The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1938
Page 4
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PAGE qquittta NEWS W.YTgJEVILl,*: 7505 CPPSJKR .8- V, .00, .NEWS •ol« National Adrertlslng Representatives: Arktnw paUles, inc., Ne.w York, Chicago, Detroit, ft. J-wK D»Uas. Kansas Clly, Memphis. PiibUsJwd Every Afternoon Kiccpt Sunday Entered as second class mater at the pott afllce at BJytheyUle Arkansas, under act of Congress, .October 9, 1917. Served by the. United Press SUBSCRIPTION" RATES By carrjcr In the City of JBIy.theyUle, 15o per i'<$jf, sr £50 per worth. "By mall within » fafltu? .of 60 piUes, Kff> per year, $1.&0 for ejx months, 155 for three months; . by nmlj ;n postal zones tw? to six, Inclusive, t65p per year; In zones .serin and .eight ,$10.00 per >ear, payable In advaiicc, Keeping the U.S. Army Oui of Parly politics Jt may seem itinlmr Dial colonel has to l;c tlie goat when Paul V. McNull's i)olitical cxuljci'iMifu car-- ries him oul of bounds, but w tin- lirejiKlic.erJ observer wjJJ contlojiin or undervalue the prompt action of the as my in disciplining one oj' iU officers J'oi involving himself even indirectly in parly politics. Col. Davenport Johnson was relieved as lonunandant of Hamilton Field, Ihe army bombing .base at San Francisco, and transferred to a secondary post til Chanule Field, Raiito.ul, 111. C'haiuite Field, in military parlance, is "down (he river," tlie "St. Helena" of (he yinny Air Coriis. Tlje army said the transfer was routine, but it followed in quids sequence the act of. Colonel Johns-oil in ilyinf Indiana's, Presidential Hopeful McNult from S«n Francisco to wjlljoul aulhorixalion from the War Department, an up! distinctly against army regulations. To make matters worse, the colonel not only flew McNutt, but carried with him^.a delek'atipu of enthusiastic ( Indiana Democrats who hud met McNult-When he arrived by trans- ocean plane in San Francisco. There is all reason to believe Colonel Johnson acted in good faith. McNult is a past legion commander ami KOV- i ernor general of the Philippines, and £as such occupies sort of a tiuasi-mili- 1= (ary position. McNutt was on a semiofficial trip to Washington. And lliu colonel wh.ed both his chief of staff and (he War Department for permission to make the flight. He unfortunately let himself be swept away by MtrNnit's haste and didn't wail for replies. Permission was denied. Friendh of McNnU arc DOW crying inter-Democratic, politics and claim Colonel Johnson was transferred with presidential knowledge—us a reprimand for McNutt lhat he .was a little hasty in starting .his presidei.itial boom. Indiana's Senator Minion asks for an investigation. Pei haps it is parly polities. Perhaps the administration is sharp-shooling at the ubimiitous McNull. Neil her of these icasons excludes the fact that an army officer climbed out oil a limb for a presidential nomination candidate whose official business w.a.s op- porlmicly being turned (o noisy pu- lilical capital. abroad and .seo liuw the army niixcd into nolRics tlij'PU&rliQii!,. cfjt- ti'ttl JSurbpc. And see what'(he result has been. The United Stat<?j> Ms politics ai)d the U;>ited State? has tjie ai-iny. Keep f);em separate at all cost. Save Half A Million It's a Jittle old-fashioned, (hia Wwi 'brought forward by A. H. Kills, president of I he Pittsburgh Testing Laboratories, Uia.l "suv^iga of hundreds of millions annually would be 'made if consumers generally Jiad Die oppor- I unity of taking advantage of the hil- I'sf scientific dcve)gj>.mcnts." Choosing just three inmlucts—)io,s- iery, automobile tires, and coal—KHis renuii'ked that from HO to 30 per cent of the nation's bill for those nei'essi- tk's could be ^avcd by gen^aj use vf new and improved products. That saving,. according to Kills, •would amount to ajipro.viinalely ?428,000,000 a year in (he • United States. The saving and . economy instincts liiu'cn't been greatjy extolled virtues in the laft few y<ws. 