The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1944
Page 8
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' £$GE EIGHT Tech Counts On two New Stars _ Bowen And Ritter Are ,. Big Scoring Threats ' Against Middle Team •ATLANTA, Ga,, Oct. 19 (UP) — A new pair of "Ramblln Wreckers" from Georgia Tec)), freshman Allen Bowen.-find choir boy Tex Hitter, will carry Tech's hopes Saturday against .Navy's mighty middies. Neither of the two'lias been In thq national spotlight before, but that doesn't hold for their part in the tussle this week-end. Bowen was a 180-jxuiud all-state halfback at a Mississippi Prop school last year. And he 1ms proved his worth by winning a place as a civilian freshman on a Tech squad filled with'V-l2s. Despite Boweu's youth, Coach Bill Alexander indicates lie will start him iti the all-important offensive left halfback post. Hitter is a senior in V-12 and was understudy to lust year's Eddie Prokop, Though Kilter—who had to be begged to come out for football—has not yet shown Proton's form, he has Improved consistently. It was Bovven's broken field ruiintng: which put Tech In scoring position on two occasions in tlic 2T to 0 victory over Auburn last Saturday. In addition Bowcn owns the best kicking toe on the Tech squad. He Is being groomed by the hour Mils week on kicking extra points— one of which might mean victory in the coming battle with Navy. •Tech Is likely to piny its usual wide'open game against the ponderous Middies—and will probably use Alexander's famous double and triple reverses, laterals and bullet- fast forward passes.' But Navy will have some (ricfe of its own and the fracas should be one of (lie best in the east. High Atlanta 71 Augusta 74 Birmingham 77 Charleston 77 iharlottc 74 'hattauooga 77 shicago 76 Cincinnati 78 Denver 58 Detroit — Jacksonville 78 Kansas City 81 viacon 73 Memphis 80 if (ami 84 Montgomery 78 few Orleans 78 lew York 70 San Antonio 83 Savannah 74 Fnmpa . ,.. iVashlngton Dallas fouston . .. Jackson . .. Negro 1 Churchmen Plan Conference Here Next Month ;More than 500 visitors, both delegates and preachers, are expected to attend the East Arkansas Conference of the Colored Methodist Euls- copal Church to be held Nov. 8-0-10 in BlythcVllle. • The conference, one of the largest in the state, will be presided over by Bishop C. Li. Russell of Chicago, who will fill the unexpircd term ol Bishop J. A'. Bray, who died Sept. 1 In Little; Rock. , -:.The Rev. J. S. McPaddeu is presiding elder of the East Arkansas Conference. Arkansas Strawberry Acreage On Increase, ' LITTLE ROCK. — Prospective strawberry acreage lor Arkansas in 1945 is estimated by the Federal- State Crop Reporting Service at about 10 per cent more than in 1944, .Scarcity and high price of plants curtailed new planting Inst spring and short'labor supply contributed to the chokinj out of some ucds with -weeds. :.Trie report said the new plantings that survived the early summer drouth made vigorous growth during August and September. And adds that production prospects from this acreage are very promising. .".Heaviest steam locomotive or. one Canadian railroad weight 617,600 pounds. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUIUEK NEWS Jimmy Proves Helpful LOS ANGELES, Oct. 18. (UP) —Alvin P. Meyers had 10 gallons of Ethyl gasoline In his automobile lank. When ho'tiled to start his car to go to work, the' vehicle went a few feet, then sputtered out. Meyer's four-year-old son, Jimmy, finally piped up saying: "I heard yon talking about the gasoline shortage, so I filled up the tank with water and put In your bottle of vitamin pills, too." Temperatures 74 73 82 80 82 .Ittle Rock IB Low 56 03 40 63 51 43 . 49 32 30 42 60 52 62 45 77 57 <M 56 51 64 48 51 54 43 44 'Crazy' German Sweeping Walk Was Nazi Decoy BARDENHERG, Germany, Oct. 18 (UP)— It took some time for an American artillery observer to figure out why a fat German civilian Insisted on sleeping his .sidewalk In the middle of tlie tattle for Bai- Drys Lead fn Benton Local Option Election BENTONVILLE, Ark., Oct. 19 (UP)—The dry forces are holding \ slight lead In the Benton Coun:y local option election. Unofficial 'eturns show the dry forces have wiled 2S75 votes, while the wets lave polled 2548 votes. Eight precincts still are reported Tuesday. But the largest boxes, hose in Bcnlonvillc, Rogers and