Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on January 14, 1960 · Page 16
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 16

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1960
Page 16
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CITY 11 AiM;tM Xv$tV. NZ!l- yji tJhlP bf irrn- nriirn wni inJi niimnniMi rirwiiiinMiiiii-Mmai ' The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Arizona Weather Data .Thursday, January 14, 1960 c L A S S RADIOACTIVE BLOOD Devices for subjecting blood to radioactivity were seized in the Valley yesterday by federal authorities. Blood is taken from the patient, placed in a large test tube (foreground) which is then placed within one of the containers of radioactive substances. F 'Readjust Blood Molecules' Radioactive 'Health' Devices Seized Here "ik-Ainz" devices which "radioaetively readjust" the molecules cf biood drawn from mentally retarded children before it is re- j turned ts ve.r.s of the patients were seized in Scottsdale and Glen- : dale yesterday by federal agents. A group of Valley parents declared they want to continue the treatments on their chidlren. Farm Group Membership Rally Set Tne parents claimed their mentally retarded and epileptic children have improved after thousands of dollars were spent unsuccessfully for regular medical services. U. S. MARSHALS, acting for thfl Food and Drug Administration, seized the devices from their Glendale inventor, A. F. Mercier. of 4Sth Ave. just north cf Glendale, and from Dr. A. H. Lee. osteopathic physician-surgeon of Scottsdale. FDA said the items are mis-branded because printed material put out by the 76-year-old Mercier represents falsely that the devices are "an adequate and effective treatment for arthritis; diabetes; anemia; cancer; numerous bone ailments; to dis- E. McKinley, a retired steel sup ervisor from Pittsburgh. The Maricopa County Farm Bureau will hold a rally at 7 p.m. Jan. 25 to start its I960 membership drive. The rallv will be held at the bureau office, in drawing blood, bne is .Mrs. jo 32nd Street and Stedman of Tempe. Roosevelt. THE TREATMENTS are taken j Lovell Rous- once a week. ;seau, general ,,. , ...... . , chairman for the "We haven t told any patients idrjve s a j d the it is a cure." said Dr. Lee. But jaim 5 iQ cnro1 trie it persons using it nave shown marked progress, he reported. E D Persons who said the device has helped their children or themselves included; William Sybeldon, 1927 E. Monterey Way, a Glendale Union High school teacher; Gordon L. Whit-ney, 3417 W. Roma, a die maker at Reynolds Metals Co.; Mrs. Rousseau 2,338 farm families in the county's 13 local farm bureaus. Rosseau said that more than half of the county quota already has been achieved. HEADING up the drive in the local bureaus will be: John R. Beloat, Buckeye, solve blood clots x x x EACH OF THE devices is a plexiglass container about 31; inches in diameter and 3'2 inches high. Eight test tubes of one-eighth-inch diameter are mounted within. They contain radium, thorium, and lanthanum. The device. Mercier said, is used in this fashion: Ten cubic centimeters of blood is Temovpd from the patient. This blood is placed, in a test tube, in the middle of the eight smaller tubes. The device is placed under refrigeration for 24 hours. Then the blood is reinjected into the patient. Explains Mercier: The thorium, kept "alive" by the rad:um. sends out racLatio'n (energy). The lanthanum stores up the energy. This energy acts upon thf- blood. THE OBJECTIVE is to readjust the structure of the living molecule," said Mercier.' "It is assumed that if you correct the chemistry, diseases will disappear." Mercier said he "never received one d;me" for his devices, stared in use as research by Dr. Lee seven months ago. Parents attested to that. They said they pay $6 a treatment an amount arranged by them to pay for a registered nurse skilled Elliott Koennen .Mlfi F. Cam, bridge, wife of a body shop fore- Norris tnloe- uianaier. uinei man; and W. A. Schaefer, 3226 iMcCrite. Gilbert; Dick Evans and r-ranKiin oray. nyrene; tan E. Rayner, Litchfield, and Harvey Johnson and Olen Sharp, Mesa. MERCIER SAID he has studied geology and radioactivity for 50 years. He is married to the first woman graduate of the