The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1930
Page 3
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1930 BLYTHRVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS One Killed, Another Feared Dying at Ola: Kansas .School Demolished. GLA, Ark., Nov. 20 IU1')—D. E. Powell, city, recorder and promin- int Ola business man, was killed, Jnd 15 persons injured by a torna- d-i that swept through the main section of the business district here last nlsht. Projiftrty lovs was estimated be- tvttn S250.000 and $400,000- The tornado moved on the city (rcm the southwest, cutting a strip ni'urly 250.yards wide through the he-art of the city, and passed en to lliei northweit. Expect Wife to Die Powell was killed instantly when tiis home, which was located In the path of the storm, collapsed H!E wife and her sister, Miss Jessie Page, who were in the hciue at the lime, were seriously injured IliL-y were rushed to a hospital at Rus'ollville. Physicians early today expressed little- hope that Mrs Powell would recover. She suffer ed a broken leg and arm and internal injuries. Electric light wire's were damag' ed, throwing the {rum into tola darkness immediately following th< storm. The twister was followed by a torrential rain which delayed rescue work. Searchers this'mor niin; were dlgjlng- through till wrecked buildings and hon:.;s in tht belief rjthers might be pinned be iieath tlio debris. A check of the wrsonal injuries and propery dam [>£e was underway and work o clearing tlw wreckage was to be started today. D RIDGE ARTICLE NO. 58 to six no trump which closes the BY VVM. E. McKKNNEY : contracting. Secretary American Bridge Lf.ijup The The following hand produces a •cry Interesting squeeze play. ls tlmt ut .auction (op on the: At auction, the squeeze can be hoard Is snndes as the grand slam' he has roeii on this trip. A ih i*.! cutter l)y profession, the youne man in))^ interestingly nf » invels Meihorles of Memphis he worked, for six months PAGE THREE j,«, prompted him io return liu're, after lo-Jug his Jtb in Nf» Y'.-k. "And I've been forlnn- nadu at spades (or lop on board, while at contract iqueoze Is there at no toth for a grand 'slam. NORTH peculiar parrot this hand Cowboy Finds Wreckage of Lost Craft and Bodies of Victims. hobo". WEST &— Ml K—MO- 9-5-2 D—K-9-85 C—4 H-K-5 D—Q-6 C-fl-J-8-6 EAST 6-98 H-04 can be made and there will be 50 honors, white ut contract top Is at no trump. Wt-sl. holding a five-card suit headed with £C(juft:cc, opens the top LOS ANGELES, Nov. 20. (UP) — e coated uings and a blinding three-curd snowstorm which caused the pilot ImllAi* tilt* . ... . . . * A-3-2 0-10-9- t ^.^ At SOUTH— OEALEB s— K-a-io H— »-«-7-3 D-JU C— A-K-5-3 The Ridding auction, the bidding would be South one no trump, North two spades, all puts. At contract nianv playeis vcuM arrive at the small slam in qnidcs, but the most in- where South opened with tvo clubs, North resixmdcd with three clubs. Under the writer's system this two, high card tricks, ftnd assures partner of at least four clubs or three to an honor. South answers with three no trump showing a four-card club suit. Nortu ece£ to four spades \\l-.Kh shows a five-card spade suit. South now has a very .fair reading In the North hand—five spades to at least the ace will assure him jaf five spade tricks. Undoubtedly his partner holds four clubs to the queen or he wculrt have bid the spades Immediately in preference to the club bid. This would leave him with cither the king of diamonds or the king of hearts. In either case . School Children KANSAS CFTf, Nov. 20 (UP)— While windstorms were rearing through three slates tn advance o the cold, wave expected today a toniado struck with vicious force at Hays, Kans. Hippling down out a sullen sky late yesterday the funnel shaped clr-tiu strncK with terrific force at a little frame schoolhouse near the town, end swooped on, leaving only a tangled mass of wreckage. Then came the miracle of the Sturm. Life stirred in the tangled wreckage. First one pupil, then another emerged from the ruins until finally sixteen of the students and their ycung teachex crawled from the wrecked building and stood efrect to survey the damage. Not on.2 was seriously injured AM were, badly frightened. South can see a small slam at no trump and takes to lose his bearings was bbmed to [nrp £otn? to be able to knock the ±'1^"'^ _™» - ..