The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 22, 1934
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Served by the United Press BETTHEVILLE T1IE °°"™ m NEW ™< op »to VOL. XXX-NO. 203 Hlyllu-vlllc Daily News Hlythevflle Courier _M!ssb«Jl)j)iVn_icy leader lilytheville Herald BOND REFUNDING HITS SNAG J^'^^j^AHKAXSAg. MONlJA^ANUAIiflTl^; SINGLE COPIES -FIVE CENTO Takes $4.50 From Henry Thompson. Former Cotton Gin Worker. Henry Thomson, newspaper carrier and lornier collon gin em- ploye, was held up by a negro gunman Saturday night and robbed of $4.50 he had collected for weekly deliveries. A short time after the robber v Die negro bandit was sighted by Thompson, who was in a cruising palrol car, bul eluded officers by dodging down an alley. Police refrained from shcotins; because he was running directly in front of a house. The negro, with automatic in hand, confronted Thompson about 8:30 o'clock near a boltlin.; works plant at Elm and Ash streets. He forced the paper carrier lo accompany him lo the old J. L. C. E. depot. In the shadow of the old depot building the negro held his fun lo Thompson's head and frightened Ihe while man into giving up his money after the ne- gro had failed to find it during r- hurried search of Thompson's clothes. Thomjison had the money in one of his hands, held above his head, but when the nefrro threatened to kill him if he did not produce it. Thompson turned (he money over. Thompson hurriedly reported tlie robbery to police after the negro disappeared. Cruising over the city with officers Thompson saw the negro at the intersection of Franklin and Cherry streets. When Ihe police car was halted the ne- gro fled: ,-• ^ Thompson was awarded $700'by a circuit-eoiirt jury here last week in a suit against a gin company for personal injury. Since his left arm was permanently injured a year ago he has' been a paper carrier. Monaco Prince May Abdicate Piinco Louis, above, ruler of liny .N'fjnaco, Is reported r(-:uly to ulidlcatp, limiitiK his ctjun- try, whirl, j n c 1 u il e s 'Monlc farlo, over lo l-'reiicli rule. Monaco, inrteiK-ndejit for oif;lit cenlurteB, has lie™ dominated by Trance i>-, re-renl years. Can't Pay Improvement District Taxes With Bonds LITTLE ROCK. Jan. ->2 <Ur>>1 pi une court tod'iv uillinied llu.- decision ol tin; I'ulaski circuit lit 11 MIL- c;r:< ol I-i.incis A. !i t\ li vs. lidv.iml o. Cheiry, col- i-li,r o[ CiMiglK'iui county Under the dici^'oii Act 15U ol lie ICLS of i!«i "i s miconslltu- iii'nal and \uid " iMi pi ovule.-. -iiji.. ccmmls- i or Elector. fur dr.ilnii.jc ind 0[llor hiiprnvfiii.-ni t |i s .' -e aulhomrd to and shn.i I nt IhL-ir i, l( ;,. V ah, L . ,>(,,,!. mi. bunds or ,,:,,.! llw i ntcll , sl union issued by s;,id improvc- t it outrids r.s i .ill ,«yui c iu for ixc or asscsHiie"-.. as Ihcv ae- on L and ihey ilnil be accepted the cominljaioiurs and collectors In payment foi land or oiner p rt\ teioiiging tu tin. district 1- my have I*.,., forfeited to d rut for in,, , !( ,.,_, laym . |lt ta> s uiie on> sum-.-.- 1 fit'<• ><I ue it li STflTE UPPLIES ER Lepanto War Veteran Shoots Himself Health Officers Takes Action Against Rabies in Mississippi County. -•• 11.1, m Bailey and Rates Refuse!-.'ii/'u, Food in Protest at Soli- 1 tary Confinement. FORT LL'AVENWOirrU, Kan., Jan -11 (UP) — llancy halley and .il Dales, .wrvir..! life sentences for Ihe Charles I. Urscliell kid- here, loday \\oli-licil di-alh by Fcll- .