Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 4, 1925 · Page 2
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 2

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1925
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE ARIZONA REPUBLICAN, PHOENIX, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 4, 1925 One Criminal Libel Charge Against Editor George , Lynn Dismissed In Justice Court Republican A. P. Leased Wire YUMA, Ariz.. June 3 One of the three charges of criminal libel filed aralnst George TV. Lynn, publisher of the Turn Herald was dismissed late today after a preliminary hear-in; before Justice of Peace J. H. Smith. On two other charges of libel. Lynn has been held to answer In the superior court and the trial of one of these cases will start her tomorrow. K. K. Sanguineus. Yuma merchant, is the complaining witness in each case. Justice Smith ruled that no malice had been shown by the state and that Lynn would b found not guilty. The. charge was based on an announcement published in the Herald last month statins-that an affidavit telling of a business deal between E. F. Sanjuinetti and Cyrus P. Holt in lJf2 woAild be printed in the paper oon. J Defence counsel contended that, taken iVi connection with the affidavit the announcement was not libelous, iand this contention was upheld hy-ithe court. Counsel also contended lhat Lynn was exercising the rights dT a free press, as guaranteed by th'bill of rights, in publishing both n dWuncement and affidavit. It was the state's contention, however, that Lyrn had gone beyond his rights In printing matter reflected on the character of the complaining witness. -t Trial-of th cas took all day and nearly t score of witnesses testified. Sansuinetti was called to the st.ind by th Mefense and examined in detail concerning the business deal with Holt. He said he had purchased 4ft acreg of land from Holt for JloO in l?02.'and that It was a fair price for thetland at that time. Holt con tradicted this In his testimony, declaring that he only borrowed. JlaO from SanguinettI and thought at the time he was signing a mortgage on i , j i.,,. lAnA ltor tr wax a. 1 1 1 r" idim uui " . j v v, - - - , deed to which he had affixed his . signature. Several early settlers of Arizona were called by the state In an effort to show that $150 was a-fair price in 1902 for the land under discussion. The charge dismissed today was the third filed against Lynn by Sanguineus The one on which he will be brought to trial in superior court was the second, involving alleged libelous statements contained in Herald editorials. A special venire of 75 prospective jurors has been called, in addition to the regular panel of 32, as it is expected that considerable difficulty will be encountered in the attempt to find 12 men in Yuma county free from a fixed opinion on the case. ' The Lynn-SanguinettI case came into prominence when the editor-publisher refused to post a bond after his arrest on the first charge brought against him. and remained in jail for several days. He continued editor of his paper during his incarceration, and after he had been released on bail at the close of his preliminary hearing the second charge was filed. This time, however, he was not taken to Jail. Sanguinetti is probably the largest property owner in Yuma county and controls numerous enterprises. One of the alleged libelous editorials re-maks of Lynn accused Sanguinetti of selling milk treated with dangerous quantities of formaldehyde, and another accused him of conspiring to evade payment of taxes. I Gl S AFTER RELEASE IDS ' SA1LSTAD FONT 1)1 LAC, Wis., June 3. KequesUthat the public forget them while they try to fnrcet, was made today by Mr. and Mrs. Kdward J. Sailstadf In a menace sent from hlr little rot tare nn trie west shores jnf Lake Winnebago, OshknsVi; Wis. Thers Sailstad ami his bride, formerly Dorothy Anderson, the "sunshine girl," are living following their marriage made possible