*' pSSr^^E^SSS Declarer leads the king, queen , , „. d ttn of spades, overtaking the A lom cowbo >'. Ed Ncwcomb. ten In dummy with the Jack East so;lrcnin f for lra «> ot tl'« discarding the deuce of diamonds wlllch disappeared on Its north- The ace of spades Is returned l) , oliud rlni Monday, came across the from dummy, East discarding a <icl)rls the seven the deuce diamond, declarer pearls, and West 'icarts. The six of clubs is led to the declarer's ace and the king of clubs returned. West discards the c-iahf of diamonds which ' shows the kinj. Declarer leads the five of clubs to dummy's qutcn, West complctiii!! his diamond echo by playing the five. The six of diamonds Is relumed from dummy, East plays the four and declarer !, Tlw ' wTnt "from Travel Is Cheap New York Youth Learns on Trip . wiling around over D'litre Will Open Armory New York Cotton NEW YORK, Nov. 20. (UP)-Cotton closKl barely steady. Open High Low Close Dec. new 1084 1090 1080 1080 Dec. old 1084 1095 1083 108.1 Jim. new 1103 1111 1094 1094 Jan. old 1104 1106 1096 1095 Mai 1134 1139 1125 1125 May .... 11U1 1168. U53 1154 July .... 1177 1184 1170 1170 Ocl 1184 1203 1190 1160 Spols quiet ul 1090, Oif 10. Thursday Night. New Orleans Cotton —Cotton closed steady. May July Oil, nee. Workmen today nre putting the ;[""• nMiirii; touches on Ulyllicvilif's ' nev national j; U ar(l armory, in «nivi|iaUo!i or Hie dance Thanks- Blvlni; nijjlit which will mark [he OIUT.UHJ of (lie building to Cie public. K'.i!':olin Burkc's orchestra of Mcn:|i!iis. a favorite with' dancers thrtuglmut the trl-states, has been en^Kni lor the MTalr. 'Hie dance Ls being given by the coinmiliec In charge ol opcra- ticn of the armory, nnd nil of (he pioliis will be devoted to the pur- of alhlcllc and other crnilp- Open Hl^h Ix>w Close . 1091 1100 1085 1085 . HOC 1115 1102 llOli . 1133 1141 1128 1120 . 11(10 1105 1154 1154 1180 1184 1173 1113 HOG 1200 1194 1187 Spots closed steady ut 1000, otf 11. "Hoboing" is a cheap way tx> travel luxuriously, so says Jack 'Il'.e armory lios a line hardwood floor, the largest anywhere In this vicinity, and s|»n.sors of tiie (lance nre preparing for a Innjc attend, nice from surrounding communities as well as from Ulythevllle. joes up with the ace. j y or t; A small club is returned by de-' clarer and West is forced to discard a heart, dummy winning with the Jack of clubs. The seven of spades is led from dummy, East discarding a diamond, the declarer discards the jack of diamonds and Is squeezed. If he drops the diamond king, declarer's queen is good. If the heart Is dropped, the two hearts in declarer's to Memphis In five days by hopping rittes---and in the very best of automobiles," he say-a The vagabond traveler spent last night In tills city enruute to liis home, New York, after a visit over the sculli in search of work. Although he thinks that the states below the Mason-Dixie line show "hard limes" more than his native state he says that Memphis 20 Dcaa at Btthany OKLAHOMA OITY. Nov.20 (UP) —Rehabilitation of Bethany, a religious colony of 2,000 Inhabitants Hear here, laid level yesterday by cyclonic winds, was started today with every charitable organization, in the state lending aid.' The. death toll stood at 20 with nioro than ten of the hundred in- iured expected to die of serious injuries received when the cyclone, ,+ .. i struck Oaimso land are good. By a very 'neat squeeze play, the declaration'" 10 declarer has made his contract of six no trump and one extra trick. (Copyright, 1030, NEA Service, Inc.) ™ B , /-Hm"? 11 ? f 6 ^'^" 1 '-'^ "«edles m ta England 1 can "turn . ___ WM.OOO. • out as many as 2iMOO(w n weck . 666 Is a doctor's Prescription for Colds and Headaches IT IS THE MOST SPEEUY REMF.rtY KNOWN. Gfi6 ALSO IN TABLETS. Man Has Rheumatism And Other Ailments — Says, "Konjola Was A Godsend To Me". v. MR. FKEDRICK A, GOODWIN "Last September I had a slight Injury from which rheumatism developed", said Mr." Fredrick A. Goodwin, 905 North Street, Joplln. My nervous system gave way. I lost my appetite and I had a sever case of kidney trouble. I ost fifty pounds in weight. My limbs became useless 'from the waist down and I suffered agony from Intense pains. "After Konjola was sincerely recommended i decided to give it a trial, i have only taken four bo ties of th. U great mcdlclne and with the aid of a cane, I am walk' ng ,l° r liL c first tlme "i nine I" 011 "* 5 : *** P^ns have left my !