-'r.nalioii Kgiilasl the prospect ol lifetime in sulil.i;-y confinement. An allenuitive w.r, to reveal to goveinmenl authorities the hiding place, of JIOU.OIW ol the $200,000 Urschell ransom. liuiley and Datei have refused food for more lhar li days. They sent word to the warden lhal iiu:y intended to slant- themselves to death ruther Mian endure solitary conlincmenl. The punishment was ordered by Joseph B. Keoiian, special assLManl U. B, Dlloiiiey general, who directed prosecution of the pair, until they reveal (he disposllii'ii ol Ihe money. The warden reported their plans Taking coynizaue of reports Take '^30 in Nickels and -:• five Pen' 'and Pencil Sets. Hell's Pharmacy, Main and Div- Fecundity Record DEL H1O. Tex. (UP)—"Pretty i v :inev May," a Jersey cow owned liv w. B. Burditt. loctd dairyman. Is challenging tlin dairy world i . - ••"• with her record a-, the dam ol Bnmed . b - v '''locking out ision streets, was entered day ' ' and ,|c-n. Tiir money, in nickels, was t: en from two novelty machines. Salur- | 11 cash s stol- ! lliat a number ot rr-sidcisti. ol ibis section have been MUCH by rabid i ! o?.s or suspected rabid dons. Ur. W. B. Orayson. ctaic health 01- rcr. has declaud Mississippi roimty an area in rtich all do<-s must -either, te kept securely wiihin an enclbsun?, securely muz- /ted or tinder le.ijli •,.-lien taken !rom Ibe owner's itemises, or in- iLcculatiKl ayainsl rabies." The special orcitr. issued Jan. 19 on rccommendi;:ioii of 13r. A. M. WiMhburn of tlie county healtn unit, was received'here today'. 'It was issued under a state law making it the duty o! police officials ol th-3 county" and local "offhcn to enforce the ouier and allowing any' citizen kill a Entrance to (lie' building veil consecutive sets of twins, and one calf, a of 15 progeny iu nine years. glass | New York Cotton pnne of a window and iinl'alchl'npi " rlcss c Ihe window from the insiiio i»Tl I "™" 1 "" 11 ice said an investigation showed A door was opened, evidently when the intruder left. NEW YORK. Jan. 22 (UP)— Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close Jan 1114 1119 1114 1114 Mar niu 1124 1100 1112 May U30 1130 1124 1125 Jul 1146 1153 1140 1141 Oct 1160 11C8 1154 1155 1>CC 1175 1181 11C7 1107 Spots closed steady at 1150. off ft,,,,) nx lhal innocuhlion has been Dr. Washburn taid the order von Id be in eiTc^l for 30 dajs ccimtmiiaijded in Ihe — Uic order includes Blyiheville as well as other (ili?s and towns it is expected to prove particularly helpful in the ii.ral communities, especially be! cause it authorize.: any citizen lo i ccl. Biythpville |»!ice are to »«, IT I JT I D I s """ • sllortl >' strif'y rnfomns! a I0r EUWard 1. La KUC c "y ordinanc? requiring iniiocnla- I Dr. Washburn estimated BASSETT, Ark. —Funeral FC rv-1 l!lat a lltKr11 Persons have been ices were held at the Presbylerian ' b ' lte " b . v 1M <t do;; or dons sus- rhurr'.i here Friday afternoon for j^Urd of hciiw rnuid in this scc- tdward T. \ A Rue. 75. who died i L: °" '" the last i:irnih Ihiirediiy morning at his home a' mile north of here. He had suf- Services at Bassett New Orleans Cotton — heart trouble for several years. The La Rue family came here from Tupelo. — Lorene Buchanan Named Prettiest at Osceola OSCEOLA. Ark.. Jan. 22— Lorene . Buchanan was named the pretti- . The Rev. E. K. Sen-ell, Method- Spots closed steady at IIII. off May Jul Chicago Wheat open high low close HO 1-4 90 1-2 89 1-2 89 5-8 88 1-2 88 3-4 87 7-8 87 7-8 Chicago Corn open hii;h low May 52 1-8 52 3-8 5! 5-8 Jul 53-7-8 54 53 1-2 close 51 7-R 53 3-4 Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Jan. 22 (UP) _ Profit taking finally succeeded in nnmmerinc; the slock market down today with losses of fraclions to more than two points in late trad- Ing. A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola .,„ ,. 