The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 19, 1930
Page 3
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SATURDAY,JULY BI.YTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER-NEWS PAGE THREK Bromley at Lnsl Ready For Dash A<TOSS The Paril'ie Good-Sized Delegali o n • Will Go from North F.nd oi Ccunly Says Grit?.. BY J. E. CIUT7. I •' C'ounly Farm Agent , The piospeets foi a veiy good at- : twiilmice at Fanners' Week, the' firstl week In 9ugust is very good. , Many farmer 1 ! over the ncrth end • of the coutily are planning 0:1 driv- i HiK thvoUHh In their cuvs for Farm. ! HIS' week, .and all indications me . lhat we will have at least 30 boys j :;iut.i;Irl.'. Irom iht clubs in ihc j nt-Hh of thr county to aiu-:id Kainwrs' week. Four dell-gaits from the Avmorel i-luU are to go and there will be about the .suuse number from the Pwry chlb. Ten or eleven fiom t.iuh cf tilt clubs irom Boynton and J 1'awheen arc expecting ID drive I'VrraTs and furmi-iV wives; '.l.uiiUI nave a vacation as well as iny' u'.htf class oi cilizenship. At; Furmtri 1 wet-!t it will be ipspira- : ljuial, recreational and educational.'. 1 think the outstanding feature o! ; Jrooner Finds Same Stip- porl and Opposition, Similar Methods in Bold I.ands By MILTON BRONNKR NTA Service Writer After a series o! delays caused by the wrecking of three planes in ttsi flights, pageant mUlltd'^Thc" Ten^om-! Bromley, right, it fit liist ready, for his long-awaited flight from Tacoma to Tokio. Lienli'iiant Harold II™ plans a refueling nra°rdmentV"of"AsiriciiHiir"e,'' I- be' stop al the Aleutian Islands, as shown on the map, but if the wttithtr makes this stop impossible. pifSenled Thursday night, Augusl | he will refuel at Nome, Alaska. Ilaroid Gatty, Biomlcy's navigation expert, is shown al the U'fl ant! 7. 'Mure than 1.000 people ore to , belov: is Ihe plane in which Hromlsy will attempt, U) bo the first pilot lo span ihe long ar.U perilous '.aHi pait in this pageant, and Mr. i dl Returning, Bromley plans a non-slop tlMH irom Tokiii lo Ti>c:ma as the prevailing winds J. C. Uarneu, who has been chair- :.„'.... man of ihc pageant, for the past, will •"= m lh him. six'years premises this to be the greatest pageant ever produced ut.' r _ 1 . ... -. A/I'll VI ' "I . as enthusiastic as in Ms preceding Farmers' wtck. The pageant will | I Hie iVI0(101*11 IVlllk iVlflKl discourse. Apparently, he Is a gen- be liekl on Die athletic field with , • • • - - tlcinan desirous of leaving the du- to acconudaie from 8 lo 10 T ^-^ • /-^ i^v /V> ! tlisl lo his own ability 'tind whims ! on ihe ''field oi hcnor." I If a riuelLst withdrew "it is the diuv oi the second." ihe Code Du- thousand people. If you are intending lo go to , Fanners' week, kindly let the man- i usents knew in order lo make re| i.ervations fir you. Tne Frisco railroad company has given us the . cheapest rate we have e^'er had to Farmers' week this year, which is $8.00 round-lrlp leaving here Mon- I day August 4. relnrnttig Salurrtay, Augusl tl. Modern Milk Maid T T"v • f^ Is Dairy Company By JULIA BLANSHARD NKA Service Writer NEW YORK — A vibrantly > healthy, pleasant faced, capable lily, with less friction, with a group looking woman res? al a. luncheon of men than a man boss can. That of ihe National Federation of Biis- . . ls slated the Opinion thai has I puo " ^i' 5 . " l(1 sn V t° "w otlier grown out of 10, years experience, second, "I have come upon the iness and Profe.ssional Women I'.ie other day, where everyone in turn was introducing herself and describing her business, and said: "I am Grace milkman!" Roberts. Omaha "Women often can get along eas- if she just lakes her job for yranled and doesn'l ' wasts lime and energy worrying." l-'ielting In Miss Roberts' opinion, is one thing women in business must gtiard against. She said: "Some women just can'l do Everybodys- attention was caught. | their work for worrying because (Help Promised in Obtaining Mid-South Branch OKice in Blytheville. F.nthusiuETn for the Mid-South i Cotton Growers association program lor cooperative markeling oi \ I cclton. and a desire to take advan-1 i tage of Uie facilities which establishment of a branch office in Bly- iheville will make available, are re| ported from