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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 19, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUHl HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—No. 106 BlythevUle Courier, Blytheville Herald, BlytheviUe Daily News, Mississippi Valley Leader. BLYTIIEVILLE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JULY 19, 1930 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS MEETTIK CULLED HERE HEM 100 Victims of Typhoon in Far East Her Health Regained TIKES 11 LIFE Disappointment in Love SHIMONOSEKI, Yamaguehj. Ja- , - - . . pan, July 19. lUPI-^The deaih toll! blame'U 101' blllClde ICS- was mounting rapidly today as the i • . 'was mounting rapidly today as the I . i r r\ n • M ,,L Prooosal for BrancliXHfice; typ»°°» thai yesterday struk KO-I terdayol IJuBois Matthews r^-, . .- . i rea and the Island of Kylshl south; ol Cooperation Associa . tion Will Be Explained. ( ,-, . . . j iiu LULU lur i3muu ui rLyisiu 3uuiii ; LoOperatlOl) AsSOCia- ; of here continued to devastate ihe I Funeral services are being held — — • - - countryside. I pt Osceoia this afternoon for Uu The typhoon lias killed more than ; bol.s Matthews," 2li-year-old farm 100 persons. j youth, who commlUecd suicide at Terms on which tho Mid-South • Property damage was estimated Cotton Growers association i at many thousands of dollars. establish a branch office in Blylhe- ] Four steamers had not reporter' vllle will be explained to members ; al Kyushu and it'was feared thev of the association in this and ad- , were lost. Many smaller llshirig Joining Missouri comities at i lie home of his parents. Mr. au3 Mrs. H. T. Matthews, on the R C. nose plantation west of ola. Friday morning T|ie youth, according to reports Missouri comities at a • craft were sunk and their crews liad grown morose and dcspondem. meeting called for 2:30 Wednesday | diowncd. " " afternoon, July 23, it is announced ; Relief organizations were n&sem- is believed to have led to Ihe trashy C. G. Smith, association, direc- : bllng rescue forces rnd Kehdini? | edy. The youth apparently held lor for Mississippi and' Criti'euden l.elp to ihe cities, counties. . In a letter to association members Mr. Smi'.h urged a full attend- J uncc, not only of growers who al- i ready have joined the association ' - bul of all farmers and business men interested in the federal farm re- i l!ef program, ll is likely, according • lo Mi. Smith, that C. G. Henry, u'.'.ociatlon manager, and possibly President Naff as well, will be here B anc ||t Who for the meeting. • . . _ .. _. . .. . —.... Details of the proposal for a ' phis r OllCC rlaced Under ! company IT LITTLE Mpm iVlern- shotgun close to ills side and lived. • Death lesultcd almosi insiumly and before members of his family j who i lushed lo him could rf-cure ' did. • An was conducted by To:h Hendrlck-s, coinily coronej". ol Bly! thevllle. The jury returned a verdict, staling thai young Matthew.-met death al his own hands. Interment will be made this af- ternrxm al Ennen cemetery near Osceoln. The Swifi Underlakiii) 1 is In charge of funeral branch office here, to be in charge » i I r 1 ' i of u licensed cotton ciasser, win be: Arrest at Arkansas Lapita. txplnlned, and a decision reached ! respecting a sign-up campaign to • HOT SPRINGS, Ark., July IS assure establishment of the office. : (UP)—N. K. "Popeye" Pumphrcy, Attendance at this meeting and : wanted in connection with the $24.- supporl of the cooperative program 000 robbery of the Woodlawn Am- arc urged In a statement this crlcan National bank of nirnilng- arrangements. The deceased is Survived by Ills parents. morning by J. E. CriU, county agricultural agent. "Farmers," declared Mr. Critz. ham. Ala., was arrested here today. Pumphrcy was arrested by Chief should thoroughly familiarize them- i of Deteclivcs Herbert Akers after selves with the workings of the local police had been Informed of EXPECT THEM Dry Agents Seize Radio Rum Guides Final Senate Decision on .London Naval Pact Will Probably Come Tuesday WASHINGTON, July 10. CUP) — The Senate agreed today, the vote : on ratification of Iho London navnl treaty would not lie taken l>etort Monday. ! ll was decided that the treiily would be