The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1946
Page 8
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(ARK.) COURIER NEWS Home Freezers Scye Problem Lkted V<hy Average Family Will fte*Mre U«t Ten' years ago we were amazed at thje garden-green of frozen-fresh peas,, the just-picked flavor of frown Lima beons. Now frozen foods ore an accepted part of meal-planning, "and home freezers are £vnil- able .which will enable jvcry home to store and freeze its own supply. You'll want a home freezer if you jiave a frozen -food locker; if you have a summer garden. surplus problem; if you live far fmi» a grocej-y store, or If you live where Us convenient and economical to buy -locally grown food in large quantity, when quality and price are right. A home freezer backs up spontaneous entertaining, says Better Homes & Gardens magazine. —and; it keeps an eye to the budget an leftovers. CZer? " y ° » , , a " d d °' TUESDAY, APRIL 2, 194G 'Packaged Kitchen' Eases Housewife's Worry Planned in mills, tills typical with jtlie adjacent laundry room, i moilM kitchen, i'il io lie 'PACKAGED KITCHEN'—21 By KAY SiiKltWOOl) N'KA Staff Writer Homcmakcrs' dreams of more leku "' alld I(1£S Housework In ihc ni'l.. fi'lgcrnlor storage unit, sink and work table mill and cooking unit. They arc standardized so that equipment for each may be pur- J 3 tt')ttt from £.'.•;}, icl rAtciric easy on the housewife's liud|;e| anil still provide her with a labor -saving housework unit, sink 111!-, ^"Wi'l 1 ^^'-hx.stwar world a,c «»»">« in*. M. n . ... or below' and will freeze on occasional delicafcy. in some models there Is a -quick-freeze area In case you plan -to freeze and store. Having a separate freezing comportment savesroperating costs, since the balance of the cabinet remains nt zero. " There arc waist-high .chest-types In which .you place food us in a Irunk., Some have compartments, some '^ ; wire basket containers. Upright' freezers open from the side these"; have drawer-like compartments. For farm and suburban families. there are walk-ins that have a cooling room for milk, eggs, and butter, plus compartments for freezing and storing other foods. How about size? Storage space Ls usually stated in cubic feet. For general puriwses, on cubic toot is estimated as adequite for 35 pounds of food. A f reeeer -good for 100 to 200 pounds Js suggested for the small family. Some manufacturer names yon may'inpw from their long nsso- ciatlqh with- other types of home eqiiipmeni some specifically with fine,' reliable home- freezing equipment. When the maker's name Is new, the, doubly' sure .of your confidence -in the utility company, dealer, or department store .from which you buy. n will not yet solve the family's conking, washing and cleaning problems, many burdensome household tasks have l>een lightened by improved mechanical equipment and better utilization- of space. New appliances displayed recently at the. Chicago housewarcs show Indicate that designers and manufacturers have given deep thought lo streamlining the kitchen nml laundry room, centers of hc'av- Work Is Started On Building For Monette Theater The brick conslfTUction work ( was started Monday op the ne»' J4Q.OOO theater building Jin Monette Jielng builtlBy) C. W. Tipton,/owner or the New Theatres -in Monette, Ma- •nlla.^and Caraway. Mr,.- Tipton stated ..that practically all the necessary materials lor construction are on hand and .that, ' Ihe building would be erected and completed as fast as labor WHr weather conditions would permit.. "packaged kitchen" idea. These kitchens arc planned in units—re- chased _ separately, as the budget permits. Some of the new kitchen shifts boast not only an electric dishwasher but an electric garbage disposal attachment which fits into the sink drain and chews up a mealtime's accumulation of garbage. One company has turned out a .stiller-compact unit that has a sink and n combination dishwasher and clothes washer, all in one cabinet. NO IIKPKOSTIN'C A refrigerator that doesn't require defrosting and lias a built-in frozen food locker Is another eye- opener for housewives. This same model has a lump