The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on April 19, 1936 · Page 111
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · Page 111

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 19, 1936
Page 111
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Page 111 article text (OCR)

Page Tw» THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE JUNIOR SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 19. 193«. Harddr Work Needed When More Contest The more workers there are sending In material, the harder each one must try if he wishes to be near the top. Each weelc some of our most ambitious contributors send in from 10 to 20 contributions each. They know it takes work, and they are willing to give what it takes. Jean Scorup, Salina ............ 1120 Shii-ley Anne Syrett, Cedar City. . 1050 LaVonne Alice Brown, Alpine . . . 870 Thays E. Stanley, Nephi ........ 825 Kathryn Crane, Salt Lake City. . . 825 Ruth Eloise West, Salt, Lake City 790 Sophie Malekos, Price .......... 765 Helen Keeley, Salt Lake City ..... 690 Elizabeth Ann Cook, Pocatello ... G75 Jeanne FackreM, Bountiful ....... 630 Lillian Lee, Tooele ............... 605 Emma Jane Schoenfeld, Johnson 595 Louise Eagar, Mammoth ........ 590 Mary Barraclough, Salt Lake City 575 Barbara Gouvalas, Salt Lake City 565 lone Painter, Eureka ........... 560 Jean Belliston, Nephi ........... 555 Marjorie Miller, Tremonton ...... 500 Ella Joannette Ferrell, Salt Lake City ........................... 440 Irene Leany, Cedar City ......... 425 Joan Larsen, Eureka ............ 410 Gloria Miller, Tremonton ........ 410 Phoebe Lee, Tooele ............. 400 Evelyn Glezos, Salt Lake City ____ 380 Virginia Miller, Tremonton ...... 375 Marjorie Vowles, Ogden ........ 310 Marjorie Woodruff, Salt Lake City 310 Gene Hilton, Salt Lake City ...... 300 Jean Carter, Mona .............. 295 Louise Wright, Tooele ........... 270 Joy Wiest, Salt Lake City ...... 250 Emma Jean Young, Kanab ...... 250 Alice Carolyn Foulsoii, Richfield. . 225 Barbara Wright, Salt Lake City. . 225 Faye Miller, Trem'onton ........ 200 Donna Lawrence, Salt Lake City 200 Marjorie Jensen, Salt Lake City. . 200 Mary Brouws, Salt Lake City .... 195 Both Griffin, Escalante ......... 195 Vivian Merikofer, American Fork 175 Ellen Poelman, Salt Lake City ... 160 Ruby Tashima, Layton ......... 150 Eloise Law, Delta .............. 145 Carma Christensen, Shelley, Idaho 135 Betty Barron, Salt Lake City ..... 130 Ernest Psarras, Salt Lake City. . . 125 Milton Holstein, Salt Lake City. . . 120 Irene Willardson, Redmond ..... 120 Bonnie Mae Zirker, Myton ...... 110 100 points each — Marguerite Lau- tiente, Dawn Burt, Salt Lake City; Elva Caldwell, Vernal. Kenneth Herron, Erda, • 75; Irene Allen, Escalante, 75; Alice Rice, Farmington, 70; Emma V. Atkinson, Salt Lake City, 70; Barbara Meakin, Salt uu J v_fi6Gnc .ucCrv, Florence Fotes, Salt Lake City, 60; Robert E. Clark, Salt Lake City, 60; Mitzi Kenning, Salt Lake City, 60; Jean Mfles, Prtca, 5£: Marjorie Smith, Salt Lake City, 50; Lenton lAsibright, Delta 50; Donald Lever, Salt Lake City, 50; Lila Behunin, Caineville, 50; Margery-Jo Ferrell, Salt Lake City, 50; Phyllis Kmetzsch, Salt Lake City, 50; Mary Maher, Salt Lake City, 50; Beverly Landes, Salt Lake City, 50; Jacqueline King, Price, 50; Meiba Hampton, Salt Lake City, 50; Georgeanna King, Price, 45; Lucille Plant, Salt Lake City, 45. 35 points each — Ilene Everill, Peggie Ann Jensen, Bernice Christensen, Bruce Stewart, Salt Lake City; Kathleen Jensen, Midvale; Shirley Lee, Spanish Fork; Elaine Allred, Ephraim; Evelyn Merikofer, American Fork. 25 points each — Phyllis Petterson, Florence Poulsen, Jane Mcrton, Lynn Smith, Billy Jensen, Betty Fitt, Ferol Jane Hunt, LaRue Maw, Louise Copen, Geraldine Lott, John Croese, Virginia Woodbury, Salt Lake City; Sophie Marosh, Yasuko Kawakami, Maxine Donaldson, Sam Salazon, Standardville; Phyllis Stokes, Franklin, Idaho; Evelyn Herron, Erda; Keith Thomas, Malad, Idaho; Lois Henningson, Spring Canyon; Ella Fuhriman, Providence; Marjorie Peterson, Tremonton. 20 points each — Jack Anderson, Cottonwood; Glen Frandsen, Springville; Jo Hickman, Logan; Nina Jean 'Core, Austin; Marjorie Morris, Brigham City; Twila Cowles, Escalante; Emma Jean Dalton, Moab; Wayne Summ, Salt Lake City; Miriam Barnes, Salt Lake City. 10 points each — Mary Louise Jensen, Gloria Clawson, Grace Renee Fox, Keith Coddington, Vernal Kresser, Dnle Brimley, LaFonda Hanks, Marilyn Marsell, Kenneth Rowley, Daisy ARTISTS LIKE VARIETY —CARMA CHRISTENSEN. Our young artists enjoj'ed having their free choice of subject matter this week and sent in a wide variety of material. Carma Christensen, 15, Shelley. Idaho, and Marjorie Miller, 11, Tremonton, tied for first place. Kathryn Crane, 15, Salt Lake City, and Gene Hilton each won two second place awards. Third place went to Ruby Tashima, Layton, and Emma Jean Young, Kanab, and honorable mention was given to the work of Ella Joanette Farrell and Mary Brouws, Salt Lake City. The Birds' Requests PART 2 After Good Fairy Feather-Your- Nest told the sparrow he would