Sllotitn Springs, are In. Bcntoii- vllle and Rogers voted wet, while ~lloam Springs volcd dry. C. M. Abbott Claims Biggest Sweet Potato C. M. Abbott, well-known farmer ol near Blytlievllle, is claiming the title of champion sweet potato grower for tills area, with one Porto Rican yam which he brought to the Courier News office yesterday tipping the scales at 14 pounds aiid 10 ounces. Despite the fact that he planted only a few hills of sweel potatoes In his vegetable garden this year, Mr. Abbott believes he will have plenty of potatoes for the Winter, as one potato more titati suffices for a meal for the family. ' Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights Doctors say your kidneys contain 16 mllea af liny lubesorfiltciswlMcn he-lntopurify ibt blomfniui kocn you t licalthy. Wh*n tliey eel nil dun t- woik right in the daytime many people tinvoto got \ipnig1iU. Frequent or Ecanty iiassagea with smarting rmil burning eomctlmca shows thcro U something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don't nrglcct ihla condition oud l&so valimble, reittul sleep. When disorder of ktMney function permits poisonous mnWcr to remain iu your blood, it mny aUo causa nagging bnclcaclie, rheumatio pairu, leK tituns, loss ol p*p anil onerey, awcllin^, puffineu under [bo eyes, headaches and dining. « , Don't waiU Aak your tliuavsist for Dorm's rilla, used sucmatully by millions (or over 40 years. They gEvo happy relief and will hc]j> tlic 15 mllca ol kidney tubes fluali out pouon- ma KMlofrom your Wood. Get Dosa^ rills, Lieutenant Joseph Shifals of Gulfport, Miss., saw the fat man with his Drootn when artillery was laying down a kettledrum barrage on everything in the vicinity. In the midst of it all, the German kept sweeping away with a Ijioom hi front of his house. No sooner would he get. his doorstep cleared, than glass, shingles and brick would rain down from another shell concussion. And he'd start all over again. Meanwhile, doughboys and Krauts were fighting it out, tossing grenades at each other through cellar windows. And tanks and half-tracks were jowllng down the narrow street. . Lieutenant Shifals watched the crazy" German sweeping away In .he midst of battle. Now and then !ie would point him out to a fellow Yank and say, "Gee, that guy must >K Illltfi." Finally a Nnul .shell hit the German's house straight on the hut- ion an ( i the Yanks found the old joy wasn't so crazy after all. The fat sweeper had been deliberately drawing American attention away from two German snipers liUUIcn behind the windows of his lioine. Their bodies were found, alongside the man with his broom, when American soldiers cleared ;iway the debris. Clifford Lewis vs Etilalia Lewis- G I-. Warren vs Irene Warren; Mar- Joric Chrlstncr vs Norman Chrisl- ner; Elaine UaRBCtl vs Clifford Bnggctt; Harmon Bailey vs Opal Baboons seem (o be the only animals with ar. nmlcr.standlng of weapons. They throw stones at their enemies, with telling effect. ReM Courier ncwi mil AAAA/\A/VV\A . Cold Ptfparalions as directed .Permanent Positions. HIGH PAY. To repair Cars and Trucks (Ford and other popular makes), we want six or more experienced automobile mechanics. Pay on "50-50 Labor Turnout" basis with guarantee enables a good mechanic to receive Troui 500 to 530 racli week. Safe and comfortable work- in? conditions; ample labor saving rhrfchines; hand tools available, il needed. We want to select mechanics scvcra competent men to be Shop Foremen and Tarts Ilcparfment Managers, earning excellent pay in permanent positions. , Ex-Service Men Given Equal Preference. ,.., Yoa mtn > wno "e now employed In *?rnporary positions, undoubtedly •/'here's coming "Another Day" lousands of medianlcally- ung men will compete for Get Wise .Vow. Grab one 'ancnt positions that will tcady and well paid work I .J come. Automobile Mere classified "Essential y our Government and it work to help keep cars v on the road. 27 Divorce Suits Filed In Chancery Court Here Divorce actions continued to iToivd ,l!ie Chancery Court docket In Blytlievllle with 27 suits filed within the past, two weeks, although the next term of court does not convene until Nov. 15. Knblilcen Northern Bollard Is seeking a divorce from Eric Bol- lui'd sifter jsevcrn) ycnrs marriage. A divorce is sought by James B. U. Moslcy, through his mother. Dorothy Mosley, from