The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 22, 1934
Page 3
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1934 HUM IGECII5E ung Officer Branded Self a Gi'gilo to Conviction as Traitor. flulter- . of'piinplilflsi h«il-l sinc ' c i>«l»fl»nl military docu- " ''•• Involved and since lourlsfs . tlic IMC (be 'iuj-.-onii "' Cockney 1*5 ... sau a young iiffiier if CMrc-ise under the eyes of armed suanl in <he famous p r of London. . . Who was Cocknry guides frowned,' others llic subject to royal mur- niMn be menacingly of an. Invest IBB I Ion. * * * T-'-i Jli'M S«-crcllv Tfe wn c tried unon Jmi rharses. It was allcirc'l Mini In nnrJI" <|iir. inn AiiBiist. 1032. he ha<>. In association wilh 'Otto Wnlitamnr Obsl. made notes of organization of tanks, orhmrod c^rs. their coiilt>m»nl »rmln<r and structure as well us the ualterns of amo- n'.i'lc rifles ruid the nrcanlzation ,of tank brii-wles: al^o that he had j nblnlncd material at the Aldershot military derot which mlcht be charges made the same allegations under different dates. DiUlk'-Siewnit pleaded not guilty. I JLYTHEVjLLE,JARK.)_COURiER KE w S ments w-re some of the witnesses for the slate j fioni the War Department • "'id Ihe Directorate of Military | Onerailons nnd Intelligence, while i foreigners whose lives} jeonardbed If their j of ancient times. . . . Hut '""nes were known, rC]>orlcr.s and | Ian abuut tin- y«"ne Officer in '»? ""''lie were barred much of | 'I'ower spread, and smjn lhc, l ; i(> tim e from the trial. This Rave | Office made a. brief, an-j ^-^ to a ne\v ci'oo o f jm-sleriin 1 'j Imcmeiil (hat stirred England , rll "">« "nd England boiled with the news that a British lieu- eyitement. mt bad be*n accused of scUmer: The iirosecntion brought out country lo a lorciRii power. !(!lr » certain acts of Bailie-Stewart story is iuld lierc, in the first , had caused a watch to be kcot ,ix true modern s|iy talcs which "lion his correspondence with the e been written for (he Courier result that imnortant letters had ' been intercepted. One of these, it was alleged, had been sent by the lieutenant to Obst to thank him for settling promptly "a small] debt." The interesting thing about this letter was lhat it was slgn-j Bacon, f jurist A 1744-r , t>ort 1<w Lord Byron, . poet;, ' r ON DM HERE Major .Improvements Are Designed to Give In- SISTER MARYS KITCHEN PAGE THREE creased Comfort. m SISTKK M.vitv , , . _. NKA Sl '"l<-c Staff Writer features mKl| The „„:,.,, , or tomorrow have KV MILTON imO.N.N'ER NEA Service Staff Writer ieulenant Norman Baille-Slew- the Seaforth Highlanders, : arrived in Berlin, drain- his beer mug and looked about crowded cafe wilh Ihe slightly ful expression of a stranger a strange land who realizes -. he is not likely to run across body he knows. Suddenly his idering gaze was caught and I by a man at a nearby table, man hesitated, smiled, then ; over and addressed the lieu- int courteuosly ed "Alphonse Poiret." TVo leiiers. said to have been sent to Baille-Ste'.varl bv Marie Louise, were also introduced. One, received on November 14 1932. enclosed ten five-pound Bank of England notes, and referred to money loaned to her by Bailie- Stewart which she said she could not pay back all at once. Another received December 7. enclosed forty • English Bounds nnd said that she was a strong German accent. ["pavins the balance of the loan." a few moments the young! Investigation or Bailie-Stewart's |cer found himself confessing to, bank account revealed that he new acquaintance that he was; never had so much as fifty uoutidsj ly. The German volunteered to] at any time that he could have that. He knew a girl, he said.(lent anybody. He said, however, inc. friendly girl. Would the j when questioned at the time, that tenant return to this cale at, a wrone construction had been same time tomorrow evening? jP»l on the letters. Up was unable he lieutenant would. He did.j to explain then why he had called • philanthropic German was, himself Alphonse Poiret. but he e as he had promised he would claimed that the money had been With him n fair-haired,, sent to him by a woman he had •-eyed German elrl, young, with. met in a Berlin park and fallen ioiis curves. She was introduc- ir. love with. simplv as Frau'.cin Marie Lou-1 At the trial, he accounted for She'turned out to be all lhat j Ihe Alphonse Poiret siKnature bv sponsor had said she would saying that he refused to sign his! and more Lieutenant Bailie- own name because Marie Louise ivart later told the British | would not sign hers. He also itary court martial which tried changed his story of the place 'keeping a woman' means?" he "y 1 ™" '" le ilccuscd answered "Have you heard tile contrary of a woman keeping a man?" the Judge Advocate continued. Again the accused answered yes. "Do you