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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 6

Phoenix, Arizona
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Saturday, January 12, 1924
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THE ARIZONA REPUBLICAN, PHOENIX, SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 12, 1924 -- - PAGE SIX Order Briefs In Rate Case By March 1st At the lose of the hearing of the , complaint filed with the interstate commerce commission attacking the : freight rate on cattle shipments from Arizona to California, Exam-i iner Jewell of the commission, who ; heard the case, directed yesterday -afternoon that the complainants and ' the defendant railroad companies file I their briefs in the case with the i commission on or before March 1. j The case began before Examiner I Jewell In the house chambers at the ; tate capltol on Wednesday and was concluded shortly after 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon with the rebuttal ' testimony of the complainants. During a portion of the morning yesterday, the case was halted Ions enough for the examiner to hear the ; complaint of the Clobe Light and Power company of Globe, attacking the rates from producing points to Globe on fuel oil. This complaint atked for reoaration amounting to , about $1,500. The greater portion of yesterday In the cattle cvse was taken up by ;the Arizona Kastern and thu South- i era Pacific representatives testifying In defense of their rates from Arizona to California on cattle. A number of exhibits were introduced by the carriers relative to cattle rates from Arizona, weights of cattle shipped and shipments made. The defense testimony of the carriers was started on Thursday, afternoon with the testimony of representatives of tha Santa Fe railroad company. Charles E. Blaine of the firm, Jones, Blaine and Jones, traffic counsellors of Phoenix, was the only rebuttal witness introduced by the complainants. The complainant case was handled ' by F. A. Jones, senior member of the firm of .lone. Blaine and Jones. ' A numlitr of prominent railroad officials, Including E. J. Fenchurch of Tucson. . assistant general passenger and freight agent for the Southern Pacific, and B. Levy of San Francisco, general freight nad passenger, assent tof the coast lines of the Santa ' Fe, were present during the hearing, j o ! Boisterous Dogs ; Banned In Order i Of Justice Court j Dogs that ''barked, howled and 'made divers obnoxious noises, night and day," were declared by Justice r fcr.len vesterdav to be a pufo- (lic nuisance and their alleged own ers, Mildred Rerlell and Louis uanei-vitrh. were ordered by the court to abate the nuisance within a week o: pav a fine of $2a each. Neighbors of the two. who live north of town, testified that the dog five in number, disturbed the peace and serenity of an otherwise peaceful neighborhood, disturbed sleep ani caused one resident of the community to move, The defendants In the action asserted that the animals were kii? nrntppt Inn against the theft of ! chickens, but Justicn Bolen decide ilhat the protection was ca eraone ana Issued the order abating the. nuisance. Stewart Held For Court On Charge Of Blanket Theft Frank' Stewart, arrested with Cooper Gibbs la?t week on a charge of grand larceny in connection with the alleged theft of woolen blankets from Pullman cars, was liekl to answer to Superior court at his hearing yesterday before Justice Nat 1. McKee The cliarge against Gibbs was dismissed and the defendant released from custody. Both men are colored. .... Stewart was charged Jointly with i Jibl.a in one complaint and separately in another. Both charges alleeathe iheft ot blankets from Pullman cars in the Arizona Eastern and Santa Fe railroad, Stewart was remanded to the county Jail In default of $1,000 bail to await trial on the c harge. KERR MUSIC CO. 12 North Central Ave. A Large Shimpent of Just Arrived Among the new hits -Isham Jones NEATH EGYPTIAN 0KIKS Forgetful Blues Margaret Toung TOU BETTER KEEP BABYING BABY" He'll Always Ee One of Those Guys t Brox Sisters MTTIN? IN' A CORNER Learn to Do the Strut 1 Isham Jones FITTIN IN A CORNER Dove Is Just a Flower Oriole Orchestra FOOLISH CHILD Carollta Carl Fenton's Orchestra WHEN .LIGHTS ARE LOTV ral of I Dreams Paul Ash Orchestra MT THOUGHTS ARB TOU Half Past Ten Marlon Harris BEFORE YOU GO N'ashville Nightingale Vic Meyers Orchestra MEAN. MEAN MAMMA Shake It and Break It You Are Always Welcome to hear the new numbers, whether you purchase or not. Brunswick Records Play On Any Make Phonograph KERR MUSIC CO. 12 North Central Ave. Phone Leopoldo Montoya Is Found Guilty Of Statutory Rape Leopoldo Montoya. arrested several times during the past few