The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1938
Page 3
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28; If)38 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Eventful Career Has Been Packed Wilh Responsibility, Effectiveness \v Hy NT.'A Hoi-iice I Hi-cause his service in the World I War eclipsed the rest of his Iff:-, i in the popular mind, much of Geu. | John J. PcrshlngLs dramatic career is .sometimes overlooked. A .survey of hi.s life shows how Jii.s service, lias fitted closely into the history of ih« country ami great events of the world since u boyiicod during which he Jieanl men speak of the .surrender of I,HI lit AppomiUlox, In 1400. scarcely two months :tfter the first battle of Hull Run. John Joseph I'er.shing was born in I.aoltde, Mo. His father was a farmer ami rail rood .section fo:<>- man. ( In 1680, four years after the Cluster massacre, he was being graduated from the Kirksville, Mo., Normal School, Tn 1886, as President Cleveland was agitating the whole country with tnrllt reform, he was graduated from the . U. S. Military Academy, 30th in his claw. In 1889, the year of the Samoa affair, which almost brought war with Germany in the Pacific, lie was serving with the (ill) Cavalry against the Apache Indians of New Mexico. In 1891, while "Queen Lil" ruled in Hawaii and American annexation loomed, he was military • instructor nnd student of law at the University of Nebraska. In 1885. the year Japan was fighting lier first war with Ch'iun, he was earning his lifelong nickname of "Black Jack" as lirst lieutenant with a regiment, of Negro cavalry in Montana. In 1898, the year wliicli saw the vise of military fame of Theodore Roosevelt, he was serving with tlic 10th Cavalry in the Santiago campaign in Cuba. In 1899, the Spanish War finished, he was sent to the Philippines to help subdue the Moros, which lie did fa effectively as to become something of a national hero. His .storming /of the Moro fort of Bacolod and his personal achievements in treating with the native chiefs or dattos established his reputation. In 1905, the year of the Russo- Japanese War, Hb^'married Helen Frances Warren, daughter of Senator Francis B. Warren, chairman of the Senate Military Affairs Committee. ., • • In 1906, after a brief service as military attache with Kuroki's Japanese army in Manchuria, he was promoted over the heads of 862 ranking officers from captain to brigadier-general. ' Tn 19)5, after further Philippine .service against the Moros, he was serving on the Mexican border at El Paso when word came that Mrs. Perching and their three daughters hud burned to death in a lire at the Presidio, California. In 1916, while the Germans were smashing their armies against the rock of Verdun, he was sent into Mexico with 20,000 troops to catch Pancho Villa, revolutionist who had raided New Mexican towns. He (ilun't catch Villa-, but he impressed Washington with his conduct of the expedition. \ In 1917, he was chosen lo command Die American Expeditionary Force against Germany, and in May, in advance of his troops, he sailed for France as General of the Armies of the United States. There, in the face of tremendous pressure, he stood firm for an independent American army. In 1018, May saw the battle of Chateau Thierry; June saw Bellcm Wood taken; July found Pershing's Americans on the Veslc; fieptem- ber wrote St. MDiIcl; October the Meuse-Argonne; November 11 found them before Sedan. In 1919, he wns adviser to the American peace delegation at Versailles, and on his return to the United States he was voted the permanent rank of General, fifth American military leader to hold it. In 1921, as Mussolini was preparing to seize power in Italy, he was named Chief of Staff. In-1924, as the French were withdrawing from their invasion ot the Ruhr, ,he retired from the army, being 64 years old. In 1925. he went to South America In an attempt to help settle Ihe Tacna-Arica boundary dispute In 1926, as Pilsuctski wns making himself dictator In Warsaw, he the Battle Monuments Commission. In 