The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1946
Page 5
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TUESDAY, Al'im/2, 1946 BIA'THEVILLE (AKK.) COUBIKR NEWS Urges US. Aid For Air Industry Aviation Needs Help So Kates Can Be Cut, icers Are Told Senators Drool When Packers Offer Exhibit Of Juicy Meats Engine CHATTANOOGA. Tent).. April 2. (UP)— Federal tiid should be the uviuilun Industry to speed tion 01 ;i three-mil uirpluue fare "to itnywliwe" and so fostor world ttmlty. J. Parker Van Zniull,* aviation Htitliorily. urged Monday. The by-pimUicls of sucli » policy, Van" Zandl told the thre.e-dti> spring meeting hour of the American Society of Mechanical neers, will contribute to nations .security in addition to assuring : lirolthy aircraft manufacturing in dustry. "Such temporary old would ills be n small premium to pay as in surniice iignlnst future possible' ag Bii'ssion." he explained. Van Zaiult, who is a director of aviation research for the Brookings Institution, and a former adviser to the Civil Aeronautics Board, predicted that by December, 10^9. major cities of the world will be connected by a network of trunk air Ky FKKDRK1CK ,<!. OTIIMAN I United 1'rf.s.s Stiff Col respondent | WASHINGTON. April 2. (UP1— > 'here was a rustling In the back- round when meat packer Leonard ,l;yer testified thut the govern- iient's Inability to decide what iiakcs a good beef steak wus ruln- g his business. 'Here," lie told n dozen senators, sin-ending manlta paper so he'd drill 10 blood on their green baize table, "I'll .show you." The papet-crlnvpling noises were being made by Meyer's fellow puck- from Kiclimond. ' Va., James J McSweeney, who luul trundled two large boxes of meat into the Agriculture Committee room and now [Grade A. was cracking 'em o|»ii for the bene- "That's lit of the hungry lawmakers. "I'll take that one." said Sen. Allen J. Ellender of La., uointinp, at a particularly juicy rutnp roast h> Hie toils of the government bi'- cuuso of their inability lo tell whether a live steer will make lender steaks or tough ones. 'Yes, sir." udded Meyer, n small inun with a diamond horseshoe on' a loud necktie. "That is why wi- brought Iliis meat, alons. To show you just what is happening lo mrat." lie held up a mouth-watering, 10- pound rump roast. "Take this beautiful piece of choice beef." IIP cried. "It's i;ol plenty of fat. msvrullug, youth, everything. Now look at the IJ. S. p.ov- UeWllt and Miss Kffle of lilytlievlllo. Harry I., lliu-k of Hlylhevllle and Mis. I c'slcr M. Duck "I Osccola; liny Oilis Hall of Hell and Miss Maxliic Uroivn of Kvlsci". W. H Ciarrett of Dlytlicvllli- and Miss Kvi'lyn Kii/itlH-lh Guerin of Osceola; Kiv<l Mums and Mrs. Mury Lucille Burns lulti ol lllylhi'vllk 1 : Culvert-both j mul Miss Ktlu'l Mae Eliordt, lx>lli I of Memphis, ira Sampson and ernment stamps'on it," One s^ump s-.iid il was Grade H meal. Another slump said il was Jolumii' Mill-shall Cnk-mdn nnd I \v|.l't,, Cro<-'-:i-r ami Mliff Miss Nellie Johnson both or Ar- j Jackson, both of Holland. Mo.; ller- inorcl. man 8ayr<. mid Mrs. Miiry Ynthii Victor Diiyuni- Fife «f Carriers v i.lit/, both of Kwinsville. liul.; Mills. 