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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona • Page 12
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona • Page 12

Arizona Republici
Phoenix, Arizona
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LL EDITIONS Page 12. Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Arizona. -Sunday, April 2, 1950 You Won't Have To Answer All Of The Many Census Questions Enumerators To Carry Big Printed Forms By JIM BLAKESLEE Census enumerators are packing 1 rFOlTlf EAiPOF HOUSEHOLD FOR ALL PERSONS FOR PERSONS 14 YEARS OF AGE AND OVER MHI KfLsTIONSHir KAOC "employed (Wktnltra Yesiailoai It or I trot in.dexrint too at bujiww atlila.t What I the nam ef the heed ef Ibis EnierreUiienAipet waite(W flew Is he What Slain (er foreiga What If Ne iiwkla rlnItoJ Z1J blfc" "Cr" Xor bnuisua 4- heaaeheldT kWI NemKNrs) aid aaw reentry) was he bora In was ttnaii I. What are the name, er all ether nera.a. "T1'''-" i. hi u7 Wfc.t kind at werk wal i What kind af baaineas CUn oC worker lain VJm iVTSTIu. twit S'S wVkel hnm Na.fcbwh.nA-... mneiaewy- trwrnTVaTV-ap-fy, heaee ft lit,.-W enUn? k' did nw.Zn government (G number ffc' I C.rmd I T- fV tnm tmitJ) work, laal work Txrmn r.vm In OWN bmaea 1 Urm Lr I ZVL'Z'' (r. "fc "rjLl week, ZZ WITHOUT HV. i.u, I fit4t J. Ntftf worked 5 or rr- nae. basin duI- irnir 1 a 2 5 xn ff Itrairvms. Brsa? Intmca) 1 5 M.r. (l.tar -z. I riur liee vn. ir.ur blta hMnilTwnrk) fYM a O.or i ll.vtn..a,.., LEVE n. I Itm N. ib fW-rt, LUVE IUNX 2 1 I 4 8 1 7 Al I I 11 1.1 14 IS it I IT li i 20a .2 -C l1 -J I 1 1 1 LlJIjZj- Jl pqr! I 1 1 i I I i I 1 I fel Ml EVERY PERSON ANSWERS THESE 1 1 1 TmSWEM iSSf HI 1 zs: ZD i 1 I i 1 I 1 1 1 i a lot of paper around these days, but when one knocks on your door be patient. The giant 19 by 22 inch piece of paper he unfolds doesn't mean an hour of torture for you. Although there are hundreds of questions printed on the form, larger than this newspaper page, you won't have to answer all of them. You do. however, have to answer the portion of them asked by the census taker. IF YOU REFUSE, the penalty is a $100 fine, 60 days in jail, or both. And the census bureau is seeking truthful answers. A false statement can cost you $500, a year in jail, or both. But on the other hand you won't have to worry about the information you give falling into the wrong hands. Your answers can be used by the census bureau and no other. The law specifically prohibits use of census questionnaires for tax purposes, solicitations, or any other purpose save census. The law provides stiff punishment for any person who misuses Information given to a census enumerator. FIRST, the census enumerator will produce his credentials. They must be properly signed by the enumerator and William J. Eden, district census- supervisor, if in r. feuV 1J III i am II W-M aw i i I 1 I I ii 'now ZJVL I I I Mill! Ill I I I lr- kxzsl 1 1 i rrrrr rr 1 i EVERY PERSON OVER WHOSE JIAME FALLS ON "SAMPLE LINE" ANSWERS THESE vaosnou Kotaa THE QUESTIONS BELOW ABE FOB PERSONS LISTEOOrT SAMPLE LINES FOR ALL AGES FOR PERSONS 14 YEARS OF AGE AND OVER If lisle Intra. tnana wtatnt by lab pan la lB If this nanoa is a ramirr bead (m denaitina b.i.) InooBM received by his relatival ia tba pjoabahold What etna roc work (Yaln rwi iaiah thia paatt hJihnat Haa ha arteadeal acheel at any lime einee Febraary let? ura I7 Lant year Laat year, i Last year, haw Ask each 4DjKtiaa Did he ep serve ia the U. S. armed Ferees coriaj; aaakfaV (l49. hew hew nnth mach aiaaey did What raanbr wntn hi father aad aaalhcr bora ia? IrtfaralUBi- WUt eanty aa7 Sata waj Tl)a( ia a year agat rfuaK'- Tear, bew (1949). hew Meh saaeh aiaaey did mnrh manry, rasaaydjrii his relatives ia did his rla-l hia rela- thia hi.naehald IhaaarMa aiaea meaey, money fee receire from did he eara i did he eara. interest, diri- eaa grade acheel that heaaa aU ha lirU la thia wmmm boaaa a year