Kntltcrlne Motley. Oilier divorce suits filed, n number of which nre |>y persons coming here to obtain freedom from present marriages under the DO-dny innrrliige law of Arkansas, were: Elmer Ohiscoc vs Vivian alascoc 1 Helen wheat .Timid v.s J. E. Rudd; Klnicr Lytnker vs Daisy Lylaker Uiiller vs Joe Butler; W- Eivlng vs Johnnie Ewing; linn Bailey; Woodrow Ray vs Margie Hay. Jnmcs H. Hudson vs Mnry Frances Hudson; Annie May Nccly vs Willie Nccly; Qscnr L. Camp v.s Mildred Camp; Mnrle Orayum vs I3rlljci'l Crayum; Juanila Taruo vs Oils Tarno; J. p. Shelton vs Ora Afac ShDlton; c. F. ]lcdga vs Willie Hedge; Beatrice Abbott vs John JI. Abbott; Dclberi Jenkins vs Bos- slc Mac Jenkins; Mary Freda I'rlnglc vs Oda Pringlc; Llld Smith v.s Carl M. Smith; Mollle Key Olviriey vs Edward Dlvlncy; Cceil C. Jolmson vs Pearl Gladys Johnson; Flossie wplverton vs James Wulvei'ton; Winnie Caldwell vs William Caldwell. Since the last tcrai of court, several divorces have hecn granted "hi I'nciilioii." These are lo Ar- Ocllc Overman v.s Beatrice Overman; Dorothy Allison v.s Thomas O'Dell Allison; Raymond Jackson v.s Avis Jackson; Ruby Naclitic Hodge vs L. W. Hodge; Joey I/>we vs John Lowe; Olivia Raekctt v.s Clurenco Raekctt; Joseph Jubis vs Nettie Jubls. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1944 Rentl Courier News Wani Wounded In Europe Two more men from this section have been wounded In the (IghtltiK of the European area. I'fc. Norman W. Davis, son of Mrs. riowclla Davis of Blytlievllle, and Stair Scrgt. Harold Jones, brother of Mrs. Thelma Brodcrlck of Stcelc, Mo., have been wounded, the War Department has announced. I'rie Chickens on V-K Day CLEVELAND lUi'J^ Rich Padon, Greek-born grocer, will offer his regular customers free chickens the day Germany surrenders. He already has ordered 75 to 100 choice fowl for the occasion. V7»ui GET AFTER RHEUMATIC PAIN OLD JUDGE COFFEE Secret of its goodness lies in irradiation— 2 process iliat i;ives ii a ilirilling/farw-ioojf—mates more cups per pound. So dclcciably rich—so (inralizinely fragrant—you cin'c resist 3 second cup. Grown on stm-l>at!ied slopes in Central and Soutli America—Old Judge now awaits your approval in vacuum-packed jars or iluo-filni bags. DAVID G. KVAN'S COFFEE CO. . ST. 1.0U1S 2, MO, MILK PRODUCTION FEED INTERNATIONAL f 'Good Highly-Pard anic's Job Now. ips Motor Go. *53 (See Russell Pliillfpsj Walnut at 5lh INTERNATIONAL Feeds are established In the opinions of farmers and shock-raisers as the family name of high-character feed products. Over 50 years of developing quality and satisfaction has gona into the scientific blending of grains, meals, minerals and other nutrients for better milk production. You CAN get more production without increasing your herd, if you feed INTERNATIONAL Dairy Feeds. Stop in at your dealer'* today—always insist, on INTERNATIONAL BUY INTERNATIONAL DAIRY FEEDS fc..,. ^ At Your Dealer's STORE HOURS 9 'til 6 Saturdays 9 'til 10 our APOLOGIES! STORE HOURS 9 'til 6 Saturdays 9 'til 10 * * * We are very grateful for your interest and'patronage in our opening last weekend. We opened on Friday the 13th! Apparently you, like ourselves,, had no superstitions . . . Although we optimistically anticipated lots of buyers, we were not ready to handle such a crowd of customers efficiently. We promise that this will not happen again . .. This WILL be the store you have a right to expect! * ^ * Knowing that tremendous quantities of staple and critical merchandise would be needed we made advance plans . .Many thousands of dollars worth of desirable goods are now being checked and placed on our counters for sale. By this weekend we are confident you will find any item ordinarily stocked by a 5c to $1 store on our counters, taking in consideration these wartime conditions. . . . Three or four small packages of merchandise were left on our counters during the Friday and Saturday rush. You may call at our office and claim yours! . . . Work Is continuing on our modem store iront and in our stockrooms and on the sales floor itself. A few more days will see all this completed-and we'll be better able to serve you! ' We KNOW You Liked Our New Store! We INTEND To Have You Like It Better! SHOP WITH US- VISIT WITH US! Stores Main Street, Ac?oss From Ritz Theatre Phone 901

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