University of Arizona law school, Lucy Stanto. He asserts he has never claimed a cure for anything, and can prove everything he has stated in his various tracts. Next week, said the vigorous 7S-year-old, (who treated himself), he and Texas associates will start mining gold near Wickenburg. He hopes to take out 1,000 cubic yards a day and sell it for $3 a yard. "I've been in and out of Arizona since 1898," he said. With the money, he'll build a hospital near Wickenburg for mentally retarded children, he declared. Meanwhile, Attorney D. Kelly Turner, representing Dr. Lee, said he'll try to work out something with FDA so some of the devices can be returned immediately for further treatment. Formal hearing on the seizure is set for Feb. 2.9 before Federal Judge Dave W, Ling. A D S Others are Edd McCleskey. Pe-oria-Glendale; Bill Brandon; Queen Creek; Ray Hudson and George Knapple, Roosevelt; W. C. Chatham, Scottsdale; Laurence G. Robertson. Tolleson, and Vernon Lyman, Washington. SAM MAXCY, executive secretary, said that agriculture is still an important factor in the county economy. He said there are almost a half million irrigated acres under cultivation and that more than 100 agricultural products are grown. In the last complete year of record, 1958, these products sold for more than $200 million, he said. G E T Elderlv Woman Dies At Home Job Record In December There were 6-717 nonfarm job I placements made by the Arizona ! State Employment Service in I December. James Rork, director of the state agency, said the total was slightly less than the fi.852 placements made in November but was a record for any December. Cartwripht Group To Discus Future Auto Kills Pedestrian A 79-year-old Phoenician died a few hours after being struck by a Mrs. Susie Jones, 69, was found 'dead at her residence last night 'and police believe she was asphyxiated by a faulty heater. r,t,7onc rni,rii fo,- nJ7. Police entered the apartment at citizens council lor Better Crm w m r. . 1 School, will h dicr.,i 9f , m W-. Magnolia with a passkey mmril mt,nfnniw a,"?r the landlady. Mrs. Aurelia 0 v ' trvin, of that address, called p.m. in the Cartwright School. Jones by knocking at the door hadlf IJJ iliS? rSSittd 59th Avenue and Thomas failed i g ' y 11Ce rePrted- Jacob Kaleel, 319 W. Adams. died after surgery at Memorial Hospital. Police said the driver of the car. Fred Besenhofer, 42, of 334 N. 17th Ave., was cited for failure to yield the right of way. Another vehicle had stopped to allow Kaleel to A doctors widow who operated a Phoenix bakery for years has tion officers said won a $40,000 iurv verdict acainst a Flaraff rnnw u,u; ' Hays, over a traffic smashup. i'a"a", .s ,he set"nd 'aulity in the v city this year. On the same date Mrs. Alice Richardson, 61, of 725 W. Moreland, was awarded $23 000 last year there were none actual damages and $15,000 punitive damages after trial before Su- perior Judge R. C. Stanford, Jr. , : ! " Widow Awarded $40,000 For Traffic Injuries She appeared in court in a was "guilty of gross, wilful, and wheel chair and her attorneys,1 wanton conduct in disregard of Lorin G. Shelley and Donald D.!the rights of others." nuiiujru, olu nci icu sine is paralyzed. Armed Pair Rohs Market Of $305 Pirn .ir Aht.marf , ce s Market at 4001 E. Broad- -The accident Apnl 19. 19,, at stay of judgment. 1J -as robbed of $305 last iight JZlZ "iMr.. Rich-ntam operated Mrs.i Vey "ered ft. store, held a VJ 3 ' ! Jefferson for years until the ac- jury also found that HaysicidenL Richardson s Bakery at 420 W. revolver on the clerk on duty, and escaped with thft money, according to deputy sheriffs. Weather N.E. ' Mnoa fhuel O (L O Di Jin. 14 .tn. 21 Kuil Lst ,tan. .New Sun, Moon Data Today, Thursday. Jan. 14, 1960: Sun rises 7:32 a.m., sets 5:42 p.m.; Moon rises 6:43 sets 7:45 a.m. (MSI). p.m., ARIZONA Statewide Brownsville Buffalo Casper Charleston Chicago Cincinnati. Cleveland Columbus Denver Detroit Duluth El Paso Fairbanks Fargo Fort Worth Galveston Great Falls Helena Honolulu Indianapolis Jacksonville Tnnpaii First Q Kansas City Los Angeles Memphis Miami Beach Minneapolis Needles New Orleans New York Omaha Oklahoma City Philadelphia Partlv r.lnudv todav. In lrrasinf rlnndiness tomorrow! Pittsburgh I . r., 1 y over west