taken up and read article by aitlclc and llicn Uial the eleven lescrvatlons would be token up nnd voted UIXBI. The final vute, ll was agreed nhunld be taken up on the dr.y .following completion of tli; reservntlons. The first article was taken up a' 12:45, Immediately after the clivk read it. There Is no 'assurance the vo~. will be taken Monday bill it Is exported Tuesday. MIS BILL ID Mid-South Cotton Association and • the American Cotton Cooperative association, and sign as much cotton to the association as will be necessary to give the assoclalion a volume sufficient for a real trial his arrival. . ~ Birmingham authorities were! Supreme LoUt'l notified of Pumphrey's arrest and j were expected here immediately tc . leturn ihe man to Alabama. , Pumphrey came to Hot Springs j as to what the cooperation mar- ] r rBm Memphis where he telephone:) kellng will do for the farmer. i |XDlice regarding his arrest. He in- ; "If you ore growing cotton come v ited the police tc "come and get to this meeting and bring your neighbor who is also growing cot- ion. Many farmers are of the opinion that they will stay out un "That bunch of dubs down then can't catch me," the voica over Ihe phone informed George Belote ill It has proven satisfactory. The • Memphis police telephone operator. "I'm in town and intend remaining for quite a while." When Belote attempted lo learn majority of fanners taking this at- lilude will certainly defeat the principle of cooperative marketing for unless the association can get Fails to Render Decision on Improvement Project. OSCEOLA, Ark.. July 19.—The proposed gravel road running due west 15 miles from Luxora to bit- Its River find several lateral roads included In plans of the Luxora- Little Hiver road Maintenance District- No. 1. will not be constructed Ihui summer, although the contracts aggrcgaling $245.000 were lei during Ihe month of May, and ap- It's in the role of hcst and hostess tiiat riesident and Mrs. Hoover are pictured here as they moved among a group of more than 500 wounded veterans of the World War who were their guests at n garden party en the White House lawn in Washington. Mrs. Hoover is shown in excellent health and spirits in this photo, the first taken of her since her recovery from a recent injury. T Burns Boys On I to Break Record For Tree Sitting : Ih.tigrtUin. ii.;--cannot operate sue- ^it suspect laughed and slammed cessfuTry uT this age of small mar- U p the receiver. ' .gin on a large volume of business. Wednesday and gei first hand knowledge of the workings of the association, and sign for the amount of cotton that is our prc rata share." ,,,,,..,, „,„«; uturuiiiLcu m IK;UM : .- . , .0-««/>..• i. > p,, mp hreys whereabouts the ban- yro!C T' clyl , $3 '' M ? ^ bee " a(1 ' Youthful Prison Head Resigns by the bond buyers, cause of the delay is due to lit.igation pending in the Supreme Court, which since adjournment I court last Monday, cannot be decided until the court- re-convenes on September I5th. Local attorneys Prominent Real Estate and road commissioners conndcut- BATON ROUGE, La., July 19 | ] y expected a 'decision at last Won(UP)—The Louisiana stale peni-1 day's session prior to adjournment tentiary was without its 27-year-1 \ n i| )e friendly suit of Emma Cox old student warden today. vs. J. W. Cox et al, which was filed Alice Steckler. Louisiana state Man Attempts Suicide unlveraly la wsludenl and since university law student and since by appointment of Gov. Hucy 1 J . and appealed to the supreme court following an injunction granted by Chancellor J. M. Futrell in a suil brought .by Charles T. Coleman of HUNTINGTON, Long Island, Jin) . L resigned yesterday. He will Little Reck altacking the organtza 19. (UP)-Harry S. Black pronn- : ^ repl[lced temporarily, by J. J. licnt- New -York real estate oner-. Nixon penitentiary shipping clerk - - ator. was found shot and seriously , anfl torcman wpund'd at his home in L.oyds. Pemtentlary General Manager Harbor, Allandale, today. A re- clay Dllgas resigned Thursday, giv- tion of the improvement district and alleging discrimination in the making of assessments. Shamrock V. Awaits Fair vblver with two discharged carl- ing . m health ^ hu reason ridges in it was found in his nand.i x ( f ff . j , . . W ea »U er *„ S a :i ( 0 , ll Black is president of the United ; on the ^ natc invesligati ng com- " ealner l ° Oau IOr Ul States Realty and Improvement. miuce chnrEcd Dllgas nnd sleMel \ corporation, and an official of the with ma ladminislration. Plaza Operating company, owners; RYDE. England. July 19 (UP)— i Shamrock V., scheduled to sail lor of hotels in New Vork and Boston. „ _ „ .. . ! the United Stales today to compete He was found by his valet, a'MonTOe County Candidate i lor the America cup, dropped an- thp i-iirhi side of n ri i 1 1, f i ichor off thc Hyde pier this after- e^cted to prove Drops Dead After Speech I «ocn awaiting improvement hi the The first official "tree sitting" endurance race began here this morning when John, 14, and Dick. 12, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burns, climbed a tree at 8 o'clock, there to remain "until all records ajpe broken," they say. . '-" "' Morris. 9. and Ben, • 12, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bailey, are their partners. They will furnish them food, water nnd other necessities of life and incidentally protect them from alt molesters. Their paraphernalia includes a [ilatform built in the tree for their resting place and pulleys for hoisting supplies. Anyone caring to view the record seekers may see them at 328 East Dougen aveiue. Champion Comes Down KANSAS CITY, July 19. (UP) — Published warnings by physicians that continued tree sitting was harmful Isd Bill Kearney, champion tree sitter of the nation, to descend from his high perch today. He had been aloft 210 hours and 30 minutes. bullst wound in the head. It is expi fatal, physicians said. No mem- j ber of his family were at home and ! weather. CLARENDEN. Ark.. July 19 IUP) | Captain Ned Heard, the skipper. K siiir! to be in Europe — As he ma(le a gesture completing was in command of the Shamrock, i.-. aum __ -his campaign speech. O. C. Gallo- Sir Thomas Lipton's racing yacht, way. 63. candidate for tax assessor : which carried a crew of 22. T cc KT/ Pi>-« in ' of Monroe county, pilched forward ] The Erin. Sir Thomas' steam LOSS oy Fire in * rrom , he i at [ orm an( ] was dead -acht will accoman the Sham- British Columbia Town i rrom , he p i at [ orm an( ] was dead -yacht, will accompany the Sham" ° r tlie "«"* ncc ° "• could reach him. i large quantity cf oil to pour on Precautions Taken to Prevent His "Rescue" by Gangland Associates. Central Valley Slates Sui fering Most bul \Vho!< Country Ts Sweltering. By Unllrd Press An excessive July heal wave ex tending from the eastern coasl t Ihe Rocky mountains and aj enlly centering In four midwest ern states brought suffering toda lo millions of people. On the Pacific • coast a six-da heat, wave apparently wns endin In Rocky mountain regions coi weather prevailed. The exlreu south enjoyed a moderate but n unseasonable heat wave, and in tl east southeast and midwest 11 situation was severe. Thc only dealhs reported were the east but scores of prostrations were reported in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Illinois, where the wave seemed to center. The principal crop damage was repented In Illinois where a long drouth and the Intense, heat lias caused corn to shrivel up. Orw damage »tso was reported* In oUif north'central slates and In Canada. NEW'YORK, .July 19. (UP>— Presence of a great rum fleet op- atlng along the Atlantic sea- iard under direction of powerful i?re radio stations was disclosed day by arrest of seven nun and ilzure of four radio stations In u islilnuable Long Island district. Officials revealed that n raid last Ight conducted by between 25 nnd 0 agcnjs was but the dart of a ampalgn against radio blnllons hlch direct maneuvers of Ihe rum eel. There may be 00 such radio tall • us, it was said. The night raids had the thrill of mystery novel. The agents gathered In fashlon- blc S'jutlihainpton. arrested seven n. seized maps, charts and codes, ncl dlutianllert lite S3,000 radio cts. These sets were shoi-t wave lunsmlticrs which easily- could mvn sent anil received mr-v.ugcs lo 1 ml from Europe. Radio engineer:! who accompanied he raiders said lhat for a time hey comimmlcuted with mm run- ilnt! vessels. They directed these vessels' courses for a time but