Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on September 10, 1953 · Page 43
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 43

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1953
Page 43
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mil laMaa 1 1 r m Thursday, September 10, 1953. Hollywood Today all EDITIONS -The Arizona Republic, . Phoenix, Arizona- 1V1 ature, Plot Arable To Star With Lana By LOUELLA O. PARSONS HOLLYWOOD (INS) ' Just catching the plane to San Fran-cisco when a cable afrived stating- that it's Victor Mature, not Clark Gable, r t f Kf , St ' Mature who'll star with Lana Turner in "The True And The Brave." Couldn't be more surprised because just last week word came that Clark was on his way to London to start the MCM picture. With Mature suddenly in the part, it must be that 20th got warm hearted and decided to give Vic a bonus movie abroad. He was unhappy about his last loan-out and the assignment with Lana should make him smile again. Lana and Lex Barker are currently honeymooning in Amsterdam where some of the scenes' for "The True And The Brave" are being shot. NEXT MARCH, certain' vet- v: '.MM JZO! SOUTH CE1TRA1X Open :30 P.M. Show Starts Dusk LAST TIMES TONITE -ALS wiwaiHi',!! :OMING FRI. SAT. p. quo wa&mm A UNO Of UNASHAMID IEAUTYI ALSO BONUS PICTURE Robert Mltrhnm In "RED PONY" TWO COLOR CARTOONS CHILDREN'S fLAlOKOIND eran employes of MGM will reap the benefits from a fabulous pension plan put into effect in the lush days of 1943. At the time the plan was instigated, actors, executives, secretaries, publicists, and technicians who had been at the studio for five years were eligible to share (10 years later) in the pension funds established by the studio. Natuitdly, the payoff is prorated by salaries and position and the length of time served. William Powell-and Executive Eddie Mannix, long-termers at MGM, collect large sums. Others who will fare well are- Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, LionelBar-rymore, Lewis Stone, Howard Strickling, Robert Leonard, and many more. - I MET SENATOR Magnusen of Washington at Joseph Schenck's house at dinner. He was on his way to Seattle. He talked very interestingly on many .current situations. Another guest was Mrs. Eta Tsufa F. Lee. She talked fascinatingly of conditions in China. Her husband and two of her sons are still there fighting the Communists. Her 21-year-old boy is with her here. But as the law does not allow both husband and. wife to be here, her husband remains in Hong Kong. She said the Chinese are inherently a loyal people and she believes they went Communist after they were ordered to turn over all their gold because this .worked a real hardship on the people. Ambrose Light Uses World's Biggest light NEW YORK The most powerful sea-navigation light of its kind in the world has been installed by the coast guard in the Ambrose Light vessel 30 miles from New York. It is over 5 million candlepower. Theoretically it js visible for 64 sea miles. ' AX ft-6694 i COOLfD SY I f F I I C f R A T I N NOW PLAYING IFABULOUS! 1 .... oell"VA' IT I " r rest"- Secret Sharer hint t .TECHNICOLOR FI.CS- l Jame Hum Gene Loekhart I Ca MAY 21 561-8571 i SSos TAR gases! 3 AMES MAR. 22 CAP 20 ri it il tri OCJMM MAY 22 f JUNE 22 U9-27-35-47! r 540-83-891 CANOa JUNE 23 JULY 23 A25-38-52-57 19-65-72 uo JULY 24 AUG 23 fTl-5W6-71 76-78-82-9d VWGO AUG. 24 SETT 22 -By CLAY R. FOLLAr- JM v Your Doily Activity Geicfe " According to iho Start. To develop messoge for Thursday, reod words corresponding to numbers of your Zodiac birth sign. t SOT. OCT 1- 8- 9-lCTl n 1-4642 2 Something 3 Don't 4 Tockto 5 Job 6 That 7 Strom 8 More Confidence !0 in 11 Your 12 A 13 Your 14 Check 15 Drsfon 16 Swell 17 Doy IS You're 19 Bewore 20 All 21 Certain Is Person Handle A Hos 27 In 28 FocH 29 With 30You vSyGood 22 23 24 25 26 31 Design 32 Lucky 33 Woriung 34 Come 35 Giving 36 For 37 Core 33 Promise 39 On , 40 Selling 41 Teomworfc 42 Oon' . 