0 General American Tank M 1-2 General Electric 21 7.3 118 1G 3-8 43 3-4 64 1-8 3 1-8 98 7-8 General Motors International Harvester V> 7-8 Middlcwesl Utilities 3.10 Montgomery Ward . 2S 1-4 New York Central 37 s-g Packard '4 7.5 Phillips Petroleum 17 Radio B Simmons Berts 20 1-2 St. Louis-SAnFranclsco 4 1-4 Standard of N. J. 45 7-8 Texas Co. 27 1-8 ti: 8 RioPl RS ].« named as &u]>eriors in department of Vi'nshlnglon uui u:Mice officials were only mildly interested. -The solitary ccntinenic-iit order was not rescinded and ofl'ilnls IntimaU-J ll at if Bailey and Bales preferred lo starve to dealh no elfort would marie to prevent it. I-KIANTO. Ai-k-Oespomlonl be.••''• '''•• wns inuMile to earn u '• ll "K for bi.s family. |.; s j( Cr 31,.],. "'•'»". 3... tt ., lk | Wlll . wler . - h - -"hiil 1mi_; c .|f w in, ;l -ft (.niji,,^. . '' "lUhl '•! II,,. pivscllfl- • "•> u-ife and five children, "i" bullet i-m-u'd ins , JV!ll , ;',','• : ; l ", v<- ""' "'-MI. Inlllcllnii a . ig ' hl1 f ' 0! » wlii.h in. . V1 , s old A'IU.'I'ICI ' IUl1 ' '• 1 ' 1 ' l ' 1C1 ' "' '"'^ovcry. \''™™'<\ M lake him lo (} K wi'i ., f 1 ',^ 1 "'* . ll:wl b ' Tn out of work 11 und Miipiunneii', |,, Die OWA ',;;*';;« »«•»> lure. _.],d this is said tin! husband's ly lo Observations = br O 1 . K. H. '.'*|.<m ( lenc.v . . lor his r,i.-.|| y Government Supervis c Ic'lcgi-apli and Radio Mono])oty Forecast. | NUW voiiic. JH:I. a_> tui>) - Am:il..aiiiall{jn of the most p<>w- i eoii'iminicallonsys- Tlie i.uvi'rnoi 1 • I'l'llltlTi o) t|n> is >i U : tu.,. bill jiinn scrinen iljli- lor a tlni'.-. but it i- K ti Bimnls lor Ilir lands iMiilirmVii IllB "" y '"Hiroveiucnt vcrdicl : of Joe Mendenall *' Damages for His :ild Under Truck. iq .successfully defended one I injury .suit, in which a was returned this morn- . ..... • ••-».<> Mm iiii.-i morn- I'"', the Trlnityfnrm Constnicllon companv wns defendant In another t"ia! nmicrway In circuit court here this afternoon. The heirs ami administrator of Ihe cstalc uf Joe Mendenall Huffman farmer, arc plaintiffs In the ?uil ix_i,, B heard this afternoon Ihey seek $20,000 for Ihc falai 'iijiify of Mendenall. .stniek by a iruck on the Huffman Icvec road November 12. The construction company denies that one of Its trucks slruck ^fcmlenall and hint- Fedcral Agents Mass Fore- ... ..j es for Drive on Bremer's ^5%'HS .."SK Abductors. ' ' opening ST. PAUL, Jan 22 (UP)—Federal agents, fearing a "second Lindbergh case," massed Iheir forces today for a comprehensive drive against a band of desperadoes which kidn-.rjcd Edward G. iiiL'tner, 3(i, baitr.v'r, tor SLIOO.OOO raiiiom. Agents with e.xiK}rienco. in half a dozen major kidnaping cases I'.nd litlle hope thai Dreiucr would be returned alive. In response lo the pleas of the victim's lather. Adolph Bienicr, a friend if President Rooscveli and an outstanding banker and brewer, agents had not yet acllvely intervened in the case. With slate and county authorities, however, they ran down countless rumors thai Bremer nad been found divid. More than -~ -_....* ,. t .«i,n. in VT1LU:I1 Mcnc_Bnall had tx'cn riding • with friends was the machine, that actually ran over the farmer who allegedly was in an Intoxicated condition. Claude F. Cooper and Slanton Fnnner are counsel for Ihe plaintiffs and Reid. Kvrnrrt and Hen- A vcrdicl in favor of the com- n.inv was rendered In a suil brought by Jim • Rogers. Doe wood and fin International T<li'|ih(im> iilnl Telciiiaph com- I any iiib:,ldiarli\s, Appeared to dc. d solely ii|xm tin.' iillltude u' United Stales ijovmimc'iil. has been 'iii:orlim:d to iiurn:lt Ihe merger s willing lo iia.