lln- illy the skliipcrs, apparently alurm- 'd, censed communication. Tin 1 en- gliu'ers said they believed the run llcel iLsed Cuba as Us base. MUG POT Girl Is [Victim of Collision Between Small Craft al Chicago. CHICAGO. July !9. ktc Foster, former owner of Ihe gun that, killed Alfred J. Liugle, was brought back to Chicago In manacles today to be arraigned un an indictment charging him with tiie Linglc murder. • Poster was tafeen off .the train] when it stopped at a station at 31st | street and Western avenue, thus eluding whatever gangsters may have been waiting to "rescue" him. The two police officers who brought Foster back fromi -I.os Angeles said they had experienced no trouble en route. They were met at the outlying station by a squad of police who escorted Fester to the _, , . . .... „ , criminal courts building. ! . Tolal los =, m , th j ce , " r « lle , re • | day was estimated at approximate. He was taken to the office of ; ly $2100 by Fire Chief Roy Head. &in is LOSS IN THttE FIRES Two Negro Dwellings Destroyed; Other Residences Suffer Damage. CHICAGO, .July 19. <Ut>>— A yachting party given by a millionaire's children who rode oul onlo Lake Michigan to escapo the heat ended in'tragedy lale last night when the bout collided with a racing yawl, sinking both, and resulting: in the death of an 18-year-old girl. The girl, Miss Elizabeth Ayrcs, was seated In Ihe bow o[ the speed boat Whoopee when it rammed the i,,£}carab, owned by George ~ way to participate -In the' yacht races at Macklunc island. The Impact tossed her from the smaller Loal and her head struck thc side. Const guards recovered thc body today. Benjamin Marshall jr., 21, son of a millionaire archllect and host on the boating party, was seriously Injured when he dived from the sinking Whoopee in an effort to rescue the girl. He struck his head on the boat's hull. Others aboard ' were Marshall's slsler, Doroihy, 14, William J. Der- Imer. 18, Robert Shotwell, 1C, son of Alfred H. Shotwell, millionaire manufacturer, and Miss Janet Schrelnn, 15. In an effort lo escape thc intense j heat in [he city the Marshall Measure, Based on 1930 Census, Would Triple County's Representation. A bill for reapporllcnmcnl of Hip Arkansas general assembly on the basis of Ihe 1930 census of popula- lon has been prepared by Senator ft. A. Nelson of this clly for In- Ircducilon when the legislature neels next January. Tho bill which, among other changes, would give Mississippi "imly Ihrce members of, ths house of representatives, Instead of one, and it senior of its own, Instead of sharing a senator with two other cdinilcs, would simply give effect to the stale constitutlcii, which provides that afier each county in the stale has, been granl- ed one reprcsenlaUve thc remaining 25 members of Dial body, and thu members of iho senale. arc t" be apportioned on Ihe basis .6t populating Qurrles Candidate* Vigorous support for the bill Is anticipated from the local chamber of commerce and from other civic, organizations here and In other counties which' 'are entilled on a population basis to Increased representation. J, Mell Brooks, secretary of the chamber of commerce, has written candidates for governor rEquesllnK slalemrnts of their positions <u\ the reapportlonmcnl question. One representative for each 20.500 of population or majo r fraction, with not less limn one r«p- resenlallve for each county Irrespective of population, Is the basis for reapportlonment provided in Senator Nelson's bill for the lower house of the general assembly/ Under this app-rtlonment three counties, Mississippi, Pulaskl and Union, would each' gain two representatives, and five. Craiuhead, Crittenden, Miller, Poinsett and St. Francis, would gain one each, while eleven ' counties, Clark, Columbia, Conway, Crawford, Frank- : lin, Independence, Lee, Logan, Pope, Washington arid Yell would each ' lose one.representative. - : . . Figures, .cpmplled by Mr. Brooks . " 'hX/^-<Vof^tye.'-,i?M; MMUIV-^ ised by.Senator Neteoh InUlie ** drafting of his bill show.that thc eleven counties that would ;lose representation ' under tlie' reappor- tlonment now have an average of one representative for every ; 11;-855 of population, whereas under the proposed new apportionment they would have an average 1 of one representative, for; every 22,725 ot population: The .