month-' was found guilty of statutory rape 1 f a Jury in Judge Ji. i. imeips um-sion of Superior court yesterday. The jurors were out only 19 minutes. Trial of the case, prosecuted by Deputy County Attorney Howard C. Speakman. opened Thursday morning and the ase was given to the imv late vesterdav afternoon. The verdict was reached, it Is understood, on the first ballot. Montoya will be sentenced at 9:30 o'clock next -Monday morning. . o Water To Be Shut Off On Delinquent Accounts Monday Water rents for the month of December became delinquent January 10 and a number of property owners have failed, thus far, to pay the amounts due. according to the water department at city hall. City Manager Thompson stated yesterday that unless these delinquent accounts are paid on or before Monday, the water will be. turned off until such time as the accounts are paid. o HAYDEN The Magma Copper company of Superior, which has been shipping a large tonnage of ore and concentrates to tho Ifayden smelter since last April, has stopped all shipments to the local smelter. They are now storing their mino and mill products untl 1 March or April, when the Magma smelter will start operations. Miss Cilia Cook, who Epent the holiday vacation with her parents in Texas, returned Sunday to resume her duties a teacher in the Hayden schools. Mrs. Ross Hill, who has been seriously ill with double pneumonia, is reported as slightly improved. Misses Barbara and Louise Rlckles have returned from Flagstaff where they spent the Christmas holidays. C. E. Gilmer, deputy United States marshal, made a business trip to Phoenix Tuesday. Mrs. C. P. Kirkpatrlck delightfully entertained a group of her friends at a bridge party Saturday afternoon. Those present were Mesdames. Nels Johnson, W. I. Garms, Frank Fay. F. J. Tuck, F. TV. MoGuiston, J. p. Sullivm, Charles Hurst, B. E. Phillips. A. G. Files. E. M. Mar-hie, Guy Stevenson, Collier White, N. ; E. Guyer and Carl Spangler. i R. P. Hollis has returned from j Pan Diego where he spent the holi- davs with his family. J H. A. Tye, manager of the Harden smelter for the past five years, has been promoted to the .position of assistant general manager of the American Smelting and Refining company, j of Mexico, which consists of large smelters. He will have headquarters in El Paso. Mr. Eye will be greatly missed'by his many friends in Hayden. The American Jnzr. orchestra of Globe pave a dance. Tuesday night in Tavlor Hatch hall. V. H. Broadbent, teacher in the Superior high school, accompanied by Mrs. Broudbeni and Jir. Janep-ard of Hayden. met with a serious automobile accident on the Superior hill. Mr. Broadbent was shifting gears on his car while about 20 feet from the summit of the hill when the car started backwards. The brakes failed to hold, the top of the car striding a projecting rock, which threw the car over the edge. The car turned over three times before coming to rest. Mrs. Broadbent was seriously injured end did not regain consciousness for 4$ hours, but Is reported to be doing nicely at present. Mr. Broadbent's arm was fractured and his leg badly wrenched. Mr. Bhepard escaped with a few minor bruises. o Arizona Commerce Secretaries Laud Resource Edition Secretaries of Chambers of Commerce of Arizona yesterday extended a vote of thanks to The Arizona Republican for the work in behalf of the state done by the Midwinter Kesource tdition, which was published on December 30. The vote was taken at the luncheon at the Arizona club, where organization of the Commercial Secretaries' bureau of the Arizona Industrial Congress was perfected. The vote was extended because of the "true and striking portrayal of Arizona; because of the results favorable to the entire state which it already is bringing; and because of the invaluable advertising it has given the state," according to H. B. Watkins, secretary of the Phoenix Chamber. In presenting the resolution, Mr. Watkins said, it was urged that one of the most valuable advertisements that could be given to the state would be the sending by every Arizonian of copies of the issue to friends In other states. Report of the Condition of THE VALLEY BANK At Phoenix, In the State of Arizona, at the close of business December 31st, 1923. RESOURCES Loans and Discounts, less due from Directors.. .. Due from Directors Overdrafts United States Bonds '"V State, County and Municipal Bonds .. Other Bonds, Stocks, Securities, eta Banking House, Furniture and Fixtures Kpeci9Ecatnon 'band 'a'nd'du'e from Federal' Reserve?l,535,669.S7 Due from State and National Banks, ...,., innmvnl Reserve Agents i,oJ.u.n Due from State and National Banks, not Reserve Agents Assets not included under above heads, viz: tock in Federal Reserve Bank, San Francisco Titnl - - c - . - LIABILITIES Capital Stock paid in Undivided" Profits Less Current Exp. & Taxes & Interest raid ,.,, Individual Deposits subject to check -8S7.