43 Etectncol 44 In 45 Through 46 Untried ' 47 Your 48 In 49 Important' 50 Is 51 Your 52 Mode 53 With 54 Confidence 55 People 56 Endurance 57 Todoy 58 Fryng 59 Not And 61 Colon ; 62 Talents 63 Behalf 64 Appliances 65 Worth 66 Better 67 Ideas 68 Efforts 69 To 70 Labor 71 Than 72 Much 73 Under . 74 Acids 75 Accomplish 76 Individual 77 Illusions 78 Effort" . 79 Your 80 Your 81 Gools 82 Be 83 Good 84 And 85 And 86 Pocket book 87 Gam 88 Fire 89 Faith 90 Cooperative SACIiTAMUS NOV 23 Am DEC 22 fa-Si 12-21-23-26C? E31-39-80S6V ) Adverse SO001O OCT. 2 ( NOV 22 3-4- 5- 7-13-5 CAracom JAN. 20 14-20-28-421 170-73-77 VjJ . AOUAMUS JAN. 21 feb' i 24.29-37-43 164-74-84-88 mess - MAR 21 2-15-22-33 44-51-63 Profitable pursuit Actors Advised To Raise Chinchillas Between Jobs HOLLYWOOD (UP) Aetors who find themselves frequently between jobs" should take up chinchilla raising to brine in addi tional loot when things aren't going so well, according to Director Stanley Price. Price, who just completed a stint as dialogue director for Fox, says its a good way to keep off the ulcer circuit. He explained the little Andean rodents can become a source, of income without interfering with an actor's pursuit of a dramatic career. Price once played 2,200 straight performances as the original "Abie" of "Abie's Irish Rose" and in the years before and since has had ample opportunity , to learn the financial hazards of the acting 'profession. , ... "Raising chinchillas Is very little work and then can be kept in the home," says Price, a wiry little man with a strong jaw and piercing eyes. - - "THESE ARE great advan tages to an actor whose career keeps him from committing much time to a sideline job and who, in most cases, must always be available by phone. . "If an interview or a job takes the actor away from home, care or the chinchillas can always be entrusted to a reliable person." Two years ago Price started out with a $1,500 investment m two chinchillas. He now has 43. He has recouped his original in vestment and now has stock, cages, and equipment worth approximately $8,000. This means his profit runs about $4,000 per year. Price says he doesn't intend to expand his operation and will sell off the increase. SINCE, ON THE average, chinchillas produce three litters of two units annually, he expects to II 1 J K ' I LAST DAY IN TOWN CLIFTON WEBI "MISTER SCOUTMASTER" Co-Hit "NiiBder of the San" ttMhlnxUiQ t t int ist. . AL. 4-4114 STARTS TOMORROW ON OUR NEW GIANT CURVED PANORAMIC SCREEN Has Sold Over 1 1.750.000 AMBURGER Sine Nsv. 1952 H p of ppH1-1 f v: p COOPER -li 1:: paradise m 1 - - - , ; ; - !- xoi Tour Entire Family . ' (P$)J WW Enjoy Eating Here! 'i SXf& miuiiiiip S , 226 North Centre! THEY'RE DELICIOUS PURE BEEF THREE CONVENIENT "ICATIOXS lth St and Em V Boren , 17U Ave. Grmnd b CentnU VirslnUk . ENJOY LIFE A LITTLE MORE PING'S Sip your favorite cocktails with your favorite friends in cool contentment be able to sell a good many animals at prices ranging from $50 to $110 each quite a drop from the $l,500-per-pair price of those breeders he bought originally. At present American chinchilla breeders are concerned in raising the number : of animals from about 350,000 to three million in order to bring the price of pelts down to, a competitive basis with mink, according to Price. It js rumored that the 150 chmr chilla pelts in the coat Ali Khan gave Rita Hayworth