-counties which By United Press The juvenile endurance craze which has spread over the country and included almost everything from tree sitting to kite flying, just about reached the limit today when clamorous youngsters in New Jersey started a contest to see who could hold water in his mouth the longest. The approach of Saturday night and Sunday brought new problems State's Attorney John A. Swanson ; T wo negro liotaes at Corrage and | ji, Wren had hirP d the speed boat where he was questioned by Pat I Franklin streets, in the "Sawdust f 0h ^ br iet cruise There was a radio aboard and they" were dancing when the boat rammed the Scarab. Roche, chief investigator. I Boltom" section of the city, were [ razed by a fire of unknown orl- <<-ln while firemen succeeded in Manila liKTirp* Visit ' checking flames that had reached manna Justices visit , Ko other houj . cs vvlth bul llt(lc County Convict Farm | damage. MANILA, Ark., July 1G.— E. P. Alston and J. E. Needbam. jn-H—s ol the Peace of Big Lake Township, attended the meeting of the quorum court yesterday at Osce-la. this secli™ establishing with his NANAIMO, B. C.. July 19. CUP) —Fire lhat for a lime threatened the entire town razed several down- ' (.own buildings here today at a; i and an institute were the largest struc- j \ t ni i lures destroyed. Three garages! loW3 DOy, 14, Charged and half a dozen stores also were i burned- ! The fire which was of undeterm- | lued origin spread rapidly and cut ] Galloway was one of several can. i the water about the Shamrock if [fp r many of the scares ol young- u, e mee ting. didates addressing a political meet-; the seas become bothersome. ing here lale yesterday. He was a j. pioneer in the lumber business in j n pan n ( P rpn rri Farmer* „ ..i.Miehino ,,.»i. i,t. wan ol iTencn rarmers the first lumber mills, j , . Decorated By Legion with Mother's Murder PARIS, July 19 (UP) — Joseph ! Taleskl. 1M years old, a veteran Hoover Calls Mississippi Valley Health Conierence WASHINGTON, July 19. (UP) — President Hoover called a conference today of boards of health of . seven slates in the Mississippi flood They reported that they were sat- lice reported t':at the fire had at> | arcn to A \ sctKS , cooperation In sanitary work due to thc failure of congress to appropi that purpose. The conference is to be held here About 1 o'clock this morning Ihe home of Tom Sallba. Franklin and Cherry, was discovered afire. Mcm- H-I-S nf ijjj gaiiha family were not at home and firemen could not discover the source of the blaze. Po- On their return sters perched in the trees of the nonl( , Ule Uvo sqll ires visited the cast, mid-west and south, but they COUIUv Iarmi whc ,. e in company were ready with new solutions and w i t jj sev eral other justices they the fun which now also has de- made a tour of the Instltullon. Ac- ______ _____ ____ with what had be'en done at parentiy been smouldering for some veloped a serious sld; continued. cording to the justices nil was In 1129 West Ash street, was damaged The serious aspect developed nice shape, when boys began falling out of their *lrees. One has been hurl so HOLSTEIN. Iowa. Juuly 19. <UP> off communication lines .for sev-' — A low headed farmer lad of 14 ! ed by the French government by • faced murder charges loday in con- j the award ol Knighthood in the farmer'of Mi'gueville, near Nancy. ] seriously he may die and otters whrv has spent 94 years of his life nave suffered broken arms and tilling the soil recently was honor- ribs. As a resulL police have stop- eral hours. : necllcm with ihe death of his own : Legion of Honor. ! mo thcr. . , Since he was 10 years old, Tale- 1 at 12 Amnutated ' L -slre Mohr withstood for sever- ! ski has been devoted to the culti- niuimmicu ^ ^^ yesterday thc m , C6liouilU!: vation of the soil. At 94. as dean ' , - __ - . I Jl ILUU1.1 J CMerUU} LIU. UUCbUULllUU ; VHUUll Ul lilt MJI1. nl. a-T, as u"-u,l Hospital at Memphis ' of county and stale officers and i of French farmers. Taleski was • then the county, attorney.said the , honored in his fields by a deputa- Billy Silverblalt nine-vear-old U °V confessed he brutally beat his ] tion of clllzens who proulily pinned • •—"•-- — •» " ••-» •-— [ on his breast (he Cross cf the Le! gion oi Honor. The old man al- I mosl wept as he mumbled his nephew of Mrs, Sam Kiorman.'