'yVtfy.e Ijuei) .too busy .sp(>ndi;ig aud .consum;»g, so tliat others could .haw .soine.tlijng- (.o SJICIK)' and likewise ,i;ojjs.yjnc. W'.«'v« beeji cjiiiik to "»ve,ar it' olit-,tuid buy .another." '. It does see.m, i.hough/ ICJJis' ,ap- pcid to Utke '.advantage of these newest scfenlilic accomplishments to save nearly .half a Wllion .dollars a yc,ar would lit rather easily into the present scheme of Mings; It's really simple,- We could savu that half bi.lliou wj.d .Uie.n spend jt for somcthitig (else.. Th«l'_s the way this country wiu ! built up in the first^ place. , ' Dollar Moral's a .swix.ew|iere ii> a.lif- tlc item released the oilier day by the Treasury Department to the etl'ccl lhat during 1937 the number of ?1000 bills in circulation increased from $23,000,000 worth to §288,000,000 worth. This means that'if you are the fortunate person out of evory <I50 in these United Slates'you have• .on«'of ihasu bills, according ! 0 inutheinatical average. Any moral involved, we suspect, is (his: If there are lhat many $1000 bills floating around, why is it so darned hard to go out and earn one of them? 1 do not wnnt lo «ec nnothcr war, bill what is happening Ihtpushovl U<c -world makes me frai-fill of nnothcr outbreak.—Herbert Hoover. f .* * I gel (,'i'cal comfort out of my radio nnd I like a nice /Hit rldo i« an iiutpinpbjlc.—Mvs. L»- ciiKia Clinc. Wlsncr, Nclir., cclcbriUing her 10GU)'' birlluby. i • * , ').m):i.v Mr jirc lifllci- prcirarcd CUT he- foi-p in our history lo protect our country, mul well we nnisl Uc; but miirk you, nol for oftciiM.-. but for defense.—Louis Johnson, Assblmil a-c- rclury o( War. SIDE GUNGES By George Gark .', FEBRUARY 28,; : 4&38 V ) tfff '("• lira, IJull, »ml he call ly > i. r'Snir ' CHA.ITER T . ^'W Gu \ I w .cn on sail now, for they wore in open Wiitcr. Polly stood quietly at the Oiivh rail, wrnppcd in her 6ea J'toak. By starlight, she .could see t»rec ligyreji at the wheel. 'Jerry ».«() Cabell ana the ql<J French they had picket) up jji aior- . ... . "fc'on <hc. cai, cut olV her doll's hair atod ou (Lie (jiniriji >"0pm lable^-I want you f« give a talking (<>." and her THIS CURIOUS WORLD 3y William Ferguson VALLEV ' MT RAINIER NAT'L. PARK," ANNUAL 53NOWFALLS OP MOW ARE OF THE OPINION THAT THE ANIMALS CAPABLE- OP ARE 'PESTS/ THE FUES DO Mgcn GOOC3 irsj DEVOURING- PLANT- LICE. i.WST^raui piifyf n s ,-ei,| „;„ t in t | lc iiv,, of Ulc .^.^n^i lim ,. animals, but .experiments have convinced most naturalists tri-u Uicy do have limited capacities for th.inkine. The t-M that <lo?s dream indicates the possession i>f iimiKiiinlloii. NBXT: ?hc hcin-lh fire thai has l>ccii liiiniing fm- 117 .years. By WilUams I'M GOWNA LEAVE -HERE MOW, SO RE MEM - 6ER WHUT VQUg HAMDK&R- CHIEF_ 15 FOR...COM'-rASK PER. 3ECOWD3 OM AMVTH1M6.. \ii>s SAY KIO MA'AM... KEEP VOUR HAMOS OUT OF CANCW DI5MES POM'T LICK VOUB CHOPS WIPE 'EM ... THIUK EV'RY VOU MOVE--AMD 1 HOPE VOU HAVE A MICE TIME The Family Doctor T. K. . f. P«L .isuJm Saves Tljidusauils of Chi I'Vujn Dread ami ()ncc-J (1 aLa] (NO. ffill BV l)K. MOKRIS KISHDUN Editor, .IQUVIKI! of the Amrric.ui Mrdical ilssocia lion. .iiid <if lIvRtia. (tic llcallh iM:is.ivi!ir AlthrAiph dintietcs is> iiiiiiiiinlv :i cf later year, 1 ; and ;t|'(i(,(rs relatively inirccmciilly ' in rbildrrn under Ihc ate of 10. thtir :ivi- neverlliclcsK occasional rhi!drrti i \vlio develop fills .disorder, lirlon-i the discovery of insulin, Hu- (icul-' opmcnt ol diabetes in a cbiiri i.n-l dcr 1C \vns invariably l.iul. Since llial lime ;-c many r.iii!- j drcn have bccj) NIVCI) lha( iij,. u-f:' of InsiUiin for the cliild is in :><J. nizcd as one of Hie jrcKlc,-.! dh.