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Arizona Republici
Phoenix, Arizona
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EDITIONS A March 13. I960 The Arizona Republic, Phoenix. Arizona. rgr 6 (Section 6) Sunday's Crossword TrOR BOYS AND GIRLS BY BOYS AND GIRLsT PRICE: FREE WITH THE BIG REPUBLIC VOL. 5: 47 MARCH 13.

10 EDITED BY EDNA LEVINE Sure, For Fun And Merriment By The Bale, Just Try This Magic Shamrock Puzzle Tale By Edna Ixvine TrhlEN ROY and Rita, the Republic twins, stopped in to sw Grandpa Puzzle on thoir way home from Sunday School this morninc they found him sitting in his big rocking chair. He was looking at a tiny, throe leaf plant he held in his hand. Tis a real, genuine shamrock that Timothy Twister sent me from Ireland to wear upon St. Patrick's Day, March 17," said Grandpa as he pushed up his spectacles. Tis a magic plant, this shamrock," Grandpa went on.

"Observe it carefully and you will sep it has three heart-shaped leaves like a tiny trinity that springs from one main stem!" and Rita looked closely at the little green plant. Then Grandpa showed them a picture hp had just made ACROSS I Church service 5 Amidst 10 Heals 15 Village of 72 Brother of 7J Pressed 76 Spanish hero 77 Terminated 78 Tonsorial artist 80 Annoy 81 Printer's measure 82 Married Priscilla 83 New York race track 84 Now San Francisco Giants pitcher R6 Out of 87 Alleged force R8 Occupied 89 Female stage performer 93 Monastic superior 95 Cubic (abbr.) 96 Bird (pl.) 101 Church singing group (pl.) 102 By word of mouth 103 Alder tree (Scot.) 104 To traverse 105 Exclamation of triumph 106 While 107 Central American country 108 Furniture moving trucks 110 Doctor (abbr.) 111 Artificial language 112 Of a period of time 114 Canonized person (pl.) 115 Sine of the complement of an arc 117 Kind of cheese 119 Pigpen S. African natives (var.) 20 Western resort lake 21 Giver Think Game of chance River of Norway Preposition By Syllable of scale English race course Symbol for gold Pacific island screw pine Place of combat (pi.) Please Confederate general Pendant ornament (pl.) Removed Scent bag Dinner course (pl.) French sculptor Concealed Dormant As it stands (mus.) Whirls Fall behind For example (abbr.) Man's name Pronoun Keep Animal Svelte Syllable of scale Whether Location Fur bearer 71 Pronoun 120 A thoroughfare (abbr.) 121 Turmeric 122 One bavin soft whitish hair (pl.) 124 Roman bronze 125 Showed mercy to 127 Straits Settlement measure 128 Technical proficiency 130 Foreordained 133 A specimen 136 Mrs. F. D.

Roosevelt 140 Means 141 Genus of swine 142 Part of camera 144 To make angry 145 Symbol for sodium 146 Paid notice 147 On the under consideration 149 Printer's measure 150 Symbol for cobalt 152 The gods 153 Symbol for radium 154 Coral island 156 Lift spirits of 157 Kind of type 159 To go in 161 Former Dodgers ballplayer 162 Ate 163 Breathe loudly asleep 164 Female ruffs DOWN 1 New Zealand tree 2 Exclamation of surprise father 8. In ancient HIBERN1A I took the lead. And now at the end, All IRISH of me have need! 9. Once in the MORNING And twice at each NOON, Never in MILKING Yet always in COW and MOON! 10. St.

Patrick made Ireland free of these 14. Printer's measure or nick name for Emily 15. A month when the wind Is sure to blow And 'way up north. There's sleet and snow! 18. Also 19.

Roman numeral for 100 20. The end of every LIMERICK DOWN 1. Word used for "is" when talking about something that happened yesterday 2. Myself 3. Plant used as a symbol for Definitions 4 tr1i bonk will be an-ardrii for the most tntereitim letter on "Clever Fet." Perhapa you have a smart noma or pony.

Jeer kitten, a doc that ran do brliht bird, a art turtle, goldfish, or aomr white ertrre. Writ us about your oeta. PRIZE LETTER have a little kitten. Her name is Tommy Lou. Every time I put my head down she purrs and licks it.

