The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1936
Page 6
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SIX 'Spaniaid No Match foi ; 'Birmingham (ad; Wily Swede Wins Decisively BLYmEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PLEASANT WAY fcY, J. P. FniEN'D -Tli c foreiRiieva — Don Cortcz, 1 Sp'iiin, -and Pnulus Wpcz. Mqxico —did hot fare So well in their 1 first appearaiics heie in Pioneer ' Mlk$ Meioncj's Awilean legion' • iweekly •;wrcsllng show, last night' at the National Gimid Armory I The Spaniard was beaten two < /alls to one by Freddie Knlckle, i local favorite from liirminglmm, Ala, In a fast mid scientific irnltb Die Ol'cn the "Terrible Sued"' ga\c !l>c Mexican a Sound thra«hlnj >c take the seco.d and deciding fa'jj, aiX. il.e >oungster 'had outmnneuvercd him - foi' the first I ; Rain that begin falling about an hour bsforq the program cut •town'.the'attendance but falleit to *tampsn the woik q[ the Erapptcn •Despite the fact that all.falls were secured in quick time both I Prclty Corolla Babcock has a ; matches v ere filled \vlth action i pleasant wny gf sharpening her . Mill f*Vrif Pmftttf i rrorrtft (n T nr*. I A n.»1,._ *-._ nO. Sarron Wins Over Miller by Decision 'WASHINGTON, Mny 12.—Pete Snrron, • vetcnm lighter from !ilr- inlii(j)inm, dcfcalnl Clmmplon Freddie Miller ut Oiiffltli HUulium here last jilulil to win .the world's fealliLTWclBlit' Ixixlni; crown utter 15 r6uncls. of lorrllle flailing. SitiTon,, wlio lius been fighting for more tlmn tt ilo/cn years, swarmed • all over Milter to win Die decision. He piled up n KOOd lend In jK)ints iti the enrly rotjiid.s niul then sailed Into Miller 1» the Into rounds to -)iiwe the clminpion on the verge of knockouts In the thirteenth .ami fifteenth .rounds. yirls Soft Teams Will Open Season I'oni^hl ,— excitement Neat rixhlbilion '- Cortes and Knlckle put on a In Skillful exhibition c counter: Don 'turned on the steam •but vns not ab'e to offset a do- clcicd wjigh- end height advantage Often he hid Fieddic In tlqht spots ullli riingeictts grip" 'but 'was .unable to hold them b:- causc of Kn 'klc's strength, es- pceh'iy in hl> arms Strategically, he centered h's play en Ficddie 1 -, 'arms and secured (lie -ccoivl fall j Mil that method But KnickTe dH|' net s'?e him n chance to do his! stuff in She finale, clamping on cri"hln«i hcadlocks The Bumlugham lart took tho offensive from the opening gong olid took Hie first fall in ten minutes with a figure four head flip jand crocl-ed hold scissor It \ias ^beautifully executed ami »vi tno first hold of that kind In come icnmo. !n Los•)Angeles for tliol Wlghtmnn dip tennis ' ' i Her ndmlrlng pmtrier their en- 1 Cc?pr JRomero, young fllm slar.i <lin ^^AR^^. " fins, as v.eil ns rnlscd the he of Prevented from opening their soft ball lcu(jva sm.son last niijht, ns planned,' by ruin, llie glrh soft ball leiiniH will play toiilglit hi Haley' Field, ivenlher ]ierml(- ting. If rains at'alii prevent the glrl.i from-Inking:'the field they will defci tlie klnit or Hie'season to Thuraliiy.'-nljjht, it was iinnoimted Irtiaj Ly Jack A|>|>IU>a»in, president of HIL loo|> Toniiiht's activities will be the snmo .as .planiied for lust night, meet .Tlie:• Coca. .Cola club • .. i-.. ——.,.. . .wu... \_iiii, .HIM inut the offlelnl. Anyway, it .seimi htsithc Nu Wa Cleaners in the oiien- purpose as ho captured the lost ln B tome and Jack Apnlcbaum 1 '- tvo falls with the same gilp—a '' crab hold. The time was nine and minutes, lespccllvel. time Up until thh (lino n addle had punished tlie agile Spaniard Don tho heatiteks would •itiulim As fa^t out KnicVle Mould elnso on another Knicklc Takm First Cnlv nbout five minutes of this •tor'ure was neceEsa 1 ^ to soften Corte? He was In a bfid way" when, Hefeiee AiLert Thornton aivnrded the fall to Knlcide. What little time he was able to do so— m.aln'y from the landing position— Corte? ma-is a piny for . Every So.ulhchi Atlanta .. . Little liocl- New Orleans Blimlngham Memphis . Knoxvlllc . I raguc W. 1, .....3 4 .....5 1) '....IS 12 ..,.15 ia ..,.11 15 a n ......B 18 .....8 1« Pet 852 025 G71 .555 •t'l 34ti 308 .30B Baseball Results Southern il.caj-ue Allnnla nt I Ittlo Hock, ratn NashUllc to Diimliighaiu e (C Innings, rain), New Oilenns at Chnlta'.ioogn ltlil tame • Only gomes. National Lcajuc W. I, W. I,. Pot. St Louis ..!