- 1 covcrjes of medicine. Kc: in.i.nui' before the dircoveiy of imiim tlic trend of lhc death rale of children and young people from diabetes «fis upward. ItnmodUlc'ly after the bckiniiing of iutuliii treatment, the death rate for it" male sex between lhc ;igcs ol l imtt 24 dropppd from .; |, el - loo.wo to ,3 pe-r 100.000 in ;.. . s i n? i,. j.,..,;. Among females il diopiwl irotii .3.7 lo 2,0. Since Hint, lime ihc rate;, have continued lo (hop. Actually lhc rale for (lie IC-ycar period .since the disrcovcry of insulin i s 40 iipr ceiH uniler lhc rale for the ID-year period befoi-e tl;c discovery of' the product. Indeed Micro arc .some hv.i-iiicra reporlwl in wlilcli lln-cliild;- ralt- .rtllion has impiovcd MI i-oniplcli'ly <nat it lias l:cou .able to s cf alou" wllli less and lew insulin and in 'Pine,c«ses to uiHluuiii its uninove- mcul .by. live use of .diet alone. Most striking proof of llic value Now a.ixl then "oljy spw Jerry or .Cabell raise n Jiooctccl laiitcrii deck ond .study the Compass and charts, .iiflcr-whicli they wguld "rguc ..exhaustively. She knew Iliat Cubell had no reeling pf bc- i.i'B a supenpr in oommatui over Jvi't'y. It was .luitural and proper '°. r Kim lo captain liis own vessel but he made no pretense of being ;is gcod ;i i-caniaii ar; Jerry \VliH- field. Navigation and astronomy tic knew, for he had learned them si Harvard, but concerning tlie things a shipper must know about sails he was not too well informed. They carried 110 second mate, but for "Ijpsuu" they wore fortunate in having the Gray Cull's former boatswain, Bill Gill, n rough and reliable young giant from the Baltimore waterfront who knew his rigging and anchors as a woman knows her knitting needles and who could bellow orders like a Spanish bull. Tonight, however, the, bosun's orders lo the crew were muled. Sailors spolto lo one another in Quick rasping whispers that made Polly's flesh creep a litltc. * * £ . QABELL passed her as he was going below to his cabin. He was startled when she spoke lo him. "What are you doing here, Polly? Didn't Jerry tell you (o go to bed?" "No," Polly answered, "he didn't loll me anything. He's forgotten I'm alive, Cabell. . . . Not, that I'm sulking about it," she added with a low 'laugh. "I'm loo excited to be sulking. Do you think the British will see us tonight, Cabe)J?" "I'm sure they won't if they're as sleepy as J am. The old French pilot tells me lie never know (he English to attack at iiight. By morning we'll be in the Atlantic. I'm going lo get some sleep now so I can relieve Jerry later on. . . . Good night, sea bride! You're Iclultingjn that coal, i Can quote a verse oE llora,cc in .tribute, U you vvant .me to." • ' "Jt wpiijd be \yaslcd oil me," said. "JVJy brother pick's the only .one l!, a i' s studied Lptin'in y /amily." ' ' ' ''You're fond of him, aren't ypu? What's Ju> Ijkp, Polly?" "He's quiet and' larnc and he wants to filudy mediciiiQ. . . . BJaybe -Jerry told you why J came pver here? II was to get money from my gnmdfa.lher's estate so _Dicl< could go lo medical school. I m going hpijic without tlie money out wjlh a husband. .. . Or will I gel hpme, Cabpil? \yjiat are the chances?" "Frightened, J'olly?" "A,little. The sea's so dark tonight Tlie (wo long guns look trorUiil. Will \ve use them?" "Not agBressjvcly, because -we carry no letter ,of marque. And nol ci'en defensively if we're out- c'liis-scrl. Jerry svouldn'l riin ihc risk of being raked, with you aboard." "Just what svill we do if we meet an English maii-of-war?" '•Run for j(." "Of course. But if we can't out- sail them? Suppose they speak us?" ' 11 We'd sut-ron dcr and be bonrdccl. There'd be some pretty formalities, after which we'd ail he taken aboard Johnny Bull's ship. You'd be Iveated with couiv tesy. Jerry and 7 would be locked in a slinking hold with the crew." * * * A ND what