when authorities, at the state industrial school for women, permitted the girl's release. Th bride of the man who gained nation-wide notice two years ago is technically a state tuisoner. the City Permit For Postal Gall Box System Is Revoked A resolution revoking the temporary permit issued to the Postal Telegraph and Cable company on October 22, 1924. and instructing City Attorney W. L. Barnutn to take steps necessary for the removal of conduits and call boxes of the Tostal company, was adopted yesterday at the regular weekly meeting of the city commission. The permit revoked yesterday applies only to the call box system in- near stalled by the Postal company and S o b e r Reflection Banishes Fear -Of Deteriorating Age WILLIAM ALLEN WHITE SAYS WORLD GROWS BETTER EACH GENERATION Speaking of life, read this from the pen of William Allen White, submitted by one of our readers: "He was - & -preacher an old-fashioned preacher who felt that the younger generation was going straight to the bad place. One" day he went out to tea and he was scandalized by the children of the family and sat down and wrote this In his diary : : "'I drank tea at Mrs. O's. But how- I was shocked! The children that used to. cling about me and drink in every word, naa reen at a billed Driver And Helper When Truck Collides With Passenger Train In Tempe George Bergerhoff." driver for the Arizona Storage and Distributing company, and Bernardo Sendejas, his helper, -were killed instantly at 8:45 o'clock yesterday morning when a three and one-half ton truck driven by Bergerhoff collided with Southern Pacific passenger train No. 31, westbound, at the Kighth street crossing in Tempe. The passenger was making the daily run from Maricopa to Phoenix when the accident occurred. . Bergerhoff's truck and trailer, carrying a load of steel well casing, proceeding east on .t,ignin Pieces of the steel well casing were thrown from the truck - and scattered ' about the right-of-way some of them falling in the irrigation ditch where the body of Bergerhoff was found. The vision- of - a train approaching from Maricopa' is somewhat obscured at the Eighth street crossing by a clump of trees south of the road and west of the railroad track. The belief that Bergerhoff saw the train, however, was indicator! vesr.erda.v--' in. the reported i statement of a man who claimed to .. , , Hi.,... was nroceediive east on street, en rouie iu pe an eye wiiness ui- me passenger train was traveling north , This man, a resident of Tempe, Is . 4UA ;mh f tTio rsiVi. A nrelim- t .e tViat Via was orinK in every wora, naa oeen at a - . -boarding school. There they have finary investigation conducted J es- n no.;, o- vo to. tsrdav indicated that the heavy truck struck the engine at a point just back of the cab. Bergerhoff and Sendejas were hurled from the open truck seat by the force of the impact and were carried some distance by the train. unlearned all religion, and even se riousness; and had learned pride, vanity, affectation and whatever could guard them against the knowledge ti& 3ove of God. Parents who would sehd;your girls headlong to hell, send them to a fashionable boarding school.' . ' W. ,H If - rortatnlv d . i Irmk ' as .1 V. -I. 1 . ; rr V, t Tho ! world does seem to be hair-hung for more than 50 yards and breeze-shaken over the iiery pu. And yet for 150 years the world has been getting better in spite of the preacher. And who was the preacher? And "when did he write those said reflections? It was April 6. 