portion. Consider-j i-oruana, ure able cloudiness, with scattered ; Raleigh showers over the east portion j Rapid City today and tomorrow. SnovvReno level near 3,500 feet. Con-pi. Kou tinued cold today, slightly warmer tomorrow. South Central Phoenix, Salt River and Casa Grande valleys Some sunshine today and tomorrow. Continued cool. Frost in Val ley tomorrow morning. Phoenix' low today near 37, high about 56. Chihuahua Ensenada East Central Guadalupe Is. ("iiiavmas Globe-Miami area Variable! L, Paz cloudiness, with few showers jjorreon today, increasing ciouamess tomorrow. Snow level at about 3.500 feet. Colder tonight. t . .1 1. . i O l 1 L oiODe low toaay aoout -d, n'Sn; Montreal near 42. SO 34 27 77 41) 62 63 47 41 32 64 -44 32 63 68 31 14 77 56 79 34 41 59 74 79 36 52 81 37 33 65 35 58 34 74 35 31 52 33 70 58 51 41 Births 70 8 1 (W ICKW-Kl. Juteph and Anita. 5137 9 .02 Wt ttTBROOh. Chad andEltie. TAROB. Roy and Dorli. Scottsda:. Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego San Francisco Seattle Spokane Tampa 77 Washington, D.C. 54 Wichita 46 Mexico 63 59 61 62 Calgary I Edmonton Southeast j Douglas and Sulphur Springs Valley Variable cloudiness today and tomorrow. Colder nights. Chance of few showers today. Snow level near 3,500 feet. Douglas low today near 8, high about 44. Shippers' Forecast Protect produce for the next 48 hours for temperatures of degrees over northerly routes to east and 20 degrees over southerly routes. Station Data Relative humidity, Phoenix Airport: 5 a.m. 93. 11 a.m. 82, 1 5 p.m. 76. High 96, low 76. Highest temperature yesterday, 50 deg. Highest same date last year, 71 deg. Highest same date last 65 yrs, 79 deg. Lowest temperature yester day, 43 deg . Lowest same date last year, 46 deg. Lowest same date last 65 yrs, 29 deg. Deficiency in temperature yesterday, 2 deg. Deficiency in temperature since Jan. 1, 46 deg. Total precipitation last 24 hrs,' .50 in. Total precipitation since Jan. 1, .S3 in. Normal precipitation Jan. 1 to date, .31 in. Excess of precipitation since Jan. 1, .52 in. Total Solar Radiation Tuesday, 163 langleys. Arizona High Low Preclp Ottawa Regina Toronto Vancouver Winnipeg 69 79 Canada IS 18 24 29 10 32 42 16 13 AH 37 53 35 43 23 34 23 34 -4S 23 48 62 -18 -4 68 45 52 30 37 41 63 67 34 34 63 28 30 43 30 36 31 43 27 9 45 26 65 43 44 23 15 57 35 39 56 47 39 54 48 iia ,N. SIM St.. boy. Jan. 11. AOITHMDE HOSMTAJ. C kauri mn4 FitnrrmJ Ham. Mix L.V3nk.r.n.i A,"-,?? BKAVK Hobah WtBmrssil lA-Deaths A YD rrVTBAL lA-Deaths avd rr vmAiJi AI KSM, Mar.lothr of Mrt Mam) Tohia. Phnwiix. Mri. tl-vira Lodalo ex Long Ii'and. N Y. AJo aurvivH by 2 granl'-MI1rwi 4 'trtat irandrhlldren. P.rttrv p m. this evening. Faradt .01 12 ii Dl0. Jairiet and Shirley. JTE "i v. Fourth Av., Ma. girl. Jan. kncERV. .Hlenn and Cretel. 800 I E Cleveland, Chandler, tut. .tan 12. .46 PR ALLr.s, SSt . Alfnrto and ro- aae. 90 N. Iowa, Chandler, boy. .ian. a. RttD. Charli and Virginia. M and Viralnla. iPt j s. Coleman. Mea. bny, Jan. E". rr i.Lr H, James and Kauiryn, I 1914 N. 4Sth PI., Photnu. girl. mI TEMPE '"'jHAAO. fUi Routt 1. Jan. 12. 1 EMFE CLISIC HOSPITAL. .. .lenara ana Alary Men, . Box (01. ADacha June tinn. hov. Jan. 12. SWINEY. J. W.. and Carol. 3702 c. anerman, rnoenix. ooy. jan ,02 MEMORIAL HOSPITAL CO'TRERAS. Robert and Armida i 7"9 s. Seventh Avt., boy and girl .lan. 11 . .Moore. Jimmy and Mary. 2003 "V E, Harrison, hoy. Jan 11. ' Br.ARHKM. Carl and Judith. 508 I N. 32nd St.. girl, .Ian. 11. Sr. JOSEPH'S HtlftflTAI. N. lMh Kt father of La l r. Puev Jjn Sfrv,cr r"n- fljrtei DY Kev. U ulF'.r S'aniev J t m today In the "!-ne BaNiy Ourh. 123 E. Cul-r. Internment at Greenwond. Kr-erH may rail unUl nnon today at the Draviz Room of A L. Moore A rr ui l ft? AI.I.EN. Millard and. Sally. 1332 E Palo Verde, boy, Jan 9 CI NMXiHAM. William and Mary, A 'in NT 1 Q t W DI hAU lan GAI.LAWAV. L. D and Louise. Glendale, girl. Jan. 9. CREUQRV, Charles and Patricia, f:lpnnne hov Jan 4 HENRV. Ronald and Sandra. Buck eye. noyt jan. . n HERMio.N Melvin and Ella. 425 vived by son Charlea N. 47th PI. girl. Jan 9. ej- -MlAmlu LI ISO. Joeph and Eleanor. 