Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 22, 1954 · Page 50
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 50

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1954
Page 50
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Page 14 (Section 3) Thursday, April 22, 1954 .The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Arizona. 0 STAR GAZERS m By CLAY R POLLAN LIBRA U.S. Tourists Find Bargains In Peso's Fall ARIES MAR 22 APR 20 Your Daily Activity Guide According to the Stars SEPT 23 rTt OCT" 23 E 11-14-25-360 48-59-70 M-t To develop message for Thursday, 'read words corresponding to numbers of your Zodiac birth sign 5-15-26-371 51-60-81-901 THURS. o FRI. o SAT. SCORPIO TAURUS APR 21 OCT 24 NOV 22 ( MAY 21 6-21-32-43 3-16-27-38 53-78-83-87 U7-61-71 Special Close-Out SAGITTARIUS GEMINI MAY 22 'UNE 22 OV23 EC 22 2 DEC 31 10-22-33-44 1-13-24-35 54-65-74 46-58-69 CANCER 1ULY23 CAPRICORN DEC 23 2 JAN 20 Cnv NUEVO LAREDO. Mexico (UP) Devaluation of the peso has; brought some travel bargains forj United States tourists,, unless; prices are hiked soon. Regular gasoline in Nuevo Laredo sells for 41 centavos a liter,! meaning 15.52 pesos for 10 gallons. At 12',2 pesos to the dollarj 10 gallons costs U.S. tourists $1.24. First class train fare from Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey, 167: miles, is only 9 pesos, or 72 cents, on the luxury Aguila Azteca (Az-! tec Eagle) train. One-way fare to Mexico City, 1.306 rail miles,! is $7.60, first class. j Bus fare to Monterrey is 75; cents, and to Mexico City, 760, miles by highway, $4.71. j Plane fare from Nuevo Laredo! THROW4RUGSgl LINOLEUM j I 24x45 $1 49 rfe RUGS I All Color, Kitehs 4x6 Rug $jL95WSfMSH F!r0,S i vw V WALL T,LE I COTTON CARPET Esy , '"oi!", 1 As Lew as $2.85 yd- f4y5i NOW f J broadfeLt iM Sfic I quantity 99c yd. j44 W ft. I 1 1 Certain 31 Straighten 61 Social 2 People 32 For 62 Matter 3 Play 33 Your 63 Show 4 Don t 34 If 64 Approval 5 Keep 3S Mocdy 65 fe 6 Good 36 Seek 66 Calm 7 Some 37 Other 67 Are 8 Revamp 38 Charm 68 It 9 Things 3 Boat 69 Them 10 Hold 40 You 70 Problem 11 Strive l P'ani 71 Skills 12 A 42 Out 72 Alon 13 People 43 Achieving 73 Today 14 For 4 Money 74 Tricked. 15 Clear 45 Pretty 75 There's 16 Up 46 So 76 Delay 17 Rock 7 And 77 In 18 Who 3 Answenj 78 Desires 19 0 4' Leave 79 Not 20 Will 50 Will 80 6ect 21 Day 51 Peoples' 81 And 22 Onto 52 Win 82 Their 23 Setup 53 Heart's 83 And 24 Are 54 Don't 84 Getting 25 Settlements 55 Keep 85 Decisions 26 Of 56 Well 86 Satisfactory 27 Your 57 Things 67 Hopes 23 The 58 Avoid 88 Noon 29 Like 5 To 89 Affection 30 Your 60 Troubles 90 Problems (5) Good (H) Adverse )NcutrjI 500 PAIRS El 8 12-23 34 5-66-68-75 . IV 57-67-79-84 P&-77-84-85VS A , , ""v Most siies, but not In AQUARIUS 5--N V all Canyon Well Of Wealth To Arizonans? What is Grand Canyon National : Park worth to Arizona communities in dollars and cents? Answers to that question and many others concerning park development and planning by the state to meet growing demands of park visitors are expected to co'me out of a co-operative survey of park visitors. THE PROJECT is a joint undertaking of the National Park Service, Arizona Highway " Department, and U.S. Bureau of Public Roads. The first phase of the survey has hern completed on winter travel to the south rim. Other surverys will be made on the north rim, and during other seasons on the south rim. Travel to the park has jumped from 444,000 in 1946 to 837,000 last year. Preliminary figures indicated an expenditure per person of $11.97 for each visit, benefiting communities from Winslow to Ash Fork and Prescott, and to a smaller extent Holbrook, Kingman, Wickenburg, and the Jerome area. EXPENDITURES were classified as 33 per cent for food, 25 per cent for lodging, 24 per cent for transportation, and 18 per cent for miscellaneous items. The average visitor during the winter season stayed in Arizona an average of seven days, and spent a total of $115 in the state. LEO JULY 7 I JAN 21 colors, from child's size 6 thru ladies' AUG 23 FEB H size 10. 