The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 19, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUfe BLYl'HBVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER-NEWS THE BLYTHKViLLE COUKIBK NK\VS THE COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISHEUB O, R. iJABCGCK, Editor II. W. HAINES, Auvenisnib' Manager , Sole National Advertising Representatives: The Thomas P. Clark Co Inc., Rev \ait, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, Ban 'Francisco, Chicago, SU Louts- •__ :?ubllshe<l Every Aiwrnoon Except Sunday- 1 enured as second clsss msltcTai the post offlcs at BlythevlUe, Arkansas, under act ol Congress October 8, 1917. Served by we United Press SUBSCRIPTION HATI'.S By carrier in the city or uiytlievillc. 15c pa week or $650 per year In advance. By mall «llliln a radius ol 50 miles, S3.00 per vear $1.50 for six months, 85c [or ihtc-e months; by mall In postal two to six Inclusive »650 per year, In zones scvrn and eight, $10-00 per year, payable In Reapfjorlionmenl • The mallei- of reaiiiwlimiment of Hie Arkansas general assembly in one oi' such oulsliiiidiiiK im))oi-lamv U> Mississippi county tliiil no man who sucks lo represent the people of lliis^ coim- ly at t'iltle Hot* * llf ' lll;1 pi-'i'iiill any doubt in thi! minds of I he voters as lo his position on tliu iiui'sUmi. Senator U. A. Kelson, wnose term has another two year.-; to run, is (he author of a bill which, if pas^d by both houses of the legislature, will KIVH this and all other eoiintiss of the state fair repfescntation in the Kenyrtil a=- scmbly on the basis of population, as provided by the constitution. Paul Marsh, candidate for representative, has given unequivocal endorsement to this bill and pledged his hesl I'fl'ort, if elected, to obtain its passage. E. K. Alexander, the present representative ami candidate for rudc/ciion, has within recent months expressed himself privately as being personally opposed lo reapportioiimcnt. Mi 1 . Alexander has told the editor of the Courier News and others that in his opinion he could achieve more for Mississippi county as the sob representative of the entire county than if he had lo • share his influence with others wills whom he might at times mid himself in conflict. More recently, we arc informed, he has said thai while he did not personally favor scull rcappoi'tionmeut he would support it if it, was the desire of Ihe people of the county. In fairness to all concerned Mr. Alexander should -sneak; frankly ami: publicly on this question. Mississippi county will benefit more than any other one comity in Ihe stale from reapportionmenl. We arc not likely to obtain justice in Ibis mailer unless our representatives in Ihe kjfis- laturq go there prepared to make a -, vigorous light. We do not want any half-hearicd advocates on this question. And furthermore it should be remembered that whatever the altitude of our own representatives, and whatever the altitude taken by the general assembly as a whole, reapportionmenl by legislalive act is impossible without the approval of the governor. We cannot , conceive of a governor of this slate vetoing such a measure, but the matter is too' important lo take chances. We liis pt'.rty ami want a governor who will not only promise l» sisjfii : Hcii a measure, bill who will us,' tin: inlhienu: of his oll'ice. in oblainijijc comi'liana' by the letfis- laluri' uilli tlu' inaii'lati' ol' the stale constitution. Thi! e^mli'iaU's for sov- ernor lutve bct-ii ;i: ; !;ui hy the seer, tary ol' the. lucid rliamln-r "I' csnnmem.' to state their jnsitions on this qia^tion, and wo shall sliori'v Uiuw wSiiui of Ihose. who an- M-i^iiis; nisi 1 '.ole.:;, si'i: cye-to-eyo with llir p"!!ili: ol' Mi.ssi.