cost $90,000. They were top quality pelts, but grade-for-grade, Price says, chin chilla is several tunes as expensive as mink. Welles ew BaUetffit n Londo n LONDON CAP) Orson Welles has blossomed out as the creator of a ballet, and British critics of the dance wavered yesterday between all-out enthusiasm and plain puzzlement. The ballet, for which the onetime boy wonder of the American stage - and screen supplied the story and designed the scenery and costumes, is "The Lady in the Ice." . " - ... :.. It had its first performance here this week at the Stoll Theater by Roland Petit's Ballets de Paris troupe. The story Is that of a girl frozen in a block of ice during a new glacial age who is thawed out by the love of a youth. But at the end of the ballet she has lost interest in her lover and he winds up frozen solid in her ice prison. "Terrific," wrote John Barber of the Daily Express. "Ballet is so often namby-pamby. Welles shows how exciting it can be-given a first-class idea. The anonymous critic of the Daily Herald said "Orson Welles turned last night to ballet. And it is very good." - But reviewer "CD." of the News Chronicle declared, "The denouement is inane, the chorus work second rate, and the music by Michael Damase very poor after a promising start." "P.FJ." of the Daily Telegraph objected to the "extremely puzzling scenario and pretentious introduction." ' The unidentified expert of the Times found it a "poetic concep tion" except for "a totally un necessary prelude to the ballet involving a kind of town-crier with a megaphone." All the critics were ; pleased, however, with the dancing of George Reich and Colette Mar chand, the sexy street girl of the film "Moulin Rouge," m the leading roles. In a program- note Welles gave this theme for his ballet: "It is a kind of parable showing that two people are never in love with each other to the same degree at the same time." His Job Secure For Vic Mature HOLLYWOOD (AP) Vic Ma ture, a guy who loves his sociahle security, is one actor more than happy to stay under contract to a studio. He wants no part of the current Hollywood vogue for free lancing. A vogue, by the way, that is sometimes ; .voluntary among actors but more often en forced by studio economics. Vic believes that the free lancer's career can be seriously damaged with one bad picture. "Four of my pictures would kill a free lancer," comments Vic. "Me? I have a contract They have to pay me . anyhow. J get just as much for the stinkers as I do the good ones. Mature, one of the shrewdest financial heads among the stars, On This Day FEATURING Nina. Rogers t the pieno, playing nrj singing your favorite tunei in her inimitable stylo. Open Daily t .m. to 1 a-m. , Sondaya IS Noon to 1 " Cooled by Refrigeration - E. CAMELBACK AT UTH ST. Phone CR 4-4151 Sept. 10, 1953 By ESTEY I. REED On this day, in 1640, Mare-chal de Puysegur, Bayonne, France, introduced his invention the bayonet to his country's military leaders. A French officer, Puysegur's soldiers proved the weapon's value in hand-to-hand fighting during the Ypres fighting in 1647. Puysegur simply removed the spear, point from a lance and attached it to a rifle with a tough cord. r On this day, in 1813, Oliver Hazard Perry, at the Battle of Lake Erie, unfurled the flag that became Americans' slogan, "Don't Give Up the Ship" Capt. James Lawrence's dying words. Inspired, sailors and marines fought one'of the war's most noteworthy battles, enabling Perry to send his famous message to General Harrison, "We have met the enemy and they, are ours two ships, two brigs, one schooner and one sloop." . wants the weekly paycheck, whether he's making a picture or not. The free lancers only, get paid when they work. "So they knock themselves out doing television between pictures. Me, I make more money off tele vision than the actors who are doing it." - 2 SAVED AT LONG BEACH LONG BEACH. Calif. (INS) Rita Moilison. 