111. and Miss Julia juanlla j I Inyd Mooil of liurle. Ark., innl Webb ol iiarlsbiiru, II!.; Travis I Miss Pauline Miller of Gideon. Mo,; u; Manila nnd Miss jo,- Hecse of Hun Fj'imt'lsco, and 1-eiiahvllle; .strue the woril 'frulcrnlwitlon'—to, ilollu' It with Ilic soli' meaning of Mrs. liessli' Piiiu'e. both of cooler, Immorality—and uratvtly over-em- Mo.; Kenneili A. Sly of Muldt'ii/ phusl/.e and misiiHerprel the rnln- Mo.. n nit Mrs, Julia I'ylcs of St, llonslilp between members of UIB Louts. i MiU'rU'uu occupying forces utul the Yewell Alton and Miss Opal llrew- JapanvM 1 |M;op]e." er, buth of si. Louis; Jutnc.s H., "This results." he continued, Wuudsini Jr.. mid • Miss Cluulymi , "from the promlncuce of the Amirl- Terry Fri't'iium. holh of Hlyllievllle; \ can uniform In Jnpiviv-n i>roml lieamu' Dartch o| Lrachvllle; Curl-) Mlsn Mary 1'ay Call's of ton James and Miss llernlce lioyd, |.;, lr( | n nil 'd of I'rlnceton. under the nose of Chairman Klmer because the government traders look at a piece of meal and can't lell what kind of meiit II is," he said. "One of 'em called this lovely piece of meal Grade U. I go! Thomas of Okla. Meyer moved il a little further from the gentle- tnnii from Louisiana. McSweeney kept hauling out roasts, sleaks. shoulders, briskets, nnd sides of lomb. Meyer stripped them of their wrappings and nrrnnged them artist lenity nnlil tlie senatorial table his boss and he stamped it Grade A. routes over which daily flights will ) 00 ked like a meat counter used lo operate nt sustained speeds of 300 | i OO k when all yon needed to buy See? Holh slamp.s on the saint piece of meat. Now If those ex perls can't nuike up their mlncU how do they expert us lo gracli meat with Hie litdc sllll on it?" lie .said the OPA demanded Ilia packers tell exactly the quality n the meal in a steer by looking n the animal. If the packer yuesse wronj; he is penali/ed; soinclime he's taken to court, he .said. "No wotuler there's a black mar kel." Meyer exploded, .sitting dow in front of a crown roast. "The gentleman from Louisiana to have his eyes on one of ^ _ ^ _ of the roasts." commented Sen. "to put our heads in tlie sand." arts'.-white the'pink-faced McSwce- t Thomas. As a further stimulus lo inter-' nej , ma de .a speech, national understanding. Van Zaiidt, n e said the OFA's meat vegula- proposed the disposal of United tions had collapsed of their own complexity, thai 90 per cenl of the neat being ealen today was from the black market, and that even honest packers, like himself, were both of Hljihi'Vllle; L. R. lii-ach and Mrs. Clara L<m Green, both of Hlylhcvlllc; Eivivll L. Cirhnes and Miss Kvelvn Lewis, both of ll.viheville; II "l>. uhli's of l.each- i!le nnd Miss Uuby Jewell Unn- llei'l of Manila. Griuly Wilson and Miss riulh Innu-s bulh of lllythrvlllc; Hen lieaver «| Tiilsu, Okla.. and Miss Ui'.ssir Louise Ciiism of UlyLlieville; I'aiil Jake Hohbins of eLachvllle and Miss Ma/.le E!i/abetli lllKulns of Manila; clillon Graves of Uel- miles an hour or more. Emphasizing that aviation is making the world into a neighborhood, he said that to suppose that this meat was money. Think back; surely yon remember the beauty of the porterhouses nestling among the filets mignon. The senators gazed lucl-. Mind Miss c.'o'nslunce of Mount. I'arinel. Ill,: Wood row lilBI'.s and li;:s Dorothy l.olurd. both oj llly- hevllle; Prank Leinhlon of Mem- >hls and Miss Hetty storey of llylhi'ville; J. P. Love Jr., ot :haffi-i', Mo., nnd Miss Li'x*ne .')k-e of C!ni) L > CUrnrdeau. Mo. OlMinj nence which causes one misdeed in overshadow a thousand uood deeds however more truly the hitter mn> relleet the sterllujj character of the average Amerlear. soldier on occn- imtloutil duly," The letter lo chaplains was M,»c- Arlhur's llrsl public comment 01 tin 1 morals of American troops Jlipun. In U he called .on Ihc chaplains .for "stronn. direct nioiiil lead- ship." Miu'Ai'thnr suld houses of pros- ttauty $^»op Owners Plan JQ Erect ffuilding Mrs. Mlnnli! Slrlckter and, Mrs. iiirle Arnold pluii lo ffVA. £ business c.-.'