a.r aarkila. werkln( as working denda, yeleran'a 1 I Jether IfNalB lllll- Wa Wm ha liriaf Hriaf a a ia faraj this I a aaatn rear caaa- I a yaar 2i 2t tires ia Hw ia rrteeim frem in. Maricopa county. Then the enumerator will take out the census forms and will be ready to start asking questions. Only eight specific questions will be asked of all individuals. These will be name, relationship to head of household, race, sex, age, marital status, state or country of birth, and. citizenship status. Two additional inquiries concern all persons 14 years old and over. Those relate to employment status and kind of job. The remainder of the questions will be asked only of a sample of persons, selected by chance according to the order in which their names fall on the census schedule. FOR EVERY fifth person, there will be four questions' as to place of residence one year ago, country of birth of father and mother, whether the person is attending school, and highest grade attended. For every fifth person 14 years old and over there are four questions on number of weeks worked in 1949, income in 1949, veteran status if a male, and, if unemployed, duration of unemployment al nil Biff vark Hew aaay weeka haa he beta leekiat for work? (Vom-arror Mtl) teaxied? anaadlht World; rTeridiindad tanva vaaVr aBCBiBioyee; la bis ewa I allewaaees. aea. far wagea i bnainess. arena, rents, er ar salary? areressieB-J ether Ineema al aractice.1 (aside from iISHlrf3mt er farair earniB(a)t bf for. ktmtl war, rtar nag i aeia eara i reterait a allow. working far i WB ancea, aenriena, rents, ar ether Un, I ineenn (aside Mrs of CBKk ar Na (Eater on trda 11 i i area. Coaf (f I wiriory anbiwntntar i aaaaiiaai aa IEIVE UWK Btra drduo- fnf-r trg or ntN at Trtninrr, immsiea. ar lortifa aMjatr7 tavc IUNK Fur (bma vr oldarotar.ekMkM a a liai(ruia, (Enrrraat au. Inoamt) Heave en eerr. aica Uvd brloredfdno. pracucew irnn tionslar tana, er farm? I iriwf la IsLaNM BUN 10 rif i irtttiBromefi 21 24a 24b -L. I I I I I 27 I 2 SO 31a 31b 31c 32a 32b 32e 33a 3ab I 33c Id55 iQNaaa QNaoa ill! i QNaoa liiii Ke (VVkir Qhoae rQNooa QNooa fQNooa 'j Nana QNooa jQNona ow' as" il ill ill in liiz: iir -b (5 nv. nv vT a- li7! TgTr Ke I I I Ill lllllli 2 Touumritor: If worked last ytti (1 or mora 35a. hat kinder work did this 3SB. What kind ef bosineas er 35c. Class of work-r aersea da ia hia last Jobl iadastry did ha work In! (P, or Nr. 4n. as in item 20c Three other inquiries will apply only to every 30th person 14 years old and over in certain categories. One in 30 persons neither working nor seeking work during the week before the census will be asked to report on kind of job last held and if employed at any time in 1949. One in 30 persons reporting themselves as ever having been married will be asked if they have been married more than once, and the number of years in present marital status. ONE IS SO married women will be asked how many children they BMkiaKaadaicr Yes Skip to item 36 No fcbratnrtii ilrat St, litS i I EVERY PERSON WHOSE MAKE FALLS OR "SAMPLE LIKE" ANSWERS THESE PERSON WHOSE NAME FALLS OX LAST "SAMPLE IF OVER 14, ANSWERS THESE 3t. If ever married (Mar, Wd, or Sep 37. If Mar lliaainyeareacatrMpiiaaii(Usl)raaiiii iC If Wd Haw aaaay years aawa Hiis aarsaa waasriomd? If I Hew ann years nate bSa aerMa vss efrsrcaa? It Sep Haw assay years asata that yirsaa was liraritasg wears, or Less than 1 ytxr U. IffcmslesndevrmsrrladClaaf.W4. D.er8eplaUaaiU Haw ssariy chadrea baa ate east baras. net oaataf afaBbiraat chndren, or Nona Has this nersea been aiarrted aiera than ancat Yea DK have home. I FIOUSrNG ITEMS fDKAUJ FOR NONEARM U1VITS OCCUPIED BY RENTER FOR NONFARM UNITS OCCUPIED BY OWNER FOX R0NFUN. JfACANT UNITS NIT TACANT FOR ALL DWELLING UNITS UNITS 24 21 22 21 20 IT is 1 i 11 I i 14 4 1 K-yor 18 B'Jor Ia there occur ano4 lathi. BBit la addition to rent, haw mack ds yen yay for TTB or Mvrs wtTJf. nert or seated-; barer IWEUr1 mm