-3 Savings Deposits Demand Certificates of Deposit 050 400 38 Time Certificates of Deposit loro'tl Certified Checks J'jif' ! Cashier's checks outstanding 404.6.5 Due State and National Banks o48.985.37 Reserved for Taxes Total $10,922,811.29 STATE OF ARIZONA. COUNTY OF MARICOPA, ss. - LA. T Esgate, vice president and cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. A. T. ESGATR Vic President and Cashier Subscribed and sworn to before me this 10th day of January. 1924. (Notarial Seal) L. B. JOHNSON, Notary Public My commission expires. -"-192-ORRECTATTEST R. E. MOORE Illinois Journal Praises Grade Of Arizona Lettuce The fame of Arizona lettuce continues to grow throughout the country as the superior quality is quickly recognized and the shipments to the large markets eagerly absorbed by the produce, job bers who recognize the unequall ed excellence of the Arizona pro duct and the rapidity with whic it is sold in the northern and eastern cities. The market news of the Illinois State Journal of Springfield, Ml., in announcing fresh arrivals of fruit and produce on Janjary 5, has this to say about Arizona lettuce: "The first carload of Arizona Iceberg head lettuce has just arrived, each head as firm and fresh as when taken from the soil. The demand promises to be unusual, for this is the season for the Arizona product. It is of better quality than the California lettuce at this time of year, being more solid and therefore favored by the housewife." Legally Binding Agreement Held Essential To Success Of Co-operative Marketing Co-operative marketing was the theme discussed at the meeting of local Farm Bureau members with Geoffrey Morgan, secretary of the Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation, at the Salt River Valley Users association, yesterday. The conference lasted all day and was In the form of a round table discussion. After a sho'rt talk at the morning session. Mr. Morgan announced that he would endeavor to answer any question relative to the work of the bureau In Kentucky and the manner in which the farmers of the state solved their problems. He told the local growers that a co-operative marketing agreement that Is no more binding than the voluntary ale of a commodity through the association is valueless and that it i. necessary to get the growers' signature to a contract that is legally binding liefore an association can function properly. Mr. Morgan said that the Burley Tobacco Growers' association of Kentucky Immediately brings suit against a member who sells his crop in any other manner than through the association and thus far has been successful In winning every case. The visitor said that the commodity sales organizations are made sub sidiary to the Farm Bureau and that while they handle the sales, the Bu Hunt Declares In Pima County Should Be Settled To Protect State If there Is no menace from the infestation of boll weevil to the cotton industry In the state in tho growing of cotton in the areas near Tucson on which the horticultural and agricultural commission of the state has placed a quarantine. Governor Hunt declared in a letter to the Tucson Chamber of Commerce yesterday, all the acreage possible should be planted. If on the other hand there Is a menace In lifting this quarantine from the area, the governor stated, cotton should not be grown In those area. He declared in the letter that politke WUld not enter into the question of lifting the quarantine. The Tucson Chamber of Commerce recently wrote the governor asking that he request the commission to reconsidpr its action in the matter. The letter of the governor yesterday was In answer to that letter and was in part as follows: 'In your communication you suggest that you believe It possible to find a solution to the difficulty. 1 would like a solution arrived at which would not jeopardize the cotton industry of the state. As I view the subject It is an economic and scientific matter. "It the growing of cotton In the Tucson district is a menace to the cotton industry of the state, it should not be grown. If there is no menace there on account of the boll weevil, it is to the advantage of the etate that all the acreage possible be put Into crop. "As governor of the state I am anxious to see as many acres of land planted as possible, yet I do not want to wield a political club over a department which is as free from politics as it is possible to make it." The Tucson Chamber in .its letter suggested if th matter was not reconsidered by the state commission, the question would be taken Into court for settlement