Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 31, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 31, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's.. Celebrated HatS, Silk, Stiff and Soft. -Spring Styles. 5 DEWENTEF, The Hatter and Furnisher. You Will be Surprised To see the suitings we are offering for $25 and $30. We have all the latest novelties in shadow-plaids for spring and not an old piece of goods in the house. We guarantee style, fit and work, manship to be unexcelled and we will not be undersold. Take a look before you place an order. The Tucker & Sharpe Co. Tailors, 3iS Pearl Street. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK -OF- IOGANSPORT, . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $250,000. A. 3. Murdock. Pres. W. W. Rosa, Cash. y.F. Brookmeyer, Amt. Cash. D1BECTOBS: W. H, BrlngUam, . w T _ WU80D . EanklnR in aU Its DopartaiontB promptly ' 1 Cu»t n omer a and Stockholder, Fund maintained. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER •-• No. 417 Market Street. Calls attended to promptly, day or Union Office, No. V*. Bceldence. DAILY JOURNAL AU shoes snlned tree at Th'ere were many complaints of the llower imef last .Thursday night. Old and young ladles' easy shoes and slippers at Murdock's shoe store. ?3 umbrellas with sterling silver trimmings, $1.75, toihpriwv.-Tbc Bee Hive. George Harrison handle* LeixJreth'* first class garden, flower and fl*» . 96c for small size ladies' Oxfords-actual wholesale cost .$3 and up-during the ladies' sale this week at Kaufman & Co.'s. The latest pretty flower hats and bon nets at Mrs. W. J. Potter's, between Fifth and Sixth streets OB Broadway. cheap for cash • Awarded Highest Honors— World's Fair. •DR; WONBOTHGAMES Ottos "'Maroon" The Senators From South Bend. MOST PERFECT .MADE. S^^% 40 Years fie Standard. IS THE WELL DRESSED QEN- TLEHAN. When he has been fitted out with a handsome new suit by Hera. There isnt a tailor in Logansport who can transform a man so quickly, or raise h'lm In his own estimation In such a short .time, as Hera. The clothing fits so perfectly and Is made In aU the up- to-date styles in material cut and fine trimmings -that everyone knows who made it before looking at the stamp Inside. 409 FIARKET STREET. Duck suits, $1.48.—The Bee Hive. Pine apple Ice cream at 321 Pearl street today. To Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Edington, o,f the Westsidc, n son. Duck and plane parasols, .?!, tomorrow.—The Bee Hive. Geo. Harrison bas the finest Mac of hammocks In the city. John Graf refers with pleasure to his earning to Logansport forty years'ago M;,y 2. Try Murdock's up-to-date ineus and boy's tan and black shoes, 408 Market street. T. N, Leedy, who has been taking ballis for his health at Laketon Is mufih improved. Head every item of Kaufman & Co.'s ladles' week price list. It Is of absorbing Interest. . Agents wanted, to ?f;ll nursery stock. Apply at once—S. Furry, at Jackson's livery ham, Logansport. All the latest out In men's women's and children's shoes aii'd sllgpers nt Murdock's, -IDS. Market street. The annual meeting of -the State federation of literary clubs will be held at Conuorsvlllo this week. The Hi'--. Dr. Parker will speak on mission work 'n India at the Broadway Presbyterian church tonight If you have a small foot -Kaufman & Co. will sell you $3 and $4"Oxford tan, kid, patent leather 1 and red- for OSc- choice. Young Philip Ray Is still in a serious condition as a result of the blow on the head, received In falling from a moving street car. Goods from auction job lots; extraordinary bargains especially for Indies. This week Is ladies' week at Kaufman & Co.'s, 320 Market street. Court Knepper, who once worked as a printer in this city, has been sued for a divorce by 'his wife, Maud Kncppei-, The pair lived at Bunker Hill, but the wife Is now at Alexandria. See Mr. Eccd's department at. -the Trade Palace for suspenders; ladles' gents', boys' and girls' underwear, neck- tics, night robes; gents' and boys' shirts all go "this week.