wtb I Hot aad eoM piped moaing water InstJs this structure TTT or gTRtTC TOM noe- Ittpb e. Wbea waa this su act it a TOlLT ZXCMjRlVlJ ATBTliB 1gV builtf 1'H Taw What iatbe month. lyreat for this uui! TION OF UNIT 0to Monthly rant tar thia on Hew many dwelt inc anits SJWiB). elnded in thia Hew Btaeb weald thia eros- ertr sell foxf TJN1T We bare Hated (aanber) peraofia whe Bra here. Hare wa aliased aaysae awaytrareliBgT Babies: LadKersf Other aeraeas staying here wha bare ae honte anywhere else? (Add Banna ea etaar skis Kecaridtwf s. if rented ftir- BisbedV What weald reatfar aientbe iyf aafay nhrdt iQByanw tnBrrantar tQSantwW) Haw may reema) are la thia ait, BSt eo ant. leg bath. stoathlyaeaas) 'aJlsca- KESS CN1 I STBt7(V l3To OKa any Biort (age (traaO en thic tQlfe ea Wt.ne4. a OnryooMolned runninc water Gas? TrsOsf Utosaear fl W.sVlelBlssl aalt i r-iDnp- McBtluyaBaas) a-'auvaa ertyr i Water? inside this Btructwa fl Piped luunlag water ootids saw strueture Trt-rr. ewa. anotbsr at taja-iaa) boas, or asis unit a2u tMoataly asanga) iQynst iPIParssh) i imtar I aaarurs ia terse reaiint baass. hBtlmtMO. hotel. Koter earrsst Bomber at par. sobs: B1-J mmmmmtt wl 1 Oororis-I raurety aaarauksis Vuaat a 1 I No Biped Weed? Cent? our aw aira wior (land pump. ill aoadweUaat afn tmsr naH de aet eaa eeaieKlBC nni) OCCUftLNCY aWWWWssBassa; HKATINOT HEaTINI uri. oaco MOET OccurisA- I Cos! or.aika lOBy, Each of the big sheets has room for 30 persons and 12 dwelling units. The number of questions each person listed on a sheet has to answer will Uepend on circumstances of age, residence, and chance. If your name should fall on one of the sample lines, the census enumerator would ask you additional questions at the bottom of the form corresponding to the numbered line on which your name appeared. The sample questions want to know answers to some of the questions above. On the back of the big form, the bureau of census wants to know information concerning the dwelling in which you live. The enumerator will ask you if it is new, dilapidated, on a farm, in the city, apartment or flat. OTHER Information sought is whether the dwelling is equipped with gas, running water, electricity, an electric refrigerator, type furnace, radio, bathroom, and the occupant of the dwelling. But not all the questions will be asked of each person. Some will be answered only by those on whose line a corresponding number falls. Thus the information obtained from the estimated 150,000,000 persons in the United States will be to a large extent cross sectional. If each person were asked all the questions the enumerators would never finish. Farm schedules have been mailed to farmers and should be completed at once, according to Eden, so that enumerators will not be delayed when they arrive at rural homes to count the inhabitants. gQruutyen 4 Battladgu niJaaldrait II wail Hum 1 By tartar I Bent das Vacmt iQlwraas if-ITwasle pi Not for QEIertrrtr ounrfoat UNotaaatat ft ll Tatars I b. What tyaeolioCCUFAKCY lib. Does this I remneraisr dees this anil haret ri" ami eara I YS electric I 1 lightingf I iO THESE QUESTIONS ARE ASKED AT EVERY DWELLING I if! Tea I or olher THESE QUESTIONS ARE ASKED AT EVERY 0WELUXG iQBaatte srerhaiikal telr iterator lea hoi or 10 reltferaUx I For rant i-1 ocl ft thane tnasrauoa 4 Nona Varaut I II I OCCUPANCY Is there a inrewBar tQ By ranter telerisien aet in this nnitl I Ye. We Vstaat iQKotawi Vane- At top is the top of the form census enumerators will be supplied with when they call at your door during: the next three weeks. Every person answers items one through 14. Only persons 14 years old or over answers questions 15 through 2(r If your name happens to fall on one of the sample lines, distinguished by a circle around the number and box to the left, you will be asked to answer additional questions at the bottom of the page. For example if your name falls on line three above, look in the portion of the