•! 7 .067 Pittsburgh 12 0 .571 Chicago ...' 12 1IK .645 New \York , 1210 .5-15 me t,imj, jLvciy i:!iiuu:t! ne 'HRQ vUldnnfltl ^. 11 13 .45B he Ico^ Rdvantage of ths oppor- Eoston. " '..10 12 .455 |unlty_ with arm strpngles and Philadelphia 1015 .400 hammerlocks and iHs a(tac't'^ lo(! ' : l5n .914 .am brotight results Krickle brok3 sonic three or four befure'he succumbed and pitted the mat Cor'" had a grapevine, too, ' nnd rather than take the New York of lit-; chnliqes for the other fall, Freddie gave up The Sr.nilard fell a victim to a clcvcr_snrt foyonte ruse to djon the final fall Sorpn after they had come ' from their dressing rooms Cci;tc2 fHpp»d into a rolllns rock- Ing cna>r split As soon as Freddie feU he i;trctciicd out to prevent the rolling Realizing he was rot a>l= to do what he hqd plin- neA Don lacaati to' twist Knlckle'j right fool Vfliile attracting. Don'o attaition bv irdicA'to" r evere piui Freddie really ^as setting tlie stoge for a Japanese leg lock \Vhen he was ready he took Cor- tea frse of his right foot and came «p with the leg lock- It was cleverly ouicMv done Tne time y,as C\e minutes OUcn Teaches Youngster Ole Olssn, the wilj Swede, who Is just about as toflgh as they come m the vvrestling business here/gave- 'Lopsi' R mat axiom, specially, when In the ring : with him, which- may be described a's "leave your rmgh tactics in the dre?sing room I" Evidently the Mexican, consld- eraMy younger and far .less experienced, v^as' not aware of how h'cslile the Swede can get An\way, he started out as if he were going to give Olsen a thorough worllcng over He didn't get ^ery far with hi-, campaign, though he did take the first fall in eight uiinulw; Saven fijine mares and a body pin enabled him to take the fall in tl?ht m'rmtes It ao.iParcd from ringside as If fri- F^d^ r-i s i e t- tmg Lopez do al! the v??rk Such v>as i ot the case in the second and third. ' Ole was - the cemplcte master, though he did resort to questionable tactics' that brought howls of pro lest "from 'the American I.rague' : W. L. ....IB 7 . ....17 8 15 9 ....11 11 ....13 14 9 10 8 1C ......3 ia ret. .720 nc-ston . . .. ' . ....17 8 !c8d Cleveland ..'. 15 9 .025 Detroit 11 11 .500 Washington 13 14 .401 Chicago 9 10 .474: Phlladelph'a 8 16 .333 St Louis ....3 15 .136 sloic \\lll take on the Hlythe- vllle Stenili Laundry In the .second jame ' N-idnim I pijiic Boston' 2, Brooklyn 1. New Yoik 13 Philadelphia 12. Only (I'linies. Anicrlran League Detroit : 8. Cleveland 3. Chicago ifl, St. LmiLs C. Only games. Northeast Arkaims I^i Open date. Northeast Arkiuisiis League ... W. L. Pet. Newport ,., West Plains 'Paragtmld . Csceoia' . Batcsville . Jonesboro .. 4 .....3 2 . .....2 1 0 1,000 1 .750 2 .500 2 .500 3 .250 Today's Games Southern league Kncxvltle" nt' Nfemphts. ' Birmingham at Nashville. New Orleans nt Chattanooga Atlanta nt Lltlle Rock.l . National' League Clilcngo at New York. St.- Louls'at-Brooklyn.