-sippi connly on 1'ms ii'.aikr. Norris Will Win If the '--luai'l poliiiral trick by which Senator Ciioiyr U. .\nn-is ol Nclira.-ka hiis been virt'iitlly ioiVi-d lo abandon e, L rii'h'i'lion its a:i ni.I in;.In; him vou-s wo .badly im-\iiid;'.v i!:<- temper ul' Nebraska's citi/enship. lerni as Ni;lini.-!<a's senator, has lical enemies in bis home state w'n.) have l'niu;iit him hklei'ly lml ini.--.iic- cAsslully at every lin:ii. This yc-ar, wiiii his rcmniiiinalion and ri-lectiuii sr.'miiij,'- ly certain, the/ lunu'd lo IrieSuTv and brought out as a candidate for senator aiiolher- Ceoiw \V. Norris, a .uroirery store employe unknown oulsidc his own iminediale neighborhood, llntltr Nebraska law both names must, appear <m the jirimavy ballot without any mark lo distinguish one limn tin- other. Faced with Midi a situation nothing remained for Senator Norris lint lo run as an huh pendent, and it is a safe prediction that his normal personal lol- lowinif, plus the voles lie will receive from Nebraskans disHtisled wilb such political methods, will he enough to elect him. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark outlets, tlic connection between Uic water supply and the poo) circulating system, the method of cliln- rinatton, Hie painting of pipes and similar plumbing factors. MAKIIIAGIIS FALL OF!' KNOXV1LLE, Tcnn. (UP)—Knox county Issued fewer marriage licenses In the JUit six months of 1930 than during any similar period since J910. The records arc 584 in 1030, tWO In 1929 and 53G In 1010, v/Wsn die population of Knox- villc was one-third Its pre.^nt mark. W. H. Hall, license clerk, blamed a new state law which requires parents' consent tor candidates under 21 years of age. STII.I, IN' r.Ml'TV HOUSE NEW ORLEANS, La. CUP)— A go-getting rea.1 ostatce snlesmai brought a worried expression to Edward Henley, deputy prohibition administrator. Here we take a prospective client to Inspect n res! dence and open tlw dcor to And a complete distillery inside," wat the complaint. Henley's agent then confiscated a 100-6allon stlH 1.500 gallons ot mash and a quail ti'.y of alcohol. "Can't we talk this ihinjf over, nay utilil tomorrow?" THE WINDMILL THAT'S M'llAT They Jiavi; put in a !>•,«llu^ alley hcrr and those Just- iKi.inniii!; u ptoy Mate lliat iho lir^t i'.aini 1 cr so'b IIK'MI .suit 1 all uvLi 1 . I'll t.'.ll yru wlnil makc.i jm; ;:U:L- ail over ai:ii tliat is to u<i Ilshins; this jinlty weather and uui c.itch any fish. -y. :;. :{. TODAY'S HUH: STOItV "What kind ul a t'wo !:, ihl;? 1 Iv.inl.d all - ovcr It and c::n'l Iiu:l a [irnj> i-: li(j':or riiiy- whcrc." •'i'- -V- 'V- Si:i:i.NTi TIIIN'OK I li:ok a swiu oi \vliisky. Ami I hen a botlle of liiev. 1 : 1 wi.-nt in ijct my nuto out And discovered 1 had H'.o. CUUA M. IHCiUO.N' .(.WASHINGTON ^LETTER Read Courier News want ads- Announcements The Courier News lias been au tliorlzed to announce: the followin candidates: DEMOCRATIC 1'KIMARY Tuesday, August 12. For CTrcult Judge JUDGE WILLIAM CAKKOU* I-'or State Itn'resenlattve W. PAUL MARSH. For County GEORGE W. BARHAM, election). ZAL B. HAHHISON (Re- Acltl victims of the unto :v.:e: the quoit playor wl'o has to liny his lionTibce:;. Dirrcmui Service AVriter WASHINGTON.