then, Cabell?" ' "We'd cruise a while, and when Johnny Bull had taken an:other American vessel or two, or a French 01*10, the hold wo.uld be rather full and they'd lake us to Portsmouth, a port we're oft just about now, over there lo northward." "What's at Portsmouth?" "The worst prison on God's earth. Dartmoor, they built it for Iheir French prisoners about six years ago. It's a rock fomb on a bleak moor where' 10,000 men can be buried alive with no \tou- blc at all. . . . But if you think I'll tell you, tales about Dartmoor prison, yWrc mistaken, my girl." "You don't need to," Polly answered fiercely. "I've got imagination, haven't I? ... Wait, don't go, Cabell! , .' . Isn't there some place .else they rnight confine Americans?" "I hear the hulks aren't full yet." "What arc they?" "Old ships without rigging, tyrned into prisons. There's a fleet .of -thcrn.iigai-"..Chatham where the Medway" jo.irji- IKe'Thames. His Majesty's admirals don't .consider a hulk properly .used until the hammocks are touching. ,At 'night the" a.rp closed jmd 'the hatches grated down. .Where 900 Luxpra Society — Personal Xi. .V Meets The Junior Girl's Auxiliary ol the Baptist, clmrcli have elected officers foi- I9:i3: Eli-cubeLh Wherry, prctidcnl, Elsie Loni;,', secretary. Ann ,6'lairc Wilkins, treasurer, Mrs. Warner I,, plark jr.. counselor. Mrs. 0. o. -Wilkius, musical director. 4 T 'a Hiss Ncllir Johns, of Ulylhcvillr. was (hr ovfrnlghl guest of Mrs, William Klias Wednesday.. Mrs. Sue JHown spent Tuesday and Wednesday with JUT daughter. Mrs. Hays Go wan, »ind family In Memphis. Miss Uori:; William.',. wh« has been a p;i(icii(. in the liaplist. hos- liitnl since l;ist Novnnljcr, re- liirnu'd honiL' Wftlnesdny, accoin- men gel air to breathe ?t night on • n wcll-jilled hulk is o£ tlm \vorJ4's ivpndcrs. . . . put don't worry, Polly. What man has done, man can do. Your Jerry would coinn bpck to you out of ijarlmoor or the hulks ei.ther. You had a sample of his talents when he led Hamsgate, hadn't you?"'". "You're trying to pull the wool over my eyes," Polly said tprlorn- ly. "Men don't esc.ape from Dsrl- ' moor or'the huflts, I rcsckpn." . \ "Who brought up this "subject anyway?" askcti Cabell/ii-rila.biy. ,'" "I slopped lp tell you you lookeilf pretty ' staudiug 1 there in yoiii' '•. blown coat in the starlight, gad ihis is the result! A catechism that sounds like Dante's inferno. . , : . Lord, I'm glad I'm not married (o a woman!" ' "Try a mermaid," Polly snapped. 'Maybe she'd talk less! . . .'Oh, I'm sorry I've been pesky, Cabell. Vou'/c kind and generous and we owe you so much," Then sho added simply, "H must be nice lp have so rnuch money, and a gencj> ous heart to malch." tr * * "IT'S not so nice/' Cabell dis- x agreed. "People in Bosjon will expect me lo ,bc as"Vise and level-hcadcct as my lather, and here I've already lurnefj Demo.- tral! I may cycn end up as a beach comber!" Polly laughed. "WeJJ, I hope my nagging tonight hasn't tiirijea ypii against marrying, isn't t^iere nhy gii'l at all? Isn't there some one in Boston?" "If T arrive .there I shall probably propose to a young lady named Prudence Winthrpp whose father is in business with" mine." j "Oh! The one you bought' the, other coral necklace /or!".' ; . Do' you love her, Cabeli?" And "(joes she love you?" "We don't set each other aflame (lie way you and Jerry do, if "that's- what you mean. But we "respect each other greatly and have a congenial sense of humor. . . . Good night, young Mrs.' Whilfield! . . . Leave Ihe "first maid-alone, please." After he bsd gone below, Polly ran lightly along the quarter-deck lo whore Jerrj- stood, alone for the moment, at the' ship's wheel. "Jerry!" she whispered, amj clung tp him, her cheek pressed hard against his. ^ ' \ "What arc you doing here, Polly? ^Haye you lost yoiir mind?" "J'm bo.thc.riiig the first' flijr\e. I'm .telling you gop'cl rii'ghl. my darling. So much could: happen v while I. sleep. . . . VI hen some .one relfeVVs-' you here will ypit waken .me and take me in your arrns,"-be- fore you sleep?" " ' '•'.' || "J'm apt to, Polly. . , . .Go nov) 1 t *" '-" ' i ^ (To Be panying Mrs. Louis \V. Spann, Mrs. Gcoi'Bc Courtney. an<l tlic licv. James T, Handle who hnd .