Daily Sitka Sentinel from Sitka, Alaska on August 31, 1983 · Page 7
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Daily Sitka Sentinel from Sitka, Alaska · Page 7

Sitka, Alaska
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 31, 1983
Page 7
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IN TWO POLAND CITIES: WANT ADVANTAGE: Riot police watched the marchers but did not interfere with them. |. * Riot police were deployed in force in Warsaw, Gdansk and Nowa Huta in anticipation of protests on the anniversary of the Gdansk agreement authorizing the first legal'unions in the Soviet bloc independent of party control. ...- By BRYAN BRUMLEY Associated Press Writer WARSAW, Poland (AP) ~ Riot police clashed with 10,000 marching workers today in Nowa Huta, and 5,000 Solidarity supporters marched in Warsaw on the third anniversary of the founding of the first independent labor union in the Soviet bloc. . The marchers turned out in response to a call from Solidarity's underground committee to boycott public transport and SUWANEE, Ga. (AP) -- A fill the streets demanding the fire gutted a cottage-style dor- right to form unions independ- mitory at a home for mentally she said "We're trying to get ent of Communist Party con- retarded -adults early today, things under'control. We don't tro1 - killing eight handicapped In Gdansk, the birthplace of people, authorities said, the outlawed independent labor "it's probably the worst fire federation, its leader Lech Wa- since I've been with the depart- Alaska Primary Set Early By HAL SPENCER Associated Press Writer JUNEAU CAP) -- Alaska's first presidential Eight Killed in Fire At Institution Dorm "A lot of them slept right through it. Thank goodness," Lento shi anfc; but j full riot gear kept them away from the workers' monument nearby. A government spokesman said the small crowd marched sistant fire chief of Gwinnett County. The fire broke out about 1:30 a.m. at Annandale Village near Suwanee, about 35 miles northeast of Atlanta. Authorities said there were 16 residents and to the Church of St. Brygida, four staff members in the dor- where Walesa visited his confessor, the Rev. Henryk Jan- cape, kowski. The labor leader was Authorities expected to return to the monument later for a wreath-placing ceremony at which he said he Two residents were hospitalized mitory, and 12 managed to es- said the dead were four men and four women, all mentally handicapped. want them to panic." Griffin said the cause of the fire was not known, but it may have started in a basement util- cottage collapsed into the basement, where most of the bodies were found, he said. Griffin said it took nearly two hours to bring the fire under control, and the building was gutted. The building was equipped with smoke detectors and fire party they choose, McAlpine until Dec. 27 to decide, said. McAlpine said he decided to He said a statement of hold the primary only seven days primary preference for a particular party after the season's first primary election will be held March 13 and would not affect the way the voter -- in New Hampshire -- on the will be closed to those unwilling is listed on voter registration fear that the Alaska event might rolls. "It won't change voter get lost in the flood of other registrations," he said. He ad- primaries if it were held any ded, however, that the later. statements are public record and "We think it will be the first McAlpine said he switched the could be used by political parties western primary," he said, date from the third Tuesday in seeking support for candidates adding that Alaska could be seen during the ensuing election season. McAlpine is assuming the Libertarians will want to be on the ballot, even though their national convention has taken place, and the question of binding to vote the slate of one of the state's three biggest parties, Lt. Gov. Stephen McAlpine said Tuesday. ' · _ . April -- his legal prerogative -to give Alaska a jump on several other primaries, especially among western states. He said he was ordering the primary "closed" on the advice of the attorney general's office, by candidates as a "barometer" of western sentiment since many of the state's concerns are shared by other western states. He said he had received indications that Democratic hopeful Sen. John Glenn of Ohio is He said to allow Alaskans to delegates to specific Libertarian interested in showing up to stump vote as independents would defeat the statutory purpose of delegates to support specific ·candidates at national party conventions. Alaskans not registered as Republicans, Democrats or Libertarians still will be permitted to vote in the primary, but only if they publicly state and sign a statement that they prefer candidates appears irrelevant. He said it would be left to Libertarian leaders to decide whether the