which kills buc- teria and cuds annoying food odors. Stoves have come in fen; (heir share of redesigning. One of the most notable Improvcmi'iils is the deeper broiler compartment MI constructed that, the broiler rack swings or pulls completely mil of UK- heat xonr. when the door is opened. Coffee makers that brew the 1 leverage at lightning speed and l:ei-p it hot Indefinitely, elcciric egg heaters f slender they nt In a drawer and portable electric broilers an- other practical boons to serious cooks. Wash day fatigue will bi- lessened considerably with equipment such as a non-vibraliiu; wishing machine which doesn't have lo be- anchored to the /low dryer which eliminates breaking walk lo the with heavy wel wash and a collapsible electric ironer with 11 small roller attachment to mak of shirt sleeves a cinch. Garage Is rVo Step-Child In Modern House In msi.ny cases of home building or rc'imiddlna, tile garage l s j Us i •tlirriM-n In" jilonu with the house. "Inn 1 it ism part of the actual m; (iimi'ivi's, it often becomes " •<u rioiKin-y matter for conski- (•ruiori. Hun in various exterior dc- Mi:m possible to match the house thil 'Mil !'iv added beauty and on IPI i 11,1111.1 of breadth to your home Hint cannot be achieved when tin • n 1^1 becomes a piece of iiiffrbirud merely tacked on. <-<>aic owners arc considering a mil" 1 v,id ( . door In place of the :m\'i'ii!i<in:i] size for the double t.n.t.1 ll» advantage Is plenty of .pace, iiiul no worry about scraping fi-r.clt-i's. Doors can be had in many Ayli'.s tn match the architecture. AJI aluminum overhead garage door is on the market. Jt Is light- wciein and can he lifted by even a :;mi<ll c-hikl. I.<jok into nil the newest im- iiruvemenis In garages and make ymir selection of accessories carefully i>»:l you'll surely lie satisfied wilh tlio completed job, suggests Practical Bulkier, Chicago. Kendall Berrys Purchase House Of Roy Waltons Mr. mid Mrs. Kendall Berry have Insulated Barns Boost Milk Flow Of, Dairy Cattle Studies by agricultural experts show that one at ihe difficult problems confronting the dairy farmer Is determining the amount he can afford t 0 spend on remodeling or constructing new buildings. The ex- ix'tidiutre must bo bused 6» the returns from the dairy herd, with each cow paying its "rent" on Its quarters, if the dairy farm is to be operated on a business-like basis. More money can' be spent on building for high producing herds than for low producing cows. But to get the highest production out of well bred cows the quarters must be made comfortable by adequate insulation and ventilation. In uninsulated barns temperature? drop beloiv the comfort level and milk production falls off. Also, without comfortable temperatures, freedom from drafts and proper ventilation the herd Is (ar more susceptible to disease, {-'or the same reasons. Insulation is essential in maternity and calf barns. I sulnting materials which art fav- ------- ...*j .*..« ^M.i wti»»jt>. I cred is insulating board, .'. ilykl Nearly all fanners who are plan- j sheet that insUiitvs and builds at nine remodeling oi 1 new construe- "'c same time. tlon nre including insulation ns an Important jea-.uie. Among the in- 1 Ihe bai-k- in I Editorial Urges Improved Homes Says Americans Should Use Wartime Savings For Better Living Higher standards of llvlnrr than luive ever been known are in prospect .for the American people now that the \\iiy appears cleared tor reconversion. -. But 'only time will tell whether the gretvt majority will use their wartime savings to raise their living standards, or fritter them away ' In this regard the March issue of House peaulttul maga/liie stresses the importance of noncenira- >tiug spending on Improving homes rather than on non-essentials jn connection .with Us campaign. "Bet- „, lllu ^_ er Your Home Bettor y m ,r Liv- Uvitv of labor. Shortenintf or chore Ing," an editorial In the magazine Efficiency Is Goal Of Farm Building Plan New emphasis is being placed on the Importance of an and attractive farmstead layout, with the prospect that there will be ex- lenslvp replacement of farm buildings and other improvements