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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona • Page 15

Arizona Republici
Phoenix, Arizona
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EDITIONS. Page IS Wednesday, May 18, 1949. -The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Arizona. TESTED TIPS Paving Noise Annoys ed Can Gathers Fame Take My Word For It By FRANK COLBY The long (yoo) sound scarcely ever occurs after "1." De ALBUQUERQUE. N.

May 17 (AP) Paving repair crews quit Tuesday at the courthouse in the interest of "proper administration of justice." Air hammers, jack hammers and pneumatic drills rattled and rumbled under District Judge R. F. Deacon Arledge's window. Be sure it's PURE CANE With Prayer Meetings NEW YORK, May 17 (AP) It's time for prayer at Grand Cen-. terminal.

Ralston Crosbie Young, who is Red Cap 42, leads a ittle group-down to Track 13 three times a week at noon. There are lawyers, physicians, railroad men, elevator operators, clerks and others who come back again and again. They sit in an day coach to pray and talk informally about God and their daily 'Jives. The group changes from day to day, but Young is always there. the dim light of the coach in the underground yards, his confident voice guides the talk.

There are seldom more than 12 in the group. BUt jn a year hundreds of, and a few women come to the meetings. REPltZB ITCV WmE PAMf AVAWfWl Jy- rrg' CAVE IN I ll THE AMlL BjG 0 T-v' has never failed me when I asked him." At the man's request Young went with him to his hotel to tell him "about this praying." "I know God helped him," Young SUGAR SOME COME down through the great rooms of the terminal where thousands hurry to and from the "trains. But most work in the big station or near by and find help and religious contemplation during airs Jlft. ZV3 ffiUPS WITH LEMON eJUICB fiPTEZUSMC iHUHPPV 0LE1CH MP THE OPCG WILL UHMlSH lNTfittrL That Body Of Yours The Name Lewis Readers from all around the country are writing to me about the name Lewis.

They say that they sometimes hear it on the air as "LYOO-iss" that is, with a long (yoo) sound in the first syllable. One reader states, "Whenever a broadcaster refers to John L. LYOO-iss, it strikes me as an in sufferable affectation. Can that be the correct pronunciation?" It is, if we are to believe the elderly dictionaries. But the truth is that "LYOO-iss" is an unnatural and labored pronunciation that acts as a decided stop-light of speech.

I have never heard any person named Lewis use any pronunciation but LOO-iss. (Incident ally, my in-laws are Lewises.) As for the name Louis, it too is sometimes heard on the air as "LYOO-iss," but it is entirely incorrect and without any dictionary sanction. The "yoo" sound does not occur in the name Lucas either. Union Rejects Ford's Offer To Open Units (By Associated Press) A proposal by the Ford Motor Company that operations be resumed in all but two of the firm's strikebound buildings was flatly rejected Tuesday by the Congress of Industrial-Organizations United Auto Workers. The company had proposed that the work stoppage be lifted immediately in all departments except the Rouge building and the Lincoln-Mercury plants, where the UAW charges the company with speeding up assembly line production.

Emil Mazey, UAW secretary- treasurer, branded the proposal to limit the 13-day-old walkout as fantastic. The strike has made about Ford workers idle over the nation. Ford has denied the speedup charges. At South Bend, CIO-UAW pickets at the strikebound Bendix Aviation Corporation, clashed with city and plant police in an early morning melee. There were no casualties.

Later, however, an augmented force of pickets attempted to keep plant guards from entering the gates. Aided by the city police, however, the guards forced their way through the picket lines. ST -THIS For MEN! For WOMEN! For STYLES In DRESS omf SPORTS iViU BE Indiscriminate Tonsillectomy Is Now Considered Harmful their lunch hours, Outside, on 42nd street, traffic and clatters. But track 13 vis for storage. The day coach is In its steel and concrete eetting.

The stillness is broken -jpnly by the cleaning crews. Most people who go to- Young's prayer meetings tell him it helps meet their day to day problems. Young himself insists his religion makes him a better Red Cap. Many letters and personal words of thanks testify it is no idle boast. THERE WAS, for instance, the Tman coming through the terminal his wife's body in the baggage car.

He went to the office and for Red Cap 42. The man -vvanted to tell Young how his wife trOiad spoken of him again and again. That was the result of a few cheer--ful words of comfort and encour-I agement when Young, a few months befor, had pushed her I jvheel chair. Another man, pale and weak, Jaid he had had a hemorrhage in the dining car. "A few weeks ago Vhen I came through here, it was iny wife's, funeral.