at once. The commission indicated that it would $6,120,659.00 S7.850.88 1,366.39 376,576.30 167,000.00 441,350.01 163,973.01 291,968.29 246,963.27 3,242,037.41 80,000.00 $10,922,811.29 $ 750,000.00 250,000.00 78,715.29 9,835,101.25 8,994.75 U D. RICKETTS J. R.TODD Directors LOCAL SETS HEARING The applica tlon Qf the Arizona Tours company of phoenix for a permit to operate service care in Phoenix and vicinity was set for a hearing before the corporation commission on January 29. This company aireaay noins n permit to operate a ejheduled sight seeing bus service. .The application ot the Phoenix Transfer and Stor-ar company, owned by P. M. Clirt- iss, for a. permit to operate transfer trucks in Phoenix was also set for hearing on January 29. POSTPONES HEARING T"e hearing of the application of J. E. Swigert for a permit to operate a freight, express and passenger stage line from Prescott to Crown King was indefinitely postponed yesterday by the corporation commission. The hearing of the application of the Interstate company for permission to extend its stage line from Gila Bend Lto Tucson also was postponed by the commission to February 11. WILL PREACH HERE Rev. C.A. Watson of Los Angeles will preach at the local Free Methodist church Saturday night and at both Sunday services. reau handles all publicity and gath ers information for all sales organizations, which it submits to the association. There is no possible way for the commodity sales organization to function scuces'sfully without the assistance of the Farm Bureau, which handles all activities of the organization except the actual selling, which must be accomplished through the subsidiary. He declared that the association had made the growing of tobacco so profitable in Kentucky that there is danger of the farmers drifting to the single crop system, which he said would be a calamity. The speaker warned the local farmers that economic safy depends upon adherence to a policy of diversified farming and warned them to retain their dairy cows and poultry and to continue the production of varied agricultural products- The afternoon program was continued on the lines of the morning program. Local members of the bureau expressed themselves as highly pleased with tho meeting and many declared that they are going to attend the farm and home to be conducted next week at the state university because of his decision to remain in Arizona and meet with the farmers at their annual gatherings. Cotton Area not reconsider the matter because it felt that by raising the quarantine on the areas adjoining the washes in the t'atalina mountains, which are said to be infested with wild cotton boll weevil, the boll weevil would Infest the domestic cotton grown in thos-o areas. o Rector Will Continue In Church Fight NEW YORK, Jan. 11. Retiring today to a secluded spot in New Jersey to prepare Sunday's sermon, a statement upon which it Is believed he will stand or fall as a clergyman of the Protestant Episcopal church, tho Rev. William Norman Guthrie, rector of ?t. Mar k's In The Bouwerie, is determined, it is understood, to continue services on pagan lines disapproved by Bishop William T. Manning. "r' Dr. Guthrie is confident Ms vestry will stand solidly behind him In the controversy, even to the extent, it was said, of withdrawing from the Episcopal church, 8nd he will insist at thp conference with the Bishop next Monday that .he be permitted to conduct service as he has In the past. It is expected there will be additional conferences before any drastic developments arise. The rector meanwhile is arranging his future church program to include Bahai, Indian and Buddhist rituals. A dance In honor of the Blessed Virgin Is scheduled for the Feast of the Annunciation In March, a Bahal service in April, and the following month a service based on Indian rites at Corn Planting time. Close on these will be a Buddhist service celebrating the time of the full moon. None of the vestrymen of St. Mark's would discuss the situation today. o Republicans Meet To Discuss Plan For Cutting Taxes Continued from Page One) President Coolidge with Senate .nd house Republican leaders during congressional consideration of the tax legislation. The executive held one of these conferences today with Chairman Smoot of the senate finance committee, who reported on Senate sentiment for the Mellon tax reduction plan asrainst soldier bonus legislation. The nature of Senator Smoot'a report was not disclosed but it was indicated that Mr. Coollidge regarded it as encouraging. The president made It clear to visitors today that he would make no announcements anticipating any action by him on bonus legislation, but would stand on his declaration against the bonus In his