Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on March 7, 1960 · Page 1
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 1

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1960
Page 1
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it ToiliivV (Jnnkl The Arizona Republic Phoenix Wcallicr Sunny today and tomorrow; little temperature change. Temperatures: Expected today high M, low 30; yesterday's high 81. low 51, with relative humidity of U and 23. Detail. Page S3. Th tr'Mih'r mi!i your rhildrM i Ihst hrn ihev'rr ma t inj a lump in your throat. trV'r hinj a pain in vrnjr nerk. THE STATE'S GREATEST NEWSPAPER Phoenix, Arizona. .Monday. March 7, I960 Al pine 70th Year, No. 19344 l'aSes LA VJ ifeJ J2 Florida Admits Killings llro Tor Two WiM'ks Governor Grcels Mamie. Inlourage MwvMf v w, t)f '44 'tuft . v I I'll j 5, If tt f mJ "'iftty'if' xrt' Ry ( II ARI.OrrE IU ( 111 MRS. Mamie Eisenhower, trailed by a bndge-club-sized entourage of Washington companions, stepped down from her private railway car here yesterday looking much like a freshly groomed hostess at a tea party. The F'irst I. adv. greeted at Union Station by a foursome of dignitaries and about 100 spectators, appeared relaxed and in top spirits as she introduced her guests and chatted amiably. With a broad grin, she conceded that she has done her best to act as a one-woman Phoenix chamber of commerce in Washington. - - "Al.l. I do when I g- -i.i k (to 'if "most genuine- women in Washington) is talk about my public life. aranon here," .she told Mayor W, ,hl sh an., hrr rnm. Sam Mardian .Tr , adding that .she p-inwn ( iimbH into black limou-gets a share f teasing bemuse sjncSi m-inn,.d am guarded by "f '' Secret Service men from Phoenix The result, ho'.vever, was three and other parts of the country, new traveling companions. Mrs. A( prf.ri;,.v n a m anut 24 John Me( one. wile of (he Atomic hmlrs af.r h(,r arrival, Mrs. Ei-l-.nergy Commission chairman; sf.nhw,.r appeared at Ihe Valley Mrs. John Foster Dulles, and Mrs. r(,s!jVtf.rj;in ( hurch, acr ompa-Arthur Summerfield, wife of the bv Mrs Summcrfield, Mrs. postmaster general. Moore." and Mrs. Dulles. Mrs. Mr- Mrs, (icorge Gordon Moore ac- Ome attended Catholic sers ues in companied her sister for Ihe sec- Phoenix. ond consecutive-year. -(ho R(.v if.r!,f.r, l,andes pnsrd A faint hint that the First, for pictures with the F irst Lady Lady's love for the Valley might and three Maricopa County Ciir! turn" into a family affair came Scouts shortly after services. Mrs. when Governor Fannin suggested Eisenhower, national honorary that the President might want to president of the Girl Scouts of join her in the Valley for some America, was presented roses and sunshine and relaxation. daisies by the Girl Scouts in com- tn(irif ir Ten Grits Here , .. i.,im,.u.,. r:ir SYnnt Week across lie nation. A DELEGATION of smuts had attended !l a m. services m antin-pation of Mrs. Eisenhower's earlier arrival. Mrs. Eisenhower expressed regret to Mr. Landes that she had not attended the? earl' services, remarking. "I could have made it." Mr. Landes said he had not seen her "look better or happier." Die Vs Car Plunges Off Apache Trail ROOSEVELT LAKE CAP) - ' , ' " ' j . . . .. ... ... a cliff on the Apache Trail fAriz. SS). about 11 miles southeast of Rr)spvet Lake. Highway Patrolman Raiph McClelland said the car apparently missed a curve on the winding. mountainous road The car bore , - ; ; " "". tin: vn.inns uia v uaK ' servicemen. McClelland said the car was heading toward Globe when the accident occurred. Coroner John Carpenter of Miami conducted an inquest at the scene. Patroitnen reported difficulty in reaching the wreckage of thc auto, which was at the bottom of a canyon. ' Names of the virttms and other details of the accident we? not ?. aihhl'v Yuma's 92 Tops I .S. VI 'MA WAS the warr-vst spot in the nation ve.-tc-rday with a high of f2 degree. The Co'er.t.i,! Rue: -v and tb? rest of Ar.nna spent most of the d.u ha-king m sunshine Sii-iiv. skies, laced with variable high c;oud:ne5, are foreseen fo todav over the state. Temperatures will be about the same. That means Flagstaff can ex-pea fiO; Douglas a hot 81: and Kingman a comfortable 72. Here in the Valley of the Sun. yesterday's high-low of $1-51 will probably be just about matched. redicts t : VS. Weather Bureau. Girl Scouts of America. Daisies are in recognition of 100th birthday of Juliette (Daisy) Low, founder of Girl Scouting in United States. Watching presentation is the Rev. Herbert P. Landes, pastor of the Scottsdale church. More pictures, Page 29. (Republic Photo, Tom Bullock) FLOWERS FOR THEIR PRESIDENT After Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower arrived in Phoenix yesterday, she attended Scotts-dale's Valley Presbyterian Church where she was presented nosegay of daisies and bouquet of roses by three Girl Scouts of Maricopa Council. Mrs. Eisenhower is honorary president of Youth Victims In Tucson, Phoenix