13. and Eleanor Kovacik, 14, both of Fresno, were rescued from rip tides and heavy .surf by lifeguards at Long Beach yesterday. Both girls were carried 100 yards from shore. Pa2e43 TJieater Timetable ACRES OF FUN Desert SongV 7:44, 11:46; Shoot First, 9:59. AERO - Desert Rats, - 8:20; Francis Covers the Town, 6:257 9:5a .., . . . .. . CINEMA PARK DRIVE-IN Lili, 7:40, 11:10; Vice Squad 9:25. . . ' .. COLLEGE - TEMPE Anne Oakley, 7:52, 10:21. FOX Plunder of the Su.n, 12:02, 3:04, 6:05, 9:08; Mister Scoutmaster, 1:26, 4:28, 7:30, 10:32. ; .. - GLEN-GLEKDALE White Witch Doctor, 7, 10:46; Man on a Tight Rope, 9:01. INDIAN DRIVE-IN Houdini, 7:20, 11:10; Farmer Takes a Wife, 9:35. i MESA - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 7, 10:19; Take Me to Town, 8:58. I ; . v PARAMOUNT Caddy, 1:25, 3:30, 5:35, 7:40, 9:50. PALMS-Band Wagon, 1, 3:05, 5:15, 7:35, 10. PESO El Diablo No Es Pan Diablo, 7:44, 11:49; La Ladro-zuela, 10:38. PHOENIX Happy Go Lovely, 1:24, 4:50, 8:16; Blue Gardina, 3:05, 6:31, 9:57. ... PHOENIX DRIVE-IN Trader Horn, 7:50, 11:48; Sequoia, 10:10. PIONEER DRIVE-IN Lili, 7:29, 10:42; Fast Company, 9:17. RIALTO Song of Sarong. 12:40, 3:20, 5:55, 8:35; Tiger Island, 1:55, 4:35, 7:15, 10. RODEO DRIVE-IN Devil on Wheels, 7:29; 11:10; Beaver Val ley, 9:04; Born to Speed, 9:4a SILVER DOLLAR DRIVE-IN Scared Stiff, 7:29, 11:21; Tembo, 9:42. ; . ; - ; , SOMBREROGlass" Menagerie, 6:40, 10:15; September Affair, 8:30. - . STRAND Lili, 1:50, 5. 8:15; Fearless Fagan, 12:30, 3:40, 6:55, 9:55. I- ' ": STUDIO The Fighter, 10:03, 1:32, 5:01. . 8:30; Breaking the Sound Barrier, 11:37, 3:06, 6:35, iu:u4. - VISTA The Sea Around Us, 12, 2:15, 4:24. 6:36, 8:48, 11; The Secret Sharer, 1:12, 3:24, 5:36, 7:48, 10. - : - -O nrl J Wit I'll, v JL 3800 WEST VAN BUBEN OfKN J: &HOW S.TAKTS 7r4 'AA JrAKU M0XIU0V ISJMMSMl;: per I h Arizona Paramount Theaters 1 ' . Ttm AC -175 . ' --f Yfi tTFT t J I)WBr OP 1;3- lZEE..YES...It'l I THEIR FUNNIEST YET 11 l ejB(aiHyPU m m 'tali J ;'; te miss? - Tneflraa-cnw -y --1 funniest bit! M REED BATES CALLEU cuss rfaMrnKT'inaaiiinMnK $ E . tomton&mmwmwtwmmai ? ft. Mtlaalkkninefiataai " fe . MR MBI I neWKI KM ' S -BiaMBfliaa-iimiiawaB . : - CARTOON iCM "POFETE SOCK-EYE" is ? North Central VtnrJnla Doors Opea 1 P.M. Mattnee Frlcea To P. ft. MGM't SQn9. Danca Santatten! fv ... : - a i 328 WEST WASH. 17c OPEN p KOON "The Blue Gardenia" Aane Ba-ctrr and Rirhard Conte "HAPPY GO LOVELY" Also Cartoon News Admlssioa toe ChUdrea 5e PEORIA . Peoria "HoDdinI" . 'Ladies of the Chora" wsni I iOMIIMi 1 3 -"-T "'"'--nggTgf m f. 1 '1. f V.' DltT4-5CMWAV - T-BAR-T Scoff sdale 'One Mlnut to Zero" Starts at 7:17, 9:34 PAB&WAS Chandler "Vanquished" "ThimderhooP MUSTANG DRIVE IN . tonight at 1:39 "FraneU Carers the unandier Town" "Guerilla Giri- Let's Throw A Party Our pool or pifis mil 4ha perfect farting. For reservations phone Harvey at AM 6-243 1 ARIZONA MANOR East Camefback at 24th St. . ROGER IVOLF The Extraordinary . and Superb Piano Entertainer Formerly with Jan Garbar's Orchestra, he now 900 into his twelfth month as a solo piano artist at the , Blue Booi COCKTAIL LOUNGE 24th and E. McDowell' , No 20 Tax CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE V PREE GIANT KIDDIEL.AND -Open 1 P.M. ' Show Starts 1:35 ALL THE FAMILY WILL LOVE LILI! IESIIE . MEl JEAN PIEHftE CARON FERRER aUMONT aVllaX I j aWim KM 2nd BIG HIT Ml Edward G. ' R0BIHS0H Paaletni FredAstaire i