. mother and then shol her whose finger was mangled when i < ~ • caught In a Frisco train door here \ American Rrickiaver<; Thursday, is resting very well todav DrlcKIa y" s at Campbell's Clinic in Memphis. The middle finger of his right hand was amputated yesterday. ! MOSCOW. July 19 (UP)-Fiftv- ' ped tree sitting in several cities nnd mothers In some other cities. The lime for various tree sitlcrs today was Kansas City. Bill Kearney, up 220 hours; East St. Louis, Clarence Smith and Arthur Quick, up 206 hours; Minneapolis, Dave Hogan, up 192 hours; Muskogee, Okla., Archie and Hill Thompson, up 146 hours; Sweel- waler, Tex., Buck Sawyer, up S3 hours; South Bend. Ind.. Jimmy thanks. His cheeks are red and I Sugonlts, up 84 hours. Will Become Russians there * vcr >' mtle Kto °p in hls j shoulder. The old man was doubly gratified Seeks Still Record BIRMINGHAM. Ala., July (UP)— Willie hundreds of throughout the land are The child, who lived in Memphis, '• four American bricklayers and olh i because Ihe officials also decor- was enroutc home from St. Louis : e r building workers have arrived i ntwl nis B r ™< Iso » peorges for brll- when he stopped here for a visit, j here with the announced intention llam conduct in the war. He was preparing to leave the train j of assuming Soviet citizenship and I ;T T, when the accident occurred. , assisting in thc Industrialization ; Plenty of MacDonalaS TOO MUCH CLASS j some of these Americans, it is ; In HoUSB of Commons SA NPRANCISCO. (UP)—Salva-j understood, are of Ruussian orlein. ' j tore Del Crosse sang "California • They have been, assigned to work : LONDON, July 19 CUP)—When it, Here I Come—First Class" so loud- . on thc automobile factory which is i is reported that there was a lively i % > ly on his way here from Hart-ford, ! being built in Nijni-Nr.vgorod for i debate In the House of Commons j&ecruituig Inspector kids for tree sit ling records. Carl Smilh, 11- year-old Birmingham youth, chose a new Meld In which to follow the marathon craze. He look off this Conn., (hat his fel^s,- passengers j the conslruclion of Ford automo- became suspicious, and notified au-1 biles. thoritles. The youth hummed a dif- j ferent lune in jail, where he was j CHICAGO. (UP)—A record shin between MacDonald and another | member, It doesn't necessarily mean tho Prime Minlster. % 1 There are five MacDonalds in held on charges of looting h I! | ment of nearly 300 birds and a'n'.- | thc house. Of this number, three grandfalher's bureau drawer of' mals received here at Lincoln Park of the clan. Ihe Prime Minister, Will Visit Local OHice : nn before it broke out aboin the •oof of the dwelling. Damage t" he s'ruclure wns estimated at $300 by Chief Head. The residence oi R. G. Howerton An Inspector of the recruiting southern division of the United Stales navy will be In this citi $1.000. Other passengers on his! zoo represents virtually every m-t j his son. Malcolm, and G. MacDon- Friday. July 25, for a conference '"'- •-' "—"-- ' '—' • - -••' ~~ ' ' -' — aid. arc Laboriles. Sir Murdock with A. L. Burns, local reorultiuc Irain tol dpolice lie was so free i of the world. Two hundred fifty wilh his money they felt sure some- ! birds. 32 baboons, and 16 Ihhig was wrong. were In the colleclion, Is a {liberal and Captain Pelacr a Conservative. officer, and a semi-annual repoit of ihe station's activities. considerably by fire of an unknown origin shortly after noon. Thc fire was discovered near a second story ! window by a roomer at the resl- j dence. Neighbors and volunteers carried the household furnishings to safety while the city fire ds r partment soon put [lie b!aze under control. Loss, mostly rasifined to i water damage was climated it, J $300. . would be given increased represen- • latlon. onnthe other hand, now have an average "of one representative for each 40,141 of population, nnd under the proposed apportionment would have a repressnta'tlve for each 20,072 of population, -thus achieving approximate equality of renresentatlon between the .twp groups. • . ~. Senatorial Aiwrtl-nm'it ••• Under Senator