1713 Linda C. D Bree of .78 VV Mission hnv Jan. i. MI CKLKMAN, Raymond and Bar. nai a. SM4 becona Ave., girt .lan 9 TjlOCVIRK'K. IiuU and Gloria. Cali- fornia girl. Jan. 9. FlUHf.K. Kaymona ana nianiyn , I b.tJH N. 101H 11.. bov. Jan. IVHON. Arthur and .loan. N. Maryvaie Dr.. boy. Jan. 9. RjxER. and Louise. 2909 E. I Diamond, boy. Jan, 9 iWAI.KER. John and Reba. Glen-l dale boy .lan 9. I WASMMiTON. Geoiee and Charl-.28 i setta. 4S29 S. 20th St.. girl. Jan. ,J 1J;WEIX1CK. Thomas and Sally. 6048 Huaband of era Wftm Mu Men: crand father of Jerry Lemons: ion of Mr. Mrs. J. Reaver or Is aun ka. Okla ; brother of J. T. of Globe. Ariz.. Homer. Hershel. and Jasper all of OKla la. Mrs. Juanlta Holland of atur. Texaa h Mra. Mary Campecha of Waurlka. - Okla. Services will ha at 3:30 p m. Friday in the AtUob Foneral Rtune Chanel. Rev. S. O. Redacra officiating. Interment In Greenwood. Henry T. Forman. Director. BOOTH. Steven tniK. W. Pleraon. Glendale. Son nf Mr. Mrt. Dexter L, Booth Jr.: brother of Don. Michael. Robert. Rirh- iJiane; cranaenna or Mr, r. D. L. Booth, Mr. t Mrs Stnll A Mrs Alhert Vln. ivtBBS oi ine Arise s iu a.m. pri day in St. Vincent de PaOl Church. He will be taken to Wll-lard. Ohio for burial. Whitney t MurDhv. BRA.NCHrTlorehce Lynn. Services ronauctea by pastor Harold ii. Engelbrecht 3:3 p ro. Friday In Chapel of Memories, A. L. Moore As Sons. Interment at Memory Lawn. BR AS WELL, Bert. Announcement or arrangements later by Mercer Mortuary. BROWN. Almon. Servlres aniTMn. terment ogden, litah. Meldrum Mortuary. CBWAI LAlftER. SadU Ruth. Sur- ...... K.. ... .-U..I-. r I mm uy null iiiai lira v.. i nimni- oaugnier Phx. Also survived hv sitter. Mrs. Phvlis i rawrord or Elkton. Maryland Corvifa, VHrtav 1(1 m at Trin, ity Episcopal Church. The Very Rev. Geo. R. Selway officiating. Interment Greenwood. Friends may call today from 2 until 9 P.m. Mortensen-Klnaslev. survived nv son Charles. San Pedro. Calif, 4-Funeral Directors A. L. MOORE & SONS" :t 4th Ave. Ph. Al FORMAN'S RT7QN-A TTNERAL HOMT . Mercer Mortuary THflMi! Pn AT IfiTH ST. Phone AM 6-2441 Private Parking PARADISE CHAPEL 3934E. lnd'an School CR 4-AcrZ ""ServinirPhxT'for over 26 years Mortensen-Kangsiey X020 W. Washington Kl 4-3119 Our Reputation Your Protection Services as low as T 5-Flowers Floweri ofTTi'stlnctron since ISfl Flowers Wired via F.T.D. anywhere AL 3 2139 136 N. Central 7-Lost .01 .08 N. 16th Ave., boy. Jan. 9. .05 -5 -3 12 15 -3 28 33 5 .11 .85 .08 Republic and Gazette Phone AL 8-8811 . Phoenix Newspapers, Inc. 120 E. Van Buren St. Mail Address: P.O. Box 1950 Phoenix. Arizona Branch Offices and Representatives Ajo. pnone uu i-ui Casa Grande Phone TE 6-5723 Clifton. Phone UN 4-4255 Coolidge Phone PA 3-3822 Flagstaff. PR 4-3044 Cottonwood. Phone ME 4-2946 Goodyear Gazette Phone WE 5-3745 Republic Phone WE 5-9243 Globe Phone GA 5-2002 Kmcman Phone SK :-S-.'ii39 Mesa. 58 W. Main St. Phcs.e WO 4-5649 Miami. Phone GR 3-3261 Presrott. Phone AI fi-4131 Safford. Photie 378 San Manuel. Phone DU 5-4471 Superior. Phone MU 9-2971 Tempe Phone AL 8-8511 Sierra Vista. GL 8-2652 Tucson. Phone MA 4-5177 Winslow, Phone 1351 Yuma. Phone SU 2-2323 Blsbee. Phone HE 2-5i:-4 WickenhurK Phone MU 4-2173 brother. Alan P. Kendrlrk. Alhu- oueraue. New Mex.: sisters. Mrs. Dorothey Rouse & Mrs. Sidney Hardman. both of Glendale. -Services 10:30 a.m. Friday Tirst Methodist Churcn in uienaaie. Rev. Wvhurn Skidmore officiat ing. Private Interment Glendale Memorial Park. Friends may call this evening at Braiill-Whitney Mortuary. C50I.EY. George William. Grey- hull lir.M Uichan4 a1 A loak 1 Vnl- I'UU, T J 1.1. A 1UD uoi iia Jl UC JVI lie cooley, Greybull. Wyo.. father or ueorge ju cooiey. rnoenix. brother of Robert Cooley. Hutte. Mont, passed away Wednesday.! grandchild also survive. He win be taken to Greybull. Wyo. for services and interment. A. L. Moore Sons. CKAIO, Hugh M. Memorial services conducted by Rev. Carl Soulta and the Masonic Funeral Committee 2 p.m. Friday in Memory Chapel, A. L. Moors A Sons. CRAWFORD. Michael. Services and interment win be in Koknmo, Indiana. Arrangements by Mer cer Mortuary. DAVIS. William uavis black satin band. In Goldwaters. yirisima gm. senumenuu vaiue. ttfwarq, AM mP9. . .. oK ACE LET Gold w ith Dla-monds and Sapphires, between Union Station and. or in. Adams hotel. Castle Springs Hotel, Phone JJp. 1. SING -light green Jade In sif-ver setting. Diamond's ladies' lounge, January 11. Sentimental value Reward.WH 6-0662. 