At night she curls up in her basket at the foot of my bed. When my mother washes the clothes my kitten gets in the way. One day I got tired and lay down on the clothes, I felt a little furry something cuddle up to me. There was that little kitten, Tommy Lou! JOHN DIRICKSON, age 8 1014 West Grade 3, Tempe. CHRIS We have a black dog, named Chris.

We got him from some friends who couldn't keep him because he always barked at night and bothered their neighbors. He is a very smart dog. too. He has a special rug to lie on and he can sit down and shake hands. He brings in the paper at night and when he is hungry he picks up his own dish and brings it into the house.

He never bites and is very gentle with children. He is our family's favorite pet. Jeanne feller, age 1, Box L.R. 55, Mesa, Ariz. Grade 5, Queen of Peace School 'fS TWO PETS have a little turtle.

His name is Little Speedy. He has Umarks so big and black. we turn on the TV he stands up and begs for food. And sometimes he isn't hungry- We have a fish. too.

His name is Candy. And every time I give him his food he jumps right up and begs for more. NANCY LYMAN, age 248 W. Latham, Scottsdale, Ariz. Grade 3, Supai School I "I DREW a Puzzle Tale picture of the Magic Shamrock for you to solve," continued Grandpa.

"Solve one leaf at a time and you will find that the letter in the center square is the same for all the leaves. "Begin with Leaf on the left hand side of the picture. Then do Leaf at the top, and Leaf C. at the right." Can YOU help Roy Rita solve the Puzzle Tale of the Magic Shamrock? PRIZES Twenty surprise prizes will be awarded for the 20 most original, neatest, most nearly correct answers to the Puzzle Tale of the Magic Shamrock. Only one prize will be sent to each winner.

Decorate your answer any way you choose. Color it with crayons or water colors, if you wish. Or, illustrate it with pen or pencil drawings, or with picture cut-outs. Maybe you have another idea for making your answer interesting. Or, just write the letters in the squares very neatly.

Neatness counts. The contest closes at noon next Saturday, March IS. Begin Your Answer Now! A set of paper doll, will be awarded each week for the most interrstint letter on Dolly Fashions Tell how yoti would like to have your Polly dressed, real or make-believe. Keep your letter short 100 word or less will do. PRIZE LETTER Stephanie is my teenage doll's name.

She has blond hair and blue eyes. Like most girls, she has dates. Tonight her doll boy friend will take her to a country cluh dance. She will wear her white silk dress with organdy net. It is trimmed with cute blue rose, surrounded by white fur.

Tomorrow she will play tennis in her white skirt and blouse. SUSAN KOLBE, age 11 4518 N. 53 Lane. Glendale Grade 6, John F. Long School A A STOUT, age 9 1722 E.

Harvard Grade 4, Wm. T. Machan School. ALISON ADAIR, age ll'2, 3036 N. 21st Grade 6, Heard School.

POLLY SUE HARTER, age 11, 2244 N. 23rd Pl. SHIRLEY ENNEGON, age 11, 5720 W. Glenrosa. John F.

Long School, Glendale. KAREN R. MILLER, age fi 3727 W. Cypress, Grade 3, P. T.

Coe School. LINDA FRAZIER, age 12, Box 24, Cavecreek, Ariz. LINDA KIEREN, age 9, Box 12, Grade 4, F. P. H.

A. School, Claypool, Ariz. SHARON MARIE KERR, age 11. 130 E. Second Ajo, Ariz.

NELLIE MAURIN, age 10. 1809 N. Second Mr. F.lden Grade School, Flagstaff. LOIS JEAN CURGEL.

age 13. 5701 W. Highland, Grade 8, John F. Long School, Glendale, Ariz, PAUL WEBER, age 10, Star Route, Sedona, Ariz. KATHY REITMEYER, age 13, 3416 Kilo.

San Jose 24, Calif. PUZZLE ANSWER The correct words in the Mixed-Up History Contest of Feb. 21 were as follows: 1. George Washington; 2. 'Cherry Tree; 3.

