The Elyria Reporter from Elyria, Ohio on March 12, 1904 · Page 1
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The Elyria Reporter from Elyria, Ohio · Page 1

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1904
Page 1
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T H E itory ol Music pils ill VRINET aud Blk., Elyria ros. in ie Furniture reel ace Phone 7 SON )r and THE ELYRIA REPORTER BOOMING are Beius Rushed Lorain Tube Mills--Industrial News Osoar Daniels, of the Daniels contracting company wns iu Lorain on Fridar m a k i n g an inspection of the ·work being done on the new tube mill buildings. He issued orders to Imrry the woik on certain buildings, and there i g a rush on in consequence. This is in keeping with tho statement of President Sohillarnt the banquet at the Holleuden hotel, to the effect that the mih win be r u n n i n g next August, which is earlier by six months than any previous statement set the date. The steel is now on the ground for the contraction of the 125-foot towers by the Luke Snore Electric railroad across tho Black River at Lorain, upon which will b« strung the high-ten siDn cables over Black River. When the towers are in place and the cable strung the company will not be inconvenienced by having their cable lines swept away by spring floods. Active work upon the construction of the new Lake Erie and Pittsburg railroad is about to begin on the Lorain end of the line. President Hausgen, with Secretary Lyon of the company were in Lorain on Friday, instructing the contractor as to the place of beginning operations. A n ! immediate start on the work of con strnotion will be made. Two oars oil the track on the O. and S. W. caused some inconvenience on Friday evening. The front trucks of the 8:30 car left the rails at the corner of Middle avenue aud Third street nnd it was some time before it could be replaced and the oar proceed upon its way. At about the same time the Ulevo- laud car Jelt the track near the car barue ou East, Bridge street. A number of Elyria people who were on board walked to town. Common Pleas Court Alice E. Spitzer has brought against Adolphus A. Spitzer for divorce nnd alimony. She alleges gross neglect of duty, extreme cruelty and adultery. Lee Stroup ig her attorney. Minnie L. Larimer has brought suit against Charles E. Larimer for divorce. They were married two years "go. Mrs. Larimer says that her hnsband has been guilty of habitual drunkenness for the pnst three years and that he has totally failed to provide for her. He has aieo been guilty of extreme cruelty, she says, ami at I oue time according to the petition tlireatoued to shoot her. She wants! suit I her m a l d e n name of Minnie L. Polang restored. Thompson and Glitsoh are her attorneys. PEOPLE' COLUMN. glvo nil nlli: lair Tine HKITIKTKH w i l l l u b l l s h Htmrt communications in thli c o l u m n , If free from objwltiinoblo pnraoimlitii'H but will not bo n-sponsiblc for thii opinion-) i!xprimed. Il will aim to ·( any controvursy a Tho mirara of Hie wrl- must acnompnny ihn nmiirunl- onllon, not fo' pnblloaUon unl«ns dp- ·Iroil, but as H guarantee of cuod fiilib, Don't Do It il C A Meeting Business Change Mr. J E Kelling has sold his stock in the Peerless Laundry located on West avenue, to Harry E Crisp. Mr. Crisp now owns the entire stock of the laundrvjnndjs the sole proprietor ESCAPE A few parties are tapping the maple shade trees along the streets in front of their premises. This is a bad practice as it is liable to injure the I trees, and the little syruo obtained From a Johnstown Pti.ltoy Wh is in t h o Navy, to his Uncle in Eljria. U. S. S. Villalobobt, Haulcow, China Jan. 24, 1904. Mr. J. S Bossier. Elyria, Ohio. Uncle:--I will try and write yon a few lines this bwn« Sabbath afternoon and most of the boy« are writing, some arguing and the others are sleeping As a gemeral rule this is the day of rest, excepting when we are underway. I have been in the Navy just about a year, and in that time I have seeu Frisco, and Man Island, Oal., Honolulu, Midway I Nature Lends Members of the ladies auriliary are requested to meet at the north end rooms Monday afternoon at a :80. All members are urged to be present at business of importance is to be transacted. Narrow One for an Man at Lorain Marriage Licenses task to best. It they have a better from the wound made in tapping them and then it does not make so much difference if they do die. But