^jjriH lhc day in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. George Craddock and ton. Tommy, spent Thursday in Hiimbolrit, Tcnn. Mrs, Russell Bowcn returned lionic from Benlonvillc. Ark., Wcd- nc.'i(iay, having- been called there three weeks ago by Lite sudden death .of her mother. Mrs. S. J. Smith. Mr.s. Brown. Mr.s. C. B. Wood and Mrs. C. B. Wood, jr., (jf filythevillc. at- Iciidcd the benefit -bridge given at the Hotel I'eaborty, Memphis, Friday, for the Eleanor Roosevelt Library, ill Dycss; Marriage Licenses Eleven .couples have .o'olaincd licenses to y.-cd from the Blythcvillc oflice of Ihe cotaity court clerk during Ihr past, two week?. Names of the couples and the official 01 minister performing Ihe ceremony, if listed, follow: John iMc'Ccimi and iyiss Mllic Mac Poo, toll! of Lcuchvillo; .James Baker and Miss Leinono' Wright, both of Manila, by E. F. Aloton; Oliver Adkcrson and Miss Rtillx Jackson, bolh of Dell, by A! E. Talc; Lewis Nf. Childrefs and' Miss lino-Jean Williams, both of Manila; Louis Gordon, of New York, and Miss Opal Taylor, or.Chicago. by Macislrrilc T. L. Cassidy; Hiram P. Thompson and Maggie Grimes, l»fh of -Manila; by Magistrate Ca.ssidy; Edgar Hubbard Clayton, of Luxora," and Miss Serrn Pack, ol •BlyUioyillc, by the Rev. L. J. Sinitlji; William U. Buie and Miss Edna Ariietl, '|»tli of Armorel; Cecil Brooks, of Hayti. and -Mrs. Lucille Mills,' pf Bly- Ihcvillc; Luther -W. ' CrcWs •'and Mis-s Albcrlii G.rablc. bo'lli of M nila; Hcniinn £. Gape and Alva Lena Hiciiols, Ijolh of LUllu Rock, by the Rev. S, II. 'Sulmoii. '4'tie average inan s.lceivs more Munrily (luring the first Iwp hours of his nigliliy repose than. diirlng- Ihe rrsl. of his slumber period, "according to the results .of .tesls. ot insulin his hcn> Ms SUUCCKN in niablinjj dialwlic cliildrcn lo livr Icnot'r. Tims one rminonl :mllionly (Icsrribini; the siluatioii bcloi'c the dcvclopmrnl of insiiliu. said: "The iwrent.s of H diabetic child were panii; Mrickni nnd doctor. 1 were buiki'ii-liraited wlicn Ihry learned a cliil;i liud lhc diseasr. Tlir Hvri-HRf diinition of life of di;i- tjctic children was less llisin a J p ::ir »n(l Unit, of Uu: largest gi-olip ol rliabelic chlldrr,, in UK; world 1111- ricv careful utarivaliou wa.s less (ban two years,." Now tlir rtralli rale of diabclic cl-.ildrcn l-.ns iallcn lo ;i fraction i of Us foiincr level. ! riled up by the vviml. sand in tr.c Sahara desert often arc -SO!) loci high. OUR BOARDING HOUSE ^ With Major Hoople Announcements Hie Courier Kcvs iias hccn authorized lo.nakc formal announcement of ihc following caiididalw for public ollicc, subject lo the IJemocralic iirlmwry August 9. J'or County Xroasurcr R. L. (BILLY) GAINES l-'or Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKSON Cnuiitv C'ouit Clerk T. \V. POTTER I'or I'oimlv Tax Asicssor >>V, W. 'BUDDY) WATSON F5KY.ANT STEWART I'ov County -mil 1'intalr. DOYLE HENDERSON I'or Circiiil Cnnrt Clerk .HARVIIY MORRIS MISS RUTI! BLYTHK \ ITS TIME AT LAST FOR ME TO HORM IN YOU'VE GIVEN EVERY- THE .JITTERS WITH YOUR CLOWMIMCo, BUT BEPCRE THEY GET WISE T.'L1_ 6IVE YOU A WEEK'S FREE BOARD IS- YOU'LUHMROW YOUR ---^ VOICE AT MV HUSBAMD AKIP CHASE HIM INTO A uOB f PAT'S A BAKGA'iV, MP{5. AUTHORITY OM CASES J TYPE PAT'LC. Vf / MAK& GOOSE- V Rip VAM ( PMPLES STAMP )\ HE'D HAVE WORKED / CXJT OtJ UM L/XE M 20 YEARS ATOU<SHgR THAW RIP,

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