—Congress In the session just closed ditched ii.-arly impoi'tanl measures spoisso:vU by labor organizations or ch;'ii:- by the Senate's liem.ibhc.ui The Senate was fairly kind '.; such nicasines, but. Ihe Hous.\ '.'.\ one way or another, slrn:>.,;':.:! abuut every one that came al^u;;. Labor .mil Hie progressives ni.iy take credit for one. big victory <U:Lins the session, but they shouldn't take ve:-y much. One refers to in;: Senate's rejection of the nomination of Judge John J. Parker to uc a justice of the U. S. Sunu-iue Cuus'i. The American I'cdciauoi! ol Labor really started the figlil oa Parkc-i-, bill what licked lihn was tht voles of certain regular ll'.-y.ib- [lL-;uii who became frightened by tlu- £ pic ire of a incnaclng ncn" vote at the last minute. | Lost Us Whole I'rosrani \V:lh inavr than 20 per cent o[ .mien men out of work, labor might l::ive jxprctcd to do ;i little better, lint U out on legislation dear In its heart—unemployment, tinti- injusKiiun and immlaration mcas- rnv. 'the House passed one of th tintc Wai'.ner un employ mi! nt bills th'; one authorizing the I.ab^ir De- ii.iriinem to obtain move compre on tiic number of ' For Sheriff W- W- SHAVER (Re-election). One of Hie iier.-uliaiitlci of our business filu- alton f:; that businois yds .'-l.H't: j'.ial \\lun money ;;ct.-; ti;;h.t. IJuys aren't content any ni-jio i become president. Nowadays they tfaphies about him. > aspire to \vnlu bio- WaMi—suiiporlcd it. The bill iicvu even came to a vote, Indicat- ina tbiit Ihe I'arker vote was by no nii'aiib a defeat, of "Yellow Dog" as labf.r en-Llnihinsls conlendcil at the 'Ihe Harris bill curtailing Immigration ol Mexican peons, also stioi:i;ly supported by labor, was choked olf in the House. 'I hi 1 Couzciis resolution directine Uie Inlcrst.itc Cnminercc Cominis- siun to delay railroad consolida- 00:1 until Congress could safeguard mtciesis c! the public and the cm- liiu.ves, was backed by the railroad brotherhoods and passed by the Senate. But a House committee worked out a substitute entux'ly uu- atisfaclory to labor and neither nut nor the Cou/ens measure came o a vole in the House. As for the "progressive" nieas- ires. oulstaiuUmj instances ol what hapiiencd were the Norm Muscle Slioiils bill and the Norris lame- duck amendment. The fust, passed l;v the Senate and providing government operation of the $150.000,OM Muscle ahoals development for panel- and fertilizer production, v.-as blocked in the House when a cCTiiinlUcc presented a bill o! its u\ui providing for private oix:ra- tion. Ti'.cre was no House veto. Huusc Fails to Aul Tlie lame duck amendment was !ias-e<l for the iiflh ^Ime by the Senate early in the session. This would abolish short sessions, con- For County Treasurer W. W. HOLLIPBI'EK. JOE P. PRIDE. For Circuit C»urt T- W. POTTER- BILLY GA:NES. Clerk SATURDAY, JUJA' 19, 19 RAISE SEVERAL SQOOPS IN ONE. . SEASON, :ANP THE' DIVORCES AWTB 6£.TW££N 8ROOPS. 6/LOW FROM. TAIL OF AM AUIGATO/2. V/IUL BREAK A TS?EF= SEVERAL INCHES DIAMETER/. 