Peiniscoi county. Thursday night a delegation of Blylheville businpr-s men and cotton growers conferred wilh a similar group at Caruthersville ami I found the Pcmiscot county men : ready to give whole hearted sup| pcrt'to the 10,000 bale sign-up cam- I palgn which must be completed be Amused glances turned her way. "I am not a milk maid," Miss Roberts continued, in her clear, ringing voice that carried all over the huge dining room. "Not tiiat 1 couldn't milk a cow if I had tc, Bu! I dcn't. I have charge of the salesman for our dairy 'which serv.?s Omaha. Sioux City and Lincoln. My particular concern is in creasing figures of sales of all of our" products'and increasing efficiency in service, rather than Ihe ... mllk . - ,„ P ul mto giouncl with a ccward. I tender my apology for an ignorance of hif character. Yon are at. liberty to l>osi him." That was the "rub" of the sit nation. "Posting' meant a news paper announcement cr a bulletii board notice of the acknowledge cowardice of the retiring partici the Swedish parly who ore out imil out wet. In America smuggling of forbidden liquor vint innd'e easy by rrp,- •011 of (he Canadian and Mexican here Iwrders and (hs easy access liy '*a. especially from the W?st Indies, in Finland smuggling wai made easy by reason of the Russian frontier, but more especially by sea from Latvia, Esthonla and the frcn city of Dantzlj. To cop* with the problem, both countries made arrangements whereby their prohibition navln could yoml lhi> International line and go out ns far as twelve miles. Finland wont a sl*p further ami got all the coimlilri Lordpr- ing oji tin 1 Baltic Sea to agree to | try to help It suppress LONDON.--If President Helaml-i n,n ^11 j|.,, s • oi the Fimilbli Republic ever nm the boow r Winers were loo meets HerlxTi. Hoover, th? U-o chii't! sinait for the Finnish government will have plenty In! They crasr-d Hying on Ihelr boat common to talk about. Noi the 1 i ul . flags of countries which ngreci tariff, iwr farm relief, nor week- j to the H:iltlf Sea convention. Ill- em! fishing trips—but prohibition | rcclly they were Hying the (lugs Hwh cuunuii's arc grappling with | ot Clruorc, Turkey, fuiuway Chill and (•«•!! C/i'Clio.slovttkla, «hlch is a landlocked republic and has no incicanllli' marine at all. In tin: United Staler, ihc wcw ure always quoting figures U> show llmt drunki'inirss is on the in- cicase since prohibition, that the jails are bdn;: itlUxl. ami lhat crime If. growing. Oltlcial flgurcj. v.'hlch nobody disputes, sliuw the same stau' of alfairs in Finland. In 1021, 24.51U jxTsnivs were condpinned fur violation of th<> li- imor !nv:s; in 1928 the figure had gone nearly to 30.000 and last year the figure was 33.UM. In 1910, before lliwe wus a prohibition bw. 12.^^0 jiersons SMUP condemned for dri.nkenne:^. In 19V!8 ihc figure whs 101,011 ui>.d last year 101,5110. In Ilcl.slngfo'rs, the capital, a town of 250.000 people, (here wr-rc ^8,902 cases of drunkenness, or an in ] crease of 10 per cent over the preceding year.. Just as in the United Stale Ambassador Dwight Morrow cami out In his New Jersey senatoria campaign for modification of th ilry laws, on the ground Hint Ihc; could not be enforced against th will of (he people and thai ill promised Improvement hud no taken place, so two of the mas prominent public men In Finlnn also recently have made (hemselve storm centers by attacking the dr laws. M. Jiilander Is governor of III province of Nyland. which include the capital cily. In a recenl art! fonld be emptied If the country were made dry. The contrary was tue. Tlu» jails were so full that ne?.' ones were ner-ctr-d, In the asylums here were many more patients, due to Uie awful bootleg stuff they iatl bopn drinking. But more surprising still was Ihc oui.spokon declaration of Dr. Vlrkimen, who Is leader ot the Finnish Parliament, In addition, he Is a Lutheran clergyman of one of the biggest churches In fora. He said he had been a stout advocate of the dry laws. Iri vler of the unhappy results. !;c wss now on opponent of Uiose .same la us. He therefore advocated that the Finnish people take a referendum vole on the subject. But it fall on deat cars, because, as In tho American Congress, the politicians who compose the