4-17-28-39 9-20-31-42 45-56-80-88 PEARL 49-62-72 NATURAL VIRGO PISCES 20 AUG 2i FEB TURQUOISE to Monterrey is $5.05 one way or 2-1 8-29-40 7-19-30-41 kft LI OI CQVV. REG. $3.95 S95 ' 52 64-73 V-UJ-D V ' ' Buy several pairs ... for all the family ... at this special "Greater Phoenix Days" price $6.35 for a round trip. The plane trip to Mexico City costs $19.95, and the round trip $35.88. There is no transportation tax in Mexico on rail, bus, or plane tickets for travel inside the country.- People connected with the tourist industry expect efforts on the part of hotel and restaurant owners to get permission to raise their prices, however, local of DRAFTEES, VETERAN S AIRF0AM INSOLES Children's tirrn 8 up, lartlen' thru sir 10 By HJ. THOMAS M. NIAL rut your station or by anyone else but you. ficials said. 31 N. 1st AVE. PHOENIX Phon. AL 3-0604 For every month you're on active duty in the armed forces you earn 2V2 days of leave with full pay and allowances, but the most These general reasons for giv Get all the sports news and scores first on the sports pages of The Arizona Republic mM3S8$m&ZX ...... e.. $100 Bible Stolen 'frX I S Ph0" WH 5-6751 As Thefts Discussed ing emergency leave apply no matter where you're stationed overseas or in the United States. USUALLY emergency leave is given for 30 days, but this may Mail & Phone Orders Invited. W. Ship Anywhere! The pastor and secretary of the First Church of Christ. 801 N. eb extended when necessary. The Central, were discussing the recent series of thefts of Bibles from Phoenix churches. 20 off SAL ON ALL NEV 1954 So the Rev. Stephen Oliver Redacre and Mary Spatig went to the pulpit to check on theirs. The visitors expressed this order of enjoyment of the park: I 1. Scenery. 2. Glimate. 3. Wildlife. The survey was undertaken to determire travel on park roads, the burden on accommodations both inside and outside the park, and other related problems. It will be continued throughout 1954. ELGIN WATCHES It was gone. They told police PHONE ALpin. 2-2259 or 4-5585 PLENTY OF PARKING FOR CARS BEING SERVICED SERVICE STATION Second and Monro HOURS DAILY, 8:30 to 5:30 THURSDAY, 8:30 to 9:00 it was valued at $100. you can accumulate is 60 days. Of course, when and whether you'll be able to use this leave will generally depend on your commanding officer. He'll probably make up his mind on the basis of how long it's been since you had your last leave, the need for you in your outfit, and a number of other considerations. BUT THERE'S one circumstance covered by service regulations under which a commanding officer is almost bound to give you a leave. That's when a legitimate emergency exists in your family. What the services mean, in general, by an emergency is a condition in which: 1. Your presence would contribute to the welfare of a dying member of your immediate family. 2. Your failure to return home would create an unusual hardship for yourself or family. 3. Death or serious illness throws certain responsibilities on you which can't be handled from LADIES' and HEN'S MODELS . and EASY CREDIT, TOO! Pay As Little As jP6 m imp m i - IS eNijC ... enjoy a pp55T coo! Vacation , W7 w',n 'h money Jailed Priests May Be Alive HONG KONG (AP) Six American priests imprisoned in Shanghai's Ward Road jail were reported alive and in "fair health" yesterday by a French bishop. He crossed the Hong Kong border after serving 32 months in the same prison. Msgr. Edward Gabriel Quint, XL WEEK At No Extra Charge BUY NOW FOR Graduation Father's Day Mother's Day Anniversaries For Your Own Use FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! JJY TAKING leave will be deducted from any ordinary leave you might have accumulated, but if you have no ordinary leave accumulated you'll be given advance leave. You'll be expected to pay this bark as you begin to accumulate future leave. Emergency leave from overseas starts when you arrive in