1336, the year In which defeated Germany threw off the shackles of her defeat arid began to rearm, he completed the marking of,his battlefields. In 1938, in the midst of a madder armament race than the world ever saw before, he became gravely 111. His honors Included the Dis. tlnguished Service Medal, Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor, the' Crolx de Guerre and Medallle Mtlilalrc, Grand Cordon of the Order of tlie Pavilawina, Grand Cordon Order of Leopold, i Grand Cross of the Order ot St. Mourlzio e La'zzaro, Military Order of Savoy, Grand Cordon of Prince Danllo I, and, Obilltch Me-' rial. Medal of La Solnrldad, Vlrtult MIlltMl and polonla Restitute, Where Chinese Bombs Plowed Japanese Soil PAGE THRKK His Vacation Ends Abruptly Disbarment Proceed ings A}»;ii n s t Carulhersvillo Allorney Underway , Mo., |.vi>. 27 A tail-Inn In Ihe disbarment pr« u'llhij", iiKiiliKt Shut-on j. i>aie, lornu-r Oannhorsvllli' city uttorni-y uiKl l'cmis«)l t-ounly rcpirMNilu- l»'«- iDi'innri-allci in the Jv1Kv>mi Striking at their fees' soil for the first time sine,- their undeclared war started, Chinese bombing planes .strafed the capital of the Japanese Island of Formosa, the city of Taihokii, one of whose modern business strep's Is shown In the photo above, The Chinese filers bombed the Ponnosan army airport at Taihoku, city, of 275,000 mid .also air-raided Ihe towns of Shinchiku and Clilkntoh. = Central Europe—the Great Question Mark id. .,~~7T* J"™ J> •••ii_/i«^^^—™-™»««*fc^_ i-i ^ j- KEY Will Germany and Italy forge a chain of allies from Baltic to Black Sea? 2. Can Austria keep any independence? Will Hungary be next to /all under German domination? 4. 5. Will Czechoslovakia and Rumania break away from France? \ ' 8. Will Jugoslavia cling closer to Italy? Questions which the entire world 'seeks to answer represenled in the reap above, depicting the European uncertainties which have followed in the \vake of Nazi Chancellor Hitler's domination of Ausina. Just- as before the World War, when the Kaiser planned his ."Drang nach. Osten" or drive to the' eastward, Germany and Italy now envisage a chain of alliances which would cut a Fusclst-sympatbslic swath from the Baltic to the Blavk Sea, embracing Hungary, Czechoslovakia, RinnanU rind Jugoslavia. As shown In shaded portions of the map above, success of the Halo-German plan would result in a bloc more powerful even than the Central Powers cf the World War era. • Austria, already under German domination is only a pitiful 'remnant of tin pre-191, Auslro-Hmi- gnrian Empire, shown in shaded portions of the map at right, which included all of what is now Czechoslovakia and parts of Rumania. Pobmi Ju- goslavia, and Italy. ,' „ ••^^•: \ ' >'««>u. with M, fi. Mi m i K o,,i.'i-y (OHiHil.'sliiJior :,l the Sprlii|{ll,'id t'ourt uf Appeals, pret,iii!n i; . 'I'hc clinriji'.s, (ili'd nitrmhfr IB, 19:ir>. hv thi' ijrieviuu-c cwnmliici' "1 llu- .MI.S.-.OUI! -.talc Ijii r iisMiei:i- U<«i. chujfc iviu.- with |ir<ifi'Si,io.i! 1 i iiiisrciniluct whll.- M'nhiK us, tux 1 ullorncy for DriiJniiijO lii,iilt-(:, SIX LLIKl Ki,;l,t, TH|. |)|.|Hll)l) ulll'lii^ thin I'mo "dovli^d 11 Iru'uiluli'iii .scliciiii) to permit oiwicix <ji-' moil • i:«l!i'c.s of tux (Irllnqui'iil hum i.) '"'I il i» ill lux .suits for Uu< amount of the costs, which invlu.l- «'<1 Ills U'lltr'M Ill-f, UK illllHIIltV." 1'illl-. llllllM'lf » HICilllH.']- of (|. ( . I '1'Hiity-Klijhth Judicial circuit l«r 'H v flpjliim-y cominlllee, stated ui lluil lime Hint "(he charges were; lili'd in furtherance of a pcrsonul pt'i-seoullmi commenced me «'inc> I wo years »uo by Robert 1, W.'ird. Joeiil ntloriu'y. r will llRht llio cburucs to IhoJast clUch." In January. 