The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1949
Page 11
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TRIDAY, MARCH 25,194D BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEH Here is a DISC HARROW that really levels! • You know hnw mniiy tandem discs d\f In on tb« outside and rld^e up ground in the middle? The Improved deiign of thli disc prevent* this trouble. Try thli disc, and you'U find h leaves the (round flat and level and well pulverized. B*«t of alt, with Ford Hydraulic Touch Control, you Angle the gangs or straighten with finger tip turning, or RiilUe on the di and tiin •se . . . 'or rosftlng fr«s Saves wenr c, tractor fuel Sillily the pictures, then see us. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Allen Hordin, Mgr. S. Division St. Pli one 2171 FERGUSON TRACTOR lorn Expansion Plan Is Opposed Farmers Here Would Have Too Few Crops To Occupy Acreage Keith J. Hllbiey. county Hge tar Noith Mississippi County, lodny expressed disapproval of the propo- to expand commercial corn areas. According to Mr. Bllbrey exlen- tion of areas, brliiRlng corn production up for crop controls would leave Mississippi Counl> farmers without enough crops to occupy their acreage. In this connection, he pointed out that control of cotton acrenR seems inevitable for 1950, and thai action Is now underway to clns: soybeans us a basic commodity nmklng them subject to farmiiiK h lis area. In connection with the move t ive soybeans classified as a bnsl ommodlty. Mr. Bllbrey cxprcsse onccrn over the relatively unsult ble product of soybeans in In otinty. He Indicated that if a per xl of low production was chose 5 a basis for allotting acreage, 11 armcrs here would suffer a urea cal. He pointed out that pioduc on of soybeans here was relative / new, It would cut down on the cres allowed. In this line be told .ow in 1940 only 278,260 bushels of cans were produced here, while In 946 there were 2,171.000 bushel and hen In 1947 another decline "to .290,000. The 1948 and 1049 production fig- ires nlso will be low, he said, be- ause farmers here are pulling as micli as 80 per cent or more of heir acreage In cotton, prior to the expected controls for next, year. He suggested that if soybeans were classified as staple commod- .!. cotton acreage controlled, and corn areas expanded there would no alternative for the farmers here, but to put In crops that were not so well adapted to this area •arm Leaders Will be Told Of Chemurgy With the Ferguson Tractor there is no need for hallast weight. That's because the implement, linked to the tractor by the Ferguson System, provides increased Iraction when needed. The Ferguson Tractor can make farming easier and more profitable to you ... so come by for a demonstration. JACK ROBINSON IMPLEMENT CO. Your Genuine Ferguson Dealer 500 East Main Blytheville Plume 2371 lenders ;il- tn AFBF Commodity Committees to Meet Mar. 27-29 J of A Purchases ure Bred Cattle Herd for $30,000 Farm and bvisiuo.s: ndlng Ihe tuynml Council of ArktiiLsus Memphis Monday will be lold wluit •liemurgy is doing for HH>icultm-e, tarvey Adum.s, .sci'rclnry-miuuincr >f the Agricultural Council has an- lotinced. Wlieelei McMillen. prpsldpnt nf hr National Farm Ciienuivmc Council, nnd Viclor Schoffdmayi'r, irosldent and eonstiltanl lu clic- iiurgy, Soiilhwesl- Hesearch Itisli- .ute ul DiiDfis, Tex., will be i>hm>[- pal speakei'S at the meeting. ALso on Ihe program Is Jiune.s A. Kime, technical assistant to Iho cli- reclor, Soulbern Research l*alxiv;i- tory, Now Orleans, La. Ue will spciik on "New Collon Products TlmniRh ChemuiRy". G. H. Batiks, director of u'siMii'li. O. H. Acoin Farms, Warclell, Mo, nil oiitslaiidinn authority on soyboun-s will speak ou the subject "Cotton and Soybeans". Mr. Bunks recently returned from Korea wlievc he was engaged In work for the government. C. Hamilton Moses, nn dent of Arkansas Power unrt Lii Company, will "The A ansas Hlan". Tlie after dinner speaker will Art Briese, liomorlst. writer and public relations counsellor. Mr 