1772. One- generation .after another counting 30 years to the generation, five : in all has come, peeked over into hell and backed out through maturity upon reflection into a little better generation than its predecessor. "So, don't worry about the younger generation. .Years will help. ,Time is a great eivilizer." sniit tn have stated that he was opening the window of a high building in the vicinity and saw the truck driver reach tor .his emer-gency brake just before the moment of impact. .... City Marshal -Ralph McDonald of Tempe, Constable- Chester Cum- mings and Deputy Shemi x-eon sa Sendejas' head and Jert arm were among the first .to ar- severed from the torso and scat- f sceni of the accident. tered north along tne rignt-oi-way ; 3 the Peace and ex.0fficio Coroner W. A. Moeur was also notified and Impaneled a jury. An inquest was opened at 10 o'clock yesterday morning, but was continued until 10 a. m. today, at which time members of the train crew, subpoenaed yesterday by Coroner Moeur,, will be called to the witness stand. The bodies of the victims were Berger hnffm bodv. with a gaping wound just above the heart and with several broken bones, was thrown into a small irrigation ditch about 15 feet from the highway. The body was found sitting Upright in the ditch, with the head and chest out of the water. rru tf tVttt fv: c V was such uir j i v . - - - . that the engine of the big truck was lifted clear of the macnine. J, ne radiator was torn away and the front end of the truck was slewed around to the left. The massive steel frame of the chassis was also bent in a half circle to the left. removed to the E. P. Carr under taking parlors in Tempe. pending word from relatives. Sendejas, who resided in Phoenix, was "married and tYi father of three small children. Bergerhoff was single and lived at ! Time Killing- Is a badly overcrowded, occupation. , Is the meanest form of dishonesty. Often requires more exertion , than work. Is the first course In the school of crime. Always works revenge upon the killer. Is a crime punished by loss of self-respect. ' Is the first step toward fail- -By ROY I SMITH ure. road and the property Is loeate. about 12 miles from Miami. ; The ore vein is clearly denned, easily seen from the surface, and extends, approximately a mile- The ore assays from 4 to 20 per cent! copper. The company is preparing to cross cut the vein from the main shaft to the Junior shaft from the 200; 300, and 400 foot levels. Water is being developed In the Patterson tunnel and will be piped about 4 500 feet to the mine. The water in the main shaft Is also being removed Large Sum Spent For Development Of Arizona Globe MIAMI, Ariz., June 3. Approximately $20,000 has been expended recently on the plant of the Arizona Globe mine here, making it thoroughly modern, it has been announced. ' Th nlnnt .Includes a. semi-Diesel engine which will be used to drive an Ingersoll Rand two-stage compressor for the drills and the hoist. The mine is reached by an excellent SUCCESS Requires wrestling witK financial problems. , You must get on top. Our easy payment plan will interest you. City Finance Company 106 North Central Phone 6724 Over Santa Fe Offices m .1 the Phoenix hotel. Both men were about 35 years of age. An effort was being made yesterday to locate Bergerhoff's father, believed to be living at Holbrook, and a sister, who resides at Shum-way. A half-brother of Bergerhoff, who lives at Gilbert, was also notified of the tragedy. T. C. McReynolds. Jr., one of the proprietors of the Arizona Storage and Distributing company, stated yesterday that both Bergerhoff and Sendejas had been in their employ for some time and were numbered among their most efficient and trusted employes. BEFORE Vacation Time r-nrn. fjv lis pvam- ine your teeth and fill the cavaties it's your protection against tooth trouble. m 81 PAINLESS METHODS GAS AND X-RAY EXAMINATION FREE rJF rankSitkin AND ASSOCIATED DENTISTS Washington at First Ave. TeL5005, Monihon Bldj. j has no refeernce to the operation of the company's telegraph lines. It was stated at the meeting that the Postal officials had agreed, when the temporary permit was granted, to submit at the last municipal primary election a franchise measure for the approval of the electors and that-" the company has failed to live up to : its agreement in this respect. j. A communication from the city papers making her parole effective j planning commission