39" GLIDER, transnarent. north west from Roosevelt and Broad-way, ..Tempe. Reward. WO 7-23S4. Aiju-rase. maroon. Thom.T. 4th Street Khonmnff -enter rio.- perate need of monev therein. Reward- SK 7-0638 .lAi. Siamese, female. Near 10th Street. AL 4-1450. bctore 230 P.m. COLLIE, trl-colored male'. Named "Jackson". License 147,'1.". Be ar4 vti 5-5905. fNKING.ESE. blond, male, fam- & Jt. vicinity of 40th Street & E. Thorn.Reward. BR 5-59S3. TBLACk 4 white Dalmatian. 3"yrl $ -4??,le- ' Pancho." Phone YE7-7367. Reward. 8-Found PI;PPVfnrCl'ii-i.o. Tfii fScO after 6 p.m. 9-Auctions Subscription Prices T rtiiit- T? Tiiru.-it-T Carriers or Dealers In Arizona Repuolic (Morn & Sun) 55c a week Meteorologist in Charge Republic (Morning) 35c a week . .... .,- 1 t Gazette (Evening 35c a week rTlOeniX U.a. weauicr cuicdu The sundav Repuhlle I available to uaette suoscniicrs at 20c a week. Carriers collect weekly. Subscribes des'Xim to nay In advance an- mail remittance at carrier rate nually or semi-annually will please mail remittance at carrier rate Irrigation sv rRl.fK rROJtfT . '.jj - Tort v 10m1- 'iknli f'tiui ttin-e at tairier ra Capii'tv are-feeT' J "rculaUon department. Available store se, acre-teet. jiy.4U.i 24-hr. discharge, acre-feet r Reservoir gain, acre-feet 1 9c SALT RIVER PROJF.CT TOTAL STORED WATER Bj Mall Arizona, California, sew Mexico Reservoirs' capacity, a. ft. 2 .073.716 "f A Total stored water, a.ft 1.233.K15 "sH,n xii Total gain in 24 hrs. a.ft. 7.473 Re" -sun 1.10 FRED .WINTER'S"" Sun Valley Auction 2 SALES TL'ES., 10 AM 7 P M WILL BUY OR' SELL FOR YOU 2MJ estw ardlvd . A P.R-8933 brother of Sandra and iV v """a b5, s-fm iviunuay iu a.m. - i p.m. Onen evervdav for consignments or will buy your furn.. annl.. A misc out-right Net stored water, P71.R15 Net stored water yr. ago 67S.7M Net-project gain 24 hrs. a.ft. 69.340 WATER DIVERTED Northslde use. miner's In. 8.120 southside use, miner 1 in. iu.mmi Granite Reef, a.ft. Pumped a.ft NORMAL FLOW PERIOD NO. '! From 12:01 a.m. January :. 1W0 to 11:59 p.m. Januarv Iti, I960 for use on lands in cultivation In or before 1907. Short varia tions in rivers entitle lanns in cultivation in or before the following vear: 1909. 871 1 Mo. .1 Mo. fi To 1 Year RepiGM!! $4,00 $11.80 $22.75 $44.75 Rep-Mi-S 2,45 7.25 14.00 27,50 Rep-Mom 1.55 4.55 8.75 17.25 Gaz-Even, 1.55 4 55 8 .75 17.25 Mln -.45 7,2.1 27.50 sun 1.10 3.20 6.00 11.50 By Mail All Other State mn 1 Mo. 3 Mo. 6 Mo. 1 Year ReptCaz $4.70 $13.S0 $27.00 $52.50 Rep-MAS 2.85 8.25 16.00 31.50 Ren-Morn 1 1.R5 5 55 nnn 01 no O'-iK'az-cven, a,B, I.urv Davis. Mrs. Irene Hicks Mrs. Marv Gainer, Mrs. Wanda Burton, Donald and Winford Pavis. services Saturday 11 a.m. Webber's K am t lake Mortuary, Interment Greenwood. DORMAX. Frank Charles, Avon- dale. Funeral services p.m Monday in the Burkrya Funeral Home Chapel. Rev. Harold Wilson officiating. Interment Louis B. Hazelton Cemetery. nsTHH.I.4. Juan Vlores. Rosary Friday 8 p.m. Mass saturaay a a m. St. Anthony Church. Interment Guadalupe Cemetery. C anv elhaek ( liaiiel & Funeral Home. UORMLKY James Bernard, 415 E. Polk, hrother of Patrick J. Gorm- Icy. Norwood. Ohio passed away Monday. He has been taken to Lexington, Ky. for services and InlermentA. 1,. MooraA Sons. GREGORY. Dorothy E. Wife of Robert Morrison Gresiory. passed away Tuesdav in Winslow. She is also survived by brothers Granville Gravbeal of Brighton. Mass.. and Troy Graybeal of California. Services 10 a.m. Friday in Palms Chapel of Grim-shaw Mortuary. The Rev. A R Snipes will officiate. Interment in Greenwood. gTtTErrEz. F r a n ce . Infant iffm,r rtr iv r la iviib. nrm. P. Gutierrez. Graveside services 10 a.m. today at Mesa cny Cemetery. Meldrum Mortuary. ffuXMAVrerrell Henry,, Sur- vivrt rtv wire, ljonna nn n ni pnoenix; one.son. j. naiinm", CORNELIUS CATTLE AUCTIONS TUES. & FRI. S201 E. WASHINCTOV Ptrv OFFICE BR5-57U. RES. AM5-9.TJA Treasures & Trash Auction 1000 and 1 ltem u m mm .iu. cnie aun. j p.m. Henshaw Rd. AL3-8S13. Wehh. "Tennessee" Auctic A-R-I-Z-O-N-A Livestock Auction 50 Head White Face Springer Cows Thurs. 