The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE.; TWO. KI.YTHPVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NKWS Personal Interest -CLUBS Activities and: News of Women recently visited Mis. Ashcrad's parents. Mi-, and Mrs. L. C. Sr at Stcelo. W. S. Allred spent Tuest Tennessee. Peat and Noah Glover _ , Sunday out on the Lake Farm at i Farm. t lir> Till In U Ttnina * *•_ 5 pnr- eiicer, ay In spent cuts, Mr. and Mrs. R. O. White. P. P. Byrd, of Tyler, but formerly of Cooler, spent, Saturday here with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Will Hodge and family have moved to the l/alce The structure and. .cqul|>n:.2i will Involve an cxiwnditure of scv oral thcpsand dollars. M, C. Outlaw will operate 11 filling station and Saliba oxpec to be In cham of the stor^> an ;tlie Talley home. Uufora Cowan ol Tyler spent Socitty Calen dor . •'• Friday Music .department of the Women's Club meeting at the club fiouse. . ' ' ' '• Mris TV. M. MeJfcnzle and Mrs. T. G. Seal sponsoring a benefit bridge and rook party at Catholic toclal hall at 2:30 o'clock. * ' Jtmlor Mmslc Club TO ftt»«rit Program The recently Organized Junicr Music club of the Woman's club, tvonspr.xl by Miss Margaret Mer- rltt,. .Will present the pfograjrt at trie usual meet big cf the Music dc- pa^meht ; Friday afternoon, 3:30 o' the club house. ductlon of.a musical comedy hero In ing..near, ililur'e. Mrs. Eltz'nbsth fep*)tn slid.Miss pwena Forbes, of Llixora, were suests. ' I ERtcrt»lulnt (or Dauchter j • ^fr's.- Qoih 3. Barnes is having I a'i dancing parly at Ihe Woman's i club tonight In compliment t:> lier | daughter, Miss Helen, who Is celt- braling her IGlh birthday. Bits of News Mostly Personal Cooler News Notes Utidwau Not ex Mr. and Mrs. E. W. McDonald! visited'the lattcr's motrcr, Mrs. I Mrs. Jock D. Shatter of Memphis and Litllc Hock mid 4Irs. Hush! DrUc.cH, cf Memphis, nrc GucsW ol Mr. ami Mrs. A. O. Mall and Ciller relatives uf Mrs. Shaffer. 'Ihey moloiod over ye.i'.erdtiy anil return to Memphis lonvvrow. cr. of Pace. Miss., who Annie Partlow, at Illckman, ity.,' °- °last Sunday jftmierly lived here, sp;nl ycslur- Mrs.: Walter Denton of Luxora id"!" '» U>« cll >' on Business: H.:s visited Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Me- 'was'cnrcule home .froth a tunlncss Donald Friday l ll| l' Io sl ' Louis nmr Chicago Saturday at, Cooler, with his su- ler, ilrs; Tom Halford. • Mr. and Mrs. yiaud Wgods and Mrs. Nora Woods spent Baturda'y alltrnoon In Sleele, shopping. Aaron Halley and Enos Haynes of Number Nine, Ark., atleiidett to ,-, , - Mlss.Iona Cablinan was a euesl family Have moved to tlnlcy, Tenn. I buslll{5s Jlerc lKCM \ y . 8UeSV P. a. tM.otiicrs and J. Ji. Bow- Sullday or Mlss Ruby ^ k "•••• made « Business trip to Bly- [ Frank Cmw i 0 ,. d m j de a h,nln P « Tom llallord nnd Buford spent. Monday and Monday nlglit ,ur Poplar Uluir, Mo. ' Mr. and Mis. Darls Sclph .and thevlllc Moi:day. i trip to Dyeriburg, Tenn., Monday. M, F, Miller and sons. Porter .. . ..... ,.,_ ..... „ JVMJ ..... cl Mtsssc Carolyn Hall, Peggy Me- 1 and Roy, visited Mr. and Mrs. Eu- Koel, Margaret Blmver, Anna Mae j Ktne M m er o( Kclscr, Sunday. Jones, Virginia Terry .and Virginia -- ........ ' • • . Tomplcitis '».r? to take part and WpodrdW; -Fisher, wioltalsl, 'will asfUf: the members. . ' Mothers bt the Junior members are espjctaily Invited to be guests. Mrs. James H. Broofcs and Mrs. George M. Lee are hostesses ; \ • .- • .• Delphlus" Sbiy Umbrlan Schccl, Vatican Tnuures Mrs."A: J. Crte of Wilson was leader of the Delphian program Wednesday at the Hotel Noble for a study ol Ih; Umbrlan school and Vatican treasures. A resume of the program on E. M. McDonald was a business visitor at islytlievllle an«i Luxoin Tuesday. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. J. Hill mt>- torcd to Luxora and Osccola Monday. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hill were the guests of Mr. und Mrs. 0, Kan- dolps of Clear Lake Sundtiy. Mr. and Mis. Lindo cannciay visited friends at Sandy RlOgJ Sunday. G. W. Stanford ami n. L. Tliorn >'erc Luxora visitors Tucs- .day. ' 1 . Mrs.': Hairy.Stanford spent Tuesday In Luxora vlsltiilg relatives. P.-1. J-!ia.i, o( the Hul- tllni! ccmyuny, is in Dallas, Texas, nltclicllnt; n Dr. Pepnei incollns. Mrr,. S. >n. Carpenter, of Oscc- c:a, visited in the city Wcdnesiluy. Whit Ooodmnn will lesvc todny fcr Chlca-jo when he Is to attend Hie Noire-Dame Northwestern W. O. Kearney of Steele spen. | Edward White, of Osceola, spent Moqday morning lire on business, j I lie week-end here with his par- No Colds This Winter CATARRH Oiicns Up HlunVU Nostrils In 3 Minutes ; Oi>ex keeps noiitrlls and throat lico from mucus—Buzzing in ears when caused by Catarrh is lessenec —no more mucus in throat to hawk up in ilic morning—Get it at Kirbj Krai Co., or any drug store thai Robert Huslilng spent a wlnlo Saiuruny evening In blythevllle, Mrs. S. L. Robinson of Stealc, gave a bilclal shower at her horn; recently in honor of her niece,] Mrs. ADiier Aslicrafl of Cooler, whj was before her recent marriage, Mis} Frankie Spencer. The home was bcautnully dc'corated for l.-.e occasion. Quite a number ,was preb- ent und several who were unatw to attend sent lovely gifts. Mr. nnd Mrs,. Hays Bnnth ol. Stcek 1 , . the week-end .licre MJT. llnrcld Scolt and Airs. . willi Mis. Smith's narcnts, Mr. anu Mrs. Waller Holly. Lee Cavanass, Mil of Mr. and Wnva' Clinnrllcr. of PnrnBoiild.. Mrs. Clnnlcy Cavanass, died at his home lost week of mnUirlal fever. He Is survived by his parents, out brother and five sisters of Milan. Tenn, Funeral. services were .conducted by Rev. Williams. Intermen: wns made in Number Eight cemetery. Mr. and The Zenith ot Flwehtlhe^ Palling" j ftnnk L | lul| Mr nnd Mrji Lnn . " '""'" J '" ''' do^-Oanaday, Mr.-and Mrs. A. J.. Hill "find Tom Mcdouglian were Blythevllle visitors Saturday. preceded 'these toplct "Tnc Umb'riiin School," Mrs. Horace T. Gulp; 'Raphael; Blashfleld's Estimate, Symohds' Esliniale," Mrs. Frank Thrasher; "Art Treasures c! tb5 Vallcan: General Character, The Slstlne Chapel, Raphael's Loggia and Stanza," Mrs* Otto Kochtttzky ,ln the study of the pictures Mrs. C. W: Aftllck was leader. She toti up the examples of Ihe Umbrlan school, Michael Angelo's work; In the Slstlne chape'.' Qhlrlandajo's masterpiece and Raphael's school at Athene - . • . • . Has Club . ' . Mrs. Hulh Wall an was hostess lo the • msmbers cf the Wednesday Bridge cliib yesterday afternoon '\vhon Miss Margaret Malian was the . only guest. In -tfcp contract bridge games Miss Cirace Webb won th.3 prize, hosiery. .. A delectable .sklad. plale refreshed the eight players. Fratertilj Meets, . . , ' Trie. Kappa_ Alpha..Plil -held Its sual weekly meellng. at'the court- Lonc Oak Items • Mrs. Ora Brook spent Sunday with Mrs.. Jess Wldner. Miss Albert! Walker wu? t h c guest of Miss Alnni Neeclhain Saturday night, Miss Virginia Richardson of Gosnell was the guest of Miss Anna Ncddhnm, Sunday. Bow nichnrtison of Dlylhcvllle was a Lone Oak visitor Sunday. Miss Tliclma Evans and Mrs, J. P. Holland ol Memphis vlslucl their sister, Mrs. E. -B. Walker,.Saturday night and . attended .the chicken supper at Mrs. Porter Smith's at Ekron. • Oils Brooks nttemlcd to business at Osceola Saturday. Misses Bernlce nnd Eunice Jarrett and Jewell Maxwell spent Sunday with Miss Mnrlinb Dai'isi Mr. and Mrs. Bill Robertson were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs; Jim Robcrlson. Mrs. E. B. 'Walker was • .the yesterday with MVB. Clmnd i-i-'jl slslsr. Mrs. Tom^Hcnton. Mrs T. H. I'lemmons, of Fair- ir'nl,' N. C. will ur'rlvj Wednesday. lo In- llu- guest of her daughter, Mrs. C. W. Affllck, anil family, fo:j L month. Miss Mary Kvclyn Feaihcitnn m: relumed Itom Kt. LonU whu'ro he visited ftr fiivcral weeks. Mrs. John L. Bruce -of Little Reck Is visiting in the city tills week- Mrs. I. n.' Jclmson, who has buen vl.sltiug Mr. and Mrs. u. II. Whil- nker at Auitln. Texas, for three is expected In return home the Insl of the week Mrs. Lucy Admns has recovered ran u two weeks Illness from l:.n- silltlcs mitl cuinpllcnilans. Mr. find Mrs. R. F. Klrshner have as their uuest Mr. Klrshner'.t futher, C. H, Klrshner, ol Kansas City. . house last-.eventrig whe'ri plans were discussed lor sponsoring the pro- Sunday guest pt Mrs. Erby Hodge! ••'•••.•• --.- Vf:-- si'-':.- ; - ..•.'',-•'••; '".•'"' " ~7,~"" ~ • "i-' A Simple Adjuvant Treatment For COLDS keeps up with modern medical discoveries—use for 30 days—If nol Joyfully satisfied —money back. Hospital Notes aiib Edward Hall of"Carutlters- vlllc wns admitted as 11 patient to the Blythevllle liospilnl today. Mrs. Ellu Burton ol Slcele, Mo., was dismisseil. Mrs. Abncr Aslicrafl Mr. and Mrs. "Tess" Mfddlcton, in a month of Austonvllle, recently visited Mrs. Mlddleton's grandfather, John 'oilier, in this community. meat market which will oi>en wltlv Colds ^ B«t treated without'' Tom Soliba Building Grocery, Gas Station A new grocery store and meal market Is being ercctod by Tom Sallba at the comer of Franklin and Cherry streets which will also have a filling station in connection. OPEX A THREE DAYS' COUGH IS YOUR DlNGER SIGNAL Coufilu from colJs may lead lions Uoublc. You can Etop them now \vhli Creomulsion, an nnuUifictl crajsolt ilial is iikasant to lake. Cu'omnlsion is a medical ili«covcry willi t^rn-fold action; it soulhcs and Iieal. 