with reference to action taken on the re-stibdivision of a part of Los Ollvos re-amended district was read, recommending that the restrictions suggested by the planning commission be incorporated in the dedication of the plat. A form of dedication was submitted with the Utter. o not yet being returned to the insti tutinn by (iiivcmnr Blaine. Kvery detail concerning their marriage was planned some time ago nhm Miss Anderson was assured of her release, it became known to-dav. They were married by Rev. Dr' M. H. Clifford of Sailstad was recently released from the state reformatory where he was serving a sentence for arson, to which he pleaded guilty on being returned here two years ago t from California. There he was found ! livinK with Miss Anderson in a' love nest.v having fled from Kau liUKXOS AIRES, June 3. (A. P.). (Ma ire, AVis. ' f.uis Kirpo, the Argentine heavy - Refore fleeing Pallstad placed the j weight, has sent a cable dispatch to bodv of another man in his cottage ' the Italian newspaper I,a Voce Del which he fired. The btdv was iden- '""Polo, of San Francisco, stating that titled as Railstad by his wife, who lie a unable for the present to con-re.overed on several insurance puii- -'Jr an offer for a bout between tin- to he held in San Francisco Satur-da y. Kirpo said he could not enter into any negotiations because of his engagements here. o .' iiT J-'J,t-JJUL"'iT-""r M-HmiMwimitmJ,m- n uimm amw-hv w "-hit Sjsb980PPJSJSsB WsMsBSJWBWssMSjSiSBpsBS "JSEMsBBBjgyypw ,. , 1 -n'mffii t- - i. n "-TTi , hrii'flKirffiliii i ii n ni irViT.HitM i WiiM..MiiMwwir ii it-i n n iinrrmnnrai - iitii iim-imiiiii. ...uii n iniT--i.ii ini -i iirrn n i rniiniri -i miinir r I nn i miitim n i i i mini rmi nri I " 11 ractically E In Firpo Is Unable To Meet U. S. Fighters Due To Engagements des. One company, was persistent In Its search for Sailstad and brought his arrest months later in a small California town. ) Arizona Pioneer U;M R University Confers tt"-jr " J Degrees O nOver 200 Otaie UniVerSllyi (Continued from Pag One) Judee Richard E. Sloan of Thoe-rilx, upon whom President Cloyd Heck Marvin of the 1'niversity of Arizona conferred the DL. 1. degree last night, has been a resident of Arizona since 3884. practicing law in Florence and Phoenix during his residence in the state, with the exception of the long period during which he served in public office, lie is at present the senior member of the law firm of Sloan, Ilolton and Scott. Judge Sloan, who vill reach hid ixty-elghtli birthday oti June was graduated from Monmouth College, Ohio with the degree of Huclielur of Arts in 1877. lie received his master's degree from the same college two years later. lu 1SS4, he took the degree of bachelor of laws at the Cincinnati Iaw school, ami in ifofi Monmouth College conferred the deft of Doctor of Laws on him. He was a member of the territorial council in Arizona In 1SRS and ABfociate Justice of the Supreme Court in 1S9-191, and is:t;-i90y, and governor of the territory from 190ft to 1P12. He ws federal district judge In 1912 snd 1913. Since that time he has been engaged in the practice of law here. o U. S. Prisoner In Maricopa County Jail Tries Suicide Mrs. Lee Burns, federal prisoner held in the county jail, made an unsuccessful attempt at suicide early yesterday morning by swallowing five antiseptic tablets, according to information given out yesterday at the sheriff's office. Night Jailer Tom Peevy's attention was called to the woman's condition when he heard her cries about 4 o'clock in the morning. A, physician was summoned. and Mrs. Burns was given emergency treatment. Her condition was so serious that her recovery was doubtful until late last nifht. A nurse was stationed with Mrs. Burns at the county jail yesterday evening. o POSTPONE OPENING The opening of the boys camp on the ITas-sayampa river near Prescott under the auspices of the local T. M. C. A. has been postponed until Monday on account of the cool