11 a.m. Auctioneer John Whlsenant . SHELDON ANTON -233? hJ9.t h Ji ve, M, 3,4321 . Al Downs rd SalesYard BitAlM-SlJjOfXiJiarJ AUCTION CITY 1710 E. MOHAVE SUNDAY 1 P.M. FURNITURE APPLIANCES. WE Dili U or sell 116 E. 5.55 11.00 2100 fi ?5 ik no si wi Rep-Sun 1.40 4.00 7.50 120 foreign rates on request. Local Rates For Classified Advertising Suhlica-azette, R E S U L T S Cottonwood 32 .35 1 Douglas 45 43 .09 Flagstaff - 22 .68 Fort Huachuca 44 34 .08 Gila Bend 53 42 .77 Grand Canyon 29 20 .46 Kingman 26 Maverick 24 .12 McNary 27 .20 PHOENIX 50 43 .50. Prescott 34 26 .71 Safford 40 -! Show Low 32 29 .26 Tucson 45 37 ,32 1 Winslow - 30 - Yuma 57 38 - United States Albany 28 16 .43 Albuquerque 54 30 ! Amarillo 49 36 Anchorage 0 -23 Atlanta 70 50 Bismarck 25 17 Blythe 55 37 - Boise 26 6 Boston 35 27 7286 L rnicnAn nrtn-inna k A uama "i I 1 Ul lll.imu flfUl VllltiHI L Attdll 1 t A Furnished Houses For Rent ....16 I LtCL l-C. O. Furnished Rooms For Rent ....19 VtirTxtAi. IWA4OT&1'"',IP Wanted Female 49 "1 ,v 'wv,,'HelpVanled-Male 48 HelD Wanted .Male A- Female.. 50 10c a word for week-day tion m noth Kemih ic and or Sunday puhlicatlon in Repu.blic only, airate tvne. set solid Display style copy usmif larger tyre, centered lines, or while space 0.1c a line. Conv received from outside Arl. znna charged by lines only 85c per line. Camtlna fWlllhnmA! Iwfl sisters Mr Ro.trlr St Hsir. Clear water, Florida, Miss Velma Hall-man, Clearwater, Florida. Funeral cervices Friday 2 D.m. 4'amel- hack t'hapel A- Funeral Home. Friends may call 7 to p.m. today. Interment Memory Lawn. HAMMELS, .Jeanette StelriherK. services conourieo ny Libert I Plotkln. Cantor Maurice P. Chesler and Queen Esther Chant. O.E.S. 11:30 a.m. ioda in Memory Chapel. A, L. Moore sons. Interment at Beth Israel. Friends may call until 10 a.m. today at the DrawingKgij C. R. Auciinneer. OR SELL FOR YOU. .U V'-W. HINDS, Elmer C. Services .; p.m. today from the Lundheri-Hansen A service chare or TV n. b Mortuary 1 inm. . edded for ue of Reput.l.c ' and Ksvcn Gazette -BBnd Box" iare. '? "?ftl-.V. . s ' Service, ' Fri- tyrii i Minimum Charge $1.00 I f.s- (SiSrch'unop in" discount on cash orders placed in person at classified rmin- ler o durntint based on amount of space used op number of Inser Hons, If an advertiser specifies 'hat his advertisement be published n or the two daily nfrinatlns. Interment Greenwood. Graveside services hv the Mnnw Funeral commit-tee Friends may call today from 2 until 9 P m. Mortenseji-Mngs ley. AUCTION PARK REGULAR SALE TIME Sunday Afternoon 1:30 Onen riailv for ronsisnments ffi&JB .. .. w 8 shi n k t en .. B H ! m FOR FAST ACTION Grand Old Auction K. Indian School Rd u riCKl'P AVAILABLE Phone f'R .l-fiftf.' or W1I fi 1310 15 f? COMMISSION SALE EVERY SUNDAY COL, MKL,I.Al,'N,MicLioni!cr:. rt ni.ic auction EVKRY SUN., 1 P.M. New Used Furn. & Appliances BUDDY'S AUCTION HOUSE 2113 F.. Indian School CR 7-19M paners only, a reduction of 5c per line will be given. Contract rates "Auction !Saturday. Jan. 16. 10 am iMirM'SpTsarri 2728 W. CAMELBACK rtM. iort'hv Rishort Jack Hunsaker irt . Cotnrriuv from Psoasii available on application. Ward Chapel. Meldrum Mnrtu-Ads received before 5 pm. week ary ?.J!J. .nJl..D",reL1 P m- iraiuriiays Hisir,i:R. Roger Alan, Sen- tied. Ads received after these hours may appear under 'Too Late to Classify" the next dav, thereafter ices conducted by Rev Jack E Boal tl:30 a.m today In Chapel f Memories A L. Moire A sons. intmental.Creenwpna. "' f roper r assincauon. .. U -..n rvlc LnecK your ad tne.Ilrst day. it,V',uD"'.-U,"h., Riv FilWt appears. In event of error, the newspapers win not assume responsibility for more than one in correct insertion. Phone AL 8-8861 Mtnt Ad Counter dosed Sundays leiepnone open sunnays l 10 a p.m. to' be conducted hv Rev. Ellyrt S. Moriora or tne first wcwi"' Church Thursday 2 , P.m. Irom the Garden chapel if the M. f.lhhons Mortuary. Mesa. Inter- men Mountain view LARGO. Anlhonv Raymond. of Mrs. uucy Advertising Index Acreages Farms & Ranches. ..11 Aircraft Sales & Service 34& Auction a Automobiles for Sale..... 31 Automobiles Wanted ..30 Building Materials For Sale...34B Business Opportunities 56 Cards of Thanks 2 Cemetery Services 6 TeaUis and J""riUi 1A Educational 52 Miscellaneous For Sale 33 Miscellaneous For Sale or Ex. ..36 Miscellaneous Wanted XI Employment Agencies Female 49A Em ployment