The Havre Daily News from Havre, Montana on April 26, 1946 · Page 3
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The Havre Daily News from Havre, Montana · Page 3

Havre, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1946
Page 3
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' Friday Evening. April 26, 1946 THE HAVRE DATLT NEWS PAGETHRE1 Spirited Film, "Rusty," To Open Sunday at Orpheum Theatre Tenderly human exciting ing a.bout tensely .is what they're say- Columbia Pictures' new film, "Adventures of Rusty," with Ted Donaldson, Margaret Lindsay and Conrad Nagel, coming to tlie Orph&um Theater on Sunday. Advance notices have been high in their praise for this simple, heart-tugging drama o£ a lonely boy who t'i&hts desperately for happiness and a faithful dog who helps him win* it. It is apparent from these reports that the screen has captured, through depiction of his love for a dog, the down-to-earthness, the poignancy and joy that is an integral part of every boy's grow- Brent deters Dorothy .MeGuh'c iroin Heeuif; me house Harboring a mad killer, in lUvO Kiulio's suspensernl drama, "The Spiral Stall-ease." Co-stnrrccl is Ethel Hari-ymore, Avlio portrays u dictatorial invalid who suspects that the murderer is a member of her household. Coming to the Lyric Theatre next Thursday. ing up. Orphaned by mother, young the loss of his Danny Mitchell resents his father's coming marriage to her best friend. When the couple ride off on their honeymoon, the youth's dog runs after them and is killed by a truck. This increases his bitterness toward her. In his lonely wanderings, he conies across vicious Nazi-trained war dog who had been brought back to the United States by a war vet eran, and he decides that thif dog, Rusty, will be his new play male and friend. In the refor maiion by Da.nny of this danger ous animal, the boy finds con tentment and a new understand ing of his step-mother. Margaret Lindsay plays Danny' DANA ANDREWS STARS IN FILM VERSION OF 'A WALK IN THE SUN" AT THE LYRIC SUNDAY TH6ATRE CALENDAR Based on Harry Brown's sen-<fr- a.tional novel of the same name, and 'acclaimed as one of the greatest motion' pictures to come )ut of these times, "A Walk In The Sun," produced and direct- d by Lewis Milestone, opens Sunday at the Lyric Theater with Pana -Andrews heading an out- landing cast. The penetrating and moving :ilm, presented by 20th Century Fox. details the exploits of a single platoon of a Texas division from the time they hit the beachhead at Salerno until they achieve their almost im'possible objective several hours later. With intimate honesty and tender understanding, the film explores the reactions of the individual men who. faced with a frustrating situation and the loss of their commissioned officers are forced to supply their own leaders from the ranks in ordei to carry out the mission to successful completion'. The film achieves high moments of terrific emotional impact counterpointed with generous allotments of ro bust .humor and scenes of poig nant beauty. Dana Andrews, in' his most important role to date, is seen as Sergeant Tyne. on whom falls the responsibility of leading the platoon through to victory. Richard Conte plays the important role of Rivera, the loquacious) TALKING IT OVER LYRIC—Current Week NOW SHOWING THKU SATURDAY— "Spanish Maine," in technicolor, starring Paul Henreid and Maureen O'Hara in a melodrama of the first magnitude. ® ® ® COMING SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY—* "A Walk in the Sun," featuring Dana Andrews nnd Huutz Hall. A powerful and bold story irom the book by Harry Brown. © ® ® SHOWING NEXT THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY— "The Spiral Staircase," a mystery drama starring Dorothy McGuire, George Brent and Ethel Barrymore. ® ® ® COMING NEXT SUNDAY— "Kiss and Tell," starring Shirley Temple and Jerome Courtland in a rib-wracking comedy that will long be remembered. O