193G; uUoriii-ys for ( tl'.c liar AsKocliillon lili'd for |i-tuint>i! O f venue, then In Februury, Illcii lo (ha case In (lie eli- tiiit I'Diiit, Inter flllnj; dmiBi's In Hie Kpriiigrield Conn of Appenls. K. W. Jones, Scdalln, is iiliornrv fur the bur nssocinllon. while; I'ate . is represented by Von Muycs mid i CorlHHl and I'enl, all loi'iil uttov- npys. The liar Hssoi'liUion has suli- pccned eighteen wllnessra, ninonts them Ihe laic former SherlJI S. K. Judi-ii, with whom, the pflillon allflifji. Pate oniered Into nn uisrue- inrnt about the sclllni! time of curlnlri lands, 'u. L. Wnrd, unother witness, will be nimble lo be present, liclntf in u crtllfiil conilillon nt Ills home hero where he h:is liei-n bi'Lll'usl for over » your. l':ite has subpoened thirty-four witnesses. Pule wns boi'n nnrt I'oiir- «l here, and is widely known. Until licLunl schedules were put inlo ellecl over n clcdnite route In Alaskn, pilots were required to follow the example of the dog. tennis and stop and pick up mail wherever ;i HUB «ns tlisplnypd. ' The enrllesl n't tempt to ciiii- slincl a two-wheel vehicle v;hlcn would vim under Its own power— the birth of the modern motorcycle—was \V. W. Ansllii, of. Wlnthroji, ^ijiss.,,'-|ii lUCiK. Grand Cordon of the Order of Hie Precious Light of Chia Ifo, and Grand Cordon of the Order of the Slat- of Kara-Georges, bestowed by :i whole world which liad felt the weight of his services. May Obtain Crape Myrtle Plants At Leech Home desiring to crape myrtle Blylheville people iMant one or more ....... ...„ tiishes may obtain.- them at 50 cents each at the J. A. Leech residence. 1W3 West Main street, ns (he Blytheville Garden club has mnde arrangements for n number ol more plants. This is part of the program adopted by the club to convert Blytheville into a "crnpc myrtle" city and buyers are asked to plant the bushes where shade, which is so popular thru out Ihe country. Buyers are asked to get them at once, as they are ready for planting and the weather is ideal, it is said. At a meeting nt the city tonight, the' club will bear- n report of how many crape myrtle bushes have been sold and of the location of the 100 set out today by Mrs. Leech, wfio donated these to the club for the" city. • Also at the meeting, there will be a report given of the progress made in getting the downtown section and Division street cleaned before the city officials of the district group of the Arkansas Mu- nicipal League meet here tomor- cleaning try our NEW SENTRY It's prepared in America's Most *- Alt . Modern Preparation Plant We p/.OQ tOH Guarantee Every Ton. GAY & BILLINGS PHONE 76 and beautifying Blytheville cn from Ihe street, „ „. These bushes, which are two and invited to attend the meeting a half feet tall, will bloom Ibis 7:30 o'clock year. They are the watermelon Judge Takes Juror Role CLEVELAND (UP) — Municipal Judge Daid J. Miller of Cleveland Heights, played the part of a Juror in the play "The Night of January 16th," a melodrama sixmsored by the Roosevelt Parent-Teachers Association. One formula for finding out how long one should live Is: Add tho lives of your parents and four grandparents, divide the total by 0 and for every S years that exceeds 60, add a year; the result is the approximate length of your life. Production of the Canadian rubber inrtusiry had a gross value of 555,949.000 In 1935. In England, pawnbrokers nrc decreasing in number.' There now arc less than 3010 In the country, us compared to MSB In 1931. During 1Q2D cars five years or older then in service represented only about 30 per cent or (lie total number of cars on the highway, ui l'JU4, Ihe percentage wns fili iier cent. THIS BOOK EXPLAINS ALL ABOUT PILES A new edition of an Illuslrated boot has just been published by the Thornton tt Minor Clinic—thi 1 world's oldest institution specializing in the Ircjil.