congressional and budget message. His discussion of the matter, although brief, left no doubt in the minds ot his visitors, however, as to his determination to veto any bonus bill that may be paesed by Coneross Births Reported LA PRADE Born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. La Prade at St. Joseph's hospital yesterday, a fyrl weighing eight pounds nine ounces. The young lady has been named Janice. Mr. and Mrs. La Prade live at 330 Coro-nado road. Mother and daughter are reported doing nicely. BR I Irrigation Report i. rtailv bv the Salt River Valley Water Users' Association Elevation at dam, lineal 189.78 feet Contents reservoir, acre ft-..S37,752 Gain, 24 hours, acr feet -.700 LVvation, year ago, lineal feet 164'8, Contents reservoir, acre eet , year ago 'icc North side use, miners In ,f-?! South side use, miners in 16.456 Weather Forecast Arizona: Fair Saturday and Sun-day, no important change in tern-perature. Weather Report t o a hs 3 22 Sif 92 ? a 11 IS T 2 "1 -3 f iS IT ? 3 e 2 1 P 62 Cloudy .32 42 Cloudy .00 28 Cloudy .00 34 Cloudy .18 42 Clear .00 58 Clear .00 56 Clear .00 32 Snow .04 30 Snow .20 70 Clear .00 14 Snow .01 62 Clear .00 52 Clear .00 66 Clear .54 56 Clear .00 62 Clear .00 42 Snow .01 42 Cloudy .00 28 Clear .00 34 Snow .01 64 Clear .00 60 Clear .00 44 Cloudy .02 33 Cloudy .:i2 64 Pt. Cldy .20 62 Clear .00 62 Clear .02 2 Clear ' .00 68 Clear .00 Boston Buffalo Chicago Denver Flagstaff Fresno Galveston Helena Kansas City.... Dos Angeles ... Minneapolis . . . Needles New Orleans .. New York ..... 36 Oklahoma PHOENIX Pittsburgh Portland, Ore. St. Louis Salt Lake City. . San Diego San Francisco .. Seattle Spokane Tampa Tucson Washington .... Winnipeg Yuma Local Weather Yesterday 6 a.m. Noon 6 p.m. Temp., dry bulb ....34 64 56 Temp., wet bulb ....3-' is 45 39 SW 2 Humidity, per cent.. 80 Wind from E E Wind, miles 6 0 Rainfall 0 0 Weather Clear Clear Clear TiicrVioKt veslerdav 62 Hiehest same date for 28 years... 79 Lowest yesterday 31 Lowest same date ior za yeais....- Total rainfall 0 Deficiency in temperature yester day, 5 degrees. Deficiency in temperature since me first of the month, 6 degrees. a ooirmiiinted deficiency in tem perature since January 1, 6 degrees. Normal precipitation januai w date, .65 inches. Actual precipitation January l to date, 0 inch. Deficiency since January J, .jj Inch. Today: Sun rises 7:32 a. m. Sun sets 5:41 p. m. Moon sets 12:02 a. m.. 13th Forecast to 6 P. M. Saturday For Arizona: Fair tonight, prob-bly frost south-central portion; Sat urday fair. For Phoenix and Vicinity: tair tonight and Saturday; little change in temperature. Weather Conditions Almost tho entire eastern half of the country has been covered by rain or snow in the last 24 hours. More than an inch of rain fell at Galveston and Knoxvllle, Tenn. Rain and snow have also fallen in the northwest. Cold weather prevails in the noith-central states, the lowest temperature, zero, occurring at Huron, S. D. Protect shipments north and east tonight against freezing temperature. ROBERT Q. GRANT. Death And Funeral Announcements Aleen Chilton Aleen Chilton, three year old daughter of A. B. Chilton, died Wednesday niht at her home, 736 West Tuylor street. Funeral services will be conducted at the grave in Forest Lawn cemetery at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon. Rev. J. M. Collins will officiate. o COMPANY FORMS Articles of incorporation have been filed with the Arizona corporation commission by the .Gallagher Vanadium and Rare Minerals corporation. The incorporators were J. N. Gallagher and Mrs. J. N- Gallagher, both of San Antonio, Tex. The capital stock is 4500,000 divided into shares of $1 each. MAY ISSUE STOCK The Hol-brook Title Realty and Guaranty company of Holbrook was authorized by the corporation commission yesterday to issue and sell 800 shares of capital stock at $25 per share. Th Arizona Hotel, Inc.. of Yuma, was granted authority to Issue 200 shares of capital stock to E. F. Sanguineus J. E. Franklin and Paul Moretti, in exchange for property. The tr value of each share is $500. MESSAGE FOR YOU The Western Union has undelivered telegrams for the following: Illinois Electric company; Mr. and Mrs. Dan Arn-steln, Doyle and Wrlsten. E. P. Partington, E.E. Wakefield. H. D. Brown, Mrs. G. W. Yeager, Mrs. George Em. mett, Mra. M. L. Lafferty, and J. W. Hill. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY WELL furnished house, near Carl-tol. $40. 218 South 11th Ave. lk FOR RENT 10 or 2' acres old alfalfa land either for cotton or alfalfa; northeast; cash rent, rhone 8649. hi; LOST Two black horses, two bay mules. Call 216R11. db FOR RENT 3 -room house, large Bleeping room and bath, gas lights, garage. Phone 8649. h HaiRimiia BLACK A WHITE TAXI ! 