step-mother. From past exper- cern is for the success of the as- iences movie-goers can expect a I signmen - t _ others featured in the Dana, Andrews, John Ireland and Lloyd Bridges £O into a huddle on the next move of their "lost'"' platoon in "A "Walk In The Sun," at the Lyric Sunday through Wednesday. Produced and directed by Lewis Milestone, Avhose "All Quiet On The Western Front 1 ' stands as one of the film classics of all time. "A Walk In The Sun" is based on the machine-gunner' wluise' reaTcon-! enthusiastically acclaimed novel of the same name by Harry Brown. deft, pleasant portrayal by lovely Miss Lindsay. Completing the threesome of top players for this production is Conrad' Nagel, as the father, returning to tne l ard" Benedict, screen after appearing on Broadway in "Tommorow the World!" Ace, the Wonder Dog, one of I the most intelligent canine actors I to he seen on the screen since the late Rin-Tin'-Tin, plays Rusty, and the cast is rounded out by Gloria Holden and Robert Williams in featured roles. outstanding cast include George Ty.n'e, John Ireland, Lloyd Bridges, Sterling Hollo way, Norman | Lloyd, Herbert Rudley and Rich- Oonrad Nagel, Ted Donaldson and Margaret Lindsay are co-featured in "Adventures of Rusty," Columbia Pictures' tenderly human, tensely exciting drama of a boy and his dog. The picture opens at the Orpheum Theatre on Sunday. Mystery Reigns in New "Falcon" Film The murder of a child's nurse aboard a train forms the basis of RKO Radio's newest mystery- thriller, "The Falcon in San Francisco," coming to the Orp,heum next Thursday with Tom Conway in his accustomed role of the super-sleuth. "The Spanish Main" In Technicolor Now Showing at Lyric Pictures about piracy, involving as they do seascrapes, square rigged galleons and period costumes, are doubly effective when like this one they, are presented in technicolor. Robert Fellows and Stella Ames, executive and associate producer respectively, •have created a film that's a trea,t to the eye, and Frank Borzage, the director, had seen to it that action is not sacrificed to pictorial values. Paul Hendreid and Maureen The body of the nurse, who was 1 0'Hara are the principals and i • _ _ fit. _ t -I. i_i _ ^*_T ?_ f ._ .-s* iraiMT 1 r^-irAl^r fl^a 1'iffai* Innlrc tr\n R Crosby, Donahi Meek, Madge Evans and Edith Fellows, Jit the Orplieuin Theatre Tuesday and Wednesday, in Hint's happiest sine; flin£. Columbia Pictures' return release of the tremendously successful ""Pennies From Heaven." Komember Binjj. \varh1ing ''Pennies From Heaven," "So Oo 1," "One, Two, Button Tour Shoe" and ".Let's Call A Heart .\ Ik-art?" traveling with a little girl, is found on the train bearing The Falson to San Francisco, and the sleuth undertakes to see the child to her home. While doing so, he is arrested for kidnapping and is bailed out by a mysterious woman who later proves to be the head of a smuggling gang. This starts The Fa.lson off on' brie" of his ~most""-excitirig "adventures, in which he runs down the gang and solves the mystery of three other murders. In constant danger of ,his life, he undergoes the toughest experiences adventurous career, "assisted" by his sidekick, a dumb but faithful reformed crook, who adds several gay notes of comedy to the proceedings. one of in his very lovely the latter looks, too, in a succession of dazzling costumes climaxed by a nightgown of white satin and lace. Hendreid makes a suitably swaggering pirate and the two of thein carry on the kind of roistering romance which to masculine and feminine audiences alike. Walter Slezak, as the governor of Cartagena, vain, vicious, fatuous and fat, comes close to stealing the pictures and evokes a full measure of hearty laughter. "The Spanish Main" is now showing at the Lyric theater thru Saturday. Dorothy McGuire As A Heroine Haunted By Lurking Murderer Romance and mystery comprise the dual theme of RKo Radio's lastest drama offering, "The Spiral