Valley Forge; 4. York-town; 5. First President. will 3 Oklahoma football player 4 Member of Upper House of Congress 5 Girl's name 6 Bright sayings 7 Preposition 8 Persian water wheel 9 Feminine name 10 Supplied with a certain fuel 11 Beat Man War 12 Cereal grain 13 River of N. Carolina 14 Bird dog 15 Literary work of excellence 16 Awakened from sleep 17 By 18 In the position of a cask tilted 19 Unstratified deposit of loam 20 Tailless leaping amphibian 32 North Syrian deity 33 Jewish home festival 35 You and me 38 A Turkish money of account 39 Teutonic deity 41 Plunges 43 That Man's 44 Tenacious 46 Observes 48 Become tightly drawn 49 To denude 50 At that Answers Page 12, Sec.

2 a spade, which South took with the ace. ARMED WITH the knowledge 'that clubs would probably break 4-2 declarer set about establish ing that suit. He played first the king of clubs and then the ace, following with a small club which he ruffed high in the closed hand. Now that there were two good clubs in dummy, declarer went about extracting trumps, but re ceived a rude jolt when hearts broke in an unfortunate manner AGAINST East's four trumps he was unable to cash the good clubs for want of an entry. He could not, therefore obtain the two spade discards, which he needed to fulfill contract.

To be sure, South had displayed GAZER! K. POLLAN LIMA "iEPT. 23 OCT. 23 5-33-39-581 1 tet-64-6 67 HA scotrto 61 Tola 62 Your 63 Up 64 It 65 Incoma 66 Turns 67 Eosy 68 Be 69 Chonoes 70 Steady 71 The 72 And 73 Seclusion 74 Hunche 75 Avoid 76 On 77 Ladder 78 Unlese 79 Of 80 Attainment 8 1 Proper 82 Place 83 They're 84 Approved 85 The 86 Curves 87 Personal 88 Problem 89 All OCT. 24 NOV.

71 25 27-5211 VVJ ieirrtiiii( NOV, 73 A DEC. 22 fJ' 15-17-23-26ir Are Soma Need CAPIICOIN JAN. 20 4- 7-10-35iC Lead friends Relaxation In Pressing Soon Mov Of Somewhera Improving Dispelled A The 58Todoy Tide 137-41-74 VS AOUAJtlUI JAN. 21 3 11 nj TnTVl 69-78-83-84J PtSCK FEB. 20')' 51 53 54 55 57 58 59 61 63 Puzzle place Cooled lava Dead language Contended Domineered Interjection of incredulity To give vigor to Inactive Slight coloring Frankness 64 Article 65 A limited extent of time 68 Tactile organ of an animal (pl) 70 Honey (pharm.) 71 Tackle for hoisting and lowering sails 74 Bone 75 Waste matter 78 Harass 79 Buddhist monk 82 Accepted maxims 83 Japanese coin 85 Plural ending 86 Published mistakes 88 Easter rabbits 89 Pains 90 Map 91 Preposition 92 A silver coin of Morocco 93 Washed gravel for gold in certain way 94 Palm leaf (var.) 95 Coarse, heavy linen fabric 57 Clothinjt 9 55 (Rom.

num.) 99 Weird 100 Fruit of blackthorn (pl) 102 Coupled 103 To declart openly 107 New Zealand native fort 109 Serpent 113 French champagne 114 Remain erect 115 Drawbars 116 Ancient Roman official 118 Sun god 120 Part of spinning wheel 122 Head covering 123 Meager 125 Purloins 126 Ceased from action 127 Went by 129 Designating the typical gulls 130 Chief gold coin of the Moslems 131 Growing out 132 Stanza (abbr.) 133 Apartment 134 Citrus fruit 135 Half an em 137 Continent (abbr.) 138 Fairy tale monsters 139 Raise 141 Reach across 143 Cicatrix 148 Fourth calif 151 Pronoun 155 Faroe Islands windstorm 158 A volume 160 Symbol for tellurium Both sides vulnerable. South deals. NORTH A 61 VQ109 10 8 5 AQM3 WEST EAST AQ10 8 2 4VKJ9J 7431 AKQ73 0Z 872 4J10I SOOTH 4A75 VAKJ8S J94 K5 The bidding: South West North Ejt IV 2 4 2 Pin 4 Pass Pass Past Opening lead: King of thoughtfulness in guarding against a 4-1 club break, but he had over looked another preca i a measure. While the i rmftiranrlin hearts will probably diviriV XI that the queen of trump late entry for the dub suit. n.