think this comes within the latter category?" the Judge Advocate inquired, ami ihe accused answered meekly. "Yes, it does Sit." * * * Business-Like I.ovc Letters The ProT Ccu t or showed that neither Obst nor Marie Louise was put into the witness box by the defense to substantiate Its claims that all the letters which passud between Bailie-Stewart and the Birl he allegedly was in love with were singularly business-like ami finally that while it was difficult for private individuals to get foreign money in Germany, the rotes received by Bailie-Stewart were In consecutive numbers. After a long summing up from the Judge Advocate, ' the court brought in a verdict clearing the defendant upon three ot the ten charges and sentencing him to five years imprisonment. XEXT: The case of the lirlliq]. Engineers and Ogpu. my of an advanced type . nnd, dlmlnat::.:i wm „,,,(.„•,,.„,„ ,, which banishes wheel 1 sliiininy. I r.ble for urn,,,, ' "wheel fight." and gives tlie car. food improved riding qualities. Us man- i n the brcukf-iM menu uracturcrs say. The new curs IUITC, grain c< a newly designed .steering gear, type of i- with cioss slcejlne mid Individual I vnlue tin lie rods. I |, ol dish The 17-horsepowcr motor 1ms n'laruc si'i\ii-V"' O f' number of ^refinements dcslnned lo given ami ucam | s wlio wants s ,,, iv," ,h ( 1, K , „,„„„ 7' increase efficiency and economy. An aluminum cylinder head is available as extra equipment, increasing the horsepower to 82. Both the Plymouth Six and (he De Luxe model have a nc«- tyiw o! "coll wind" windshield control, -j A small handle directly above the center of the instrument panel oiwns the windshield with a twist of the wrist. There Is also a cowl ventilator. Vcntilotars in Ihe side provided. The luiu-iiron im-nu follows the rule of t\n f \, bland fo^is » nnd Including ed foods in iho tni , , lllvor of , ns ome highly flavor- mmUi vl(nilll||S i tind mini-sals nn- supplied In nliun- diincc niul .,iake up nny lack in (he briMkfuM menu. ' • Sallsliiiry Steak Salisbiuv sicaw !s „ bit move put-of-tlu'-nidh,a,y thm, immburi but uses ii:o sight into the door. i (cns|)oon 'lo"each"iMiind The efficiency of the car's four steak. M,ke i,,;o ,o™,«1 (at " wheel self-equalizing hydraulic, and brail h, n n , 10 wire brolle brakes has been further Improved.' unilcr or over a clear flame Sails with the braking area increased I bury steak is broiled never inn" by a third on the De Luxe mrxi- broiled nor fried like llanibtiig tls - Creamed pointers are chosen In Among (he other Improvements lnc dhniti menu for the amount in the new Plymouth arc more ef- ] °- f " ! '' k " l<1 .v i'l<l lo the dietary, licient stream-lining, redesigned ' Kcc l' '" '"'"'I that skimmed mll'k interiors, a new all-steel artillery- ca " |M! "*"<' I" excellent advantagi tyi» wheel as standard equipment, ""'''' with wire wheels optional, a new easy-shift transmission, a roller in cooking where strict must be practiced. SAID TlIK WISE OLD OWL-. economy Any vc'cclablc of bearing steering system and n newi flavor can be pronounced easy-action clutch. used. The carrots on a charge of jiving inform- in to Germany through his elation with Marie Louise and D Waldemar Obst. the man who odnced them. * * * . * nnihs of Romance , r several weeks, the Lieulen- testificd. he and Marie Louise e inseparable. They did Berlin •-.her thoroughly, visited mus!c s cafes and amusement parks. Louise was a poor young Vs dream come true. She said was well-off and Insisted «P- paying all the checks and :id- sion fees. At first Obst went the expeditions, too. but when love affair developed between lieutenant anil Marie Louise, r discreet friend considerately idrcw. his testimony during the it-day trial which began March 1933.' at Chelsea military bar- is, Bailie-Stewart claimed that had gone to Berlin with the i of becoming a liaison officer i the German Army. That was • he carried the address of the man War Ministry about with n, he explained. However, Louise made him forget rylhlng, he admitted, even his rition and so he never did any- ig about following out his plan, had such a good time lo- icr. indeed, that it was a real nch when he had to leave her ;o lo Holland. Promise of Money .owevcr, the separation was not be for Ion;;. She planned to in Holland herself and he could her there. In fact, he said, she ; wailing on the wharf for him. •y iiad arranged to correspond. she lo'd him lie mils'- write her rare of O'est since she did not to give her real name and Ircss. He thouirht this odd, but promised affectionately that would send him money, so he ided not to bother her with rassing questions. he trial of Bailie-Stewart grow- out of iiis trip lo Gcrmony and subsequent visils lo Holland : a sensation in Great Britain, rarelv have cither officers or n in