form at the center of the page, find the section with number three at the left of the page and read the sample questions you would be asked. The portion at the bottom of this page is the top of the back of the population census form. Every dwelling holder is asked items one through 13 and 17 through 26. In addition, sample questions are asked at dwellings which fall on various lines on the front of the form. iQywraat sale i ooiy Irroter e. Is there a rsdie in 1 thia nuilt I I De I TQVscanS Id. aUTt-nBN zL atNa; iK4i yirtiia a-l amirs orclustra fl I in I I aneUuf I I Bali II II eheaimk II for thai 9 aa "SAMPLE" QUESTIONS, EACH TO BE ANSWERED ONLY FOR DWELLING IN WHOSE LINE IT FALLS occuraNCk .1 Oocupted i MOST iQCoaloranka pre-school age and the information will be classified into age groups, iQByawnw iQBrrealor Bsatlna THE FARM census will attempt to provide accurate information on crops, animals, acres irrigated, acres under cultivation, and equipment used on United States farms. In all there are about 50 or 60 special questions to be filled out by farmers. As in the case of the population census form, some will answer more questions than others. What the bureau of census hopes to complete taking in three to four weeks may take a crew of 8,500 statistical clerks two to three years to tabulate. the number of school children classified by grade and age, and the number of college students I Wood otaty sat 4 Botlted fs I Uquid am EHctrMty tQ Otaar nje) iQNaesokJng Vseaat Ororr classified the same way. 'iwtsT ask UCCUraJNCY UTe Wbea was this straetars to help distribute a special individual questionnaire to all guests. Representatives of the census bureau will be stationed at desks in the hotel lobby and other suitable locations where guests can call to obtain assistance or turn in their completed forms. In some cases, enumerators will make a room-to-room canvass in the same manner as the house-to-house visitations. HOSPITALS, jails, sanitariums, and overseas outposts and territories also will be enumerated. The bureau of census expects spectacular results from its nose counting. Cost of the census is expected to fl If tnOt la tm as attar, not or snot tOT are more than 30,000 occupations from breaking eggs to raising fish-worms to flavoring toothpicks in the country. It expects to show that widows outnumber widowers by a three to one ratio. IT EXPECTS to show there are few centenarians, probably about 28 persons 100 years or older per 1,000,000 persons. It expects to show the American woman is older than the American man and the women will outnumber the men. It expects to show the result of wedding bells tf war. It expects to show that Negroes lead all groups in proportion born and native born in the country. All in all, it's a mammoth be about $87,000,000 for the nation and cost of training enumerators, tQBaatBaa II D.awAswiaraiaaxcbaekBBal 'U ei laaa-iMe crew leaders, and clerks will run about $4,000,000. Eden said amounts paid in school aid programs frequently are based on this information and it will be used by congress, state legislatures, federal, state, county, and school district authorities. Again, Eden said, reliable information can be obtained only through the complete co-operation and aid of every person questioned. THE BUREAU is going to special pains to see that no person in the country is not contacted. A special night, April 11, has been designated to attempt to enumerate all transients. Hotels and similar businesses will be tsked lOfara aQm-m Net ae II I at iwtor efora AMONG BENEFITS of the 1950 -the 17th decennial census will be determination of future school needs for the country and each community. It expects to show that the peo! Several of the questions the enumerators will ask will determine the number of children of pie of the United States are the best schooled in the world. It expect to show that there

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