-ncnl of piles and other rectal afflictions. This book explains why, reclnl disorders frequently cause such common all- tncnls ns headaches, nervousness stomach mid liver Iroiible.s. Jl points oul Ihe danger of neglecting even a minor casr of piles shows how malignant nnd incurable conditions may result. The mild treatment at Thornton & Minor Cllnle. by which more than 48,000 men and women have teen relieved during Ihe past 00 yenis nnd which requires no hospltnll- zn'Jon or (hp use of radical aurs- cry, is fully explained. If you are afflicted, send for a copy of this frank and informative book which will be sent yon In plain wrappe. absolutely free. Address Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 1510, 926 McGec St., Kansas City, Missouri. NOTICE All persons having >>evsonal properly should assess it at once. I will be in my office or have proper Deputy at Blytheville every day and each Saturday at Manila and Leaclv ville. Every store or business will be called on personally. Remember, everyone musl be assessed for a poll lax. Assess today. It will only take a few minutes and you can make sure of your value. R. L (Billy) Gaines Mississippi County Assessor. A pl|it> nnd spigot leading from ii spring WHS idnced against n yoiinij lr«! hi llodford/O., years «i:o. Traliiy wiilcr .seems lo come from Ihe tree, which grew uroini'l Ihe pipe and left Hie spigot pro- Iniilliu;.- I J,n>iili»i policemen lire tr:i!ne:l In i ! the work of tinmen, s-j that they j i | may be iiblo to nice (he risk of' j iTxnilim peiwns from burning i [ buildings, 'ihi'y also luivc a prai'luu j know)! .lye c.l c.'ir drlfliijf. fir*L iild, | .'.wlinmlnii, «ncl life savlnii. _, Hw:ius(! the modern nluncs travel .it hinhor altitudes limn they for- iiwi'iy tilii, bcii'joi) lights nft> \><'cr>m- l»< of M:<:omkiry linportiuii-o to Fastest elevators In tallest buildings truvcl about 10 miles an hour. The state of Ohio uses nboul' I.eOO.OOQ automobile license plate*. F;r every B0.7 gallons of gascllne use<i In the automobiles of the UnlteJ Stales, an average of on* I "illon a! oil Is used. As of Jim. i, i!);m, the avm-uw value of automobiles on the Amrri- rart lilgtiv.iys Y/BS $2:iB. I-ighly-lliiTe KnglMimcu died In Him of ttouiiU.s received In Mi,': World War. , Jimm ADLERIKA Admiral Nicholas Ilorthy, ruler. <jf Hungary, wns hunting .|i\ j'oland will) President Igrint'/. MoscipUi when the iibovc .picture wns taken. Admiral Ilorthy lias more serious things (o Ihlnl; nbotit 'now, however, ns unrest grips his country nftcr discovery of nn a\- Jcged Nazi plot to seize l'iilliii« Aililcr Is Girl's IVI NORTH FALMOUTH. Muss. (U! 1 ) —Rnjtih, u small puffing udder, Is Miss Mabel Miller's favorite pet. She snys adders nrc friendly when treated properly. NOTICE FARMERS We Have Many Bargains In New and Rebuilt Farm Machinery $50.00 $4.00 $6.00 $12.00 $85.00 $6.00 $12.00 $20.00 Comhhuilioii Killing anil Ciilliviitm'.s. All New. ICttdi Only Limited 1 .Inlni Hum' 10" .Middle Muster ....... 1 Ctise 12" Middle ItiiKler 2 Mi'Cormlck-lK'tM'iiiH' I, mid I'lnwK, KH 1 Hummer Mill, Good «K new 1 Molinc 12" Plow Hind; -Tooth $5 Sftlion HIIITOWS, KacH . . . \. . . 1 l.ol of WnlklriR N - (,'tillivfllors. lOiidi ..... Also llnrKiilns in Etcliuill Tract ore and Trridor Kqiiipntcnt. V DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. :U2 So. 2nd St. . phone H»2 L eavc. Lady Luck at home ; N . , She is a dangerous guide for., yourshopping tours, this fickle lady. .Let her smile, and bargains may be .yours. But let her frown—or even lose interests-arid you are likely to pay more than you should, or bring-home disappointing merchandise. Thrifty shoppers long ago left this unreliable lady in the lurch. They n'ow plan their shopping'tours as carefully as a master navigator, plots, his. course. Their weather ehartg are news of sales and up-to-the hour information on new merchandise and today's prices. Where do they get this money-saving information in advance? From a source at your own fingertips this very minute! Simply turn to the advertising pages of this paper. Se^e clown in your favorite chair, and look for the things you intend to buy on your next shopping trip. You'll be surprised at the number of' them advertised. Compare descriptions, compare prices, and you will find out exactly where to get the things you want 'at your prices. - So leave Lady Luck behind on your next shopping ' trip. Follow an ad-charted course instead, and enjoy safer shopping, with! more and better merchandise for your money.

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