party should be on the ballot. The party would have during the primary. McAlpine said the election likely would cost "slightly more" than the $1 million appropriated by the 1983 Legislature. might speak in defiance of a government ban. In Nowa Huta, a southern industrial city, witnesses said 10,000 workers poured out of the Lenin Steelworks and marched toward the center of the city, Helmeted riot police fired tear me nt, where most of the bodies gas to try to turn them back, were found, he said. and the marchers pelted the po- for treatment of minor burns and smoke inhalation. Griffin said the cause of the fire was not known, but it may have started in a basement utility room. The main floor of the cottage collapsed into the base- alarms and the fire department one of the three parties. At that had conducted drills at the point, those voters will be handed home recently, Griffin said. a ballot containing the slate of the Watt Lists Priorities For National Parks Rejected Suitor Tells Of Strangling Actress lice with stones. A spokesman at the steel works said the crowd also stoned streetcars. In Warsaw, 1,000 workers marched six miles from the Huta Warszawa steel mill, forming the nucleus of a crowd 5,000 strong that chanted "Solidarity" and "Lech Walesa" as it marched on Marszalkowska, the capital's main street. Jean Carnright, secretary to the director at the home, said the fire began about 1:30 a.m. "We assume it (the cause) was the wiring but it is being investigated," she said. "It's just awful. I just can't talk about it." . . ' Ms. Carnright said no other buildings were damaged and many other residents were not aware of the fire until they awoke. PORT ANGELES, Wash. (AP) -- National park concessionaires must be allowed to take steps to boost profits, but not at the expense of commercializing the parks, Interior Secretary James Watt said. Higher profits for concessionaires mean more income to finance park operations, and "taking care of the plumbing" takes precedence over improving trails, Watt said Tuesday. At Olympic National Park, Mount Rainier National Park. His two-day visit to Washington state was not announced in advance, National Park Service of f icials said. Because of what he called previous neglect of national park roads, sewers and other facilities, Watt said the Reagan administration faced a $1 billion rebuilding job upon taking office in 1980. As part of that effort, Olympic ··*··············*·······················] Coliseum Ctoin ZEfjeatre Ph. 747-6920 OPEN 6:30 PM for EVE. SHOWS CHRISTOPHER . REEVE RICHARD PRYOR . How Playing Cinema I Show Times: 7:00 Out 9:13 ; - 9:20 Out 11:33 " · ' Sat Sun Matinees: 1:00 Out 3:13; 3:30 Out 5:43 $1 off all matinee seats! Snack Bar Open Daily at 2:30 Now Playing Cinema I Show Times: 7:00 Out 9:09 9:25 Out 11:34 Sat Sun Matinees: 1:00 Out 3:09; 3:30 Out 5:39 We now have Ice Cream plus Try our large 32 oz pop with hot nachosl A different kind of game. WAR MGM/UA Starting Sept. 1-Snack Bar Open Daily at 2:301 $800,000 has been spent to has been a leading recipient of rehabilitate Sol Due Hot Springs funds, getting $10 million in the ; Resort, and Lake Crescent Lodge past few years, Watt said.' Much is due for renovation, he noted. of the money has been spent on Watt was met by a standing- improving the winding roads that room-only crowd of Olympic carry tourists and log trucks workers, guests and reporters at around Lake Crescent, park headquarters a day after he addressed a similar gathering at When asked by Olympic park By LINDA DEUTSCH Associated Press Writer SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) -- A 27-year-old chef says he "exploded" in a fit of rage and strangled actress Dominique Dunne when she tried to call off their love affair. "I just lost my temper," John Sweeney testified at his murder trial Tuesday. "I remember just like exploding ... I just exploded and lunged at her." Sweeney, speaking in a monotone, recounted the events of last Oct. 30 when the 22-year- old Miss Dunne, who appeared in the movie "Poltergeist," was found unconcious on the lawn of the West Hollywood home she shared with the defendant. But Sweeney said he had no Snake Bite Proves Fatal LONG BOTTOM, W.Va. (AP) -- A man bitten in the arm by a poisonous snake during a reli- . .worker.Tom Shindler about tHei-Bums ntua at - an._ isolated Watch the Jerry Lewis LaborDay Telethon forttte Muscular Dystrophy Association. Sunday, Sept. 4 6:QOpm Channel 3 regularly trav^ed frorru "^ Durin S Sweeney's testimony, :y to take parkin* snake-'' ! *J l j" t - ' e j \ :'-,' Y " l ; 'handling c^rmr-rc anH Hi«*H "tho COUrtrOOni While the DrOSCCUtor, an advocate of good trails b u t ) nana " n services ana aiea me f country trails, Watt said he was u Kentucky to take parkin snake" believed in fixing the plumbing |. wa ^ ne first. He also