weather at the camp at the present time, according to an announcement last night by officials of the local Y. M. C. A. . n Weather Forecast Hall, Marion Elvis Hareison, Eltin Davis Hawkins, Grace Madeline Heckmnn, Francelie Eugenie Hill, i Mabel Grace Holmes, Gerald Wesley J llouck, George A. Judson, Myrtle ! Wilson Kellogg, Hester Bruce Kena- j more, Jul) n Bradbury Kennedy, Vel-ma Alice Kennedy, Anna Louise Koehler, Hazel Gladys Lalicker, Elizabeth Henryette Leuaing, Cleo L. Mcliride, Martha Helena McCUr-ren. Henry Bonner McDanlel, John Wesley McDanlel. Virginia. Minson, May E. Murphy, Daniel L. Newkirk. ' Helen Louise Nichols, Kthel Minerva ' I'ayton, Lewis Virgil Koberlson. Charles Henry Robertson, Prances Lillian Kogers, Lee Andria Stephens, .Veld a 11. Taffe, Lola Alice Turner, i Gladys Lucille Walker, Anita Weil, i James R. Wilson, Lorena Wilson, ! Jeanne Rursk Wintrow. j Bachelor Of Science In Education j Alice Margaret Rillmgsley. Ethel ! Rendure Brown. Sibyl M. Chambers, j Alice Ethel Coulter, Delta Neil Fowl- I er, Florence Halvorson, Mollie Mer- ritt, Lillian Osborne. ! Candidate For the Master's Degree William Allen. Master of Arts, Col- 1 leg pf Education, Ranselaer Bar- rows, Mnster of Arts, College of Edu- i cation, J. L. Dunaway, Master of ! Science. L. A. and S. Grady Gam- ! niage, .Master of Arts. College of : Education, Ina E. Gittings. Master of Arts. College of Education, Le.y Rrown Hart. Master of Arts, College i of Education, Duane Augustin Hawkins, .Master of Arts, L. A. and S. William Allison Jennings, Master of ! Science, College of Engineering, Paul Gerhard Koch, Master of Arts, Col- j lege of Education. Park Fields Kirk. ; Master of Arts, L. A. end S. Flor- j ence Amelia Linderman, Master of 'i ' Arts, College of Education. Robert i Logan Nugent( Master of Science. L. A. and S. Orin Edwin Schnff. Jr.. Master of Science, L. A. and S. Jlar-old Christy Schwalen, Master o: Science, College of EngineerlnE Munton Dade Seltman. Master o Science. College of Engineering James Ernest Walden. Master o' Arts. College of Education. George H. Wyse, Mater of Arts, L. A. an-S. D. G. Yunkin, Master of Arts College of Education. Doctorj't Degree Lorna E. Lockwood, Jurla Docto-L. A. and S. Professional Degrees II.. M. Stockder, Mechanical En gineer. College of Engineering; Al fred D. Micottl, Civil Engineer, Co:-lege of Engineering. n "For tKos f who gave the Most" jl very tommunicy as Gone Over The Top ican Legion Orphan's urive EXC r-h Get on theri onor Roll C m m e otate in The Amer-dowment OENIX ! NOW! 50.00 50.00 50.00 ! Ben M. Barnett $120.00 Estelte Barnett 40.00 Yellow Cab Company.... 50.00 Dwight B. Heard 50.00 J. E. Thompson 50.00 Mrs. Dwight B. Heard... J. T. Whitney. Undertaker H. J. McClung 50.00 Phoenix Title & Trust Co. 50.00 Phoenix Chapter Disabled American Veterans of the World War 50.00 Mrs. Marie E. Noble 50.00 Peek & Fleming 50.00 R. D. Roper Motor Co.... 50.00 Boston Store .- 50.00 Frank Luke Post, Amer ican Legion American Legion 'Auxiliary Louis M. Sands Phoenix Bakery (Ed Eisele) Fistiana Devotees (Fight Fans) '. 48.00 Postoffice Employes (Luhrs Sta.) 37.00 J. C. Penney Co 25.00 . Western States Securities ; Co 25.00 Donofrio's Confectionery Co...,; 25.00 Samuel G. Witten ....... 25.00 Geo. O. Ford 25.00 Kibbey, Bennett, Gust, Smith & Lyman 25.00 Arizona Grocery Co 25.00 Chalmers, Stahl, Fenne- more & Longan 25.00 The Melczer Co 25.00 The O'Malley Lumber Co. 25.00 The Arizona Republican Korricks' Dry Goods Co. Motor Supply Co Ellinwood oV Rosa .... Grand Cafe Henry J. Coerver 25.00 Phoenix Council Knights of , Columbus 25.00 Black A. White Taxicab Co Arizona Packing Co Phoenix Flour Mills Alex Gounaria J. D. Halstead Lumber Co..... Evan P. Stallcup C. C. Cragin -Constable Ice & Fuel. Crystal Ice & Cold Stor-' age Co 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 J. L. B. Alexander 25.00 Postoffice Employes (Main Sta.) 22JD0 Goldberg Bros 20.00 Mrs. W. J. Murphy 