^s legislation ivaiv- »3 Ihc Hlierinan anli-tinsl law. be manaiii-menlJ; ol Ihi; gl.uu uipvruiloib '.nvolvul are wlllln.; '•"li! "f llii-in aiiiilcint'ly. io jo!,,' liamls. •llH- iniiiilgniiinlloii proiwsal uineii has been di^.cusscd fur moiv linn five' years, 1ms mut, nbslaclcs. now Irom tomn of tlie communes Invoked, and iiijnli-. from the jjov einmenl, since IBM. DocreashiK icvemies, Ihe linportiinco of wlrc- !es.s In forelun cominunlcallim.s, anil ilyuri'S showln.. an iniiuml vaslc of al least 520.000,000, have lonvinci'd mosl aithorlllea Hint ilie iiiuri-cr must come. . ; v ". "' <LIH-I:_ SLaic -u"<Ls icfund and Ihe Holders of mprnn-meiit d|;'rici bomii' do i".l? Where wll- the Improve- mom dislrlct proj:c,ty owners be Maybe I mi, wniryl IH; nboul n '' . >'ni'i.'r .hut) is non-exlstem. Muylx. n, L . hiildn-.i of in,,. r<l "" 'L'irlct boncLi w in .» , I" lake Ibe ne Certainly Judge Ready to Approve Petition Halting. Physician s Trial. CHICAGO. Jan. _!_. IUI'1—A pell- linn for a im.sunil In Hie case ol t>r. Ailec Lindsay Wynekoop. charged wllh slayiui; her beiuiti- lisl tliiughler-ln-taw, lilicta, was farmer, who souelil Slfi.MOl drawn up today iral II appenard said lo lie here. The belief lhal met the same fail young Bremer , . oay ira for injuries sustained in nn nc- 1 likely lhal the sl:au_.e cidcnt on Highway 18. nr-ar Armo- about to come to an rel. in December. Ropers was a passenger in a Iruck that struck a telephone pole. Rogers alleged he was in Ihe truck at the invitation of the driver to he'p him unload Ihe Iruck. The company claimed Rogers wns ridlnu »t his own ncril with the driver, who \vas n relative of the plaintiff. Claude P. Cooper represented r_;ii— ani pany ' ion of Charles unpremeditated dralh—grew "oiil of Hie failure of IH C kidnapers lo contact the Bren-.ei family since few hours after Bremcr disap- lirared last Wci'resday. P.lood slains were found In 'the from seat of the autnmc'jtle from which ilie bunker had b=en seized. room on a stretcher, and Held. Evrard and Henderson were at- tor " eys for thc comtrnction co'm- Roosevelt Advisor Says "Wild Inflation" Unlikely ... the President's Blrlhday Hall at Shawnec Tuesday. January cutest girl. Clementine Marion, conducted i Ihe services, assisled b\ the Rev.. B owen; cutes! boy. jollicst junior WASHINGTON. Jan. 22 (UPt- H. H. Golden of Yazoo Cily. Miss. ;; wittiesl boy. J. W. Taylor; nittec. Warren, conserv.ilive and The- mother. Mr; save til!]: to (h e child Plan Birthday Partv for President at Shawnee JOINER, Ark.. Jan. 22.—Dancing, to music by Richard Diir- gon's ten piece WREC orchestra ol Memphis, bridge, and the radio broadcast of President Roosevelt's ooseves , - l.itk will be features of entertain- ! '°" s ot; tahoma outlaw, was broad- case was _ iiirlcflnlte I'alt. Dr. Wynekro]), Interviewed by attorneys, court reixirters. and ,il?yEiclans at her bedside In the comity Jail, Indicated she would '>? willing lo sign ii.r pcilllon, mid Judge Joseph B. David previously had declared ho would honor such •i pc'tlli'jn if presented lo him. The fragile slate of the defendant's health was Ihe reason for Ibe mistrial nftiti' >i. Time after lime she has suffered heart at- lacks lhal caused concern [or tier life while she listemd to the slate round oul its case against her. "Pretty Boy" Floyd >. if would sre,,, . w i : . ( ,- for t]lL , n] d" so thim to try to i!a ,,, 0 ,. L . by .iiltlnif tin.- old ,oid tax back mi Hill Ji,. : to ,, m!a . Sllrc :'• st i e '" s to , l»g bill oiifjht lo .