the United States and ends when you arrive at the port of embarkation to go back overseas. Naturally many of you servicemen won't be able to use all the leave you earn. If you' don't use it all while you're on active duty, you'll be paid in a cash settlement when you get out of uniform. The amount of cash you'll get, of course, will depend on your rank, allowances, and amount of unused leave. If you're release under conditions other than honorable you lose all the leave you've accumulated. No leave is ever earned while you're absent without leave or locked up under court martial sentence. TRANSPORTATION while you're on leave in the United States is not 'furnished by the government. However, if you find you haven't sufficient money to return to your station after your leave is over, you may go into any military sfation and request transportation and meal tickets for your return. This will be charged against your pay after you return. Also, while you're traveling in uniform on leave you're eligible for a special reduced fare on railroads and buses if you buy a round-trip ticket. The fare amounts to a little more than 2 cents a mile, and no federal transportation tax is charged on the reduced fare. You may apply for the cut-rate fare at your local ticket office, but chances are tgiy-rriu n0n 49, of Stringwendel, Moselle, France, said the Americans were the Revs. Charles McCarthy of WE San Francisco; John Houle of Glendale, Calif.; Thomas Phillips factory delivery on your new Buick at Flint, Michigan, you save enough money to go on a fine vacation, back East! And you'll enjoy every minute of your drive home through the cool North woods-and-lake country in your big, beautiful, easy-riding new Buick! Or... Fly to Factory at Our Expense! Ask Us How You Can Enjoy FREE PLANE-TRANSPORTATION FOR TWO via TWA to Flint. Michigan, with Stopover Privileges! . Step in tomorrow ... or call Al 3-1101. of Butte, Mont.; John Clifford of San Francisco; Armand Proulx of Lowell, Mass.; and Joseph Mc-Cormack of New York. Quint, who spent 19 years in 'i ''' 117 E.WASniECTOX GREEN 1 STAMPS fl The case against marital infidelity Infidelity is more common than most people wish to believe, says Dr. Abraham Stone, marriage consultant. ..and even if undiscovered it is still a disintegrating force in marriage. In May Reader's Digest, Dr. Stone tells why unfaithfulness seldom brings lasting emotional satisfaction, instead shatters personality . . . and what, after a qurter century of dealing with marital problems, he's found is a major cause of adultery. Get your May Reader's Digest today: 38 articles of lasting interest, condensed from leading magazines and current books. China, was imprisoned on charges of imperialism. He was formerly Roman Catholic Bishop of Wei- TRAVEL LIGHT h harwei, in Shantung. The Reds gave no reason for his release but missionaries said he was in very poor health, which would be a cause for expelling him. 9 iMh BtJICfL3 621 N. SEVENTH AVE. AL 3-1101 you 11 have to show your official leave papers. Arizona veterans with problems can contact these officers of FOlDinG lUGCnGE 1 il-.ilm the veterans Service Commis I MM sion: James J. Murphy Jr.. 427 Liberty Train To Span U.S. NEW YORK (AP) The "Freedom Express," a 15-car train carrying $180,000 in relief supplies for Korea, is en route to the West Coast after ceremonies in the New York Central Railroad freight yards here. The train, the first of three, is to pick up additional supplies at many stopping points between It IIS V-W S t I tm -'if I UlflJLS U Arizona State Bldg.. Phoenix; John W. Cavanaugh, 128 N. Cor-tez, Prescott. and Stanley A. Shepherd, 228 S. Fifth Ave., Tucson. Here's the lensational, NEW, FLEXIBLE WEEK-ENDER you've been wanting. Ifs lightweight, strong and long ' lasting. Its new design '.holds your clothes firmly, yet gently ... wrinkle free I e HOLDS 4 to 5 DRESSES e SMALLER MEN'S BAG HOLDS 2 to 3 SUITS, e NEW "PRESS BAR" & GUSSET HANG CLOTHES NATURALLY Beverly Wills New York City and San Fran To Wed In July cisco. It is scheduled to reach the West Coast the second week in May. Francis Cardinal Spellman, Catholic archbishop of New York; Bishop Horace W. B. Donegan, Episcopal bishop of New York; and Rabbi Edward E. Klein, of the Free Synagogue, blessed the train and its cargo of textiles, small construction tools, books, and food given by 10 New York area firms. I If ' ' :Jj!r fig HOLLYWOOD (INS) Comedienne Joan Davis's 20-year-old daughter. Beverly, will be married in July to Lt. Alan Grossman. 