20.00 50.00 Block d. Burns 20.00 tin nn Haiioran-Bennett uumoep Co Vic Hanny Co. Charles Stauffer Anonymous .... Anonymous Federal Prohibition Dept. Carl Hayden Charles Willis Capital Fuel & Eddie J. Doyle Heinze, Bowen & Harrington 15.00 Guardian Insurance Agency I Barrows Furniture Co 50.00 ! Inc Arizona Machinery Mfg. Co 10.00 Barker Bakery 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 White Truck Sales 10.00 Celora M. Stoddard Louis J. Taylor H. B. Wilkinson Central Avenue Dairy.... St. Mary's Woman's Club. Mulford Winsor, Yuma... Union Auto Transportation Co 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 15.00 Alice Birdsall 10.00 Lane-Smith .. Hotel Adams Dorris-Heyman Co :.. Geo. J. Baumgartner 20.00 Oliver Gompert .. 17.00 ! Frank C. Brophy . 15.00 ! Cassidy-Flynn ... 5.00 Rev. Victor' Rule John R. Brinkley, (San Francisco) 5.00 M. Kisselburg ' 5.00 Cotton Ee 5.00 5-00 5.00 5.00 5.00 Furniture C. S. McMartin .. Apache Land & Co W. B. Gohring, M. M. B. Wenker J. M. Dudley, Jr. Arthur L. Strong 5.00 A. W. Crane 5.00 i Herman Lewkowitz, Atty 5.00 Jake Linville 5.00 Johnnie Moore 5.00 S. K. Phillips 5.00 Ed Oglesby 5.00 Nat T. McKee, J. P 5.00 Eleanor S. Mewborn .... 5.00 J. J. Cox, Atty 5.00 Liahtnina Delivery 5.00 Feed Co. 15.00 j George A. Mauk 10.00 j Qw Drug Stor. 5.00 15.00 15.00 15.00 i Graves Indian Shop 15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 The Berryhill Co Baker & Whitney, Attys. Dr. John J. McLoone .... Ed Rudolph John F. Barker Produce Co 15.00 McNeil Company 15.00 Palace Hdw. & Arms Co. 15.00 H. M. Maui' 15.00 Martin Cotton Company.. 15.00 Powers, Rudderow and Larson, Court Reporters 15.00 j Phoenix Nash Co 15.00 R. E. Moore 15.00 Guy Alsap 12.50 John M. Keith 10.00 Hon. Fred C. Jacobs 10.00 E. A. Marshall 10.00 Charles E. Morton 10.00 Mabel K. Stallcup 5.00 Stephen H. Abbey, Florence 1.00 Russell Kyle 5.00 Edith E. Edwards 5.00 Mrs. Geo. R. Hill 5.00 T. Trevillian. 5.00 F. B. Schwentker 5.00 Dr. H. R. Carson 5.00 Thos. W. Nealon 5.00 Capt. G. F. McDonald, Ue Se Ae 500 W. W. Hemperly 5.00 Ida Welcome 5.00 Capt. E. J. Boyer, U. S. A. 5.00 Samuel E. Shrigley 5.53 Earl Benson ............ 5.00 Chas. P. Laughlin BJ0 C. F. Gerard 5.00 W. E. Ripley 5.00 Sylvan Ganz 5.00 Harry Hurley 5.00 C. A. Carson, Jr. 5.00 Ida May Kincaid 5.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 12.50 12.50 10.00 10.00 John W. Alsap . Arizona Printers Mrs. F. J. Hart Johnson & Koch Lbr. Co. The Rose Tree (Gus Hirschfeld) 10.00 Shepard -Hiscox 10.00 Harrison Broberg, Young, Arizona 10.00 Hon Dudley W. Windes.. Valley Motor Co., Mesa .. American Kitchen Sloan, Holton &. Attys Captain Howard S E. E. Helfrich Haas-Baruch Co. .. Dr. H. T. Bailey ... The Barr Agency ... Geo. W. Brown Central Pharmacy .. Walter X. Jones ... . . Frank R. Stewart .. H & H Motor Co Elliott and Swenson .... Neri Osborn, Jr. The W. H. Plunkett Audit Co Bayless Grocery &. Market Maricopa Post, V. F. W. L. B. Hitchcock I. Rosenzweig Women's Relief Corps of DA V Thomas Clements Ten Ex-Service Men Legionnaires Frank Luke Arizona Storage & Dis tributing Co 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 Martin Le Boutellier .... James P. Lavin John Baggiore W. P. McNair L. G. Spencer Maurice Blumenthal, Atty. Clarence Boynton .... Bishop J. W. Atwood. Oscar Zapf R. E. McGillen Amos A. Betts J. E. Morrison 10.00 J. A. Riggins Charles F. Francis ... 10.00' 10.00! 10.00; C. L. Standage Hon. Henry D. Ross ! A. S. Grimes Scott, Reed 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 Stockton & Perry, Attys.. David A. Little . . : Walter J. Thalheimer, Atty. Herbert S. Prince Co. ..." Jane A. Prince Electrical Equipment Co. L. J. Overlock (Broker).. H. H. Rosenberg Dr. George M. Brockway. Joseph Holub A. C. Taylor Phoenix Iron Works Dr. C. G. Morrison Vaughn's Indian Store.... Miller Bargain House.... R. L. Heafy Photo Shop, Roy Gal- braith. Mesa Mrs. R. A. Windes, Tempe E. V. Kidwell Michael J. Halloran Fred Bruens DeMarvel Institute R. F. Ritter Philip Hanson .......... C. I. Erickson 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 6.