as a result of li> years or deterioration during depression and .war. Except, when ft new farm is being established, the Ideal .farm layout for n given location cannot be accomplished immediately. But stale agricultural colleges, building 1 materials dealers and building -trade magazines are offering a variety of fannsteacj plans with the hope that both t|i c farmer and builder will consider -the advantages of proper plncing ot structures to increase the value of Ihe farm and produc- !.so that prevailing winds will carry 1 odors .away from Ihe farm house. In level cininiiy -.'here erosion is not a problem, fields should IIP long and narrow, each easily accessible from tile farmstead. Most farmstead plans include a central courtyard, from which al! service buildings arc accessible without opening gates or HOIIIK ,through pens where livestock is kept. piuvhiiscd the house in which they i:>vt- been living the past three years from Mr. and Mi's. Roy Wal- Um. , The home Is located on Barfield ironing | Itoad. Mr. and Mrs. Berry plan to build an additional bedroom and a porch as soon as building supplies are t ! 7944 Kitchen Cabinets Simple, Better-Looking Here's good news if you need one new cabinet or a kitchen full of them! Today's cabinets, both wood-and steel, are simpler to Install-easier -to clean, handsomer than~eVer, says Better Homes and Gardens magazine. You can buy easy-stages, a unit at a time, as a complete grouping, or custom- built Tcir ypurlriew or remodeled •kit- Finishes nave been Improved to Hold luster and matching whiteness thru years of cleaning. Hardware has gone into hiding .with concealed hinges and doprs .without pulls or streamlined handles. Efficient:)' experts have departmentalized cupboards to ho[d everything for each states in l>arl: "Money spent In making n home .continues lo \i c yours, whereas money spent ont.sldo the honir gone forever. Yet this is .that many people discover only after Uiey have frittered away half' their lifetime earnings on purchases .which have a one-lime use. "A collcclion of night club and restaurant .checks. • qrutse 'receipts, .country club bills, enjoyable though this spending may have Been at the time, arc scraps of paper with •no re-use value. Comparable pleas- •ures can ;be created at home and for less money, and the savings realized can be invested in making home still more convenient, more satisfying, more pride-inspiring. "Tjie people who have not. vet discovered this truth are the real spendthrifts,. Because they are the ones who really throw their money away, since they buy nothing permanent." routes is a primary objective. Among the 1 important factors to be considered in laying out n farmstead are location, arrangement of job just where done. thwt -job Is to IK You'll -Kind plastics and frosted glass, liwgeurn ;on steel for counter tops, steel inserts for range-side protection... laminated maple lot- smooth cutting, polished stainless steel for .curved back splashes. Setback fronts give comfortable 'knee room , plus regulation .toe space. Where Cabinets and sinks Join there ar e narrow sealer inserts leaving lot .even a ihairline crack to catch crumbs-and flirt. In addition, most wall units accommodate flourescent fixtures to light, .cabinet interiors and counters below. 'Plug-ins for electrical appU»nci$ are at the points of use. j s Miiiildings. -.sanitation, outlook from the dwelling, appearance from the highway, and layout of the Fields. Accessibility to a highway and availability of water and electric service are among the important factors determining location. In arranging buildings first thought should be given to the farm operations which arc performed most frequently. Adequate drainage is essential to the ^health of the farm family and the animals. Also. It is important that buildings be located Head Courier News Want Ads. niriential FARM LOANS / Low Inter*** / Lon* Turn J Prompt Sarvic* RAY WORTH1NGTON Serving This Section for 21 Yrars 115 So. .trd, Hlyllievilli-, Arli. Solicitor for Tune in 'Prudential 1'rogram Sunday at I p.m. over \VKKC RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on aay