Nelson's blll-.PU* laskl .county, with six tlvcs, and Mississippi, Union, Sebastian and Jefferson counties, with three eacn, would be the only counties with more than two representatives- Benlon, Cralghead, Crittenden. Garland, Hampstead,' Lcn^ke. Miller, Phillips, Polnsett, St. Francis, Washington and White would have two each, and all.the rest of the counties of the state one each. . Snialor Nelson's proposed reap- portionnient cf the state senate me [allure 01 • prcv idp s for 34 districts, each -to mate funds lor have one scnator CXCC pt. the first, Pulaskl county, which would have in ihe next few week.' Invitations will be sent by Surgeon General Hugh S. Gumming immediately. .The conference was recommended Negro Faces Trial Today for Killing at McFerrin j OSCEOLA,' Ark.—Charlie Royal. i negro, who is alleged to have shol ] and killed Calvin Clemmons. another negro, or. Moore and McFerrin plantation near here-on the fourth of July, when Clemmons at- I tempted to disarm him after he Is | alleged to have shot another nei gro, was apprehended at the locV and dam where he was employed ! near Marked Tree. Ark., and arrested Friday by Deputy Sheriff J. W. Cox. He will be tried today Justice G. L. Wadde'.l. two. Fulaski, Jefferson, Mississippi, Sebastian, Union and Craighead counties would each constitute a district, while the other 23 dts-. by Senator R-blson., Republican, trlcts would be mads up of two Kentucky, who said Ihe seven states ' o r more coi'f ties. Jackson and Involved were desirous of working Poinsell counties, now attached .to out a group program. Tlie states the district Includes Mississippi are Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, c:unly, .would form a dlslrlct of Arkansas. Mississippi. Louisiana their own. Clay and Green coun-. and Illinois | lies, Randolph, Lawrence and Sharp' The federal Rovernmenl has al-' counties, Crittenden and - Cross ways appropriated funds on a 50- MimHw. Lee and St. Francis eoun- SO basis with the stales to carry on ««. arc olher Proposed senatorial districts for northeast Arkansas. Senator Nelscn's bill provides lhat it shall become elloctlve the first Monday In September, 1932.- Hrvvi canitary measures but tlie ap- iropriations were defeated short- oetore congress adjourned. [wo More Colorado Bank Holdup Murderers Hang before Merry England's merry dean of letters, George Bernard Shaw here Is shown in a striking new portrait for which hp TIAWV! in TJMI I i Clyde Page, Little Rock, Dies Near Poplar Bluff in ROCK ' ly 19 ( " P don. Most famous of Brillsh dram- atkls ind es.avUt- sh- m K atlsls and essajisK Shaw will be t , Pa « e ' 50 ' P romir ' ent Lutle mal1 ' dii;d suddenly from a ' hwrt . alUc!( ln ,« dubuhouse near wr . (4 on July 26 and Is slill actively p 0 p!ar Bluff, Mo , rclallves were engaged in literary pursuits. nclified today. Texaco Filling Station at 5th and Main Opened CANNON CITY, Col., July 19.1 The new Texaco filling station, (UP)—George Abshter and Howard at Fifth and Main streels, opened Royston were executed on the for business yesterday with C. L. Bennett as manager. The white stucco building, trimmed in lettuce green, is the latest mode In gasoline stations with all up to date equipment. This Is the filth Texaco station now In Blvthe- vllle as C. B. Burch also opeyd a station on Division street this freek. sallows at the state penitentiary here last night fo r their part in the $200,000 Lamar bank robbery murders in 1928. Like their leader, Ralph F!;ag- le, who was hanged last week, they paid Ihe supreme penalty without a show of emotion. Both embraced the Catholic faith They were baptized and received! the last sacrament of the church.) Abshter died 13 minutes after the | trap was sprung at 9:40 p. m. j ____ Royaler, six foot, Jour-Inch giant; u . a ' rm "{o n 'ig'ht and "siinday." who had joked in the shadow of: • the gallows, followed half an hour] According 10 the official weather later. He never flinched. The' observer, Francis Carpenter, the black hood was placed over his maximum temperature here for the face at 10:35. He was pronuonced last 24 hours was 98 and thc mln- WEATHER ARKANSAS — Fair, continued dead at 10:52, I imum 74 degrees; clear,

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