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.0C 5.00 5.00 Howard J. Smith A. M. Davis George H. Kelly John Murphy A. F. Hammons ......... Wayne Hubbs J. J. Duffy Humbert Ranch, W. K. Humbert A. T. Esgate Mrs. Louis Dysart ...... R. R. Seeds Dr. Chas. C. Bradbury .. Mrs. B. E. Marks . Barnett E. Marks ....... James C. Georgouses Dr. Harry L. Goss Vernon Wright . .' Charles A. Tawney ...... Gleason Brothers Lobit & Stromberg ...... Jack Seider H. B. Watkins Vernon Vaughn i. W. Spear A. L. Jones Raymond Earhart ....... John W. Latham 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 9.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 6.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 . 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.uj 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 j Edith Barnes B.00 Anonymous ..... ....... 5.00 W. C. Roach ............ William Brown Wetzler's Arcade Market Lee & Garrett, Accts Helen E. Wheeler, Little Fa l Is, N . . ...... ...... Joe Dillon ............... George T. Wilson, Atty. .. Charles Donofrio ........ J. R. Jenkins W. G. Brawner James A. Jones, Postmaster I. Reis Mack Gardner . N. Webb Shadle, Atty.... John Folliard A. K. Stacy J. K. Wheat Alfred Eacon .'. Henry H. Miller, Atty.... A. G. Cate Mrs. Iva Keddington. . . . . Mrs. N. Schwartz B. J. Showers (Tucson).. Wm. L. Stiteler, Jr. ..... Walter R. Strong , James C. White, Dept. of Justice J. M. Spark George W. Comparet .... Mel Fickas J. M. Kellogg, Real Estate E. A. Hughes, Tax Commissioner Ralph Cameron, Jr. Charles F. Ain'sworth, Atty Anna L. Dahlgren ....... E. S. McRoberts Paul Bennett Auto Supply 5.00 SAO 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5X0 5.00 5.00 6.00 5.00 5.00 J. 3. Wheeler, Internal Revenue 5.00 Mary Chambliss, 5.00 G. C. Taylor 800 E. Paula Revare 5.00 E. F. Whittlesey 5.00 John D. Loper 5.03 C. W. Gibson 5.00 Hon. Jos. Jenckes '.. 5.00 Benjamin Owen .......... 5.00 J. E. Kelley D. G. Graham 3.00 W. H. Lawson, Wenden.. 3.00 Otto W. Janssen 3.0C Ruby Tatum 3.00 F. O. Richmond 3.00 Chas. E. Beach 3.00 Three Men on the Street 3.00 A. T. Pecina 3.03 Jos. C. Green 3.09 City Sign Co 2.70 Hon. A. G. McAllister.... 2.50 Anna G. Johnson 2.50 N. J. Elleford 2.50 C. H. Rutherford 2.50 Mrs. Nellie B. Plumb .... 2.50 Mary Alice Cody Elizabeth Arnold ....... C. Wade Downing ...... Chas. De Sales Wheeler. M. L. Ollerton, Atty. ... Harold Baxter James H. Kerby Anonymous .... Bill O'Malley ... J. W. Dawson W. C. Poling . Earl J. Davis j Mrs. G. C.' Suggs J. J. McNulty ... k nn 5.00 ' E'w0d H. Orth A. L. Henshaw . ....... 5.00 Co. T. E. Benton, Sheriff Deputy 5.00 6.00 5.00 5.00 . 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 6.00 5.00 6.00 5.00 sl.OO 0.00 1.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 VOO 2-00 USS Anonymous ; 2.00 Lawrence Collins 2.00 JAvy l.. j. neif Anonymous G. M. Farner J. F. Wilson Loren Vaughn C. N. Wilson , George Schads Charles O. Leach ....... L. W. Yockey E. H. Chermside Mrs. Fred Raisoh T. G. Fox Helen R. Pepper T'P Gardner Mrs. A. M. Duclow Mrs. Sarah H. Lyle Mrs. Bessie Braxton ... Mrs. Imogen La Chance. Mrs. John L. Goodson . . John L. Goodson H. W. Daykin Mrs. C. F. Allen N. W. Whit .... Arizona: Thursday and (eVrtly cloudy; warmer Thursday HORNSBY IS PROUD FATHER ST. LOl'IS. Mo., June 3. (A. r.).-Rogers Hornsby. who Sunday he came field manager of the St. Loui Cardinals, today had .additional re Friday 1 sponsibilities. A son tiai bmn las. night to Mr. and Mrs. Hornsby. Clear Your Concience NOW! o ronans Chairman, Obey That Good Impulse Make Out Your Check to " Mail It Today to M. E. CASSIDY, Contributions also accepted at the offices of The Arizona Republican x . I? American Legion PHOENIX Suite 415-417 Heard Building 41

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