4422 ' m ALL NIGHT SERVICE m oiiiaioiaa E F S Do You Know That the pure drinking water of Phoenix is assured by the city's $2,000,000 Verde water system. DANIEL BOONE. CLUB MEETS Members of the Daniel Boone club will have a regular meeting tonight at the Y. M. C. A. The "notchers" are progressing rapidly under the supervision of Mr. Reeves, the boys' work secretary and several have already received their notches for the month's work. SATURDAY BRIDGE TEA. The regular Saturday bridge tea will attract many to the Country club this afternoon. The hostesses, will be Mrs. E. .1. Bennltt, chairman; Mrs. T. C McReynolds, Mrs. B. M. Gold-water, Mrs. W. E. J. Holmes. Mrs. M. II. McCalla, Mrs. J. W. Dorris, Mrs. Milton P. Smith and Mrs. Carl COMMUNITY BIBLE CLASS. Miss Emma Woolsey, accompaniea by her brother, John Woolsey, and I C. Daggett will be the soloists at the Community Bible class tomorrow mommg at the Columbia theater. Mr. Daggett will fing "His Eye Is on the Sparrow." The class meets from 9:"0 to 10:30 a. m. ALUMNI TO MEET. St. Joseph's Alumni association .will noid a dubi .,oa ,,,notini at 3 o'clock this after noon. January 12, at the Nurses' Home, Fourth and PolK streets, aw k-pd to be present. ORDER OF RAINBOW TO MEET There will be a business meeting of the Order of tho Rainbow at 7:30 o'clock this evening at the Masonic temple. Officers for th ensuing year will be elected and all members RECITAL THIS AFTERNOON The recital this atternoon ai m Arizona School of Music will be given by young rupils in piano, violin, vn,-ocUinn nmi jlaneinff.. The pro gram will begin at 4 o'clock and the public is cordially inviteu. TO BE SENTENCED MONDAY ci.o ioi v arrested on a charge of obtaining money and property by means or a bogus ciicck, yieau riitv hrfnr Kunerior Judge M. T. Phelps yesterday. He will be sen tenced at 9:30 o'clock Monaay murn-insr. according to a court order is sued by Judge Phelps. PLEADS GUILTY Jose Arguew, nlea of euilty to a charge of burglary before Judge M. t -pheina vpsterdav. will be sen tenced next Tuesday morning. Ar- gueta was arrested ana cnargea Jointly with Jesus Arvisn. but a sev-bv Judge Phelps before Argueta's arraignment and plea. wil L MAKE ADDRESS John Elders, who claims to be one of the oldest residents of Maricopa county, will make an address in tne city nan nii-ir at 1 nvinfVr Snndav afternoon on the subject, "Can God Fail.' Spe cial invitation Is extenaed Dy xur. Elders for all old time resiaenis vi the citv to attend the meeting. RETURN FROM COAST Mr. and m.-s KVoii n .Ti.hnson have returned from a three weeks' vacation trip to the const. THESE WILL MARRY Marriage Urr-nspt were issued by the clerk of the Superior court yesterday to William W. Crawfoid of La Habra, Calif., and Ruth F. Bates of Phoenix: i;- nacio Witamella and iiana jjinim- erez of Guadalupe. TWO FINED 510 tAt-M k. Jones and It. Fair, arrested Dy Countv Motorcycle Officer Palmer, entered pleas of g'lilty to charges ot speeding before Justice Fred C-Bolen yesterday and were fined $19 each. Jones was tagged on North Central avenue and Farr was picked up on East Van Buren. PLEADS NOT GUILTY. .Jose Pena, charged with failure to provide for a minor child, entered a plea of not guilty at his arraignment before Superior Judge M. T. Phelps yesterday and his case has been set down for trial January 31. TRIAL DATE SET Jose Martinez, arrested by county officers on a charge of disturbing the peace, entered a plea of not truilty before Justice Nat T. McKee yesterday and was released on his own recognizance to appear for trial at 10 o'clock this morning. CITY PLANNING COMMISSION MEETS MONDAY All members of thS city planning commission are urged to attend a meeting to be held at S o'clock Monday evening at the citv hall. Officers for the ensuing two years will be elected at the meeting. BUILDING PERMITS Permits were Issued by Inspector E. W. Bacon yesterday to Ida Wimberly for construttion of a concrete block residence at 910 West Buchanan street, to cost $2,000 and to H. H- Mills for construction of two residences for the D. B. Heard Investment company. o- NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC Phoenix Planing Mill and Ohlrau Lumber Yard, enough said. New location, 1st t. and Jackson. bk CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank onr many friends for their kindness and goodness to us during the illness and death of our darling badv. MR- and MRS. WALTER WATSON. o Card of Thanks We wish to thank our friends for their sympathy and kindness during the sickness and death of our wife and mother; aluo the Phoenix Fire department, Spanish American War Veterans and the Porfierlo Dlaa lodge. A. B. DELGADO and BONS. For Better