•i-quliliiij the d; P'Oiorllon of tl : ,. roven.vnt dlslrlcl tonds bef-.R. any nart ol »ii: J)!an could be ,,,,,,1,. ( ,])crntlve. Hie lefund uilaln „ clause of „• lllrgu New York Society Amazed at Sudden Cancellation NEW YORK, Jii.. 22 (UP) _ Blue blooded sociely discussed •vitli amazement today the sudden cancellallon ol an ciitaijeiiieni which lell .John Jicob Aslor prac- ilcnlly milting ;.(. || lc cliurch fur nis bride. MKs Eileen s. S. Glllesplc, one ol the seiisiin's rtbulantes, an- nnuneod tlironch her parents. Mf mid Mrs. Ijineiico l^wls Glllcsple. lhat her cni:ii..eiiii>nt to Aslor wrn cancelled. No reason was given The wedding was lo hai'e taken place In two weeks. A clicill: of (lie rn-iM|>ee?ive ushers and nltendanLs revealed Inat not one had been notified their services would nol be required. They frankly refused to )>'llovp. One dcunlante had seen Miss Oillespie oniv the day he- foie and she VOTE I SIT BILL OF Amcndmenls. May Send Measure Back Orice More lo Upper House. LITTLE HOCK, Jan. yi (UP)— Plans to "rush" MID senate rc- .undlnu. bill tlir,-.''jh the house l'!la ariernuon fnlk.d when mcm- rs raised a cry ImU proponents ol Ihc till Kfcre attempting to 'Kteam roll" Uic bill through Anil-senalc refunding' bill inem- bers In the lower chamber raised Ihc .mint "that lit; bill was nol irad Ihe first am' second times .-'alnrday" and thin this must be ilone before It eini be considered In Ihe house. 'I here was no hope this afler- loon that the bill could possibly l^ss before Wcdi.csday, if that siion. House members could not re kept In order )jy the chair Representative P.ia>rkle said this allernoon ho will leintroduce hla niiifiidniinii prdvldlr.u a 3-ccnt'tax '•n black gasoline for asriculture mil Industrial jmr.xises. Buerkle raid Governor Futrei; approved his prcpojni. If Ihe amendment is approved oy Hie house the lull will have 'to «• ictiirned lo Hie senate for that riHly';i cbnciirrenci'. ' " ' Buerkle. from 'Sl'illgnn, said his icmtltuenls had told him that the r:ce industry "slm r iy cannot ab:-.', rb , lllc . G '- 2 ccnt (Sasollrie tax." he tax turnback In the rice area -:c snld, is approx/mately, JieooOO ;.i.d the loss of ihat sum .will-mean [Mat the use of gricoline will droo to almost nothing • •• • "The sltuatJbn,".lu worse .by Ihe cnit'^f :<!)fe>v ' Bucrltle estlmaled that' his smendmenl. which "would be ac- i:i.ptnblf" lo liis corsliluents, .would scie about $300.000 In revenue that uhcrwise would bf lost to the He tliroueh discontinuance of the. >e of gD.sollne. ' : A.number of otiir.r amendments. Ir.d been prepared this afternoon submission by house members. ' foi Grade School Pupils End First Semester FrHr," wns the closlnp day of ;e dpsi scincstpr fnr a'l nlty nub- Mr schoDN esccnk (he hl»h scVirwi'l till the wedding." Tciv American ilther the money or position lo '•"»nl the Aslors aivl the Glllcsples Voung Aslor of nothing "".'' ,. nc ^° FcllMl - Thfl hleK felinol, nrsf wmesler -win end families have "7'' VlV<tv nnrl mmlls "' »*. position lo r 0rC . 1 - sn.iesler's wnrk Feb 2 cnmc into - SIOH of $3,000.000 several moiuns at'O on his 21sl Mrlbriav, which via Ml by his fuller. John Jacob /.Mor II.. who wiit down wllh Ihe Titanic. Sought in New Jersey Jan. a?. (UP) I County P.