CydCharisse m Osear LEVANT Nanette FABBAT B Ja.ek BUCHANAN 1 ttzJFTtl we-mjmvxt a Harry LNaceTheafres IB till 1 1 aT nfan-fii-ii 3' S7 ST- BOX Utn(K OPES :49 P3f. IC'HaTT lf!TCX!!3l ums9 BOX UKUCK OPENS :3a P.M. Open :4S PJC Show Starts ?:1S . CO-FEATURE FREDRIC MARCH la Man on a Tight Rope n nnci-aoi itm MaiKHMcam tMSCOCOUK ccna W mm I 1.1 m m 1 1 1 ujjjjsaj li . BOX OrFIt K OPEN :4S P.M. iTtatHtcoiozlf, afl 'affile III'Li :ui-ilft, s Minia AUSCO C0L0B & ammMBmmmmM M . TV ifj'P --anwi rrni I US 1 rTiiLln All a i mj iu i a a i jji i W i.i rt-ian. iananaarmaraiBBnT ft I II 11 II 1 II I I l in ill IK 1 1 II II 3.1 IS I 111 I I -TT 1 1 i CO-FEATURE anwJSJiijlHl tSr i m 7. a BOX OFFICE OPEN :45 PJC m I Open :45 P.M. Snow Starts 7:11 Main St. to Broadway j fSTrliBam r-Risa. "Trader Horn" Herry Ccrey CO-FEATURE- CO-FEATURE . . Bowsra KCEX Mararle MAIN "FAST COMPANY" e taVVZaa. Wlawi. TSO "SEQUOIA -- wit---JEAN PARKES FIX, Soaiyslep Opwi 4:15 Topko COLLEGE. Temp Opa :50 Annta Oofctey - THE DESERT DiriniGROOM His been closed during July- and August on Saturdays. - , , We are now open 7 days a weelc serving fine luncheons and delicious complete dinners at reasonable prices. fry - The Desert Dining-room. I am sure you will be pleased. Central Just North Of Thomas Rd. - E. A. 'Mae McNew EI Rey J EtIEXICAfJ FOOD Combination Dinners ENCHILADAS TOSTADOS TAMALES TACOS 922 S. Central AL 4-0914 JXICAhff Stomp to . . Benny's DIXIELAND JAMSUSTERS WED. FRI. SAT. Floor Saosr featarlng Roy Dncll, MC WARD RYAN'S 4747 North 7th St. AM 6-4487 WfYEARS rOSTII-HOrlOlieD PICTUHB! I t n. Now through Sot. Open at 6:30 P:M. SOMBRERO FONTAINE C0TTEN . . iniwviiiir f; WARNER BROS.mtm inTiiiin irutirnu An nun nLiiri lUI nuLESLiasiu1 1 . . FRANCOISE ROSAY . JESSICA TAN0Y - tot , IWJ rSi X7th Ave. at Indian Krhool R. Opn.i: Show Time 1:1S : LAST DAY! See This Exciting Story of the world's greatest DAREDEVIL! 1 . . :!lfffllflfFfT!,fli,'fI1 nH ewe rrTochnlcoIsr '- starring T0?JT JJUIET cunns-Leigh r Also ... A Merry Trip it - of Marital Hilarity R THE "l DO" 1. lllK MUSICAL! . r, 'A 7 mm pun mi wmmtis ,4 It" i GRAND OPENING TOMORROW -- FRIDAY: NEW MENUS and NEW IDEAS FOR YOUR DISCRIMINATING TASTES IN GOOD EATING ic FEATURING FULL COURSE DINNERS fc Ala Carte Dinners ic Luncheon Sandwiches With the New Look New Hours: - TUES.-FRI. I f a.m.-1:30 a.m. SATURDAY f I a.m.-2:00 a.m. SUNDAY 10 a.m. 12:00 a.m. Win A Jalopy Tonite Given By Quebedeaux IX PERSON! MEET THE CHAMPIONS ( : FROM SOLTH MOt NTAIN 8PEEDWAT . . . iModifM Stoek Cnr Drivrn: DUTCH BODEN"- HEIMER and RALPH JARRETT MidKft Raerr: KIM WATKIX8 Hot Rod Ace: ROB STATON MotoreyflT! Cbmnpion: KEN DAIXAS . . . 8KB THEIR WONDER CARS inna MOTORCYCLES ON DISPLAY! dnjojr uur uom mm us Af rD 37 . W. Washlniioa f oaea 11:4a MUbm VIm a a ACTION PACKED 'JUNGLE ADVENTURE IN THIS DOUBLE THRILLER " ml 1 jJJT mi AND li, 1 H33 I BKKFORD 1f,ir - VatT 3141 W. Van Burea Oaen :06 P.M. m Jamro Manna In DESERT RATS" 'Alan Donald O'Connor la "Pranela. Cover tho Bi Town1 I - 3 1M W. n'aanlngioa g. ik0omAJWZJM aTa i 2 (wm m i 'win) i;we r -u. ct- mrrr Lbi.Jis 1 . . J ssJSHSrsssst : S3M m MSiJS v 8 scaling ounces of U. Sv STOSSFECIAL " -ST SV ? 1 I "mffjl i choice, corn-fed, aged . v J',w .. - f fCJJS-. 1 Mil 1 J&iif 1 Easfern -beef. Enjoy it . nAt'-.-. V3 Tjfff)Qryi --- 1 f Jp7' 1 fonTgM whHe you' ine PH )V fei 1 m.H in coo! comfort. 1 k 0 J K f Z-TI I U.II. Cro M.I rwt N. za t tui f p. M. -- ' - ' II Zff 'ff M&?J& 28?, I I Far Frlel of Uff$ v vuw it ?nnnit rfe i u4- JKSJ 3 "fearless fagan" I BMBBBaBaaawaBaaB1KaiBBBBBBBaBaMaMaBiaa ., MaannnMnBBClL,-,.-Tl "'"'T" i aajaBanggTgr? -

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