- Pitlsbiirgli ,nf Boston. Cincinnati at 'Philadcipliia. American I.ea;ue : Boston at Detroit, V " ' "• Now • York ,'nt' St.' Lonls. Philadelphia 'at CIdvclaud. Washingtoii at Chicago. ...0 4 ,.000 Norlhcasl Arliansa e Jonesboro at ; ParaBOiinld. Osceolfi at West Plains, Ncvv[Mrt nt Bntcsville. " Sullivan, DiMaggio, Noi'ris, Lewis and Kelley Are IVJajor Standouts HY HAItltV OKAYSON' NEW YOHK-Otlluind, I would say that Billy Sullivan Jr.,means more to his club limn any other hero who Ii5s' developed this enrly In the major, league races. Sullivan, who had caught just 10 games when the Cleveland In dlans paid the Cincinnati Reds R6W foi him last fall, has become the nisi btiIng backstop of the Cujnhoga county cntiv No one expects the Notre Dame piodict to maintain the 484 butting mark which is his ut this willing, but theie ncvei was, am concern nbout his hlltlno What pleads followci-i of 'iln Cleveland outnt Is tint they j mle » sntlsfnUoiv rccelvei foi the firht time since the de.mtuio of LM|C Sewcll Tlie fine hand of Steve O'Neill who cautht lliu Tribe'to Its bnlv American Lengue pennant -anil world championship In 1920 can be seen In the development ol Sullivan, whose father, star of the Chicago White Sox hitlcss woidcrs of 100G, advised ivliii ngalnst following In his. fobtsie'rts "because nrst basemen lasted longer." .':•••"•" Roy Hughes, who beat Bosio nergcr to. the second basing, job, and Jlmniy Gleeson, out fielder' un from Ncvv Orleans who filled in In right ', field for the stricken Bruce Campbell, are other reasons why Cleveland rooters' nre more optimistic than ever. George Blnelioldcr, who was su|i- icscd lo have lost his fast one, ms stood up where hliiher-salnr- cd members of the Indian Imrl- 'ng corps have fallen down. •"' ,,.,: + • . a . i There lias been a sudden switch o the "New York Yankees, wit'n he brilliant performance of .Too JIMagglo • strcnglhcnlng the : rircu- •icnt -of 'the suiiiiortcrs of Col. acobr Pviippert's 'array. • The.-21-year-old 'Italian has liv- .il '.up'•'tO"'nll the nice things aid nbont' htm In California. Broadway Is still talking about 'its.(throwing out fleet jPele Fox if the, Detroit Tigers at the plate liter taking n.'drtve from Charley QchrlDBCr's tat In n ninth In- ilng '.fliilch the other afternoon. The. . reti'i-n to '-form , of Bill Dickey—both In back of the los ind In wielding II—and the 'vd- •overy of his former wizardry 'by Vufnon Gomez, Is cheering Id Yankee addicts, not to mention .he surprise showing of Myril Hoag. In center field. - ^ With DiMaggio. Lou Ochrig and Dickey giving the Ynnks an n'U'- arevlatcd murderers' row, and Frnnklc • Croselll's trick knee mid Tony Lazzerl's aged pins standini! up, the Hnrlcm nggreuatlon is go^ j! to be hard, to liend off. The Philadelphia Athletics, who were supposed to lie down and play dcad, ; have stirred up trouble bchjnd ' the exceptionally' fine pitching of Harry • Kcllcy, n vci- ernn recruit, i anil Gordon Rhodes, who couldn't win for the Yanks ' Boston" Red Sox. i. * .' * * George Puccinciii, who has been up several times, has given Connie Mack a 'clouting outfielder Girls Soft Ball League Season Will Open Tonight Starting at 8 O'clock If weather prevents opening_tonight ^cason will start Thursday 'night. For you who seek unusuat pleasure in your nextKigh- ball or cocktail there ; iis a treat in store. The "double- rich" Bourbon of Kentucky! Game Guy-That's Tony TUESDAY, MAY 12, 193C 0«mc little Tony Ciuiioncrl, lightweight champion, .refuted .the theory Club Coihinillec Arranges Series •Of Golf-Matches niythcvlllc country eli'b golfers will play their first Inttr-cHib mulch'of ; tlie season Sunday when Ihey meet the strong Jonesboio country club team at Jonesboro. The, tournament committee's EChedulc as arranged bo far cnlk, for 'a return engagement, with Jcnesboro here on ,• June 21, a tourney at Slkeston on June 14 and n tpurney with the Slkeston club team here on July' 10. F.floris are being made to ar- ra!(»e a homc-and-liome series with, the Pariigould country club. Number Eight.Cpttonwpod Point In Deadlock, 6 to 6 COOTER, Mo.