Finnish Diet are "officially" dry. Road Courier News want adi. pant. "Pof.iing" was society's in ties." That brief slatemenl failed how- 'ever. to even vaguely describe the success Miss Roberts has attained, the responsibility of her job. the important position, arc occupies in her home town and the suprise it is to find a woman oc- siipying it. Boss of 200 Salesmen For Grace Roberts is vice prssi- dent of the Roberts Dairy Co., and fore" September 1 to secure Ihe es- I sales manager for the dairies in ! tablishment here of the Mid-South | the three ' mentioned cities. She I branch. The Pemiscoi cmmty grow- | hires and fires the forr,? of 200 1 crs ami business men hope even- salesmen, plans their sales talks, checks up on them, and directs the entire sales policy of the com- llually to obtain a similar branch I al Caruthcrsville or som? other ...^ ,_....».. -.- t ., -- — Pemlscot county point, but rcaliz- piiiy. Arid the Roberts who founding that this is impossible this year I, they have decided to give their support, lo the Blytheville office mid a large sign-up in i'emiscot county f. is indicated. Cotton marketing meetings are being held al 16 different places in this county this week and next by M. D. Ainburgey, County Extension :-d the company and owns it is no relation whatsoever to the Roberts family of which Miss Grace is a part. Her success is due to iier ability, net family ties! Twenty years ago Grace Roberts, then a little girl in her teens, needed a job badly. She had had stenography so she scoured Oma- ihey think the mr-n in the firm cion't like them. Other women can'; do theirs for worrying for fear rn?n will get their jobs away from them. If women would just quit' worrying about this, that and the other, and do their jobs a little bit better than anybody else could do them, there would be nothing left in the business world, women could not do." Kose,With Her Firm Her philosophy of a career is just as interesting as her advice on methods of work. She satri: "Any job Is fun. You can make you job what you want to make it. -I- advise women to just take any job they can get, slay put and work hard, concentrating on what they have at hand to do today, not what they might rto if they go' this or that tomorrow. 1 think if I had moved around I wouldn't have gotten the position I have I just grew up in the concern and naturally It just carried me into a more important position as it expanded. I believe that any girl who wants to get ahead can. Firs:, she has to want to. Second, she has to get a job. Third, she has to work hard at. It. T think those three rule: will make- a success of vclce cf the man the book relate. 5 and it is discernible the mass look ed with disfavor, usxm n "scratche entry," jo to speak. "Each second must Invite th presence of the olhcr al the load ing of the weapons." the Code saj in referring to actual skinnisl "Seconds rarely attend on such h vitations as gentlemen may be Kritiau llrlandrr, above, dent of the Kcnulillc of Finland, Inds under his leadership a country divided nver Ihe question uf prohibition. the same pr«ssiiig problem. Probably nowhere in the world Is there such a striking parallel between nations in Ihe enactment, and en- forcoincnl of an Important hw. Tlic only difference Is one of safely misled in adds. the matter," it scale. The United States comprises I cle in the newspapers he said tl • •• — people were being poisoned by II 1 stuff that was being smuggled In Fltilund. He said breaking the dr laws had, become the favorlle spo of the citizens und smuggling ha become almost a respectable pn fession. lie stoutly maintained th: to transport, sell and use such in inense quantities of bootleg stu would not be possible If the mn of the people were not at hea against the prohibition laws. Tf drys had always maintained th the prisons and insane asylum A"L'iit iov the purpose of giving! ha until she localed a place that ° -' "•- "-' i ihc details oi the plans of the Fsd- |er'al Farm Board for handling this rop. These meetings are being held at rural school hnuses in small com- nunity centers in order thai every Cotton producer may get first hand I information without very much ef- [fort. Mr. Hnrjwr. local representative lot the Mid-South Cotton associa- Ition. is the speaker at these mect- 1 Ings. He gives the details ot th; I marketing plan and gives Ihf I lai'mer.s an opportunity to join ihis (association. The schedule is as foljlnys: .July 15th. New Survey, 2:30 p. m. I Hen Ion. 8 p. m. July 16th. Oak Ridge School Ihptise. 