—Trade Palace. Any person or persons caught carry- Ing off flags from graves of soldiers from any of -the cemeteries will bo prosecuted . as it is an unlawful nnt, By order of Committee G. A. E. The funeral o.f the late Mrs. Elizabeth •Vdair •.-.11'. occur at 2 o'clock p. m., at the residence In Noble township. The services will be conducted by the Her D. P. T'nir.am, and Interment will occm at Mount Hope cemetery The death of the two-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. Williams of Wash ington street occurred yesterday morn ing, the case of death being diphtheria Tlie funeral will be held' Sunday morn Ing at the Crooked Creek Chrlstlar church. THE BIG LEAGUE RACE Two Games Played by all the Clubs Yesterday. South Bond went :i ^ise I-'" 11 tuam down yesterday i-o play-the. Ouos. They call themselves (he '-Si'iiatoi's," and liUi< their illustrious godfathers ill UK; lups- ativo liiills of the Ujiited Stales Senate, .hey distinguished themselves chiefly jy their talk. They were handsomely itliral, those senators from the leading city of Si. Joseph county, but their line •iilmcnt 01' maroon was suggestive. It sometimes happens at sen that au nuus- uilly gruvt; offense ends l.iy the sailor it-Ill;.' "•marooned." or, in other words, <w;t ashore on some uninhabited island, there to repent of Ills s-ins. That's what the Ottos did to the Senators. They marooned" the lads for tlieir Inability :o piny ball. The morning came was a procession, in which the Ottcs rode in the'baud wagon and the Senators trailed along n the dust. They could not hit I.yon effectively, anil tlioir work .ill around was weak. The crowd was small nud the few who saw it heaved a sigh of 'elio'f when the game ended with a score of 31 to .1 in favor of. the home tram. The afternoon panic had more snap :o it and the Senators "chewed"' less tnd played, more ball. They experienced the same trouble with Fisher that 'mil proved their undoing in the morn- ug. and the "south paw" gave them Ltfle chance 'to show. The support, bs- lind Fisher was excellent and shows what a little team wovk can do. ''Fol- owlng Is the ofliclal score of the aftor- 10011 game: OTTOS AB R H PO A E Hunter, cf 3 4 2 ' 2 '"0 0 StaHs, 2b 2 1 '2 3 '4 1 •lackott, Ib 4 1 2 13 0 0 irutou, ss ~> 2 3 11 0 Stokes, 3b 3 0 '0 0 "4 2 Shaver, If 5 l"'l 3' 0 0 '.yens, c Z 0 T".-3 0 n Bolan, rf ~> 1 1 2 ° 1 ishcr, p H '1 •'-'<>•" '6 3 0 Totals 37. 11 12 27 12 -4 SO, BEND AB E H PO'A E >o*s, 21) -...4 2 0 1 ! 1""I: McCa.be, ss 4 0 1 4 2 K Upps, 8i> 3 0 1 4 1 1 Neeman, If 4 0 0 20 0 Happ, cf 4- 0 0 -2 "0. .0 Smith., c 4 0 1 fi 1 1 Luther, Ib 3 0 0 . ' 1 0 Silvers, rf -I 1 0 1 0 0 lord ray, p 3 0 1 0 fi 0 Totals ..... 3,'J 3 4 27 0 r, Score by innings: Logansport ..... 4301012 0 0-11 South Bend ..... 1010001 0'0-'3 Earned runs— Ottos 3: two-ba.se hl.t«— Hunter, Strttts. 'Brnton,' Shaverrthree- l,. is , e hits— Hunter, Lyen;"stblori bases- Ottos 7, South Bend 3; .double play- Stokes to Stalls to Hack-eft; -base on balls-off Cordray 3: hit by pitched bail— hy Cordray 2; stnicK out— by Fisher 3, by Cordray 4; passed ball— Lyen 1, Smith 1; wild pitch— Cordray. Time of trame, 2 hours. 15 minutes. Umpire Johnston. Attendance '2,000.' • NOTES. • The South Bends will play again this afternoon and will have their crack pitcher in the box. They say he' is n 'plio- uom, and has never been exploded."