—.Number Eight and CpUomvood Point baseball teams battled to a 6-6 deadlock in nine Innings Sunday Afternoon at'- Cottpmvood Point. The score was tied In the sixth Inning and after that neither team could push across the winning icore. Cotlomvood made six hits and three errors while Number • Eight, playing its first game of the season, made eight hits and five errors, Number Eight will play at home next Sunday but Its opjionont has " J "!—"»".-ii, iiBinweigiii enampion, ; refutcd the theory next Sunday but Its op|K> mat a E oocl big man can take a good little man when' lie' s-orei ncL >' ct bcen determined, one of (he biggest surprises in ri, : . 3 history by spotting Jimmy ( .atnln more limn six pounds and giving him one "of the worst hi^s of-his life; Tony, nearly knocked out in the first round . • ... •" j "••"—>^« uui. MI nm nisi, rouiia <.! Ihelr IC-round. bout in Madison Square Garden, came back to win going away, flooring the Mick in the second-stanza Here is Tony, left, stmlnlng every muscle, us be shoots a right to Jimmy's body with a mark of .340 and one who ranks third In both loops In (he highly,.Important mailer of runs batted In. When the renowned Pinky Hig- glns was put on the sidelines by an injury, Mack came up with a young third baseman named Russell Dixon Peters, who looked like anything but n chap who could hit. no belter than .212 in games for. Albany in 1035 (euor voice—is swatting the ball at a .333 clip for Brooklyn in his lirst season on big time, and is cutting fancy capers around first base. * * * Jimmy Wilson, of Ihc Phillies calls Leo Norrls, up from Minneapolis, the best 'shortstop the Philadelphia Nationals have had Lnnmr. Novysoinc has played satisfactory ball at shortstop for tli" A's. Such it' keen judge as Rogers Hcrnsby believes that Washington hns'one of the finds of years in the apple-cheeked kid third baseman. Buddy Lewis. \ J — I . , vt tin: |>i I'ele Applcton 1ms bobbed up as lji» stick. "" 83 since Dave Bancroft. Norrls is hitting .360 and rates next to Dickey In both leagues in battiii" In runs. Bud Ilafey isn't so much as an outfielder, nor Is his ImUino svcr- nge any loo •high, b:it. he has given the Pittsburgh Pirates a home run cloutcr in the absenc? of the potency of Paul Waiter's a seven-year-wonder for tile Senators. . ' ' • . In the National League, Chuck Klein .is smnckin-f, the sphere once more, and the Chicago Cubs, may ride (o their second consecutive buhtin-j oil his clouting. ;i'hc Hoosier .suorls an average , of f':i:iO diid Is right up among the iiouic hill leaders. .,-n .If this spring anybody had lold you that Jimmy Collins would be .supplanted at first bnse.for.the St. Louis'Cardinals, the. chances are that yon would have Informed them that they were crazy. Nevertheless, the Ripper is out of there: and In his place is large and long-distance hitting Johnny Mize. from .Georgia. The newest Rcdbtrd luminary lias been kept out of Uie majors by a growth, which was removed Inst winter. Mize was only supposed to spell, Collins, when the 'Rochester rcsi-1 dent went into a slump, but Ills'j .360 batting average has kept him in the front line. j Young Buddy Hassett, besides giving Casey Stengel something he ! always wauled on his club—a good Calvin Chapman. ' Cincinnati's utility outfielder, has made n name for himself as the best pincli-hlt- ter in the game thus far this season. . To be outstanding successes all those spring hcrocs,Jiave to do is going. Read Courier News Classified Ads Realty Transfers ' '. Warranty Deeds Drainage District No. 17 to G, G. Caudill. 