*„ * , ck> my ncrves arc **« «nrth I am dally « alnl "K in J & „ , am so *nthus«d about the: time" * lal * aboul (t a11 Even though all else tried has failed don t abandon hope before you give Konjola a chance Konjola Is sold in Blythevillc Arkansas at Kirby Drug "Stores, nnd by all the best druggists in sll towns throughout this entire COURIER NEWS Cooking School IS BEING CONDUCTED FOR YOUR BENEFIT . Don't fail to attend! MRS. MYRA DOUGAN will give you valuable information on home economics and the products she uses in her work. Be sure and notice her demonstrations using BAKING POWDU* 25 Ounces for 25 C SAME PRICE for Over 40 Years The demonstrator will show you that K C is a DOUBLE ACTION baking powder- that in using it you get FINE TEXTURE and LARGE VOLUME in your bakings- that you can use less than you do of high-priced brands. You will realize that it is not necessary to pay high prices for baking powder. After seeing the demonstrations use K C in the same way In your own home. Give it the oven test and judge by result*. OUR GOVERNMENT USED MILLION! Ot FOUND* none for the building. Trip To California Leaving Monthly, Nov. 24, In closed cur for Ix>ng ncach, . California. Cun accommodate other passengers. H tnti'icstcd I'lionc 17 SIDNEY BKYKAN Dragging Feet // your VITALITY is slipping , attay jrom you try S.S.S. JUST one complaint—those drag- J King feet—yet they tell a big Ktory, Buck nt the fountain-head llio rcil-blfloil-cells are not up lo Klnmlaril. Wlicn your rod-blooj- cells uro only 807° you arc NOT yourself—G0% is dangerous. You huven'l the vitnlity to fight Infection anJ disease, S.S.S.— Hit a rcat blood Tonic— stimulates the blood-ljuilding or- tjuns to supply the necessary red- cells. Your nppctiio picks up. Your body is strengthened, invigorated—you fee! like yourself again! And DRAGGING FEET become STEPPING FEET. Tuke S.S.S. before each tueal, Millions of people have found It . the easiest and surest way to • keep themselves "fit." Its successful record o< over 100 years • hi building red-cells in the blood ia a. guarantee of satisfaction. Get the large sizo bottle. At all drug stores. os.s.s,ca..'.'. Sturdy Heal " A First Essential of LEADERSHIP Says ;; ARCHIBALD R. WATSON Organizer of the recent natton.wide cam* palgn to eliminate "No Question* Asked" from loit properly advertisements Editor of United States Law Review Director of The Living Age Corporation Counsel of New York City during the Gaynor administration Special Assistant to the U.S. Attorney General during the World War Author of "The LawoftheClearingHousc" and other legal treatises ' President of Balbach Smelting &. Refining Company Senior member of the law firm of Watson StWiUgusi "America chooses her leaders in industry as ivejT as in government for their superior ability to render a necessary service to the people. While I, do not smoke myself, your use of the Ultra Violet Ray in the' 'Toasting* of the tobaccos has placed LUCKY STRIKE in the leadership class for the good and sufficient reason that it gives American smokers a beneficial service—that is a first essential of leadership." Everyone knows that sunshine mellows - that's why TOASTING includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray. LUCKY STRIKE - the finest cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobaccos -the Cream of the Crop - THEN - "IT'S TOASTED/ 7 Everyone knows that heat purifies and so TOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. No wonder 20,679 physicians have stated LUCKIES to be less irritating! ** It's toasted" Your Throat Protection - against irritation-against cough Consistent with its policy of laying the facts before Ihe public, The American Tobacco Compwiy haa invited Mr. Archibald R. \\ atson to review the reports of the distinguished men who have witnessed LUCKY STRlKE'S'famous Toastin" 1'roccss. The slatement of Mr. Watson appears on this page. 6 1930, The American Tobacco Co.. Mfrs.

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