Staircase," coming next Thursday to the Lyric Theatre. It stars Dorothy McGuire, George Breut and Ethel Barrymore. Miss McGuire is a New England heroine mysteriously marked for death at the hands of a unknown killer who has created a local reign of terror. A young doctor (Kent Smith) seeks to protect her by sending her out of town. But circumstances force the girl into virtual imprisonment in a gloomy old mansion which shelters an elderly invalid and two men. How she decides which is the killer only to find at the crucial moment ;hat she has made a horrible mistake by suspecting the one who could have helped her, constitute: the thrill-packed climax of the film. TWELVE TUNES SPARK "SONG OF THE PRAIRIE" "Song of the Prairie," Columbia Pictures' new action musical the Orpheum Theater, could (have been called, and appropriately too, "Songs of. the Prairie." Thero are twelve musical .numbers highlighting the picture. The tunes include "Tdaho-Ho" and "Prairie Flowers in Bloom," written and sung by Ken Curtis; "Sing To Me Cowboy of All My Dreams" and "Two-Seated Saddle," sung bv June Storey who also does a duet with Curtis on "Silver on the Sa-ge;" four numbers performed by T,he Hoosiei Hotshots. "No Romance in Your Soul," "Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye." "I Was Born 10,000 Years Ago" and "The Covered Wagon Rode Right Along;" "Ida Red' and "Fireball Mail" featuring Deuce Sprigging and His Band; and "I Love You Sweetheart oi Constance Bennett And Gracie Fields in "Paris Underground" A brilliant and warmly human portrait, of two women blithely defying the German Gestapo. "Paris Underground'' comes to the O 1 "" pheum Sunday through United Artists release. Under the skillful direction of Gregory Uatoff, Constance Ben- nctt°;UKl Gracie Fields create their parts maginificently . . . the daring vivacious Kitty do Mornay and her practical but. humorous British friend, Emmylinc Quaylc- Kven as the Germans enter Paris, lli'e two women flee the city - - - loo la'c! A few miles away they arc forced back by German sentries On their return trip they meet a young British flyer and Impulsively decide to smuggle him across the border to unoccupied France. That, is the begin- iiinc Thumbing their noses at. the""aggressors, tho two women plot tho escape of over three hundred British flyers right trom under the Teuton monocle. Brilliant and intriguing newcomer to the American screen George Rigaud plays tho husband; of the tempestuous Kitty. iaiL lanky and "ontdoorsey." be is a very talented Latin American who gives vitality nurt verve to the ™lo of Andro do Mornay . • • ** "'"" as melting Latin American tenderness. Kurt Kreugcr. tall, blond, nnd broad-shouldered, gives individuality and a certain arrogant charm to the Gestapo Captain von Weber. Delighted with the attractive Kitty, ho plies her with flowers, champagne and black market gasoline . . . blissfully unaware that he is fuelling the es- rnpe car of hundreds of British flyers. A fine supporting cast, including Leslie Vincent. Eily Malyon and Andre Chariot, carries the story through one hair-raising escapade after another to a triumphant conclusion. Constance Bennett's first production has verve, j&&$i£ity and humor. NOW!;THRU SATURDAY SHOWS AT 2—G:55—D P. M. wh«n "tins" swashbuckling hero tames the terrors o! ihe seven seas} BiG In cosH The mightiest of ALL sea pictures! stamng %v w \ PAUL MAUREEN WALTER HENREID • O'HARA- SLEZAK ~,s BINN1E BARNES • JOHN EMERY • NEWS • COLOR CARTOON • All My Dreams" Town Cviers. done by The Brent has the role of a biology professor and Miss Barrymore that of an acceutric old invalid, with Kent Smith, Rhonda Fleming, Elsa Lanchester, Gordon Oliver, Sara'Algood and Rhys Williams in prominent supporting •roles. Robert Siodmak directed the Dore Senary production based on Ethel Lina White's novel, "Some Must Watch." NO SELF-WORSHIP Ethel Barrymore. First Lady of the Theater, expects never to see herself