2.5 acres carved oil; of southwest quarter of north- cast -quarter and Ihc northwest quarter of the southeast quarter of section 5. township 13, range 8 cast. Albert .). Sticgcmeyer lo George D. Ray, southeast quarter of the. southeast quarter of section 22, township 113 north, mnge 8 east. J. H. Garner to R. S. Harris. lots 3 ami 4, Block 4, Ruddle Grove addition to Blytheville. NOTICE The following dental offices will be closed every Thursday •afternoon during the summer. Drs. Krevier, Child, Moore • and Taylor - Ilcforc You Buy Any Outboard - See Ihc NEPTUNE 2 If. P. Single Cyl. (Other Slues to 1C II. P.) HUIiiiAKl) TIHli ii BATTKIIY C0\ " 145' Crescent DANCK ICVEUY NIGHT.TO THE MUSIC OF Jinimic Downey's Orchestra .'Wilh Tiny" Durst All lead i n E brands of Ilrcr, Wines, Wliis- kcj-s ami Cordials. JM Cover Cliarsc Only .r> (iflc i> C i- Couple TRY OUR 1'IT RARBECUE TASTY SANDWICHES On Highway 61, 4 Miles North of SUito Line at Holland Cignreltcs 51.25 Carlon He found/ the easy way to roll 'em THE NATIONAL PASTIME Inkes up a lot of Clurence Gehris' spare time. So docs the National Joy Smoke —Prince Albert. Gehri.s bats a thousand when it cornea to rollin' his own...turns 'em out in jig time, using 1'. A. As lie says: "It's easy to shape up a fine IliTncjgrirelte with Prince Albert. It's 'crimp cut* for quick, easy rolling." 90 PROOF-KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY COPYRIGHT, 1$36,SCHBN'LEY DISTRIBUTORS, INC., NEW YOHK c 9 UE SSING how tho wind blows. This is Ciar, ,K l ? 8tal ' ln E, !>'» nciv weather vane. That brings I 1 - 10 '" .n'" 1 llc '^'''xmt rolling P. A.-makinV' "*' M"™ AlllCTt ^«SBlc 3 right down in tho says, "doesn'Ui.ill or blow all over creation " 70 fine roll.your-own cignrellci i n every 2-oz. li n o f Prince Albert i BY ART KHKNK NKA Sen-Ice Coif Writer Comparatively few golfers know what happens when a ball is loji- j:ed. In most cases (he ball is not hit on top at all, but just alwvc center as the club Mijrls the swing ©NEA tin niter the lowest point Is reached in the arc of the downswing. Topping Is a common fault of (he duffer. Nine times out of 10 it can bel I traced to 'faulty shifting of the'' weight in the downswing. If weight is kept on the right foot, instead of shifting it over to the left as the downswing is started, the lowest point in the arc is readied a few inches behind the ball. By the time the clubhead meets the ball, it has started its upward course. , : •. Bead Courier News Classified Ads. Everylliinj; for Your i:ii!rrUliimcnl and Comfort COOLEST Sl'OT IN TOWN! TONIGHT IS $50 BANK NIGHT! tnsl wick Sir, T. JI. Kay uf tliis cily won Ihc $275.00 — jrakinj; HANK DEPOSIT TONIGHT 550.1)1) l iftlD,OF HONOR ATJ 'THE WEDDIHG TKATI -'" tying th» prison of her mcmonei forcnclailgrasp RUTH CHATTERTON ' LADY OF SECRETS OTTO KRUGER • tlONEl ATWIlf ' MARIAN MARSH, ILOYDNOlAW.ROaERTAtlEN : Iromlhe ilory br Kolk,,me E.uih. urttn olo» : b,)o, EB IiAJrho^oridZo»Air n ,. o« p S,K U 1. ; berfl or;du«ioi\. <J.,ec'«d by Mnrlon Gering ~ Paramount Ncire nncl Comedy — Admission — Matinee— in .t Z5c— AVilh Ic Tax Night— 10 ft 35c— With Ic Tax Wednes. - Tliurs. HAT-WAVING NEWS] | Two of your favoiile • Un logotho Ihollnl tlia — TH!SOFFERSAYS:"P.A. MUST PLEASE YOU!" Roll y-curscU 30 swell cif.irctUs from Prince Albert. If you don't find iKcm the finest, laslicit roll-your- owii cignrcllcs you «vcr imohcd, return Lhc pocket tin wllh Ihc rest of Ihc tobacco in it to us at any time within, a month front (Ms date, an<t we vrill refund full purchase price, plus posla^c. (Signed) R. J. Reynolds tobacco Co. fottffa THIS SNAPSHOT of Mr. GehrTs and his dog wouldn't have been complete without his favorite "makin's" too. "That's extra-special tobacco," he says. "Always tastcscoulandflavory," Takonpourgct-acqnaintedotTcr.iTicn. I'.A. islhu pipe smoker's favorite too, YOUNG TONE STONE lettl. K.lpli. iQ' Du ' dl<li EUsrt] on Ihfl pUy "The Unfunded Hour" by l.ditl.u. ro<Jor. EngHtV lldipt.lior, by Born.rd Mori»il.j ASamWoodP, 0 duciionJ j Voice of Experience and Coined}—Admission— Nigh(-10 ,V 3Sc^Tvilh h l(! I< T« i " i

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