when one dies along our streets it is quite a loss and takes a long time to replace it. Take care of the shade trees and protect them from every Citizen But not a free man fo Male Cherus Organixed A male chorus was recently organized at Ridgeville, of twenty voices jrlth O. T. Winckles, president; John Fitch, vioe president; Ralph Han- oook, secretary and treasurer; T. H Cope, musical director; Miss Rose Savage, aooompaniste, and Mrs. O. E Winokles, press agent. The Urst oon^ cert will be given on April 6th at the town hall at Ridgeville, Probate Court Jonas Kothe has, been appointed guardian of Louis, Bertha and Olar- enoe Glvnn, minors of Wellington, ·under J600 bond. Glair Todcl, a juvenile disorderly eleven years of age, was sent to Lancaster on Saturday. His home is at Lorain. The boy could not be compelled to go to school. Elyria, ,, Frederick Mohrmann, 80, quarryman North Amherst, Mrs. Anna ,, , . ,, i Salnpsky, 62, housekeeper, North Conductor Valentine Phelps, of the herst. Lorain Street Railway had a narrow O. M. Shepard, 48, stock dealer .esoapefrom serious injury Thursday LaGrang., Mrs Julia ifternoon at 1 o'clock when his onr housekeeper, LaQrange was crossing the NioKel Plate tracks. , -He had thrown the derailing switch stole Telephone Instruments and was running across the street oar tracks ahead of the eleclric car when Thieves broke into the yard office! Eddie Larson, the flfteen-year he slipped and fell in front of the ° he B and O on Friday night and old boy who stole a h o r s e a n d b u l g y .,,,, f h him s '"PPed the telephones of bells, re. from O. W. Kurd of Dover on last TM.r rTM H^^Lj:p?iisr i s ^'s ^ - - - TM«« in stopping the car before the wheel ^entity of the thieves is in the pos session of the authorities. for desire." 3 years more I was some time in booming aous tomert to the regulations of the Navy but I am getting along alright now Can get out at reveille and dress lash my hammock as quick as any one (usually 5 minutes ) and hang nni- f o r m s and 4 times a day. We have dress blue, undress blue, dress white and white working clothes. Then the engineers force has dungarees, of winch I am a part am expecting to be rat«d soon. I woo.d like to get a hold of a good UD to date boos: on Marine Boilers and engines so that I oonld get along a little faster. Say Every one bows that Royal Baking Powder is absolutely pure. Hence the housewife uses it with implicit confidence and without question, and she B justified in so doing. But how few realize that Rayal Baking Powder m its chief ingredient is a direct product of the healthful and delicious grape! constituent of the grape, crystalled and ground to an impapable powder, is the cream of tartar which forms the active principle of ever/ pound of Royal Baking Powder. I, i2?i pfope ? M ? a , re .indispensable to the healthfulness of the body, and those of the grape as used in the "Royal" are the most valuable and healthy of all Hence it is that Royal Baking Powder produces food superlative both in favor and wholesomeness. reached the prostrate man. When the oar stopped Phelps wa dangerously close to the wheels. With the assistance of friends he arose from his position uninjured with tne exception of a slightly sprained ankle. Mr. Phelps resides on Lake avenue, this oity. Methodist Episcopal Church Revival services are in progress. Dr. Dtiwson will preach at both services. At three o'clock there will be a meeting for men and boys ad dressed by Dr. Dawson and others. Singing by a male quartet. CAR LOADS ^* * I * * * * 4* Inspecting Filter Plants President 0. s/ Jewell, of the Jewell Filter Company, was at Lorain on Friday making an insoeotion of the Elyria and Lorain filter plants. Chemist Brown in charge of the Ely. ria plant, stated that the plant which has been in operation three weeks, showed an average of 98.65 per cent pure. knew it was wrong, but that he wanted to leave the man he was working for and attempted to do so in that manner. He was given a job wi h another farmer, a* he likes to be around horses and care for them. PoHceConrt mm BILL Begins Snit for Divorce Wyoming Court in a w Paperf s Cents A Roll To I A petition for divorce filed in tl district court or Big Horn county Wyoming, on January, by Oo William F. Cody. Buffalo Bill, ha just been made public. The complaint charges cruelty an leges that on Deo. 26, 1900, Mrs Cody attempted to poison the plain tiff. Another ground