-nUH-shuicnL Hi a frume building on North s Second strett, If a purjiilt. is granted. i . | The uolli'p .uiinounci'd Hint Ihe bulldlnti Is to be used as u Beauty The two sisters now have n Kau- ly shop located In Ihc First NB- llonnl Hank building on South Second .street. Auollcnllon Is bchiK made for erection of u frame building, 20 by 54 feel, on n lot GO by 160 feel. ON* •>»•*' ; C|«cbrdtfx Cleaner ' / , U»e - «r that tMttt flclenlly. *Ml ef- > to ft. Juit Ptioh* 2690 IL M. lullon luul been plaee.d on" limits licreal 1). country can keep the secret of ato- I ra ptly upon this prodigality from | seems mic bomb production indefinitely is , ., by-gone day, like patrons States surplus abroad, slating that much of the S5.000.000.000 to S10.000,- 000,000 svortli of such property could be used for postwar civilian purposes by foreign governments and citizens. It would be feasible lor the United States government to accept payment for this in the currency .of the foreign country, and then to stimulate international travel by making the money available at attractive tourist rates to Americans going abroad," he explained. Van Zandt filsn proposed air travel fellowships for teachers. Experiments With V-2 Rocket Slated "Oil. no," yelped Meyer, retrieving his meat. "We'd leave Ihis meat here gladly, but we're going to have to use it later on." He and McSweeney rewrapped .their roasts, folded their steaks and stole away. Ark. n ml Miss Margaret 1'avne of 'Manila; Gi'Oi'Ko 15. Ilopn- frame and, Mrs. Lnln Hr.imle both of |,-jrt DmlKc, Unvii; O. C. Hicto ol Luxora and Miss Karnh France;, Kowliind of Hlylheville. Cro\er O. Hambo anil Miss Lave] n Fliu'k, lidiii of HlythevlHc LuwiTiice Whistle of Hoselund and Mls.s KIlMibeth Mei-luc .of 1'ara- Biukl; Charles I!. Davis and Miss Julia L- Fiske. both of 1'oplar IJhiff. Mo.; Harry 1). Kills of Cairo. Miami Miss Tomrnie lmonene Stanley tit n.inforlh, 111.; Eil Martnin and Mrs. Matlif Adams, both of lily-| Iheville; Louis Mieh-.u'l I'ass-.uvuv | MacArthur Asks For Soldiers To Observe Morals TOKYO. April 2. tun— lOcnevu nwiyhis Mill-Arthur loduy cullt'il til U. S. Itoops In Japan to obb-prv "hfeh .Maiuliinl of nun-Hilly" In tlit'l U'hiUons with Jupum'si- wonu-n to iivokl sorrow nnd (llstn'^s in- t CummoiUiuiS on li'Uors vei'.clvev frmn America, MuuArltuir "Bruvi- concern" wrts Lx'inn cxpi'i' itvn 1 pnbU.sluid rtf|)6rUs which WtiU'tl "wUU-spruiul " promiscult iiinont: Gl'K iitul Japivm-M.- ulil.s. "Uiifoi'Umiitcly," In 1 snl<! In i» H' In Army chupluiUK, "Ihi'vc hi a iti'owliiu Icmk-ncy to mlscui and Hint oilier HVqllnblc 1 inciisurea luul been lukPii to protect occupation troop:; I'roin tho spread of ve- en for Business!. TAYLOR SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Specializing in River-Washed Sand and Grave 1 Plant and Office Located On River at North End of Bushy Ave. CARUTHERSVILLE, MO. Phone 2611 When Ypu'r* in a Hurry for That • CAR • TRUCK OR • TRACTOR 3 Service Truck* cjft 4 Tire M«n " at Your Service , Houn--6 to 6*-7 Day* MARR'S AUTO SERVICE at Second Street WASHINGTON. April 1. (UP) — The Army soon will begin a series of experiments with the Nazis- famous V-2 rocket :n an effort to find a defense against such weapons. Tiie War Department said the first test .will take place on May 3 at the ordnance proving grounds at While Sands, N. M. Army ordnance experts plan to fire a ,V-2 weapon and follow its flight with radar. Army experts expect the rocket, which!