-' ' Umpire .Tolmston is making- quite, a nice thing of it renting cushions to the' spectators in the grand staud. :• • '• The Ottos go to Ko-koma Tuesday afternoon for t\v.o- games. They will open the hnse ball -season In that town. 1 ' : ' ' • •* '.'i ' ; • ' THE NATIONAL LEAGUE. Cleveland Broke Even and Cincinnati Lost Both Games Yesterday. ••. .. ,. There's a bright prospect in the near soon for Cleveland. That club lends. the National league by a narrow margin just now, but on Monday the. Spiders go to Washington and there they will have an easy tline. Baltimore is next nearest the top, but Plttsburg will give •the Champions a tussle, wltb'good pros- peels of winning two of the series of tlvreo games. Cincinnati and'Pblladel- phla will fight 'it out. on .even terms, both having an equal show to win. Following are the scores of the"' games played yesterday: .... MORNING GAMES. At Boston-Cleveland 2, Boston. C. At Baltimore-Cincinnati D. ' . . •..,.,. At Philadelphia— St. Louis_ f.i,' I hi.a- dclphla 10. At Pittslrarg— Washington^' 13. -Pitt- burg 17. . ' . .;',.,. ,. At Brooklyn-Chicago '2. Brooklyn -1. At New York— Louisville 4, New York 14. .,:'.'. AFTERNOON GAMES.. At Boston— Cleveland 14, Boston 7, • At Baltimore— Cincinnati" 0, ^Baltimore 0. . ,. At Philadelphia— St. Louis 1. Philadelphia 7. . • • ,''.... "At Pittsbnrg— Washington 8,;'-Pltts- b'urg 1. ' ' ' ,..:!'.,. At Brooklyn— Chicago 1, Brooklyn 9. 7e for Ladies Slice Polish, worth 23c 20c for Ladies Wide House slippers worth 7Sc 48c for Ladies Fine House slippers worth §1.00 48o for Ladies Dongola Pat Tip Oxford worth $1.2:1 7!>o for Ladies Dull Dorigola, Button shoes worth •*! 2,1 89e for Ladies Fine Di-ess button and lace worth §1.00 80o for L.i.dies Dress Oxfords i?l.fiO 98c for Luclies Tan Oxford $2.00 JSo'.for Ladies Pine Vici Kid, Tan and Black Oxfords worth $3.flO 98c for Ladies Heel und Spring Heel Lace shoe) worth $2.00 Extra, Extra-Ladies Week All Weefc EVERY ITEM OF ABSORBING INTEREST a bonanza for economical Ladies. Cheap shoes for almost nothing. Fine Shoes One Half and O.ie Third of actual selling price, amongst-the lot of French heels Finesi Imported Kid at One Fourth Value. for Ludies Hani .Tnrn, button and lace shoes worth $2.50 • ' - iJI.OS for Ladies 20th century up-to-date and all stylet shoes worth ij-t 00 $1.48 for Ladies Ka/.cr and Square toe siloes worth $1 !)3c 5or Old Ladies Lice Dougola shoes worth $1.00 OS for Old Ladies Congress shoes worth $1.50 flSc for Ladies Large ankle shoes worth 2.00 $1.19 Paden Bros. & Co., Portsmouth, O. worth $8.0G SI.23 for Ladies Ilazor and Narrow square oxfordf worth $2.50 $1.48 for Ladies Finest oxfords in house worth $3.00 Kaufman & Co. Bargain Shoe Store 320 Market St. Jordan Hecht's Old Stand. SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS JOS. Q. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR J I LESS MONEY • '.,'•'•' <. THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINE COnPLETE. i Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date J 426 Broadway. | • •':-'<• -'•" • ' ' P, S If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't for- • get my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing, ' At New York—Louisville ">, New York 3', : '';:'.:' STANDING OF THE CLUBS-. Clubs ' AYon' Lost Per Of. Cleveland ...i./..'.2C/ 11 , .^3 Baltimore.... 22. .1!? .029 Cincinnati .::.....''.'22 '14 .Gil Philadelphia .•..•. ,..22:' '14 .011 Boston 7-20 14 ..5SS PIttsburg IS 14 -W3 Chicago.... •.:V.'..:':'iS' 10 .480 Washington ,,....:'.10 IS .471 Brooklyn ".'.' ."••-10 IS .471 NUAV York .-.'.". ::''.":',-14 21 .400 St. Louis ..Ml 24 :314 Louisville ...:. 8 27 -22S ; DEATH OF MES. FOHBEE. Tlie death of Mre.