clarer should protr-ft himself against a 4-1 split. IF THE HEARTS break X7 Hp. clarer can afford to play the club cautiously but, if the heart break badly, declarer's only hope will be that the club suit will rlr-ar in three rounds, for if both xuir break badly the hand cannot be won. South, thercMre, should have tested the heart suit first. The ace followed by a small trump to dummy, would have revealed the bad division.

South would now realize that he needed a 3-3 club break and would have drawn trumps and hoped (or the best. When the club suit prow ed to be solid would have glided safely home. I2 i3 I4 I6 I7 8 111 1 12 1 13 114 116 117 118 119 -mi 'm ttn mr I- Ummmm mm mmm aamm Yl'ltWi 11.,, Ua' aaaaaatMi a. mm 1 1 maai a mmm -mmmm 'mmimmi mmm SM 32 33 MM 35 37 38 39 41 42 43 I 44 i7 111 Uyiu. u.

-iiiii lUu Mi 49 50 51 j-: 52 53 S4 55 1 5 ST 58 60 6i I-62 "Ma ma ijgg: 73 74 75 77 It 79 us si si i-tr nr lute Utt Os. Uiiii aft JaUttt 89 90 91 92 Z. 93 94 95 W. 96 97 98 99 100 vgg i 101 KB 04 TT5 uT 7m 'if? ttM luTm 1 i "fit T21 fzT t3T t3 tS- 136 137 1" 13 140 PT3 T43" iii iss 154 155 154 vM W. 159 140 1 I m- 4M 161 162 163 I S- 164 WS Mil im MlllMMiilMi SEND TOL'B puzzle answers, letters, original stories, poem, and drawing to F.UNA JLF.VI.NE.

Editor, Boys and Girls Republic. 120 E. Van Buren Phoenix. Re mire to slun your own name, ate. and address elearly on each entry.

W-lte the name of your school and your trade, if you wish Boys and Girls who have not yet reached their 15th birthday are eligible for prlres in the eontet. Leaf ACROSS I. The years you have lived 4. What every boy and girl who enters a contest hopes to do 7. Country called the Emerald Isle 9.

7, myself 10. North II. Holiday that comes soon aft er St. Patrick's Day 16. Twice in LONDON, once in DUBLIN; Never in FISH, bu always in FINN! 17.

Never in BLARNEY, but al ways in STONE: Never in SOUND, but always in TONE! 18. Doctor, abbreviated 19. Grandpa Puzzle's favorite kind is lemon cream 21. Key in music with no sharps nor flats 22. In CAKE, but never in ICE CREAM nor CANDY DOWN 1.

To point at a target 2. Favorite color on St. Pa trick's Day 3. Initials of EVERY ENG LISHMAN 4. To wish for, to need 5.

Into 6. North Dakota, abbreviated 8. In LOVE, LAUGHTER and LIGHT 12. One 13. A shillelagh is a big one 14.

Nickname for Edward 15. Rail Road, abbreviated 19. In PRINCE, but never in KING In PIN, but never in RING! 20. East Cnpynsrht 1MC. Edna Levine Honorable Mention (Enchanted Cabin) ROBERT McDERMOTT, Antoinette Travers, Cindy Thomas, Cynthia Richardson, Michael Richards, Joe McQueary, Nancy Dianna Shourd, Mary Mackey, Linda Barber, Tykie Smith, Pamela Unkrich, Ronald Karp; ROSALIE RATCLIFF, Gary Johnson, Lyle Tolifson, Jeannie Mitchell, Carol Williams, Diane Mitchell, Terry Eisenhauer, Pat Dudkiewicz, John Clifton, Camilla Barski, Lily Tom, Betty Tom; ALBIN SMITH, Linda Bowman, Thomas Vazquez, Carolyn Hal, Marilyn Motsinger, Linda Tutt, Jo Anna Travers, A.

