeroy team of Bik hero during the State Fair. They will bo matched against the best team of horses in Kansas and driven every day during the fair,--Topeka Blade. Notwithstanding the predictions of the so- called scientific grasshoppcr-ologiits that no grasshoppers would visit Kansas this season, they are reported to be plentiful in the vicinity of Marysville, and millions passed over Manhattan yesterday. Poor Kansas ! The Kansas City Board of Trade has passed a resolution denouncing bucket shops, and will ak the Council to pats an ordinance prohibiting them. These places are worse than gambling houses, as by a groat many they are considered half way respectable. A gentleman who has lately been h u n t i n g prairie chickens, and who found it necessary to scare them out of the corn fields, says that every field which has been taken care of promises a good yield, but that slouch farmers tell the troth when they say their corn is scarce. Officer Taylor arrsst«d a coon from the West last night for being in a bawdy house, and carrying concealed weapons. Ho was fined §25 in the police court to-day, and promptly whacked np. He seemed to have coniiderable money, but will get rid of It if he stays in Atckiion. ·· The German Immigration society lately formed in Atchison, is already accomplishing some good. The officers are daily in receipt of inquiries, which are answered BO promptly and tharoughly as to bring well- to-do Germans to the State. Several parties of immigrants have applied to the eo- ciety in person for advice. Owing to the fact that there are more children in Atchison than the present number of school houses will accommodate-, thoie studying in the primary and intermediate grades can only attend a half session each day during the winter. This is unfortunate, but the people have decided to build no more school houses. Use Climax Soap. The ladles who liavcl«cu wailing for those Hue Princess and I/ow Cu Opera Slipper** can now be sup plied nt Biirllctt's Popular Slioe Store. The most popular place in the city to ge a lunch is at the VIENNA COFFEL HOUSE, Murphy's block. Lunches am meals at all hours. Cool, clean rooms, am pleaaantattondance. 21-lm HOWE BROS., Wholesale Fruit, Produce General CommiHsiou Merchants. Also, Proprietors of the KANSAS SPICE MILLS. Sales and store rooms 23 South Second St Mill, corner 4th and Utah aTenue, Atchi son, Kansas. The Kansas City papers continue to hat it the B. A M . ig extended eouth t will surely be extended from Atchison. he Journal to-day says: "The proposed o»te of the independent line of the Atohl- on t Nebraska road from Atchison to this ity is an ftir line fr»m Atchison passing hrough Leavonworth, and will be forty- wo miles long, Imilt jnut far enough from he river to avoid the long bends of that treaui. It is claimed that it can be built nnch che«per, »nd therefore can compete nccessfully with the older road, which, ollowing the winds of the riter, is six »iles longer. Thu work is already iu prog- ess, and the surveying corps will be im- nediately followed by tke graders. No ime can be assigned for the completion he work, as it will depend greatly upon lutnre of the weather during tho fall ana winter, but a strong attempt will be wade o comolete it in 'Six months. The road ill probublv itrike the Kansas Pacific- rack west of Armstrong, and come In on hat company's line t» the Union depot, Ms is the only gateway, the other being arred by the rival r»ad." The probabilities ure that the Atchison Exposition this year will be a gloomy failure, and there is said to be a prospect t will bu given up entirely. In addition o the short crops, the directors have lost 11 faith in the secretary and manager, and hey would be glad of an opportunity to jostponelt. "We do not believe it is possl- ihle to have a decent Exposition this year, because so wuch time has been fooled hat it will be difficult to properly advertise t, or secure attractions. We are in favor f giving it up entirely and commencing vith a new manager next year. Mr. Fleischer pr»bably means well, but he nows nothing about Expositions. Young John MeCrackon, and young Myra iVerer, of Leavenworth, ran away yesterday, and were married. They have beea engaged several mouths, and no objection, was ever raised to their marriage oy any one, and just why they saw fit to run s not clear, unlrss t h e y -- . Bnt nove in tho "best circles," this is hardly probable. A terrible accident occurred on ths Missouri Pacific Railroad twelve miles east Ottawa last Saturday. A party of young 'oiks started on a hand car to go six miles to attend an evening party, and jolng at a rapid rate collided with :i similar 3ar propelled by section men. Tw« young ladies, .sisters, by the name of Wood were Killed outright, and several «thers wonniU . Ko blame is attached to the section men. The report that a general railroad strike- is imminent is no more than there is rcasou to expect. Although the price of living been steadily advancing for several years, the wages of railroad men hare remained tho same figures, or suffered a redaction.. A demand for better wages has been expected fora year, and the rumor is therefore not improbable. Another interesting case of seduction wilt be up before Justice Pierce to-morrow, from the Mt. Pleasant district, wherein a man is charged with cohabiting with his daughter. The son-in-law of the man so charged pounded his head almost to a jelly for offense, but the officers of the law having got wind of it, have gone to arrest the parties implicated. It is estimated that in the SantaFe country the farmers will have about half a crop corn, and two-thirds of a crop of wheat. It should be remembered that'' half a crop'' means half, as raich as could be raised the season uniformly faTorable, and not an average cr»p. A full cr»p of corn 18- about seventy bnshels to the acre.' The Atchison Furniture Company is making some handsome bedroom and parlor suits, which they sell at prices that can be duplicated In Atcbison. Tbo Sample boots and shoes sold so by A. W. BARTLETT CO. are new a trifle soiled, but of the very best shop make, and fine finish. Use Climax Soap. OUR New Style Carpets Have Arrived The Stock will be the Most C o m p l e shown in Atchison. Nmoml) Principal Dry Goods Store. EWSPAPERl

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