make or model Reliable \"-vrkrnanship. ?HONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver Fred Caliihan Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Radio Sales and Sec-rice 106 So. First St. IF YOU DEPEND ON LUCK Remember, There's Bad Luck, Too! HAVE YOUR HOME INSURED! Now is (he (imc to lake out insurance on your home or linsiness. Insurance is a sound investment.. ,Our policy yon lull coverage. General Insurance Agency Phone 2G-.I1 Kverytliing In Insurance" F. W, WHITNEU Firwl National Hank Business Buildings Undergo improvements Improvements of downtown buildings include redecorating of Woods Drug Stqre and Joe Isaacs' Department .Store. r — ^"^ ^^r •» -nr ^^ *• FOR SALE 225 Gal. Fuel Barrels Complete With Steel Racks for Oil Healers We Stock and Install All Plumbing Fixtures J.ess W. Provence 127 Kast Vine SI reel Phone 2719 Fircpfoce Grille Work Somt people object .to grille work for 'hot and cold air outlets on circulating fireplaces, says Practical ftiikter, Chicago. However, they n*«l not, necessarily ,be plain Kittles. Often these register faces can be put *n the side, .or can be made ^eioraU»e m-itri ligures or P" 4 **™* to iuuwewSw with .the . eh«nie*«r of the fireplace. Knotty Pine grille work lends Itself wel to fcnttty j>tae fireplnces, and other coi»«Wf»Uons or contrasts work out in cqu»l attractiveness. Rfeer Washed Sand — Gravel •bv Good Sandy Dirt for Fills 759 C,"Jt. HESTER Highway «1 This is the Sign of BETTER PLUMBING Cash Buyers for Property! Old yon ever notice that In my ads I not only rlr* rou the I>OWN PAYMCN T on the property, ]M( lfc» the exact amounl yon »re to pay. Yon kn«w the price before 700 consult me. A good way to adver- Ust yomt propertT with me. My commission b 5%. H. C. CAMPBELL Office: 120 S. 2nd St. Phones 446 or 2930 ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Let us figure your bill of materials or the total Contract, including labor. WALPOLE ELECTRIC CO. 110 So. Sec. Phone 3371 ard Hardware Company Brings You the Famous CENTURY FANS 2-l-iiieli All!Sl'i:i:i) For Every Need Attic Fans I'i'operly ICnjrinccreil imd cniTi'cliy insfiillccl by our d\vn Factory 'rrstin- cd Kn.niucors ;ind Me- fli nnics. No ()blit;;ilion for an Act-iifiilc Survey, Kesi- dciu'i' or Coniniorc'i;il. Atlrc Fan and the Installation May Be Financed on FHA. No Down Payment, 36 Months to Pay. Ilrinp Ynur K;m I'rolilcnis (u I's! IIUNTKK-CENTURY 7.KPII,VIK Nig]\l Cooling Unit lUINTER-CF.XTllKY lllvp /.KPHAIK Osrillnlor Hardware Co. Phono 2015 213 West Main Street Ue . u , Cmu . k .,. Ncws w . ml at PRE-WAR Prices K*gular 48c WASHABLK NOW 32< Regular 30c UCHT-FAST NOW 20* Itcfilllur 'i?.\'-c WAU.PAPIOR N'OW 150 VANE-CALVERT PAINT Do Your Spring Decorating Early and Avoid the Rush!. Buy Your Wallpaper and Paint While It Is Available. The Master Gardener Recommends THE \ *£ORO GIVEN with a 100 /fa. bag of Vigoro! The" Vigoro Ucauly Plans, designed by one of America's foremi landscape architecls. shoiv you I cun have a /najcssiaaath /tlanni' Sinking arrangements of ulirubs. trees and colorful flowers on a velvety can»t of bcauiiful grass! Pians coiilain over 30 planting an-a.i s emenls and nk'iis: ilclailul planting !.'iijBi;5lions: how to build and maintain a lawn anu oilier valuable hints Get yuui Vigoro and the Vigoio Beauty Plans now Per" PC-Uriel ".';•. . 100 1'uuiu! IJjiu' . PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. Home of Famous Names Plume 515 !2(J West Add pcrmment comfort and good looks to your homt with SLATS-O-WOOD • wninji. Tailored to lit tW desi 3 n ol your douse; tKiy ire listins »s the fins wood of which they're made. No nttle, no banging, no "ups and downs" — for tWy aie built inlo your home lo stay. Without obligation, our designer will give you an estimate for these custom built awnings. Pfione for this free service. ISO Hardwood Floor Finishing makes your old floors look new. Cleaning and Waxing Benjamin Moore Paint Products Unitized and Birge Wallpaper DEAL'S PAINT & WALLPAPER STORE Renjamin Moore Paints 1.0-4 So. First , Nii-Kiiamel Paints Phone 469

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