th? British Army been sus- •ted. much less convicted, of cs- inge in favor of a foreign conn- great mystery was made of case all through. The young cer was held in the Tow'er of idon and it , vas nimored that was watched night and clay allowed to communicate with w, not even a lawyer. Thc vemment squelched this report a formal denial, but already House of Commons had talked for women who are run-down and suffer from periodic discomfort of meeting with Marie Louise from n park to a cafe. Gives Alibi for Document ' He explained that the paner found in his. .possession with the address of tlie German Military Defense >upon it was the one he had been carrying when he cherished Ihe idea of becoming a liaison officer wilh the German armv. His attorney insisted also thai certain books and documents he had drawn from the British military library were easily available to most people, and that Ihe cuttings and photographs found in Ills possession had been published in various papers and were not • rets. Bailie-Stewart himself explained his reference note's to tanks nnd rifles as tuts of information he had jolled down from time lo time In use as clinchers in an argument with his brother, ulso an armv officer. He denied that his trips lo Holland were for the purpose of meeting agents of Germany and said, on the contrary-, that the tourneys were !ove journeys to meet Marie Louise. He admitted that he always hoped she would give him money as well as love The lieutenant denied vehemently that he had betrayed his country for fifty pounds or any other sum. His attorney insisted that •here was no proof that cither Obst or Marie Louise was a secret ascnt and asserted that the storv his client told was true--he was merely a foolish yotim; man who hnd become entangled with a ycnng woman who gave him money. The Judge Advocate put it blunt- '•Yoii know what the expression Netherland News At a meeting of the Woman's club Thursday the clurj program for. the next six months was discussed. Mrs. Will James was in charge of the business meeting. Mrs. M. R. Rowland was Ihe son°S! and game leader. Mrs. A. c. Blankenship won the pri?c in the invisible ring game. Johnnie Troutman is ill with measles. Little Miss Rose . Marie Veach Xo Rum fo_- Kiddies BOSTON (UP> —Following repeal, a Mn.ssacliu.'etts statute of 1SS1 has been revivfd. Thc old law- prohibits the tale of "rum drops" to children under !C. - .,, . 13 ill with influenza. Ruie Troutman and Mr. and Mrs John Irving attended the wrest- Thursrla! " l Carull!c ™" ls uiurstiay. i rpoons shortening. 1 C °L' 1 Marvin Blankenship of llayti spoon soda. 1 tcaspoo-i cim guest in (he home of Mr. 1-2 tcaspoi- doves 1-" c-i " lra . were selected because of their contrasting color and texture and also on account of their cheapness. Browned parsnip-, buttered yellow turnips or "greens" such as spin- nch kale or endive might well be used. The dinner dessert uses dried apples In place of fresh fruit It's sll( * a good, simple pudding that Ihe recipe follows. Dried Apple 1'uililin^ One cup dried a-v.-es 1 cup mo- c,:ps Hour. 3 table- tea- and . Mrs. A. C. Blankcnship last salt Wash apples . through several '.valors. Let stand over nlylit in cold water to cover. In the morn- ins cut In .small pieces nnd simmer In water In which they were soaked until tender. Dissolve soda in molasses and add to slewed tip- i>!cs. Mix and sift flour, spices mill salt and stir Into first mix! lure. Add shortening and beat ! well. Add CKK well beaten nnd turn Into n well buttered baking dlsh.i Bnke 45 minutes in a moderate oven. Smv warm wilh hard tnuce , or liquid sauce. Tomorrow's Menu I1HEAK.FAST: stewed prunes, cereal (cooked whole eiain). cream, crisp toast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Macaroni linked with tomato nnd cheese sauce, shredded cabbage salad (season with celery seeds and lemon Juice), reheated rolls. hoiiie-mnde Jelly or preserves, milk, (en. UINNEEi: Salisbury steak, creamed potatoes, buttered cm- rots, curly endive with bacon dresslni,', dried apple pudding, milk, coffee. STOPPED-UP NOSTRILS Op*R tt>* noMrill aod ptnitlt fm brtuhlnf by right and MENTHOLATUM for _ BILIOUSNESS If Sour stomach B H gcis and headache • Ip flue Jo S' I CONSTIPATION I BKK This Fighting Drug BANISHES COLDS Old fashioned remedies give way 10 a scm.mpn.-il figmmj drug found in Shcd,l,ns Snlvc. Th. lt drug is no . found m other cold snk-u,, and yet it is regarded ns one of OPPORTUMIty in the ANT-ADS MILDER BETTER w. state it as our honest belief that the tobaccos used in Chesterfield are of finer quality—and hence of better taste —than in any other cigarette at the price. I.l«;i;rr & MYERS TOBACCO COMPANY nesterfi Licctrrfc MrmToitccoCo, M. .just tiy them

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