on the screen. She is starred with Dorothy McGuire and George Brent in RKO Radio's "The Spiral Staircase." She hasn't seen any of the pictures in which t she has appeared, and they go back to early islen't days, "It's not a superstition." she explains. "I just don't care to see myself in motion pictures. After all I've never seen nvyself on the stage', .either." Bing Crosby in "Pennies From Heaven/' Tuneful More and more motion picture producers are realizing that there is something besides nostalgia which, causes the fans to demand the return to the screen of their favorite films of yore. Many of them are just as timely and thrilling today as they were when first produced. They have that something extra which theatre-goers are forever seeking. It is good news, therefore, to report that Columbia Pictures is bringing Bing Crosby's happiest hit, "Pennies From Heaven," to the Orpheum Tuesday-and Wednesday. Everyone is sure to recall Bing's unforgettable sings, "Pennies From Heaven/' "So Do I," "One Two Button Your Shoe" and "Let's Call a Heart a Heart," and that there was' also Louis Arm? strong and his famous swing band •to chase away the blues with his musical kind. And who can forget the lovely Madge Evans -who is Bing's romantic interest, Or the superb gamin performance of Edith Fellows? The screenplay was written by Jo Swerling and It was directed by Norman McLepd:' :.. , To screen fans the return of "Pennies From Heaven'' will undoubtedly be manna from heaven. ARMSTRONG SWINGS IT Louis Armstrong, often called the "King of Swing," made his j screen debut in the Bing Crosby' ORPHEUM—-Double Feature Programs SOW SHOWIXG THRU SATURDAY— "The Falcon in San Francisco," with Tom Comvay and Rita Corday. Filled with thrills, chills and chuckles. Second feat- ture, "Song'of the Prairie," n Columbia western with Ken Curtis and Juiie Storey. ® ® © SUNDAY ANH MONDAY— "Paris Underground," starring: Constance Bennett and Gracie Fields. A true story of their adventures in Paris. Co-hit, "Adventures of Rusty,'* with Ted Donaldson and Margaret Lindsay and featuring Ace, the wonder dog. A high-spirited story of the thoroughbreds—a lonely boy and a faithful dog. © ® ® TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY— "Pennies From Heaven," starring Bing Crosby in his iiappiest sing fling fun show. Hear Der Bingle sing four great songs as only Bing can sing 'em. ® ® <•> NEXT THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY— "Moon Over Montana," a western, true to the spirit of old Montana, starring Jimmy Wakely with Lee "Lasses" White and Jennifer Holt. Co-feature, "Fear," a mystery melodrama filled with nerve-tingling, thrills, starring Peter Crookson. Also Master Key serial. ® ® ® COMTNG NEXT SUNDAY AND MONDAY— "First Yank in Tokyo" — the atomic bomb hits Japan. Featured are Tom Neal and Barbara Hale in a timely and terrific film co-hit, "The Gay Senoritas." Jinx Falkeuburg in a stovy of love, music and fun. MftWt FRIDAY AND llUYfl SATURDAY MATINEE SATURDAY, 2 F. M PLUS Chapter Ten "MASTER KEY" SERIAL ["Fatal Masquerade" Jeff Donnell and Guinn (Big Boy) Williams produce much of the laughter in Columbia Pic- hit. "Pennies From With his famous band Heaven." he sings STARTS SUNDAY MATINEE 2 P. M. and swings a hot version of "Skeleton in the Closet." WHAT'S IN A NAME? Because of his love for-molasses when he was a youngster, Lee White was appropriately stuck with the name of "Lasses." White plays Jimmy Wakely's comical saddle pal in Monogram's musical western drama. "Moon Over Mon- tures' Western musical.. "Song of jtana" a t the Orpheum next Thurs- the Prairie.'' day. STARTS SHOWS AT 2—6:45—3 P. M. SUNDAY COME EARLY! -LOOK MAGAZINE TRUE sfory of two gallant women in Parts' • LATEST FOX NEWS • Century-FoJt •• COMPANION FEATURE • TED DONALDSON MAWAKT LINDSAY * CONtAO L GLORIA HOIOCN • •ROMRT. WILLIAMS th* Wonder Dog A OXUMI/A MCTU« '

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