3rlese Ls affectionately known fn, coast to coasl as "America's Kni^hl of satire". His subject will l>e •Skullduggery at, al the O1<1 Crossroads". The meeting will start at 10 a,in and Is free to the public. Dinner reservations should be made willl Ihe Agricultural Council of Arkansas' office in West Memphis. Members uf Die hoiirtl (if directors nnd (he Connuodtty Committees (if thp Aikiuisus Kann Durcnu Feiler- ullon will nu'fi in l.litlc Uock Mui't'Ii ^7-'J[). it hits bi'en aunouuced. Jtie C. HanlLn. ot Orndy. .stale Kimu Bureau pre.sUlent. has called Hie hoard inert lug fur (i p.m. March 27 ni the llolol Murlon. 'I'he stole oiguni/uUon's Commodity CommU- tee.s will meet on Mnr. !28, and thp board will met-t iiKiifn on (he ao Mr. ilanlin st;itnl. The board of dim-tors will be HJveii a conipteIe repoii on the legislative activities or tho Knrm I n, Hardln declnrod. i\nd the .v for UK? ntJtlvitlrs nt the Faiu niroiiu diirlnx Iho sumiuc'r months 111 be made at this meeting. The cotmuodlly coinmlllcos nn nude tip of fnriuer-i'k 1 i:ie<l rvpi't'.v entnllves from all setitlon.s ot ih< stale 1 . These ron unit toes serve R nifvJsory conmittd't-s (« the sin I joaril of tllrccior.s. The committee represent tho various farming Inter ests of the .stiUe. with a so pa rut committee sel up for each of th following commodities: dulrylni livesiofk. field corps, poultry, an fruits nnd vcRetnl>los. There nt eight members on each connnllle Charte.s Rose nt Roseltmd, Is nicnilKir of the IJonrd o( Dlrccloi CottonClassing Plan This Year Same as 7948 Ark., March 25. 'i— TJie University of Arkansas lin,s renounced of a herd of live bred beel cows for 130,000 Dr. Lewis Webster Jone.s, pri'.sl- fill of the University, said 80 lirnd ( cnllle were Included In the piir- from tho Bun Uuy Farm of Irs, A. I,. Pulllngton of Payelle- lllo. Tht> calllq will be used for ox- niH'iitii! purposes by Ihp Unl- erslly's ColU'KO of Agriculture. okyo Police Fail to Pay Phone Biff, Lose Service TOKYO, March 21. M') — When Tokyo's 73 iwllce stations failed to >ay their telephone bill the government cut off service to them. Telephone service wa.s restored Lodny on a. [joilce promise to pay ip. Slow payment of taxes wa.s )lamed by iwllcu for the telephone bill biilng In arrears. roposiil to mnkp Cflinp Clmflp pfiimncnt nrmy Installation. The 17 -year locust years as a baby, but weeks as MI adult. only s W four -&en / can, A Powered T>y quick-starting 4-cycTe gasoline engine ( I Yl hp ur 3 lip)* Full ad jus i able Kovcrnor guiran- tce,i accurate, dependable speed control. 2-i" blade cms rigbt up lo tree trunks, shrubs, fences, cic. * Seamless sreel cubing throughout frame insures light ruggcdncss. Precision construction safccuards Sec the MASTER MOWER today at Slytheville Machine Shop Dealer ARKANSAS GROCER CO. Distributor Cotton farmers In the south central States this year will follow tlie same procedure as they did lust yenr in pettinj their cotton classed and the cotton market news service under the Smith-Doxey Act, according lo Clyde C. McWhorter. Manager, South Central Area, Cotton Branch o! PMA. Any group of producers organized to promote the improvement of cotton that adopts a variety of cotton, /iles an application, arranges for sampling, and meeU certain other requirements for Its members, is eligible for the Federal classing and market news service. Application blanks necessary in filing for the services will soon b« available at county agricultural agent and PMA cotton classing offices. Applications should be filed as soon as members of the organized cotton Improvement, groups have their cotton planted, so that groups will have ample time to complete sampling arrangements before pick- Injt commences. McWhorlcr says. The deadline date for applications for Arkansas. Mississippi, Louisiana Is Aug. 1 und for Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois is August 15. In reviewing this past season's program, Mr. McWhorter reixirts that producers in the south central slates submitted for