2:30 p. m. Holland. 8 p. m. .'July 17th, Cottonn-ood, 2:30 p. |ni. Tyler, 8 p. in. July 18lh, Maplcwood. 2:30 p. m. Ll Each second has a loaded pistol, in order to enforce a fair com- bal* according to the rules agreed upnn. if a pincipal fires before the wcrd or time, Ihc second is at liberty to fire upon him. II the second's principal falls, it Is then his duty to fire." The "Code Duello" warns that, lie "'fr.t:zzle down" tactic} worn considered Ihe honorable ones by ihe duelisls. The drcp shot is quicker. The raise shot Is surer. Every gentleman is cxpecled lo be familiar with the weapon, which is less deadly than the rifled pistol, Ihe rifle or the shotgun." Although legally objectionable in Mississippi .dueling in the earlier days is said to have' been consistently pardoned by legislative grcups. a vnst conUiipnlul urea, while Finland is only aboul as big as llie slate ol Montana, and hits only about 2.500.000 inhabitants. 1'as.sril Law In 1919 In Ihe United Stales the prohibition law was put over during the World V.'ar. In Finland It was put ov?r in 1919, after Ihe country had endured (he horrors of a Hed Terror a While Terror. In the Uniled States practically all alcoholic drink was taboo, but Finland banned only drinks with two per cenl or more alcohol. Til Finland, as in the United Stale*, doctors were permitted 10 prescribe liquor for their patients, and in both countries the governments had lo cut down on th? niuii- ber ot prescriptions eaclr .doctor could write. The women, the bulk of the small farmers anil the churches in both nations were strong for dry laws. So also were Ihe Finnish cily workers. But with them It Is a matter of political strategy. The workers are mainly Socialists ov Communists, ajid hate the middle classes which are wet. Heiic^ they are dry. In America regardless of their uprivatc practice, most of the political leaders lend lip service to dryness. In Finland all the poli- lirians do. exempt the leaders of COAL ^2 FEED Special prices on car lots- Kentucky, Illinois ;mcl Red Ash Conls We Buy Cevn . C. L. BENNETT & CO. ft advantafco .of our cash price" ' !>,!(: ptin nc C"1 ^ D. CANALE & CO. Wholesale Produce - - Groceries - Frnits Oliinst and largest fruit nr.d produce house in thr; 8oi-ti' Jlemphia BLYTJIEVILI.E Helena Clarksdale DRINK--- JNnGrape Bottliii|j; Co. Phone 818 311-313 E. Main Golden Drip Products Arkansas Grocer Co. Blytheville, Ark. •. . Carutheri}yiUe, Mo. For Smoothness and i Cooler. 8 p. m. •July 21st. Wardcll, IPascola, 8p. m. 2:30 p. m July 22nd, Netherlands. 2:30 p. |m. Swift. 8 p. in. July 23(1. Mccarty. 2:30 p. m. Mi- tcola, 8 p. m. July 24th, Deering. 2:30 p. m. July 24th, Bragg City, 8 p. m. Negro 4-H Clubs of County Holding Rally a I Osceola OSCEOLA. Ark.. July 19.—The •annual rally for negro 4-H chib •boys and girls began at 10 o'clock •this morning with i gathering •number that negro county agents, needed an office girl-of-all-«ork. It was a dairy. She applied and got the job and day in and day out. week in and week out she was sure that her liltle. unimportant job was th.-; mosl important thing in the world. "H, to me." she insists today. "I actually think the reason I got ahead was the seriousness and responsibility with which I regarded my work. I think I renlly believed that things in that dairy couldn'l go right il I missed a rlay. So I just nev.