-T. A. Council TRENTON. N. -An alarm for spprehcnsioa ol les "Hrclly f!" " Floyd, nolor- sbort time afte- she had gone • the home of Mrs. Brow-mow Dilbeck, near here and nskcd to t.r allowed to ,sloe:i in th c barn Henson; bipgest crush. Kosa Lee Tucker and J. W. Taylor; most conceited girl. Marion M. Rhoads; neatest girl. Marion Cromcr. . . * ' ••'. *'• vy., \MIIL- in Ihe week. Mrs. Dilbcck wir,l to the ne- ii'tancc of Mrs. Crawford a short l-me later when *'-.c hcani a cry from the corn iVrs. Crawford cliitchin.; a new lorn babe and shivering from the and found new Recognition of New Cuban Regime Coming V 0 vns«- oh? ' , • KOV "" ment in . Lawyer Promises Sensational Revelations NEW YORK. Jan. 22 (UP) — A new round of the Rudy Valec- Fay Wetb Vallee court battle opened in stipremj court today vilh the crooner demanding an inluncllon lo prevent his estranged MI'.C from pressir? her $7,400 a ii'cnth separale ina'vnenancc action in Ixvs Angeles. If Justice MrGechan grants the fiiil. Vnllee will fill! a divorce sun rrainsl Fav. his ultorney, Hyman (UP)—| Bushel said. The suit. Bush°l f.-iid, will be "hot." thinps Rudv will tell about Clibl Prr«:IHoTi( D " , u ! "w ''""f* K11n :' W" tcl about vitecMh ,n . Rl " lv " c «H "as I"- hi- wife are so sho:kln s IheVre "led the fliDomafc representatives!,-, printable." be added "The Lutin-.-.merican conn- ;n | B( . vv ;il have to doar the cour' ''"' "'"• l - ' he stalls lo hand out thc on that ungrateful vitcd the dipioi of all irks lo confer «-::i, him al Ihe While House lale (why. Secrelarv ol Slain Hull nniicimred ist in appearance despite the attention centered on him as one cf President Ro.-Mvclfs Icadln? monelary advisors.' said he approved the Roosevelt dollar dc- ••nluation bill now being studied »- the committee Changed Boss Yearly, But Job Remains .Same PHOENIX, Ariz (UP)-Waylar.d E. Brown, local apent nt the today Mate police telrtyi'cs. WillJIect in April OSOEOLA. Ark.lAt the meet.... , v. „.,„,,., ,'i'S of Ihe county F.-T. A. council It was said ttia' police believed i nl - Osceola Friday \frs. Otto Koch'"•••' ' —- --• ••- ' •• •• tllzkv of niythcvillc and Mrs S M. Hodges of Osccola were named . New Jersey | F!oyd, long sought in the soulh west where lie !.as brcoinc an I'imost legendary eharaclfr, had entered New Jerse-, fro:n Pennsylvania. — . ... .... uiiiuil i IVILIIVI ^JJll^J" ter of U. D. C.. Ihc Wilson Co- operalive Club, the Osccola I'ro- Eiessive Club. Oceola Bar Association. County P. T. A. Council. Wilson Kaslern Slar and Masonic organizations. Wilson P. T. A.. 4-H Clubs, the'''American Legion and County Federation of Woineus Olubs. • W. n. Bnrkclt of Joiner is sen- era! chairman of the commillee on arraiigcmejils. Says God Ordered Him to Murder His Sons SEATTLE. Wash.. Jan. 22 iUP)— A strange case o- religious lan- nlicisiu was revealed loday in Ine conhle slaying of l\vo yoiins boys whose father thai for holding the April council meeting. Invitations were cxtcnd- .cd bv the Lcachville and Wilson n.ssocialtons. . Mrs. J. T. Lee of Joiner, Mrs. R C. Langston of Luxora, Mrs A E. Thome of Oscoolo. Miss Winnie V. Turner of lilytlieville. and Mrs. I,. G. Dycrley of Lcachville were named a committee to nominate candidates for council offices, to lie voted on at the April meeting. had been "told lv God" to tliem. Police charged K.c lather, Oscar Heskns, 43. unemployed palnlcr, vilh choking his sons. John. 9. and Henry. 5. to death. There «-lll be nn e ins*s for mld- "•rm heainners at Lnn^c or Oen- 'ral Ward schools, bin, mid-term l-rcinners will be enrolled at Sud- burv school provided Ihev are six vears rf art or will become si*' >'fars "Id ivilhln six weeks of Jan- "' I-TV 22." Due to u,c crowded con- ' ii.'i'on of thc colored school there will be no mid-term beginners enrolled there. It was also announced that the n-A class at Central Ward has bren combined v.