get his wish he was very excited. "Now," said the fairy, "you are completely changed! From now on you shall indeed be able to care for yourself." There was a murmur of amazement in the ranks of the assembled birds and Sparrow looked at himself as best he could, pertly. cocking his head on this side and then on the other. "Oh, oh," he exclaimed in a squeaky voice presently. "I-—I don't like it, Good Fairy, I don't like it. I'm too Small and dirty- looking and ugly." Feather-Your-Nest smiled sadly and shook her head as much as to say, "I told you so," but poor little sparrow seemed so unhappy and disappointed that she felt she was entitled to an explanation. "You see, Sparrow," she said, "I have made you small and a dirty brown in color, in order that you may more easily and completely hide in the hushes and on the ground when larger birds come flying by. And your coat is now suited to all climes. Rough and ugly though it is, it will protect you from the cold and the rain, and the snow. Though you do not Mejia, Violet Ruga, Virginia Thornburg, Mary Joyce Anderson, Barbara Bennion, Keith Jarvis, Jeanne Campbell, Gloria Schell, Salt Lake City; Donna Flinders, Idaho Falls; Beverly Erickson, Richfield; Blanche Herron, Erda; Donna Marie Simpson, Mount Pleasant; Norma Heaps, Murray; Mildred Larsen, Ephraim; Phyllis Olsen, Ephraim; Lois Peterson, Ephraim; Jaye Nielsen, Ephraim; Clarice Gowers, Nephi; Mary Ahlin, Kenilworth; \Veldon Clegg, Bingham. So many of our writers are interested in gardening that "Gardens" will be the subject to work on thSs week. know it as yet, you will soon discover that you are very hardy and that you can successfully fight many birds two and three times your size. But you must accept the bad along with the good. I really—" "This is what I wish, Good Fairy," interrupted Peacock most rudely and eagerly; "I wish to wear the most beautiful plumage • in. the world! I wish sirange wonderful colors to glisten on my back so that everyone who sees me will exclaim: 'Oh! what a lovely bird.' I wish always to sit on the king's wall and to always dwell in the gardens of the wealthy. I wish my plumage .to dazzle and be so , wonderful that no one can pass me by. I must be known as the. queen of birds," Good Fairy hesitated a moment and then cast her spell; and presently Peacock blinked a few times and gazed down at his reflection in the shimmering pool close by. (To be continued.) RUTH ELOISE WEST. Age 11. Salt Lake City. A New Puzzle One day mother went up town. I was looking at a magazine. I saw a crossword puzzle on the front page and tore it off. When mother came home that evening David ran to mother and said: "Mamma, Eloise has tore off your costume muzzle." RUTH ELOISE WEST, Salt Lake City. The reason people walk in circles when they are lost is because the left foot takes shorter steps than the right. Teddy Bear Changes To Witchs Cook Raggedy Ann, Raggedy Andy and Grumpy were sitting by the cool creek of Candy Land when along came the "Witch of the West." "What are you doing here by my cool creek," she demanded. "We are just talking and playing," answered Raggedy Ann, meekly. *" "Well, isn't that fine? Now I have some fine servants for my home," laughed the witch. "But we aren't servants," protested Raggedy Ann. "We are two rag dolls and a teddy bear." "That doesn't make any difference with me," laughed the witch. "You can learn to be servants. But come, let us not waste time talking. We must hurry back to the cottage." "But what if we won't go?" asked Grumpy. "Then I will cast a spell over you and make .you go," said the witch. The three friends decided it would be best to go, so they followed the witch through the forest. "Let me see," the witch said, as they reached the cottage. "I think I will have Grumpy be the cook, Raggedy Ann can sweep and dust and Raggedy Andy can chop the wood. Now be off with you. "Mr. Grumpy, hurry and fix my dinner. I am. very, very hungry. I think I will have some potato salad." She then sent the Raggedys out of the room and poor Grumpy didn't know what to do. He had never cooked before in his whole life. He looked around the kitchen for a moment and found some potatoes and a half bottle of salad dressing. He put the salad .dressing on to boil and sliced some potatoes without peeling them. After the salad dressing had finished boiling he took it out and put some lettuce in its place. Finally he took the lettuce out and stirred them all together. When the witch tasted this, believe me, she was certainly sorry that she had forced Grumpy to be her servant. BARBARA WRIGHT, Age 11, Salt Lake City. Our Baby Brother He's the dearest, sweetest little thing That even a stork could ever bring. He just gurgles and goos all the day, And not a word will he ever say. He doesn't walk, but we don't frown, For he kicks just as if he were a clown. His basket now has grown quite small, For he is getting rather big and tall. I'd like to hold him. all the day, For he seems like a doll with which to play. KNIGHT ELLEN POELMAN, Age 11, Salt Lake City.

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