1 : llic jnllamcd membranes anil itt- Iiibila KCIIH gronih. .Of all kiHwn drugs crcosolc-is rcc- UBnizcd ly high medical aunWiiiu as onb of the greatest healing a^cncicj for coughs from colds and bronchial irritations. Greomiitsion "contains, -in addition to creosote; other 'healing ilemails vhlrh soothe and heal the infbtried membranes and slop the ir- ritaiion, ^-liilc the creosote-goes .on to the Mciniacli, is absorbed into the Uooil, aii.ieks the seat of the trouble and cliuck! ihe gtowth of ihc 'germ* Crronuilsion a guaranteed sjtisfoc- tory in ilie treatment of co-jghs from cohls, bronchitis aiij minor, forms of bronchial irritations, and is excellent for huilding up llic system after colds or ilu. Money refunded if not re- litved after taking according todirec- lions. Ask your druggist, (adv.) CREOMULSION FOR THE COUGH fKOM COLDS THA THANG ON Don't Fail to Hear Mrs. Dougan In her linul iectiiio und demonstration itf the Cout 1 - er Mews Cooking School Friduy. of Through the Courtesy the Elois Beauty Shoppe $2.50 Facial Will Be Given Away FREE Mrs. Boutin has had beauty work done each day at the Klois Shoppe (lui'ittfi her slay here and has expressed herself as buing delighted with our service, equipment and skillful workmanship. Vou, loo, will be pleased with Ihe quality of work done in Ihis shoppe. 'M Mrs. Dougan High 'in : Her Praise q/ GREAM «1 TREAT bad colds with Black-Draught, for I haYe found the quickest way to break up a cold is to take a big dose of this medicine at night and follow it with a hot foot bath." v —3fr*. Lelor 'Brack, Hound City,-IlL "I take Thedford's Black-Draught for colds and bilious headaches, as I found great relief." — Xr. Clyde Almon, Greenville, Tcxai, • "I have found Black-Draught just splendid for my children when they have colds or biliousness." — Xrt. W. L. Butcher, DnIIns, Tews.. "I believe it (Thedford's. Black-Draught) is a good remedy for colds and hoarseness with the children as well as grown people." —KIT. J. R. Dean, Valdosta, On. "When I was a child at home, my mother gave me Black-Draught for colds and when I was feverish,.and It always helped." — XT*. D. B. Fathera, Xurtreciboro, Tenn. '"Thedford's Black-Draught is splendid to treat constipation and colds with." —Jfr*. T. C. Laid, Autllii, Term. "When I would have.a severe cold or be hoarse, mother would' give Us Black-Draught tea and soon the cold would disappear." —Ifus'Grmtys.ficaj/, Spartanlurg, S. c. "If I take cold, ; Black-Draught helps me. I don't know how I could do .without It." —Ifr. Jesse Siallftjon,'BIii/f Cit-j, Tenn. '.'I consider Blackrbraugh't ; good for constipation, bad cpids and biliousness. We have found it very 1 .hehrful." • '. *< ' —3ft$ii£>.' B. Thornton, Blacfrjftccr, da. "I take BlaclcrlJraught fofconstipation nntl biliousness, ahd;4it first symptoms of cold I start taking it" . . — 3Tn. Carlton 1Vo//onf, Autdn, Tcint "I have ne^er found anything that relieved me as Black-Draught did. .Good Jor In- digesUou, colds and chilis. 1 ; .• —Her. J. 5V Butler,VocMon, Tenn. Tbeitford's Try he'rjamous : recipe for Ba^ed Alaska Put.layer of cake, either sluli or lady lingers, on lioltnm of pliiller. Use quart of very hard Kliiik.cs lee Crcaui, any llavDV. Shap? on top of cake. Cover nil with a mcvinj-'uc made of slill'ly Ijcalcn.ugi; whites, and sugar (confectioner's) and decorate with cut fruits. 1'iare on large platter nf cracked ice and put inlo open oven long enough to brown meringue. Clip this recipe in your Coofy Book He rode 10 miles and crossed a river to get Lemon Pie like this ¥ CALL this "Mnlly's Lemon I'ic" because a man'. '', J •^ from Missouri told me il wns :ts gooil ;is Unit | made by an old colored cook named Matty— ;md lie once rode 10 miles nn horseback and rowed u;: ' mile across the Missouri liivcr just to rat licr '-' ft \ lemon pic. .,,;! "Matty's Pic" is jusl swret cnotigli—willi an .''