By UP INTERNATIONAL POLICE in Miami, Fla., said yesterday that a confessed slayer of three persons during a south Florida crime spree has admitted other killings in Arizona and California. j Sheriff Tom Kelly said, red-haired Dennis Whitney, 17, told officers that he shot one man in Tucson, another in Phoenix, and a third man in Vic-torville, Calif. j i So far, Whitney has confessed six killings, Florida officers said, in a crime spree that started early in February and extended from California to Florida. Whitney confessed the slaying In Phoenix "sometime after Feb. IS" of Spencer Frazier, .IS, who was found dead Feb. 2.1 in his motel cabin at 1022 E. Washington, Florida officers said. He also admitted the early morning slaying Feb. 21 of a service station attendant. Glen Smith, 28, in Tucson, officers said. Both Arizona victims apparently were shot in (he head at close range with a caliber bullet. Phoenix officers said they could not locate Frazier's car after the j body was discovered. Officers1 said his motel cabin door was locked from the outside, and they found "an obscene note" in thej room. Frazier was an unemployed truck driver. SMITH WAS found sprawled in the rear of the Arnold Texaco sta-, tion by a Tucson patrolman who had stopped for gasoline on his way to work. The cash register; had been looted of $104. Whitney earlier had confessed slaying two service station attendants in Miami, Fla., and a woman at .lupiter, Fla. He was tracked down by a posse at Jupiter Saturday after a terrified teenager's report of a prowler who washed his bloody hands at; her house Miami Detective Capt. C. L. Gunn said Whitney confessed the three Western slayings in the presence of Gunn, Detective Lon Holmes, and Dade County Lt. Bill Bilbrough. He claimed the youth said he killed a gas station attendant in Victorville, Calif., Feb. 12, and another attendant (Smith) at a Texaco station in Tucson Feb 21. Between those dates, Whitney confessed, he killed a man (hrazier) at me laiters f room in Phoenix. Kelly said his office was con-! fading police agencies in those states for details. Gunn said1 Tucson authorities already were, forwarding evidence to Miami. ! A cashier at the Paramount; Theater in Tucson. Linda Gallo-i way, said a picture of Whitney looked "very, very much like" j the robber who took $45 from her at gunpoint. EARLY yesterday, Whitney had confessed his third murder in south Florida. And a critically wounded robbery victim identified the vottth as his attacker. .Tack Beecher, a service station attendant who was shot four times in a holdup, picked Whitney out of a lineup of five red-haired men in Beecher's hospital room. And City of Miami police said Whitney, when faced with a lie detector test, admitted slaying Ken Mezzarano, 21, another service station attendant. Sheriff Kelly said he believed Whitney still would be on his killing spree if he had not stopped at Tnnltot ti ti-ach fhp tinman vir. tim'$ blood off his hands. '" ' T'"li,v Ike's Renorl On Tour I'rc-llawii DMrl Chase Police Use Hounds, Nab A lleged Killer A PRE-DAWN chase with bloodhounds through desert near Eloy ended early yesterday with the capture of a man who reportedly admitted killing a Phoenix woman a week ago. Clarence L. Perkins. 57. of 17.1-f W. Mohave, was taken into cus- Scheduled RAMEY AFB, Puerto Rico (AP) President Eisenhower will make a radio-television report to the nation tomorrow night on his Latin-American tour. White House Press Secretary James C. Hagerty announced this yesterday after the President, his hoarseness almost gone and his step bouncy, played 18 holes of - "I'M HOPING," shi replied. "but you can't ever tell what's going to happen." Mrs. Eisenhower is expected to remain in the Valley two weeks, posing the possibility that the President might, slop over in Phoenix on his return from South America todav since he won't find Mamie at home when he gets there. i In contrast to her arrival in the .Valley last year. Mrs. Eisenhower appeared in no apparent hurry at the railway station and conversed leisurely with her greeters. GOVERNOR and Mrs. Fannin and Mayor and Mrs. Mardian represented the state and city, while Mrs. Mollie C'ullom, manager of the Maine Chance health and beauty resort, was on hand in lieu of Elizabeth Arden who arrived by plane from New York later in the da v. Mrs. Arden's Maine Chance, on the southern slopes of f.amelback Mountain, has been Mrs Eisenhower's favorite vacation spot the past three winters. "This is the only place I ran go where I can really have a vaca- t inn " vfio tnlH this rencirler in a H,f h, '9rr rnnversn.inn She (appeared genuinely pleased when ,u.. n,.,.t-. r..1 UnHhw hnrn last week, described her as one Back Tomorrow the same, the Dorado pro, Rusty Gilbert, the club consultant, F.d Dudlev, and Hagertv. Gilbert, who said Mr. Eisenhower seemed tired Friday, told some in the gallery of iOfl per- sons at the 18th hole that the President "is playing better liy