22-year-old son of the Sidney Grossmans of the real estate investment family of Los Angeles. The wedding will take place in midsummer during a leave of the young lieutenant from his army post at Ft. Lewis, Washington. Beverly, the daughter of Joan and Si Wills, well-known producer of radio and TV shows, was a child prodigy who used to call herself "Beverly Wills of Beverly Hills." Regular S10.00 Values Choice of suit Thaf's Why J. W. Dant h America's Largest Selling Bonded Bourbon or dress length SC4GGS'PAY.LESS DRUG STORE HOSPITAL TRIPS METERED LOS ANGELES (AP) A fleet owner here has borrowed an idea from taxis. He put 22 taxi meters on his ambulances. 22 EAST WASHINGTON 100 PROOF, KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON, BUT ONLY- 45 QT. fllfHjfllli PRICED EACH AT 4 FOR 3 6.00-16 13.45 6.70-15 14.75 Plui Excite Tax and old tin from your ear Sav 25 on one or more Deluxe tirei alt sizes. Wards build this tire to be actually better than the tires that come on new cars. It's a tire of 1 it-line construction with an extra-thick undertread that gives 15-23 more bruise resistance than ordinary tires. Has flat multi-row tread for long mileage, safety, PRICED EACH AT 4 FOR 3 6.00-16 16.45 6.70-15 18.15 PMm Excise Tax and old tin from your car Dress-up your car with modern Deluxe Whitewalls end save 25 on one or more. Get Whitewalls that are made white to stay white. Sizes for late model cars have new black protector rib that reduces white-wall curb scuffing. Same quality features as the Ward Deluxe above buy a set today all sizes on sale. SAVE ON TRUCK TIRES, TOO DURING WARD WEEK SALE Attention truck owners now's the time to take advantage of the outstanding savings being offered during Wards great semi-annual 10-day sale. Come In today we have truck tires for all types of opera tions all sizes and all on sale through Sat., May 1. JUST fe Jgfc A DAY- :m p lfliO I j " 'I T H i T 'S s I? siSfraFjjf, jj y I ALL I 1 PINT TV Leo's Make New Friends Special.' ,s FAMOUS KE 1. Fast service night or day 2. New Modern Equipment 3. Best Technicians available 4. Reasonable honest prices 5. Serving Arizona for over 22 years 6. Your satisfaction absolutely guaranteed 7. Budget Terms available on picture tubes We have over 7000 satisfied Customers Best service in state Just phone AL 4-3141, AL 2-7223 Mesa WO 4-4164 TV Leo's City Radio Co. 125 East Jefferson. . ' 1135 E. MeDovell Mesa, 210 N. Robson "kehto?S MODEL V-T. STRW in Capaciry: 7 at. fl. YOU PAY Plus Salet Tax High quality and low price have made J. W. Dant the fastestsellingbond in America. Here's real "genuine sour mash" whiskey, made by the same old-fashioned, quality-control method since 1836. Discover J. W. Dant today, and compare the low, low price with any other bonded Kentucky bourbon on the market! You can't buy a finer bourbon regardless of price 1 FOR THIS FAMILY-SIZE 7 GU. FT. CR0SLEY SHELVADOR Nil 95 HIGHWAY HI-TRACS. Vi-l -ton trucks Buy it on our meter plan ... no money down . . . just drop 25c a day in the meter bank while you are enjoying your Shelvador . . . once a month bring the meter-bank to the store for emptying. That's all there is . . . but hurry in. 199 24.15 6.50-16, 6 ply, plus Excise Tax. As reported by BUSINESS WEEK Magazine J. W. DAUT The Dant Distillery Company, Dant, Kentucky HEAVY-SERVICE. Vi, V, 1-ton trucks. Q T C 4.30-1 6, 6 ply, plus Excise Tax IVe D 4

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