30 BY JiEA SERVICE, INC. ricc:is of many Catholic chariti ir.chicliiiir the Uocicty of St. Vi cent (ic Paul, a laymen's organ tion formed in 1835 in Paris ivs (ho object of visiting poor and si fr-ring ancl dispensing relief spc-nscrinri c'.her charitable we at. Vincent de Paul died in 1 For County Court Clerk MRS. JOHN LONG (Re-election) For County Assessor J. S. imLAHUNTY. JIM FOWLER, (Re-election), J. W. WATK1NS. For Justice or the Peace Chlckasawhi Township JOHN WALTON. ED WALKER (Ke-electioll) OSCAR ALEXANDER (Re-filcc- tion) R. L, McKNIGHT (Re-election) ST. VIXCKNT DE 1'AUI, On July 10, 157G, St. Vincent dc Paul, adviser of the queen and oracle of the Catholic church in France, was born. St. Vincent, was captured by cor- |sairs shortly after his ordination ind carried into Tiarbary. He con- tcd bis renegade master and escaped with him to rrani-c. When he became chaplain scne;'- al of ihc galleys of Ranee his tender charity brought hope into the prisons where despair l:ati reisued. His charity took him among the For County Coroner W. H. S3TOVALL. For Const!bit Chickasawba Township C. B. BUKCH. HARRY TAYLOR. p-.-or. tlic your.s and old and Christians enslaved by infit!e!s. Stories are told of how ho went thvoiiBh the Paris streets at nislit seeking the children left there lo [lie and of how ho once tcok the place of an imprisoned man at the Sd.le,, return the doy and char galley car in order that the prison-'the bfs to charity, conlributio 1 MISTAKE SOMEWHERE ASHF.VII.LE, N. C. (UP)--Mai as"' Fred L. We-?ds of the Ash ville chaiiiber cf. commccie is st iiying to discover why the Marii ChamiKM- of Commerce won a -sc end prize trophy in the Rliuilodci uion l-'estivc parade without cnl,^ 1115 a iloat. The Marinii CC's lio che engraved cup rn disniay whi Weeds iKmdt-rs. Sume think judsjc-3 made the mistake. THKV \VANTEI1 CAXIIV KNOXVILLL 1 . Tcnn. (Ul'J—Win' iwo kids wanted candy so bad they ofTeretl their du^ (or tale d 15 cents, I-'ironian A. F. Pord IK once tcok the | no o'.hcv choice lhan to. give Hit char' pi er in'ight so to his mourning nioth- or L'UU'itaimiicnt. Tiic Ijoys we Jimmy James and Clyde I'arr, j His name is undated with the | b:th about scvei:. Emlliu I'ortes-Gl!, former prcsiiliin'. oi Mi'xiri\ h a intiout- at a clinic in this country. To bi- con.-Lstcn; with pivdccos.-..-!-. and tm.ct'.-:-:r he'll probably sr-.iy he's halj s-iict. jiiWcss. Tlial wus the import••• • of th? three The. one which veiling new conyrc-sses in January wV-i-lil hive set up a board :o plan followini; elections and prevent li'iblic work! fo:' uneinployniciil members repudiated by the voters u'lTi'cndri was first cn-.u-Tiilated fnim "sellir.;; out" in the hope o! • ,-,.:•!. c'liii'ilelclv and thru shoved future rcwaul from other Interests, or to •! caiinnittcc room wlv.-nce H Speaker Longworth held the »•:'y emei'ije-iicxl year. Tlie thin:, amcndmcul ten monllis on hss desk ftI'iL'li \vniiid have .vjl up .1 system this lime, without referring it to ; of i.-iieral and slalc-con'.ivM em- committee, ancl it never reached a agencies, was entirely ,he!;vd at the vcrtucit. of lobbyists fo:- (hi 1 National Manufr-.ctir.-ers' vole. vn»— Ui'raii. Morris and \ / o \ / U-friW PART! " Wax \ F I . ..^.- - ^^ ^j (hc | cglslaacn i-cferrcd tc will be pushed again after Con_ IUIL grcss reconvenes in Decemlwr. Bn 1 •I!-'"" Kii'-ris anli-Hsjar.clion bill, it is comparatively e.isy to kill il i-iMinin- in fiiv.l form .'. clause olf in a short session and Ihe first •'-'•iiMn-' "Yel:ov. Uns?" i-uutvacls. rcgtilar session demonstrated that A-i-i if-'KTled ii:i!avoi:ibly by thi: liie lagor-pi'OKresslvc combination ...,„ .i Ssr nc'judiciary Committee, al- simjily isn't slrong enough lo get lillllS; ,,.,,..,,, ,),,, tommlttce's br-si law- wtiat it wants, even with elections Tom Cure Needed to Make Public Swimming Pools Sanitary 11 v UK. MOitiiis i'ismu:i\ lllili r. .liuirnal i'f the Amciit .111 Asvci'ialiiMi. and nf Hy- k.i.i, tbo llr.illli M.isi/hu-' '!..,- ...