-*, the Germans showered on London hi n last minute attempt to win the war. to rise 100 miles into the stratosphere and to reach a top speed of 3,500 miles tin hour. They believe it will land 80 miles away. _ ~ Safety" precautions >wll be taken against, .any miscalculations. Witnesses to the test wi!) be inside a reinforced blockhouse, .which supposedly is strong enough lo slis- tain a direct hit. The War Department -said il .also planned to teat .proximity fuses and defense * weapons capable of destroying the rockets before they reach their tnrget. The experiments will continue throughout the summer, wltli rocket week. being launched out once Marriage Licenses Mavriacn licenses issued dmii the past two weeks were to the following couplosi Jessie Koborl I,oe Bolin mid Miss Uovothy RCOK Kins, both of Holland, Mo.; Halpl Lee Via and Miss Hillie With Far ley. both of Piiducnh, Ky.; Willmn •p'resuell of Steele, Mo., and Miss Ruby McClish ol Dell; Byrd H. Huff and. Miss Emma Lois aker. both of Blythcville; Everett FOR SALE 2000 BUSHELS RALSOY SOY BEANS Planted from Slate Certified Seed 50 Tons Alfalfa Hay D. & P. L. 14 Cotton Seed EARL MAGERS Dell, Arkansas Phone 635 Waiting For... The NEW "BUICK" It's "Big" It's "Beautiful' It's "BUICK" II Now THat You've Waited^This Now that you've waited.this long for^n Modern Elcchk Rang?, don't settle for'anything less'/mYou know, there's no substitute for Clean?'Carefree 1 Electric ^CookingTllDrudgcry^and inconvenience have had their .day.j[Old-fashioned 'cooking 'methods arc on their way out/i Soon,^vcry soon we hope,' mpre.electric ranges—new and beautiful—will controlling of f the ^production lines— in ever increasing quantities.'^ Right now/many dealers are already receiving a few. ^ So now that you've waited this lo'ng, it will pay you not to compromise.$ Hold out a little longer for the many .id- vantages that Modern Electrical Cooking has to offer. There's Substitute For Clean Carefree Electric Cooking Let Our Service Department Make Your Old Car Safe to Drive! • We Have a new machine to Recondition Brake Drums . • A Complete Line of Farts to Overhaul Front End • A Full Service to SUMMARIZE Your Car. I'hono 55.1 Langston-Wroten Co. Buick Authorized Sales and Service MOBILGAS U. S. TIRES 2-1 Hour Service Walnut & HrcmiUvav Bon*t Settle For Anything Less! Ar, ,...:«, ' C* •••.. Don't settle for anything less than the real thing — a Modern tlectric Range. There is no substitute for an electric range when it comes to .cooking in the modern manner. Electricity is Economical, Fast, Clean and Safe to cook with—makes you absolutely certain of unconditional surrender from such enemies as drudgery, inconvenience and uncleanlincss when it comes to preparing the family meaK Victory over drudgery is nearer now than ever .before; so -now that you've waited this long, 'we suggest that you wait just a. little longer, please. You'll be glad you did. You'll find that it pays to "Live Electrically —and Enjoy the Difference." LIVE ELECTRICALLY AMD ENIOY THE Start Planning Now For That "MATCHLESS KITCHEN OF 19.4X" You don't have to wait another <Jny to start planning that Modern, Time-Saving kitchen ol your dreams. Just mail this coupon for a free folder chuck lull of ideas to help you plan a "Matchless Kitchen for ree 'Wife-Saving' Kitchen P/an* CLIP THIS COUPON AND MAIL IT TO: Prepared by the Electric Kitchen Committee of the Edison Electric Institute, it shows how you can start with only one or two units and build from there — as modern labor-saving appliances become more plentiful. And what's more important — it gives you ideas on how the job can be "timed to your budget." Mall in the coupon today. Start planning that "Wife-Saving Kitchen of Tomorrow." Sen6 in this Coupon for Free ,. Kltchen- •> Planning Folder Roddy Kilowatt Box (541 Ulylheville, Arkansas Please mail to me without cost .or obligation your kitchen planning (older entitled "Matchless Kitchens lor 1!HX." NAME: ST. NO.: '., '. '' ' "" '" ADDRESS:. ""•"•"-"""""'• (Please Print) Coupon may be presented at our Dearest oifice if you desire. Power Co. 'vT f : : Dependable, Low-Cost Electric Service

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