OTSsse Optica Company E. Washington LACHSM.TM CMU. aKMOuno CMAMOMh aas . Phone 623S ne 6235 Courier Praises The Republican's Resource Edition The Phoenix Republican last Sunday Issued its Mid-Winter Resource edition, probably the best special number ever issued by it or any other publication in Arizona. The edition contained 144 pages devoted to the state and giving emphasis to the leading industries. Mining; and agriculture, being Arizona's chief activities, were stressed in an interesting and exhaustive manner, and the paper was 'a credit to those who produced it. No section of the state was neglected and the varied features of the Developing Empire were portrayed with unusual skill. The edition in one that citizens of the state will want to send away cause. Prescott Courier, and Veep for reference. It was a splendid achievement in a worthy ARRIVALS AT LOCAL HOTELS I HOTEL ADAMS W. G. Brady. Los Angeles; J. H. Schaffer, Chicago; Hazel E. Powell, Tucson; G. W. Protzman, El Taso; Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Dicker. Salt Lake; J. B. Malott, Salt Lake; F. J. Foss, Chicago; R. L. Healy and family, city; Dr. B. O. Myra, New Mexico: H. Swearenger, El Paso; W. G. Brady, Los Angeles; Mr. and Mrs. at tv T.imd Tucson: Mary Fhelan, Globe; Anna Brig-. Globe; J. Glea-son, Arizona: I). J. Roberts, El. Paso; Mrs. Dan DeWitt, Columbus; Gertrude Evans, Columbus; J. J. Eoth-man, St. Louis; S. Bothman, St. Louis; M. B. Sayen, St. Louis; Joe Buzz!, St. Louis; T. II. M. Kevitt, Globe; Mr. ar.d Mrs. J L. Mullen. Bangor, Me; D. King. Clifton; A. I Terrv. Clifton; Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Elliott, Clifton; Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Crawford. Los Angeles; Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Liggett, Wichita: R. K. Davis. San Francisco: E. A. Sawyer. Win-low; T. K. Hull. Winslow: C. G. Cline, Los Angeles; W. H. Hutching San Francisco; W. O. Ernest. Los Angeles; E. M. Russell. Winslow: O. H. Dowell. Bisbee; Emil Sen lea. Los Angeles; Max C. Cohen, Los Angeles; J. W. Dunham Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs, J ruu. Walter Rock. Blsbee; L. M. Cormi-land, El Paso; Mr. and Mrs. R. M-Reynolds, Lordsburg, N. M.; K. u. Bundick, Pt. Joseph; H. R. Johnson. El Paso; .M- J- Hersch. Kansas City, J. W. Baker, Los Angeles; Mrs. Hugp Richards. Prescott: E. E KuMrtl. Tucson; Mr. and Mrs. G. W ButreL Canyon City. Calif; Charlott Hodgson, San Francisco. I HOTEL JEFFERSON . . m,.iiaAn Xfra f! TI. Studley. Ray; Mrs. C. A. Luneke. Ray R. H. Ralney. Ray; E. p. Hig- don. Los Angeles; L. J-Vi?? Angeles; S. Heymann. Oshkosh. Wis. . Mrs. L. 1L Watkins and child. No-Mr Georgia Murray, Blsbee; Miss J. A. Collins, city; Alice B. mr-vey. Los Angeles; Mr. and Mrs. Owen Hawkfns. Globe; J W &S?n Miami: J. S. Lincoln. St Louis: W. Hamilton, Denver; Mr. G. IL Madden. Nogalea; F. I G"ter. Safford; Ralph iaoJ George L. Perry. Globe; D. IL Ru-selt Tucson; Isabel M. Ray. P-cott: Mrs. J. C. Hurst. P": It. Sims, IX), Angeles; V . U Utile. Tucson; Mr. ami Mrs. 1. H. bKia-more. Kansas City; Mr W. ""jnln. city; Joe Erickson. Missoula, Mont.. Carl A. Benjamin, iuwuu. COMMERCIAL -. TiAtAr.nn t Ansreles: L. J. Cotton, Los Angeles; Mrs. M. Herlick. Pasadena: Mr. and Mrs V. Moore. Birmingham; Paul g. ilson. Do, Angeles; C W. Young. If- An-geles; D. L, Tharmon H. Hobson, Salt Lake City; J. E. Cavenaugh. Tombstone; Mr"- j-McClusky. Kansas City; D. J. and son. Los Angeles: erson. Arlington: A. W. Davis. Preecott: H. Harth. Prescott; R. Raymond, Flagstaff; Mrs. P. Ryan, city; C. Arnold. 5thlev N. M.; G. Arnold, Stanley. N 51 C jefferles, Williams; W B. book. Pittsburg; G. Peffley. Los Angeles; L Cobey, Los Angeles; Zee Havs Globe; L. Anderson. Arlington; H H. Humphreys, Avandale; C. K. Short. Prescott; E. R. Stauffer. Prescott. a, ? SAVOY HOTEL i Florence MacDonald, Grand Forks, N. D.; Paul C. Miller. Denver; C. Weber, city: C. Kuthe. city; Mr. anrt Mrs. John Rinaker. Sprnlgerfle.d; J. G. Rinaker, Jr.. Sprineerfield; T. M. Cardwell and family, Capltan, N. M-l O. W. Kaiser. Teras; J. B. Law son, Dos Angeles; Mrs. E. E. Davis, Spencer. : f - T FORD HOTEL I G II. Griffith. Long Beach; Lee Griffith. Long Beach: II. Larmer. Long Beach; H. Schaffer, Long Beach; A. If. Sweeney. Long Beach: . t-. ti.