^Elizabcf.h widow of the late Fi ; e'd'ericl> Fohrer, occurred yesterday moi'uliiK-.at the residence;'No. ^30 West Broadway. • Tin: deceased had been'.afllicU'd for several years with consumption.','.One daughter 'and five soil's are left t'o mourn the loss. .The 'time of;tlie. funeral will be announced later. ' , • THE OPENING 'DANCE. The: Eastend'Pleasure., club gave the first dunce of the season last night nt the • Dolan & McHale hall. Foriioffa orcliestra furnished.ihe'music for tlie forty'or more'.• couples - who enjoyeil themselves until•midnlslit;': Castor was the caller. The club .will hnre'^ number of dances duriug'the summer;. • • __ ATTENTION CARPENTERS. Regular meeting of'Carpenters 1 , union, Monday.night, at.the.nwy hall, corner of Fourth and Market street?. • FOUND—Yesterday at'.Spencer park. a'gontlemnn's'op.ep face watch. .Owner 'c'ari i.utve by calling on Policeman James Anderso'n; provlug'jwperty and paying for'tlits notice.' ' ;'...-. . . ADDITIONAL LOCAL. George B'rycr and wife of Peru are in the city to spend Sunday. iliss Clara Williamson bas returned from an extended visit at Lakeland, Fla. Mr. 'and Mrs. Will McNItt are at Indianapolis to visit Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Talbott. Miss Nellie Cook, one of the teachers in the High school, will spend her vacation .at her home In Grccncastle. ' Wm. Nolan and family arc here from Young America visiting the family of Richard Floyd of Twelfth struct. Miss Carrie Barham, who graduated with the class of '00, will leave this week for a new home at Leaven worth. Kansas, Alex Mt-Intosh and Misses Daisy Quick and May Pentecost came over from Kokonio' on their wheels yesterday morning and are the'guests of Miss Nellie Morcdock, ' Owing to the great demand of our customers to test the merits of the celebrated Quaker Oats, we will continue i'.he exhibit in out: store all day Monday. -Respectfully, J. .T. Rothermel, grocer. The funeral of the late Andrew Gloss. jr., will be held .Monday morning at SI:. Joseph church, at 9 o'clock. The services,'which will be under tlio auspices of the Aloysia society will be conducted by the Rev. Father Koclme. Mr*. C. A. Starr, who is here from Sf. Louis, visiting her father, Alfr^.l McCru-ty. says that the house in whic:i the family .was at the time of Dic'M^ efortn, was torn from above thi'ir head*, 'lint none were liint. _ Our li.-.mlkereMef-sale was.a success. Everyone told their neighbors about lliu .bargains, and everyone's neighbor came.' K10 dozen will be opened'Mon- day. See o'ur advertisement for particulars.—The Bee Hivp. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for tbe office~«2 Clerk of Cass county, subject to OK wjll of the Republican nominating co«- vention. JOS. G. GRACE. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for tbe ofEce<B£ Clerk of Cass county, subject to ^he-decision of the Republican nornTnatliic convention. ~ . G. W. BISHOP, 3f- ANNOUNCEMENT. 1 will be a candidate for the office 4C Clerk of Cass county, subject *o the decision of the Republican nominating convention. BEN F. BARNETT, ANNOUNCEMENT, I will be a candidate for the office-tie County Commissioner for the First dte- trict, subject to the will of the Republican uominatlDg convention. ;: , ; J. W. . ANNOUNCEMENT. I wish to announce thnt I am a candidate for the office of County Clerk t.'- Cass county. Indiana, subject to the de' cision of the Republican nomiuatiSf convention. A. R.^HROYER. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be n candidate for tbe office «t .Bounty Commissioner of First District subject io the choice of the Republics nominating convention. . JOHN W. GERHARD, ' .. Clay Township. The loveliest children's shoes In citv at Stevenson .t Kl

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