-lth the 6-A class at Lnntre school and that Mrs. .'essc Tavlor has been traasferred. from Liirife school to Junior and only 19 graduated. ' ' •'- ««!• . ; iir i 1 '"- d ii(v i lr y. 5. to death. nistration to Work The father insisted, iiollce said. For Hnmo Frnnnmif«! l: , e had bcm d'rc-tcd lo kill the TOr Home CCOnomiCS children "because they had the I devil in them.' men In the counlvy that chants ^.-'Dloyers every Nnw Year's D»y tut continues vllh the same CliliCS. Back in 1923 tlw Santa Fe and Southern Pacific sailroads slnrl- td operation Into the Union Station here. The'- agreed e.icn wculd have a representative head at the station on slternate years. Brown was appointed by the'san- ir. Fe for the- flrM. yca r. Since lhat time neither .-oad' has cloclod lo change the arrangement. He is being pal.i u,i s year tithe Sania TY. whil: his checks for 1933 came from Hie Southern Pacific. administration in Washington -s social ploncerlpR, according lo Jiiss Grace Frj'flnger, senior rome economist ii> the Unile<l Slates Deparlment of Asrlcullure. Miss Fryslngcr addressed a sroup of Iowa St^le college and thiiverslty of Iowa faculty women. She said that In all parts of the erlministration .hcme economics •vomen were b?li« recosnized and railed on to help In this social . "We must have lattli to accept " ' C'lfftClllli-s." "know in? lliat good ts romlr.g out of this Program, even though mistakes may be made." Milk Declared Public Utility by Legislature SALEM, Ore. (l'P)-By action , of the recent e. milk Is otlcsof 15.000 popi;lr,tlon or more.( tac h V v r ki A Mate milk comrilssion has nu-i ' Ihority to regulate supplies and 1 fllslrlbution of mil* in such t'Kies. f.ttcmiillng io protect best interests of producers, distributors and consumers. bill declaring gasoline a public utility when Us price exceeded IP cents a gallon failed lo pass the li-eislnlnrc, R. L. McKnioht Enters Race for City Clerk R. L. McKnieht. a Justice of the peace for Chlcltasawba township since 1926. todav authorized announcement of his candidacy for clly clerk of Blytheville in the munldnal election to be held April 3. Mr. McKnight, who. came to Blytheville from Tennessee 16 years ago. was connected with Dertigs and other retail stores here for a number of years. He has Ions been Interested in public affairs and an active worker in the Democratic party, and since 192fi has repeatedly been reelected Justice of the peace by the voters of Blytheville and Chtckasawba township. He is now R member of the county board of equalization. WEATHER ARKANSAS — showers, colder in northwest portion tonight. I Tuesday cloudv, fhowrs In east | portion, somewhat colder. Memphis and Vicinity ~— Rain ipnlght and Tuesday. Colder Tuesday. it imniY. in.- i",TV™ The mil "trmnn temperature here -nnni- s r V ^^ I yesterday was 55, minimum 45 ; on a limb of a tree about 50 -• • - ' • Mike Mikulak Now Has Plenty of Wrist .Watches EUGENF., Ore. (UP) — Wrist watches flash fr;m the strong iitrns of Mike M'l-ulak, smashing Oregon fullback, thise days. Mike, who never owned a wrist wtlch until the end of the past football season won his first i\i f _£» is a reward from tli? New Vork Sun for making I'? All-American eleven, He won the second watch playing In the Ne-i Year's Shrine pame at San Francisco. Ho solved Finds Horscslwe ALBUQUERQUE. N. M. (UP)— W E. Huber. woo-t cutter, owns a unique good luck piece—a hor&3- ihoc he found inside a log he was \rors ago, and gradually was en 'etorwd by the growing fall, according to Samuel P. Nor rls, dfficlii ***ther

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