said a variety of · savs trails is needed in national parks, including some accessible to the handicapped. wanted," a relative Watt also said park service officials would be eager to acquire more land, but only on a "willing seller and willing buyer" basis. He said he opposed the use of condemnation to add land to the national park system. INTRODUCING CAT POWER YOU KON. New from Caterpillar and NC. Machinery--Plus 3 guarantees and special financing. Financing is now available at the unheard of rates of 6.5%, 7.5% and 8.5% on three, four and five year terms respectively. Choose any one of 25 selected new Caterpillar machines. Seattle (206)251-5800 Tacoma (206) 383-3066 Mt. Vernon (206) 424-4292 Chehalis (206) 748-8845 Anchorage. (907)561-1766 Fairbanks (907)452-7251 Juneau (907)789-0181 Kelchikan (907)225-6111 Plus 3 is more than just financing. Plus 3 offers special guarantees to keep your Cat equipment operating. · 3 year/5,000 hour power train warranty · 48 hour parts availability guarantee* » 48 hour machine availability guarantee Call your NC Machinery representative for further details. Mack Ray Wolford, 39, of Phelps, Ky., died Sunday night, eight hours after being bitten by a rattlesnake, according to Sue Walker, a dispatcher at the Welch state police detachment. A relative who lived next door to the victim said Wolford regularly journeyed to the West Virginia church where the snake-handling ceremony was held. "Kentucky has a law that won't let them have that sort of thing," said Mrs. Mack Wolford, who is married to a first- cousin namesake of the victim. "It's sad, but that's what he wanted. That's the way he wanted to die," she said. Michael Steele, of the Little Huff Rescue Squad, said Wolford was bitten about 2 p.m. Sunday. Help was summoned eight hours later. "It's the religion," Steele said. "They don't believe in going to the hospital when they get bit because they don't believe they're going to die." Snake-handling is a ritual employed in some predominantly rural Christian churches as a demonstration of faith. It is based on a Biblical passage from the Book of Mark, which says: "They shall take up serpents: and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover." Daily Sitka Sentinel, Sitka, Alaska, Wednesday, August 31, 1983, Page 7 Carter Backs Mondale? ELLIJAY, Ga. (AP) -- Jimmy Carter says he would vote for Walter Mondale for president next year, but will not campaign actively to help his former vice president win a term in the White House, Mondale, who was vice president from 1977 through 1980, held a private, hour-long meeting with the former president in Carter's secluded mountain cabin before talking with reporters. Mondale said he had asked Carter to campaign for him, and that Carter had "made it clear he will support me." Asked how he would campaign for Mondale, Carter responded: "I don't intend to campaign actively in 1984,1 have made it plain that he has my complete confidence and I do support him." "I've never made it a secret that I would vote for Fritz Mondale," Carter said. "But I'm not going to get out and take an active role in the campaign." Big Birthday Event .GLEN BUNIE, Md. (AP) - Guy Hobbs is the first to admit he's anything but light on his feet. But the 310-pound father of eight has made his debut as a go-go dancer, shaking down to a metallic G-string and white socks for an all-female birthday party. "I arrived just before I was supposed to dance -- so I wouldn't have time to lose my nerve," said Hobbs, 44. But now, Hobbs, who is unemployed, says he wouldn't mind returning to the dance floor for another show -- and another $50 fee. Hobbs was one of about 30 king-size men who responded to a classified ad which read: "Help wanted: male go-go dancers, weighing 350 IDS. or more. This is not a joke. CallJessie orBev." The ad was placed by Jessie Taylor, who was planning a 41st birthday party for friend Juanita Nickol. After watching a perspiring Hobbs wind up his routine to a pulsating disco beat at her party Wednesday night, Ms. Nickol said the performance was "neat." Marriages Increase WASHINGTON ( A P ) -- A record number of American couples went to the altar in 1980 -- their ranks swelled by a large contingent of people who were remarried. In a report released Monday, the National Center for Health Statistics said 44 percent of the 2,390,252 couples wed in 1980 included partners who had been married before. In 1970, 31 percent of the couples who were married included partners made return trips to the altar, the report said. The number of marriages in 1980 was 59,000 higher than the 1979 total, the report said.