Van-do King, Trudi Hunsick, Alice Salinas, Kathy Heames, Steven Lady: SUSIE HERRMANN, Andy J. Conovaloff, Iinda Herron Raymond Reynolds, Nancy Robins, Sharon Manos. Marily Porrier, Arthur Rohrbacher, Sandra Mart, Jacqueline Lahausen, Janet Marie Canner, Carolyn Dotterer: PRESTON KARANSKY, Jo-Ann Barbier, Jackie Mitchell, Linda Diane Hall, Sandy Chris-tensen, Gail Hawthorne, Carolyn Diane Dowd, Mary Ellen Clouse, Ruben Castillo. JOHN BROOKE, Charlene Marie Smith, Wynsum Tom, Judy Wilcox, Ricky Bell, Linda Johnson, Micky Neece, Bernie Tpnar, Ernest Granieri, Ann Sentif, Fred Ryan. MORE NAMES NEXT SUNDAY 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 34 36 37 40 42 44 45 47 48 49 52 55 56 57 60 62 63 65 66 67 69 70 31 1 the people of Ireland 4.

WITCH and in Prizewinners SURPRISE PRIZES will be mailed to the following boys and girls for their excellent work in helping Grandpa Puzzle solve the difficult Mixed-Up History contest of Feb. 21: Leaf A ACROSS 1. To question 4. Twenty-four hours 7. Saint, abbreviated 8.

PETER has one and so has PAUL. But JOHN and JAMES have none at all! 9. Northeast 10. I'm at the gates of KILLAR- NEY And at the end of County CORK. And then you'll find me once again In little old New YORK! 11.

A holy person 13. Wagers; promises to pay a forfeit if wrong 14. An Irish nobleman ranking below a Marquis and above a Viscount 15. Many wear a green one on St. Patrick's Day 16.

In CHURCH DRAL But never in and CATHE- HATS 17. Find me twice in KILKEN NY. Yet never CATS! in NOISE nor DOWN 1. To request permission 2. Saint, abbreviated 4.

In DUBLIN and DONEGAL You'll always see me. Though never in LONDON TOWN Shall I be! 5. Girl's name 6. Still, awhile longer 8. Popular name for a boy in Ireland 11.

Chair, bench or stool 12. Poetic name for an island; Irelarid is called the Emerald one 13. To exist LeafB ACROSS 1. Desires, wants, day dreams 7. Old fashioned nickname for Jingle PLANTSITE SCHOOL, Second Grade, in Morenci, used the Enchanted Cabin Puzzle Tale as a combined spelling and drawing lesson.

The teacher, Miss Polling, sent five puzzle answers, the work of ROSEMARY MUGGINS and KAREN HEATIIMAN of Clifton, and DANNY MITCHELL, GLORIA TRUJILLO and ESTELLE HAUB1SON of Morenci. Each one deserves special mention. GLENDA GAR ADO, ll'2. a faithful contributor from Scottsdale, sent a cleverly tined Puzzle Tale answer and wrote: The cabin in your puzzle, I can see. Is Abe's childhood home in Kentucky.

There in the cabin by candlelight, Little Abe Lincoln studies and reads by night. He, himself, his father and stepmother, three, Were as happy as could be. So many, many boys and girls sent excellent art work along with their correct answers to Winners in GrandmaT Riddle's Hidden Word contest of Feb. 21 will be namd next Sunday. RIBBONS nor South in today's hand, having! recently made a study of the percentage table, came into the bat tle with the knowledge that an even numoer ot a ds probably would not break, so that the most probable distri bution of any six outstanding cards was 4-2.

Unfortuna 1 however, it proved to be the little learning that was a dan 0 thing. Goren Against the final contract of four eharts, West cashed the first three diamond tricks and, in response to partner's suggestion, shifted to STAR Li' Br CLAY AlliS MAR 21 Your Daip In HER and in SHE, But never at all Will vou see me In kindly ELF Nor sweet FAIRY! 5. In ERIN and EMERALD And also in ISLE, I'm never in FASHION, But always in STYLE! 6. Signal call for help 7. Two times in TIPPERARY, Yet never in IRELAND I'll be 11.