-.'.M nil s.uiita'.y engineer !),-ir,;;t Dip.irtnient of lli':i'.h lias made avullalilc .in anal- ys ; - o: svvimmnit; pea; standards ;'.".. :-.,i->ul t': 1 ." cr.uulry. - .\::h A view- to vr.cectira the public health in points o:it in Ihe lirsl place .: i~ aerirabl-^ '-J !:eep the •-. ••.'.::c of the v.-aler in a \. : ! .hni a 1 where the .1 el pen-.-.s v:ii: not :-,::d .'till ha\v the water . IM-.U)! ;o tl'.it l:.uh:rs who i.ictivelv movi:-.:: will -.-, ;-.::>• chilled. The proper fcr th^ purpose Is :• T2 .ind It) di-.-rccs F. •'.• '.h.n rre us:,! ma»tly ... m-.mers can be kept near- ; i.vA-er tcmpcraf.irc ar.d those !;•;• leiichlnc: purposes are •.c; 1 the higher tempera Do'.ro'.t PBJ!S. is In nios 1 i-c^nlatci'. poo'.s through roi;:itry. b.iti-.cis are re • :,-.kc .i b.Mh wi! • :• :.iid soap before i' 1 '" frnm i In- !••=•.• of th i ;-.r.:li:-, ..'.•.:! r.nyon c.-\f:(,1 .vi'.h b.n iilting In liie jioul, hul tins rule practically impossible ot en; cement. One ot tiic most common tyix-s f infection around swimmhiir pools mccins the inU'ctions warls on ic solrs or the (eel and ringworm, htcli lins become widely advcrlis- <i p.s athlete's foot. In an attempt overcome this condition, feet of Ii h\vi!nmers in one school district ,-ere examined and those found to ,c inicclcd were csclucied. The rooms were scrubbc d a n d vashcrl with a solution of biclilo- idc of mercury and then dried nircd. and no one was per- to nit the ]i>n! until he -.ail been cured. At the end ot the H was found tint only two cases of infection still existed among the gro;:p the particular pool for which the study was made. In chcck'.ns the gcims In swimming yiaols. It !s customary to ex- oinlnc tlic u.itcr for bacteria a regular intervGls and the number must be down to a minimum standard which the engineering department of the city can control. The -^ usually 200 colon bacilli for each cubic centimeter of w.i'or. From the msinceruig point of view t'.xu 1 ;uv ir.any definite factors wl-,i;',i tl^ r.r: ccmcci'ii the av- erar.c i»cr.-ovi wliich nve of the iMino-l ii:'.p"rl nire in proper sanitation. Thry hnvc to do with th? walls .Tro';r.(! the pool, the scum I juttcr. t!:e c:;-ci;'.i:ing inlets and ' ' 4 A St] line is the shortest distance ..." You need a flashlight or an alarm clock. That's one point in a common geometrical problem. Somewhere a manufacturer is making, a store is offering for sale, exactly the flashlight or alarm clock you should have. That's the second point in your private problem. . . . And advertising is the straight line that shows the shortest distance between the two! Day after day, in the advertising pages, you'll find straight lines drawn direct to the products you need. Look for them. Follow them. They may save you hours of searching. And more than time, they'll save you money. Advertised products are those whose honest worth has made them popular. Merchants and manufacturers who advertise regularly have passed the public's test of fair dealing ancl reliability. By studying their announcements in the light of your own needs, you can buy most wisely and well. Rcud the udvertiscnicjits and practice straight-line buyiny

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