!jl overtone of fresh, piquant fruit, crowned willi ; u ''"','1 pert meringue, browned lo a golden glow and r> served in a Crisco pastry sliell, as crisp o;i Iho-i" bottom as it is around tbe ed}-e—as only Crisco '•"' pastry caa be. " ' :i •7.UI1 MATTY'S LEMON PIE i, jinccuEiagralcdi 1 orange, juice ami pulp .2 egg yolks, bcatctj.liijlil 3 tablespoons conistartli . i taliks]xx>n.s C'risw ^ cups wnlor KLINKE'S The Most Delightful Ice Cream of ihe Soulh Sold Exclusively Hy >l Klinkcs Ice (Cream may lit h!ld"in huik'iti a hr^e. var- iety/>f p popular'flavors at our fountain. Ucnl egg yolks lijjlit [mil slir ill mhai dry inprciliciits. AiW .'./.. m liquid!, lemon riml and CrUco. Cook in clmibli: boiler until i-M tlick. Cool. Pour into'luknl shell. Cover ^^•;tIl inrriiiKiK (t epg '. .'..I whitc.shcnlen slitnjlciidcd\vilh-l tablespoons granulate:! .^ii^cir '. and 1 teaspoon lemon juice). IJrowu in n:uileralc'avcii (350° ' F.) for 15 minutes. (J » ! - ••. . .IT '•' FLAKIER PIE-CRUST (and a short cut) If you liaven't mjiilc ]ric-rni=l willi Crisco, you've yet lo [|is- ••.•.••.! cover how really tender nml fl.ity pie-mist can lie! Kneel-..•!•>.' tailing, loo. lux-ausc Crisco tastes sweet anil iiure all l>y ilbclf" ... • —nnd comes lo yon freali in mi air-light can. n "' To save lime in |>ie baking you can keep Ihi* paslrv doiiBli, ".... already mixed, in the iec-box nnd bake A crust just wlicn you' " " need it. IL will slay sweet, because Crisco itself stays sVv'c.eti > 5 i And tbc thorougli cliilling \vill moke the crust even Dakicr than ' I'' usual. ' i *'ll 4 cups flour 3^ teaspoon salt : ' «B ?3 cup Crisco I fl to S tablespoons cold walcr Sift Hour anil salt together. Cut Crisco in well with hvo knives until consistency of small peas. Add only enough walrr Vn hold mixture together. Holl J^ inch tliick-on floured board.: . ' For baked shell, u;e liaK of reei|« and cover inverted pic tilatc n-illi pastry. Leave enough dough lo fold back lo nuikc a firm" edge. Trick well with fork to prcrtfil bubbles, liakc in !iot oven (loO° 1'.) 15 minutes. '" ' '- Vor ln-o-crust pie, bake 10 minutes nt -IJO' >'.. then reduce beat to moderate (350° K.)j bake until filling is done. • ALL'MKASURKMKNTS LEVEL. Itcciucs leslcd and pp^';;! provcdhy (joocl llousekec[)ing Institute. Crisco is IhereyLitcral •- Iradc-niark of a shorlcning manufactured by Tbc Troct'j & Gamble Co. Taste Crisco— then any other shortening. Crisco's sweet, fresh flavor: will tell you why things with Crisco taste so much better. TIES BISCUITS COOKIES FRIED fOODS III Hit ncir ail-light catt—a/t frcxlt I quit untft ax tlir, Any it iran in<i<lc Try Our Salad Plate Lunch. Sandwiches of all Kinds. Chili and Hjt Tamales Costs Only t Cent a Dose If.t/ou'vc rolled out early for « day's huniinff on the lake — , if'you're up to catch ihe morniiifj train— if'you're in for a hard days work — no nialterivhat ilic situation is, a good, hot cup every morning of FOUR LEAF COFFE Starts the Right!

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