classification j 3'i million samples or 58 percent ot total glunlngs. Tills was a material Increase over the one million submitted in 1947. Number of samples clashed under the Sinith- Doxey Program this senson by States together with the percentage ol ^Innings classed aret-^Ark- ansas 1.229,000 or 64 percent; Illinois 1,000 or 44 percent; Kentucky 3,000 or 31 percent; Louisiana 346.000 or 41 pel-cent; Mississippi 1,^38,000 or 54 percent; Missouri 465,000 or 91 percent; Tennessee 223,000 or 35 percent. Gar/and Election Board Member is Appointed UTTl-H HOCK, Mnreh 25—f/T) noy r ernor McMMh lins (\ntiouncc Lhni Uic slntc election bonrrt has u|tpolnlc(\ Jncob L. King, Ho^ Springs ncconntunt, member of the Onrlnntl County Election Commission lo succeed Bill SeU, Jr., who re.slRncd lo become a cniulldntc for mnyor. The jippo!ii(n\pnt was mtule utidcr .intldlc<l Act No. 3 nnd Klnp becomes npjiolntlvc nirniber of the coinily boiiril which nlso Inclnrtcs county chnlrmiui of Uic Dcmoornlic nnd Rcinilillcnn pnrUcs. The .slnle election bonrrt Is composed of Governor McMulh* Sec- icliiry of Slate C. G. Hull, Httomey Gcncrnl Ike Murry nnd stnlc chnlr- ninn of Hie nepubllcnn nnd Demn- cvntlc partlps. Arkansas Governor Plans Early Trip to Washington LITTLE ROOK, Mnrcli 25—OD— Otivernnr McMnlh snld yeslcrtlay lie will RO lo Wnshlnpton Rboirt Aiirll 15 to confer with fcdcrnl of- Ilcials oti various Arkansas matters. He Knld hl.i prlnclpnl busLiicw will be R conference with rccoi)- st runt ion Finance Corpnrntion of-* fklnlji nn (he possibility of that- i agency tanyhiK the atnte's new hlRh- vny bnnils. He nlso plans lo confer with other official* on the proposed ArHnnsns Mcdlc«l Center fltnl the belong on every bag of CHICK'STARTER... BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 FOR SALE PEDIGREE COTTONSEED Empire Ambassador Slonevillc 2B * • • FIRST YEAR FROM PEDIGREE Km pi re Stoneville 2B SOYBEANS J)orlchsoy No. 2 Ralsoy Ogden " " * HYBRID SEED CORN All Seeds Have High Germination Yarbro Cooperative Ass'n formerly L. R. Mntthews Gin Co. Phone 727 How do you buy chick *(ait«r? Do you look o< th« ingr«dl«nl tag and hy lo fic/ur» out what it contain*? Or do you look only at pric* tag and buy th* th* cheapest? Ot do you asV "which f«ed will h«lp in* keep my chick* living and growing the be«t?"When you'r* buying feed for delicat* little baby chick*, the "result*" are th* moit important, And when you buy Purina Startena, you know you're buying reiult*. This Year PURINA CHICK START EN A is Better Than Ever for Life and Growth YOUR STORE WITH THE CHECKERBOARD SIGN 4493—Telephone—4493 L. K. Ashcraft 4% HOME LOANS Kllierl S. Johnson The Kquitnhlo Life AMSiirnnce Society H«nil Courier News W«nt Ann. KILL BUGS Holt crkkets, Elder butis, rouchcH nnd other soinu Inspcls ure «islly killed with Dr. Hess HOUSE SPRAY. Apply with SUIW-FOK er— btillL lo You Con Ppy ANYAMOUNT ot ANYTIME When you hav* an Equitablt Society I ARM LOAN Thift famoui Farm IncooM Prlvllig* ii written inU your loan agr^*m«nt to MVI you nionty and to htlp you own your (arm fr«» and cl«r, tooner. 50« 11* tor {ciift*cott r ttmortiittd /o«n* TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 W. W»lnu(' Phone tit Which is Most IMPORTANT? COTTON SEED FOR SALE -DPl-15- talt ccrtifierl, rlelinltd and SOYBEANS RECLEANED Now in the time In have your seed soybeans reclcantd. •quipntenl removes all weed and (rush. SEED SOYBEANS FOR SALE Doyle Henderson Within the Reach Of Your Fingertips . . . Yes, at the end of your fingertips, from which so many coins glide so often without H care, is the rcnli/.iition of your fondest aspirations, if you will hut plan to save, A home, its furnishings, a new car, the security of your family, the education of your children—nil are dependent upon yoifr determination to put a little away each week, each month to achieve them. Slur) an account today. FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Only National Bank In Mississippi County

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