^r missed one." More Work t» Conquer Not only that, however. Miss Roberts was so Intrigued by her job lhat she began looking around for more work to do when she finished. Little by little she increased Ihe scope oi her own responsibility. A.S tfie company enlarged so did her Job, and incidentally so did her pay envelope. Ten years ago the company expanded tremendously. The officers of Hie company considered this capable woman who had bulk her life into her business. She already managed the office and more or less directed the salesmen. Why not give her direct charge? They . decided to experiment in having a j woman boss for their men. They ' discovered it worked perfectly. "I think a woman has tha advantage, If anything, over a man in an executive position," Miss Book Giving Tips on Fighting Duels in Possession of Professor. OLD FAMILY CUSTOM DETROIT. <UP)—It's an old fatnily custom, so Elmer II. Favor will marry Elsie Bocs here soon. His brothers. Alvin and Clarence, are already married to Elsie's sisters, Catherine and Regina. They will all live next door to each oilier. Heart Courier News want ads. 666 Relieves a Headaciic or Nfnral in 30 minutes, checks a Cold the iirst day, and chirks Malaria In Ihree days. filiti also in Tablets IT'S WISE TO CHOOSE A SIX : .lljah Thompson and Mary Me- club activities. and demonstratUms in better farm and home practices al the morning session and County Judge Ceo W. Barham and County Agent J E. Crlta of Blytheville were on th< afternoon program for talks or estimated would reach 100 cfore the day was over. Mary Ray and H. C. Ray, negro (llstrlct agricultural and home ^cononitcs agents from T.Htle Reek The eluhs were rep resented: Reiser, Coleman's Farm Luxora, Joiner, Blrdson, Denwood Frenchman's Bayou, Hlckman Bend Smothcrnmi. Flat Lake, Dell, Shon Ivere scheduled to give contests | yo and Sawdust. BY CLINTON SA1INDERS United Press Staff Correspondent JACKSON, Miss. (UP)—Opportunity in this age to smart under he sting of a kid glove against the cheek, or answer the challenge of he Nineteenth Century did, may never present Itself but it probably won't be disadvantageous to know omething cf the technique of the clden duelists. The advice comrs from "Code Duello," a book of tips on dueling etiquette in the possession of Dr. Dunbar Rowland, of the Mississippi historical department. Subtitled, the book might bear the caption, "How to Fight Duels Correctly." Volume Me. 2. which should be captioried. "How to Fght Duels anil Win." is net in Dr. Dunbar's library. "If yon have been insulted in public, by words or behavior of another, do not resent It there, if you have the self-command to avoid It." the author cf "Code Duello" cautions. "If resented there you offer In indignity to the company, which you should not do." Prescriptions fcr duels of every occasion are offered. U is suggested that letters may be offered, demanding apologies, providing the challenge must be accepted, seconds should be carefully chosen, "Cede Duello" suggests. Affairs of hcnor should not be discussed with others, and certainly one should inhale deeply when approached by the challenger. "The offended should avoid use of ap- proMous language," If Is warned in the book. Virtually necessary, the Cede touches upon matters of the actual duel, but the author docs not wax A.S. Barboro&Co., Inc. Blytheville, Ark. Wholesale FftUlTS — NUTS - VEGETABLES BEA-NS — PEAS Serving southern merchants over fifty years. Phone 920. Second and Rose. (Jet out on the straightaway—step on the gas—and you'll know why owners are so enthusiastic about tho Chevrolet Six. At every point on the speedometer you travel smoothly, quietly, safely. You can drive from daybreak to duik —as fast as you please —and never grow weary of the journey. This type of performance is only possible because of sir-cylinder de- i!gn. And sii-cyllndor smoothness nukes possible greater economy—for it saves the car from the strain Chicago Mill ^ Lumber Corporation WE DRY CLEAN OR DYE ANYTHING Blytheville Laundry Phone 327 . <MJ and wear of vibration —resulting In fower adjustments and longer life. Come In. Learn once more to drive a car for the sheer thrill of driving! Somr, DUtlmgulthimg Feminrtt 50-horsepower all-cylinder motor ... full-length frame . . . four semi- elliptic springs . . . fully-enclosed four-wheel brakes . . . four Lovejoy hydraulic shock absorbers... Fisher hardwood-and-steel body . . . safety gasoline tank in the rear . . '. and, for your protection, a newand liberal service policy. IA«Coupt.. Th* Sport Cou KOADSTtR or PHAETON 7ft t Club Stdu Th. S^m (t wtrt whwl» inndtrd) <rory, flint, .VfcM<«n Es '495 I A"*dc«/.i>.»./MfM-r,//i'nr, CHEVROLET W. I. Denton Chevrolet Co. Rlythcville, Ark, S I X - C Y L I M> E H SMOOTHNESS AT LOW COST

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