- Provisional- figures compiled by the agency .indicate the number of marriages increased in 1981 and 1982 buthad declined so far this year. Westerners Healthier? WASHINGTON (AP) -- Residents of Western states spend less time in hospitals than other Americans, but it's unclear whether they benefit from shorter stays, according to a congressional study. The average hospital stay in the West is 6.1 days, compared to a typical stay of 8.5 days in the Northeast, according to the study released Monday by the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment. The average stay is 7.5 days in Northcentral states and 6.8 days in the South, with a national average of 7.3 days. Americans would spend 44 million fewer days in the hospital if the short stays in the West became commonplace nationwide, the report said. Mom to Get Son? WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) -- The former babysitter of a 5- year-old boy predicts a court decision that could send the youngster back to his mother will have a bad effect on the child. "I feel very bad about it because we are Daryl's family," said Dorothy A. Marx, who with her husband James was granted custody of Daryl Smith in February 1982. "We a re the only family he knows." Superior Court Judge Clarence W. Taylor, ruling Monday that Family Court Judge John T. Gallagher was wrong to deny the child's mother custody, sent the case back to Family Court. The mother, Brenda S. Smith, 25, expressed relief "this thing is just about over." The Marxes had been caring for the boy since Mrs. Smith was injured in a 1978 traffic accident. memory of the moment he strangled the actress he had lived with for eight months. "I only know from the point where I stopped," he said. "When we were in the driveway ... I remember feeling Dominique underneath me. I saw Dominique's face and at that time I knew I had my hands around her neck." He said he got into an argument with Miss Dunne after she phoned him at the Ma Maison restaurant where he worked and announced she had changed her mind and would not resume their affair. They had been separated for a few weeks, he said, because of a previous violent confrontation in which he threw her to the floor. Sweeney said that until Oct. 30, he believed they would get back together but on that day she changed her mind. He said he rushed to the house to see her and the fight climaxed a day he had spent laboring over Halloween gifts for her, including a chocolate e of her face. .-juror's 'were ' excused from the defendant's testimony as not credible. He won permission from Superior Court Judge Burton Katz to question Sweeney on cross-examination about other alleged beatings Miss Dunne suffered before their final fight. "It was a violent, stormy relationship in which there were acts of violence placed on Dominique Dunne on more than three occasions," Barshop said. Sweeney has pleaded innocent to a murder charge in the strangling attack which caused Miss Dunne's death five days later. Katz has ruled that Sweeney cannot be found guilty of first- degree murder because there was no evidence that the attack was deliberate or premeditated. Riggs'Air Service 966-2444 Flying S.E. Alaska Fishing, Hunting, Sightseeing. Passenger Freight Charter Flights -Cessna A mphibian Aircraft Based at Sitka Airport next to Terminal BIdg. Owned Operated by Bob Riggs - Box 883 ('special conditions in Alaska) Good service at a good price. That's homeowners insurance the State Farm way. If you 're looking for real value in homeowners insurance, call me. N C MACHINERY CO BRANCHES IN WESTERN WASHINGTON AND ALASKA YOUR CATERPILLAR DEALER Caterpillar. Car and CH are Trademarks ol CateroiRar Tracior Co - '-^W- 1*1 DENNIS G. WALLIN, Agent Agent, Across from SheffieW Stka, 204 Katfian St., Sitka 99835, Box 2646, Bus: 7-5801; Res: 7-3726 Like a good neighbor. State Farm is there. Stale Parm Ftre and Casualty Company Home OT ices Bloomington. Illinois STATE FARM I N S U R A N C E ® Tank Taken for Ride BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) -- A transient who stole a two-track, 50-ton M-88 tank recovery vehicle from a National Guard armory said he did it because he had been turned down for a job at the armory, the sheriff says. A police dispatcher received a report that the vehicle, used for hauling tanks that get into trouble, was heading east out of Billings on Interstate 94. "Sure enough, there was a tank, rolling along at about 25 miles an hour," Yellowstone County Sheriff Michael Shaf er said Monday. James Snow, 36, was pulled over about five miles from Billings. He said he was driving to Minnesota to visit relatives and was booked for investigation of felony theft, the sheriff said. Parents to Gather Three to Five Preschool will hold its annual parents meeting? p.m. Wednesday in the Presbyterian Church. The meeting will include election of board of directors and final registration of children. Classes will begin Sept. 6 for three-year- olds and Sept. 7 for four-year-olds.

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