Now it ismy brother's funeral," he told Young. can't seem to pull myself together." "Did you pray?" "No do you think that would Hp?" "YES, I KNOW it will help. You fiave a load that is too much for you. Ask God to help you. He spite the elderly dictionaries, and some diction teachers, the oo sound is all but universal in the American pronunciation of such words as lewd, lubricate, lucid, ludi crous, luminary, luminous, lunatic, lure, absolute, alure.

resolution, revolution, lute, lieutenant, etc See the American College Dictionary by Random House. Now this column is devoted -to good speech and correct pronunci-tion. But it draws the line at priggish and affected tricks of elocution such as "Lyoo-tenant Lyoo-cas Lyoo-iss, the lyoo-gyoo-brious lyoon-a-tic, commited syoo-i-cide ahfter listening to Syoo-per-man (Lieutenant Lucas Lewis, the lugubrious lunatic, committed suicide after listening to Superman)." That such pronouncing fancy-work is correct and cultured is pure moonshine and nothing more. It's as out of place in the American scene as the monocle, the silk topper, and the lorgnette. I am very earnest in urging my readers to shun any type of swollen, snobbish speech and pronunciations that are affected, too precise, or agonized.

That kind of speech is as vulgar as overdressing. Graduation Due At Payne School TEMPE, May 17 Eighth grade graduation exercises at the Payne Training School of Arizona State College will be held at 8 p. m. Wednesday in the school patio. The program will include two selections by the school orchestra, songs by the girls' sextet a talk, Looking Backward, by Mary Helen Goodwin; flute solo, Eduarda Har-ter; a talk, Looking At Us Now, by Susan Shelly; a talk, Looking Toward Others, by Jonell Funston; violin solo, Jerry Kruft; a talk, Looking at the Future, by Susan Stewart; songs, girls' glee club; citizenship awards, DAR, presented by Mrs.

Dale Hand; American Legion, presented by Commander Norman Iverson. Presentation of class, Dwight W. Cool, principal; presentation of diplomas, Ira D. Payne. Members of the class are: Vernon Acton, Barbara Ausburn, Clifford Bowers, Alice Brock, Lula Brock, Benita Bryson, Benjamin Bryson, Donald Cacace, Marva! Don Cram, Raymond Dominice, Darlyn Eaklor, Julie Ellis, Johm Force, Jonell Funston, Mary Helen Goodwin, Eduarda Harter, William Kee, Jerry Kruft, Donald Maish, Joann McCaw, Geneva McDaniel, Elizabeth Page, Patricia Pape, Irma Richardson, Helen Rundle, Susan Shelly, and Susan Stewart, TS2 Til (At-' 1 SALE STARTS WED.

9 AM CONTINUES THURSDAY FRIDAY and SATURDAY LIMIT 2 PAIRS PER PERSON IN EACH FAMILY NO SALES TO OTHER DEALERS cnCE: DI1 ATA TO EVERY person rilCEi rtlUiy Coming Into Our Store We will ezehance for size or style. But NO REFUNDS. 17 W. Court; Work Halted "Get as many deputies as necessary," he commanded the sheriff, "and xxx cause the noises com-ing from the street xxxtb cease and desist." Charles E. Wells, city manager, commented: "I suppose we will go ahead when the court is finished." Be sure with CH PAIR SHOE STORE Monroe KEW STOCB on shelves each morning at A.

SI. 99 during 30 QppOKrUNfTY SOLD Af EE1C By Jack and Betty Gray OP TOO MUCH TOO MUCH BAKHGr FOWPERlF YOU? HAVE. A TENPEHCY TO FALL! 5-18 BARTON, M. D. Routine removal of tonsils and adenoids in children (where no infection is present) should not be done because the child undergoes an unnecessary surgical operation.

In many cases, the child's general health becomes worse because he has not the protection of healthy tonsils and adenoids to filter out harmful organisms and the poisons they manufacture. It has been found that youngsters who have had their tonsils and adenoids removed find it difficult to keep a cold in the nose and head; instead it is more apt to develop into bronchitis, bronchopneumonia or even pneumonia. Dr. Gaddy states that while the chances of a youngster getting infantile paralysis are not as great as some physicians have reported, in cases where tonsils have been removed, when it does develop it is generally of the serious bulbar type with paralysis. progress-! SERVICE OPIITT it 66TK Look the savs 'You see.

people who travel often are flustered not sure of themselves," he adds. "I am one of the railroad's close contacts with them. I often talk to them, but never unless I see it is all right." He has many stories to tell. There were soldiers back from the wars the man who berated his wife the salesman who had too many drinks the cripples, the blind, and just ordinary men and women. Red Cap 42 carries their bags and sometimes talks to them.

He must know when to talk. There have been no complaints. Many come back. The fame of Red Cap 42 has spread. YOUNG WAS born in the Panama Canal Zone in 1896 and went to Sunday school and church as a boy.