upon which the plaintiff asks a decree is that th marital relation has become intoler able to him by his wife's refusal to entertian his friends at his former home at North Platte, Neb. Mrs. Cody, who is at Noith Platte, denies her husband's charges and will contest the suit. Col. and Mrs. Cody were married at St. Louis in 1886. Lucky Strike Holders of stock in the Cash Mining Company operating at Boulder, Colorado, may consider themselves lucky as news has just been received of the striking of a large body of ore on their 350 foot lead, that nets $54 per ton. The stockholders are mostly Elyria people. Judge down in the old China oity. Where C r ando^^^^ acknowledged the theft, said he land if we should stop, therewouVd bB » Kreat mob collect around us, and thick as bees. They have got little narrow streets, and snoh an odor. Of course a person runs a great risk in going into the old Wall cities, but still for curiosity sake I will risk a great deal When yon see one city yon see them all that is my opinion. I hear since we oame here this time that tho Boxers are liable to break out at any time. If they do we will get a little amusement. Well uncle how are yon gettirg along and how is work? I yon have plenty. I received a letter from sister a few days arro. She stated that grandii a said that you would like tojget my address. She also sent me yours this is how yon are hearing from so soon. I would have written before this if I had had your address. I will close, my regards to yon family and remain as ever your Homer. A Story on Hob Ward Told Well Known Attorney "The bailiff awakened with a start »nd jumped to his feet. '"Silence!' he e«ol*Jmed. 'Then must h» no snoriug in the court room,' and he glared flrcely all about him." Lnke McCabe was fined fire dollars and costs for intoxication in police court on Saturday morning. Notice Remember Mr. Wannamaker's illustrated lecture at Second Congregational church at 7 o'clock, subject, "The Worship and Practice of Jews at birth of Christ." We won't answer for the truth of this but it is given on the authority of a well known attorney. Not long ago one of the judges in the court of common pleas of this county was hearing an argument in a civil case. The discussion and the endless oita-, Mon of authorities caused court bailiff and a yawn and before and was HOOD Ward to nod lone lie fell snoring., "The snorerof course, distnrbed the proceedings of the court, but the showed great taot in inter- without embarrassing the bailiff. "Bailiff Ward voice --"Bailiff " ai " a lie said, in a loud * !$3.00 a Roll! A O New Goods in J all Departments? ul o Ticket on Prizes with each Purchase of 5 0 cents. * Clerical Joke. Sydney Smith once dared Sir Archibald McDonald to come and hear him preach at St. Paul's cathedral. "If you do I shall name you from the pulpit," he said. Undeterred by hia threat, Sir Archibald went to St Paul's. After Sydney Smith had entered the pulpit he looked hard at him and was then seized with a wonderful fit of sneezing--"Ar-chie, ar-chle, ar- chie!" after which he proceeded to deliver an excellent sermon. BIG LOSS TO GOVERNMENT. Bemeunrement of French Shlpi *t San Franclico RaUe» TolU on the Foreign Veiieli. The work of the deputy surveyor of San Francisco in measuring the French vessels in the harbor has shown that all tne ships have been under- measured and the government nas thereby been cheated out of its Just dues m pilot fees and dockage and Custom tolls. In the case of several French ships it has been found that their tonnage lias been underestimated by several hundred tons. This government has in the past permitted rench vessels to register their tonnage according to their own measurements, but a recent order has been ecelved from Washington by which 'rench ships are to be placed on the ame basis of measurement as the American vessels. Ten vessels flying ae French flag have been measured nd in every instance It has been ound that the net tonnage has been ·ncreased under the laws of this ountry. -- suppose . , snoring Ward, Boiler Lies on Water Main " A Cleveland diver employed by the waterworks department at Lorain to investigate the condition of the water main under the river, which was crippled by the flood in January has reported that a boiler weighing 'a ton lies on the top of the pipe. The boiler fell from one of Qaynor Bros, dredges that was overturned by tlia mad rush of waters. For Sale gilt edge standard bred Kentucky horses Fannie Clay and Lady Simmons, bay mares 15^ hands high « years old, sound, gentle and kind, broke to drive single or double, very Don't Make Cheap Ones If yon want cheap photographs don't come to us. We don't make that kind, it don't pav. The Leiter Studio. MADE HER OWN BARGAIN. And When She Came to Flirnre It On* There Wa» Nothing for Her to Bruit About. WIDOWERS FORM UNIQUE CLUB German-American* of S rncn»r, !V. Y., Bereft of Better Hal ve» ferfect Organization. Colonist Sleepers--Saves Monej Parties wishing space in the Colonist Sleeping cara from Chicago, to be used, if desired, in nnnnantinn «,!