-.i. .Hv TTaves. Los Angeles; W. J. Franey, PaJt LaJte City; Mr. ana Mrs. . u. " Chlno Valley; Mr. and Mrs II. A Brown. G1U Bend; Mr and Mrs, V. J. Murphy, Gila Bend; L B. Hooper, city; A. Miller. Ray; J. C. Sanders, Miami. I A HOTEL READING tn T. ofhha Triwott? J. P. Mur- phy, Prescott: C. Olson. Laramie: Jane Hurst. Tucson; Ray Herbert, Cuba. I1L; Ernest Book, Edgeley. N. D.; Mr. and Mrs, J. S. Dlmon. Long Beach; Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Nelson, Damson. Tex.; R. W. Dudley. No-gales; Mr. and Mrs. Frert Schmidt, Chicago: J. Hughes, city. . ICE Office II N. 4th t. Phone 066 CONSTABLE ICE & FUEL CO. Best grade Gallup Lump Coal Quality Service Phone 6 5 5 5x WOODCOAL PHONE 2S? ROOSE VELT The Ladles' Aid Society met Wednesday afternoon at the neighborhood house for their annual election of officers. Those elected were: President, Mrs. II. E. Austin; vice-president, Mrs. J. J. Gould; secretary and treasurer, Mrs. F. H. Flnnicau After a short business session the meeting adjourned for a social hour. G. M. Butler, dean of the College of Mines and Engineering of the University ot Arizona, gave an Interesting and instructive lecture on "Cleopatra's Jewels and Wonders ot the Mineral World." in the neighborhood bouse last Wednesday evening. This was the third number of an ex eeptionaJly good lecture course wlilctt the Farm Bureau Is sponsoring. The. next number will be on Wednesday evening, February 6, when Dean Thornberr of the University wllj speak on "Cabbages and Kings." The Woman's club will hold Its regular meeting nf t Thursday after noon at neighborhood house at J:H o'clock. Mrs. E. T. Smith will be chairman of an interesting program, one number of which will be a tuns by Rev. Victor A. Rule, pastor of the First Presbyterian church of Phoe nix. on "Woman's Place in Polttiea All the ladies are cordially invited te attend. The honor roll In the gram mis school for December Is as follows, First rrade. Freeman, Wilson, Mr- garet Read. James Horan; second grade, Minnie Flack, Henry Austen. Geneva Starr, Eliza Moreno; fifth grade, Clyde Simmons, John Brooks, Lewis Iledgpeth, Arline Wells, Lola Boone, Bessie IJndsay; sixth grade, Dorothy Roby. Edna Dockery, Emlle Herscher; seventh grade, Frances Richards; eighth grade. Alma Par ker, Lucy Tatum: east ward, Loralna Richsmond, Willie Richsmond. The boys and girls basketball teams played the Wison teams on the home courts Wednesday sfter-noon, the girls winning by a score ef 18 to 0, and the boys losing; by score of 17 to 18. The Farm Bureau held Us ennusi election of officers a week i Thursday evening at neighborhood house, Ij. R. Baldwin being electtJ president, Ed Sweltzer, vice-president, and J. M. Reed, secretary and treasurer. Directors elected are O, M. Lassen, Truman Hopkins, E- D. Ryder and Allan Wilkinson. Dwlght B. Heard and W. R. Strong were elected directors in the Roosevelt Hay Growers' association, with E. D Ryder for the Arizona Dairy Pro. ducers association and Dwlghfl B, Heard director for the Grain Grow ers' association. The outgoing rri. cers are E. D. Ryder, president; 0. M. Lassen, vlca-presldent, and Allea Wilkinson, secretary-treasurer. Mn and Mrs. IL O. Roetier of Chattanooga, Tenn., are guests at the home of their son, C. H. Roeser for a month or so this winter. Haynes Mixon, has purchased the Medlgovlch ranch in Laveen acd moved his family there last week. Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Roeser, Mr. and Mrs. IL O. Roeser and Mrs. James McRae motored to Roosevelt Dam Wednesday. Mrs. Harry Amster of Jerome wss a guest of Mrs. F. D. McDonald Tuesday. Mrs. Fimon Morton of Idaho Falls, Ida, is spending the winter with her son who is employed at the Heard ranch. Mrs. Morton's sister, Miss Ida Undghum, also of Idaho Falls, is visiting her sister for a short time this winter. John W. Davis has gone to Durant, Okla., where he will remain tor month or more on business. J. W. Anderson, who has been run nlng a dairy on the Fuqua ranch e the Tempo road, has leased a ranch on West road where he will raise cotton. The many friends of Miss Georgia Bradley will be glad to hear of her return to this community after spending several months visiting relatives in Missouri. Mrs. T. J. Ciowl had as dlnnai guests Sunday, Mrs. Lena Marlmon, principal of the Riverside school, and her mother. Mrs. Hartfleld. H. E. Austen and father-in-law. X D. Burch motored to Roosevelt Danj Friday. Hot house plants! Most of us! Indoors all day. No chance to har den up. Change of temp, Br-r-r-r! we chill. - Drafts! Colds! Ush! The thing is to take commonsense precautions. A light overcoat is one; avoiding drafts another. Fast walkers should wear their coats ori their arm ; then slip it on while cooling off, as an athlete does his sweater. Overcoats $35 and up. McDougall & Cassou Washington Street Loans Easy 1 J VJll I 300 at lawful atee. en your furniture, piano, automobile, livestock. Implements, te. Repay in small monthly psy msnts If desired. Ample funds. Just and courteous treatment. Strictly confidential. PEOPLE'S LOAN AND INVESTMENT COMPANY Phowa 6398 13 East Washington e

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