day." Related story, Page 7. members of the Pinal County abandoned his car later and fled into the desert on foot. Tease and Burton sought help and more than a dozen officers joined the hunt. Perkins was returned to Phoenix about 2:30 p.m. yesterday rnd booked on the murder warrant. Tease quoted him as admitting the slaying of the woman but he has not yet given a statement to police. But When He Just Smiles, ! Watch Out! LONDON' (LTD The Sunday Pictorial yesterday told the girls of the world how they can guess the ages of the men in their lives. Tf he calls you "my deai" he's in his 50s, the paper said. "Young lady" means he's ;10 and a bit more. "Sweetie pic" means he's in his 30s, and "my darling" that he's in his late 20s. "Babe" means he's in his teens and "hey you" that he's too young to matter, says the Pictorial. standing News Reporting for his coverage of the head-on collision of a Greyhound bus and a cattle true' near Tucson. Other Republic staffers who received first place citations were: Gene McLain. Feature Story, for writing alxiut a 4-year-old boy whose mother hopefully waits into a second year as her son lies in a deep coma caused by a hit-and-run driver. Gene Luptak, Religion, for an interview with a Japanese mih- 'Continued On Page 4, Col. 1) Inside Tli Itcpulilh U.S. To Denv Castro's Sabotage Charge Today VIGOROUS DENIAL of Castro's charges that U.S. caused munitions ship explosion last Friday will be made in Havana todav. Page H tody by pnocnix police officers, sheriff's office and Eloy police men. BLOODHOUNDS from the Arizona State Prison at Florence were used in the chase that began shortly after 1 a.m. and ended about fl:."!0 a.m. with Perkins in custody. He is charged with the first-degree murder of Mrs. Norma Jean Austin. 2ft. at her apartment at 926A S. Seventh Ave. last Wednesday. Her nearly nude body was found about 11 a.m. by her 4-year-old daughter who told a neighbor, "I'm going to find my brother because Mommy has a hole in her head." Witnesses in the area identified Perkins as a man who had left the apartment a short wh'le before. A medical report to determine if Mrs. Austin had been raped is being held up pending further laboratory analysis. PHOENIX police officers Frank Tease and E.rnest Burton were sent to the Eloy area Satur day on a tip that Perkins was in the community. They spotted him shortly after 1 a.m. and gave chase. Perkins A Prayer OUR FATHER, keep us mindful that there are no boundaries to Thy love and care. When we rise earlv and soar to. the heights, Thy power rides as the copilot of our plane. Though we descend by submarine into the depths of the ocean, Thou art there also. For Thy presence and protection we are ever graiefuf. Amen, Tal 7 rirsis 15 Republic Staffers Capture Press Awards FIFTEEN MEMBER of The Arizona Republic Staff won awards at the annual Arizona Press Club dinner at Hotel Westward Ho last night. They won first-place honors in seven of the 17 categories. Top awards went to The Republic staffers in such varied divisions as news, lea- golf. THE PRESIDENT will close out his two-week trip at noon (EST) today and fly back to snowy Washington. ' The 15-minute report on the 15, 500-mile trip to lour South American nations. Hajerty said, will be carried bve by major radio and television networks. ' On the flight back to Wash- ! ington, Mr. Eisenhower will be i accompanied by Luis Ferre, i the Republican candidate for ' governor of Puerto Rico. j Accompanied by his son, Maj. j John Eisenhower, John's wife, Barbara, and the four grandchildren, the President flew the fiO miles to Dorado Beach Hotel golf course in a U.S. Air Force DC-3 yesterday morning. THERE he played golf on the ; palm-studded course in SO-de-gree temperatures with a stiff breeze blowing off the ocean. Hoarse since his arrival at Ramey last Thursday from his : exacting tour, his voire was no- i ticeably improved yesterday. I The President, who carded a f)7 on the same course Friday, shot an ST. His partners were i Japanese Empress i Marks 57th Birthday TOKYO (AP) Empress Nagako quietly observed her 57th birthday yesterday at the imperial palace ith J:er family. , Drivfii Ring of law enforcement officers, armed with guns, clubs, and fire hoses, thwarts an attempt by 2,000 Negroes to hold; meeting at Alabama capilol. Page 1 3 I .S.-IiritMi Kift Britons reported fearful that l.'.S. plans policy of building up West Germany as ma jor Euro pean military power. ture, historical, religious, lively ! arts, headline writing, and cartooning. Of 57 possible award s, members ef The Republic received 17. while eight went to writers with The Harelson Phoenix Gazette. Hugh Harelson, The Republic's Tucson correspondent, received 0 'first place award for Out- mm page Page Page Bridge I t Star Gazer )' Comics .10 Theaters 1S-1!) Crossword 20 Want Ads - .1"i- Editorials fi Weather Map 10 Radio-TV 20-21 Weather Table 1.1 Sport.J 31-.H Women's

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