Nice, clean, tidy 12. In KITTY, but never in CAT. In LAKE and in SHAMROCK, But never in LAZY nor FAT! 13. East 15. Always in MAYO.

But never in COUNTY, I'm in no REWARD And never in BOUNTY! 16. County, abbreviated 17. Twice in THATCH, But never in ROOF, Once in HORN And once in HOOF! Jangles the Enchanted Cabin Puzzle Tale that it is impossible to name all who deserve Special Mention. CHERYL CARI.IN, 11 "shingled" the cabin roof with brown paper shingles: KENT ZIMMERMAN, 12, of Glendale, did some neat pen and ink work; MARGARET WEBER pained the cabin with water colors; ZENITH SAMPLE did a clever crayon drawing showing Roy and Rita and Grandpa Puzzle coming toward the "Dear Editor," wrote KAREN HEAP, age 9, a faithful contributor from Machan School, "My family and I went up to Oak Creek a few weeks ago and it was beautiful. "I have the book of Hansel and Gretel and I have read it three or four times.

"The boy who talke to Roy and Rita in the Enchanted Cabin Puzzle Tale was Abe Lincoln." CAROLYN JOY PERSHALL, age 8, a recent contributor from Yuma, wrote: Dear Editor: I enjoyed this puzzle very much. I try to enter the contest as many times as possible. I am in the) Third Gradp. I go to O. C.

Johnson School. Activity Guide According to tht Start. i To develop message for Simdoy, read words corresponding to numbers of your Zodioc birth sign. DENNIS ROBERTS, age 8, 1745 E. Harvard.

RUBY HURTADO, age 11. Flor-e Elementary School, Florence, Ariz. JENNIE PEARCE, age 11, 1325 N. Arbor, Grade 6, Casa Grande, Ariz. BOBBY CLECKNER, age 14, 5641 S.

17th St. LINDA HITCHCOCK, age 1ft, 1304 W. Sixth Mitchell School, Tempe, Ariz. DARLENE NUZZI, age 11. 1806 W.

Lawrence Lane, Grade 6. BARBARA McCAULEY, age 12, 279 Arkansas PL, Williams Air Force Base, Ariz. THOMAS DAVIDSON, age 11. Box 361, Grade fi, Luke Air Force Base, Ariz. JUDY BOZLEY, age 12, 2102 E.

Polk. JIMMY JARAMILLO, age 10, P.O. Box 112, Gilbert, Ariz. DRINETTE WEBB, age 9, and DIANE WEBB, age 12, Lakeside, Ariz. TINA WILLIAMS, age 9'2, 4435 N.

51st Grade 4, Anda-lucia School, Glendale, Ariz. CAMILLA BARSKI, age 11. 228 E. Caminto Most Holy Trinity School. SALLY ANDERSEN, age 92.

714 W. Marshall, Solano School. ANITA D. GONZALES, age 9, 1024 Adonig Miami, Ariz. APR.

20 21-29-44 47-72-73 1 TAUtUS APR. 21 MAY 21 I Act 3 RHy 4 Your 5 Not 6 Only 7 Judgment 8 Upon 9 Right 10 Is I I Liftl. 12 Avoid CSC7l.77.79.flOJ -1 Mum VJiJ JUNE 22 KTVy-59-66a N70-76-85-M 31 Or Contact 33 Much 34Tnrt 35Good 36 Proper 38 Doubt 39 Doing 40 Time 41 Your 42 CANCEt 13 Unnecessary 43 JUNI23 JULY 23 14 Cloudt 44 15 It's 16 At 17Timt I80f 19Tn 20 You 21 Appeor 22 You 23 To 24 Movel 25 See 26 Sttle 27Woy 23Tiw 29 To 30 And (S)Good A U6-19-3d 540-48-81-83 uo ffl JULr24 Q) 1- 9 28-31 32-45-53 vmco A AUG. 2 SEPT. 22 VfSu-14-1 fLtt-so-s 8-33 -50-55 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 59 AO Notch 90 Strangers MAR 21 4., 's9 313 Neutral Afiverse 3- 4- 8-34 46-75-89 90.

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