Agencies Male . .48A farmers- buppue services 41 Flowers 5 Found 8 Fruits and Produce 40 Funeral Directors "Sort V IJlrgO. rtnsaiy n n m today In Whltner Mur- I Help Wanted With Investment 51 r-,.,,, j j.,:f,, T ;.i0! Home Furnishings For Sale.... 3;iA Demure ana adinty; Lime;H(,U5ekPpplng Room, 20 imported t sports cars 31A 50 girls love this jaunty pinafore Income Real Estate For Sale.. KM. Industrial Commercial Prop., in juemoriam .1I)D 3 2, 4, 6, 8. State size. Just out! Our New 1!)60 Alice Brooks Needlecraft Book contains three free Patterns. Plus ideas galore for home furnishings, fashions, gifts, toys, bazaar sellers exciting, unusual designs to crochet knit, sew, embroider, huck Land For Rent .....25 Livestock 38 Lost 7 Machinery A EquId. For Sale. ..34 Meeting Notices 1 Miscellaneous for Rent .......77 Shy ( nane . npqmrm vr ..i:' a.m Fridav in St. Matthews Church. Burial St. Francis. LOl GHMAN. Ada B.Mt : wil , taKen to ewarn. i''1 ("T'- Ices and Interment. Friends may call until 2 P.m m today at tlie Drawing Room of A. L. Moore A fons. . . . - -- METCALPi A. J. 4106 S 40 h bl. Annrnjncemrnts later. Bloom. vs -rrt n t iT; n i . m n H h n 8 311 I I-. n 1 1 1 1 rs.i . y- -: -- ben taKen to .Monoim. gprvices ana inierinriu. . Moore & son. . aiDDiG T c moa QorVlrPS 1 D.TTl. tndHv in me iiip" viu.vm' piih 11 irt Virtr ntii. Ave The Rv. KostHs Pftulok'dPj will of finale, interment in uiv i.- a Limhaii Mnrfrii.rv. PARLETTE." Albert, SfrviMS, will l conducted by, Rev. Ralph Kofoed. 2 P.m. tonay. i nswi the Garden Mereer Mortuary. lntermentMempry Lawn, PITTMAN. Reba VlrBinia. momei sister of Finis, 0. Sherriy. Cascade. Idaho. AlhertJ. Sherrl I . ii tn 4 rndchi - dren also survive. Services 12: 30 pm Friday in Memory cnapei. A. T Moor Sons. Interment t freertwooq, rnRTKlt. Abe Agnes, j.-iu homicAuyJ Sead FIFTV cents tn coins for this pattern to THK, ARIZONA RF.PrBI.IC PATTF.HN OF-PT., : W. lHth St.. XF.W VORK It. N. Y. Print Plainly lot'lt NAWK. AniRF.SS, SI.E ANII I'ATTKHN M MBKIt Add 10 cents for' each pattern Ir you wish first-class mailing. Births C.OOD SAMARITAN- IIOSPITM. AI'STIN. Arnold and Donna, Yuma, bov. Jan. 11. BARROW. Lloyd and Patricia, 2038 E. Glcnrosa. girl, Jan. u. ROI.IN. A. H. and Corene. :535 E Clarendon, bov. .Tan. 11. COHEN. Melvin and Blanche, 3141 M 91t PI., airl. .lan 11. C.RAN'T. Blair and Patricia. 3TO E. Sheridan, girl. .lan. 11. H4.VF.S. Bilman and Ilainet. Sail River Reservation, (tin. ,ian. jj. HOFF. Edward and Marian. 375 E. Virginia, girl. Jan 11. HOK. Max and Mary Ann. 102 W. Walter, girl, Jan. 11. IAMKS, Cleo and Frances. 39.i0 E. Washington, girl. Jan. 11 LOMBAROI Eugene and Jacqueline. 3647 'N. 39th St.. girl, Jan. LOPEZ. Matn and Mary. Tolleson, girl. Jan. 31. , Merov. Harmon and Beatrice, 3f31 W Hadley. boy. Jan. 1J. OI.SEN. Robert and Sandra, 3401 v Hth c, tv,v .tan 11. n ana Aiarina, ooc Hrl. Jan. u. oney To Iian Monev Wanted . Motorcycles. Bicycles. Scooters 34A Musical Instruments For Sale..3SB Nursery plants & supplies Pastures For Rent.. 2H Personals SO Pet. Doffa Cat. KiinnllM A3 Phoenix Iots For Sale JOB Foultry & Rabbits 39 Real EtatJ! For Sale or Ex 12 Phoenix Houses For Sale 10 Real Estate In Arizona Towns ..31; Real Estate Out of Arizona ....111 Real Estate Wanted 13 Room and Board ...21 salesmen Wanted Male & Female ,...47 Situations Wanted Female ...46 Situations wanted Male ......45 neeial Notices ti.t Sporting Good 34C Stores And Offices For Rent... 26 Suburban Property For Sale... 10 A summer Homes for Kent j:i Telephone open Sundays 1 to 5 p.m. iTauer sales And service ja Trailer space For Rent........ 23 Transportation Freight 60 Transportation Passenger ....81 Trucks For Sale 32 Wanted To Rent 14 Unfurnished Houses For Rent. ..15 L'nfurniiihco Apt. For Rent 17 Phone AL 8-8861 Too Late To Classify " NICE" 3 room' furnished cot (ago. water furmsheri. $10 month. 