*, ARRY H, SMI ni co. Elyn'a gCheapside. fho V " d * e8 l r - e u' in ""^lection with the low rate tickets to western points advertise by the Lake Shore in an other column, should arrange for !*hTM e h'*!, 16 ^ 8 * ? week in advance through the local ticket agent, or A. J. Smith, G. P. and T. A., Cleveland Ohl °- March SJ5 Pure, Clean Spring Water Ice- 425 Tons. Per sale at reason ble price.' This e wag put up last winter In the O. Dole Ice house trom the *prlnK in Ely,s quarry. For sale cheap in bulk or in car load quantities. n «, B' Pfnndt. Home PboM 2'8 and 695. 18918 "The "Widowers' club" is the newest tad among Syracuse, N. Y.. men whose | better halves are no longer living, it Is composed of German-American business men of the best part of the city. There are 20 charter members, and the malting list Is a long one. "We haven't got fairly organized yet " said Sabey Gauge], the treasurer, "but we are to meet again to adopt a constitution and by-laws. We are not bound to remain single, for no man can say what the future may be, but we must not be contemplating marriage when we join the club. Our motto Is 'Once is enough · ind I suppose every man interprets that iccording to his light." If a member marries the club may fine aim $50; each member must be invited to th« wedding, and the club must give him a wedding present of the value of at least $10. Peter Han Petered Out. King Peter of Servia is ready, it Is reported, to resign his uncomfortable throne. Between the assassins, who seem to hold the balance of power, and the powers, who demand their punishment, says the'Baltimore American bis enthusiasm over his job has peterto out Want«d Lady or. gentleman of lair.eanow- non for a business proposition. Salary »18 per week. Addrem with stamp. F JHerb, Qen. Delivery. There were three of them, and they were charming young things of the matinee girl variety. They had bright eyes and rosy cheeks, and they were all talking at once, as is characteristic of their type. A Greek florist poked a bunch of violets under the nose of the prettiest, says the New York Times. "Fina violet," he cooed. "Looka nice on lady dress." "They are pretty," said the young thing. "How much?" The Greek smiled with courtly grace "To lofely lady a-twenta cent" "Three for 75?" asked the girl with lightning calculation. "Three for a-seventy-flve if my lady say so," said the Greek with humility. The bargain was clinched, and the three young things were arranging the blossoms among their furs when one, who had been wearing a rather puzzled expression lor a few minutes, suddenly said: * "Ruth, It oughtn't to have amounted to 75 cents. Didn't he say 20 cents apiece?" There was an awful silence while the three young things laboriously worked the problem out 1* mental arithmetic Then Ruth, with her cheeks all aflame' turned to the smilins Greek. ' "You've overcharged me," she said It ought only to have been 60 cents." But the Greek's smile only broadened "The lady mada her owna bargain " he said, with a Chesterfleldlan waye of his hand. Which being quite true the three young things had nothing more to say; but somehow, quite suddenly, as'lt wer^ all the sweetness had cone from the nowerc. · f*" s 1 . I hate removed my barber shop to the Nicholis blotjjk under Eldred'H bookstore with C L Myers. Would b« pleased to see all my old friends and patron* aud M many new ones as will raror us with a call. 140130 D. C. Haueniteln, SEE OUR SHOW WINDOW Odd Pieces of Furniture displayed in our window to he closed out AT COST to make room. Perhaps just what you want. None of these pieces will be sold until Saturday Morning. Remember at Manufactures Cost Ticket on r Prizes with each Purchase of 50 cents. HARRY H, SMITH'S; E. Broad St. Elyria O.

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