But following his father's death, he left school after the eighth grade to work as messenger and sell magazines to help support the family. Church dropped into the background. He came north before World War I and worked in the ship yards. In 1924 he went to work as a Red Cap. "I was ashamed of my job," he says.

"If I saw one of my friends come into the waiting room, I would dodge around a corner." His easy laugh tells how he feels now about those "years of shame." About 10 years ago he renewed his boyhood interest in religion. That interest grew. Soon he was being asked to speak at churches in and around New York. Now he talks about twice a week and has more requests than he can fill. STILL, HE WAS not satisfied.

"I am not a preacher," he explains. "I am a layman. But I believe we can all let God help guide our daily lives." It was in that spirit that Young and an elevator operator in a near-by building began td meet each Wednesday in 1945 to read the Bible and pray. Soon others joined them. At Easter that year, railroad officials gave permission to use one of the stored cars on Track 13.

I The idea has grown. Young hopes some day there can be a little chapel in Grand Central Terminal where those of any faith can come to pray. So far, that is just a dream. "I am proud of my job," Young says happily. "I believe it helps me do a little bit of God's work.

And God helps me carry part of my load." Guard Slaying Laid To Slavs BUDAPEST, Hungary, May 17 (AP) Hungary has sent a note to Premier Marshal Tito charging Yugoslavs have killed another Hungarian guard on the frontier between the two countries. The note said Imre Puskas, a sentry, was hit "by several hundred rounds of shots" from the Yugoslav side of the border early Saturday. It said the guard was on Hungarian soil. The statement said the guard had stopped an unidentified civilian when he was felled. The note demanded that "the civilized and democratic government of Yugoslavia" put an end to the border incidents and pay compensation to Puskas' family.

Puskas is the fourth Hungarian patrolman to be reported killed this spring in such incidents. The Yugloslavs have accusecr Hungary of similar incidents, but the news has not been published here. Government Approved Barley Storage Available PHONE 4-7361 1920 West Van Bnreo Phone 4-7361 flow She Shops "Cash and Carry" Without Painful Backache When disorder of kidney function permits poisonous matter to remain in your blood, it may cause nagging backache, rheumatic pains, leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting up nights, veiling, puffiness tinder the eyes, headaches and dizziness. Frequent or scanty passages with smarting and burning some, times shows there is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your druggist for Doan'a Pills, a stimulant diuretic, used successfully by millions for over 60 years.

Doan'a give happy relief and will help the 16 miles of kidney tubes flush out poisonous waste from roar blood. Get Doan's Fills. By JAMES W. About the time it was discovered that infected tonsils caused rheumatism, and rheumatism caused heart disease, many parents thought it wise, as did some physicians, to remove tonsils that were not infected so as to prevent heart disease in the future. Unfortunately, many do not realize that the tonsils are placed in the throat as a sort of filter to remove harmful organisms from the blood.

Tonsils, unless infected, should remain in the throat till the child reaches teen-age and thus past the age pf children's infections measles, scarlet fever, diptheria and others. However, even when tonsils and adenoids are not infected, most physicians advise that they should be removed if they are so large that they obstruct breathing. In the Indiana State Medical Association Journal, Dr. E. T.

Gaddy states that tonsillitis followed by infections such as rheumatic fever, inflammation of the lining of the heart or inflammation of the kidneys, should be cause for tonsil removal as soon as the infection has passed away. Japan, Red China Trade Deal Reported TOKYO, May 17 (INS) A Tokyo newspaper reported Tuesday night that 38 business firms in Communist-held Peiping have arranged for a heavy exchange of in dustrial goods with a number of Japanese businessmen. ihe Jiji tress saia 1-1 lse-mm, a Chinese businessman, has contracted on behalf, of the Peiping firms for one billion two hundred million yen worth of goods to be imported from Japan in exchange for Chi nese materials. Spokesmen for Gen. Douglas MacAfthur's economic and scientific section of occupation headquarters said they doubted such a major barter deal had been completed.

They said, however, they would have to check their records before they could flatly deny the newspaper report. 'Jiji said the commodities to be acquired from Japan include rail road sleeping cars, medicines and tea. The Chinese Communist firms were reported to be seeking, in addition, contracts for machinery, lubricants, gasoline and other industrial goods from Japan. The newspaper recalled that Premier Shigeru Yoshida, despite his rightist political policies, has fre quently displayed a desire for commerce with Communist portions of China because of Japan's continuing dependence upon raw materials available on the Asian continent. CMLLETJ It's all fish no bones no waste delicious with the savor of the sea.

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I ST DM8 Hi.

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