1916H south -'titn street. sorrRF Donald and I K. 47U1 St This used furniture business will he sold at auction regardless of price. All furniture will also sell to highest bidder -regardless- of price. Bedroom sets, box springs mattresses, living room sets, stoves, refrlg. era tors, deep freezers, desks, chest of drawers, hahv beds, play pens baby wardrobes, lamps, end tr coffee tables, 1'iink beds, sewing machines. TVs radios, radio-phonographs', chrome dinette sets, maple dinette sets, occasional chairs, youth beds, vacuums, heaters, automatic A wringer washers, complete movie camera outfit Bell ft Howell, rugs, hundreds of other Items. We wish to apologize for ihe auction called for Dec. 27th which was called off because of illness. This auction will be held regardless. 2728 W. CAMELBACK The ownefof this business will also have en auction at his home (on the same day) directly after the above auction, at which time all household furniture & equity In home will be sold. Furniture in home practically all maple throughout. Home & furniture located at 3250 W. Elm, don't miss this big sale. Porter. Mrs. . Ethel 20th St Mother of Mrs. ivanine MrnleO Ml .Pan O. Benjamin C and Jck nu.niu .it-fi Af MP C?"onrtMIl'7reMaVon and Mrs Gladys Shiew. Modesto. calif. Passed away Tuesday 8 grandchildren ann . children also survive. TiPrvlf conducted by Rev J?-W- Tl Oi. .' riiiwii". 'V ..j Sinn., interment ALurelw- prirK Veronica C Services, .con- nuciea Ty n,evt mivn - L and the ft.E.S. 10 a.m. (oday in Chapel of Memories, a. Moor .Sons. Interment Greenwooq . tx:Bitar Announce ment OI arrangenien a'-ti Mercer MOrtna VI r 1 sTOHl.. P. Daniel. . huryivea uy I I & G AUCTION 5102 N. 27th Ave. FRI. 7 PM SUN. 10 AM Living roosn sets, chrome dinette sets. TV's. Beflroom sets, automatic washers. Box springs, ft mattresses, gas ranges, refrigerators, all ies. Maple living room sets, baby beds, tables, lamps, rugs, chest of draw-ers, radios. Playpens, high chairs, wood dlnetta sets, lawn mowers & lawn furniture. . Sectionals, coffee & end tables, 5102 N. 27th Ave. (JUST NORTH OF CAMELBACK) CR 7-3812 SAM BLANTON AUCTIONEER SELL VOUR BEEF L BUY YOUR REPLACEMENT AT KOHL'S DAIRY AUCTION SAT.F. wife Evelyn: a daugniei. rr.Ttnf.n nr Joan Knells; 3 sisters out W iliUIN Jt.SUA 1 staie. He win n iBRr . ... m 11 rv, A ,T mint M ch for services ja n o burial.' lrry J. Meleher nine rJil.9"-t-. STVENf.KL. Stanley K. Gravesioe fervices w n m j-yjiv"-!' m lev. Hurschel L riiffie. 10 rn today at Greenwood Memorial Park. Arrangements by Mercer Mortuary (-Meeting Notices Glendale Lodge 23" F. ft vGA.M 1st Degree. 7;30 p.m. AVy visiting Masons welcome Car) S. .Tepsen. W M. ! PB6ES'tSTChaoter No. " 5 a:E.S. Masonic Temple. 8 p.m, Election. Ceorgiana Peet. w.M lnTlerblrTLodge. No. 48. F. ft A M 2nd Degree. 7:30 P.m.. 43 W Broadway. Visiting Masons welcome. Refreshments, . Rnherf W Knott. W.M. HARMONY LODGE 57 F.A A.M. 1st Degree. .7:30 p.m. Visiting Masons welcome. Refreshments. j ... Russell D. Grimm. W.M. TAILOR. Ida M. ..Se'ces conducted by Rev W. II Hedges and the Rebekah Lodge No. 1, it a.m Saturday in Memoi Chapel. A, L. Moore ft Sons, interment al Palo Vrde C'emelerx. WFJ.nF.N. Row L. Services conducted by Rev. Arnold Htrkok H a.m. fYiday in Memory Chapel A. !,. Moore t Sons. Interment at Glendale Memorial Park. Friends may call from noon today until service time al jJiePrjyiirjtooril Wll.nSlAN. Austin K. Service? win be conducted by Rey. Cecil Prior 2 p.m Friday. Chapel in the Garden. Mercer Mortuary. Interment Green Acres closed casket after 2-wti. Frtdav. WILLIAMS. Mary Services pending. Camelhurk Chanel t funeral Home, WILLIAMS. PinkTHushand pf Mrs. Rosa William: father of Clarence. Phoenix. Robert. Nevada. dren f Services Friday 1 p.tri.. C. Baker of ficlattng. Inlerment leicandrla. Ii,. visitation Thurs-i day afternoon. Webber's last- lake aiomiajT. . t-Ptrn 1 1TI1CK. OWNER S9th STREET & BASELINE RD. Rt. i, Box rftw. lemne wu (-017 AucrnuN JOHN BRUNK & SONS 4001 N. 7th Street WEDNESDAY 9 A.M. ft 7 P.M. ISfr COMMISSION AM 6-K03 lO-PhoenixJS. WEST PASADENA 3 Bdrms & Family Rm. Real sharp' li baths. Ntwlv dec-orate'd. Carpeted & draped. Stove A refrigerator. Central heating Masonry construction. Beautiful yard with Knrinkllng system. Located among good homes. Close to schools, shopping, trnnsn. Out of state owner wants action. Now vacant. J2.000 will han- t6m OWEN REALTY CR 9-7T5 Eve. AM 5-7234 separate din. ,rm. ft big service rm. that dounles as 4th hr strt. wbiks LTSin AVt. 0.300, WTS An SAlfl mo or tlO.iOfTjMTS tin. you rcaecoraia.. redeeorst . iua Bso.

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